Build a Bridge!

4.6 (25.5K)
280.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
BoomBit, Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Build a Bridge!

4.61 out of 5
25.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Doggie134
Are there more levels?
This is a very good game but the only problem is that I wish that they should make more levels I have made it to level 15 then it shows a path leading to the next level but a cloud is covering it. I have tried tapping it and nothing happens. I don’t know if this means more levels are coming or not. But I am also reading other posts some are showing levels that are higher than level 15.
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5 years ago, moremoose
Fascinating, addictive, disappointing
It’s a good idea: construct a bridge using simple, limited materials like asphalt, wood, steel beams, or steel cable, then drive a ridiculous vehicle over it and test what you’ve made. Crashing and burning is almost as enjoyable as successfully crossing the bridge you made. Each level has 3 challenges, such as jumping your vehicle a certain distance, or building within a budget. The art, game play, and physics are all really good. The bad news is, each time you finish a new bridge design or do a test run, you’re punished by a 30-second ad. THERE ARE A LOT OF ADS. I don’t understand how a strategy of ruining the user experience is a good thing. Though I like the game, I probably won’t play it again. I would actually pay money to opt out of ads, there is no way to do that! Another problem is the constant nagging to pay for coins or up-levels. After a while you get to a point where you cannot succeed without paying for a upgrade to stronger materials. That’s fine, but it’s not the way I like to play games.
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4 years ago, Auston26
Enjoy watching ads
I don't often write reviews. However, the amount of trash this game puts the average player through is absolutely insane. This game starts out as a nice, lively bridge builder, but as it progresses it quickly becomes incredibly frustrating. The clearly AI-generated bridge solutions become the only way to finish the levels, taking all creativity out of a game meant to test just that. Oh, and how to unlock these AI bridges? Six ads. Every. Level. Oh, and ads if you somehow complete the level. Or fail at the level. Or do literally anything - oops, pop-up ad. This game takes one of the most popular sub genres of games and quickly flushes it down the drain in a cheap cashgrab of constant ads and failure if the player takes even the slightest bit of creativity. If you choose to download, I hope you like watching Candy Crush ads, as that's the most fun you'll have in this boring disappointment of a "bridge builder" game.
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5 years ago, Rqwed
Doesn’t save progress??
I really really enjoy this game. It’s realistic and requires real strategy to beat. My one problem, and it’s a huge one for me, it’s not saving my progress. I got to level 20 and completed some of the hidden levels and then the next day I was back to 18, with no hidden levels unlocked. This happened a few times after this. So I deleted the app and restart, thinking that would solve the problem. I just re-downloaded it and got to level 13 then took a break. Came back and I’m BACK at the intro screen, level 1! I can’t keep playing the game if I have to restart every time... hope there is a fix soon because I really enjoy the game
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5 years ago, narly-mateo
This looks really good and is the only reason I give this game two stars. That aside, this game is way too hard and the past levels don’t teach you anything about what to do in the next levels. Instead, you end up watching ads to get hints. And about he hints, on level 29 I was watching ads to get hints, as usual, and I saved up for all three hints. I built what it told me to build and the bridge was incomplete! Not even close! Parts of the bridge fell into the water, with the car. It would help if that’s fixed. Also, this game is a direct copy of ‘Poly Bridge’. This game is eerily similar to that game. Please just make this game better or use your own idea.
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4 years ago, random artist wif no talent
Amazing game but there is room for improvement
I really like this game even though I suggest to improve these: Being able to skip ads, I am fine with ads but the fact that you sit there for 2 to 4 minutes straight is just not cool. When unlocking things, I know they could be pretty obvious about metal and bla bla bla but sometimes you might miss the point of them like metal seems that it could be just a stronger road but it’s not so obvious it’s not, just add tutorials to it instead of “something something but, it’s more expensive!” And lastly just add tutorials please it would make things way easier and a little less stressing aka stressing out and watching an unskippabble ad to get 100 coins to either show how to or do it for you. In the end this game is awesome to the people that do not really wanna spend 4.99 on poly bridge yet or just not
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5 years ago, Ajzndnsj
Additional Levels Cost Too Much
This game is a lot of fun and very addicting, hence the 5 star review. However, there are only 30 levels in the free version, and the next two “worlds” cost $10 each to unlock, which is extremely high compared to other similar games. If the other “worlds” cost $5 I would say it’s worth it. $10 is too high...
