Burger Chef : Yummy Burger

3.9 (83)
32.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later
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User Reviews for Burger Chef : Yummy Burger

3.89 out of 5
83 Ratings
9 years ago, Neneen2
Good game
Pretty good game. Gets challenging enough not to be boring. Recommend to friends. I've been playing a while now and while I still enjoy it, the higher levels are impossible to pass. They don't give you enough clients to reach the goal. I've upgraded everything to the max and still can't reach the goal. Getting very frustrating. All I need is maybe two more customers. Gonna give it a few more tries and if I still can't reach the goal I'm gonna delete
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9 years ago, Magickalcat
Not Well Thought Out
It is very annoying and unproductive that you cannot pick up the burger you make so that the person at the very end can receive a burger without the person in front taking it first. Players are then forced to leave the seats occupied by coins and that waste time because that means pass customers come in that day. The game should allow you to pick up the burger and give it to someone but if you don't grab it in time the first person will take it. That way at least the costumer on the end has a chance and you still get a lot of customers!
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8 years ago, AESTEK
Good game, poor grammar
This is a fun game to pass the time. However, when you save your money to purchase upgrades, the descriptions are poorly written and it's hard to tell what they actually do. It's clear that English is not the creator's first language. In the next update make all the directions clear and understandable. It's still a fun game though.
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9 years ago, Snobaby2
Pretty Good Game. Graphics Need Updating A Bit.
Game is easy to play. You don't have to wait for your game to get extra energy after you fail the level a few times. There is a small ad between levels.
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2 years ago, Nonsense.com
Too hard to beat
I gave this one star, if I could give none that’s what I would of done. I am on level 36, there is no way to beat this level. It is hard and I have given all the power ups, if I ever beat it ( and I don’t see how that’s possible) the next level will be the same. The worst part is the conveyor belt never goes faster, no power up for that, this game gives you nothing to help win the levels.
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9 years ago, NikNik3769
So far...
I just started playing this game. I wanted to play something new. It's a lot like sushi chef, if u play that game. I like it, it's a little slow, after every level an ad will pop up, it's not to bothersome. Will play a little bit more to see how I really like it. It's worth a try if u are bored.
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8 years ago, NDS911
Good Game
Good game and a fun challenge!
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8 years ago, mistermeemee
Decent game but flawed
I enjoy playing this game but it has issues. You are not awarded coins unless you beat a level and customers do not appear in empty seats quickly enough. Overall it an enjoyable game though.
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8 years ago, nhatfield4683
Good but annoying
Living the game although coins could be worth a little more. I haven't been able to purchase anything with coins. But what really bugs me is the ads.
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7 years ago, Mimi&Craig2008
Lots of fun and addictive. I just wish it had more levels. Enjoy
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9 years ago, Cellyjohnson83
Basic game. Helps to pass the time if you're bored. It doesn't require real money to be successful it. The instruction are poorly written, but anyone with half a gnats brain can figure it out.
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9 years ago, MarFinch31
Definitely a game for when youre bored. The english here is bad and the game seems sort of generic. It gets boring very fast and the way the conveyor belt works is weird. All in all, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this game a 3.
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8 years ago, Missnessa2024
Not happy
I love this game so I bought the add free game and I'm still getting the ADDS I'm not happy about that since I paid for the adds free game of 3.99$ I will rate the game 5 stars when my problem is addressed. Thanks
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8 years ago, Yola901
Just ok. Time goes by extremely day when serving customers
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9 years ago, Ugh UPSET
Great game
Cool game fun to play
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10 years ago, Beautybajan gyal
Awesome sauce
Let me say this game is highly addictive. BUT, it could use some adjustments. You should add more upgrades so we (the players) actually have something to work for throughout the game as it gets harder. The conveyor belt should run just a little bit faster. And besides that the game is pretty cool. I'm stuck at level 37 right now because I can't reach a goal of 2800 mad to really keeps me playing until I beat it.
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9 years ago, Lia442
Love cooking!!!
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10 years ago, Mcakin
Could a been, shoulda been...
This could be a really fun game if not for all the bugs, worthless upgrades and poorly worded instructions. It 's a wonder how someone intelligent enough to program a game and sell it, can't find a single person to read and edit the instructions... Go figure! Total agreement with other reviewers...icons don't always work, you can't possibly win if given too few customers AND what ARE the "surprises" when you upgrade? Has anyone gotten a "surprise"? I purchased no ads and that worked for about an hour then("surprise"! ) the ads came back . This has never happened to me before. Don't really expect these yahoos to do anything about it tho, I'm just say in'!
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10 years ago, Laura Nofsinger
Enjoyable but needs small fixes
Game is very fun and addictive. So addictive, in fact, that I keep playing even though certain things need to be fixed. Customers, even with all upgrades, lose heart value as fast as basic items. All item upgrade description text is practically useless. Very fun!
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10 years ago, SarahBeth1984
Addicting, but needs some fixes
The basics of the game are good, but some fixes are definitely needed. The upgrades are pointless and the descriptions and overall text throughout the game don't make sense. Also, in order to make the daily targets attainable, the game needs to allow more customers to come in. There are times when I'm playing and there are no customers! Frustrating.
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10 years ago, TaintedEyez
This game has great potential..
The game has great graphics, moves smooth, is fast, and is fun. But the dialogue is in poor English, the upgrades are expensive from the start, and there are a few glitches with the conveyor belt (once I mess up on an order it keeps appearing even if I don't mess up). Overall, if this game gets updated with these adjustments, you'll have a new addictive game.
