Bullet Force

4.5 (50.3K)
961.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blayze Games, L.L.C.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bullet Force

4.52 out of 5
50.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Koubra
Best FPS game I have seen in a long time.
I think this game is a great game to play. And it’s not only because I’m really good at the gun game feature. The game has great graphics and if your device can handle the extra load I suggest turning on the ultra high def. The guns in the game are lots of fun to use and the only problem I have with the new guns is the sniper rifle that can shoot virtually across the map without any kind of drop of the projectile, like what happens with the cheapest rifle, or drop in damage given. Another thing great about the game is the constant updates that are released with fixed some very annoying bugs I saw and added some very cool features. There is one bug that they have not fixed yet and that is the bug where a player can get out of the boundary fence in the outpost map and be able to see and shoot through the fence all while being invulnerable to people trying to shoot him through the other side. Other than the things I already said the main reason I gave the game 5 stars was because of the auto block which block almost every bad word out there and there are very few ways to get around it unless someone wanted to really go out of their way to swear. This game is amazing to anyone with enough skill to be decently good with the starter guns and the guns available soon after are almost as good as the guns most people say are OP. You just have to know how and when to use them.
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5 years ago, DeathSniffer
Good but not great
The game is awesome, but there are a few cons. (1) you have to get really good at the game to get a good amount of money each round. If your not then you won’t have much luck getting any new weapons any time soon. (2) the only way to get skins for your gun or suit is to have gold and you can only buy it or watch videos to get 5 gold. So if you really want skins you have to go through the pain of watching a lot of videos if you don’t want to pay money, or just do without. Also if or when you get enough gold to buy a crate and you open it, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get a skin for the gun u already have. If you get a skin for a gun you don’t have you will have to unlock that gun before using the skin. (note the skin does not unlock the gun). And what’s also disappointing is that you can’t use a good skin that you really like on say your favorite gun until you unlock it for that specific gun. I’m not to obsessed with skins but it’s still pretty cool to have some. You can’t get any by doing missions or challenges. (3) it takes a while to get used to it especially since there are some pretty dedicated people who are like pros at it 🙄. And (4) they only have one fire button so it’s harder to shoot and aim at the same time, if they had two fire buttons, one on each side, then you could use one for shooting while you move and one when you really need to focus your shots. Over all if you give it some time this game is pretty fun once you get used to it.
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6 years ago, Star Kid!!!
Great but some suggestions
I love this game almost as much as my most fav game ever Roblox. The only thing that I think would be really cool is making the maps really really really bigger and trying to make some special maps with vehicles. It would be really cool and having the characters buy tanks or Jeeps with lots of in game cash so when they get to the game map they can have a smaller list of the number of players that can join and they can have like a war in a sand map and stuff with tanks and people shooting. Also I think it would be cool to have a number of teams that you can choose like Nazi and U.s for some and Russia and U.S or even more teams. Also I have one thing to say that is bad... People are finding ways to curse by spacing their letters in chat when they are talking about how they loose are being jerks and bragging about winning. I also have another good suggestion. How about doing a WW2 theme for the game or an optional theme pick like WW2 , Civil War , WW1 , Vietnam and when picking this you can make a special layout that have special guns from each era that the war took place and when you pick what war to play you can choose the alpha, beta and ext for that layout. I hope these suggestions are taking into consideration for my second fav game and if it can’t be done for Bullet Force Mayberry can be done for a Bullet Force 2
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6 years ago, Draco762
My opinion of bullet force!
Bullet force is probably the best FPS on iOS . I’ve spent some money on the game but to be honest there is rarely a gun that you can purchase on the game that is more balanced the the M4A1 that you start out with(not a complaint) , just a heads up that a lot of the guns that seem to be a good option aren’t and you’ll regret it . I would love to see the game’s future updates include more weapons . Like a pistol variant of the ak 47 . Maybe a Draco or Pap M92 . The same goes for guns like the M4A1 or m16 which aren’t Ars but the ar was made as the civilian model to those weapons . An ar pistol and an ak pistol would be a great option as the shorter gun would be more useful and easier to maneuver with through tight spaces or in an instance when you and an enemy are in close proximity. Please take this into consideration and add a pistol version of these rifles to the game . Other than that I don’t really have a legit complaint besides the way Kill assist are given . You have to do more than 75% damage to the enemy for your assist to count as a kill which baffles me . I honestly believe that if you deliver 51% or more damage to the enemy the assist should count as a kill because you literally did more damage to the enemy than your teammate who stole the kill from you . Besides that good game and keep coming with updates and more boards .
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6 years ago, Theboss g six
Best game ever for mobile
All though I love this game with all of its guns and customizable weapons... there are some down sides to this game like the matchmaking someone is a low level let’s say two and the other person is 100 I know some people might not agree to this and it basically matters on skill but I think they should like do leagues just like modern combat 5 like bronze silver copper gold and diamond and stuff like that or they could just do it with the levels other than these down sides I found out that hip fire for m4a1 is just way to op maybe adjusting the m4a1s hip fire lower because I used it with no sight and just hip fired which is weird but I understand if you don’t want to fix the hip fire because it’s mobile and it’s easier like modern combat five and pubg mobile other than these I love the game oh and sometimes there’d be times where I put a whole clip into someone’s body but it really doesn’t register and the enemy player has like 30 ping and I have the same amount then he kills me with like 5 bullets plus you guys should register the bullets even after death because that makes so much more sense like rainbow six siege doing trade kills and all... but this game is great and they should keep updating it all the time (:
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5 years ago, QpKd
Amazing except for a few things...
