Bubble Witch 2 Saga

4.7 (58K)
251.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bubble Witch 2 Saga

4.65 out of 5
58K Ratings
4 years ago, danielle7704
Customer service
I’m giving the customer service 5+ stars. My bingo event was frozen and I couldn’t play the bingo game and it would instantly freeze up on me as soon as I opened it. Contacted customer service and they had me do a bunch of things but it kept freezing. I didn’t want to uninstall and reinstall bc I would lose my boosters. Mike from customer service assured me I would be able to get my booster placed back on my game but I had to uninstall and reinstall. I’ve faithfully played this game for 5 years now, not a day goes by that I don’t play. So I had saved up a ton of boosters. That’s one of the reasons I don’t want a new phone bc I have to lose all my boosters on all my games and I’ve worked and played so hard to get them, I hate losing them. So I am back to playing and I only lost my potions but that’s ok. Thank you bubble witch and all the staff for going above and beyond to help me even on a holiday weekend. 🎈🎈
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5 years ago, M@rtje24
What the need to score performance?
* Update* The features I described below are gone out of the game. Thank you for that. But now I am unable to send lives to the person I select out of the list of persons. I can select 1 person, but the game picks some one else out of the list. Don’t know how to change that, and it is very annoying. I like this game. I’ve been playing for a long time. And I like a good challange of a difficult level sometimes. What I don’t like is the need to score performance. First the game kept track of the number of attempts you needed to clear a level. I didn’t understand the need for that, because other than make me feel dumb for needing 35 attempts to clear a level, it did nothing. Nothing to gain or lose by keeping track. That feature is removed from the game now, but now they show accuracy, aiming and rows cleared. But again, nothing to gain or lose. Other than gaining a sense of incompetence again. Then why add it to the game? Why not add a feature to win gold? Because other than spending real money in the game, which I refuse to do, there is no way of getting gold in the game.
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2 years ago, wow 8 lied
This app is awesome!
O-M-G I LOVE THIS APP ITS SO ENTERTAINING! Also it is impossible to get bored from this! And when you are trying to free the ghost it’s happy face is sooo cute! And everything is so detailed! And the witch look gorgeous (please don’t make it weird) and the cat it’s sooo cute with it’s little hat and white fur! And nothing is better then playing this game with some calming music,it keeps you so focused. And It’s very easy when you get used to it! My grandma plays this and she’s over level 80! And make sure that nothing will bother you while your playing so you’ll stay focused also before I end this did you know a llama can spit tp ten to fifteen feet! Anyways that’s all for now! And remember you are beautiful, talented and smart and don’t let anything tell you otherwise. Have an amazing morning/night/afternoon byee <33
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2 years ago, Naive Anger
The opposite of fun
The one constant with this game is that you always get the bubbles in colors that are not on the board, thus having to waste moves. There is no strategy and there are no intelligent levels. You have to buy tools to help you beat the levels and you need gold to buy these tools. Gold is kept in a piggy bank that is too small, so the developers suggest you spend $20 just to upgrade this. Doing that would be a major mistake, since later levels cannot be beaten without continuously buying more. You would end up spending thousands of dollars and still just making it by. It’s a pay to play game and a disgrace. Last but not least, you cannot even start playing the game without agreeing to their privacy policy. The word privacy is a joke at our expense, since reading through the document will show that they can track you anyway they want and sell your information to whoever they want. My recommendation is to not download this game at all. There are plenty other options in the App Store and many are fair to the player.
