Bus Simulator : Ultimate

4.5 (175K)
1761.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zuuks Games
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bus Simulator : Ultimate

4.47 out of 5
175K Ratings
2 years ago, CheeseyGirl123
Great game, minor bugs
I really enjoy this game but I’ve only gotten to the second level due to one certain bug. Whenever you finish your route for the first level, it tells you where to park and say park perfectly to let off the passengers but no matter how you park it just won’t work. The only way I got past that was to close the game out and then click “continue route” right after. Now I have to do the same thing for the second level to let people on the bus. The second bug I noticed is the AI for the other cars, trucks, busses, etc. The AI just really isn’t good at all. The cars can barely even drive. I can’t expect much from a mobile game but all I would like is for the cars to be a bit smarter. On another review, someone said that one of the vehicles just stopped in the middle of the road. Other than these few minor bugs, overall this is a great game! Excellent for a mobile game as well! Thanks for reading and please fix these few things to make the game playable. Especially the parking bug. From a game developer, I’d keep the area where you have to park but don’t make it where you HAVE to park a certain way and how it has to be perfect. Even if that’s the only thing you fix, that would make me happy and probably a lot of others too because then we can actually play the game. But anyways, amazing game!
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4 years ago, Andrew Coll
Major corrections needed
I like the gameplay a lot but there are a couple things that make me not want to play. You see I play this game when I bored. I would recommend this game with a friend who like to drive or get bored and just play games. First of I would like you guys to fix the accident glitches. The cars in the game don’t know how to drive very well. In a matter of fact at all. The busses turn super hard in a not realistic way and when your next to them and they turn the back of the ai bus hits my bus. Then I lose points. Second the traffic lightest. They only last for like 5 seconds then they change and most of the time my bus does not accelerate fast enough so the traffic light changes to red and I lose points. Thirdly. You guys should make it easier to get money in the game. It takes me about a day to get enough money to get a new terminal. Also it takes me a while to get coins in the game and I can’t get new countries. Pretty much there’s a lot of things that need to change including the way the AI to drive in these traffic lights and there’s a little bit more glitches. Besides that I like the game I would recommend it to my friends. Next update I ask if you guys can fix those glitches that will make me happy and maybe some of these people who play it. If you finish reading this thank you for making this game for us to play and I hope that these glitches get fixed Stay safe.
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2 years ago, hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'n
My Thoughts and what I think should be change
I love this game but some of the things from the update I don’t really like (in my opinion) first off the people, in my opinion I liked the old version before the update and the girls look like boys to me. The new driving buttons, I liked the old driving buttons, there was not a lot of buttons to press, but now there’s like 10+ buttons and half of them I don’t know what they do. And the new areas you can drive to and country and cities, why did change the it from being only using money for the cities and countries to use if the gold coins and a lot of them, why not bring it back to you can use the gold coins to buy the state but you can use money to buy the countries and cities with money you earn from driving. You cbs keep everything thing else you put in like the different weathers, the new buses, more stopping points and all the other stuff you added in. This is all my opinion so you don’t have to like it, I’m just saying change the people design to the old design before the update, change the driving buttons to the old driving buttons, and change the amount of gold coins for the cities and countries to the old amour where you only pay in gold going for the state and money for the counties and cities.
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10 months ago, nalerr
good game but too hard to earn coins
I loved this game when I played a couple of years ago. I still like this game but it’s hard to keep enjoying it and play consistently, when I’ve been stuck with the same 2 cities since I first started the game again a few weeks ago. I can make money and buy new buses fine, but driving the same 2 routes gets really repetitive. To buy new terminals and cities you need coins not money but the only way that I know of to get coins is by watching the ads and getting gifts, or other than that you have to pay. Even then it’s not guaranteed that I’m going to get coins and from the few weeks I’ve been playing and trying to open gifts, I’ve only gotten 12 coins out of the around 60 that I need to buy a terminal or city I think. I don’t exactly remember the amount but I know that it’ll even take me a while just to get to 20 coins. I could have had more but I wasted some on upgrading my cities, when I didn’t know that I was spending my coins because for some reason it doesn’t tell you how much it costs to upgrade the city. I don’t remember it being this hard last time I played so I don’t know what changed but I’m just asking if you could make it easier to get coins or lower the price of cities and terminals because I really don’t wanna spend money. Other than that, this is the best driving game I’ve played so I hope you can fix this.
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2 years ago, llexibug
Needs improvement
I love the game, and I love how long it takes to complete a route. It just needs improvement. For the lights, I think you should make them more realistic. Maybe have them turn yellow then red. I lost points because it was green when I passed it but it changed while I was under it to red. Also the AI of the cars don’t even stop at red lights and it throws me slightly off. The parking when you get to your destination is also something that needs to be fixed. I haven’t gotten past the first level because of the parking. I’ve tried to turn off my bus, turn off everything that’s on, and reverse into the parking spot but nothing works. I saw that someone else had the same problem but when I tried to fix it how they said to, it still didn’t work. Maybe in a new update you could also add difficulties. In hardest difficulty you can’t go over the speed limit or you get points off or the level ends. Just stuff like that but that’s just a personal opinion that I think would make it better. I don’t expect a free mobile game to be perfect, but I do expect it to at least be playable and I expect to be able to finish it.