Love this game it’s great but there are a few things that definitely need some fine tuning. First off, there are several spots (particularly on Urban and Outpost) where people can stand and see and kill people but other people can’t see them (they are invisible) and it gets a bit annoying. Secondly, I think you guys are doing a good job with the guns and balancing is fine, game is not pay to win but it would be nice for more things to be accessible without paying real money like skins or maybe make gold accessible through things like daily and weekly challenges which would also provide some more depth and make people want to continue playing and grinding besides for endlessly grinding for the next gun. My last suggestion is very simple but would make gunplay so much nicer and smoother, if you added an option to add a secondary fire button, this would allow you to shoot very accurately while standing still and to track moving targets better without having to sacrifice your main firing button and I feel would make things vastly smoother and more enjoyable. Thanks for reading, I really hope you guys take some of these things into consideration, I have been playing for several years so I have only suggested things that I really think would improve the game. Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, JustAnotherUndertaler
I’ve played this game awhile ago it was I have to admit ALOT of Fun but There could be some new stuff..For example a WIDE map With only sandbags for cover And A WAR mode where you have extra players so it will look like your in a war which if you ever been in a war like game IT IS ALOT OF FUN when you experience Being pinned down cover fire And maybe You could add Vechiles? But In a way...For example if you want to get in a tank you have to have 2 people Inside the driver and the gunner it’s usually 3 people in the tank but 3 might be a little hard to get and a humvee That Contains an LMG at the top and a driver also different classes would be cool like a sniper class or medic I always thought of being a medic in this game Because the idea of A medic running around trying to save his downed Teammates If pretty cool Even a medical Humvee would be nice also This is Good Suggestion add a RIOT SHIELD if you don’t know what it is search it up but assuming you guys Made a game like this I think you guys know what it is,But right now I’m probably boring you to death 💀 so I’ll Maybe comment back If you add one thing And Also The game Is REALLY AWESOME so I give it a 5 stars I was just thinking of some suggestions Anyways see you later
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7 years ago, 1123ThisGuy3211
It's good, but don't recommend for older devices...
First off, this is the 2nd fps game I've played, so this might be a little biased, but the graphics are amazing in this game. Unfortunately, having an iPod 5, I have graphics turned down extremely low to help with the lags. Gameplay is good, but there are things here you will find in nearly every fps game, such as campers, some spawnkillers, etc. Yes, there are some things you can pay for, but the things you don't have to pay for far outweigh the paid stuff. However, if you looked at the images above of this game, you probably told yourself, you want those gun skins. Well then pay up or watch a lot of ads. I don't suggest this game for older devices because it's simply too much stuff for them to load. The map, the guns, the players, the sounds. My crash-to-load rate is extremely low. My iPod crashes a ton, but the gameplay of this app keeps calling me back to it. About the guns. It will take you a while to get guns because you don't get that many credits (free money) from a single match. However you can pay for them. Some guns, like the snipers and the ak47s are op, but the game gives you the option to pick these guns (and others) up from the dead people's bodies. Anyway, there's my two cents on this game. Bye.😀
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6 years ago, @fozo_turtle
Initially I think I gave a 3
So I’m not a super seasoned player, but I am a somewhat seasoned mobile player, and the hit registrations/inability to get common skins through kills with the weapons really hurt this game. I don’t think there too much issue with the 1k gold guns, because it doesn’t feel like they are just unfairly better than the weapons newer players are able to get. But that aside there are a couple bugs I’ve dealt with in the past couple days. With my iPad 9.7 6th gen I can’t select the videos advertised on the main menu, and I also at times spawn in on canyon, and fall straight trough the map. I’m sure they’re known bugs, but figured I’d add them. Hit registration, not enough incentive to level up in the game (the perks just aren’t enough, but I don’t think it should be hard for the devs to think of more incentive there), and the inability to receive any skins without paying $ while they’re also selling weapons for real $ are the main thing keeping me from 5 stars. P.S. I believe that the end of game ad incentive for extra creds/xp needs to be raised to between 45-60% due to the fact that the loading ad takes a long time, and causes you to miss you chance at a good start right at the beginning of a game, possibly keeping 4-5 kills from the player.
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6 years ago, MERKSAUCE
This game has become so much since I first began playing, and new content always keep me active. Im not trying to say that this game need any major tweaks,(I like the game regardless)But like every game it has some downfalls in my opinion. I only have two suggestions one being that there should be a period of time every week where there’s either a chance to get ahold of gold or 2x cash(weekly event). One more suggestion would be to crucially analyze and refine every aspect of all the maps. Most fps players like larger scale battles and with it a lot of diverse terrain. I want to play against people in larger maps! Where people can challenge the odds based on how the map are shaped and smile because they’ve clutched it yelling “what an epic comeback”. Now I’ve walk away with 35+ kills just by cornering a decent team towards their spawn or in there spawn. I’ll also like to mention that it’s happened to me too. Almost like a small box with two ways of running, you start to noticed that your options become very limited. With that said Round of applause to the developers in making of this game. I’m not the first to say thanks to Bullet Force for an over the top quality game.
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7 years ago, jkl09865
Very glitchy and hacking/mod tampering involved gaming
It's an intense fps good movement and good graphics but There’s a few issues mods get boosted abilities, also a lot of hacking involved may even be a gateway for hackers to access your WiFi and or account info, numerous times I’ve encountered cheaters in this game and will not be spending towards a game that doesn’t continuously monitor players and or doesn’t have high security protocols. Then also the developer continuously changes the guns schematics and or damage etc stats. So one day your guns op and the next weak it basically does chicken scratches and it isn’t ping like some of these you tubers say it is. Guns cost a lot of gold if you desire them but the for the most part this game took a turn for the worse when he keeps doing hidden updates and or patches the guns to fit his needs and there’s a ton of glitches in the maps. Last if you jump on a rock or go off map example. Step somewhere where it gives you an advantage he sends a scare towards you where every time you spawn you get a scary face and scares the *** out of you and last but not least there’s a lot of spawn killings and grenade hacks along with instant teleporting involved with I tend to believe it’s the developers of the game causing these . Don’t spend your money where hackers will cheat to gain advantage and when this doofis modifies his games guns stats after theve been released.