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5 years ago, Laze'Ah
Me and my grandmother love this game
Me and my grandmother love this games it funny how my love of this game made her love it too this is how it started one summer I stayed over night at my grandmothers house for the summer I was a little girl so I thought it was year. I was always on her iPad I loved it mostly because it was big but she asked me what I was playing I told her bubble witch then she said what is it about I told her about it that it is fun and all you do is have fun and think so that same day she was on her iPad so I sat on her bed right next to her and saw that she was playing bubble witch weeks after that she told me not to touch her boat and not to use all of her life’s I was like ok I did lose some life’s but I got them back from other people but my point was that I showed you that game but our bond has change in a good way Have a wonderful day
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11 months ago, fhf f
Bubble witch
I personally think that they should gives us more lives and more coins and to even the pig for free because we can’t pay that much for the gold but I want them to gives us more lives because we only have a little and to defeat Morgan’s with little live is imposible and also it takes the person a lot to free the tile like my parter lidia who won’t hurry up it’s been weeks since se has not free her tile I ask her to free her tile and she does the same to me and I free it but they should have a time limit on the tiles because she won’t hurry up this game has been a really good experience but I think they should ad more bubbles and lives , time limit for tiles, get more gold , and not buying the gold.
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5 years ago, Pizzalady52
Frozen rewards
I’ve gotten to level 1045 and have had a lot of fun with this game. Unfortunately I’ve ran into a problem— the Bingo Bonus game played along with the game has frozen. I got BINGO and when I go to claim my reward, it comes up with the sign that I am not connected to the internet, yet I’m able to resupply my lives which needs internet connection!! I can purchase in app boosters, which also need the internet but with my iPad and iPhone, both won’t give me the reward I’ve earned. I’ve even been to different places like my home, work and even McDonalds. Is there something wrong with the game that needs fixing? Then get working on getting this bug out of the works!!
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6 years ago, raitchee
You have to pay to play
I love this game, it's fun and challenging and a great time waster when you have 10 minutes or an hour (lol) to kill BUT it is so annoying because you can't unlock certain levels unless you pay cash for gold. It's either that or they make you wait an entire day (24 hours) before unlocking the next levels. You earn gold as you complete levels but when your piggy bank is full you can't collect our use any of your gold until you pay $3 to open the piggy bank for your 50 gold pieces. AND THATS A PER PIGGY BANK PURCHASE. Every 50 pieces is $3. You also can't buy booster bubbles without your gold that yes you have to pay cash for even though you earn it through playing. I wouldnt be worrying this review if I wasn't locked out of the next levels and didn't want to pay to unlock them.
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3 years ago, Ooyadsss
This amazing!
So, I played this game when I was a three year old or something in my dads phone, and then wanted it today. And it’s as awsome as I left it! (With updated things of course) every wizardry fan knows that the witch or wizard should know about potions, and this game has a potion making place! This is a really good game and if I could write a review when I used to play it I would write: this is best.!?,,m. I was three or something when I played this but I’m smarter than the average kid so I could read when I was 4 or 5 lol I’m not sure if that’s normal or not but this is to the game developers: YALL da best. Yuh 😩 I mean it😌💅🏻 and don’t delete this or I will find u 🙃🤫
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4 years ago, Mimi'sArtStudio
Awesome! But problems should be fixed please
I really like this game! It’s a lot of fun but I’ve been stuck on level 70 for 3 weeks! I can’t afford the boosters because I have to buy the piggy bank and I’m not sure if I’ll get to keep the gold bars once I’ve payed or if it’s a nasty deceiving trick where you pay and then once it fills back up you pay again. I’m not familiar with the piggy bank which is new since I haven’t played the game in nearly 4 years when I was in 6th grade. I am not an adult and I don’t have any source of income. My mom doesn’t want to pay for it because she thinks $2 is overpriced for a game and I agree with her it is overpriced but that means it’s more of a challenge but I’m getting tired of not moving forward please fix this problem.
