Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

4.8 (40.4K)
546.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

4.83 out of 5
40.4K Ratings
4 years ago, keep making more games
Need a few improvements
So I have just played this today and this game is really good I haven’t watched people play the latest installment really but I have watched my favorite Youtubers play this game and I wondered if it was free on my device or even on it at all and it was and this is that night so you probably wouldn’t never mind anyway the improvements I want is the chili bombs aren’t that distractive it doesn’t want me very far and I don’t wanted to make so when you launch week you don’t so just so lame like you just slam on the cake wall you have to at least get somewhere I don’t want you to make it extremely kind a obvious that the last Luchador is that little juicy piece thing as your company logo also Nerf the last Luchador it’s too over powered but this is the last complaint but I don’t want you to make one more thing with the last Luchador if you go back in time five times it’s evolved do it five more times in the walls again into its final form and every game is the power that you know first you have to complete the main story 10 times you did it this is a nice countermeasure do you the final Luchador so what do you think also five star review
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2 years ago, Hatted Slushie
Probably the best mobile game out there rn
I’ve always had a soft spot for these launch type games, from the classic toss the turtle to even the more crude games where you hit Bieber with a guitar. Just the satisfaction of racking up money to launch something further and faster is enough for me, but these developers went above and beyond. Of course the lack of advertising unless you want more piñatas is great and actually has me want to watch the ads to support the developers. The original burrito bison was a favorite of mine as a kid as the cartoon violence of crushing gummy bears never gets old. The three characters you swap between are an amazing bonus to what was an already great game. My personal favorite has to be pineapple due to her grappling hook grabbing special gummies even when I’m far up, leading to some great combos. Overall I think that this game is amazing, and I’m glad it exists. 5/5
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2 years ago, BryceMmm
Reset bug is really annoying
I’ve really enjoyed the Burrito Bison series since I started playing it on the Internet many years ago. I’m thrilled that they now have an iOS version. I purchased the four upgrades that allow you to progress faster in the game (I mainly purchased the upgrades as a thank you to the game developers for all the fun I’ve had playing Burrito Bison over the years). But so far, some of that progress has proven pointless, as my game has reset all my progress twice in the last two weeks. I am not sure if it is because I leave the game open in the background on my iPhone or if I exit out of the program wrong or if the game resets weekly (I’ve only had the app for two weeks). The new characters and the ability to time travel with new unlocks are fun. I would have everything unlocked and the achievements completed by now if the game wouldn’t have reset me twice. Then I could be working on the higher up missions which I think will keep me hooked.
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3 years ago, dramaticmrsmart
Great game but a few problems
This game is awesome, I love the upgrades, recipes, time candies, gummy bears, ETC. but when you collect time pieces and get a time candy the amount of time pieces you need for the next time candy goes up, now I understand this and I’m a-okay with it but after you unwrap all the candies and time travel the amount of time pieces you need for the next candy doesn’t go back down meaning that the more you time travel the harder it is to time travel which frustrates me a lot but other than that it’s a really fun game oh also when I was trying to get a rift I entered the clouds at high speeds right when I was at the giant cake door and I went right over the door which you would think is cool because its a free rift without having to eat the door but when I came back down from the clouds i went straight down and never hit anything which soft-locked the game which was annoying and it robbed me of a rift
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3 years ago, PIXEL_619
Kongregate and potential buyers please read!
This game is amazing! All of the little details makes this game awesome. It starts off slow, but the more you play, the better it gets. The different kinds of gummy bears are so important. The art... where do I begin. The three words I could describe it is. Detailed, goofy, and colorful. There were so many great minds making this wonderful joy land. This game is the best game I ever played. That’s saying a lot. I’ve played multiple games that are #1 games. DragonCity, Raid Shadow Legends, and Hooked Inc. All of those games don’t even come close to this game. Those games have the same cycle. Grind, wait, tap, repeat. This game is. Beat up, bounce, fail... try again. It’s never the same. Upgrade your powers and get better. This game is amazing. I advise you to play this game. It’s amazing!
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9 months ago, JaxonLane2389
This is the greatest game i’ve ever played
The quality is perfect, great gameplay, easy controls, so many achievements and i just love the game overall my friend Levi was playing this in class today and i said “hey Levi what are you playing?” and hw said “oh its called burrito bison” and i said “oh wow that game sounds fun can i play?” and he said “yeah its free on your phone it autosaves too and im pretty sure you don't need internet to play and i don't know if you if you need Internet or not but overall the game is like really good. I love it. Great gameplay, great quality and I play it almost every day now it’s so much fun and it’s all thanks to my friend Levi and I love this creator thanks for the awesome game. This game is so underrated people need to be playing this more like it’s super fun and everything inside. I just love it.