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7 years ago, Spidelweb
I would love to give it five stars, but...
This game is amazing, and I thought it would be impossible to find a good mobile fps, but this game proved me wrong. The actual gameplay is great, and the graphics are pretty realistic with the new update. However, all of the new guns that they introduce can only be unlocked with 1,000 coins, which ensures that you can't unlock them. That's ultimately what caused this to be a four star review. Also, this is just a preference, but I think you should make a game mode in which every glitch is unpatched. I know you patched them all to make the game neater and more professional, and to satisfy those who were annoyed by people trolling from impossible-to-reach places, which is why it should be a separate game mode. This way those who were annoyed with the glitches won't have to play with them, and those who miss them will be able to explore them and new glitches even further. I'm sure I'm speaking on the behalf of many players, and this game mode will make the game more interesting, and, frankly, will return some of the former glory and fun that was lost when the glitches were patched. However, this is just a suggestion, and I understand and respect the patching of past glitches, and it did nothing to change my review.
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6 years ago, jOOstin13
Addicting game, but...
This game is great and I love the variety of guns, but there are many problems to this game. One is that the maps are poorly made. Many of them feature spots that are amazing for camping. This leads me to another problem in which players can shoot at people without showing any part of the body, especially at these camping spots. Another big problem is that a lot of times, the shots don't register. It gives you two or three hitmarkers that don't even count. Very frequently, I get two or more hitmarkers on someone and they kill me with 100 health, and no it's not my phone. And then, there are those that spam throwing knives. The knives pierce through enemies while instakilling them. This weapon is VERY annoying and op. I know this because I used to use them. Another problem is that the hitboxes are broken. Sometimes I snipe someone's arm while not moving and I don't even get a hitmarker. Plus, this game's community is the most toxic I've ever seen. Despite all these problems with the game, you would think I would quit, but the game keeps drawing me back everytime I want to quit. I don't know why. I've been playing this game for probably almost two years now and just as addicted. That's why I'm still giving it four stars.
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5 years ago, theonewhoisdone
Seems like a good game but it’s not
I wrote a review that was a 2 star review and it was never posted so this part alone tells you something. But this review is actually a 2 star review. I have been playing this game for a long time now and it has really declined 1: hackers are a problem because you really can’t do anything to them. I encounter a hacker almost every day and the kick system that is in the game is in fact useless against hackers because nobody votes especially the hackers teammates. Out of all the hacker that I have seen kicked out of a game using the kick system has been one. 2:weapons used to be quite balanced but some gold guns were some what OP but they were fixed. Nowadays if you want to beat someone one with an op gun you have to be very skilled and good at the game. 3:if you are someone you takes something seriously you may not want to play this game because you will meet some of the most toxic people but you will more likely encounter a hacker before you even meet a very toxic or annoying player My advice to all of you is to find a different game or just get good at this game and prepare yourself for when you encounter hackers and toxic players because will encounter them during playing this game.
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6 years ago, vLxki
Good game but needs a lot of things changed
for one, streaks NEED to be changed from kill streaks to score streaks, so instead of 4 kills for a uav, 400 points for a uav, this is so streaks can stack and you can keep getting them, ive died off many streaks because i can’t get another uav/advanced (obviously nuke would stay as kill streak). add cases with lower chances of getting something rare for free to play players, like you did in fwd assault instead of making people watch ads all day for a small chance to get good skins or weapons. the M320 HE, M320 DART, and RPG NEED NERFS asap, they one shot and they are commonly used, there’s absolutely no counter to it at all and honestly should be removed its broken. A lot of other weapons need more balancing, reloads are very slow, even with the perk its still extremely slow, like the aug reload time is very slow and i use the perk, again ive died of many streaks due to it. uavs and advanced uavs should also last a tad bit longer. also i don’t know what it is but I get shot through walls a lot. if changes like these were made this game would be amazing, id be happy to get a response as well on what you think. thank you.
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1 year ago, BananaFruitstand
Was good, but declining
They took out the largest, most interesting map called Aftermath and replaced it with a reduced version that feels trapped. Bugs that blow away settings every time I open the map remain. I get fragged once or twice while adjusting my controls back to normal. The control adjustment interface on mobile used to be quick but a new interface that takes a lot longer to adjust controls remains. They seem to be the victim of early success. The initial designers made a great game but now they feel they need to keep tweaking it but it’s being made worse than if they just didn’t do anything at all. Sad. Update after over a year: The game is even worse. Today I deleted it because a recent update make it crash so much I can’t finish a match and the UI has gotten even worse. If they just reverted back to version 1.0 and threw away all the “enhancements”, it would better. It’s so sad to see developers do work to make software worse. It’s like they started with the Mona Lisa, but then someone came along a couple years later and said, “Wouldn’t this look better if she hat a hat?” “Maybe we should make her smile bigger, and add a toothy smile.” “You know what, she needs a mustache, ear rings and a face tattoo.” NO! NO! The Mona Lisa does NOT need a FACE TATTOO or a hat! It was the freaking Mona Lisa of mobile FPS games and you ruined it! Gah!
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5 years ago, CountryboyKody
Bullet Force!