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3 years ago, Apple nerd123
Really good but some improvements needed
Enjoying this game so far, one of the best driving simulator games on mobile, beautiful graphics, realistic driving experience and wide selection of radio stations. I would love to see some improvements in the future like : improve traffic AI. and the way AI. vehicles turn is not natural. Also sending drivers to work takes a long time especially when you have a lot of drivers and I don’t like that you need to watch an ad to basically do any thing otherwise you have to wait a ridiculous amount of time (8 min before each mission). On the objectives screen i am currently stuck at "discover country" since I unlocked all the countries available right now so I can’t progress anymore which is stupid. Most countries looks the same so there is no real advantage of unlocking countries and terminals. Also buses are priced in a weird way, some of the most expensive buses are not better than the cheaper ones and some of them actually carry less passengers than the cheaper ones which means you get less money using them.
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2 years ago, djdjdjjrj
A couple of things that need to be fixed
This game is really fun and I love to play it during when I have no internet or when I’m just bored. Also it is really realistic but there is some things that needs to be fixed in this game. One is that ever since the new update came I was really excited and was glad that there was new streets and weather and more realistic features but ever since I got it I tried to drive and it will drive a little bit but then stop and it won’t let me turn the bus at all. At first I thought it was just my phone but then i re downloaded the app and it still did the same thing and I still thought it was just my phone so I powered my phone off and turned it back on and it still did the same thing. Also when I try to drive the bus it drives really fast but then it won’t let me stop the bus. So those are some things you guys need to fix because I really never got to actually drive or pick up my passengers and take them to there location because of the glitches. but other then that this game is really nice👍🏾.
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2 years ago, TTV.Pitplot0-
It’s an amazing game but this one bug has to be fixed
It’s the perfect bus sim. It’s so fun and realistic but whenever I use to bus I’m given at the start and try to park at the end it doesn’t work. And then I watched a bunch of ads until I was able to buy a new bus and poof! That bug was straight up gone. So once you buy a second bus the game is just as advertised. (Edit) ok new big and it’s so annoying. The other traffic on the road are terrible drivers they pretend like your car isn’t there and they Swerve to the exit in the wrong lane and hit your bus while doing it and your passengers get mad at you for it. So devs if u see this… PLEASE FIX IT MAKE IT SO THEY UNDERSTAND THE LAWS OF DRIVING AND HOW TO USE THEIR BREAKS AND RESPECT WHEN YOUR TRYING TO MERGE LANES. And devs if you see this let me know you saw it too so I Atleast know your aware of the problem. Oh I forgot the traffic lights. Omg please fix it. It’s hard enough to see them make it so they have a yellow light so you know to slow down cause most of the time I’m driving then I see the green light and my passengers yell at me cause it’s changed without warning.
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3 years ago, teshanmoney
It’s fun but the AI are dumb
I was thinking about spending money on this game but I noticed it wasn’t worth it. The ai are dumb and unrealistic. Once, I crashed because a bus in front of me just randomly stopped in the middle of the road, he didn’t even break he just stopped, I was going 40 kph. Also they don’t even accelerate, they just go from like 0 to 60 in 2 secs. I like the fact that you are able to play without any ads in the middle of your ride. Maybe add better graphics, but your a mobile game so what can I expect. But this is fun for a mobile game. Maybe a free mode. Where I can just roam wherever I want. I don’t like how every cop has their light on and is driving. Maybe if we run a red light or something he pulls us over, then we go into a talking stage where he asks questions and we answer, but that’s too much I won’t beg. This review was all over the place unlike my other ones, but hope you got the info that I wanted to say, I also love the game and it is cool.
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2 years ago, lindascookiecutter
I absolutely love this game, but I cannot complete any routes, so I cannot earn money. This game has a realistic radio it also includes the hazard lights, turn signals, break, accelerate, reverse, headlights, the front door button, baggage button, and announcements such as departure, fasten seatbelts, and the journey is over. Although, the main bug that I have experienced is in the parking. The first time that you park, there is no bug, which is when you start the route and let passengers inside of the bus. But, after you take several rest stops in which you get gas, let the customers off for a rest stop, get food and drink, cater to customers throughout the ride, and fix the damages on the bus, you come to your final stop and cannot get any money. This is where there is some type of bug in the last parking spot where it does not matter how you try to park it, but it will not allow you to continue and let the customers out to finish your route, so therefore I have given this game one star because I want the developers to see this rating and fix this bug because I really like the game and want to progress. I don’t want to continue to play the game and not receive money for driving customers to and fro.
