BuildingLink Resident App

1.8 (57)
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Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for BuildingLink Resident App

1.77 out of 5
57 Ratings
1 year ago, Thepeacekepr
Do NOT get this system for your building
The app is buggy and in the several years using it, it has NOT gotten better. AVOID. 1. Push notifications have NEVER worked. Seems this would be important since the core function of this is to notify resident of package delivery! FUNCTIONALITY FAILURE 2. Using the app to see if packages arrived also fails often as “sync failed” so basically another FULL FUNCTIONALITY FAILURE 3. It always never marks items in Bulletin boards as “read” so seeing new items is a chore. It’s is such a basic functionality why does it not work?! Building boards and owners avoid this system and it’s failures. It is frustrating to both residents and staff. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
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10 years ago, Jmz2tmab
App support could be better
The app idea is great, however, functionality is still not fully developed. It would be great if the following efficiencies are added. 1) update alerts from profile page to have notifications sent only for select features ( eg notification of the incoming package). Currently, notifications, if turned on, are sent for every item posted in marketplace, or any changes made on the site. 2) marketplace - when clicking on the description line, the page that opens shows long paragraph of Latin words starting with Loren ipsum... Please fix- marketplace feature is useless with this glitch 3) app is missing a number of features available via web portal. I only find it useful to check (manually) if I have any deliveries waiting. We had a major incident on the property recently that initiated lockdown. Building link was not utilized ( but could have) to disseminate alerts. Also push notifications for select features such as community newsletters or important announcement is still not available. Resident to resident messaging should be enabled. Resident database should be available via app with search function.
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6 years ago, akash rathi
Review v3.0.0
I updated the app to v3.0 on my iPhone and the app has got a better feel as compared to before. But couple of things which are still broken and need to be fixed especially in the marketplace tab which I have played around with: Send message doesn’t work at all this completely breaks the purpose of having marketplace as I’m not able to contact with the people who have posted, neither can I see their email address. Enable copy option for description text as many people post their phone number in the description and it’s usually efficient to copy the number and then call using the copies text instead of writing the number on a paper or going back and forth between the app and dail pad. Also it would be good to have some type of sorting functionality in this tab, a helpful one I can think of is by posted date, as the older items might have already been sold.
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7 years ago, frenchbelle
Very Useful--can be better
3 buildings that I have lived in in New York use Building Link, and I find it very useful to communicate instructions with our building staff, and to see who my neighbors and full building staff and manage my are. There are many features that I do not use, only because they are not used by our building (I.e. Relevant documents are not posted in the library and not many people use the listings so they are not that helpful). I think if Building Link had ongoing training to helped building management and residents see/learn how to better integrate the app, it could be a very, very, valuable and value-added asset to buildings. Also--the interface is not very visually appealing--it feels cheap and dated. I think a rebranding to look more premium would be helpful to their marketing efforts.
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7 years ago, dave yahoo accnt
very nice and very useful..
I came from a condo complex that didnt have any real management app like this. It was a mess...nothing got done because there was no way to enforce tracking of items. I tried to get the HOA board to use Trello...which is a neat app, but the board was stubborn and wouldnt use it. I am now in a larger complex that uses this "Building Link" app and it is just "what the doctor ordered". It has a number of useful features, all of which we could have used at my old complex. I dont know how much it costs the HOA, but all I know is that from a owner/tenant point of view, it really helps keep everyone informed and feeling like the board/ management is actually on top of things. That keeps people happy. Good job Building Link.
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3 years ago, bluetoucan
Provides most of the info from the web version
I’ve just started using this app, but it seems to be almost as functional as the web interface. So far, the only big thing I’ve noticed missing vs. the web version is a view of existing reservations (you appear to be able to submit your own reservations but not able to view any existing reservations by others, which would make the app much more useful for me). I haven’t tried submitting reservations or other requests. Bulletin Board seems to display perfectly, which is big for me (I haven’t tried yet to respond or message via the boards). I’ll update if any significant usage issues, but to me it seems good so far.