Best FPS on iOS by far! So much fun and tons of guns and attachments to choose from. Getting gold is easy but takes a while to build up credits to buy new guns. I’d love to see the MP7 added to the game! That’s my one request I’d like to see! I’d definitely buy it even if it were a premium gun. Update: I’ve been permanently banned for “wall hack” after the game glitched in the map Urban and I ended up outside the map. I never shot anyone or anything and I got out of it as soon as I could figure out how to. After spending much more money than I’d like to admit to play this game with the guns I want I’m extremely disappointed I’ve tried contacting the developer to resolve this and get my account back and nothing. So I literally spend over $100 of my own money on this game and lost it all due to no fault of my own. If I could I’d give this 0 stars and I really hope nobody else spends their money on this game when something that’s not even your fault can get you banned. Update: The moderators helped resolve the issue and unblock my account very quickly. I think this game is top notch as far as FPS mobile games go.
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5 years ago, antiqueplow
Great Game...Have potential
So I have been playing this game for at least a year now. It is probably one of the best shooter games you can get on mobile. However, a few of the updates just seem to take the hype off of this game. Especially with the new map. I understand that this game is trying to explore a new concept of large - scale combat, but I do not believe it is necessary to make this game truly great. The problem of that map is that I personally believe it is too big. What may seem as an exciting battle can quickly escalate into a “whoever finds the best spot with the best gun wins”. And if large scale battles are the destination, then at least add new optics because the current ACOG isn’t that great. Normal ARs should be able to equip up to 4x magnification. And the only one available right now is the ACOG, which I don’t really recommend. And there should be more ways to get around the map, because the dead center of the meltdown map is literally no Man’s land. Maps like Jungle and Prison are truly one of a kind as it gives you the freedom to take a right here, then left, and navigate through the map be able to flank the main enemy forces. Thank you for your time if you read this review.
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6 years ago, weedball18
Where to begin(update)
) So this game awesome!!! I love it it has a good level up system and amazing graphics! The quality of the game play is good easy controls. It takes a few rounds to get used to it but if you have a fast phone I’d say you get the hang of it really fast just because from personal experience I play this on iPhone 7 Plus and its amazing I have such a great time playing this game. I have a hard time getting things done because I’d rather play on my phone then work on my computer games. Like I’ve completely forget about gta 5 on my pc because I just wanna keep leveling up . I would just ask for one thing and that be that you can make the silver currency more easily to be obtained just because I feel like it’s a little bit of a pay to win game. You guys can take the model for this game and add more to it like addin different armor pieces. More maps and more of a random chance to pick stuff from the box like you get a box with some cards and you get to pick one and they flip
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4 years ago, Pesto Breath
Nice FPS, but a lot of problems..
This game initially looked great, but it’s a pay to win. I would’ve been fine if I could pay 5 or 6 dollars up front for this game, and have the guns be accessible. But instead you have to pay to buy better guns. I don’t like how they made rank restrictions, before, I could play conquest at rank fourteen, but now, I have to grind more. I hate how rpgs and other explosive weapons aren’t a one shot kill, I guess. You have to hit the player with the rpg to be effective enough to get a kill, sometimes when you hit something near them you get a kill, but normally, just some damage. In a gun game round, I shot a guy, like 5 or 7 times with a lmg, and he one shotted me with a shotgun, that’s annoying. I wish in practice, you could actually practice with guns, beside the basic stuff, like, make a load out that you could practice with, even if you don’t own the gun, or for a fee of like 2500 or 5000 credits for 24 hours. Finally, you have to grind for credits, pay for gold, and all sorts of stuff regarding currency. I’ve said it before about overpriced guns. You have to play a lot for a slightly better handgun (1911) rifles can cost 150,000 credits! You get like 5000 a game or something like that. I just hope that they fix this!
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6 years ago, Hefcbeijcnien
It was great but it’s gone downhill
This game is a lot of fun and it’s really when you spend some time having it and playing it that you realize how absolutely glitched it is. One day your gun does great damage it’s the best one to roll with other times with your cross hair directly on them noting happens. And I have been one shot killed before with a gun that it’s absolutely impossible with, have been killed while standing fully behind a wall that is not glitched and cannot be shot trough (seemingly) and overall there seems to be such an imbalance to everything. I’m using the same weapon as someone else yet I need 10 headshots to get them down? It’s ridiculous. The good part is that playing this game gets you tickets and you can purchase weapons so technically you don’t need to spend any money at all. During game play you can pick up a players gun after he’s dead and use it and get to see how it works without having to buy it. Other than that it went downhill very fast for me. And just recently I noticed that entering a match has no players in it. Its usually 2/10 or 3/10 it seems that it’s creating a great number of matches but not filling them before creating a new one. It’s hard to find a full player game.
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6 years ago, XrestJvNC
Great game
I fell in love with this game as soon as I got it, I started on pc tho, so my only problem is that I can’t get my pc account on mobile, and the new gold system. Another thing is how hard it is to make money on mobile, for me pc seemed a lot easier to get cash and guns, I bought 8 guns in about a week on pc, meanwhile on mobile I only have the scar, and still getting wrecked by guns I can’t buy Cause I don’t have the gold. I feel either the game has to allow more adds, or raise the amount of gold per add. My last complaint about this beautiful game (lol) is some of the maps (canyon, city, park, etc) The only thing you’ll find on these maps Is constant death from campers, too much space to run around, and empty lobbies because no one wants to play these maps, regardless I love the game, just hope some things get changed soon, another suggestion is to add all maps to pc rotation, sometimes I see them there but when it gets picked, the game freezes on pc, other than that 5/5, great game #WoodsFTW
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6 years ago, Blackfoot Ferret
EXCELLENT GAME(but long review)
Everything about this game is great. The graphics are great for mobile standards, although higher graphic settings do drain the battery. Even if you encounter a pay to play who has some bs overpowered gun, all you have to do is ambush him and when he dies, you can pick up his op weapon! Most of all, the customer service is absolutely fantastic. I have made one purchase so far, a BRT HS 1 special pack, but it failed to be applied to my account although I had spent the money. When I reported this issue to customer service, they just asked for the purchase receipt email, my purchase history, and my build number. Once I gave them the info, they gave me my in game goods within a day’s time. EXCELLENT GAME. 100%WORTH IT! BTW You can find the contact customer service button by pressing the square with an arrow going through it at the bottom left corner of the screen, and you can find your build number when you click the gear above the square. Wonderful work
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5 years ago, mountainmanbrew
Fun game with annoying players
Been playing this for years; Super fun game to play. Pretty unbelievable that they can get this level of graphics and gameplay into a free mobile app. Only downsides are that I get a lot of lag when I’m playing (could be my phone or connection) and there’s a lot of annoying kids that play who talk all kinds of trash every time they get you. Easy solution here would be to have a “mute” or “block” feature where you could disable the chat so u wouldn’t have to see these little trolls’ stupid comments. Also hackers/ glitchers are a HUGE problem and it seems like they have gotten more common in recent months. Other than that, probably the best most addicting game app I’ve had. I’ve had countless hours of free entertainment with it. Also, one more thing- every time they update the app you can’t play it until you update so if you don’t have a wi-fi connection like me then you can’t play until you can get to one. Maybe make the offline mode at least playable without updating to the latest version.
