Bugdom 2

4.2 (61)
89.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pangea Software, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bugdom 2

4.25 out of 5
61 Ratings
5 years ago, Brandon thuy
Love it
I am 10 now this game used to be my childhood but when I was looking at my old game I saw this i used to try to beat it now today I will try for real!
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7 years ago, TheThreeBucks
Amazing game, with one glitch.
First of all, thank you for this game. It's amazing. I remember playing this years ago. One bug I've noticed is that I can't seem to jump, pickup, or kick when using accelerometer controls. I'm doing what it says in the menu, but the taps and swipes don't register. I'm not sure if that's a problem with my device or the game. I can still move, but I can't do anything else. The game works fine with the virtual buttons.
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3 years ago, Wild4life
I played this game when I was super young and I remember getting to the last stage but I could never beat it but today I saw the game and freaked out and downloaded I do not regret anything because I ended up going through memories and beating the game for the last time
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5 years ago, hatethisapp888888
Great game
Had a couple of glitches but overall great game!
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4 years ago, Faby T.
Needs improvement
The game is great! The only issue I had was maneuvering the balsa airplane on the second to last level. There was no real control on navigating the plane, it just made the game super frustrating.
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5 years ago, cadperson
The snail and raccoon are both repetitiously naggy and rather annoying—But I enjoy everything else re the graphics and difficulty of certain challenges. The anthills & balsa wood airplane took a long time to accomplish. Fun game, cool visuals. The Pond is my fave...
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5 years ago, gordon_stanfield
I love this
I wish there was the classic Bugdom on here as well!
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16 years ago, dragon3434
Great game, needs robust autosave
Losing all my progress because the phone rings (or because I put it down, or because I need to check something) is extremely frustrating. It is made more frustrating by the fact that the game offers to restore your game when you reenter the program, except it doesn't restore from where it was. It took me several open-quit cycles to realize what was happening. People aren't going to not answer their phones because they are in the middle of a game, and they are going to stop playing the game if the behavior becomes too irritating. I think this problem exists for all of the Pangea games. They are very well done ports of existing desktop games. Pangea did a great job translating the controls to the iPhone/iPod Touch , but they still need to make a few modifications to make the games complete in a environment that offers minimal multitasking capability. Robust autosaving is the main one. Even if the autosave gets cleared if the user doesn't click "Yes, resume this game" when the game opens, it would be better than nothing. At the very least, if the game is manually paused before exiting the program, that state should be remembered when the app is reopened.
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7 years ago, Max lol exe
Nice game but graphics look like mac 1999 but
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5 years ago, EvilMadison
Best game
It’s the best game
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6 months ago, Hahahahaudd dddjinddnihind
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15 years ago, Psst Hey You
Still Love Bugdom 2!
This is after many many months of owning this game. Even if I take a break from playing with it, I love coming back to it. It gives me a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling. I would love to see a Bugsom 3!!!-------Earlier reviews: another update to my reviews: I still love Bugdom 2. The new, on screen controls are weird and awkward to use (to me, anyway), so I still use the accelerometer. I am writing to encourage players to use the accelerometer option, because, once you get used to it, everything flows well and has a more natural feel to it, I think. previous reviews...... This a great game. Thank you for the Auto-Save update, but it's not quite sufficient. It would really help to have more "save" spots within each level. Or, some other way to save your progress. Bugdom 2 has beautiful graphics on 10 engaging, and different levels. It's fascinating and very fun. Excellent replay value, because there is always room to improve your performance as you learn new ways to succeed. It's just great ... you won't be disappointed (until you answer a phone call and lose your progress, that is). I really want there to be more games like this and Nanosaur 2!!
