Buffalo Bonus Casino

4.2 (943)
155.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
81 (905)
Fox Cub
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Buffalo Bonus Casino

4.23 out of 5
943 Ratings
7 years ago, dd73169
I enjoy the game and haven't had any issues yet
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4 years ago, i famius
Spin wheel
This wheel is a joke! I’ve had this app for over five years and never have I hit the 21m or the 525! Only the lower, I get it, this game ultimate goal is to make money and get its customers to purchase coins, and many do, and it forces people to spend more. And this app unlike others does not allow a customer to have this app on a phone and iPad and be the same it’s not transferable. Why is this? I’ve been waiting for American 777 to be activated for months now, what is the problem? I’m tired of playing the other ones and in my five years of playing buffalo charge, I have never hit the big jackpot, which is why I choose to play mighty Zeus which has better payouts ! One day I will bid higher, lose all my money.
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7 years ago, Karen@33
Beware is right
This could complete with Zinga, however this app is hanky, lousy bonuses, & a daily wheel spin that is fixed, no way anyone is ever going to win enough to play on. Really in your face about it to. Obvious to a 10 year old. Support told me they use a tuning program that can affect gameplay & bonuses. In other words crooked. Coin packages are priced outrageously. Play at your own risk! I won the Daily Bonus had 90 million Coins, in less than one day down to 15 million, Since leaving this review I have seen an increase in bonuses & ref coin payout. Maybe the developer is listening this casino could rival any of them, like the games, the stampedes as well better than Zynga which is saying a lot
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5 years ago, AlexM555
It’s ok but after you open all the machines, it’s just repetitive boredom
I like the Foxcub series of slot machine where they feature stepper style slots, however this one while promising gets repetitive with no real direction or goals other than unlocking all the machines. Once you get to level 390, it maxes out and you can’t advance to VIP levels unless you buy an in app purchase of coins. It turns out that I didn’t need to buy any coins from the game because I earned enough to amass 40 billion credits and now it’s just a repetition of slot play with no goal at all.
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3 years ago, MsJ 2022
Not a winner with this game try somewhere else
I wanted to enjoy this game but it is very stingy normally you play to win this game I counted the spins and the wins this game spent over 200 times and landed on the free game once it gave me a big whopping 6000 points not enough to play another round. When the coin appeared it was next to the Buffalo so it pays nothing, then it does this random spin which goes around three times then landing on nothing. I think a game should be more fun than counting how many times you loose.
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6 years ago, Great game guys!
I really liked this game at first. I could win and keep my winnings to play more games BUT one day I had lost all my coins and I chose to buy one of the cheap packages. Oh what a mistake!!!!!! From that point on, no more, Winning or carrying coins for days!! They got me!!!! Once they saw I purchased a package all winning was gone!!! And the tournaments WERE fun!!!, but some people with large accounts can go in an bet large and dominate the game and win over and over!!!! This game is so totally fixed!!! Keep looking better, more honest games exist!!!
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7 years ago, jan1205
3 Day Slot Tournaments Might Be Fixed
Games all seem to have only 2 types of bonuses which make playing rather boring. 3 day tournaments seem to be fixed. I played continuously for 12 hours and never came close to the over 300,000 points by the 1st and 2nd place players. Also no pictures attached to the players which seems suspicious. I won't be playing in any more 3 day tournaments. Once I use up my coins, I'm deleting the app.
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5 years ago, G T 508
The game
Love this game started playing in Vegas in the casinos before I actually downloaded it on my phone and played it. Kinda similar other in the casinos u bet how many lines u want not just automatically bet all lines. But an amazing experience
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5 years ago, 6902341765
Casino note
Like some games but bonuses do not give much. Not much fun except two or three games. Others are all the same. Do not care for the wheel...too many low wins and hardly any million win. Only real good part of this game is I have not had my money evaporate within a few plays as happened in another game. Just wish plays/spins in each game isn’t the same as all the rest. Would like some diversity at least.
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3 years ago, full of sweet peas
I hit 974billion and they instructed me to plan on until my 50games and I didn’t receive nothing when will you turn it back on
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3 years ago, Canrik
Update for iPhone
Please update the app it doesn’t work with the latest IOS update. I miss playing so please update.
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3 years ago, My state is part if the US
Buffalo Deposit
This game does not pay the coins ever. No wonder your ratings are so low, if you were in Vegas you wouldn’t, even be in old town. I only play it cause it is a sure way to get rid of the coins. This is a Buffalo game that NEVER hits the Buffalo! It seems it is only interested in selling coins, but why would I buy on this game I never win. Deleting and replacing with a different game.
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6 years ago, funcityny
Buffalo casino
I’ve been playing for 5months now love the game I just hit 1 Trillion coins wish I could sell them
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3 weeks ago, freehumanvoice
No bonuses that pay and I hit each am low. Can’t hit high anymore
Your game is ridiculous. Every time I get some money to play it just takes takes takes takes every freaking time. Come on give us more bonuses.
