Bubble Tea!

4.6 (231.2K)
172.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dual Cat
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bubble Tea!

4.64 out of 5
231.2K Ratings
4 years ago, TeamFortressGaming
I love this game you should too!
I LOVE this game it is soo fun i really like it. I ke boba tea witch is the same thing as bubble tea I just like to say boba tea but idc what other people think of this game but I really like this game if I do say so myself I just can’t stop playing this game it is sooo satisfying I have this game on of of the electronics that I own and I am already on level 345 and I really love this game I just do not know I just really like it but one thing is it would make this game more fun is if you could add some costumers to make there drink 🍹 that would be soo much fun and if you could play with your friends and you could race that would be 😎 awesome I would stop playing Roblox and start playing this game a lot I really love this game it is soooooooooo amazing 😉.i am sorry for such a long thing I just really wanted to make on e and if you could do that stuff I would appreciate it I would love this game and never deleate this game I love it 🥰 and I think if anyone sees this I think they souls get this game and take my advice hehe but I really like this game I would like this game more then anyone I love it. By Layla😂😊 .
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4 years ago, cupcake12🍰
Too many adds!
I bought this game a couple days ago, and I’m in love! There is such a good mix of hard and easy levels. I found this game through my best friend and she also loves it. It’s good for practicing your art skills because you have to really think about how much/what colors you have to mix. Like all games, this game has one downside that NEEDS to be fixed. TOO MANY ADDS! This honestly brings anger in me. If you fail the level and it will bring you two options. Skip the level, or try again. Most of the time it says to skip the level, you have to watch a add. But, there isn’t actually a choice. If you hit the option to not watch an add, you will still have to watch an add. And there’s NO WAY I’m spending $2.99 on the no adds option. Overall, this game is so fun, and easy to do. Yes, it is annoying that every ten seconds you watch an add, but I recommend this game. It’s super fun, and easy to do. I really hope you change the price to $0.99 or something. The current price is to expensive in my opinion. I hope you see my review! This is an amazing game! Good job! :D
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2 months ago, uggyggyytgttggygytvgg
Too many ads (only five stars so y’all can see this)
PS I originally wanted to give this two stars. This game has way too many ads! Every time I finish a level it’s just another ad even when I click no so I don’t get the prize. It gives me an ad so there’s no point of asking me. Hey do you wanna do this because it doesn’t matter what I say they’re gonna do it anyway and it’s honestly been really annoying and I’m only through level five I just got this game and I’m thinking about deleting it already, I mean, I guess no offense to the game creator but like this is way too many ads way too many. So my sister tried out the game and she said it was too many ads too. It’s just too many I’m gonna delete it. It’s just too many ads all my other games, barely any other ads. So I wouldn’t recommend this game, but if you wanna try it, you can, but I won’t recommend it!
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3 years ago, peppapigisSHREK
This game needs some changes
(This is very long) So...Bubble Tea. Listen, this game is cute, but if you look up the word “repetitive” in the dictionary, this game pops up. I honestly only play this game at 1:00 AM when I can’t sleep. It’s super cute but there is almost NOTHING to do anymore. (There are WAY to many ads by the way.) This game is the same over and over again every single time I play. I even got the exact same drink twice in a row. I think there should be some kind of point to the game. Maybe you could at some point level up and get to make and sell your own custom boba drinks after you complete 3 of the games drinks it asks for. Example: Make a green drink with 1/3 filled with black boba. Make a purple drink with red and white boba. Make a blue drink with ice. After that you can customize a drink and give it to a customer. Even adding customer orders would make the game feel more real and “homey” if that’s the word. In my opinion, there isn’t anything 𝘸𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘨 with the game per say but it just feels boring and repetitive. If the creator/creators are reading this, I like the game I just wish you could take some of my ideas into consideration maybe! Out of 5 stars, it’s a 3 for me.
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4 years ago, ⚽️Soccer 17⚽️
Perfect game!
