Buffalo Slots & Jackpot Casino

4.6 (17.6K)
295.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Onapps Enterprises Ltd
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Buffalo Slots & Jackpot Casino

4.63 out of 5
17.6K Ratings
2 years ago, tora4850
Continues to be great
In my first review I thought I was at the last game. Wrong. I don’t know how many games are left. Granted continually winning without having to spend a dime can be boring but it is easy on this senior’s pocket book and I don’t mind. Plus this is a blessing compared to all the other casinos online and real that can drain you quickly. Plus using AirPods or headphones helps with the music to set the atmosphere. Let’s get on with the games! This might be a bit costly but please design a game similar to the format of Dragon Spin. I miss that game. Sincerely, Fernando Laxamana Jr
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5 years ago, Hrlygirl
Remove the AD so I can play!
Remove the AD at the bottom of game so I can play please!! The AD does not let you do anything! It is in the way of everything and I have not been able to play for 3 days! I have even deleted the app and reinstalled it and nothing helped! I had over $400 million coins and lost them all because I was doing everything I could to be able to play! I have emailed you twice, once with a screen shot and still no reply! No longer my favorite game!
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5 years ago, BabyBlueTarh33l
Don’t Do A Review!
So far this has been the best game of this type I’ve ever tried out & played***Updated Rating & Review...I was asked to rate & review this app within 15-30 minutes of first installing & playing the game, which always sends up red flags. Well I came & initially gave 5-star rating & rave reviews...BUT, just as I figured with all of them who ask for rating that quick, as soon as I get back to the game it proceeded to take 400 Million coins straight in a row & no matter which reel I tried playing all I could get was losses & all the bonus rounds of free spins ceased! So you decide for yourself if that’s just random & coincidence (like players are always told by all the app companies) or a cunningly devised way of getting great ratings & reviews before starting to cause losses so can try & get coin packs sold.
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5 years ago, come on this is ridiculous
Great at first
I loved this game. It had the loosest slots I’ve ever played and the winnings came easy, but now it seems as if the developers have tightened up the slots and I cant win anything! I’m now losing all my winnings, I don’t even win anything on free spins! This used to be my favorite game, but now all it does is frustrate me! My favorite game is Han Guang Wudi. I would always win on this game, Now I don’t even win on “free Spins” and if I do win anything, its not even enough to cover my Max Bet!
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5 years ago, CHEF-RREY
Best slot yet
This lot is truly mesmerizing and challenging I have been playing it for approximately 3 months and as of the past two weeks when I gamble my wins over 90% of the time it doesn’t allow me a second chance to watch the video it takes What I had won on the gable as well as my bet. It also does it on my big wheel spins The game has taken from me over 3 trillion with a T coins. Can anything be done to resolve this? Signed, Deep Pockets Empty; a.k.a. Jeff
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4 years ago, trump54
Interactive challenges
I really enjoy the multiple challenges given in any given game . But I’m getting ready to turn these games off you constantly are interrupting my game with advertisement other games constantly constantly constantly constantly do I need to say it again constantly But sometimes it flutters and skips right in the middle of the game
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4 months ago, JusBubba
Very Decent Game !!!
It’s very fun ! So far I haven’t lost my money, I jus keep winning, I enjoy playing this game passing the time . Keep up the good work, it isn’t like one of those games that makes you download again, at least so far, I think I’m almost to $6 million. No, it’s not real ! I’m playing for free
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1 year ago, SwampCritter13
Free spins .. what .. why ??
With 13 free spins you would think you would be able to win a little something..but…NOTHING..not a single coin. That is just WRONG. There are times when the game pays pretty well..then there are times when you can spend 2 or 3 billion coins before making any gains. I was hoping to find a slot game that would keep me interested for a while..but found out I lose interest fairly quick. Have not deleted the game yet..I repeat YET..but am trying to give it a fair chance. Good luck to all of if you choose to take a chance…….
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2 years ago, Mag the Bag
Buffalo Slots
I do like this game in many ways. But the ways I don’t like it outweigh the good. You can only play certain games and can only get to the next level by getting a certain item rather than by how much you play. By the time you get to the next level you are so terribly bored with that game. Wins are quite infrequent. I would really like to have access to all the games, not just the ones they have chosen.
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5 years ago, Curlydiva007
Great game but it freezes too often
I love your games, I play a few of them. I only rated it a three because of that issue. It either freezes when I’m spinning or when I’m collecting a bonus. This is extremely frustrating and I feel as if the game is cheating. I’ve submitted requests to SUPPORT to issue an update but I have not received a response. I rated PROSPERITY SLOTS 5stars because I forgot about this issue. I LOVE your games but for the freezing issues they would all receive 5stars.
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5 years ago, can't find appropriate name
Too many ads
Sorry people, but I am going to delete this app, too many ads, especially too many ads that do not produce the payoff offered for watching the ads. Also, during “free spins” the game doesn’t recognize when additional free spins are earned, thereby cheating the player of additional spins. Sure, the wins are usually big and often, but the overwhelming number of ads makes the game play frustrating. There are too many other slot apps available as to make this one easy to delete.