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7 months ago, ABC_39
This game is actually amazing
I’ve never in my life ever seen a game crafted with such a low budget and come out with an amazing high quality game i completely recommend this game 10/10 the game itself is super fun and will have you on it for hours. the best part is that it takes no wifi the ads are completely optional and if you still wanna support the gane studio you can buy the deal they have in the shop. i spent money on this game and it was well worth it. Developers if you read this please keep making more games (not with kongregate though) i feel like this game isn’t getting what it deserves because of the studio’s reputation. i don’t think i’ve ever heard of the game studio kongregate ever so that is probably the only ick i have about this masterpiece.
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7 years ago, Namose
Just two big problems...
Every time I get a piñata, I have to watch a video to open it, but one specific video makes it so my game crashes. All the progress a just made gets deleted. I got this bug right when I hit Mr. cookinator or something along those lines and I got a piñata. Thinking that the bug was done, the same commercial came on and I lost my progress from that stage. Please fix this bug. Also, You really really really really really really really really really really really really really really need to lower the amount of cops in the stage before the boss and higher the amount of gummy bears because all the time, I will either get triple sniped by a cop or bounce on the floor several times in a row until I fall. If these two problems are fixed, then I think that this would be one of the best free games ever. (P.S. I know that the game is supposed to get harder and harder every stage but this seems like to big of a jump. Just saying.)
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1 year ago, Strongbadia Twinsfan
Needs serious development to be worth it (for dedicated players)
PLEASE Explain how this makes sense, game developers….the challenges can only be unlocked by purchasing the ad free app upgrade….which is probably $10 max….yet in the free version, I’m forced to watch numerous 30-60 second commercials, which undoubtedly benefits the app makers much greater than if someone were to pay for the app in the long run….I just don’t understand how I’m not able to unlock the full potential of the game in the free version, when I’m overwhelmed constantly with long advertisements…sometimes I’ve had to watch the same exact ad multiple times just to unlock something…plus there no description of what certain game elements are…who even knows what the elusive gummy bunker is? Or what is a rift and how do you enter it? How do I reach the “gummy bunker” without getting hurt? How is it possible to miss my opponent on purpose, enter a rift and still break into the giant cake wall at the end, WHEN I AM NOT EVEN ABLE TO ENTER A RIFT!
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5 years ago, thestrangestcritic
Only one real flaw
This game is so amazing in every way but honestly there’s only 1 real flaw which is amazingly frustrating, the cop gummies, until you reach basically max they ruin every run, in the early game get hit by one that’s it the run is over the only true counter to them is using a rocket slam which you know are extremely valuable they can change weather you get a special awesome gummy or not but to forcefully use it to avoid loosing the run is just NOT fun even then their super irritating late game bc you won’t believe how many time the cops costed me even getting to the door, they’re just broken as hell until you basically max out the anti-cop upgrade, it becomes even more irritating when they make you use a chili bomb just to continue the run when you usually reach much farther.
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4 years ago, fhvrhyub
Great game!!
I love it! Brings me back to my childhood when I used to play the first one in school lol. It’s a great third game with new character each with unique play styles, different abilities, and separate strategies for getting farther with them. It has totally new gummies that are completely different from the old ones, and a few that are good homages to old favorites. You can tell it’s made by people who actually care about their game quality, unlike most games nowadays. It’s longer than the last one which is great because I can keep playing for more than a day and not finish, unlike the og. And it has entirely new elements and a new story. Great game over all! If I had to pick out one bad thing, I’d say there isn’t enough info about how to the gummies work exactly, but still great game. 100% worth.
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5 years ago, Roadrunnerxp87
A great classic flash game!