First off let me just address what a great game idea this is! To the makers of this game, YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB!!!! This game is so satisfying. This game is amazing and I actually I’ve only had this game for a couple of days but unlike other reviews I’ve read on this game, there aren’t any! I haven’t watched a single add! It’s amazing, mostly. Sometimes when I want to retry a star level, or when they give me something I can watch an ad to get it, it won’t let me watch the ad. This isn’t a huge problem and I don’t really mind but that is the only thing I can find wrong with this game! It’s literally perfect otherwise! If you are looking for a satisfying game with a little challenge, THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU!!! And even if you don’t really know if you’ll like it, give it a try! You may be surprised! Thanks for reading this! Sorry for the long review! Hope this helps though! 😍😍😍
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3 years ago, nyohmee
Goood game
This games is really fun and I just started playing it it is super fun you should definitely download it and you get to make bubble tea which is fine and then you get some tea so you can open chest for money and I I just guess you should really download it is super fun but it is some problems my first problem is there are way too many adds. Unless you want to be patient my second problem is the things you’re not getting balanced out if you get what I’m saying like when you make it OK so if you were putting the ice on the ice would be only in one place but the way you fix it is you Gotta change your screen the other way I feel like they should just make it even now but I love this game you should definitely download it it is super fun and yeah
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4 years ago, some_person_on_the_web
Too many ads!
I like this game, but it needs some improvement, It is so fun to mix colors and put ice and other items in a cup, but when I pass about two levels I get spammed of ads. I know there is an ad blocker, but I am not spending $2.00 on an app I’ll soon delete from my device. Also when I add too much of something into the cup, It criticizes me for putting in too much of that product. I know as a company that somehow you have to make money, but spamming people with ads is not okay, from spamming ads there is more of a chance of people deleting the app instead of keeping the game. It is frustrating for me too sit and wait for the ad to be over, and when I’m done completing two levels I have to wait again and again. On the outside of the game is a boba tea maker simulator, and in the inside is a bunch of ads only for the money. As a company maybe you guys can figure out a way to STOP SPAMMING advertisements. Thank you have a good one.
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4 years ago, adame the good
This game is gone make you love it
This game is gone make you love it it’s so fun it addicting I love this game it has a really nice graphics and it really helpful to make u calm down and I play This games for hours it’s so fun and amazing I play this forever i like the affixes I love it make milkshakes I like milkshakes so that’s make it so fun and addicting and fun I like to fits and alll of it is so fun I can play it for 1 year that’s how fun it is wow cute levels cute cups man I can play for 1 billon years I so fun acspaly star level it’s hard tho but still fun play it it’s gone be the biggest game of all time and fun game play it and you get coins and u can buy stuff I like buyng stuff It like u buy tops so fun dude I play this on to phones I can play this on four different phone screens but it’s not a really scary game tho it’s not cool it’s funnnnnnnn - is
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2 years ago, Wookiegirl&gmail.com
Overall, Great Game.
I don’t usually write reviews that often, but I just had to for this one. I am constantly fiddling with different games, so I wanted to test this one out. When I first started playing, it was fairly easy, but there are many different combinations of teas you can make, and they gradually get harder. There are also a lot of cup tops you can buy / earn, and some cups. A lot of people have a really difficult time with the ads, but trust me, it’s not that bad. The ads aren’t that long usually, and you can buy a ‘no ADS’ thing. I have seen WAY, WAY worse ad problems. Besides that, this is a great game to fiddle with if you’re bored, and it can teach you how to combine colors (aka-tea colors / flavors). I would highly suggest this game to friends and family. Have a good day ;)
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6 months ago, Mariee grace
Hello my name is Mariee Grace and I have always wanted this game but I’m a picture and download a lot of games person and I always ran out of storage but I have a better iPhone with a lot of storage and I downloaded this game now I used to play this on my aunties phone (she was 12 now she’s 14) and she had all games I wanted but now I’m 12 and I have been thinking about this game and I downloaded it 10 mins ago and I already love it this is one of the best games ever you guys should really try it because you may love it not saying you have to download it but this is very good it has the good amount of ads so not to many not to little you guys should try it just saying but this is the BEST GAME EVER thank god I found this download it if you want to try it it’s super cool BE GAME EVER
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4 years ago, kawiipugpug
Fun game!