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4 years ago, Sailermate
Extra lives
YOU WILL NOT ADDRESS ANY QUESTIONS THAT I HAVE SENT NUMEROUS TIMES! MY GAME HAS BEEN FROZEN UP! This game has been frozen up for 2 weeks can’t get new lives or potion! You updated my game and took away all the extra lives I had built up! How disheartening this is. Now I cannot get potions says Internet error, Ive checked that, shut my phone down and can’t load even if I’m using my data. What is up with this? I longer I’ve been playing this game since it came started. I know I won’t get a single response to this so I’m not even sure why I’m writing. But got a response when I forgot my password. Go figure
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4 years ago, lovehedhog sweet poato pie
I love this game but don’t like the update
I love this game it keeps me active and the levels aren’t to easy but not to hard. It challenge you. But the new update that you put I don’t really like.I don’t like this update because it make it where you can’t get lives from others people. It makes it where you have to use gold bars which I don’t have and most of the time most people don’t want to spend money on gold bars or just can’t spend money on god bars. Am in the case where I can’t spend money on gold bars. I just think it a little unfair
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5 years ago, DanteInTheCave
I have played all 3 versions of this game, going back to when the first one came out. King has finally built ways to earn boosts without buying them into the games. However, I now I only play on my iPad because none of the rewards sync across devices, only your progress syncs. Recently, however, when I earn a reward I can only access it on my phone. My rewards never show up on my iPad. WHAT IS GOING ON??? King has always been a frustrating app developer because they don’t seem to give a crap about customer service but now, when I’m playing only on one device but can only collect rewards on a different device, I’m about ready to say I’m done with anything King does. It’s sad really, because Bubble Witch is one of my absolute favorite games. If this gets fixed, I may consider giving more stars but for now I wish I could give you zero.
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6 years ago, pompetesmom
Great game. Challenging, enjoyable and free. However, the request to make purchases happens often. Actually after every failed attempt to move up a level. But it is a very subtle, tolerable request to use gold bars to continue playing etc. usually 12. I am on level 435 and cannot remember ever having 12 gold bars at any given time. In fact, I've had the same six gold bars for the nearly 6 months I've been playing now. I refuse to pay cash for any game. Overall, I really enjoy playing. I have played the BWS 3 version but actually enjoy this better. I also play Candy Crush without cash and enjoy that as well. Level 500+. These both are great games. Enjoy !!
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4 years ago, Turkeylady3
On level 2669 Which takes the cake for rigged levels I guess they think their players are so stupid as to not see how this whole app is rigged I’ve played this app long enough to see those one especially labeled hard are SOOOOOOOO blatantly rigged u can see it they don’t try to hide it I guess they think oh gee these players won’t notice that every time they play a booster we make it double hard Or these players won’t notice how they need one certain color bubble to win but I’ll give them 10 in a row of everything but that color Omg They repeat their cheating methods over and over again throughout the game u can see it it only takes a short time into playing a level Yeah here’s one of their rigged levels Which 80 % or more are DO YOURSELF A FAVOR SAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION OF BEATING YOUR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL ...... DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
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7 years ago, joelanddeb
Great App
But just like the other review, every time I try to purchase a booster I get the error message that no internet connection is available. And she is right, you can't get the color you need when you get close to winning the level. I check my internet connection and it is fine. Please fix this. I can no longer even open this app. Never had a problem until recently. When I try to open it the KING Page comes on, then it says loading, then just goes blank. Every time
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3 years ago, MizPres
I have been playing this game for quite a time now and have enjoyed it until recently. You introduced the part where teams compete for rewards. I have noticed that even though I have competed with the team I have been told when the rewards are issued that I didn’t get any because I didn’t compete. This is not true, especially this last time, I had competed to the extent that I was unable to help win rewards at the end because I had finished my selection and had to wait a certain time, decided by the way the game is set up, before I could get back in to assist the other team members. Then all of a sudden I was unable to get the rewards. Please re-evaluate these requirements or make sure that we get what we worked hard to win. I am getting to the point of deleting this app from my tablet.
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4 years ago, Lisa Prusha
Love it, but...