So I used to play the heck out of the older games when they were flash games and I have to say this one is no different. It’s freaking fantastic. The goofiness of it, the easy but somewhat skillful play style, all of it. The new characters are a great addition and the starting enemies are cool as well. Now like all iPhone games there are ads, and as someone who despises over saturated ad filled games I am quite happy with this one. An ad once in a while for bonuses that are worth it are okay. There are no mandatory ads that play after every launch thank god. There are always slight changes to make a game better like getting a small height boost after cake sections would be nice but things like that are small gripes. The grind is quite real in this one, but if you played the others they are all grindy. You make enough per launch that you do make small headway each time which has always been the name of the game and it makes it last a ton longer and adds to the addictiveness of it. Overall keep up the good work guys! Oh and also thank you for adding in a Luchadore named “El Pollo”. It was a nickname in high school and that sillyness and charm are really what makes it a great game.
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6 years ago, Pnutsam
Very Nice Time Killing Game (Nasty Bug Though)
As said above, this game is very nice for killing time, the early game may be frustrating to some, but it starts to really become fun the more you play. As of right now however, I am experiencing a bug which, after the Beast loading screen, my game just has a black screen, and I can do nothing... I really do not wish to delete my game to start over, but I will if this continues. I have half of the recipes, and 22 fragments. I do not want to restart and go from almost complete, to the very start. All that rambling being done, this game is very fun for the casual gamer who just wants a game to burn a little time. Though zombie games are better (PC Life) Without this bug, the game would have a 8.7-9.5 rating from me, but with it it will have a 4 star, or 7.5 in my book. (Pnutsam135 OUT) ( Back to steam gaming for me for now.)
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3 years ago, FiniteDriver
Just wow
I don’t often give mobile games 5 stars because win much more critical about my ratings but this games exceeds my expectations so far. Not only is this game fun as a mobile game but is pretty much on par, if not better than the previous two desktop games. It does everything that burrito bison has always done right, and that’s always keeping what is good about the games without making it repetitive. Despite being the third game in the series, the game still manages to be unique and offer even exciting gameplay. These games were always a part of my childhood and seeing that they are still making games just as exciting and fun really contrast the gaming environment we see today, mobile and in general.
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6 years ago, GnosticHammer
Awesome!! Slingin’ fun!!
Love it a lot. Wish there was a sixth star option. It is repetitive and entertaining app gameplay at its best. I never get bored. I’m always on a mission to get further than I did before the last time warp. The ads are very noninvasive and even often are actually relevant. (Who knew correctly targeted ads was thing anymore? Wish Facebook would take a lesson from these guys.) The game gifts for watching ads, which is refreshing compared to other ad based games which make ads feel like a punishment for not buying an ad-free game. There is an option to opt out of individual ads too, by passing up the gift. No worries here. Small con; sometimes it glitches or even crashes. Rare but often enough to comment. But it’s a quick reload when it does.
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6 years ago, Amahaffers
Fun game, app currently won’t open
First off, I love this game. These types of games are right up my alley, and it has been too long since I have had one. That said, my app is currently broken. Upon opening it and after the Juicy Beast screen goes away, all I have is a black screen with two white lines on either side. This started happening with the most recent update, but would correct itself if I opened the app one or two additional times. Now it is stuck and has no corrected. Hope this gets resolved soon, I’m on rift 11 or 12! Love the game again Edit: had to delete the game to get it to work, and lost all of my progress -_- don’t know if I’ll go back through it all again considering the hours I’m sure I already put in
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6 years ago, romorr79
Love the game but beware about going back in time
I absolutely in love playing this game. I have been up SAST with it every chance I get to play. I finally got to the point where I could go back in time and I saw it’s sad that you do not lose your power ups. However, once you go to do it it tells you that you will start from the beginning with nothing but a few other advantages that you can purchase with your candy. But it did say it was worth doing. So I did it. It was Stated that you can earn coins faster because of the candy advantages but you don’t earn on nearly as fast as I thought you would. It is very hard to go back to the very beginning at slower speeds and we were so adjusted in accustomed to doing it at higher speeds and levels. So I would recommend to not go back in time immediately.
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4 years ago, AAJJ1223
Great game
It’s an amazing game but there can be more. First, there should be online mode where you can be going against other players (1 to 7 players) trying to get as far as you can. 1st place can get a piñata and 2nd place gets 2 cards and 3rd place can get 1, Next there should be a endless mode, you can go as far as you can and try and get a high score! Highscores can be submitted to the leader board, you can also earn money in high score mode the higher score you get, not about smashing gummy bears (only in this mode though). Of course you’ll need internet to play the online mode and to submit you leaderboard score. If anyone read this you can copy and paste this if you wanna, I really want these ideas in the game!