At first I thought it was pretty babyish game but then when I started playing the game it was pretty fun! And I’m now on level 50 and I the only thing I have is that could the creators of this app put more colors to the mixing section so we can make more colors? But the rest of the game is really fun and I love the fact that it lets you retry or skip some of the levels beacause once in a while the level might be hard for me and in other games I have I have to retry all over AGAIN! But this game has a skip button and a retry button and I like that 😁 and I think that all the caps are very cute I’m using the kitty right now and I. Love it! That’s all I really have about the game and think it’s very fun and I’m satisfied with the game😉so keep up with good work!😜😊🙃
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4 years ago, Cinderpelt111
Tea tea tea! :D
First off, this is a great game! I think there are a bit too many ads though- Maybe those should be cut down a bit. But as I said before, this game is great! It is really fun to mix the colors. Another small feature that I really like is the fact that the tea/liquid tilts when the phone is tilted. It is really useful on star levels, and just adds to the game! I also like that different types of tea and boba are unlocked as you go along. And now, drumroll please, suggestions! I think that maybe tips or customers would benefit this game. And maybe if the customers got angry if the making of the tea took a long time too. And I’m tired and brain dead, so I’ll end this review here. Overall, I love this game! I hope it gets more popular :)
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4 years ago, beep beep im a sheep000
Great game but ads galore
Ok I love this game but it kinda upsets me that I need to watch all these ads but I really don’t mind them because they are all different I really will hate when it is just the same ad ten times in a row a suggestion I would add is a way to compete with other players maybe with two round rush hour competition designing and making the tea itself. Also I really think it would be cool to like have other things you can do like in rush hour someone orders just a cup of either boba or the jellies ( I know this because I refer myself as a bubble tea expert 🤣🤣🤣) but I really like the idea of the game I can not get the S+ tho or very rarely an A. LOL but i love this game thank you creators for the in genius idea and please consider my suggestions.
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12 months ago, Burger Empire
I love bubble tea, it is a game I play often. The reason I don’t say everyday is, because IT HAS TOO MANY ADS!!!! I just have the annoyance of the ads. It is very enjoyable, and satisfying to play. Just watching that liquid hit the cup just makes my day. I get a lot of the Royal Match ads, and it’s hecka annoying!!! You know what now that I think about it…I’m going to go write a review for Royal Match!! Heh heh heh. Anyways, you should really download this game, even though the ads may be an annoyance, it’s actually pretty fun and the game has beautiful graphics, and great criticism. Some times I don’t get the tea PERFECTO and it gives me an A- and I kinda punch the screen, but then I mentally apologize and punch it some more, and then my anger is bye bye!! Download it right now or I’ll just have to download it for you!!
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3 years ago, •Machigai•
Glitchy and gets boring fast.
Bubble tea has some problems but first let’s start with the glitches that I experience. When I press down on a button it glitches and holds it down longer then I wanted it to and that’s a big problem when it’s the star level/rush hour and if you could fix that it would be better I think. It’s also really annoying when you get an A on a drink that you made perfectly it’s not a glitch it’s actually just really annoying. Now on to it gets boring fast. Honestly bubble tea does get boring REALLY fast I know there’s a lot of drinks to do but once you do it over and over again it gets boring. Also what happens when you run out of lids and cups to get then the coins are just useless. Bubble tea has good intentions but I think it needs more. Right now it’s just an app on my phone that I don’t use. I hope in the future it’s better. From Machigai-
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4 years ago, Fonzdj
I LOVE this game! Great game!
