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User Reviews for Bulldozer!

3.27 out of 5
15 Ratings
10 years ago, Timmy172635
Bugs and interface
This game is a classic with lots of fun puzzles to play. Unfortunately, the interface is not good. This map doesn't fit to the size of the screen--instead, it's small and hard to see. The arrow keys are equally tiny and don't work half the time. The swiping is the optimal way to move the bulldozer, but it will randomly start moving across the field for no apparent reason with no discernible way to stop it. I love this game, but this app needs work. Please fix the control issues and make the window fit the screen.
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10 years ago, Craig Son of Art
I dont think level 79 has a solution!
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9 years ago, aaaaacy
Buttons too close together
Overall, not a bad game. It does have one major problem though: The go back one move button and start over button are too close together. It's very frustrating being a couple of moves away from completing a level and accidentally hitting the start over button. It would be an easy fix, move the start over button to a different spot or make it so that you have to confirm a start over.
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8 years ago, chelle05
I was excited to know they had a Bulldozer game on the App Store but just as others have commented, the buttons used to control the bulldozer are so small and close together that it makes it difficult to push the right button and many times the buttons are unresponsive! Sadly, I deleted the app! It wasn't worth the frustration!
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8 years ago, X Resolution x
Total crap
I have the iPhone 5s, but this app runs like my phone is the iPhone 1. The arrows are WAY too small for the screen, and when I click on one it starts moving the bulldozer all over the screen, and other times it isn't responsive. Please fix this, as I feel I wasted .99 cents on this garbage.
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9 years ago, jksan
Read the reviews BEFORE you purchase ...
If I had bothered to read the reviews, I wouldn't have purchased this app. While I love Bulldozer, the VERY small arrows do not work the majority of the time, making it cumbersome to move the tractor and complete a level. Don't waste your money!
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10 years ago, BilledInError
Gets stuck!
After winning certain games, the screen gets stuck where it says "Tap anywhere to continue", so then I have to delete the app and reinstall it to get it unstuck. Very frustrating!!!
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11 years ago, BulldozerChampion
Great game. Love how it is exactly like the PC. To the creators of this app - hope you're reading. ***PLEASE UPDATE!!*** The Undo button and the Restart button are too close to each other. Playing on a phone, I always find myself accidentally restarting my game when I meant to hit undo. Very frustrating! Other than that, this game is great.
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11 years ago, SoulBaron
I love this game. If the pc version was cheaper i'd be all over getting it. Its a classic puzzle, and takes strategy : ) my only concern is the arrows sometimes stick when you press them and they don't move the dozer. And the size of the game board is very small even for an ipod game. Overall awesome
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11 years ago, aayanks06
Great classic game!
Great classic game!
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