Bunny Shooter Christmas - a Free Game by the Best, Cool & Fun Games

4.2 (10.5K)
16 MB
Age rating
Current version
Best Free Games - Top Apps
Last update
12 years ago
Version OS
3.0 or later

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User Reviews for Bunny Shooter Christmas - a Free Game by the Best, Cool & Fun Games

4.2 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
12 years ago, Peacebella717
Pretty cool game 😏
This is a really cool game, i really like it because its funny to kill the bunnys and its just totally addictive!!! You should get it, i would definatley recommend it. The only things is that i think they should give you more levels on the free version or maybe just make the full version less money. I doubt that would happen but anyways, its a really nice game. Really addicting anf fun. :)
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12 years ago, Filipino girl! :D
Bunny shooter
It is awesome, it's kind of like playing angry birds but this is so much better and I seriously don't know why but it's probably because I'm bad at angry birds! My teacher says I write a lot, even my friends say I do, but that's only because I get topic... A LOT!!!!! But anyways it's a really good game that's why the first time I uploaded it I got all three stars on all of them so I deleted the game but then I uploaded it again to get all three stars AGAIN!!! I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Jack La 4
Christmas bunnys
I love this game but, the bunnies should be wearing tuxedos and fashionable bow ties and shoes. If they have the right attire I could play it in my sleep! It is my favorite game, but it would be my extra favorite game if they had fashionable attire. thank you for reading my review. it was a pleasure to have you listen. I hope that you liked what I wrote and very well agreed with my ideas. Sorry if you don't like my ideas. :p
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12 years ago, Freedom0718
Ok most games are Well ok but this one it just is addicting. My mom says that in playing on my iPod to much. Well this game is why. I almost never played on my iPod but now I'm on it all the time. It's funny because when I didn't use my iPod my mom said I payed all that money for something you don't use. Well now I can't get of it and she says I shouldn't be on it so much.
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11 years ago, Ninja kitty Jessica lynn
My review of this game for all to here
I think that this game is very fun. It is also challenging. Which makes it harder but yet a lot more fun to play . The challenges all depend on what level you are actually on . In a rating of 1 - 10 I'd give this game a 10 .... If u have different thoughts then comment ... BUT , if you have never played this game before then give it a try I'm sure u like it . This game is very fun
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12 years ago, ZeroOrigin
Kinda fun
I think they could do better. The pop up to ask if you want to download a free game isn't necessary. Advertisements are fine but that is over the top. The bow can be annoying to aim. However smashing bunnies between boards using an exploding arrow is strangely satisfying.
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12 years ago, sivart thgiels
Bunny shooter.
I love the game. My only problem is I'd like to play more levels. The game that I have only has 30 levels and I see that there could be room for more. I love the game and I find myself always coming back to kill those bunnies :-). The five stars sticks but please create more levels and put it in an update.
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12 years ago, Mommyof2QTPi
If you want a different theme from Angry Birds concept this is it. Just when you think all's impossible to solve, they do get easier with practice. Completed all 30 free levels then went back to earn 3 stars each, was majorly stuck at level 16 but just achieved 3 stars! So tempted to buy the full version!
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8 years ago, Fun crazy guy
I downloaded this app a couple years ago when it had the more difficult levels but now Theres only the easy levels that I can pass in an hour I used to spend hours playing this impossible game but now this game is boring so PLEASE put all the levels back and update the screen to fit properly on new phones honestly this app was actually number 1 of my favorite apps and believe me I've downloaded a couple hundred of apps but anyway please make this app great again
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9 years ago, Furbz12
Great game
I have absolutely loved this game since I had the iPod 3rd gen. (Though that was 5 years ago.) I now have a iPhone 6 Plus and wish they brought back the original version of this game. It had more levels and it was absolutely amazing. If the creator reads these reviews, please take to note to bring back the original Bunny Shooter! 😊💯🐰
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12 years ago, Cupcake12329102011096498
Bunny Shooter
Have fun playing the game of Bunny Shooter! These evil bunnies are trying to eat everything in your garden! Will you let that happen? No! Special arrows are included such as bomb arrows, spiked arrows, and much more. And are you stuck on a level? You have 5 explosion bunny rings so you can explode the bunnies! Once again, have fun playing Bunny Shooter!