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5 years ago, Nicholas. Level 20
This game always malfunctions
I enjoyed playing this game but now it malfunctions and takes away from the fun. For example the elevator will open at the top of the buildings and will show the bottom of the building where I entered at. People will shoot through walls and building and somehow kill you. Then when it shows where the person shot you from they won’t be there or will be in a place that’s impossible to shoot you from. Unless this game has bullets that go through buildings but it seems more realistic then to have options of that nature. The people you are playing against will walk through elevator doors while the elevator is still going up. You won’t hear the elevator door opening or the beep of the elevator, they just appear. I am a level 20 on this game and it is frustrating and makes me not want to play. This is probably the only video game I play & I’m not sure if I will continue given that has many issues. I play this on my phone not on the laptop. Hopefully this review helps the developers fix the bugs or help any people who might want to play this game rethink it.
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6 years ago, UgotF***d
May I have my money back
Let’s start off I’ve been playing this game for more than 8 months. From that time I enjoyed playing this game which is great for passing time, but from those 8 months I’ve never gotten notified for having and offensive name, but I was put in the black list server. That’s when I realized that I got banned and I was thinking why would I get banned. Then I realized it was my name so I put in $5 dollars in the game to change my name because it said "to not be banned you have to change your name." So that’s what I did I put in $5 dollars and when I went to settings to change my name it said “ You have changed your name recently please try again in 7 days.” So I waited for 7 seven days and it said the same thing. So I was like "It will take off sooner or later. Now the new update came out and it said it took off the blacklist server well I was happy I updated the game. So I went back on the game and it said “You have been permanently banned for IGN.” From that point on got mad because I realized that I lost $50+ dollars just because of a name. So, now I would like for the company to transfer me back my money or unbanned me so I could change my name and play happily. Thank you for your time reading this.
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5 years ago, robl0x g0d
Really fun but has very bad problems
This is my opinion. This game is in my top 5 best mobile shooter but my only problem is that it takes for ever to get gold and some of the best guns are locked behind a paywall personally I think the gun system should be how it is in pixel strike 3D where you could buy the guns to get them quicker but you can still get the guns for free. Each level you could unlock a new weapon and cases should grant 3 items since it’s such a grind to get them in the first place or do what overwatch does and grant the player a case each time they level up and have the xp cap be 20,000 so it’s still a grind to get it. Have a No ads one time purchase option for $4.99 and have player receive a bonus in exclusive skins/guns/cosmetics for their purchase of the no ads/vip option. Also improve the art aspect of current cosmetics in the game because since it’s a grind to get them they kind of look like “garbage” in my opinion compared to other free mobile game cosmetics. I would love to see these improvements make their way into the game to improve on the experience.
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7 years ago, ChrisEgan
Overall a great game
I am level 66 and this game is an amazing way to pass time. Along with it’s great three lane maps are the variety of guns. These guns and the game modes associated with the guns at an element of enjoyment that I cannot describe. With all of those positive contributing factors come a few negative aspects of the game. The cost of newly released “gold only” guns are very hard to get for a free to play person who loves the game. Also the bugs with hacking need to be fixed they are very annoying but I am an understanding person and know that those bugs can’t be fixed by the snap of fingers. I can honestly say that there are only a few negatives towards this game. For a mobile fps this game runs smoothly and the hit boxes are consistent with a solid connection to internet. Thank you for his amazing game and I appreciate the scary figures that pop up when people attempt to go outside of the map because those people only ruin the fun of other players and he game overall.
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3 years ago, Rosiem23.
Cool game (4.5)
This game is pretty good to be honest . Especially if you like shooting games because the guns are really cool and you can see the detail because of the graphics . Working your way up with the guns is pretty good too but the problem is that you won’t get as much credits or barley even gold unless you buy them . Another problem is that in the outpost map some players would go out the boundaries and shoot from there were other players can’t kill them. It’s harder if the players have snipers too from that area . That needs to get fixed. But in all truth the game is very addictive and if your a new player I suggest keep on practicing with the tutorial games to get better . Even if your not a new player it’s still good to go through the practice games because you just sharpen up your skill with swiftness and all that . In summary this is a pretty cool game with some issues but it is worth your time if you like shooting games etc . Hopefully the game could update in the future with new maps and even vehicles.