Love the game, but it’s too hard to earn any of the power ups. You earn gold bars which you would think allow you to exchange for the power ups (aids), but you can’t redeem your stash of gold bars without actually sending them money and buying what you’ve supposedly earned. Nope. Stick to Candy Crush where the power ups are given much more freely. BBW2 Saga would be much more fun if you didn’t end up staying on each level for weeks at a time. It’s pretty obvious about half way through each game if you have shot to clear the board or not. I find myself pressing the quit button more often than not. And then they only give you a few lives each round so I don’t spend very much time with this game.
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6 years ago, Elflingsmama
Best Bubble Shooter I’ve Found
Bubble Witch 2 is a good game and I prefer it over Bubble Witch 3 (I don’t remember why, I haven’t tried 3 since it first came out). I like being able to make potions for a little boost when I need it, and that it’s possible to get the special bubbles as rewards and not only from paying real money. I was excited about the piggy bank collecting gold bars until it filled up and wants me to empty it for $3. I really don’t like that I now can’t get rid of it; after every level that darn pig full of gold bars pops up. If I wanted to buy gold bars, I would, I don’t need to be reminded every single level.
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4 years ago, Jaims75
Fun but...
On older systems it is still a problem, but I have an upgraded IPad now and one change I hate is the messaging to other players. If I want to participate in the bingo style challenges it wants me to message people and I do not want to. I can not bypass this part and still do challenges so I just leave it. I can earn extra boosters for the game and have to purchase what I want to use after using ones given in the course of game play. So to satisfy My playing I have down loaded another game that lets me do challenges without the forced contact of others. Othwise I still like the game.
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2 years ago, Earth Shadow
This is a great and addictive game but there’s way too much strategy involved in getting around paying too much money. The levels are costly and you can’t really get past the hard ones without extra bubbles. The spells are fun too but you can only use one a game which is a waste. You can find yourself dropping $10-$20 on one level which is outrageous. I’d prefer to buy the game outright and give me super tricky rounds that I don’t have to spend money to win on. The graphics are great and you get to play with other people but I can’t put that much money into a game.
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6 years ago, LatinoDDS
Love this game
My go to quick kickback game on my phone. Yes it does get frustrating sometimes and you may have to do a level multiple times BUT you don’t need to pay any money if you have patience and like the thrill of trying a level different ways until you pass it. Most games take advantage of the vast majorities want for instant gratification. Oh my God I didn’t pass the level after 4 tries! What do I do?? Ok I’ll spend 5 bucks for more gold to add balls!! Don’t do this. Sit down and just enjoy it.
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6 years ago, Packers 46
I had to delete my game. And start over. But tho & behold I'm back on my level. Thanks Bubble Witch 2. I feel lots better. But please fix this other problems for the other people. Have a great day.P. S. The people who are having problems with there game should delete there game & start over. Glad I did. Love this game. Thanks.i truly love this game. Now that I can play again. I Thank-you in letting me get back in all that I lost before.l love this game. It’s really is good. I started this way back in 2014.
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6 years ago, Smiley 1975
It’s the only game I play!!
I love this game it’s one of two games I’ve played, I love playing it so much I do not have interest in playing any other! My only complaint is I can’t get/use some of my rewards! Suggestions??? Otherwise I rate it @ 5 stars! M RE: TurkeyLady Review, Thanks so much for your review! I’ve experienced the same problems & then some, thought it was all my phone’s fault as well as my eyes, ...! I was charged for gold bars (not intending to order them, not even touching the button to order them but couldn’t get it reversed! So beware ! Also had bubbles shoot without my touching my phone screen! And shots go wrong direction or the bubble I shoot is jerky & slow, etc, etc!!! My initial rating was a 3 now it’s a 1 BEWARE!