Well, I have been playing this game for 3 days and I already love it! You really tried on this game! Also, Unlike most free games, you don’t have that many ads either! That is great! I have this other game called Crowd City. The game was 2:00 minutes long. They stopped us at 1:00, at the end if you wanted to get extra time, (which I usually did) and after a game. That. Is what ads is like. 3 times a game!!! That is a 2:00 minute game turning into 3:30! (Only 3:00 if you didn’t do extra time at the end.) But anyway, I think this is a great game when you are bored on the weekend and want time to pass. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! You will not regret it. Promise. From, 💗 E-Cat🐱
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4 years ago, popcancorn
The ads are a MAJOR problem
I wouldn’t complain about this if it wasn’t an issue but I am not complaining about having ads in the first place, I’m complaining about the fact that ads are legit RUINING the game! On the star levels, if you get an ad before you start them, there is no possible way you are going to be able to pass it, no matter how many times you retry with the cost of ANOTHER AD!! Now let me explain how you can’t pass it. The cup, before you can pour anything into the cup, I’d already passed the spout and is being judged! If you don’t have any ad before it your going to be fine, but that is highly unlikely based on the fact that there’s an ad 90% of the time before a star level and after normal levels. If the developer isn’t going to fix this problem they are just going to get even more worse reviews like this one. Please fix it!
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7 months ago, pink crown⚜️
Absolutely terrible do not get game!!!
So first of all the animation was literally terrible. I was sitting there, making a trick for a customer right it’s just horrible. I expect it to be really satisfying, but really like little thoughts could you explain to me how juice is little dots? I like water trumpets, but they didn’t even look like that. It’s just like a weird blob too and the ice who has ever heard of black brown black pope like that makes zero sense whatsoever, so yeah don’t get this game. Save yourself from the waste of time just play this game cause I tried to get it or I tried to get more to it but it’s still just no it says purchases that’s great that it doesn’t have any but it doesn’t have any I didn’t find any either, so yeah, don’t waste your time go to an actual barbershop not just like look at this it’s just it’s just boring and one more thing the sound effects just make you need to pee.
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4 years ago, bed of the both
Love it! Just one thing...
I love this game! It helps me calm down and is very fun to play. This game is really entertaining!!!! I would really recommend this game to everybody, however I think that even when you pass a level, that you should see how close you got just like when you fail and it shows you if you put too much ingredients in it or something. Sometimes it will give me an A+ even if the color is NOT right and then I want to see what made it an A+, but well I can’t do that. I also have another problem, I know this is kinda impossible but the caps for the cups aren’t see thru like the original and I can’t see what’s going on in there!!!!! Exempt, they are so cute. Love this!!!!
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2 years ago, stellaanimallove lol
Ok so it’s rly satisfying and addicting and a fantastic mobile game to play when you know your in the car or something like that or just to pass the time but pls cut back on the ads like spare me there’s just so many adds and one time I was watching the add and didn’t press the x until the end of the thing cause you know when you don’t want to skip it and your little into it you don’t skip it so I pressed the x button and it was at the end of rush hour kinda I saw a little bit of the cup and it said I failed witch to me is not fair so I had to watch another add to retry the level pls fix other than some small minor bugs it’s rly a great game I recommend🧋🧋🧋🧋💗💗 tea and boba all around am I right amen
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3 years ago, renderrite
Sad it’s gone, but I still enjoyed it!
One day when I first got my ipad I put lots of games on it. (Including this game!) but one day at saint simons beach, In the condo. My ipad kept making notification noises but no notifications were coming through! My dad turned it all the way off and it wouldn’t come back on! So it was broken. But I got a new one with a purple case and it was 8th gen. And my other one was 7th gen. So there wasn’t much room, so… I was going to download it but then I remember that dad put restrictions on it and I couldn’t get it. The end. P.S. (But I still loved the game!) and the 7th gen couldn’t do the update and that’s why it was broken.