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4 years ago, Dg3314
Latest version is awful
Keep getting signed out. Keeps asking me if I want to turn on notifications, even though I already have them on. Keeps shutting down. Told BL the issue and they said to call them. I don’t know what else I need to say. They know what version they have, the reviews say the same thing, and that’s all the info I have. Very frustrating because it worked for about a month perfectly and now I don’t get message notifications during a pandemic and it’d be incredibly helpful to do so. Update 6/3: There have been updates to the app since my last review. I’ve communicated with the team as well as sent them screenshots of my settings, but notifications still don’t work.
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3 weeks ago, Jetzoomies
Functionality completely useless
Ever since the app was “updated” it’s just completely frozen. You can’t click on any of the different sections. I can’t even scroll down to marketplace. Marketplace items you can no longer click to zoom in on. The old version worked better. Please fix this app! It’s awful and useless at this point. UPDATE: emailed support per their reply to my review. Solution was to “log out and delete the app and log back in”… well how am I supposed to do that when it’s frozen?? Never heard back from them after that so good luck if you’re hoping for an actual solution.
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6 years ago, bw013
It’s OK
The app was recently given a more modern look, but it and the website could still use some work. My most frequent use case for the app (and I’m sure I’m not alone) is package delivery notifications. The deliveries list does not update in the background. You have to open the app and wait a few seconds. Also you cannot click on the tracking numbers to see the origin and get some idea of which delivery it might be. Please add these features, and if you really want to delight your users also add an Apple Watch complication showing new package count.
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13 years ago, iPhone Smitten
A great app from BuildingLink!
I wrote a review exactly 1 year ago. I love this app and still do. Very useful on the go. Back then I mentioned the missing access to the Bulletin Board. As of today the complete Bulletin Board is still not accessible. Market Place is just one of the postings on the Bulletin Board. I do not see Announcements, Housing, etc. and also the rest of the Building Info like Building Library, Communicate with Management, etc.. It would be nice to be able to access everything on the go.
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7 years ago, W. Hawkins
It's great for those of us that know about it and all the ways it can be used. Our awful management company has not put out anything to "all" residents - introducing the system and explaining how it can be used ... hardly anyone knows about the app, or its full capabilities. Please add more categories under Market Place, like wanted, services, etc., ... also, it would be great to know which occupant has a package in our unit ... after all everyone is registered as individuals. And, a notification (signal) of any changes, postings, and packages would be wonderful.
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2 months ago, Krogers47
Just terrible
I never held this app in high esteem but after this latests update it has moved to the echelon of straight trash, only with a bubblier interface. It’s buggy, market place count only grows, never letting you identify read vs unread, half the posts don’t load these days making you feel like that think you were certain existed is just your imagination, only for it to sometimes show back up again after force close and restar. Takes ages to load and refresh, crashes or freezes regularly…. And so on…..but hey, there is no other option bc this is what we use for my building. Ugh.
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4 weeks ago, #ShesSoJersey
constantly crashing
The latest version is even less intuitive than the previous major version. However, the biggest problem with the upgrade version for iPhone is it constantly crashes and puts you in an endless loop. I have deleted the app and downloaded it again several times. It doesn’t help. Once it is stuck in that cycle it tells you it is trying to log you in but mostly appears to log you out. In my opinion you should roll back a couple of versions because this is far from ready for market.
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14 years ago, AdeleK33
BuildingLink ROCKS!!!!!!!!
BuildingLink is AMAZING!!!!!!! I LOVE getting emails when I get packages or being able to submit maintenance requests online. It's soooo easy to go online and alert my doorman when I'm expecting a visitor. ALL my friends have BuildingLink and now I FINALLY have it too!!!!!! And the BuildingLink iPhone App is a PERFECT addition to your platform. It makes using BuildingLink and managing my apartment more seamless and convenient than ever. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, GeoRitt
Don’t update beyond 12.0
Help all of us who can’t update our IOS beyond 12.0. I have an iPhone 6 and can’t get a newer phone for a while. My building uses this service for deliveries etc. We are all going through a pandemic and quite a few of us are stuck with older IPhones that still work! If you do update, is there a website you can give us that will provide the same service?