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2 years ago, loftbaker
No new games or gold bars
The game is fun and all but the mobile app has the same side games. Bingo games same prizes .Collect blue, red, bubbles play with other players, mountain game. same thing every week. It’s never anything new to play to win new prizes, like gold bars. Nothing to really keep you attracted to the game . I only play out of boredom most of the time , I get on the game and like oh nothing new extra games .If it’s the same sponsor as per rescue saga they should have more ways to keep you playing and add more games inside bubble witch 2 like pet rescue has special games to play to win more gold bars/prizes & coins .doesn’t update like pet rescue
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5 years ago, Kainaville
Getting CHEATED!
Two days ago I paid $2.99 to empty my 38 bars on my piggy, mind that I had a balance of I believe it was four bars already, which was better offer than $5.99 for 32 bars. When I clicked on it and payed I not only didn’t received the bars, I ended negative 22 (-22). What kind of crap is that? If you look at my account I’ve been paying lots of money to play this game to now start getting charges, which Apple has refunded, not this one because the last time they said I have to contact you guys. Really I’m very disappointed after so many years you guys start doing this. I want a refund and you guys need to look into this, I don’t know is a glitch or what but I don’t think is fair! Extremely disappointed, Edna.
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5 years ago, Midget6
Great game
I will start by saying that I do like the game. Strategy games like this are fun for me. My only issue would be the piggy bank and the bingo card. I’m not paying to clear my piggy bank. Piggy Bank: If I earned up that amount then I should have the option to transfer it to lives for when I’m out. Also when I press the skip it doesn’t work. Bingo Card: If I complete a task I should be allowed to complete as many tasks during my game play and not have to wait x amount of hours to start a new one after 2 challenges completed.
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6 years ago, idaho frog
Problems connecting to server
If I did not have problems connecting to your server then I would love the game. I also do not like how you have to purchase in order to get through some levels but that is gaming and I understand you want to make money. Fix your server related problems and I will change my rating. I do not like playing at 1am just to connect to your server it has been way to long for you not to have fixed the problem.
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3 months ago, CiCiMoMo
Fun! And no ads!
Love this game, with the best part being that there are no ads! I have been playing this game for many years now, and am up to levels in the 6900’s. With the weekly bonus rounds giving you chances to earn extra boosters, and team quests to earn even more, it’s fairly easy to get through the more difficult levels without having to fork out any money. And did I mention - NO ADS!
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3 years ago, svuhdsynbtddgiomntdsscj
Every time they update they screw something up
I played this game for a while and was able to look past some of the obvious, if obnoxious, ploys to get money. But when the updates screw up my progress—take away all of the extra lives I’ve collected as well as the friends I traded with, I’m done. What’s the point in continuing to play if your efforts will be erased without warning? I’m also done with mandatory chats and the updates that don’t allow you to navigate well. Seems with all of the updating, you could have found a way to fix level 26 so people don’t waste time trying to master the level with three stars when you admit there’s a problem with the level. Deleting the app.
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1 year ago, TheREDHED
Piggy bank
I feel like I’ve earned my gold bars & shouldn’t have to pay to use them. It’s cheating your users on your end. It’s very unfair & you’re lucky I gave you a 3star because of your actions. This game has always been a free game & when you started trying to make us pay for what we’ve earned it & not releasing it so we can use them, it’s a sour taste & I’ve encouraged people to not pay or to quit playing. Then maybe I’d purchase some. Until you change you’re cheating your game players. No one likes being cheated if anything.
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2 years ago, cherilouwho
Lost all my data
I was playing this game for YEARS and it started to freeze on me. I couldn’t access the over 50 games I had been gifted, it didn’t recognize a difficult game win (just started me over on the same game) and finally the entire bottom of the screen froze. I tried everything the site said to do and all it did was eliminate all my progress and data. I am so frustrated with this game.
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3 years ago, Stacey3357
Take the 24 hour penalty out with team challenges
I live this game. I only wish when your playing the challenges with other players that it gives you an option to either lose a life or lose bubbles or even a booster when you finish two challenges. You have to wait 24 hours before you can start another challenge. If your team is not a faithful player as you you suffer. Please think about changing the team challenge.