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4 years ago, akczechmama
Pretty good if I do say so myself 🙂🙃
I think this game should be more popular but it has its ups & downs like I don’t really like the star levels but there ok & I haven’t had to many advertisements it’s kinda addicting I got it like 45 minutes ago I love it already I don’t think it’s bad at all I feel like I could play on my PC ( personal computer) I love it so much but please make star levels a bit harder other wise pretty good I would recommend for people who get frustrated easily it’s actually kinda makes me feel at ease anywho I would totally get this game if I were u so... my conclusion is that it’s a great game good cute graphics but make star levels harder please thx for taking ur time to read this review & have nice Day, evening or night🥰.
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2 years ago, a little borijg but very fun!
I like it!
Okay first of all, I’ve seen a few reviews saying there’s too much ads. And I’ve played this game long enough to say this game has a small amount of ads. I feel like maybe my experience of the amount of ads I’ve seen is different than others, or people are making a big deal about ads. But anyways, there’s many things I love about this game! I love how you try to match the boba, you even get to change the lid and the cup. I love the final level where it’s like a rush, so it’s kinda challenging. For me it’s a bit hard to get the boba matched perfectly, but other than that I adore this game! I do recommend it.
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4 years ago, libby___anneee
Amazing game but TOO MANY ADS!
So..I’m not meaning to be a Karen here or whatever but this app has way too many ads! I downloaded this a couple days ago for fun because I saw so many advertisements for it on different games. It looked cool so I started playing it, I made a boba tea, it rewarded me, then, I clicked the little button that was supposed to lead me to the next level, except it brought me to an ad instead. I thought nothing of it and kept playing. But then, in the next round, I clicked the little button again, and it lead me to an ad. And then again on the next round, and then again. After almost every round it makes you watch an excessively long ad. I love the game, and it’s quite entertaining and enjoyable, but there’s too many ads! Please consider cutting them in half. 🙏🙏🙏
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4 years ago, i dont know?!?!?!?
This is my first day playing the game
This game is super fun but this is only my first day so I need to play it more. I have seen some other reviews and they said this game is stupid but I don’t think that. Whoever doesn’t like the game that is up to them. I give it 5 stars because it is super fun and I also have it on my iPhone. I hope you like this review and it is my first one for my first game. I am very upset because it is coronavirus time and I almost died from it. I was so scared but know I know I am safe. Whoever has COVID 19 I hope you get better. The scientists are going to make a vaccine so nobody gets it that much. I do not like this year but everyone is going to survive this year of 2020. 😁😁😁
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4 years ago, Lunatic_da_boss
Just One Thing
Overall, this is an amazing game. It is just the ads. The ads annoy you a little, some are old, some are new. Mostly every time you are on a new level, it plays an ad. I love this game a lot- like- soooo much. All I am asking is less ads. Maybe not as much as we have now. I’m sure some people would agree with me. This game is very popular, and I know it will increase popularity over the months. This is a fun binge-game for when you are bored. I haven’t tried it without Wi-Fi, but if it works without Wi-Fi, plane, bus, car, and subway rides would be MUCH easier to play a game that is not too loud. Thank you for creating this, and once again, less ads. Love the game!
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3 years ago, Heinz Dolphin
This game is truly amazing. Let me just say that I have struggled to find games that are actually fun for so long, but this game truly is amazing. The levels are not super easy, but not super hard, so you never have to worry about not being challenged or being stressed out because the level is too hard. I like the star levels since they add an extra challenge but it’s not too hard. My only complaint is the adds are a lot of ads, and sometimes it screws you since you have to watch an ad to play a star level, but other than that it’s amazing. So easy to play for 5 minutes or an hour. I can’t wait to see what updates come next.