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3 years ago, 1606563
Great game
Okay I’ve had this game for almost ever. And I loved every minute of it. The way it works. The only this I don’t like is that there are no slider pedals. I really wish they had them. It would be easier to get back up to the desired speed faster. Another this is that the other cars around you on single player it like hard to slow down fast enough when they slow all or a sudden. I keep getting damage and getting fees. I wish there were like more like buildings to go with certain cities. Like New York like could have more buildings and traffic and like land features. Same for Dallas. And Los Angeles. That would be so cool. Maybe more turns. And like instead of taking a highway the whole time why not take more roads with turns and stuff. Like that would be fun. Because it’s not one road the whole way there. It’s not the same route. But other then those this is an amazing game to play. I hope the company reads this so they can like consider the things I said. Haha. Thank you zuuks.
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6 months ago, Mattcapo05
Be careful
I’m writing this review to say be careful when bidding on a bus. The game will somehow take all the money that you placed and make it vanish in thin air. I placed a bid on a bus and it somehow ate my funds. After the bid went up I couldn’t place another one on the same bus because the funds disappeared and i was short a lot of money. For example if a bid is 20k and you place it, you’ll be the highest payer and they’ll temporarily hold your 20k from your account. Then someone else has a chance to steal and they’ll get an offer to place something like 25k. If they place it then that means your original 20k will be transferred back to your account and you’ll get a chance to make another higher offer before the time limit expires. My issue is that the original 20k never returned to my account even after i lost the bid and the time expired. Hours of play and hard work down the drain. Mind you all, that bus was the first bus i would have purchased had i won the bid. All my money down the drain. Into thin air. I had to grind really hard to make so much money just for a new vehicle in this silly game and got scammed in the end by the game itself. For this, i rate this game 1 star. Good luck people
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3 years ago, burgeradil
Great game!
This is a wonderful game! Only a couple issues but I’ll get into that in a minute. Great gameplay great graphics everything is good. I have only 3 complaints: first mph/Kilometers per hour or however that’s said. Your can’t use mph and I’m American that’s all I know. If your could add the option to use mph that would be great. Second settings. You can’t access the settings while driving and sometimes you wanna change settings while driving. Third traffic lights. Sometimes it will be green then I go and it suddenly changes to red and I lose money and it’s not my fault. If you could add yellow lights that would be great. I would recommend this to a friend but fix these issues in the next update and I’ll recommend it to a complete stranger! Oh there’s a fourth I just thought of. I hate how you need to pay to get on multiplayer. But I love how you can sell your bus to other players while not on multiplayer. And there’s only ever adds if your ask for them to get free money.
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3 years ago, hayden:(
Good game
Oh I love this game. The game is very detailed and lively and the graphics are great I have some suggestions. One of them are maybe if you pass a cop and you were going above the speed limit there is a 50% chance you can get pulled over and you have to pay a small fine. AlsoCan you add more rap songs to the radio While you are driving. Can you add more characters, edit the people, edit the map and can there be more places you can drop the people off at. Also when you’re getting gas can you fill up the tank to however much you were willing to pay for it. Say you only wanted it fill the tank a little bit more an update could be you have the choice to spend that much money and not fill the tank up completely. One more update is if you can see more wildlife. So far this game is my go to quarantine game. Also update your grafics they are starting to be very repetitive
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2 years ago, jsbdvrbdlld
Like it but a few problems.
It’s a really fun game! But with all awesome games there are some flaws. 1: The first route you get is from Santa Ana to Oakland all good picking up the passengers at Santa Ana. All good getting to Oakland. I pull into the Oakland puss stop park in my correct spot and it won’t let me let the passengers off. So Alfred 5 minutes of trying I go back to the main menu hire a driver and send her to do it (I would have preferred doing it myself) a hour later she has completed the task. Yay! So I was going to try again I get everything ready. Pick Oakland to Santa Ana (that was the only available route) go to pick up my passengers won’t let me let them on. I don’t know what to do it seems as it is only happening at Oakland. In you next update please fix that. It is a really fun game but if I can’t complete the route then there is no reason to keep the game. I will keep it for a few month but if this is not fixed I will delete it. Please please please fix it I really want to continue on!! Thank you for your time! Yours truly a bus simulator ultimate fan!!
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3 years ago, Cute_hamsters
A wonderful game! But there’s a couple of issues
This is a wonderful game! I recommend this to anyone who likes to play driving games or needs a game to play when bored. But there’s a couple of issues I would like to be fixed. 1. When I start driving when the traffic light turns green I lose points because my vehicle isn’t fast enough and the light turns red quickly so I would like that fixed please. 2. When I’m driving the cars/buses are behind me and when they crash into me I lose points which is not fair so can u fix the cars so where when I’m driving they don’t turn into me. And lastly 3. When I play the game I can only play one country and I would like to unlock more but I don’t know how so maybe can u make an option where u could pick he country you want to go to pls. But yeah that’s all I want to be fixed or updated into the game but so far this is a wonderful game and I recommend it to anyone!
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2 years ago, liamboi😂😂44
Great! If you want to lose all of your stuff.