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16 years ago, jwilbanks79
Having a great time playing this one. Graphics, controls (once you get used to them) and gamplay are unmatched. However, it's been crashing on the first level, just after you get the second key from the snail and go through the gate. You'll know it's about to happen because the framerate begins to slow down and the game gets choppy. I think there is just too much going on with the multiple characters on the screen all at once (butterflies, enemies, and the rat to be freed). My only other complaint is that you can't save your progress until you've beaten the current level. And, seeing as I can't get through the first level without the game crashing, well, you can figure the rest out. And yes, I rebooted my phone after installing. All in all though, for $2.99 this game is a steal! And I'm sure the "bugs" will be worked out in the next update.
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16 years ago, hangman2009
Would be 5 stars, but...
The controls! This game is beautiful, ingenius, very nice overall. But controlling your character can be frustrating as hell! The camera whips around when you turn...it messes with my brain man! Makes me want to scream! Sometimes when I try to do a kick I end up flying instead, which wastes valuable resources (you can only fly as long as you have the right powerups, which can be depleted). The game itself is awesome and very creative. There is so much to do. But the controls make me wonder how much more I can take. The simple act of making your character walk up to an acorn and pick it up can be so frustrating. Sometimes my guy starts running so fast...I am constantly "re-orienting/calibrating" the accelerometer. Maybe they should add an option to use touch control only. If you can master the controls then this game is a fantastic value. Top quality production. 5 stars if they can fix the controls, although I'm not sure how that could be done.
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16 years ago, NonstopRug
Pangea strikes again!
This time in a much more sophisticated way. This is game is adventure, fantasy, and rpg-esque all rolled into to one gigantic game. If there's anyone who is like me and is still very skeptical bout this game because of the watered down versions of CroMag (lack of story line and no real purpose to play again that doesnt reward a player for winning) and Billy Frontier (abslutely no substance and way too short) this game really is as big as they say it is. The worlds are enormous and honestly you will not be disappointed. The only quirky problem I have with the game is no autosave and the wierdness when it comes to moving the character. But that really doesn't take away from the game. At least you could put the phone on AIRPLANE mode before you play to avoid phone calls and other disturbances. Overall the game is very successful and highly addictive. Will give you game time found on PSP or Ninteso DS game. Good job Pangea!
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16 years ago, MattReview8058
Another Amazing Game from Pangea!
I've never played the first Bugdom game before, but if it is anything like this, I'll be sure to give it a try! Bugdom 2 is a 3D platformer involving a grasshopper who has his stuff stolen by a large bee. As you try to find this bee and get back what belongs to you, you go around helping other creatures and fighting off enemies such as lawn gnomes and flies. The controls are mostly handled with the accelerometer. You tilt in any direction and your character will follow. Plus, one of my favorite settings, there is a button on the bottom left corner that will RESET the neutral tilt on the device. This is so that you can adjust the resting position for where the grasshopper stands still. This is helpful so that I don't have to pause the game all the time to adjust the tilt of the device. Jumping is handled by just tapping on the touch screen, double tapping will make the grasshopper fly. The game also brings in vibration that will vibrate your iPhone when you get hit by an enemy (just like in Cro-Mag Rally). Overall, the music is great, graphics look fantastic, controls are near perfect, and the gameplay is spot on. If you are a fan of any platforming games or want to try a new game on the iPhone, you should really give this game a try. It's money well spent in my opinion!
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15 years ago, eaglesrock7
Simply Amazing
This is a must have for the iPhone and iPod touch. There are ten challenging levels that will keep you playing for a long time but I beat it in a little less than three days becasuse I was so absorbed in it. I wasn't a big fan of the accelerometer control of Skip, the grasshopper, but thankfully there is an option to use a virtual D-Pad instead. The graphics were amazing in this game and it really sets the bar high for apps yet to be created. The only bad thing in this game was the repetitive gameplay. In certain levels it felt you were walking nowhere forever and paths were just there to make the level longer and some levels had the exact same look. However, there are variations of tasks in this game such as surfing through a drainage pipe. Overall, a well done app and one that should seriously be considered for purchase.
