Bus Simulator 2023

4.5 (4.6K)
1463.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alexandru Marusac
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bus Simulator 2023

4.5 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Emily.cait
Really good overall
This game is honestly really good. The graphics are great and it actually seems realistic. My only complaint is the traffic. They are terrible drivers and it gets annoying. I’m here actually trying to be a good driver and get my people to their stops safely. The other cars on the road NEVER stop. They’ll literally pull out in front of you and you can’t even slam on your brakes because you get a penalty for the slightest slam on your brakes. The other cars will literally turn into you. It’s like you’re invisible. I was in the right lane and a car was in the left lane beside me going the same direction. I was going straight and he needed to go right so he literally just turned into me like I wasn’t even there. And of course I get a penalty for it. There needs to be more traffic lights so the other cars will actually stop. They’re so many intersections where there are no lights at all and that’s where I’m constantly getting hit. It’s annoying. The other cars need to be better drivers, there needs to be more traffic lights, and the penalty for slamming on your brakes/tapping on your brakes is way too sensitive. If those things get fixed, this game is absolutely amazing 10/10!
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1 year ago, Allotops
Good game! I do wish, However, that 4 things could be different (changed, if you will)…
The game is really fun and makes me feel like I am a bus driver, but, as with every game, there are some things that could be fixed/refined. 1. The customizable bus is a great way to show style, color, and fanciness; the one thing that could be better is the getting rid of coins. I know that it is a way for the producers to make money off the game, but, why have it there? There are other places where the paying would make more sense. 2. Why must there be a “Subscribe for better things in the game” thing after you sign in? Why have it at all? Money. Money, money, money. Money to the producers. Is it possible to get rid of that? 3. Though the game is lifelike, there is one thing about driving the bus that could change. If you make one wrong moves while driving, you are stuck on the cliff, on the wall, or on the road borders. Could the bus’s stability be at least little better? 4. Could it be possible to put the “Drive” and “Reverse” buttons on the screen at the same time? I like it more the “Move a finger to go backwards or forwards” way. I am always putting my thumb on the brake button thinking it was the reverse button. That was all. Sorry if it is a lot! I am a little picky about my video games. But seriously, it is a really great game.
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4 months ago, Azshawn928
Game is absolutely amazing for App Store, only a few things I’d like to see
I absolutely love this game, because there is so much better than basically everything on the App Store. The graphics, and the thought that is put into the game is really amazing. All of the camera views are nice and easy and the detail on the interiors of the buses is really well thought out and it’s nice that the interior wasn’t skipped over. The only thing I would like to see in the future, is making it may be a bit easier to earn money. Right now I only have about three buses and it has taken me a very, very very long time to make enough money to have three buses while I understand having a person on the game longer and having said person view more ads, makes more money I would say that the amount of ads shown, and just in general the amount of time that it takes to earn money kind of makes me wonder off the other apps.
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9 months ago, Sleeping Rogue
Great game but
It truly is a beautiful game but there’s some things I’ve noticed. 1. The traffic density is way too low. I wish there was a way to control that. Like there’s no way you’re driving in London with only 3 other cars on the road. 2. The same goes for pedestrians. 3. I don’t see most of the other vehicles using indicators and they do not stop. They cut across from the wrong lane and crash right into you. 4. The night version should be way darker in order to be realistic. 5. Some of the stop lights in London are very hard to see especially when you pop around a corner and boom, one appears. In the real world, they alert you if there’s gonna be a stop light after a corner. 6. Why are we getting penalized for crossing on orange lights when it is clearly too late to stop. If we brake too hard, penalty. We drive through, penalty. 7. Why have us buy a big ole bus for London which seats 70+ people when we only picked up like 10 passengers? 8. This articulate bus thing is getting annoying when the best routes are locked because you can’t afford the bus. Otherwise, it is a great game and it is obvious that you guys put in a lot of work.