Ok, so, I had this game from late 2019 to 2021, when I changed phones in November of 2021, I lost all of my busses, all of my money, and all of my gold, or whatever that other currency is. To put this in perspective, I think I had 14 busses, 40k dollars and 50 gold. This all cost me probably around 50 to 70 dollars and I will not let this just go to waste and disappear, that’s why I’m making this review, I did see that there was a saving system, but why didn’t you tell me in the tutorial? Or why didn’t you make an auto saving feature? Anyways, I have made this review here because I emailed you guys twice, and there was no response after weeks, even when I threatened to come here, and, here I am. And I am back, after about AN ENTIRE YEAR, i wright emails, I send threats about bad reviews, I give the bad review, and what do I get? NOTHING. I spent 70 dollars, check the accounts, there are two, I can email you them, I used to love this game but I realize the creators don’t even care about the customers. Your game is probably the worst money I have ever spent. I will send one more email. That is it.
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2 years ago, Gliding star glitter
Old Game and I'm Back - Even Better
So, I used to play this game when I was younger to pass my time. However, I got a new phone and I lost and forgot about it for a long time. After more than 4 - 5 years now I finally find the game again accidentally because I was trying to find a simulator game to pass my time offline. Finding this was a treasury discovery, glad to be back The thing you've been waiting for, rating and opinion. The game is genuinely awesome, not because I used to play and love it, I generally think it has a great point. The fact that it's still updating itself for a long time now is great development in the game which I genuinely think does deserve 5 stars overall. The game mechanics are simple and understandable. They also related very well in real life bus driving. I believe it had a great standard point to the game, it's fun and enjoyable, I highly recommend this awesome simulator.
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3 years ago, Cookie_Overlord
An unbeatable first level + other down sides
It says to “park perfectly” but no matter how you park, forwards or backwards or sideways or upside down or not parking there at all, you’re just sitting there awkwardly trying to beat the first level. It’s unbeatable, making the game impossible and trash. Also, the radio has different genres to play but MOST of them don’t work. There’s no tutorial (that I know of), you’re just dropped off and suppose to know what you’re doing. Buttons aren’t labelled, so you have to know how to drive in order to do so which completely neglects everyone younger than 16. (And the game is for 4 years and up) The game doesn’t allow you to change the measurement system, it starts off with Km/h… but you’re driving in the USA in the begging. Theres nothing wrong with the metric system but I personally use the Imperial system a lot more and most games allow you to change it. It’s dumb because imagine using yards/miles while driving in Paris, and the speed limits aren’t matched with the units you are using. The game is a fun idea but along with all the bugs everyone is talking about, it deserves 1 star :/
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1 year ago, UNIQUEMAARI
i loveeee this game, I’ve discovered this game in middle school and what caught me was the real music I’d hear it makes the ride more entertaining.. I thought about the game some time this year and downloaded it and i absolutely love the updates i just think when we choose our characters it should be able to actually be our character yk, it’s always a men.. not a big problem but the big problem for me is the music station being changed.. recently when i downloaded back they’re were rap music you know the kind you’d listen too on 106.9 radio station lol or something but now I don’t know what has changers but it’s all like Spanish, country music, i think it’s already stations that play the kind of music I think they’re was a change because I’d literally be surprised to hear sza, or lotto and etc on the radio now because it’s not there anymore .. not fair at all .
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3 years ago, mr.ariel37
Really fun game with so many bugs
Let me start off saying this game is actually fun and relaxing. The only catch here is the bugs that need some fixing. When I’m on the road the AI will suddenly crash into me out of nowhere and costs me a penalty, they also don’t stop at red lights so when I stop on one the car behind me starts honking at me. Talking about red lights, it’ll be green from far away and as soon as I’m about to cross it it switches to red and doesn’t give me enough time to brake costing me another penalty which always happens. I would recommend putting count downs or adding the yellow light just to prevent that. Also when driving along the highway there’s always some bumps now and then that makes my bus shake violently which always throws me off and causing me an accident which so annoying. And one more thing the passengers literally are the most annoying thing in the game, always complaining about everything and making rude comments. So anyway great game but has potential for 5 stars.
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6 months ago, jared,Chess man
Why bus simulator ultimate is a great game
I think bus simulator ultimate is one of the best games I’ve ever played and even though the routes are not as long and it takes a lot of time just to get some money I think that the physics and movement are what makes it a good game I also love the fact that you have the options to feed your passengers stop at rest stops wash your bus also one of the things I love is that you get to see when the passengers go on and they give you bad reports if you do things wrong. but I think that the game just needs better AI .The cars they drive too recklessly because sometimes they will just stop in the middle of the road and your bus can crash into the car and that has caused me to lose stars on each route and that rarely doesn’t happen but overall I think they should keep going and making the game even better.