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4 years ago, tropixxgirrrl3139
We went to Georgia for the weekend recently and I played this a lot! It is such a fun game! I love making the bubble tea and I love the kawaii lids and cute cups. One thing though: when I try to do some things on the game (getting the matching cup for a lid comes to mind) and I tap the button for watching an ad to get the thing, it said loading failed! Is that a problem with the game or is it just my phone? It might not even be there anymore because I haven’t played the game for a little while, who knows..... Anyway, even if that problem doesn’t go/hasn’t gone away, I don’t care! This is a greatgreatGREAT game and you should totally get it!!!!!!!!😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩
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4 years ago, CaityCatLuva
Absolutely in love with this app. Just got it today and am addicted, it’s satisfying and entertaining mixing colors and adding the different colored features. I’m already passed level 40 and I’m in love with the kawaii lids you can win, and/or buy. Maybe a few more kawaii lids or maybe cups you can put a stencil of a design on, so it doesn’t cover the color of the drink but just so there’s like a hollow shape on the cup that you can unlock and/or buy. Not too many adds and just overall a great game. I’m currently sick at home from school (we have school on weekends) and this is a great time passer-byer. Thanks for reading, I highly recommend this app!
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4 years ago, icecreamcherryontop
Very addicting and fun but WAY TOO MANY ADS!
This game is SOOOO much fun and I’m not kidding, it’s so addicting, and I just LOOOVVVVE playing this game! The only problem is is that there are WAY TOO MANY ADS they get so annoying, and they are so long! But if you are wondering to get this game, I would definitely recommend it, it’s completely free so your not risking anything. You should really try this game out, but just beware all the ads might annoy you a lot! Hopefully the developer, or in other words the person who made this game, I hope you’ll give me a response, and please can you at least dial down all the ads at least a little that would be major help to your game! I hope you all are having a great day bye!
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4 years ago, xXDabCat90X
Great Game!
This game is absolutely great. But the ads on here are just like the games related to this for example like soap cutter or Voodoo Games. Another example I ran into is that it tells me “You can watch an ad for a legendary cap!” So I don’t click it and all of a sudden it gives me a ad right when I press Next Level. The game is great but can you please lower the ad chances on here? It’s extremely annoying! Although this is a recommended game I would play if I was bored. Before you buy the game you may think it’s the same old other games but when you get in 5 levels it’s extremely fun! Although this is an amazing game keep up the work! 😎
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2 years ago, lalabear2019
I love this game and I just started playing and I love it
This game is my favorite now I love it already it’s the best game ever whoever made this game I love how u made it this is the best game is the world whoever made it good job on makeing this game u did a very good job on this game I’ll play this game everyday when I wake up good job on makeing this game whoever u are but there is one small problem so can u get rid of the ads if u could that would be great and I don’t like Ada they annoy me a lot so please get rid of the ads please if u could that would be amazing thank you if you could I would love that
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1 year ago, laser rainbow❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
so cute! but a few suggestions
i used to be absolutely obsessed with this game. during the pandemic it was all i would do. now, 3 years later i haven’t played this game in a long time so i redownloaded it and it still has that charm. please ever don’t change that. a few suggestions are: 1. maybe the developer can add a setting to turn off the music and SFX separately. i was playing the game and the music seems a bit too repetitive, and gets annoying after some time. i also really like the sound effects, so only having that would be great. so if there was a setting for that, it would be awesome. 2. for players who don’t like ads: you can turn off your wifi to play, but to the developers i would suggest giving less ads. 3. i love the wide arrangement of lids, but if there were more options for the cups, that would be great. thank you for listening (reading actually)!!
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3 years ago, avrielle! 🦋
I love it but one problem
Ok so bubble tea is like, one of the BEST offline games I have. And it is so fun, I can’t ever really get bored of it! And, it makes me wanna become a boba barista. Anyways, I think the developers aka creators of this game should really grade our drink based on the ingredients, not the looks! It keeps shaking the drink even if we don’t have to mix any colors and I’m sick of it pretty much. I keep getting low grades on my drink because of this. I would LOVE to reach out to the creators of this video game!! Please respond developers.