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11 years ago, Rasuel
Basics missing - Need notifications
This is the first time I've used it, but I see from other reviews a previous version did what I'm looking for. Not only does the app NOT push notifications, but there are no badges. You must open it to see anything. That rather defeats the purpose of use. I might as well wait for my building to email me 'cause I'll check my email more often than thinking about opening this app. Plus, it doesn't allow basic stuff like changing preferences. I do like that I can submit maintenance requests, but that doesn't completely sell the app.
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13 years ago, NYC483
Needs Bulletin Board
Why this app is missing the bulletin board feature (new library documents, etc.) is baffling. Most iOS apps by design provide some sort of link to the internet and fetch specific information ongoing from an online source. Aside from the marketplace (a great feature), and deliveries, there's really no reason to regularly check into this app. Most features are great for on-the-go use, but I find the "Get Me Home" and "Call Front Desk" options gimmicky and a waste of screen real estate. It'd be great if those options were merged into one icon and they added the bulletin board feature in the extra spot created... I'm glad my building has BuildingLink and that there's even an app to begin with, but the bulletin boards are a glaring omission that should DEFINITELY be addressed in the next revision. Just my 0.02.
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2 months ago, postcardstaples
Even Windows 95 worked better
The app has been stuck in the past with a basic user interface and functionality. No bells and whistles but at least it worked okay. Now the app has gotten worse with the latest update. Upon opening the app from background, it freezes with a spinning loading circle so I have to force close and reopen it. Then, I have to manually log back in and allow notifications as it forgets the login and the notifications setting it prompted me the last time I had to use Building Link. What’s the point of even using the app if it requires a login every time I want to use it? Support says to uninstall and reinstall the app, which I have 3 times at this point. The web app is better but also slow and buggy. Our HOA is looking at alternatives at this point. The fees paid for Building Link are not justifiable.
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9 years ago, Kcantihwdm
Seems ok to me.
Works well for providing instructions for allowing or disallowing visitors at security gate, although it often skews the people's photos I upload (screen shot from their FB profiles). Also very functional w regard to submitting maintenance notices/requests, and announcements of package deliveries. Lacks valet parking interface, but realize a lot of properties don't have such need. As for the poor review from the Appy award winner...why not offer something actual suggestions?
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11 months ago, Frustrated 34567
BuildingLink enhancements
The app has been very helpful. We like to inform our receptionist of future visitors, including both service people and guests who are not overnight guests. There is no option dedicated to that. The temporary access workflow, which I use for this purpose, is clunky and not quite tailored for this. It also defaults to an end date of tomorrow, but it’s not clear if this means at one minute past midnight or the end of the day. All of the date selection lists should include the day of the week. I often know that someone will be coming on a certain day this week or next week. But I have to look at a separate calendar to ascertain that date because the app doesn’t use a different date selection workflow that show date and day.
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4 years ago, ChiTownDave
Now it just does not sync with server
The other problems I previously wrote about have been trivial compared with the present problem, the app will not sync with server. I have not changed my password or other settings. App should really show what the current reservation status is of building amenities! This feature is available on desktop. Can't determine from phone how to plan if I don't know if meeting room or library is available for use. Also, despite my building using Buildinglink's recommended scanning equipment, I'm getting package notifications that are clearly wrong in terms of carrier or missing tracking #s. Its odd that the software scans a package with tracking number that starts "1z" (i.e., clearly UPS) and their software identifies it as another carrier. I've also noticed a substantial delay between receipt of txt msgs and e-mail notifications, and I might get one but not the other.
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4 years ago, fathergoose8
App Reviews Are Misleading
The only reason this app has low reviews is because it must have been pretty bad in the past. I just started using building link and it’s a fantastic application in every way! I almost didn’t download because of the 2 star rating, but I highly recommend using this if your building community offers it.
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4 months ago, nyc&me
Pretty awful and buggy
Trying to submit a work maintenance request - always fails since it doesn’t seem to recognize I’ve inputted info needed like location of issue, type of issue etc and I can’t submit. What’s the point of the function to report issues that need fixing in apt quickly if I end up having to manually call anyway? Same for setting up payments etc. Mobile functionality is buggy and trash. Get it updated and fix it guys!
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11 years ago, Sassy Dee Dee
New resident
I'm a new tenant and I love the app! Love the convenience of KeyLink/Front desk instructions & also receiving notification when I receive packages. I have also submit a few maintenance requests and they have all been resolved very quickly. Much easier than logging on to the computer, even though the full site has many more features.