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3 years ago, rv park
Buffalo Casino
After l updated my phone, l cannot play. It is saying you need to update your ISO.
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5 years ago, Pamperedpitbull
The express tournaments froze without finalizing winnings. When I contacted customer service - they did nothing. Notice the game has not had any updates in months. There are no more express tournaments or anything. It is like they have abandoned the game in general. Sad, it was a fun game.
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7 years ago, Nenechestnut
A relaxing game.
I like playing the game and it's a good game. I don't like the wheel because I am not guaranteed to win much more. The way to earn coins need some improvement. I have download a game that is much better.
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7 years ago, gamersrus
Great game
Just wish there was a little bit more coins awarded for daily bonuses
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7 years ago, KaraSinger
I really like the game but 200k chips don't last very long. If you bet more than the minimum, it goes too fast. Bonus spins are very rare. It's a year since I sent in the above in with you and the bonuses are still as bad. The wheel shows big bonuses but they never happen. I've only been able to do the tournament a few times in all the times that I've played. Why do I play? Because it passes the time. Oct 28, 2017 the same low daily spin bonuses.
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3 years ago, KLG2019@&$
Super fun casino games.
Can play without spending money.
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2 years ago, nothing not now nothing
Dropped pen and couldn’t write anything about my current outer wear.
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4 years ago, granny35
Casino game style
New to this game adventure the bonus is kinda low hope it gets better as I play I’ll leave a new review as I give this app time and see if its fun or addictive
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4 years ago, brdrooster
Decent game, wish it was more like the normal games. Maybe I’m being a little to picky tho lol
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7 years ago, AZ farmer
Daily Bonus Spin
This spin is so dumb, four days in a roll u spin and it slows way down five spaces ahead of 21 million and almost ready to stop on and it and goes past to the lower money and it's the same thing four days in row and the same space every time really! FIXED GAME!
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7 years ago, Gearheadaddy
This is just as exciting as when you go to a real casino.!
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7 years ago, Rhodes Scholar
Just like the casino!
I LOVE this game! It plays just like my favorite Buffalo slot at the casino. Addictive!
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3 years ago, carman 1967
Buffalo casino
When are they going to update there iOS so we can get it 0n our newer ipads and lap tops?
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3 years ago, 1956olaffub
Buffalo casino
I love playing the game; however, I don’t like the way you manipulate the wheel. It stopped in 700 today, and was moved again to 70. Everyday it is manipulated! Unfair!
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7 years ago, realgreenmama
Just needs an upgrade
Need work better way to collect bonuses and add less time
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4 years ago, LilyCody123
Love it
This game is just like playing at the casino. It’s just exciting and fun
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4 years ago, Jeffrs2379
Game rigged!!
Completely unfair and not fun. Always wanting me to buy coins I had 25,000,000 multiple times but can never hit bonus levels at max bet but always at minimum bet
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7 years ago, Haizzer
Fun for a while
Wasn't too long you put the brakes on winning! Haha! But fun for a while. Just wish I could favorite BD one that is truly random.
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7 years ago, lacinda123
Love it
A fun game. Highly recommend. Play the games every day.
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2 years ago, coqueta72
Could give more free coins
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7 years ago, Texasjoyride
Graphics are great!
Very fun and great graphics! I am keeping this one!!!!!
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7 years ago, MGMgirl1989
Great games
Love the variety and the graphics!
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7 years ago, Vga1234
Great series of casino slots, thank you Dev Team!
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3 years ago, Mtonyc
Needs to update for iOS
The app needs to be upgraded ASAP to function with the new Apple iPhone and iPad upgrade installed this week.
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7 years ago, GeminiGold24
Buffalo casino is really great so far!
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3 months ago, Seadog1995
Don’t waste your time
Bad payouts. Doing waste your time. Rigged to get you too buy coins. Lots of other much better games out there.
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7 years ago, jrg1714
So much fun!!
I love playing this game!! It is very addictive.
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3 years ago, yttv happy
Needs update for current IOS
Needs updating to function
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5 years ago, ,,,er
Free spin
When doing free spin the roulette wheel is rigged. You hit 140k and it comes up 70k x2 instead of 140k x 2!! Every time. And then there are only about 5 spots hit altogether.
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4 years ago, Rosebush13
I absolutely love this game!
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Skeptical and mind blowing casino Buffalo inventing……
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7 years ago, Bigbaby46@
Home users
I really love this game.
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7 years ago, Iceman on Pool
New to game
This is fun. Enjoying the games thanks
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2 years ago, Abc16458
Read most recent comments 1st
Game is a joke. $20 for 3mil coins which is ridiculous. Download Club Vegas. You can play for free forever.
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3 months ago, hate nicknames try again
Not good
Slow to get bonus and small .
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10 months ago, HarleyGrandma808
Low spins
Every time I spin, it’s only low amounts. Never have I gotten large amounts.
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