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10 months ago, Cloud3s
Best game ive ever played (Reccomend for 8+)
This is truly one of the most chill and most fun games ive ever played. I play this all the time on my bus. Its so relaxing and i never get bored of it. Sometimes i dont even hear my friends talking to me its so draining! That aside, I think everyone should have this downloaded. When i got a new Phone this was the first game i downloaded 😅. You have no need to update! It already drained my money! And if im being honest you shouldnt change a thing! The no Ads is already great. But for the Extra Piñatas. There worth watching. So yeah! Dont change a thing and please! I hope we add little comic strips we can unlock to see maybe some lore against these enemies!
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7 months ago, (spaghetti)
please rework time-stop mode
The mode is so boring! 4 out of 11 of the special gummy bears don't even give you time? What!? and when you finally hit a gummy bear that gives you time, you get smacked in the face by the clock because you couldn’t finish the gummy’s ability yet. I feel like it should give you half the time when you first activate the gummy's ability and then give you the other half for completing it successfully! for example, if you get a GUMDALF you should get 5 seconds for hitting him and then the other 5 for hitting all 3 chests. and the other less powerful special gummies like JELLY ROGER should give you like atleast 3 seconds. Just a suggestion.
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5 years ago, Cuseno
Have Nothing More To Do
This is my favorite mobile game at the moment, but I have currently achieved 200+ time candies, maxed out the ???? shop, and have all the recipes with nothing else to do. Could you guys add some more content to the game for people like me? Thanks. Suggestions: - A skill point shop where you get 1 point every rift you complete, and unlike spending the recipe pieces for the ???? shop, unlock permanent character buffs like the ones in the coins shop, but actually permanent with many paths, and more expensive perks than the ???? shop because maxing it out was easy. - Clans, where some sort of counting system like coins collected, rifts completed, or time candies collected adds up, and clan perks can be gained through leveling the clan up with these counters acting as clan experience, I also think a clan shop could be nice. P.S I know that I am not a developer, and just a gamer, so I’m just saying that these are my ideas, and that I think if the Kongregate team has other ideas it would be better, since I think that pretty much every single idea implemented in this game is amazing.
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4 years ago, spdrcr71
A must play
I was a huge fan of burrito bison on the pc and when I saw it for iOS I thought that it would be a big letdown cause let’s face it most pc games just don’t translate well to the mobile platform but I was not disappointed in the least with B.B. I love the fact that they have created new Luchedors this is a great game though it can be a bit repetitive, but that’s ok because of all the upgrading you can do. So for those that already know of B.B. it is a great transition and for you that aren’t familiar with it it’s a must play game especially if you favor catapult launch type game’s. Thanks Kongregate for bringing this game to the iOS mobile platform.
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6 years ago, DuckyMilk3
It’s me again
Let me start out with the fact this game is amazing is is a great game in the series and very addictive but 3 things are not ok about this game for one the game is about gummy’s that take over and there are different sections (levels) in the second level of the game where there are yellow gummy bears and you can see them harassing humans but the are wearing sombreros and that seems a little racist to me. Also there is a mob called puncheus pilot and that is clearly a reference to the Christian Bible and that might be offensive to some Christians. Also one more This might only happen to me but I’m playing on an iPhone 8 and when you die part of the screen is cut off and you can barley see the play button. and that is all I have to say.
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4 years ago, Macaroni in the Pot
Just started but good so far
I started the powerpuff girls version (which I would highly recommend) first and kept reading about how that game was just a reboot of burrito bison. Once I got bliss (the 4th powerpuff girl and basically the end of the game) I decided to try it out. It’s a little slow going so far but fun, I didn’t get this game to ace through it and be done in a day I want to enjoy it and so far it’s pretty good. I guess my complaint is really with powerpuff girls monkey mania bc you put in all the work to get bliss and then what? The challenges are done and it’s not even really that fun to play anymore after all that work to get her. I would still very much recommend that game though I had so much fun playing until the end.
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6 years ago, Hot dog man 1234321
Gets boring too fast
In the original online game, the progress was quick and very rewarding, but in this game it feels as though you have to work for 15-20 minutes for one upgrade that won’t even matter. Another issue is the piñatas, every time you get a piñata in a run it makes you have to watch a 30 sec ad to open it, and the only way to get piñatas without watching an add is by playing the game for 3 hours. You can never expect a good gaming experience from a game developer that specifically coded something into the game just so he or she can make ad revenue off of it. The easiest change could fix all of this by making the piñatas you get in a run openable without watching an ad, and if you want extras, then that is when you must watch the end. To summarize, the game itself is unique and the original is quite fun, but this kongregate version just messes all that up.