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1 year ago, Rusty_Gamer
Future of Ovilex Games
This game is actually really good. The graphics, the controls, the smoothness of the driving, even the little things like the shutter of the bus every time you have a bump or pothole in the road. But one thing I do have a slight issue with is the AI. They’re dumb. Like that other review, what I’m trynna say about the AI is that they genuinely drive like robots in a linear pattern without any awareness of you. If you fix that, in telling you right now, keep making your games with these same type of sounds, controls, smoothness, graphics, UI, all that. What I would really love to see is a remake of the driving school games with these graphics and controls, that’d be great. Other than that small complaint about the AI peds, this game is a perfect 5/5 stars.
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2 months ago, AarynNicole97
Great game :)
Edit: I had to come back and add to me my review cause this gamer is just that good. Now, Uber unlocked most of the buses and seeing the level of detail in this game is great. When you use the school bus, all the passengers become kids, which I thought was a nice touch. The new coaches are great too! Especially the double decker one. I play this game every day and it's great. I love this developer and play their taxi and driving school games a lot. This game is great and irons out some tiny kinks those use to have. Nice graphics with LOTS of levels. And they're not paywalled or impossible to get to like some other apps I've tried. Ads aren't too invasive either. Great game! It's super calming. Can't wait to see what else they come out with!
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7 months ago, 23748@36383
Bought unlock all busses pass in older version.
I love the new style of the game and the new busses! The only major problem I am experiencing is that I had bought the unlock all busses pass in an older version of the game and once I had updated to the newer (current) version of the game, My unlock all busses purchase wasn’t working and I have to buy all the busses again, I tried the restore purchase button multiple times but it didn’t work, I would extremely appreciate if we could find a urgent solution to this issue as I am very disappointed that I spent my money on the older version of the game just for it to be updated out of nowhere and I loose my purchase without any compensation.
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1 year ago, Nickname*(‘ftcyjtjfyftyjyfjtj
It is a extremely good game, but there needs to be some fixes. 1. Can you fix when there are NO people getting onto the bus? Yes, you heard me right. NOBODY. 2. This really isn’t a bug but can you make a multiplayer mode with a microphone and free mode going along with it? 3. When it rains it literally looks like it is permanently raining. Just why is it raining for so long? 4. Can you make more maps? (not off-road ones.) 5. The other drivers are such idiots. Can you make them better? 6. Can you make the buses cheaper pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? 7. When I do multiplayer career, the AI in the bus are just sooooooooooo annoying. (So is the derections.) fix it pleaseeee? 8. I went through ALL the buses and I couldn’t find any school buses.
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1 year ago, Kayle Ann
Amazing Game!!!
This game is amazing. It has all you’d ever want! You can drive the bus for your career. You can choose the company name and logo. You can even have a free drive. The best part is that the free drive is free of money which is very rare in other driving games. You can choose from so many places around the world to drive your bus. You can also customize your bus however you want and so much more! The game is so neat neat and easy to handle; well, mostly! The buses brakes just need to be held very soon before needed and are pretty hard but otherwise, it’s all great! Me and my family love to play this game and play it all the time! Totally recommend it! Can’t wait for more! 🫶
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1 year ago, How do you see a house
Very fun but a few things
So I’m playing the game and I’m just driving until i see the ocean so I drive in it but it just goes to the bottom so if you can make it to when you drive in the water it floats but then slowly starts to sink and when you go into first person there is a window that says break in emergency but it does not break so can you make it to were when you go into the water you can break the window then can you make a mode we’re you can be a passenger and then also we’re the bus crashes as a passenger then can you make a button to fix the bus When it gets stuck and make the busses Less expensive that’s all.
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1 year ago, Kaylabm21
Love the game. It needs warnings for stop and red lights on inside camera view
I LOVEEEE the graphics, very realistic. Even the sounds are so similar to riding on an actual bus when you change the camera angle to inside the bus. But I do have one suggestion. It’s hard to see stop signs snd red lights when you change the camera angle to inside the bus, is it a way to have a mini camera to show a front view of the lights and stop signs, or maybe text in-game to tell us when a stop sign or red light is coming. I find myself losing points when I use the inside camera view (I prefer to use this angle because it’s the most realistic). Other than that I LOVE this game!