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3 years ago, ArgonSimian
Not bad but doesn’t really stand out either
There are definitely some good aspects. Seems like a person could get in depth with running the company and I do like the customization. But it needs overhauled in most other aspects. Lots of pointless features. Why use a blinker or watch your speed if they aren’t monitored? Traffic lights change significantly faster than a bus can manage if you’re not first in line. Not enough food stops. Seems like I can barely keep them fed properly on the shortest run. Everything costs a fortune and I barely make enough to justify playing. I figure it’ll take me half a day or so to buy a new terminal or a basic bus. Doesn’t provide much incentive to play for me. If a person really digs in and puts a lot of time into it, I could see the end result being pretty enjoyable but getting there doesn’t seem fun at all. To be fair, mobile devices are limited in capability and I suspect these folks made the best of it. Overall, good job!
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2 years ago, Gl1tXh
Trouble I’m getting in this game
I love this game but I get some trouble in the way for example whenever I try to download a skin to put on my bus, the skin option is not there even after I put the URL in the box I tried to do it again but I saids this URL has already been added. Another problem I get is that sometimes the radio doesn’t even turn off even tho the green light shows it’s on but nothing is playing. Another problem is the sometimes I try to feed the passengers at a restaurant but there is not blue rectangle for me. And I have a request if it’s possible can you make the cars slow down when your about to switch lanes please or make them show their blinkers a little bit early please because I keep hitting to car because they show where they are going after they turn thanks for reading this.
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2 years ago, AlexTooCut
Great Game BUT...
An amazing game but you got to take the ads out while actually playing because I get that and then the bus crashes because it never paused my game before going to add and another thing fresno to Modesto the food place when u go up the hill with one of the Mercedes’ bus it always hits the thing road that never happens with the other two buses I used so far, idk glitch? And could you guys please make the the name of what we write stay the same I put DeCamp and it came out as DECAMP lol, and I feel like if y’all make the places in the the other countries like Jamaica look like how Jamaica really is that would be amazing! And add like buses from those countries example Jamaica uses coaster buses and mini buses also chi chi buses if u guys could do that I would recommend to everyone and spend so much money on this game and I think other people will too.
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9 months ago, everyone toke my name
The game is good Very Good but I don’t like when the cars stop and they switch lanes and I crash and the game lags literally all the time I play so I can’t really enjoy the game I downloaded this game because I got my console token and I like car games and I felt like I wanted to drive a bus but now I wanna delete the game if it don’t be fixed I like the game because the hand turns with the steering wheel like real like but I can’t really enjoy it AGAIN the lag sometimes I can go a whole route without it lagging but the next route it start lagging I thought it went wifi at first but when I got to school and connected to that it was still doing it and I went to my wifi box reseted it and everything I even went to my friend house and it was still lagging please fix it because I wanna play this game because it’s very great but if it don’t be fixed AGAIN I’m deleting it and writing a different review because I should have put 2 stars
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3 years ago, 😡😤😒😕😟
Amazing game but it has a few problems
This game is amazing and it’s really fun to play. I have been playing it since a really long time. The driver controls are really realistic and I love how every single bus is unique. Oh and I cannot believe how much terminals and routes there are ! However there are a few problems with the game. First of all, it’s the vehicles AI. For instance, say you’re cruising down the highway and everything is fine. When suddenly, a car that’s right next to you in the next lane attempts to go into your lane and crashes into you! Making all the passengers angry for no reason! Next, the graphics. The graphics on the bus are good and all but the trees look warped and the other vehicles look very undetailed I wish you would fix this. Sorry for the very long review and if you fix this I will rate 5 stars.
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6 months ago, MirandaTumbao
No Avatars of Color
While I find this game incredibly relaxing and surprisingly fun, after noticing a feature to change your avatar, I was so disappointed and a little hurt to find that there are no options for avatars that are (at least evidently) people of color with dark complexions and/or ethnic features. While seemingly a small miss, to find that one of my favorite games neglected to include any avatars that look like me was a big let down—especially where there are not just a few avatar options but *42* (I counted) avatar options that all appear fair skinned with white features. Developers: please consider adding more racial diversity to the avatar pool for the game—and not just one evidently black avatar and one presumably hispanic of either gender. Non-white and darker/dark complexioned people deserve ample representation too. Thank you for a great game (outside of this issue) and your consideration. I would be more than happy to change my rating to 5 stars if the limited avatar options are fixed.
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4 years ago, Tasha1+3
Great but has problems
This is an amazing game don’t get me wrong. I’ve had the game before and it was outstanding! But now I can’t even play it because after I try and drive the route myself.... the game crashes. I play on my iPad and my phone but on different accounts and the same thing happens. I try and start my route and then it crashes. Another thing, trying to make money in this game is super time consuming. I get that you want the players to keep coming back to the game but I don’t think that’s the way to do it. And one final thing, accidents and stop lights. This is a really touchy topic because for me the accident rate isn’t that bad once you figure out the ai but for a new player it may be frustrating and the stop lights should have longer times for the green and yellow lights. I think it changes to red to quickly. Other than those problems it’s a great game! It’s fun to play if u can get it to not crash. Please fix that, I love this game to much to see it do that...