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13 years ago, mag90nyc
Pretty Low-Powered Compared to MyBuilding
The app does allow the user to submit maintenance requests and see package deliveries, but my phone number was incorrect, and I couldn't find any way to update it. Also, the maintenance request feature requires going through a 7-step process (at least the first time) to complete all the details. Other apps allow you to submit a request in 2-3 steps. I also don't like that there is no right-to-left swipe function, or any way I could find to delete marketplace entries that weren't relevant. Apparently they sit there until they expire. Also, there was no building contact numbers allowing direct dial. Altogether, the app is better than nothing, but has about 1/5 the functionality it could and should. At least it's a start.
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2 months ago, Lucas Veintimilla
Excellent app for One Manhattan Square Residents!
BuildingLink for Extell is very well organized and super easy to use. As a resident at One Manhattan Square, I’m always able to track my deliveries and front desk instructions efficiently without an issue on this app. Very useful. Highly recommend this app for residents who live here! Thank you.
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2 months ago, dustin91
Latest update breaks notifications AGAIN
Now, when packages are delivered and entered into our building’s system, we only get notifications sporatically, and no number of deliveries are listed on the main page like they used to. Same review I did a few months back, as the new version again doesn’t notify when deliveries are ready, which means our package room gets filled quickly because we don’t know what’s arrived. PLEASE FIX!!!
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10 years ago, kinayat
Great app!
Our cooperative is finally starting to come up to speed. This app makes it super easy to read stuff for sale, stay on top of notices, receive alerts when packages arrive for pick up, create repair tickets, read our a PDF version of our newsletter, and lots of other cool things I have yet to discover. Get it and use it ASAP!
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3 years ago, Joe83830
A fifth grader could’ve built a better app
Trust me I’m a software engineer for a reputable tech company. Probably some kind of nepotism got my building to use this app, or maybe it was free? Steve Jobs is crying in heaven seeing such a pathetic app being published and used in the Apple ecosystem. Doesn’t even have a proper calendar for reserving amenities, each day and time slot is it’s own entry (e.g. Friday 12~12:45pm, doesn’t even have a date), resulting in hundreds of entries. A booked then cancelled slot just dies, and a canceled reservation still counts as a quota used for an individual.
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9 years ago, celinenme
Needs same features as site
This app would be better if it had the same content as the website does. As someone else mentioned the calendar is not present as well as some of the other website features. An app should be convenient enough so that you don't have to go to the site too. Rent payment is another app I'm guessing due to being a different company for different buildings.
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4 years ago, _showalter
Recently updated
I just downloaded this app for my apartment and it’s been great so far. I think the bad reviews are from the previous version of the app which has since been updated. I was able to submit a couple different requests with no issues.
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10 years ago, pixieforpapa
Build Me More!
Love the App and all it can do WITHIN any given residential arrangement. It puts a lot of what I need in my home (and in my neighborhood) at my fingertips. However, I would love a few customizable features more geared to MY needs (e.g. to search all restaurants within a given block radius; to produce an events list, etc.). It needs to be good for the RESIDENT too in order to be current and relevant.
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3 years ago, ohwhatanightingale
App is terrible
This is the second building I’ve lived in that uses BuildingLink and I am shocked anyone opts into using it. It’s terrible. For the last month it has crashed upon opening and the last update the developers released was 5 months ago. Not sure how big of a business opportunity there is, but I can assure you anyone who has mobile app developing skills could build a more functional and efficient app.
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4 years ago, mhdbq
I like it!
Not sure why this app has such low ratings. It always works well for me. Very convenient for keeping track of package deliveries. Completely satisfied with my apartment building’s choice to use the BuildingLink platform and would highly recommend to others.
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6 years ago, jennifferchen
Easy to get things done
It does what it’s supposed to do. Lets me know what I need to know and lets me book what I need to book. Never a problem, and enough for me. I don’t expect to spend hours playing around with it because it’s simply a way to get what I want or need, and for that, it’s great.