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15 years ago, DaniK094
I know I've passed by Bugdom several times and for some reason I never bought it. I think it's the description...maybe it doesn't give the game enough justice. After finally deciding to purchase it, I can say I'm very satisfied. It's a really fun concept and after only two levels, I can see that it will offer many hours of gameplay. The controls can be a bit frustrating when you are facing one direction but looking another - it makes it hard to catch your bearings. However, the developers did a great job considering its being played on an iPhone! There are a few little gameplay elements I would change, but nothing that would prevent me from playing. Definitely worth the dollar I paid while on sale, but is worth even more in my opinion!
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15 years ago, Pawn takes the King
Good game IF
Great graphics. Easy to walk around if controls are set right. Impossible to get him to do what you want. He'll kick at items you need to pick up and try to pick up enemies. Then you just stand there and get hit by whatever. I'll give it more stars if they do something about the configuration of kicking/picking something up. Too similar. 2nd review-Ok gave it another shot and became more frustrated. This would be the perfect game if they just put two small buttons to the side for kicking and picking up items. Spent 10 min. at the begining just trying to pick up the shell. That dosen't make for much fun. Pangea is doing well at being different as far as the app store goes but please listen to us and fix the terrible controls on this beautiful game. Review after update - Thank you Pangea for not listening to us and doing nothing with the controls. Seriously put two small buttons on the right corners of the screen that say "kick" and "pick up". One on top an one on bottom. Would not be that hard. Flicking of the phone still does not work. Second update - wow. I can save a game I still can't play because I can't control him. 3rd update - Finally I can play this game, and it's actually a lot of fun. I raised my rating to 3 cuz it took y'all too long to actually listen to the reviews. Thanks for making the game playable though.
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16 years ago, parplin
Very Buggy (no pun intended)
I waited for this app and was excited when it came out. However I quickly found it is buggy to the point of it being almost unplayable. The awkward controls aside (I am sure you can get used to them with practice), I cannot get past the second level because of a bug. I've played through it 4 times but whenever I die in the chlorinated pool it fails to restart the level to the last checkpoint, it just sits there and I am forced to end the game. Another time I was pushed outside the level entirely by an enemy and got stuck on a wall a couple times. An option to restart to last checkpoint would help out in these situations. I look forward to updates so I can actually play the game without worrying about losing my progress because of programming errors because this looks to be one of the more in-depth games offered on the App Store right now.
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16 years ago, duman95
This is a great game. I got it at the $2.99 price and now $1.99 is just too low for the quality of this title. I also brought their Cro-Mag rally but find I like this game much more. The controls are fine, turn the sensitivity down and keep hitting the neutral button to stop and its great. Read the documentation and there it even states you will be hitting that button often which is no lie! The levels are immense and the graphics are great. This game demands at least an hour of your time when you play as that is the the usual length of time to get to a save point, for me anyway. More chances to save the game would make it a bit nicer when you have less then an hour to play. But it's such a great game that an hour goes by too fast.
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16 years ago, mrhoni
Needs to save in progress game
Once a level is completed you can save the game, however, if you are in the middle of a level and you have to stop or run some other application on the iphone, you will will have to start over. This is an important missing feature for any iphone game. Many times I only play for a few minutes and then want to stop and come back and continue later. The graphics are great but there are some minor glitches, such as I have been able to walk through trees. As Pangea states in their documentation it takes a bit to get used to navigation. Sometimes I'm doing well and other times not so well. I have trouble stopping in place and keep forgetting they have placed an icon on the screen to allow the character to stop.
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16 years ago, tabby twizzler
So cute and fun
This game looks great. Smooth gameplay so far for me. I played for about 40 minutes straight. It took a little practice to get him around, once i got that down, i was really enjoying it. In the time i've played, it didn't quit on me. I'm confident if there are any glitches, Pangea will update us soon. This game has impressed me most of anything i've seen yet in the App store. The quality and play are closest to a gameboy, if not better. Must have app at this price!!!!!! EDIT: From 5 stars to 2. Although i love this game, i won't play it anymore until it can save your progress. I'm tired of playing the same level over and over again. Ruins it for me. EDIT 2: Back up to 5 stars for me. They added the ability to save!!!!!!!