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3 years ago, octoking08
Good game
It a amazing game now it has it flaws but over all good game you can just keep going and feel amazing but like I said the flaws are that when you unlock pineapple you can switch by your choice what I mean is you use the guy then pineapple next round and it goes on and on something I want to switch to the guy because he has his own advantage and pineapple has her advantage so some times I want one when I’m using the other but like I said over all great game it in a way like Diablo 3 reaping souls it throws loot a at you masking it easy but with a long and hard trip to being a god
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4 years ago, jahdbfjf
Game breaking bug
I played this game a long time ago on a different phone, and I loved it. Recently rediscovered it, and I was having a blast playing again. However, I recently encountered a game breaking bug. I had just beat the cook boss with the frying pan, after having fun and zero issues with the game. However, on the next round, where it is meant to introduce the rift, the little candyland bag appears and prompts to tap it. No matter how many attempts to “tap” or interact with the bag, it never opens. The gummy opponent is frozen in place (the jumping chocolate rabbit), and the candyland bag taunts me to tap it continuously. I also have the tap prompt to start the stopwatch mode (which I just ignored this entire time), and tapping that does throw up the little checkered stripe, but as the candyland bag is still broken, I can’t go anywhere and it remains stuck. Closing the app, restarting my phone, background/foregrounding the app; none of it breaks it out of this bad state. I don’t want to start over, but at this point, I have no other choice. A real bummer. I enjoyed the game, but this bug really killed it for me. If I could get out of this broken state, I would rate higher, but I don’t know how.
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7 months ago, DankTooki
An improvement to the browser game
I’ve beaten both this and the browser game, both are great arcade games, this game is definitely more ad oriented as it has to be monetized but this shouldn’t discourage you from trying it. Personally as someone who returned from the game I would like for some ad bonuses to look truly optional, such as the bonus piñatas you can get every 3 hours, for some reason it seems as though if you reject the ad it looks like you’re rejecting the piñata as a whole, this isn’t helped by the fact that piñatas caught mid-run can only be opened by watching an ad.
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4 years ago, Lurchrs
Best time killing game!
I had so much fun with this game! I’ve easily logged over 200hrs playing it. It’s challenging and has an end, but, then you realize the end is just another stepping stone! You get to restart with a powered up character and go at it again. I have finally unlocked everything possible and have finally put it down. I will say I spent the money on the triple piñata bonus, which is a small amount of $$ that made such a HUGE difference. Besides, I don’t mind spending real money on fantastic games. By far my favorite over the last two years! Thank you creators! Much love!
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5 years ago, Web3a
Was fun while it lasted
Great game and a true classic done right, however with all the new updates I was really hoping for a final end game beyond “survival mode”. I get that’s the usual manner these iterations have ended but this is like a classic and the roots of kongerate and feels like deserves some final closure even if your burrito bison is going so fast he accidentally destroys the world or breaks out of the world into a completely different one or something. I hope one day you’ll come back and give a final ending. Even if it’s when you hit the 100th portal (I mean perhaps you have, but it’d be nice to know). Just food for thought, feel like those of us that remember this back and the day would really love it
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2 years ago, LightningBoltz5751
Addicting Game!
I just found this game again after seeing it a few years ago. I downloaded it and started playing and it was better than I expected. It is fun to see how far you can get slamming on gummy bears. What’s even better is the upgrade system. The upgrade system changes all sorts of different things, like how you can have candy monsters in the boxing ring to things like lotion which make you lose less speed when hitting the ground. Overall 5/5, great game.
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6 years ago, briebrie2009
Was playing for a while, finally getting a good amount of recipe pages when I had an ad crash my app. Now, whenever I try to reload it, the app will open, play the opening credits until after the Juicy Beast logo disappears, the screen will settle on black and the app freezes there. If the Gamecenter banner doesn’t disappear before this, it’ll be frozen as well. I can still exit and navigate outside the app. I have already tried multiple resets and uninstalled the app for a day, but to no avail. I think this started soon after the newest update and, until now, have been hoping for a fix to be released.