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1 year ago, GentleNight375
Huge Potential! Minor Bugs
This has got to be one of the most enhanced graphics that I’ve seen from a mobile game. Very blown away. Though, there are most bugs that people complain about such as the AI. Honestly to summarize, the AI cats are stupid, they stop in the middle of the road for no reason, follow way to close, and physics are just off. Some things that can be added are more buses and a bigger variety of where you go for example, going to the airport or going to the docks. The developers have exceeded my expectations in this game and most likely a lot of other peoples too. Last thing I most likely will say is the buses are a little overpriced. I recommend this game 5/5. Also for whoever reads this or the Devs, check out Bus Simulator 23!!! Newly furnished game, everything customizable and free!
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4 years ago, RichRevs1
Amazing... but at a price...
I love this game! It’s among the games I would and have recommended to my friends. It’s so amazing, I’ve had this game for close to 6 months. The devs are always on top of things. But a couple things I really don’t like is how hard it is to get coins. Also, why do we have to pay to play multiplayer, like yeah I understand that the devs have to make money, but still. I play Bus Simulator on my PC, and it’s really good. All I ask is to fix the A.I.’s driving, like when I’m gonna turn off of the highways, other buses and cars turn from almost the other side of the highway. Also fix how the other buses turn, when they turn, they pivot, which leaves me almost 90% of the time left with a “minor accident” and my points drop. That’s all I ask is to fix the A.I.’s driving, and make the multiplayer part free. Thanks!!!
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11 months ago, gabyyyyyuuuuy
Good game but minor bugs and a suggestion
So I’m giving this game a 5 star since I really like the graphics and its a good game but there is some bugs like where I end up in the middle of space or something and I can’t fix then I have to leave and join again till it works then I have to start the route all over again but luckily that rarely happens to and I don’t have any more complaints but a suggestion is that you guys should add speed bumps I don’t know why but I really would like if you guys add that also that if you go over 10 miles per hour on the speed bump then the passengers will get mad and say your going to fast or something like that hopefully you see this and fix that bug and use my suggestion but that’s all and I would recommend this game.
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2 years ago, Carson Gaye
Why does every place look the same
I’ve been playing this game for almost 6 months and every update has only been bug fixes which is nice but who wants to get bored driving in the same looking places all the time. Games like that get offloaded quick because they become boring. Zuuks just updated their truck game and added new map sceneries that make places look unique or new map patches to add variety instead the same landscape. Plus who wouldn’t mind a city bus game with a few cities to drive in. I know you guys can do it. *Another question is that your truck game gets several updates almost monthly; why can’t this game get the same treatment? Add weather options and more app support to help the game garner more attention. More buses are out there, they also can get dirty, and the weather shouldn’t be the same. Simple.
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1 year ago, im in love with roblox
Amazing game, minor bugs.
So I just started playing this about a week ago, Overall I think it’s great but there are a couple bugs in it, for example: *A couple times a car has spawned right in front of my bus causing it to drift of the road, hit the railing, my passengers get mad, etc... *Something I would want the game to add is the lights on other vehicles so you can see when they will turn or switch lanes, many times they switch lanes straight in front of me and once again, it causes it to drift of the road, hit the railing, my passengers get mad, etc... *Something I kind of HATE about buying used vehicles is that you have to bid, I mean like I’m fine with the bidding but when somebody beats you in the bid, you don’t get your money back, even after the bid finishes. I’ve lost 96,000 dollars in the game due to that.
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3 years ago, aldoiscool
I think it’s time for an update
I love this game it’s alright not really realistic because you can’t actually see into other cars the windows are just blacked out and the vehicle are kinda low graphics you are the only high graphics thing but one thing I don’t like about this game is the stop lights like red light yellow light and green light. These lights do go through a yellow light sequence it just goes from green to red it doesn’t go from green to yellow to red to help you stop if I’m speeding at 80 miles per hour I know this game isn’t mph I live in the U.S so most states use MPH which is what we use to idk what that would be in what the game uses but you need to have it go through a yellow light I don’t have time to stop by the time I get to the light the passengers get mad at me cause I run a red light I pass the light so I can’t see the color any more and they get mad cause of a red light so either apply better brakes to the buses or change it to where the light go from green to yellow to red please this would complete the game for me
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2 months ago, TheCoolReview
Great Game Overall
This game is very entertaining and makes you feel like you are in it. Most one star reviews are just not true. You can easily start the game, of course you’re going to get a penalty for crashing onto a police car, you have to buy more routes with gold, and even though once a while it is tricky to park, it’s definitely possible if you do it right. I love driving the bus because it feels real as I mentioned in the first line. It is really fun to overtake cars, trucks, and buses. The only two problems with the game is that the cars are coded poorly. They turn way to much on sharp turns. And the game glitches if you have low battery or if you’re on power saving mode. Overall, this is one of the best games I have ever played.