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1 year ago, Carson Gaye
I once downloaded this game two years ago and since then, it’s come a long way. The most recent update was outstanding given the graphics and physics update. At best, I’d even say it’s the best bud simulator thus far but, there’s a lot of flaws. First I’m going to start with this major one. First….If you offload and redownload the app, it will ERASE all your purchases and your progress on the game. Everytime I login, it reads my apple login but it still erased everything including all of my bus purchases. That’s about $50 lost because of this glitch. I made sure I saved the game before I did any of this in case of this. This would also happen if you change phones. Also the game is in need of bug updates and more interactive features with the bus while driving routes and in free roam. Please help!!!
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4 months ago, 1Biff2
Very solid
The game is very VERY solid, there are a few annoyances in the gameplay itself though unfortunately. For one if you have a long straight path and would like to pickup speed you will have to brake very shortly after picking up the adequate speed you wanted. Reason being is because the passengers are very sensitive to braking and braking too hard, the same goes with turning sharp when necessary you’ll be docked a whole star. While you do have the opportunity to regain that star through good driving some levels just aren’t long enough for that.
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1 year ago, kdkddkdjdjdj
Good, Needs Updates
This game is awesome. So detailed and fun to play, graphics are great, sounds are great. But it does have issues. First, there needs to be better bus models. The models available are quite generic, I’ve seen them in other bus games. I want new, more detailed buses. Also, I think it’s ridiculous that you have to pay to get an articulated bus. Next, I would like to see more locations for bus routes. Also, the steering seems a bit too harsh. You have to turn the wheel pretty far to even do a simple turn, I feel like there’s no power steering in the bus. Considering all these issues, I still believe that this is a great, realistic game and I’ll continue to play, but please read my review and consider these changes!
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3 weeks ago, santabion
One of the best games ive played
I do have a few questions and problems…the first one is why are the articulated busses 14+ when we can’t even use the other end of the bus, we can’t use the top part of the double decker and the new map the cars just suddenly stop and when we stop we get docked for hard braking when we have no control of how the AI is driving but yet we get a penalty. We need new maps and new features in the game. the snow animation is horrible. and we can’t use all the doors on our city busses that have 3 doors on it.
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1 year ago, Wow king 2209
Game play
The game it self is really fun. I have a couple of probably implement into your next game update. The first game update that would be nice is having right on red. The next game update that would be nice is not getting breaking tickets. And another would be to make a harder game mode to play in for people that know how to play game the game. The last game update that would be nice is having a couple of U-turn areas and having more roundabouts in the game overall Thank you for this game but once again, it is overall really fun to play but if you can make these updates to the game, it would make it a lot more fun to play please and thank you.
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4 months ago, 🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥
Bus driving school simulator
He ovilex, it’s one of your big players. This game is great and awesome, but there are a few things that would make the game even better. 1. Make the cars actually stop at the stop signs when they are maneuvering the vehicle. 2. Make them use the blinker every Time you turn. 3 the cars actually cross lanes to turn when there is a bus lane without warning - It would be nice if they either stop, or at least slide into the bus lane before doing so. 4. Cops that actually pull other cars and you over when driving fast? That would be more realistic. 5. Don’t electric cars slow down themselves after taking there foot off the power? 6. All of the people look the same. Make them look different. 7. Double decker buses that you can actually buy without spending real money? 8. Articulated buses that don’t require real money? 9. Put actual stores and places in the map. These are things that will be great in the game for future players to come. Thank you and good day.
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8 months ago, kkjdjjskj
Wonderful game but
This is a great game already but their are a few bugs and improvements that should be adjusted. In career mode if you brake to hard you lose money. I am fine with that, but when I use the same brake pressure the whole time I get a hard brake warning. Also when there is a stop sign I stop to 0 mph and it still debits me for not stopping. Overall the game is awesome. The people and graphics are wonderful. I wish their was a mode where you can make your own routes. The game is great so far. But with these features fixed it can be even better.
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1 year ago, Liam🛹
Very fun but…
Hello, I love this game and everything in it. The only thing that bugs me is the brakes. When I am driving and I lightly tap the brakes the passengers get mad and it’s really annoying, so can you make them less picky. The maps are big which is awesome I like the busses but can you make double deckers because there so cool and can you make the articulated busses not make you pay for them and instead make you buy them with in game money. The game is AMAZING overall but these are just suggestions and I hope to see them in game, so thank you for reading.