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10 years ago, SergeantMonkeyBreath
Pretty good
App and icon design could use some better graphic arts design - look and feel seems a bit dated. Buttons / menus use almost comical amount of screen real estate - almost reminds me of old school America OnLine interface. Other than the poor aesthetics, the app is functionally solid and simple enough to be very easy to use and navigate.
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5 years ago, Ctdemonet
Works well for me
Everything has worked well for me on this app. I took one star off because photos uploaded to the for sale section are low resolution/poor quality, otherwise it functions well and is responsive. My building staff see and receive everything I have submitted.
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10 years ago, 46YOUNG
Another Helpful Touch by Eleven55
We love our community and the staff. This app really extends that experience on the go. It has been very helpful in more than one occasion when I can't get to my computer and really need to post a front desk instruction. Please keep updating and improving the app.
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4 years ago, Koalafarm
Valet functionality has been gone for 2 weeks now
Updating my earlier review below, uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the issue with the valet functionality. — Totally lost the ability to use the app to call my car about two weeks ago. The app was spotty previously, but appears to have completely gone away at this point.
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11 years ago, Slybootie
Easy & Effective
To keep this short & honest, the Buildinglink app is perfect. Easy to negotiate every page found on a laptop or desktop browser, quick to open & deliver info to respective person @ building, & great way to buy/sell stuff to your neighbors. A+ App!!
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11 years ago, gabrielfalcao
awesome and handy
this app is amazing, super handy. I am able to quickly leave notes for the front desk staff, interact with neighbors and so on. IMHO the iphone app just doesn't deserve 5 stars because of minor issues with the user interface. when you go to the marketplace, the links are not "clickable", it's really annoying
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6 years ago, offline wish i was on!
Offline due to server performance
Their site and app have been offline more than online for a few days over the last month. Due to server performance. Super frustrating!!! I know you have been working hard to fix the issue but apparently haven’t.... the status page for you website on Wednesday read like a joke ... all hand on deck, 50% back up, oh we had to drop yo 40%, back up to 50%, offline, working ... and now it’s down again!!
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11 years ago, Paul JACOBI
I'd rate BuildingLink better than best!! We are a large hirise
We are a large high-rise community with close to 400 units and BuildingLink has been terrific. We also use KeyLink which automatically and immediately advises when, who, and why our key is removed. The nominal cost is well worth the advantages!
Show more
14 years ago, Karisssssss
Love it!
Buildinglink is the best! This app makes having the system at my building so much fun! How much more can you really ask for at your fingertips? I love the "get me home" feature, and i show this to all my friends
Show more
4 months ago, jjhhgfdtuu
Removed from screen
While this app may be useful for managers, it is useless for residents. It does not allow accessibility adjustments for visually impaired nor does it allow system settings to transfer. Functions available through website are not available through app. I have removed this and when I do wish to use it i will stick with the website. It deserves zero stars.
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6 years ago, llorberb
Needs more functionality
Please... add a way to see a list of amenities reservations coming up. Only way to see through mobile is to go through booking reservations. Most people just want to know if they can you X space right now. From a communications perspective please add a way to add graphics in emails originating from buildinglink. People today are used to great looking emails coming from mailchimp and gmail.
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3 weeks ago, audmalia
Horribly developed
What an awful app. I hate that I have to use it for my apartment. It’s so poorly designed, crashes all the time, doesn’t upload correctly. Pretty sure the internet in the 1990s worked better than this app. After this update, I can’t use it!!! It just spins and I get a white screen!!!!!! AWFUL. Please roll it back until you fix all the bugs. Very embarrassing that this was even released.
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7 years ago, yolyn329
Love this app
I can see when ever I have s package waiting. I can request repairs for my apartment and send pics. I can see when repairs were made even if I'm not home: I can give special instructions on whom I want to have access to my apartment. This is a great app
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2 months ago, NancyScuba
Bad app
Come on! How hard it is to develop well an app that makes / cancels reservations and displays text correctly? I am sick of seeing Show more
11 years ago, SamWhitnall
Easy, but no push notifications
This has been so much more helpful in my building as we used to use paper and pen logs, but I can't seem to find a feature that lets me know when a package arrives without going into the app. In other words, I have to manually check the app every day to see if I have anything waiting for me.
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