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7 months ago, laylalanae
Love the game, just a few complaints
I love the game but, I have two small complaints. 1. I hate how there’s no instructions on how to play the game. There’s a whole bunch of controls for the bus and I don’t even know what half of them are or where to purchase the controls at- it says that for some of the controls they have to be purchased at the store, but I can’t even find where that’s at. Could you guys make a guide or something to show how to work the game and where to find stuff. 2.There are no avatar options for people of color. It’s not that big of a deal but, I was kind of offended that there were so many avatar options but, all of them were fair skinned, and not one of them had a hint of color. It would be nice if there was more diversity for the avatar options.
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2 years ago, prince_12!
Need a big improvement
I like the game, it’s has good graphics and everything, but why are you guys making it soooo difficult to get a new terminal or get a country. Like ever since I downloaded this game I have been on the same terminal Fresno and Modesto. I try to buy a new terminal it’s 90 gold coins to do that. You guys aren’t making it a little easy to get the gold coins. The only time I am able to get a gold coin is by watching an ad a being hopeful that I get a coin. Like how do you expect me to do that? And can you make it easier to get money in general. Like the prices of the buses are too high to being with, and I know you want people to buy the VIP ultimate to get like hundred of gold coins and money, but truth me told no one wants to spend me doing that. Like your making the game boring and not fun. I want to explore new countries, get new terminals, and get new buses but your making it tooo hard to buy them, please be a little lenient.
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2 years ago, Planeteatpizza
Good Game. One major bug
This is an enjoyable game to play. I enjoyed it and it was nice and slow. It does take a long time to finish a route though. (About 20 minutes). But the was one main bug that it seems lots of people at running into it. After you drive for 20 minutes, stopping at rest stops and so on, you get to the final stop. It says to park perfectly but it seems that is impossible. No matter how you park it won’t work. Even if you open the doors and park for yourself, the passengers won’t leave. I don’t know why but it is always the final stop and all the other stops are fine. When you first pick up the passengers it goes into a cutscene and your good. The rest stops are the same. But for some reason it is also the final stop which makes it basically impossible to get money. It just kinda ruined the game for me. I hope they fix this bug because then I would recommend the game. But if you don’t mind wasting 20 minutes or more go ahead and get the game.
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3 years ago, Hotcropper12
Fun, but the mechanics need work
This game is fun (though it can get old fast because buying new terminals takes forever). However, there are some mechanical quirks that make it frustrating to play. First of all, there are no yellow lights, and multiple times I’ve been almost halfway into an intersection when the light just randomly turned red and I got penalized for it. Another thing is that the steering mechanism temporarily disables very frequently, which causes me to get into accidents and leads to dissatisfied passengers. Lastly, the parking mechanism in most of the terminals doesn’t work; the only way I can get the route to officially end is to save and quit and then re-enter the app. I think this game has great potential, but if the developers resolved these problems, and if the price of some of the terminals were brought down a bit, it could be incredibly fun and successful.
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4 years ago, bktent
Great game
I got this game because I’m into simulation type games. This one here is most definitely up my alley. To me it’s loads of fun to play & the graphics are great considering that it’s a game played on my phone. The game play challenge is wonderful and the ability to create my own bus company keeps me playing. Larger systems such as PlayStation & Xbox could learn a good lesson about how to promote a quality simulation game from the maker of this one. The one thing I love the most about this game is that when you open your bus company, you have to earn everything you achieve. That’s unless you take the easy route and buy everything, but what’s the fun in that. Well, to wrap it up I say that the creators of this game deserve to make a sequel. Way to go, this game is the bomb !!! 👍🏽
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2 years ago, idonthaveavalidname
Used to like it, now it feels worse
I would’ve easily given this 5 stars a few years ago but I feel like the game is buggier, ( litterally can’t deploy drivers and can’t open gifts nor can I open the store) the maps and terminals are super bland compared to around three years ago, and the gameplay and money-making felt so much better three years ago. Also, the terminals system now is so much more complicated and I’m pretty sure you could purchase terminals without having to spend real money. My game files might be corrupted, but this is the App Store and not steam so I don’t think that there is any way for me to verify my files. I will credit the devs for improving ai and improving the passenger models (before you tell me to go to support I dont want to give my full name and email to a mobile game development team that isn’t even in my country)
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3 years ago, Kefob
What’s the point of paying?
The driving mechanics are fun. The amount of ads was really annoying, as you you get random pop up ads between driving, had to watch an ad to sell tickets instead of waiting 3.5 minutes, or you had to watch an ad to get an offer. The game kept popping up to subscribe for 8.99 a year and you would get a free bus monthly, free money monthly, multiplayer access, and no ads. The only thing that I received for subscribing, as I wanted to get rid of ads, was access to multiplayer. That’s great, but where was the rest of the stuff that was promised? I didn’t get any buses, or money. It did get rid of the random ads between driving, but it still makes you watch ads to speed up selling tickets, get offers, etc. Every other game that you purchase no ads for allows you to hit these buttons and just get the perk without watching another ad, as you are paying then 8.99 a year for that. Not so with this game.