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4 years ago, G0ston12ff012
Horrible game
I used to love this game when it first came out but I'm sad to say I don't anymore. The game just feels cheap now and there hasn't been many huge improvements since it came out. I excused the poor graphics and menu layout in the beginning but my god it's still very bad. The menus are not user friendly and have too many things on the screen. And for me personally the graphics were never really a problem for me but they have not improved whatsoever since the game came out. I would give this game 3-4 stars but something recently happened in this game that is just inexcusable. I bought $20 worth of in game currency and I did not receive what I paid for. I was still charged the money. I filed a ticket on their support page and 5 days later still no response. This is ridiculous. $20 may not be that much but it's still ridiculous that a game has the option to buy in game currency and there's a chance you might not even receive what you paid for. This game is just utter garbage. You're better off playing other shooter games on mobile that give you what you pay for. Completely ruined the experience for me on this game. It's a shame because this game is decently fun.
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6 years ago, realni🅱️🅱️a666
It’s fun
The game is fun to play, but I will have frequent problems with lag, and there will be times when it seems whatever gun I’m using will do no damage to the opponent, and often a player will teleport around the map, and appear somewhere they aren’t. Not sure if that’s the game or just me. Also, the “watch ads for free gold” button doesn’t work, along with many other options and buttons. The gameplay itself however is fun, very fast paced, and it requires some skill. I do wish that you gained more credits per match, because you get pretty much next to nothing, so expect some grinding for the higher level guns that are actually half decent. All the customization for your guns is really neat, being able to add lasers, scopes, sights, suppressors, muzzle brakes and the like is really cool. But I could care less about skins. I wish there were more options for character customization, such as tactical gear, body armor and the like, but oh well. Overall, I would say it’s a good game, but could always be better.
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6 years ago, Tryiy
My daughter brought this app to me, and at first I was skeptical because i didn’t want graphic pictures. But this game doesn’t show any blood, and it has different modes you can play, so you never get bored. My daughter usually deletes all her games after about a week because she gets tired of them, but she’s had this game for two months, and I consistently see her playing it. The only thing I don’t like on this app is that people are able to communicate on it. A chat button DURING the game can be disabled, but after the game, it has about 20 seconds where people can chat about the game. Thankfully, the foul language is blocked out. Even “loser” and “behind” is blocked. Sometimes the game glitches, but it usually it has the most amazing graphics and it encourages you to step up the game to get to the next rank! I would say this game is 12 years and up because of the language that sometimes slips through.
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7 years ago, YouTubeIsDying
Plenty of Potential
This game is a great alternative to someone who doesn’t want to or can’t afford to buy a AAA title, but like many free to plays, it has a few issues. For instance, inconsistent bullet damage. I have more than once shot other players at point blank range in the head and have done negligible damage, as well as used a half a magazine at the same range with the same results. I’ve also noticed that this game is taking the same approach that Star Wars Battlefront II did, pay to win. Sure simply playing to earn the in-game currency isn’t as bad as the former’s was, but the fact that someone can just drop hundreds of dollars to buy the highest damage guns and most effective optics and attachments isn’t a good business strategy. There are many better ways to earn money from a free to play title than trying to milk the cash out of the players’ wallets. The system doesn’t need to be removed altogether, just improved in some way for people to have an equal opportunity for good gear and let skill handle the rest.
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5 years ago, Lalakenny
Great game but I have some suggestions
Look, I’ve been playing this game for a really long time. Since 2017 I think. It’s very good and polished. It’s a good Battlefield style game. But what is special about the Battlefield Franchise? The vehicles! This is probably difficult to implement but surely it would be a great thing to add. Also I have a gun suggestion, I think you should add a musket to the game. Brown Bess, or a Charleville. You can make the reload time very long but give it a ridiculous damage. Or you can make it extremely historically inaccurate and make it super accurate and give it a super long range. It does not really fit in your modern time period but it certainly will be fun to use. Another thing I have a problem with is the micro transactions, and the pay to win weapons. I know it’s a mobile game, but it’s annoying that I can’t get some of the guns because that are gold. But it’s okay because you are a free to play game, and you need to make money in some way. Great game, and keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, (NeJi)MisterJinx
Official Review
Hi my name is Mister Jinx of the (NeJi) CLAN on bullet force. I have a KDR of 2.0 and of course am a level 100. I considered myself on of the best in your game “bullet force”, but also many other consoles. I’m also an athlete and have a particular interest in martial arts. All this goes to say I appreciated the aspect of throwing knives and shurikens (my personal), on the game because it was very unique and REALISTIC , in speed, distance, and quite frankly difficulty. Only the best players were able to master its craft efficiently enough to make it seem OP. I am so disappointed that you took a simple consensus of the things , not realizing 60%-80% of the people that play your game , the ones who voted against these weapons, simply ARE NOT TALENTED PLAYERS! You’d rather take majority opinion over credible opinions?? What the hell is wrong with you man. You had such a good game with all the unique things , then you started limiting your creativity with these new “updates” or “limits” rather. Your game is getting deleted by many talents, unfortunately making your game boring. I will proudly delete it now, but did enjoy it so much even in practice for some time.
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4 years ago, Dovish Kinbok
Great game except a few issues
The gameplay is fairly smooth in the Offline/Training but the reason I downloaded it was for the offline campaigning and gameplay but sadly it seems as though offline means something different here as it’s not an actual “offline” feature more as a “single player” feature and I say this because the fact that I got it for “offline” playing and it states in its description “without internet” is the reason I’m here now so soon after downloading making this review. I started the game with internet, I travel so my signal drops often, hence the reason for getting this game, while playing an “offline” match the game will suddenly exit and go back to the soldier screen without warning, so I check my signal and it has dropped as normal in the area I’m going through. So in my conclusion, if you want to play “offline” then maybe starting the game without internet is the way to go? But then you don’t have ads to get extra content
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6 years ago, AngryPuffin
A few suggestions
I’ve been playing this game a lot lately so I’m basing these suggestions off several months of playing time. My preferred weapon in this game is definitely the sniper. Over time I’ve accumulated almost every sniper rifle in the game, however, I find my self using the ACOG or the HOLO optic more often than the rifle scope. I also tend to switch between the HOLO and ACOG every couple days because I like the subtle magnification of the ACOG but the sight picture is not as clear as the HOLO. Could you incorporate a new sight that is somewhere between the ACOG and the HOLO. Basically I’m looking for a clear crosshair sight picture with a slight amount of magnification but still maintaining some peripheral. Second, I really want to use the BRT HS1 with iron sighs. I picked up one someone had dropped and it had iron sights and I loved it! I was disappointed to find that iron sights were no longer an option only after I bought it...