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2 years ago, Tu morrow
Developers! Please see this review!
Hello, this isn’t much of a review but I used to play this game so much before the update but when the update released I always find my self wanting to play it but there’s a glitch. When I open the game, it says that I need to turn on my Wi-Fi, then I realize that my wife is already on, I tried restarting, turning off and on the Wi-Fi, starting the game with Wi-Fi off then turning it on, but it just won’t let me play the gameee! Please fix this bug or tell me why it says this. Thanks,
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1 year ago, Ferny213
Good game I guess 3.5 stars
I feel that there 3 thing that the devs can to to improve this game 1. less adds. Yes I know that how you guys make your money. But must there be an ad at the end of each level. 2. Offline support The reason why i put offline support because where I life there not much Wi-Fi and and I do try and play this game it says “please Connect to Wi-Fi”, and I kinda hate that idea that nowadays theses games must be connected to Wi-Fi to play. 3. Better graphics for more higher end phones. As expected for a phone game the graphics are all blocky, not great as PC game. Yes i know that a long stretch comparing a phone game to a PC game but have you seen gensin impact that game has beautiful graphics for a phone-pc game, I know the devs might not have time but if you can add a bit more polygon in your models to make them look a bit more smoother. Other all then that I think you can have a pretty decent game if you could at lest include 2 of this ideas in your game.
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1 year ago, wescleytorres
My suggestions for this game
I love Bus Similaroe 2023, the most realistic game ever made, but I have a few suggestions and updates for the game. I will suggest turning right on red in the American cities, also will be great if you add the radio option in the game as well. Both lights in a straight line should turn green. More cities around the world like New York, London, Paris and so on. I think thats all I got for now, if you add these things that I suggested then I would rate it a 5 out of 5(Hope whatever in this review you're reading makes sense)
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1 year ago, enha is #1 💘
perfect !! 🌷
*~ other than the complaint about the way the a.i will drive, this game is absolutely perfect !! i saw it in an advertisement, and thought that it was for sure fake. absolutely not ! the maps are beautiful, the but even makes realistic noises such as shaking sounds when running into a bump ! it’s so realistic when it rains, and the windshield wipers have a purpose which i haven’t seen in other games ! this is my FAVORITE driving game i have ever downloaded, seriously ! ~*
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12 months ago, minikirk18
Probably one of the best
I have been playing your simulation games since Driving School 2016, and I’ve got to say this is the best one yet! The attention to detail, the amount of things you can do to the bus, just everything is top notch. Really makes me think I’m playing a Bus Sim on PC! The graphics are fantastic. Everything from the weather, to the sounds, to the gameplay it’s self is absolutely astounding for a mobile simulation. Really great work, and hopefully more is added in the near future!
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7 months ago, SuzlovesEmoji
Pretty good
All the city’s are awesome. My only problem is the I-95. The cars move 15 to 25 MPH on the interstate! Sometimes the cars even stop in the middle of the road. I am moving a good speed and I have to break really hard to avoid hitting them. The game doesn’t like when you break hard and your riders yell at you and you get 25 points taken from you. Most of the route, I’m driving on the shoulder passing everyone. The I-95 map also feels incomplete. Just remember to avoid the I-95 map, unless Ovilex fixes it.
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12 months ago, PeachyRag18
Nice game but where is the realism?
I think the game is nice! It’s a good simulator to play and it has kept me entertained so far. The only issue I really have is that this game isn’t that realistic and no I’m not talking about the graphics quality. If you play career mode you will get points taken off if you brake to hard, take a sharp turn, miss stop sign, etc. However, you don’t get points taken off for driving ridiculously fast and also crashing into a car or anything on the map. Taking points off for these would also be helpful.