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4 years ago, sfhltyb
I’ve been playing for a few years and was up to game #1800 and then some. I really enjoy playing and I’m not a kid. I am an old lady. My only complaint is when we “play on” when we are not able to win a game and we purchase more, we don’t always need to use all that we purchase. I think we should be able to have a bank that we can add these unused bubbles since we paid for them.
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3 years ago, Chewy11!
Amazingly awesome
When I first herd of this game when my aunt asked me if I wanted to play on her phone in the car because it was a long way back home I obviously said yes and when I found this game on her phone BOOM I fell in love with the cute little ghost that I had to free and I actually think that beating the levels are pretty easy and the little animals when you have to free them they are so cute! ❤️I love them so much and I hope 🤞 you can enjoy this game just like I do.
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5 years ago, Playah80
Fine strategy game with annoying quirks
The strategy required is just enough to offer a challenge but not so much that I lose interest in the game. Certain extras are only available if purchased with real money, but I don’t waste my cash on such things and play the game successfully. What is really annoying are the pop up “celebrations” after I do something the game thinks I should be excited about. It slows down play because the pop up covers the game for a second or two. I don’t care about my aim percentage or hit streak; I care only about passing a level.
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8 months ago, Eyepiktureu
Removal of bingo killed the challenge
After 9 years and reaching level 5,008 I looked forward to relaxing and beat the clock with daily challenges. Really bad decision to remove. Will stop playing. Goodbye. Seems like I am not the only one to say this. Have not seen a 5 star rating since bingo was removed. Thanks for bringing Bingo back October 2023. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is back too。Thanks for listening
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4 years ago, Snack wagon
What’s going on?
I love the game and play it several times a day. I’m not a kid anymore, I’m now 81. The other day because of a glitch, I was given 100 gold bars. I purchased the color changing item. The next day I used two of them and dropped to 44. Two days later I paid $2.99 for the contents of my piggy bank, 50 gold bars. I should have had a total of 94, but wound up with 64. I will not be purchasing any more items for this game if this is how you do business. I’ll miss the game but have lots of other options.
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7 years ago, katieeg
I've been playing this game and other games on my iPhone and I love it. When there are quests to be played I can scroll down to previous boards and play those boards according to the quests. I've tried playing the World Tournament and I can't seem to win in North America to move on to different places. Another thing is that I've been playing for a while and my lives can't seem to be going away. I can play for days on end and my extra lives are still at 50.
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10 months ago, hershypie
Bubble witch two
This is my favorite game I’ve played it for years every night. However it hasMajor issues. Currently the team game that we can play daily has disappeared. It has been gone for about a week and a half. I am sure the only way I can get it back is to delete the whole game and start over. I am on world 672 or about and I’m damned if I’m going to start over again I have done this two other times. it seems whenever I get into the 600s the game starts glitching out. in addition every time I’ve tried to get help I’ve gotten zero replies or a computer reply. so there’s your one star it’s very aggravating.
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3 years ago, JoRDAwest
Great game; sound too loud
I truly enjoy playing this game during my free time, but the sound is too loud and keeps turning back on if I exit the game and come back to it later. I would love for the sound to be more background noise and not foreground noise; or for us to be able to turn the sound for the game off and keep it off… I can enjoy playing the game more without the sound… or allow our music to play in place of the game’s music.
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6 years ago, beta lady
I think this is a beta
I think this is a beta that could have used more testing. Many times, when I’ve been trying to exchange the color to shoot, the one I don’t want to use, fires. When the next shot is very similar to the previous shot, so I’ve got it lined up with my eye, the graphics interfere and I can’t grab and shoot the next bubble. I agree with Turkeylady that many times the possibility of succeeding on a level is rigged against us. If I only have blue bubbles on the screen, I see no reason to provide only yellow and red bubbles for me to shoot.
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3 years ago, Shanks-A-Lot
Great game, but fix Team Quest please!