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6 years ago, ATypicalGamer
Very Good Game but...
This game has a great concept and mechanics. There are many free-to-play weapons available in the shop. The grind is worth it for the satisfaction of owning a new gun. But, there are just too many glitches. Some players go ghost mode, glitching around the map and during you down with their bullets. It’s extremely hard to kill them. I don’t know if this is a perk, a bug, or lag. Also, recently, I grinded 200,000 for the RPG. I then tried purchasing it. An error message popped up stating that I didn’t have enough credits. Thinking it could easily be fixed with a quick game refresh, I logged out and then back in of my account. The game reset me to 20,000 credits, destroying my hopes and dreams. I don’t know why that happened but please look into the issue. It’s back to the grind for me. Great game but many issues. Please fix them. Edit: I have recently purchased the RPG, successfully this time. If there was a bug, thank you for fixing it. I’m having a blast with this new weapon.
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4 years ago, AcidAardvark
Fix new issues
I got this game about 2 years ago and grinded forever and spent a bunch of money. And I got to level 85 with so many character skins and gun camos. Then I left the game for about a year and unfortunately came back to try it out again to see it in a TERRIBLE state. The game used to be very good with a simple clean lobby and everything was nice and simple to do such as customizing your classes and picking game modes. I came back to a very messing looking lobby and ugly complicated hub and it was god awful. I logged back in to my old stacked account and can never get into a game with anybody, as it only loads me into games by myself, things are lagging and don’t load properly, and can’t play hardly any game mode on any server because it says it’s reserved for new players, and try a regular map? The game used to be populated and simple and very fun but now only has issues and and useless and messing settings and hub. Pls make the game how it used to be and fix issues. RIP😢
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2 years ago, DiegodaBoss12345
PLEASE Add this
Please let us sell weapons for half or 3/4ths the price since we don't want them and accessories too. Because making money isn't as fast as it should and please fix the RPG and other grenade launchers glitch which is that if you shoot it near someone it doesn't work most of the time and Gun Games go so unfair. So please add this and bigger maps pleaseeee the game will be better. And for practice mode add a team death match or gun game. 2022 Update: I’m sure this can be a quick bug fix, but after the recent update around a month ago where the minigun was unfortunately balanced for being a bit too overpowered, most of the times when shooting an enemy in gun game and in almost every other game mode, they disappear and their weapon stays floating but they don’t die (?). A very weird but fixable glitch. Ammo is used so it’s extremely annoying since you can lose a game because of this glitch. Please fix asap.
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5 years ago, JGrowlithe
Don't get me wrong, I love this game but it was ever since Blayze Games took over that I have been having trouble with this game. I have been having trouble with connecting to games and getting kicked off, but wait! There is a new update saying that it is all fixed up and after 7 months and paying $50 for the I finally get to play again?! Oh wait. It is a lie. I got in a match and the same thing that has been happening happened once again. Nice one Blayze. I understand that this is the first time that you have made an update on this subject and that you many other times to go to fix that, but I am done having trouble with this company. I want my money back and I am deleting this game. I want my money back first, though. I have been with this game ever since there was 600 people playing it. So since the beginning. My name is JGrowlithe. Please try to look for the name and give the money back. Please take this review into consideration and do better in the future. Sorry for the trouble, goodbye.
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6 years ago, Overlord189
Please Add Riot Shield
Ive been playing this game near the time it began. I truly enjoy the game, and Ive made it to level 100 just from true skill. Im glad you guys took off the shurikens and tk bc that really annoyed me. People over used them and they were annoying, so thanks for that. But I would really appreciate it if you guys included a riot shield. Ive always had a thing for shields. They’re super cool and can either be overpowered or useless (depending on how the player uses it). It saddens me that barely any mobile fps has riot shields. So please, if you guys decide to add one don’t make it too expensive. I personally can’t buy weapons that require gold because I cant use money for mobile games, and it takes wayyyy to long to reach the required amount just from videos. So again, if you can, add a shield. It would really make the game more exciting and team based as well. Knowing there’s this “juggernaut” on the field.
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5 months ago, Popa John
The best game made the worst day
This game was so fun. I was around 7-8 years old playing this game everyday. This game was my life. I grinded and grinded and was unstoppable in game. Untill one day. This day was the worst day of my life. It was a normal sunday afternoon and me and my parents were on our way back home from applebees where u played this game the whole time I was there. As we were pulling into the drive way, as the dumb little 8 year old I was, I went into settings and deleted my account. After all my hard working getting better weapons and begging my parents to buy me in app purchases, I deleted it all with a click of a button. I was just to curious. I sat and cried in that car for hours refusing to go inside. I lost my passion that day. This was over 8 years ago and I will never forget. Thank you bullet force, I will always love and hate you.