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10 years ago, 0856@
Bunny Shooter Rating By: Katlin
I really can't explain Bunny Shooter in just a rating. It really is a fun, awesome app. I love it so much and really enjoy playing it. All of the levels are so different, and I like how it can be suspenseful sometimes. However, I wish there were more levels and the regular bunny shooter was available, not just the Christmas one. I mean seriously, it's not even CLOSE to that time of year!! I do love the cute bunnies though that always make me smile. GO.........bunny shooter!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Steven J. Sheehy
The best game ever
In all my years of playing with my I pad, I've never have played a so delightful, acton packed, and splended experience as such. In my opinion, this game is a little bit like angry birds exept 10x better. Even if you don't like angry birds, but you like action packed games, you'll probobly like this game. I hope this review was helpful to you.
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12 years ago, Dogs and puppies are the best!
Bunny shooter is so awesome!
I love bunny shooter! It is so much fun! The only thing is that it needs more levels! It is April you need to change the theme! But other wise it is really good! But it would be cool if you made a space theme, or a rain forest theme, or an ocean theme, or a African safari theme, or a beach theme, and lots of other themes! Please make another bunny shooter game with other themes and more levels! Thanks Bye!
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12 years ago, karissaframpton
Bunny shooter better than angry birds!!!
I love this game! It's very addicting and it has that irritating aspect that any good game would have. If you can't get five gold stars on each level, then you start to get irritated lol. It reminds of Angry Birds inn the sense that you have to kill something in so many tries... It's a fun, challenging, and very well-thought-out game. Kudos to the creator!
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8 months ago, Annie_Bee123
The game was so fun, it’s been years, let’s be honest, we all want to relive these memories, so you should update it for the newest IOS, maybe add a level editor where you can make levels and share them on an ingame workshop, I even have a name, bunny workshop, anyways, have a good day
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11 years ago, Hottiebee
Samantha Meeks's review on the game
Omg! This game is freaking awesome, I mean when you shoot you have so much fun, because you can let off steam, if you are mad about something! I some times get frustrated when I don't get all the little bunnies, the first time, but who's cares, anyway the game is so awesome, I recommend it to any age, THANKS!
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11 years ago, Monier S
Not working
Although still one of my favorite games since February of 2013, the game suddenly stopped working as of today . When you activate the game, it shuts off in less than 10 secs. I tried reinstalling the app and same thing happens.
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12 years ago, Crickitcatcher
Bunny shooter
I play this everyday because there is nothing more comforting than shooting exploding pink bunny rabbits..honestly credit this game for keeping me grounded...feel more in touch with the universe after using my bow to rid this world of evil. It's for everyone's benefit for me to just keep playing.
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12 years ago, AinNiecy
I can't seem to put this Down. There's something exciting and playfully evil about killing these lovely little furry bunnies. But, when you look close, you see that they aren't so sweet after all! Thanks to the evil genius who created it.
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12 years ago, ChrisCBradshaw
I love Bunny Shooter and I am waiting for more levels so the Holiday version was nice to have while I wait. The only problem I have is that I wish it was located in the menu instead of another icon on my home screen. Thanks! HappyHolidays!
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12 years ago, Whoopgames
Bunny shooters scam!!!
Bunny shooters deceitfully tricks young children into making bogus in app purchases. My 4 year old who has limited computer knowledge, somehow ended up making a $20 purchase on their "free game," that they did not require my password for. I've never had any such problems with other free games and am disappointed in the ethics behind their charades. I'd appreciate hearing from Bunny Shooters so we can get this issue resolved. I'll be happy to remove the game asap.
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12 years ago, sergio benitez
Best best best!!!!(GET)
I  this game its soo addicting and i have the first bunny shooter and on level 16 on world 1 it tells me to get this key on the store but when i go to the store it always says its not available and says to check my connection but i get exellent signal,,,PLZ fix dat
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3 years ago, K80theSHADE
Please update to work in iOS 11! Seriously; best game ever on iPad! I know there are many like it through the years, but this one has the perfect blend of art, physics, humor, and finesse. Don’t change a thing! Just update it!
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10 years ago, By:Selena Gomez
Love it!
I love it but where are more levels we need more levels I'm trying to look for the original but I cannot find Gustavo can plz put back the original bunny shooter plz it's awesome and we have more levels on the original
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11 years ago, OTownFL
Addicting game that's challenging
Love this game couldn't stop playing, only problem was I was done with all levels in 2 days. I would love an updated version with a lot more levels and wouldn't mind paying for it either.
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12 years ago, DaveGR
Put it in airplane mode to prevent crashes.
The frequent crashes with ios 6 were annoying until I realized putting it in airplane mode resolved the issue - probably something to do with downloading the ads. I'd give it a better rating if they would release an update to fix the bugs because it is a fun game.