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3 weeks ago, Tcyirak
Like, but needs changes
Like almost all game there is some things that I would change such as like the traffic/other cars the are TERRIBLE drivers. I think it would be cool if we could have emergency vehicles w/ sirens so we can pull over like irl but just a opinion. I personally like the customizations but I feel like it is would you like to purchase this $20 bus 🚌 over all its features are kinda annoying. Overall the game is pretty good/nice ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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7 months ago, Imbtkfrjkecjeocjo
I have some complaints about this new update
It’s also the fact that everybody drives to slow on the highway like 10 mph on the highway please make sure they drive faster than on busy roads because on the highway driving too slow is dangerous and I get points off when it says hard break and they cause too much traffic so please respond to this and fix this as soon as possible
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6 months ago, God here for u
This game is so good
This game can teach you how to drive how to follow the laws on the street how to drive a bus just like a bus super cool go graphics let you pick everything that you want honestly the best bus game here so fun and educational love this game thinks for reading this god bless you and your family and everyone you love god going to stay with you no matter what I was stressing a lot one time but god came to my rescue and made everything better god bless you
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2 months ago, Jefetez
Good game
Good game love it couple things tho when passengers get off they only like to use one door on the bus and I would like for them to stay on longer than one stop sometimes they do but it’s not often and for the long busses they only use the first half of the bus and not the back and would like to see more people getting on the bus as well and would like to see more maps with more routes
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1 year ago, ms9872345
I think there should be an off duty setting where you can drive normal cars too. I love the background settings like the layouts but I would like to drive it in a regular car. I am aware it’s a bus simulator but even in cop games there’s an off duty setting where you can drive regular cars. Other than that I love the game and I have all of your car games as well but none have a city like Texas in the bus simulator
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7 months ago, Toby J. Earnhardt
Wants new school bus and more!
I want new school bus like this: .has mad eyebrow looking wipers .At least 15 windows long per side .has the yellow line at the front that goes off when at stop And that seems like all for the school bus! Another thing! I want to be able to open doors at any time. Even when you are not at a stop. Another thing! I want to free ride on the maps interstate 95 and London. Thank you alexandru marusac!
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4 months ago, Millieillienilly
My overall review
The game overall is really amazing. But I have a few complaints, the first one is about the drivers they run into each other and the crash into you because they don't stop for stop signs. Another one is the cost of one of the busses, you have to have money to get a bus to finish the last level of all the levels. My last complaint is the sensitive people on the bus, nut overall the whole game is good.
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12 months ago, Dani 🇨🇻
Overall, pretty god but has some problems
He graphics and controls of the game is overall pretty good. A few problems though. The cities (especially the American ones) are pretty bad and seeing European busses drive around in a place like Houston or Boston really doesn’t make sense. I would suggest adding more American style busses to the game and making the cities feel more like the actual thing. Also maybe add more cities like NYC, Lisbon, London, etc
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6 months ago, creepperklr2
GREAT graphics, NO controller support!
This game DEFINITELY stepped it up since the last time I checked it out a few years ago. Graphics are still great, love all that. The thing it’s missing and this one is a big one for me anymore, is controller support. At this point for me, any driving or racing game needs controller support or it’s just not nearly as friendly for me. I tried everything but this game doesn’t take anything that’s not tilt or on-screen input. I’d suggest you look into that for such a detailed game. Thanks!
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3 months ago, Assniya
The game
The game is amazing but the only thing that I dislike about it was that it would not let me drive and complete missions and I will have to go on multiplayer and nobody would like join anything so I won’t be able to play for like about two months but other than that it’s good only give it four stars because of that I do recommend this game this game is very very genius whoever created it is very genius and yes, the game is very nice
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5 months ago, Fireworks girl
AWESOME GAME but 3 things so company please read this
Hey y’all this game is great for many reasons Examples: 1. Great whether you can change it to 2.you pick people up on bus rides Etc but there are 3 things I don’t like: I like that you can go anywhere you want but it doesn’t look like it 2. I don’t like how you have to buy different buses because it takes a while to earn money like I have been playing this game for 1 1/2 months and still don’t have a double decker 3. I don’t like how some routes have to have certain buses (which I still can’t afford with the money in the game So please fix the money problem if not that’s fine but other than that I am really really really really really obsessed with it have fun! 😃😄😁😀😆
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6 months ago, Dude jo123
It's a very good game with realistic handling feel and engine sounds. But I wish the author could make the bus opening and closing doors so that you can operate several doors yourself instead of opening them all at once. It is possible to install a monitor over the cab to make the cab more realistic, as in steam's recent bus game! Otherwise it's really great, I love this game! I hope the author can see it! Thanks!