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5 years ago, micspankies
Awsome game but
Awsome game but there is mot much content yeah we get lot of guns but thats it it takes a month or longer to add a new map and add something new and unique like costume redicals, cool animations for guns, cool and exciting maps, characters, useable attachments, more score streaks, add more game modes, etc. and the music gets annoying after a while so change the music there has been a problem in the game where if you get out of the app and go back in it will sign you out and you have to sign back in but once you do that it will get rid of your all your guns and throwable then i have to delete the game and get it back just for it to happen the next day and there is this bug were if you one shot someone and hit them but if they kill you at the same time they will kill you but they will take no damage this is extremely annoying because I mostly use snipers and this always happens and nerd the BRT HS1 that gun is to powerful because their is no bullet drop it has lots of ammo and it one shots you anywhere
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6 years ago, carhood4757
It’s pretty good.
I’ve been playing quite a bit of this game recently, and for a mobile FPS, it’s pretty good. Few problems though. One is the pay to win. Get it happens a lot, but it’s still annoying for someone to have a gun because I refuse to pay. Camos as well. Also some weapons are straight up broken. The biggest one right now is the Shorty SG. Range of a sniper, one hit kill of a sniper, but also a close up shotgun. Needs a serious nerf. Another thing is the spawning. Pretty meh. Sometimes you get a good spawn where you can get a few seconds before coming into contact with an enemy. Other times they’re spawned directly behind you or turn the corner in front of you right as you spawn. And the flipping is a little sloppy. Needs some work. And while most maps are decent, some I can’t stand. Like village. The rooftop thing was alright, but there’s one house that you could camp the entire game on, with views and cover to the major spawn points, and everyone uses it. Canyon was one I used to hate, but they’ve fixed it a bit, so it’s gotten better. Still not my favorite map, but has moved from trash to decent. But the one I hate most is City. Such a terrible map. Rooftop camping, elevator camping, an entire portion of the map is completely forgotten and avoided, terrible spawning, frequent spawn killing, super slow gameplay, just all around terrible. Still, decent game that is fun to play in spare time.
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6 years ago, NunYa$
Great Game!!!...............for the most part
I will say that bullet force reminds me a lot of call of duty and battlefield, two of my favorite games. The modes, the customization, even some of the maps are similar to Call of Duties. But with that being said there are very few issues that I’d like to address. For example there is a lack in variety of game modes. There are about 4-5 game modes available. I would see an improvement in modes in the near future. My other problem with the game is with the coins. I’d wish that there was another way to get coins than available considering how needed there are. Your options are complete an offer, watch an ad or buy to earn coins. I’d wish you could maybe earn them as you level up or maybe a daily spin the wheel kind of thing so you earn coins faster. Other than those two minor problems i believe this game is well rounded and I’m interested in what they come up with in the next update!!!
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7 years ago, Axeman032
Good game, some issues.
Throwing knives are the best weapon in the game and require almost no aim or skill to do well with. The game is called “Bullet Force” so it should be about bullets right? The Deagle allows for a person to move quickly and suffer very little loss in aim while moving while offering less recoil than the MK11. Basically a better Mk11 than with a smaller magazine but in a sidearm. The UMP just has too much going for it and it’s only downside is a slow rate of fire kind of. Head glitching is annoying. There are spots on maps where a single person can basically hold off an entire enemy team. Map design needs work. Still this is a great game and being able to customize the hud and controls is something so many other games don’t do. I like the fact that with skill a person can do great with just about any weapon though some clearly are way better than others. Worth a try at least if you want to enjoy a FPS on a mobile device.
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5 years ago, mgarland79
Great game aside from hacks
I love this game it’s definitely my favorite especially on iPad. But Something needs to be done with all the allowed hacks that play. Most have a level 4 or lower but it’s getting out of control. I’ve played this game for a couple years now and I’ve spent a Fortune on guns, gold, skins etc. I’m almost a level 100 and I play daily so when I game gets overrun by hacks it ruins how good the game is. I also deal with a lot of glitches & get dropped out of a game only to lose my kills on that round. If there is something that can be done I’m all ears. But I refuse to hack on any game, you don’t get skills that way! Appreciate & Respect the game & also the True Skill Players playing with or against me that keep the game clean. And why did I just buy new gun and knife combo and I didn’t receive it after purchase? ?..? When’s new update coming??. #DeadPool1979
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5 years ago, Emily Kemp
It’s Great
I love the game! I love that you can Vote on different modes in multiplayer and that practice is like playing with people (you aren’t tho) Every Game has flaws or imperfections as you may call them and here are some I have noticed... #1: To start, Sometimes when I first get on the game, it tells me I am not signed in to a account! Which I have one!!!!! And I never sign out, because I might forget my Password, The first few times it happened I thought it glitched and signed me out so I signed back in and it deleted all my history! Like my kills and Ranking, and deaths! (It’s okay, I am now over all my rank I was at, anyway...still isn’t right!) #2: I find it a bit rude that in the Avatar section their Are no Females! I know that the standers are that gun games are for boys, but I enjoy them! And Yes, I’m a girl! Maybe make it where when you sign up it asks your gender!?! Idk, it’s your game, and I love it, but please! Thanks!!!! Please if you would, get back to me
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3 years ago, -GilGax-
Good and great game with excellent potential but with many problems
Please I need help first I downland today this game and was really exited about playing it the ratings and photos were good etc. But there are many problems when I open the app and trying to play ( i have an iPhone 6 iOS version 12.5 meaning that can run this game ) first when i try to open it my game crash for 7 times that i tried, then I uninstall and installed again then finally work I was in the lobby with the normal features but when I try to open or do any action the game responds too late sometimes it doesn’t respond and likely it crashes I haven’t play a single game because of this problems and I really want to play this game and BTW I also see that the game is Pay to win I am no one to judge but that would put me and other free to play players in a great disadvantage. Devs please fix this things and make this game playable for me I really want to play there are many things that you need to fix and I hope they get fix as soon as possible thank for reading Atte - a random guy in the AppStore trying to play a good game.
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