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2 years ago, Marshmallow Boi
Can’t even open the app
I have played this game on different devices before and it’s fun, but when I get to the 2nd door it crashes every time so then I tried it on kongregate, the load screen shows up for 2 seconds and then it says “Ad Removed” so I couldn’t play it on there. Then I tried google play, it says I can’t download it because I don’t have the right device. And finally I tried the App Store, I was able to download the app, but when I try to open the app it kicks me out of the app or it crashes. It seems that it is almost impossible just to get in the game in its self. So pretty much this game is unplayable for right now and I wish they can do something about this.
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7 years ago, Ynr legendz
Progress was lost
It’s a really amazing game so amazing that I could possibly say the best App Store game I’ve ever played and is taking up so much of my time (in a good way) but I give it one star because recently I had to restart the whole game over when one day I opened the app and ALL of my progress was lost and it had forced me to restart, mind you I had already time traveled once and upgraded everything and was getting ready to time travel a 2nd time. Anyways I sent an email to the support and had gotten no response back at all so I’m guessing you guys can’t do anything about my lost progress. Well unless I get my progress back it is remaining a one star review and I’ll just continue to play it. I just reached the cookinator. So you guys be glad I stuck to your game EVEN AFTER YALL SCREWED ME OVER. That is all.
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2 years ago, Ryley B. Smith
Extremely upset.
I’ve spent over 10-15 dollars on this. Just to get rid of ads and the forever 4x money. I got on my app to find today that all of my data has reset on this game only. About a months progress has just disappeared on my phone and on my tablet. I’m extremely upset that this is even a possibility. This morning about 3AM it was still completely fine and had all my progress. I have no clue what could’ve happened between me sleeping and waking up to have caused this. If there was a fix to this, I’d be more than happy to rate this a 5 star, but it seems nothing will return all lost progress.
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1 month ago, gchdydrjy
Good game
The game can be fast pace and quick to learn and I highly recommend this to any people that like to upgrade go into a level and smash but this game includes more like time travel it’s is basically new game plus and multiple characters and things to fight and to critical hit them you need to hit them while they are doing there action like example Bernerd when he’s pointing at you you have to hit him then and you will go flying in general I love this game and all of its special mechanics.
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6 years ago, jdkwitbekdjbwjdkem
Great game, but has an annoying issue
This game is great and all, and I’m having a blast playing it so far. It might be a little annoying to watch an ad to open any piñata, but that’s understandable because the developers do need to generate revenue. But what is not understandable is how sometimes the piñata makes me watch an ad TWICE if I want to open it. It pretends I didn’t watch the ad and points it’s little stick at the “watch ad”. Plus the occasional bug or the annoying features such as peso pal’s time running out even when you are in the shop or have the app closed. This is why I gave a rating of three stars, but I would still recommend the game to others.
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3 years ago, dormanis
You’ll Love it
It’s perfect it as every thing delicious gummy’s to smash. Many upgrades to keep you on your toes and much more great gameplay. You will spend hours on it and never get bored! Thank you for your time and I hope you in joy burrito bison as much as me. As you enter a world where at one moment you’re buying some amazing ingredients and in a blink of a eye you’re fighting a giant jawbreaker and you blink again and you’re time traveling and breaking the laws of gravity it’s really random like that. Enjoy :)
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2 months ago, JaxynGamerGurl
It's fun!
I love this game so much! You get free prizes and you only have to play for this one little thing and it's useless! This game is the game where everything is free an you just have time get coins an level up eberythjnc, if you like to defeat bosses and crush things, this is for you! You only have to do adds for the piñata but you get good stuff for it, and you get a free one every three hours I think, or it movn be every 24 hours, and you can double it up to get 12 prizes in the piñata instead of four! Check the game out and see what you think! Enjoy ya'll!
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4 years ago, Roguespiffy
Good Game, but Glitchy beyond belief
This game is an absolutely blast and a great way to kill time. That being said, it’s bar none the glitchiest game I’ve ever played. You can make it crash with little effort. Max out your speed? Welcome to a never ending wasteland where you can never finish the level. Try to end the level slowly? Locks up until you force close the app and lose your “earnings.” The developers are still working on the game off and on because they occasionally do updates. It’s crazy they never try and address the myriad of bugs that plague an otherwise polished and wonderful game.