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15 years ago, bribri444444
very fun game just a few minor suggestions
I had a lot of fun with this game and it was definitely worth the buy. It would be a lot better if there were minigames where it would be like the sewer level except it would go on forever gradually getting harder and harder. I would also LOVE to have a minigame where you have to survive in a map and every 20 seconds or so another of each type of animal would spawn and it would get harder and harder to survive. It you did that this game would be TONS more fun because you don't play a level after you beat but a minigame you could play many times before it gets boring. If you did this I would promise that I would recommend this app to everyone who has an iPod touch or an iPhone. PLEASE DO THIS.
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16 years ago, JKimRX
Great RPG, needs more save points.
This is probably the best 3D RPG for the itouch/phone and like most RPGs, require a lot of exploring and fulfilling objectives. However, this is a SERIOUS lack of ability to save your progress. On average, it takes about 20-30minutes between save points and this is just awful. It is difficult to overcome multiple incidents of lost-progress, which discourages gameplay overall. Nonetheless, the graphics are superb, handling is great, and the neutral button to re-calibrate the accelerometer from any position is priceless. This game is indepth and well designed. Another great hit from Pangea. Would have rated this 5 stars, but the lack of save points took off 1 star, and the discouragement of losing your progress takes off yet another. Hopefully, Pangea will simply update this and allow its players to truly enjoy the game.
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16 years ago, rlbroke
This is the best game I have tried (and I have purchased/downloaded a lot). I have no problems with the controls as some have pointed out. Anything controlled by the accelorometer will make precise moves a little tricky sometimes (especially in a 3d environment) but this is an excellent implementation. The graphics/sound/ gameplay are top notch. This game has one major flaw at the moment and that is the ability to save the game at closer intervals. I can't play the game long enough in a single sitting and am now getting frustrated as I have to play the same content over and over due to interruptions. Seems so simple to change by just making check points into save points.
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14 years ago, Christophian
Just one thing...
Having played the Mac version of this game and several others by Pangea as well, I wondered if trying to make an iPhone version was actually possible or just insanity. My expectations were far exceeded. The game runs exceptionally well and looks great. There's just one thing that I'd like to see (aside from a re-release of the original Bugdom for OS X and/or iPhone, of course): I would like to see the number of save slots increased from five to nine so that I can start gameplay from any level rather than having to choose which levels I want to be able to access quickly and to which ones I'll only be able to get by playing through another.
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16 years ago, Trucksmoveamerica
Frastrating save system hampers an otherwise good game.
I never played the first version of this, but this seems to be a good fit for the iPod/iphone platform. They make good use of the accelerometer and after a little practice it works pretty well. Like all these 3d platform games walls and other objects occassionally block your view causing unnecesary frustration, but the games engine does a pretty good job helping you overcome these problems. The games biggest problem is the limited save option. This may be fine on a gaming console or even a PC but the mobile market is more of a pick up and play when you gave a free moment. By stretching out the save points I find myself going to other games unless I have a lot of time to devote to the game. Hopefully an update does away with this silly limitation.
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15 years ago, Michigan Rag
Huge game w/ fantastic graphics, easy controls now
I purchased this game quite a while back when the controls were accelerometer-only and it was just an okay game. However, now that there is the added virtual control-pad the game is very easy to control! I got through the first level finally and look forward to beating all of the other levels now. Plus, in a previous update support to save in the middle of a level at a checkpoint was added which helped dramatically. Buy this game, it is a fantastic deal right now! One of the best games on the iPhone and iPod touch now that all of the games problems have been fixed!
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16 years ago, Lao_er
New controls make this game much better.