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4 days ago, Andrew Kats
Ads and Hints, not enough levels
Watching an ad after a level is okay because a level is 10 mins or so. but if you fail, here’s a clickbaity ad for some random mobile games just so the devs can make a quick buck. Also, if you get stuck, you have to buy coins locked behind an insane price tag, or watch upwards of 5 minutes of ads. Would be fun otherwise. Do better devs. Update: just finished the game, disappointed at the lack of levels. I’ve had this game for like, maybe two years over separate devices and no updates to the main game. Want more levels? Pay 10 bucks. Awful
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12 months ago, Captain Eggo
Good game but the ads make in unplayable
Good game but the constant ads with 3 different phases make this game unplayable. You get an ad which is fine, but there is no option to click out of it for 30 seconds. Then when the X does appear it brings up another screen with another ad for the same game. Then finally the next X appears, and when you click on that you are greeted with a screen asking if you want to download the game. Then you have to wait another 5 seconds to click the final X allowing you to go back to your game. So sick of this crap.
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6 years ago, SheppardPhoto
Just Okay
I liked it and played to level 25. However it gets very repetitive and the only way to clear certain levels is either to purchase in app hints or to 'earn' them. Made several designs just one or two pieces slightly different from the hinted version and they failed but magically the version they wanted you to pay for works. If you're going to say free play then let me play it for free. If you want to charge then charge. Right now it's just not interesting enough to make me want to purchase a in app hint just for more of the same.
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2 years ago, Gavin Wu 89
Game crash
I am using iPhone 13 pro max now. I used to play it on my old iPhones but not this one. Game overall was good but when I tried to download the game to 13 pro max. After clicking the accept of terns and conditions, game will be closed very soon. Re-open the app will have same result. The music is on at very beginning before the app crashes. I saw the app was updated recently. Is this game no longer supporting iPhone 13 pro max? The iOS version is 15.5.
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2 years ago, David2485
Very good game with one specific problem
This is a nice little bridge builder with good physics, but there’s one thing that makes it significantly tougher to play: turning off the grid does not turn off grid snapping, it just makes the lines invisible. It can be really important to be able to drag nodes freely sometimes, and it’s extremely frustrating not to be able to turn of snapping.
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5 years ago, Steeltoelion
Something obviously wrong.
Don’t get me wrong the 7 playable levels I could play were fun and entertaining. But the 8th level is completely impossible. Nothing you do will make a bridge that will hold I’ve tried for about 5 days now and there is nothing that works. Mechanics are fun, it would be better if the “drive” view you could control as to how fast you travel as the standard can be too aggressive at times. I like the game. Like I said the first 7 levels were ok. But something needs to be done with the 8th in my opinion.
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6 years ago, chuckdries
A polished and enjoyable bridge simulator
This is a well executed, well designed bridge building game. Definitely the best free one on the App Store, probably as good as poly bridge and up there with Bridge Constructor Portal (they’re both good, just different) and both of those cost $5! Don’t listen to the negative reviews. Clearly the reviewers complaining about a lack of static points do not understand how to build bridges!
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5 years ago, CoolCupHead22
Meh😒, but still hopeful😃
This game is hard and gets boring quick, but this is just me. Can I point out the fact that I’m an older player, so this might be more attractive to a younger audience. But this game is still much too difficult for children to properly pull off, so it more a matter of opinion. Maybe add another map for free, or a free for all mode where you can build anything on any environment with any vehicle. These thing may make the game more manageable to play through.
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6 years ago, DriveAheadLegand
Great game but
This game is amazing just like the game Polly Bridge but free and a little things wrong with it. I think the Physics when the bridge brakes the bridge shouldn’t disappear, I think the bride/structure should fall and brake. But that’s about it, other than that I think is an amazing game. So I would recommend this game if your looking for a high quality structural building game 👍🏻.
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3 years ago, Sergeant Floden
Was a fun game for the four levels I was able to play
This was a fun game to start off, although I was only able to play four levels it was a good experience, but then at level four the game crashed and now every time I try to load it up it crashes, I’ve tried deleting it and reinstalling but nothing has worked, if this problem has a fix could someone please let me know? I would love to be able to play the game
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3 years ago, SUPER_NINJA37Z09000
Awesome game but I think one thing should be fixed…
I really really rrrrrreally love this game but I didn’t see anymore levels when I beat it. So I deleted it and just this day downloaded it. But other than that I feel like it’s something that could very easily be fixed and uh I love this game.