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4 years ago, BoogieButtNugget
T hi is game is amazing
OK I didn’t find this game on the App Store I found it on fgteevBut this is so great I love this game with all my heart the graphics are great the storyline is funny it’s just so good I love this game I recommend playing if you’re under the age of 12 because this game is great for kids so I really recommend it there’s only one problem and sometimes when you get money it’ll show your money up in the top corner but when you earn your money it says that you earned less so that’s just a reminder but this game is five stars all the way
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2 years ago, JellyBean3150
Mixed feelings
I LOVE this game and it’s not hard to advance but ALL of my progress has been deleted TWICE now. I had 8 recipes this morning and now (the end of the day) I have zero. Of course I love the game and will keep playing it but if you download it just don’t get too attached to your progress because it probably will be gone. It does upset me and I wish it wouldn’t happen, maybe the game makes will look into it. But all I’m saying is yes it’s fun but don’t get attached to your progress.
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6 years ago, RedChuck82
The last few days it keeps freezing up
It’s a very fun and addictive game but I was getting pretty far into the game when I tried to start the game and it’ll go thru the first two screens and then it just goes black and doesn’t do anything. I don’t use Facebook so it wasn’t linked to a Facebook so I lost all of my progress when I deleted the game and reinstalled it and it worked for last night and now it’s doing the same thing again please fix it ASAP so that other people do not loose there games like I did I did have this game ranked a 5 star but with this and me loosing my progress I give it a 1 1/2 -2 star now until they fix this it’s not worth wasting your time or money on it till then
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3 years ago, ryan bernardo
Very good game but,
This is a great and is very entertaining to play. I often find my self playing longer than I should as it is very fun. However I have recently lost all my progress of the game which is greatly disappointing as I spent so much time on the game and upgrades(not to mention my recipes). So if your looking for a fun game to pass time, then this is it, however just as I did many people have lost there progress on the game, so just be aware of the risk when playing this game.
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4 years ago, me18264
Well well well we meet again so your powerpuffgirls game was a kids version of this game and I’ve seen the most critical reports of this game from the age rating and the ads but I’m not here for that I’m here to say there both pretty much identical not in looks hell no but besides that the ppg game has way to many micro transactions I can’t review the Ppg game so I’m doing it here so love you devs you’ve made some of my favorite games I’m just saying the ppg game would need some fixes from time to time
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2 years ago, Snsfhn
Great game, but my account got reset twice.
I really do enjoy this game, it’s been a lot of fun to play! When I originally downloaded it I put in some work and got towards the later stages of the game and out of nowhere my account got totally reset, so I had to start from square one all over again. I thought maybe updating my phone may have played a factor in the incident, but now I think it’s game side because it has happened again today, this morning I was playing the game trying to get my piñata bonus that comes up every 3 hours and now in the afternoon I open the app to the opening scene once again and it’s another fresh account. If anyone can help me with that it would be greatly appreciated.
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2 years ago, cellohydro
It works again
I was stuck playing a version (probably unofficial) online because for the longest time this app would flash the title on a black screen and then immediately crash. I saw that I had to either redownload or something on my home page, a short load later and a tap of hope and it worked! I’ll have to play some to make sure that it runs smoothly but I’m super excited because I grew up with this game :)
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4 years ago, random_file 6
At first I was a little suspicious. The gameplay seemed really crisp, but my friend said that the bosses were really, really, REALLY hard to hit. He was wrong. (Except for beaster bunny.) I really loved the game! I also loved that you can have more that just burrito bison as a character. The ¡piñatas! are also fun to get! Although the only real complaint I have is that some power ups and most of the opponents cost a lot. Otherwise I’d say this is one of my favorite games so far! I’d say its even better than the original. Great job!
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4 months ago, Mr. A's Math Class
Game Unplayable Now
Dont mistake the title for this game overall. This is a great game that i've been playing for awhile. I recently switched phones and lost my data, so i restarted. After I defeated the cookinator and unlocked the gummy bag, when it gives you the tutorial to click on the gummy bag to enter the gummy world, the bag glitches and floats mid-air, unclickable while the arrow to click on it hovers above. I tried deleting the app, restarting my phone, etc. and nothing worked. Is my game broken? Do I have to restart? Am i cooked?
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1 year ago, jcv+
This game is good and all I’ve been playing it since I was 9 it’s a good game and all. Fresh characters, original, very suspenseful, and is one of my favorites when it comes to candies. The only reason why I wrote this review is because this game doesn't get that much updates, i mean sure it’s good but it’s all about the updates we need some more gummies more powerful equips and most of all new characters. Juicy beast (or something) please hear me out!
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