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7 months ago, TheRealMJArtist
I love this game :)
I really love this game it’s easy to play once you get used to it I also found out or have forgotten you can stop the machine yourself which comes in handy sometimes when you want the machine to stop at a specific spot in order to win more coins.
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5 months ago, Dewwdrop06
Always a winner!
I love this game, I never have to struggle for coins or run out and jump through a million hoops to get more only to run out again in 5 minutes. Endless relaxing play that promotes a winner mindset! And the quests are fun with no option to “buy” anything. I love it!
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4 years ago, liveinvegas
Good ga,e, lots of ways to win and entertain oneself while Trapped a t home because of the covid virus stuff. Game formats are pretty much the same from game to game But graphics are good. Screen rolls are slower than most and skip regularly to avoid larger payouts, thus your credits go faster than they should. Have play d other makers games for must longer without having to purchase more credits.
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5 years ago, WTFIGO1
Been playing this game for a few weeks and don’t get me wrong it’s very fun, but I’ve realized that when you win free spins and accumulate hundreds of millions tokens the game doesn’t like to pay. On two occasions it didn’t pay me. One was for 500,000 + and the other was 756,000 + tokens and the game just proceeded as programmed to do. Please fix. But I am going delete for now until this problem is fixed.
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5 years ago, The P.O.P.E. (The Princess Of Practically Everything)
May be THE best
This actually is a fast paced, enjoyable slots. The developers obviously put some thought into it. I win and lose about like I do in a real casino. Bonuses and addtl bonuses happen on a fairly regular basis plus you have the option to gamble your last win. Very much enjoying them! Play on!
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4 years ago, just a bolwing leaf
Slots Spin Rich Casino Games
Great Game have been playing since Covid started March 17, 2020. Had to change phones as mine locked so could not call in or out. After re downloading from phone to phone your game has locked up so I cannot play game. I hit app and it just goes back to group app screen.
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5 years ago, OES4us
One of the Best...
This game has great graphics and the loosest slots of any casino game I’ve ever played. You accrue coins very rapidly and win more than lose, no matter which slot you play. The turbo bonus is great as well, because I can either accrue money to level up, or multiply my winnings twice as fast. This slot is awesome.
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3 years ago, not a fan x10000
You can win!
I play slots every day. This game provides great graphics AND payouts often enough to make it fun on an everyday basis. Plus, there are limited ad interruptions that in too many games detracts from the overall experience
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5 years ago, Shaking knees
One of the most fun I've played until you get to a certain level and then the game just turns against you you know it's pretty sad that they wouldn't make a game that would actually cheat you I mean how lame is that how anal do you have to be. If you like getting cheated play this game
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2 years ago, IsaBody212
*BEST* slot game I’ve played yet!
I’ve tried multiple slot games here & there. This one is by far the best in terms of payouts and bonuses. The only downside is as you get higher in the levels, it takes a while to level up.
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5 years ago, Show me the gold
Just got this app ..I play lots of slots....so far it’s fun And graffics Awsome ...but one thing please stop forcing adds On me ...on the bottom won’t go away..DoubleDown I already have this app ...and I don’t know how to make it go away...this crap is what makes people take it off ..and don’t wanna play your slots...
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5 years ago, two gun willie
Slots spin riches
All of the games I have played are great !!!! You are going to have to correct some problems with the freebies or are going to lose your subscribers! The machine hangs up and loses too many free points. I hope you can get this fixed right away.
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5 years ago, Stinky Wombat
Don’t waste your money on others slots
I kid you not, I started off with the free credits and built it up quickly (hours of nonstop play) to over 40,000,000,000 credits. The games are fun, great bonus features, real variety and fantastic graphics. See you on the leaderboard!!!
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9 months ago, Edjones8941
Like the game but!
I enjoy playing the game but do not understand why you put ads for other games on there and you can’t get it off unless you shut down and reload my ipad,if you want people to play your game don’t put ads for other games on your game that forces you to install the ad’s game and you can’t play yours like I said unless you shut down and reload my ipad.
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1 year ago, Cherita78
Ads ruin all gameplay
I would rather pay to play than to sit through the ridiculous number of ads. And what makes it worse is that you get trapped into going to the App Store Vs being able to just close the ad once you’ve had to sit through it! I spend more time sitting through ads than I do playing the game… don’t waste your time…
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1 year ago, dipwad16
Ad overload
Gave it a 5 so they wouldn’t bury it. I don’t mind watching an ad but when you spend more time watching ads than actual play time to delete.
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4 years ago, scree y
Best ever
If there were more stars I love the play the graphics and the fact you watch ads when you want and you actually win great site then u hit level 33 the payouts are smaller,the winning is fewer, but all and all great site. Still the best online slot game ever
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3 years ago, 67randJannB
I really love playing these games. However it will give you the option to spin for bonus minutes but completely locks you out the system or same offer will tell you oops
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3 years ago, Big Ray !!