I would absolutely give this game 5 stars if not for the annoying forced messages to players in the Team Quest. I don’t want to send them, don’t feel the need to send them, and end up not playing because it’s forced. Please make that an option for the players. I have played this game for years, but the forced messaging upgrade should go. Other than that, I could play this game for hours.
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4 years ago, Dtrofhvn
The game cheats
I used to love this game, it was my favorite. I understand the levels getting harder, but this is ridiculous! Lately it has been refusing to give me the color of bubbles that I need. I finally got to the top Morgana Shield, I had a big opening and only needed 1 red bubble! I had 15 bubbles left and not one of them was red!😡 I am constantly shooting off 7, 10, 14 bubbles and not getting the one I need. I will even change the color of the shield and then that color stops showing up. I’m about ready to delete this app!
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1 year ago, Annoyed player 88
Glitches and freezes
It takes over 90 seconds to open the envelope with my additional lives in it, then when I hit “accept”, it freezes for another 40 seconds, and then I won’t even get any extra lives from the other players. Please fix it. There are also some levels, mostly free the ghost levels, where I’ll shoot a bubble, and it will hit the other collection of bubbles on the ghost, and then just fall. It won’t attach to the other bubbles or pop bubbles of the same color. It just falls back down into the cauldrons. Please fix this as well.
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5 years ago, ,,,(2()6?!::6?;
This game is absolutely frustrating it’s pure luck in the level your given whether it is defeatable or not, never the less I’ve played this game since it was released. The last year and half I’ve not opened it do to the fact they made it undefeatable! They’ve made a bunch more levels since the last I played! Where I was waiting on the next levels to be released now there are lots of levels to be played. But they still want money for bonuses and some levels are undefeatable without help! So ya, it’s an intriguing game that is fun to play, it’s absolutely frustrating when they won’t allow you to advance! I understand that the reason is they want you to spend money on bonuses!! So download play enjoy once frustrated delete or come back in a year or so! Once a bunch of people have paid to advance they will allow you to advance!! Not dishonest just business!
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5 years ago, kiss10078
Would love to know why you tell me the bingo card is over and I didn’t win anything because I didn’t participate, I play the bingo card all the time and I DO PARTICIPATE!! So how come you don’t let me win some of the prizes????? AND JUST LIKE NOW, how come the game will not let me go any further in the levels?? This has happened more than once???? I don’t want to reload the game again just to start all over!!
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5 years ago, Whozit Really
Team Play Rewards lost
I had just won 3 great prizes and when I went to claim them, I got a message that the game couldn’t connect to my browser. Every OTHER game that I play could get to my browser! Had to save my game to Facebook so I could save my progress, delete from my iPad and reinstall it. Wouldn’t you know, once I saved it to Facebook, I had a full piggy bank and couldn’t go any further until I bought my gold bricks. Seriously?!? And of course I lost my team play AND my 3 prizes. This WAS one of my daily favorites, but I am not a happy customer at this point.
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3 years ago, K@softballcrazy
What happened ????
I used to love playing this game. Over the last 6 months or so it has just become more and more frustrating with the constant glitches. It takes forever to load, it constantly freezes mid play, and once again it will not allow me to play my “extra” turns sent by friends. I even went so far as to delete and reinstall and then I had to start from the beginning again. Please fix this mess so I can go back to enjoying this once fun game.
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3 years ago, Stop lieing dang
I used to LOVE this game when I was 5-8 now I’m 12 and I decided to download it again l... TRASH I try to aim by where to bibles come out they aim a totally different direction and make me lose they try to make you lose when it’s a lot or reds in your face they will put blue bubbles and the second choice will still be blue and then you lose and the tower keeps getting bigger and bigger and I don’t like how when the piggy bank full you have to pay to open it like don’t try to get our hopes up about coins and then when it’s full we have to pay overall I give this game 0 stars but out of generosity I gave it 1
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