This is an incredible value. The game is the most complex iphone game I've seen so far. The normal price is $12, and it is now on sale at 75% off. The controls on the iphone make this game so much better. You use gestures to jump, fly, and pick things up. You roll the phone / touch to move the main character. Both the graphics and the story are nice. I was not able to finish the game on the mac as the keyboard was not a good controller. The accelerometer and the touch screen make this game so much more fun. If you can only buy 1 program on your iphone / ipod touch, this is probably your best value.
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16 years ago, zachman558
Good buy, but controls need work
Bugdom 2 has almost all of the hallmarks of a great game. Ingenious plot, stunning graphics, fantastic gameplay, and a large length are all present in this game. However, the controls really dampen the fun of the game. Just because the iPhone has an accelerometer doesn't make it the best choice for controls. A multitouch control option with sensitivity settings would be much appreciated. Any game is much less fun when you spend 10 minutes just trying to pick up an item. Other than that, it is a great game, and in spite of the control issues, at its current price its one of the best deals in the app store. P.S. we want a nanosaur port!
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15 years ago, lbriedis
The game is Da Bomb! How to play…
 GAME CONTROLS  Left, right, down, up: moves Skip.  Kick: Skip kicks.  Spring: Skip jumps.  Hand: Pick an object up and move.  Shoot: If you have a bee by you, it will go to a evil bug like ticks and fleas.  ABOUT  Here's a story about the game; One time, a grasshopper named Skip was traveling to some place. Until, a bee came and toke his thing and left! And Skip has to get it! And that's not all; the story starts in a frontyard. Then the backyard. Then Sam the snail's pet dog (Skip has to get all the ticks and fleas to get in to the pipe). Then the pipe. Then the playroom (in somebody's home). (to be continued?)  HAVING BUGS? (NOT THE REAL BUGS IN BUGDOM)  Don't worry, Apple will fix Bugdom. Not as long you click on “Report a” whatever it says.  OBJECTS  Here's an array (a list) of objects: key gate Sam Skip bottle water sprinkler block LEGO flashlight sky car track  more…  REOOT  You may need to reboot your .  To reboot, (turn it off), then trun it back on.  FIVE STAR GAME  I pick five stars 'cause it's wsome!  HVE FUN!  I used Emoji icons: 
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16 years ago, JhaleAVene
Great game, graphics are awesome for a iPod touch/iphone game, sound is great(although there are a couple noises that are part of the game that get annoying), The gameplay is good, but the controls... Not so good. You move around using the built in excelerometer, it's hard to get used to, and doesn't always work as well as I would like. But I really like the "hold" button, what it does is stop your character where he is. That function is what makes the controls do-able. It would be hard to say this game is worth $7.99. I paid $.99 for it. I still recommend this game. Buy it while it's cheap!
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16 years ago, That's fine, just fine
awesome game in desperate need of auto save
This game would be five stars EASILY if it saved automatically or at least gave you the option to do so more than once per level. A game of this size on a phone is just about useless without this feature. Which is a darn shame, because it is an incredible game, and you could almost forget you were playing a game on your phone up until it rings and you realize you're going to have to replay the last level all...over...again. Wonderful graphics, the controls are a bit hard, but I have trouble with 3-dimensional movement in games even with a d-pad, so I'm just going to assume that's me. fix the saving issue and this will be the best game available on the iphone.
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16 years ago, daMacBookAir
wish I hadn't purchased this game
The graphics are pretty good, but this really isn't a game well suited for a mobile device and seems like a port done from the computer just to make some more money on the iPhone. If I could save my game and had more lives in the game this might be something I would be willing to play on a mobile device, but until then I don't have any plans to sit down for like 30minutes at a time to get to save point and risk having to totally start over because i was interrupted by something else going on in the world. This a perfect example of a game I would have liked to preview on the iPhone before buying. I haven't played this game since and now I wish I hadn't purchased it.