Not bad slots so far but they are not here to let you win just have to be L u C K Y !!
So you have to play right time on slots !!! I’d like to no why do I have to give you monies for the points I earned and put in there I should get them free If you want me to keep playing ???????????? Pig points talking about !!!!!
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2 months ago, Shipping shipping
This game or slot machine is awesome I love it takes me back to being a kid again. When I have like 15 or 30 minutes two spear I usually play this game I love it thanks everyone you all take care now You here✌️☄️☄️☄️
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5 years ago, chxdhkih
Is a good slot app
I’m going to down rate it until you stop asking for me to rate it after I all ready rated it Probably one of the better slot games as far as winning and feeling like you a winner! Don’t change that.. Cons - dumb add at bottom of screen during game play. I don’t think it was always there. I’m ok with ads for a second chance or here and there but this add takes so much away from the game. Makes the slot itself seems smaller. Takes a lot away for the overall game play quality Con2- it’s missing cleaver bonus games like some slots have. Yes the free spins are ok But just getting a bonus and win money kinda not the wow factor
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5 years ago, cornel rascal
I think this app is an excellent nap I give it a five star I think that it’s a really find play they should actually let you play more of the games instead of having locks on them that would interest more people
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5 years ago, GLGonzales99
Great slots
I like the game because it keeps your interest and you keep on winning and as you move up in each stage the payoffs are better I like the way the game is working I haven’t been able to put it down
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7 months ago, DER CHEEF
I have been playing on line slots for over 6 years and I play a lot. This is the FIRST one I have ever hit a Jackpot on being a guest player. I really enjoy this video game very much ! It is addictive and fun to play
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2 years ago, Lomax44
Slots Spin Riches - the very best there is!!!
Best of the best!! No one else even close!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, it rates a 15!!!!!! I love to play the games and I do play them everyday!!!! Slots Spin Riches is hands down the best slots app anyone can play!!!!! Great job!!! Keep it up guys!!
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5 months ago, per illaru
Buffalo slots
Has a great reputation and this site doesn’t let you down It’s easy to maneuver and you actually enjoy winning for a change I love the reward levels
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7 months ago, MarkCondrey
You can actually win and it’s fun.
Lots of ads, but you voluntarily watch them to get 2x winning bonuses for 3 minutes at a stretch. I have racked up some serious cash using them!
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9 months ago, joeshazam
Game review
A lot of winning and best of all, great graphics and good variety of games. Entertaining games, fun to play, and if you last long enough, a person could build up bank.
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5 years ago, manpower goddess
Mega wins!
All kinds of offers to get more X2 coins or X2 points to move up. Lots of wins so it is fun to play. I keep coming back to this one even though I have 10 different slot games installed on my IPad. I’ll keep playing as long as I am winning!
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5 months ago, James halonka
Awesome games , every body will be happy playing will recommend to all my friends and family to join
The best games ever for anyone , the will be happy please try everyone
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1 year ago, Tom#1thinker
App Store
I love to play your games! How do you know which pay 💰 or prizes? Been & winning for a year! However l never gotten a thing!Still enjoy the games,Just trying to get answers 👧🏻🙃
Show more
5 years ago, Pman941
Needs improvement
The games are fun for a short bit. There are too many games running on the same format just different graphics. My biggest complaint is how it takes an insane amount of time to unlock a new game, it takes so long it takes the fun right out of playing.
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5 months ago, AKLee1969
Lee M.
I probably have downloaded and played 40 different slot machine apps. This app is by far the best as for wins and bonuses. Definitely download it. I honestly believe it will be the best slot app you’ve ever played. Have Fun!!!
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5 years ago, Te Lo Saco
Slots don't keep the bonus
The game is very great but when the slots is on bonus play and you loose the internet does not keep your bonus you loose it when you get it back other slots they keep your bonus or free games when you restart the game
Show more
5 years ago, MPRivers
Game pays well
If it weren’t for all the ads I would give it 5 stars. Also, as you progress through the levels takes longer to get to the next level. I found this to be true after level 9. On the whole pretty good games.
Show more
5 years ago, Bobby5pa
Max bet
Game is fun to play, The only thing is the max bet. Takes a good amount of time to level up and the max bet moves up 1 at a time. Why can’t we bet as much as we want. Thanks for the time to message you
Show more
5 years ago, deedee04111955
Great games
A good variety of games but the same format to many times. Change up the bonuses and the change the repetitive things about the games. They get very boring sometimes.
Show more
5 years ago, Big gpa
Tooo much
Drive one crazy with constantly wanting me to look at other games. If I wanted something different I would delete this one and move....might just do that. Come on back off!!!
Show more
7 months ago, meangreen88
Best slots!
I’ve played many slots but this is the best. You can maximize the bet without losing everything, unlike others.
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