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12 years ago, Chesster the Chess player
The Bunster
One of the coolest games I've played in awhile, time flies when your having fun, and with this game, look forward to those situations when you have to wait for something, to play! : )
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12 years ago, Rpg888
So fun.
Please make another larger paid version with more difficult levels really enjoyed this one but a bigger more difficult one would be awesome.
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12 years ago, TigerEyes8
Love this game, makes you really think of we're to shoot the arrow to get the sequence of events to happen to kill the cute bunnies, and my 5 year old, amazingly is beating me at this, great entertainment . Great game ! Keep up the good work!
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12 years ago, SkinnyD.
For all ages. App works well, besides it asking you over and over if you want to buy the full version. Annoying, won't ever buy it because it has annoyed the crap out of me.
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12 years ago, TikiGirl41
I love it but....
There's only 30 levels and I want 30,000 levels. Is there an original version? Are there other versions? I can't get enough of this stupid but addicting game!!!
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12 years ago, Akbusby
I love the game, however it won't update & the original version keeps giving a message that Internet connection not available but works for all other apps! I've deleted and reloaded still nothing! Please get it fixed cause I hate angry birds & need a game to play!
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10 years ago, Loggdrhbfjj
Love it
I love it it's so fun it will intertan me for the day it's hard and easy for me make more o and pepole that can't open it its not be us of your iPad or iPhone because I play on both It's becasse the game might just can't open on yore thing
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12 years ago, Last Quarter
The first few levels I didn't know if I liked it but the I loved it and I still do u may get frustrated bit it just takes time and practice!
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12 years ago, Lil gal beast
My review, check it!
It's cool I really like it, but what would be cool is if while you're playing if you could listen to music you like. Like by emenim you agree??? But it's still a lot of fun!
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12 years ago, Wally balou
Level 4 bunny shooter?
Great game took me an hour to beat it though...also have 3 stars on all three worlds/60 levels each on bunny shooter! When is bunny shooter going to have world 4?? Can't wait!
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12 years ago, DumbBlond_001
Great game
It's a fun game, but on some of the levels, you may find that you have to play it 5000 times before you can pass, but besides that, I give it a five-star rating.
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12 years ago, Blastcaps
Everything is awesome!
Wish there were more levels! Don't understand what the heck they want you to buy though.
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12 years ago, Jford916
These lil f'ers bug me when the giggle at you... Fun to play... Can't stop while I'm winning, win I mess up the lil bunnies gets me mad so I keep going.. The bow and arrow is a to sensitive but other then that I can play this app all day on my iPad
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11 years ago, RainbowPiex16
Crashes Too Much Dx
I like the game, but whenever I press PLAY it freezes and then crashes. Then I try again, but same thing happens. Please fix this so that I can have fun again :)
Show more
12 years ago, Lucy_Bearden777
There is a lot of levels!!!!
You aren't able to see all the levels till u beat like the first 15 and then there are still a lot more!!! Don't worry!!!!!!😃
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12 years ago, Cajuneaux
Fantastic game. Very addicting. And I have to say excellent customer support. They were very prompt with responding to emails.... Highly recommend!!! Keep up the great work...can't wait for more levels on regular bunny shooter......
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12 years ago, Lovepuppy316
~I'm a Bunny Shooter Master!~
I have 3 stars in ALL the levels in this addicting game! I hope you'll make more like "Bunny Shooter Valentines" or something AWESOME like that. Because if you don't, I might delete this game and start ALL over... XD luv it luv it!!! <3
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11 years ago, Mahaingttta
Crashes on opening
Was fun when first downloaded, but crashes on opening every time now. Will not open on ios 6.
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11 years ago, Jupiter_4
Best Game Ever
Way better than angry birds plus its funny cause of the bunny noises and their hilarious expressions make this app take advantage of the bigger and better display on the iphone 5s retina display and this game will be gold well better that it's a very fun game!
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12 years ago, Mehera
Bunny time!
Great fun figuring out the best way to most efficiently kill bunnies! Not just an action packed game you definitely get to use your head. Keeps you coming back for more bunnies!
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12 years ago, Brandy Leigh Pyle
So much fun
A LOT of fun, but a lot of adds. Just something offering from Angry Birds. Same concept though, you have a certain number of arrows to kill all these bunnies.
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12 years ago, Nicknames are all taken...
Don't usually play video games
I downloaded this for my three year old to play and find it addicting for myself!
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12 years ago, Sie124
Best bunny shooting game in the world
This game is so fun! I know it's mean to shoot bunnies but it is so fun! If you are looking for a fun game this is one of them, but if you like more challenging action games you should try oven break
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