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1 year ago, KingSpade😴
Please please please continue doing whatever it is you’re doing. I am so excited for the update, different school buses with an actual working Bus Light System. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this game. Also if possible, please add more school buses of different variations aside from the ones already in the game, I would love to have a mass selection to choose from
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2 months ago, Vasuilakeba
The bus is fine and the traffic is fine it’s just that the traffic was like turning and then it was going straight but alert just break check me for no reason so I like the game it’s just that the owner needs to like fix the traffic because there’s something wrong with the traffic and yeah oh and another thing nice buses but the traffic is not good.
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4 months ago, kobby jc ti
Best bus game but…….. THE AI
Ok so today I was playing this game and I was driving on the highway right I was going 55 mph but the ai in front of me was going 30 so I was gonna turn to the left but then the car on the left went faster and turned into me my game exploded cause of the crash I was able to join back but pls I don’t want that Happening again. So PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS fix the AI. It’s the best bus game other then the AI .
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2 months ago, hibyedad
Every time I go to the main menu, the screen gets smaller and stretches out. This has never happened to me. Can you please fix this devs I am sad I have to do a review like this, but please read! UPDATE: First the screen stretching out now this. When I was stopping at a station, I was going 3mph and it says “Hard brake | -25$” HOW. I didn’t even brake that hard!!! I assumed that the game thought that I had stopped instantly, BUT NO, I had did a soft brake not a hard one. SO HOW. So, now it’s a 3 star.
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3 months ago, TheBusGaming
One of the best bus game for mobile!
I absolutely love this game. The steering, customisation and the wide range of buses too! There is one thing that bothers me when playing this game, is the lack of opportunities to earn coins in the game. The only ways that I have discovered to earn them is through Daily Rewards and Special Rewards by following on Instagram, etc and I wished there were more opportunities to earn them.
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3 months ago, _amaya010
great game.. except won’t restore purchases
i love this game. very fun and creative and quite addicting. my ONLY problem would be that I had purchased the school bus (i bought money with an Apple Giftcard to get the school bus) I deleted the game, but before I did I made sure I was logged in my iCloud account thinking I could get back in if I wanted. So I reinstalled the app and it set me back to the beginning. Please fix !
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11 months ago, lil_.ducky.
Future of the Game
I absolutely love this game. The audio and graphics make the game seem so real. However I can not rate this 5 starts because of a few things. I think there should be more streetlights that turn red and green instead of the lights that just flash yellow. Also, I think there should be more places to drive in, for ex. Paris. If these get implemented into the game, it will definitely be a 5 star game, imo.
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1 year ago, YandelOMG_YT
Great Game
This game is Great overall but I don't think the fact the school buses are pay to win is great for people, you guys advertised it everywhere that you were adding school buses and I'm pretty sure you got alot of new downloads for your app from people who want to use the buses but can't because they just started other then that Great game Ovilex keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Weezy#2
Great game
Love the game, graphics, different cities w/ multiple routes, many ways to earn more money. I do have an issue with how sensitive it is when using the breaks that causes us to get penalized. There should also be more stop signs or traffic lights. Thanks for all the hard work put into this game, its the best so far
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1 year ago, Epic stricker
It’s great but a few suggestions
This game is great but I have some suggestions first I think we need mini busses or double decker and coach busses second I think we need more ways we can get coins for free the only way I got it was by following and subscribing third I think we need brand types of busses like Yutong etc. thank you for reading this I hope you make some changes
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2 years ago, MTA Maryland33
Best Transit Bus Simulator I Ever Seen.
This game is great I was wondering if it’s possible can we type in our own Destination sign on the bus? And also can you guys increase the passenger capacity on the buses, allow the buses the to be full with passengers especially on the Articulator Bus. Can you guys make it possible for us to still pick up Passengers during Free Ride Mode Please?
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2 years ago, CeCe 406
Love the update
The only drawback is sometimes you have to step hard on the brakes and the ppl on the bus are way too sensitive. Could you add more cities like Los Angeles Dallas Chicago New York London etc? Also what’s with the cars taking a right turn from the left lane? I’ve been docked points because of crashes & slamming on the brakes. FIX IT!!!!!
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