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5 months ago, jagamglolos
Great Time Killer
I just started using this game. It is actually addicting, especially when you want to get to the next level but your bridge keeps collapsing. Great concept, though. If you need something to pass the time while you’re waiting, this game is it.
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6 years ago, Joniislas21
although the app is quite enjoyable there seems to be the issue that the game is constantly cutting me off, and sending me directly to my homescreen, and no its not that i have an old iphone, on the contrary i have the 8+, so its definitely something with the game its self
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3 years ago, jonathan bbbbyv
This game is trash
I’ve been playing this game level six is so hard can you please make it’s easy but hard very hard I don’t like it and I want to review some stuff so that’s why I give it a zero star so fix the game and I need a developer respond so they can fix level six not to be so hard I’m not mad or anything but it just needs to be a little easy since it’s on the start I’ve been playing since for a long time so please fix it because it’s really really hard and I don’t wanna keep playing it or I’ll delete the app
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2 years ago, WQHAPALAT
Pretty good, but crashing is a problem.
Great game! Have played it when I am bored and it is great for people that love bridges and building things, but recently when I try to open the app, it gets to the loading screen and then it crashes. I just want to be able to play again.
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5 years ago, thicccck
A review
This game is god dang hard right from the start and I’m not a crybaby who wants attention, but this game is a nightmare. It throws hard levels at you from 20. I should just delete the game because it is so hard, you literally have to make a perfect bridge otherwise you fail and have to watch 1:00 long ads 3 times just to move on. All in all would not recommend it is a game that relies on perfection, and no one reading this is a god like being. Do not buy this game and if you do I think you will agree with me
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7 years ago, Chandler SuMM
Very fun game time consuming
It's a fun game takes sometimes to figure stuff out. Once you beat a level you get unlimited money to build bridges on that level which is awesome if you actually enjoy giving the bridge structural support for more than one time. Overall game is fun would of have 5 stars but there are a few flaws in the game.
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1 year ago, James 1846
The game is awesome
I’ve had the game for years I’ve completely mastered the game 100% on everything and I still go back to redo the levels differently. It’s challenging at times but it’s worth the effort. it’s such an entertaining game
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5 years ago, Someone Named Jim
Resets every time I try to play
It’s a fun game overall but I played it when it download and I got to level 9 and closed the app and turned my phone off. I came back later that day to play it again and it made me restart and I closed it again to see if it would do it again and it did.
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4 years ago, des nurs
It’s a great game
The game is amazing it’s so much fun and is defiantly a iq game very challenging but third only 30 levels and in a matter of a week I beat all of them but it does say more levels coming soon but a lot of games say that and I download it like 2months later and it still says that but overall this game is great. Have a nice day. 😊😆
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4 years ago, Jeffffff and muy
Why do we have to pay for levels?
Amazing game but really the only flaw would be paying for the rest of the levels like really why I get coins and other stuff but levels. Levels!?!?!
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2 years ago, AjBurnhanl
Was fun, now just crashes
I played this during class, mostly when we made a popsicle stick bridge to get an idea of what works well, and what doesn’t, and kept it because it was a fun, iPad version of polybridges. Forgot I had it, went to play it, and noticed the updated tos and privacy policy things, read them and accepted them. Now the game crashes on boot.
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4 years ago, Rozzelle22
I only give this game 4 stars because the game doesn’t give you any incentives or bonuses to continue the main game. Honestly they just want you to watch the ads. I start off every game with a hint because levels 24+ are nearly impossible to accurately build.
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5 years ago, send nicknsme
It’s pretty good
I give this app a 5 star rating because based on the gameplay, it is really dependable on your desire. For example I adore games that include constructing building, building, etc. According to my desire this game is for me because it includes constructing bridges.