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14 years ago, DZlarsen
for those without time
some of us like to play and go but don't have 30 minutes to spend, so I'm going to tell you a way to solve this, in the main menu, tap three times in the top left hand corner and you should be able to choose any level you want, and you can do this in game as well, but it will just send you to the next level. I'm not recommending you do this but if you don't have the time and feel like you're not getting the full game because you can't progress, you can use this method for fun. (this works for Nanosaurus as well)
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15 years ago, Gem72
Good game but some cons
This game is good if you have the time to sit through a whole level. The levels take time and you can't save in the middle. If you want a game you can play for long periods of time then I would suggest to buy it. The other con is the constant buzzing sound the bugs make if they are near. I would tale my buds out but the creature sometimes say important stuff that they don't repeat. If you buy this game I would suggest to read the tutorial. People say the controls are hard but they are not if you read the tutorial. Once you play the game for a couple of minutes you will realize how fun it is.
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16 years ago, faceofcolors
Totally impressed by this game! Its a ton of fun and the graphics/sound effects are really great! Just like the others are saying though, it def needs a save option when you dont have the time to make it through an entire level and one other tweak would be to make it so we have a bit better control over the characters (in all your games) I adjust the settings but not sure that helps.. Anyway, I'm Glad I caught this on sale, but now that I know how good it is I would of paid the full price. I have Billy Frontier and Cro-Mag too all by Pangea Software and they are all great games! Thank You
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16 years ago, hobbit0306
really good
This game is surprisingly good, I used to play it at school on the old blue Imacs. My only concern is that this as well as Cro-mag rally cause the bottom of my 2g ipod touch 32gb to heat up a bit, not enough that it seems to be doing damage, but enough to notice. It seems to only be the big games doing this, because i can play iBoggle all day no problem. Idk i love this game it works. I do how ever wish there was a guide, as i can't find the shell of the snail to get the first key. One last note, the game looks and feels very much like the original Bugdom, with some slight aesthetic improvements, as well as a faster movement.
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16 years ago, Pheonix 14
I know this is good
Listen guys I've beat both Bugdom 1 and bugdom 2 on mac, I,ve also played all the rest of pangeasofts great games (get them all for mac there awswome!!) and when some of these games came out for the Itouch I coulden't wait to get my dads credit card number, It's a great game and having beaten it here are some tips, in level 2 dont stay in the pool to long, levels three and Eight are awswome but are going to be difficult on the ITouch wach out for vaccume cleaners and enjoy! (if you want to write a comment to my comment Ill be looking for them everyday, so just write gamelovers7 and type away
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15 years ago, CaseyLAY
I love bugdom 2
I just beat this game a few minutes ago, and I have to say that this platform adventure game is awesome. It takes me back to the classic days of Rareware (Banjo kazooie, Gex, etc.) It's probably the best game for the iPhone if you like that type of gaming. At the beginning, it seems rather simple, but just a bit later in the game, there's more minigames, challanges, and puzzles to complete. I really hope that when iphone gaming gets more complex and larger, Pangea should make a sequel, Bugdom 3, complete with more levels, mini games, and so on. I'd expect nothing less than mind blowing. :)
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16 years ago, B-Baller 102191
GREAT Game But a Couple of MAJOR Flaws
First of all Pangea needs to add more save points because playing for so long, then needing to put it up and go somewhere or do something, just to find out that when you play it again, you have to start the whole level over is SOOOOO Frustrating!!!! Also I am so ticked off at the whole life problem, I'm on a level and I have 0 lives left, and 0 Health left, so if I get touched by anything, I have to start the whole freakin level over again. PANGEA PLEASE FIX THESE PROBLEMS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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16 years ago, Waluigi gonna win
Great game: a few suggestions
For 3 bucks this is the best game out there. Smart use of controls, they could use some fine tuning but hey. Needs autosave feature. This has been mentioned. Also I love the button to recenter your neutral control point (genius). One thing that might help orient players while using the accelerometer to steer is a directional arrow under Skip's feet (see gamelofts soccer game) not just a directional arrow though, have it grow and shrink to show you direction and power. This kind of visual feedback would be invaluable in 3d accelerometer controlled games. Just a thought.