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4 months ago, Incognito@cheese
Fun game
This game is very fun and addicting. But, for starters, their are too many ads. Bubble tea works with no WiFi, but the ads don’t. So if the ads are annoying you, just disconnect from the internet and every single ad will disappear. But the downside is that rewards that say “watch ad and you get this” don’t work. Another thing is that once you get to a certain point in the game, you can’t level up, which is annoying. I do wish that there were infinite levels, so that you can keep leveling up. However, this game is very fun which is why I gave it four stars.
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4 years ago, life_isnt_good
Is There A Glitch???
So I got this game a week ago, not too bad. Now let’s get to the good stuff, it’s a challenging game and it’s showing me (I don’t know about you) that you need to sometimes work fast at your job. And you need to try to make the orders perfect! On, to the bad stuff. So I just started a star level right? Well right as I click play, here’s an ad. It wasn’t bad, but when it was over it said I FAILED. How!?!?! I didn’t ever do ANYTHING at all!!!! I wondered if it was a glitch So that’s that, I wrote (more like typed) this to the creators who made it to take a look at it. Maybe add a new update while your at it too! Not saying you have to (about the update). Well that’s all, thank you and bye!
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4 years ago, ♡Em'♡
Let’s get this straight. No one likes ads unless they want a new game, ads just leave to more and more ads. No of us need that!! There are over used ads and some of most aren’t even ads. Just clicks baits that make you sit there for a few seconds. Why do we need that? We don’t. We really.l just don’t.. apart from that the game can be enjoyable sometimes.. Rarely. Most of the levels give me an c- or a D which makes it even harder to pass the level. It’s false advertising too. They look nothing like the ads. I get it. Some apps let you make ads, but this one is just fake advertising.. It’s almost Impossible to even get pass level 4. Please respond. Unless you like watching hour long ads a impossible game to complete and a raging throat. Then this is for you..
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2 years ago, Coco lover 22
Bubble Tea Experience
So I think this game is very unique and I like how the adds show the true essence of the game, it’s not fake. And it can be relaxing especially since it’s a type of tea you’re making. I have one main problem which is why I gave it four stars. Even if you put the bubbles in nicely, it shakes the tea up, ruining what you did. And I’ve actually owned this game before so I do have some experience with it. But overall, it’s a good game that will put you in a ☕️☕️☕️/caffeine mood even though it’s bubble tea! Which may have caffeine? I’m not sure🤨
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4 years ago, TheAmazingReviewerOfGames
Amazing! Just a suggestion though...
Hello! This game is amazing, and super fun to play! Those bad reviews about to many ads, I don’t understand because I hardly get any! If you want a game to play while you are bored, I definitely recommend this one! A little suggestion I have is that when you get a bad “grade” ( C, D, etc. ) it shows your flaws. It shows what you had too much of, too little of, etc. I suggest that when you got any grade ( such as A’s and B’s ) it would show you that as well. I want to know why I got a “B” and not an “A”. Just a suggestion!
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3 years ago, taytaybay😁
Great! But confused
I love the game! It’s so fun to play! I really like when I mix colors even though I know their wrong. All the cups are so cute and make the game ten times better! But I am very confused on what the coins are for. I earn them after making the juice but I can’t find anything to spend them on. Right now I have 10,360 coins but nothing to use them for. I think you should be able to buy cups and lids and keys or something. But overall, this is a great game and totally recommend!
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2 years ago, #1 true
This game is awesome!!
I had this game 2 yrs ago and I deleted it and haven’t played it since. But me and my other friend we also played it together. We loved it soooo much it was very fun. And I saw that my friend was playing it today and I got the game. I said “you still have that game?!” Bruh she said she just got it again. I was like woah woah REALLY? I love this game so much, and I also love mini games a lot as well, and this is perfect. Ever time in the car I’m like mini game mini game mini game. This is perfect I love it. GET THE GAMEEEE!!!