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2 years ago, BananaGurl1357
Plz read
Hello lovely people! Just know this is a great game, but there are a couple tiny problems. When you first start the game, it doesn’t give you a tutorial, so it just leaves you off, like, “here’s the game, good luck figuring it out on your own!”, and it’s a little confusing. the bus function or what ever buttons at the top right don’t have any titles for what each of the buttons are for. The passengers are always asking for stuff and I still can’t figure out where to find the things they are asking me to do. The second problem is, you don’t earn money very quickly so it takes like 9 years (not really I’m just exaggerating) to get a new bus and even I only have one bus and I’ve been playing all week. Again, this is a good game, but please fix this.
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2 years ago, Desireeree
There is only a few problems
I love this game! But, there are some problems that need to be fixed. The Al is not good. Whenever I press the horn to make the cars go faster, the cars don’t listen. Also, when see a red light, I stop. But some other cars keep going. If I try to do that, the passengers get mad at me and I loose money. Sometimes when I’m in traffic, when I go straight, another car goes forward and doesn’t wait for me to go. Its so annoying! I also want you to fix a problem with the parking. It’s annoying when you have to find the parking spot that the game picked for me. So, it’s only those few things that are annoying to me in this game but overall I love this game. Thank you for responding to my review.👍🏾✌🏾
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3 years ago, Five20too
Don’t pay for the ad free version
I was really enjoying the game so I decided to pay for the ad free version. The only ads that I can tell disappeared are the ones you get when one of the buses finishes a route. You still have to watch the ads or wait 8 minutes for the tickets to sell. You still have to watch ads for all of the other functions too. There’s no real reason to pay for no ads because there are still plenty of them I’ve also noticed that since paying for the app, all of the commercials have gotten longer. I used to regularly get commercials between 5 and 15 seconds long. I haven’t had one less than 30 seconds since paying. The payouts for watching the commercials have gotten lower too. I know it’s only $9 but it shouldn’t get less enjoyable to play after paying. All in all it’s great game. Just don’t pay anything for it!
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4 years ago, DirtyTapWater
Great game, I have some suggestions though.
First off, this is the best free vehicle simulator you can find in the App Store. I have some suggestions, my biggest one at the moment is traffic lights, it would be cool if they turned yellow before red because I get penalized a lot for passing red lights simply due to it turning red while I’m already passing it. I actually can’t really think of any other suggestions because that’s the only one that really bugs me. I do wanna say though, I like the skip feature that was added. The amount of money you make to how much a new bus cost, I feel like it’s fair. I do like how there’s not an excessive amount of ads. I think this game could really be something. When I think of some more suggestions I’ll come back and edit this review.
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4 years ago, Princess stinky bear ❤️
I’m love it but a few things
I love this game! There is a few things I’m not to happy about though. First, “accidents” if you are trying to turn and a car is coming they make it very hard to turn and it causes a “minor accident” and then the customers get mad. Second, when departing from picking up the customers and starting, when you are in a big bus it is so hard to turn! If you could just make it a bit wider it would make it way easier to pull out. Lastly, make it easier for people to coins so we can buy more maps and ways to go or explore. Over all I LOVE this game I play it when I’m bored or just want to drive something. I would request this game to anybody who likes to drive or is bored! Thanks for reading this. Bye and be safe!! 🛁🧻🦠🧼
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11 months ago, pizza543
Awesome game but 1 single problem
Okay so first of all, this game is an awesome game. It need internet or Wi-Fi to start the game but while playing, it doesn’t. Now , I’m hoping Zuuks actually reads this BECAUSE because because because I git the update on the day I post this and first good news : the game is now allowed to have the Mercedes-Benz Logo and name instead of “Merce-Ben”. But the downside now : They made me spend 14 thousand dollars ( in the game ) to get my blue paint job back for 2k each bus for 7 Buses. Now the reason I wanted Zuuks to read this is because I’m hoping I can get a new 14k somehow. Please and Thank you , but if you don’t I guess it’s fine. I would prefer a “refund” but yeah. Awesome game. ( by the way I’m not complementing to get my refund I’m serious )
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4 years ago, Janet6473
Why I gave this game one star and deleted it
So I deleted this game and gave it one star because people were super Duper mean and the bus was going super slow and then it was going super fast for no apparent reason the game lagged and turn the bus sideways on the highway and it wasn’t even my fault and the passengers kept getting angry and angrier saying this bus was a road rallySo I believe it is just because the it made me super angry I was yelling at the passengers for being so mean and rude you got me super angry and the people who were driving act like idiots they were speeding they were going to slow and when they turned and I was in one lane they hit the bus and then it wasn’t even my fault and the passengers in the bus got mad at me for that so I deleted this game and gave it one star because the people who are drivingNeed to learn how to drive the passengers A super mean and rude and they’re penalizing me for things I didn’t even do the lights changed way too quick and overall I just say it’s a bad game would not play again
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