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5 years ago, hanna5573
Fun but
Every time I get to level 4 or 5, after I’ve finished the level the game just freezes with the car having crossed the bridge, just sitting there. I can move all around the screen and even still interact with the clouds but there is no way for me to move onto the next level. Additionally, whenever I kill the app and open it up again, all of my game progress is gone ):
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4 years ago, I69alldatyme
Rather fun and addictive
If you like ads, this is the game for you! Every time you complete a level, you get an ad as well. Consider it a little celebration, because you’ll be doing it a lot. Might as well call it something fun. Either way, fun game, really repetitive ads. Good luck out there.
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5 years ago, Jgzilla
As Good As Polly Bridge
I wanted to look for my favorite game on mobile, and I saw Polly Bridge as $4.99. I then saw this game and it was just as it should have been. Right up to my expectations and I am very happy with the dev’s work. Thank you to devs and hello to the people reading this.
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6 years ago, Pja Att
I can’t select next free level I thought at least you can play free version but it seems after level 15 I can’t select level 16. I don’t know if it’s glitch in the program or what I really love this game the only reason I am giving 4 stars because I am not able to select next level it doesn’t allow me to do so.
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1 year ago, AgentTWB10
Great game but needs some bug fixes
I was peacefully playing and around level 12 my game crashed and I couldn’t reopen it I turned my phone off and it still won’t open I restarted my phone still nothing. I don’t won’t to delete it do to the progress I made.
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2 years ago, tobs World
App not working
When I tried opening the app it automatically back to the home screen
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5 years ago, tanner fridy
An enjoyable game
I highly enjoy this for the fun way it is played it barley shows ads and has almost no glitches for the time I’ve played except for one glitch that crashed my game but it’s good
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2 years ago, Reddogs111248
Something is not working
I really like this game but now every time I open the app it comes on for about 3 seconds and then it takes me back to my original screen but it is a good game overall.
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7 years ago, JJBODHI
Couldn't go beyond the wooden support part of the tutorial
It's one thing to get stuck on a level, but when the game/app can't proceed beyond the second step of the tutorial, it's beyond frustrating. Attempted the lay down the second layer (wood) for the bridge in the tutorial and it would not connect/complete, so I haven't been able to move out of/past the tutorial. I am deleting this app immediately from my phone - garbage.
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4 years ago, DragonPlayzYT
Build a road
Its awesomely fun and fun game I can’t stop playing it and I can’t wait until this game has become so addictive and the new update makes it even better with a free version 👍😄
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6 years ago, GotzThePower
Excellent physics game!
This game is perfect when you want to play around with physics and construction! Maybe add a feature where you need to create multiple bridges linking a few islands for a challenge?
Show more
6 months ago, Stop making me go back here
I love this game!
I used to play it when I was like 5 and I just want to say this game is amazing I wish there could be a few updates like new levels
Show more
2 years ago, Dffgvbbfdeeuh
Please update with more levels
Awesome fun game. Every level has multiple challenges. I’m almost done with all three worlds please add more. I’ll gladly pay. Thank you
Show more
3 years ago, 18262939326
Too many ads, too frequently.
I get that you need to monetize your game, but it’s overkill at the current level. You need to shorten the ads, or at least make them less frequent. The constant bombardment gets annoying quickly. The game itself is fun, but the frequency and the length of the ads kills it for me.
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5 years ago, Rebel4
Fun game, but ads cause the game to break
After each trial run or successful try, there is an ad, which is fine, except that if it’s longer than 5 seconds, the ad ends and returns to a frozen game. Literally the only way to avoid this is to play on airplane mode. This is so kind-numbingly frustrating. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, sbfan20000
This game has kind of been a disappointment. Some levels are just ridiculous. Some you have to start building from specific points and other you have to lay Bridges’s on top of balloons of even hang bridges from balloons. I’d be much more interested in a more realistic experience rather then attempting to build a ramp for a truck to jump. FYI...that’s not a bridge.
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2 years ago, tiggerjamie16
I used to play this game a lot but I got it again and the loading was not working it is just a dark screen
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5 years ago, Zach W nickname
Fun but too many ads
I really enjoy this game, but the play is totally ruined by the interruptions. I’d happily pay to remove ads, but I don’t see that as an option. Roughly every minute there’s at least 15 seconds of ads, which is absurd.
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1 year ago, Bruh234536
Level 14 is Broken
I made it to level 14 and for some reason when the cars went over the bridge that works they keep going until they reach the end of the road and fall into the void. It is a fun a challenging game but please fix this
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