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2 years ago, gavehbt
I don’t think the game is as best that should be because when I want to put in a thing and it just shows an ad for the next style level it will pass by the time the ad is done and then I hit another one and it just keeps on going past I did this a few times a few levels and it just passes by the time and it says I failed and then it would say retry or keep going and I just put retry because I wanna try the level and it just keeps on going and going to have to refresh my game after a while and then it just keeps on doing the same thing so
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4 years ago, 💜💚Cupcake💜💚
Don’t get me wrong I love bubble tea but there is too much apps after I go to the chest room after I make bubble tea but I don’t really mind apps so I mean this game in my opinion deserves four stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if you can fix this problem I would appreciate it so yeah I don’t really have any more recommendations for this app I did only get it today but so far I am pleased but I just wanna say if your gonna make more apps you should ad less adds I don’t really know how that works but anyway buy oh and you should do a more realistic donut 🍩 game if your going to make more games so bye have a nice day
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4 years ago, hallelujah brother sister
Like it but......
This game is really fun except how many ads. I feel like all games are like this but especially this one. Because when you go to others you do see ads, but not this many. Usually it’s every 2 or 3 times you die or finish the level. But how many times in this one is not fun your waiting for 30 seconds for the ads to be over then you you take ten seconds asking the bubble tea’s. I think it’s fun to do the star levels because you get to do many if you play or get this game just be aware of this problem. Thanks for reading this review ✌️
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4 years ago, abby tiny
Best game ever!! Download it it’s awesome!!!
This game is awesome I don’t know if it’s my iPad that’s glitching or the game? But all of it is awesome and I think the owner of this awesome game should make more lids and cups like animals or like a character of a movie lids and cups this game is really addicting I can play it for a month or five It’s really a good and I think that it might get a little glitchy for me but it’s ok. it’s not a stress game like other games it’s a relaxing kind of game I think it really needs more cups but of all of that the game is fun and awesome👍 have a great day with this game😁😊
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4 years ago, okgos
Good but
This is a great game but When you make one that’s off a little it said that you did it and it makes it fun for some people but not this person but everything else is great not too many ads so I thing if you like it when you get it right you should get this game if you are interested in this game you should get it but if you don’t like that when you get it off I don’t think that you should get this game but that s what I think about the game you don’t have to go off what I think we’ll I hope that this helped you if you wanted this game
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4 years ago, kimberlypressley
Best game ever!
It is relaxing, simple, cute, time consuming, fun, and is making me want bubble tea! I saw an add and went straight to this app because one, I like bubble tea, and two, it looked fun! As soon as it downloaded I played it, then I spent like 20 minutes playing it! I hope this game gets more popular so everyone can enjoy it! The only thing that could change is maybe there could be more cute tops for the cups. Thanks for making the game if the makers are reading this, and thank you for reading my review! Have a nice day! 🙂
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4 years ago, pets are aweome
Good game
This is a great game! It’s so relaxing. It calms me down. I play this game almost every single day. I can’t not play this game. It’s so good. There is one thing though. It gives the same top and the same chance to get the cup. It gets really annoying. Every time I get a prize I hope it is something different but is always the baby bottle top and cup. Maybe it’s just my phone but it gets really annoying. Also there is a lot of ads. Almost every minute there is a ad. It’s annoying. Over all it is a good game.
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4 years ago, Ed Sheeran's biggist friend
This is fun
I like this game but the problem is that there is some stuff I want it to add so I wish they would show how good you did when you did it well, and when you get it wrong I wish they wouldn’t show you how much to add and then you do it again. I get that it is a 4 year old game but still they should learn how to make colors but sometimes like once in a while you can show it. I also wish they would add more stuff to add to the drink. Over all it is a 4 out of 5. I still love this app but I wish they would add it. Thank you for reading 😀 have a nice day
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3 weeks ago, zwededryyh
Okay listen up there are not many games that I am interested in playing but this game is the most amazing GAME EVER!! I always play this game when I am just sitting at home doing nothing or on trips!! I think it is very calming for me to try and match the colors!! I am just telling everyone YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS GAME!!!! One thing that could be better though is making the levels more challenging!! The game doesn’t have any hard rounds most of them are the same. NO HATE TOWARDS THIS GAME :]
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