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16 years ago, MarkMac
Bugdom is back!
Bugdom has always been a classic game or me, having played it on the old Bondi Blue iMac G3 (Bugdom and Nanosaur came preinstalled). Since then, Pangea has kind of dropped off the game development radar. But, with the release of Bugdom 2, I think they're back on track. Awesome controls, immersive gameplay, and live accelerometer adjustments make this game just as good as the original, if not better. The graphics are insane, as well! DEFINITELY worth $2.99--WAY better than Billy Frontier, since it has a story a clear objectives, and runs at about 30fps or so. 5 stars for sure. Thanks Pangea!
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16 years ago, Dirty D's Dirt Show
Fun and challenging
This game features fun and impressive graphics, along with an intuitive control interface that utilizes the accelerometer and the multitouch display better than almost any other game I've seen on the iPhone. The levels are fun and challenging and each level offers a unique gameplay experience. Currently I'm stuck in the sewer level, so I can't discuss game length, but so far, I am remarkably impressed. Certainly worth the sales price, and I would even play double for the gaming experience I've had so far.
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16 years ago, davidmdowning42
This is a seriously great game! Never crashed on me. But the MAJOR FLAW is that you CANNOT SAVE until the end of a level! The levels are really long- we're talking about an hour or more of gameplay, even if you're pretty good, before you can save your progress! This is UNACCEPTABLE on a mobile platform! Especially a phone. This is a gaming platform for grown-ups. Unfortunately, us grown-ups have other things to do besides play this awesome game- like answer our freakin' phones! This, and every other game on this phone should automatically save the game state exactly where it is when you quit & go right back there ASAP the next time you open it.
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16 years ago, Imemerald
Save Option Needed!!!
Can't enjoy this without a save option. You have to play a level all the way through before it auto saves. That is INSANE for a mobile phone game. If the phone rings it screws up your game. An alarms you may have set, screws up your game.... Hey PANGEA.... look at the majority of the reviews, we want a SAVE OPTION!!! Oh, and incase anyone was wondering: Blueberries give you flying power Strawberries are for health If you find your Skip is running too fast go to your settings menu and turn your Sensitivity Controls way down If he is not turning the correct way hold down the neutral button. These are little things that should have been included with the online instructions.
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15 years ago, Hobbes714
And for all those complaining about the controls, give it 10, 15 minutes and you will have it down. Also, you can change the sensitivity of the tilt, and that helps. Pangea, maybe a D-Pad would help. Oh, and I love all your games! Keep it up!! EDIT: thanks so much for the update you really are on top of things!! EDIT: still 5 stars! But how in the world do you save in a level? I find that any other app game doesn't meet my expectations... This one does! Good graphics, clear plot, easy controls.... My phone is like my gameboy now!!! EDIT: well it is still fun and all but I can't pass the toy room. I can't find the dang marble anywere!! Anyone else have this problem?? Where is it?! And Pangea, please make more games! These are REAL games with substance. EDIT: Pangea, thank you for the d pad. 5 stars. THAT'S RIGHT BUY IT NOW it doesn't need an accelerametor. Get it. It's safe now.
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10 years ago, Smïtty666
All I can say is wow
Aaah I remember playing the original Bugdom on my computer years ago. It was also in the a Mac lab at my elementary school. Had hours of enjoyment playing with my friends and siblings. Before I found this app however, I had no idea there was a bugdom 2. I stumbled upon this app by looking at related apps to some other old school games I was searching for in the App Store. And when I saw this app I couldn't believe my eyes. I downloaded right away and I have been enjoying it ever since. Thank you Pangea!
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15 years ago, Stevo123Ag
This game could save the whole time!! When you beat a level ,it asks you to save or not. Then when you turn it off and on, where the menu is, it says save or something like that. That's your progress. If it doesn't work, I tried but it worked fine with me. Oh and also when u play and push the home button, put it on again and it asks you to start where u left off. It worked with me, so it should work with you!
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