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10 years ago, Steph Marie dods
It's an ok game overall. Addictive yes, but also annoying. I hate that you have to throw the entire tray in the garbage if you mess up, and that the customers have such little time before they lose a heart. Even if you have only one customer if they sit in the last seat they lose a heart before the food gets down to them. Like I said it's ok could be way better!
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10 years ago, SimplySweet11
Great game but a little disappointed!!
I played the game, won the amount of coins I need to upgrade my chairs and table. Game undid all my upgrades. Now, I have to play game for more coins to upgrade again. Fed up!
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10 years ago, Some minor bugs
Needs more leway
When you make the food you should allow the chef to hand it directly to the customer instead of it being sent on the belt, because the customers at the end get their foods taken away by the newest customers at the front who happen to order the sane thing. If this change could be done, this game would be a whole lot better.
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10 years ago, Kandikayne1
Great game.....buuuuut
Good game, love it. However, don't purchase the coin package that says it stops the advertisements...it doesn't. The ads just keep on coming. The game is addictive, but upgrades are expensive and some are rather useless. Once bugs are fixed, I would love to give it more stars.
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9 years ago, KyLarsen
I logged in to write a review only to notice that all of my points have been made. This tells me these reviews aren't being considered. You threw a game together, collected some money, then let it go. Lame. I passed day 40 and immediately the game froze up and failed to save my progress. Sad, bc the game itself was really fun.
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10 years ago, Jahblake
Great game
Good way to waste time, the levels are fun just a few minor glitches. Need more rounds though.
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10 years ago, Rican1princess
Frustrated at times
It's a fun game. Needs bugs fixed. Conveyor belt needs to be faster. Please fix. More customers to pop up. Sometimes it takes about 15-20 seconds for a customer to even show up. Please fix.
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10 years ago, Wink07
Great game to relax to. Good game play. A little slow sometimes and needs more upgrades. But will keep around for a while!!
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10 years ago, BambiMeoow
Very fun
I wish you guys have more upgrade available (ex: chair,register... More). So I can keep playing and have some goals to work on. Nice game
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10 years ago, Trying to like it
Like the idea of the game but taps on ingredients don't work half the time. Then i multi tap to try to get it to work, and randomly multiple will catch up and appear. only way to remove one item is to clear tray. When I try to give candy to a customer, sometimes it sticks and just follows around all the taps.
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10 years ago, Blonde4113
Its fun buuut...
Its a good game, but it does need some fixes like more customers, and fix the part where when you make food for the customer on the far right that no one else steals it, its very frustrating. Thanks.
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9 years ago, Danakscully64
Impossible levels
This is similar to a sushi game I play on my laptop, but not as fun. For many levels, you aren't given enough customers to meet goals. I've played some levels over and over without luck.
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9 years ago, HisGoldenHalo0790
Too slow, takes forever takes forever to earn money
This game is fun but it takes too long to earn money for upgrades, the conveyor belt is WAY too slow, and the instructions look like they were written by a 4 year old.
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9 years ago, Tinastars
Star Chef
This the first time playing. I like it so far. The price to upgrade is high but this is fun to play
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10 years ago, Vtotheal76
Paid to remove ads - didn't remove ads
After paying to remove ads, I still have ads! And of course, I can't get help because their website is in Chinese or Japanese! Fun game but they cheat you - take your money, but don't follow through. BAD customer service!
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10 years ago, The R.E
Love this Game
I enjoy this game so much, that my daughter has to remind me that we are taking turns!
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10 years ago, Dcredone1978
This game would be fun if when the customers left the table new one would appear without a delay. This issue cause you to not be able to meet the points you need.
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10 years ago, Rockymtnwife
Great app
Game rocks! Lots of continuous play doesn't freeze up.. Highly recommend it!
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10 years ago, Freelyspeakin
Needs fuxin'
You should be able to hand the food to a customer instead it going down a slow belt. & u should be able to reorder snacks too if your going to keep it on the belt.
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10 years ago, GoldenT
Enjoy it
A lot of phone to pass time.
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11 years ago, Fun=this game
fun game
Very fun. Would have given a 5 star review if more than 15 levels existed.
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10 years ago, Sscooby22003
So sad
Wouldn't let me open and play the game
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10 years ago, Kruskadia
Love it
Love it, need the fix the other reviews say, but I still love it.
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10 years ago, BS nickname unavailable!
Waste of money!
Paid for no ads, worked once, now getting ads again! Tried going to their site, but it's in Japanese (?), so no help there ... You need to refund everyone's money or remove ads!
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10 years ago, emhunt
Needs fixing
It would be a fun game if new customers coming in didn't steal other's food. The person on the far right never gets their food because it's stolen before it can get there.
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10 years ago, supernatural<3
Don't bother
This could have been a fun game but it makes no sense . Half the time you can't make the sandwich you want even if you have enough ingredients and the directions are incomplete at best.
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10 years ago, siangel07
Great game.... But
Wish there were more options and levels. Very addicting. Love this game
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9 years ago, Wantstopin
How boring
What a bore, you do the same thing over and over again. Deleted after 2 levels
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10 years ago, NEUQE
I just downloaded this game and I'm disappointed because when I tap on it to open it won't open. Please fix this issue so that I can enjoy this game.
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