buzzArab Arab & Muslim Dating

4.3 (9.8K)
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Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.3 or later
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User Reviews for buzzArab Arab & Muslim Dating

4.29 out of 5
9.8K Ratings
4 years ago, soft 347
Poor customer service!!!!
I created account and verified with Facebook, then woke up the following day and found out that my Buzzarab account has been suspended. Up till now ,I am still asking what I did wrong that My account got suspended? Then there was an option to contact the customer service and I wrote to them several times, for months now and yet they don’t reply. So why do you put your email or the option to contact customer service when you know that you don’t reply your customer’s email ?!!!
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5 years ago, xtremehakeem
Decent app with caveats
Like many dating apps this one is no different. I like the fact that it’s free but you have to watch a video before contacting some but not other and I always wondered why? Also when you watch the video and you want to sent a message, 80% of the time it won’t let you because that member has too many messages they have not read or cleared yet.. which is a good thing in my opinion to not waste your time on those women that are here only for attention and never check their messages BUUUUUUUUUUUUT here’s the problem, why not have an option where you able to know that before watching the videos and wasting time!!! One or 2 profiles is fine but when you are watching a dozen videos only to find out that that member doesn’t check their message is huge waste of time that will get many men upset and just not wanting to waste time with anyone.... so my advice is this.... those members that don’t check their messages and are not serious why not delete or block their profile so we men don’t have to waste our time watching videos only to not be able to communicate because the member doesn’t clear their messages
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6 years ago, penno678
Low quality profiles
Time over time on this app on and off I realized the quality of men on this app is low. Many don’t actually have decent job and are looking to marry someone for a green card. They either didn’t complete their education or are boasting about nothing. They want woman to move and see them in another state, it’s the man who should make the move. I also believe many are just fake and chatting to pass sometime. I haven’t even found one good match on here within the 3 years I used this app. They just want some sexual favor or talk about topics that are not serious. I wish the app was more controlled in having better matches. I am an educated woman and want to find someone with the same comparability. I wasted a lot of my time on this app with those wanting to chat and just be friends.
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5 months ago, Spunky702
Meh, typical internet app. Mostly fake profiles
The app is very average. For some reason you can see some astrological sign on their profile but not their gender. You also can’t make your profile only visible to the gender in which you are interested. It certainly would stop so many bot’s messaging me if I could block “women” from seeing my profile. Overall it’s clunky but at least it gives you a different pool of people than other apps would. However. The closest person I have talked to was 4+hours away. Most are an 8+ hour flight away.
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11 months ago, AbdullahAhmed22
Pictures verification
The picture verification process taks a lot of time, why? Please improve your picture verification time, why I would download an app and wait hours for my pictures to be verified and I cannot send to members unless my picture gets verified, why?
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7 months ago, thefeeferz
Tons of non-Arabs
Using this app defeats the purpose. It’s full of Pakistani and Indian members, counteracts the whole purpose of being for Arabs. Frustrating why they allow them to sign up for an app that is supposed to cater to Arabs. Almost feels like there’s more Pakistani and Indian than Arabs messaging me. I got 5 in a row the other day. Also the app development feels so archaic, the app looks and functions like it’s just a clunky api of a website from 10 years ago that someone linked to a bare mobile app. Needs major work.
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2 weeks ago, Mason050916
I just want to say I met my husband on this application 1 year ago. He’s the sweetest most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. We chatted for months and we lived across the world from eachother. We met in Türkiye and we got married there. We had an instant connection, I can’t imagine we started from here but I can’t imagine a life without him now. 🤍
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1 year ago, Maryrova
The developer of this app is very narrow minded (I have to say this unfortunately), there’s a very limited range of languages, ethnicities and sometimes the app doesn’t even work! I tried verifying myself and they literally denied me several time! I know it’s called ArabBuzz or whatever but there are definitely people there from other ethnicities, but the developer makes it seems like it’s only available for Arabs apparently! If it’s however then it should be clearly noted!
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3 years ago, Adam$5
Seems like away to get to your facebook or gmail
You will be asked to log in through facebook or gmail & after giving access your told we do not accept all people who register. Seems like away of scam but who knows. So i go reply of their high standards and if my profile was suspended (more like deleted) its because i violate their terma and condition, how could i violate your service if i didnt even use it for one minut, again they are looking for high quality standards applied by their team. Please explain. Still one star.
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4 years ago, mnm65
Can’t figure out basics
Really stupid application. Just because I take a picture in front of an ancient city gate doesn’t mean the picture is not recent. I couldn’t be less impressed with this app. Need to learn the difference between city and a state. Doesn’t know how to sort based on location or distance - really basic stuff. Not a vast selection of people on this and the majority are overseas. It would be really nice if they can figure out how to sort by location. Plus the geographic hierarchy is just invalid and poorly thought out - if any at all
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4 years ago, Bswarrior
ok but not good
Not a alot of people are living around you. Have to watch ads to see members profile and pics. Also messaging will require to view ads. 75% of people never read or answer messages. The platform says members are online, but in reality they were. There is a few minute delay for any intereaction between members. App keeps crashing from time to time. I wouldn't recommend it
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7 months ago, 93rd billybags
I’m not feeling it
You never find anyone on here and most women have no pictures, but insaallah I have found one Muslim sister who is very beautiful ALHAMDULLAH and maybe insaallah she’s the one but she seems not to be the one either , it’s like no one on here is actually real and it’s always ppl you dnt want to talk to like these women all the way in the dominican Republic and Columbia and most ppl on here with no pictures or there profile this app never refreshes it self all the same ppl and faces im not satisfied at all
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1 year ago, Shafiq Rabi
Buzz arab chatting app
It is very good and fast , especially most profiles contain picture . It also contains people from different countries all over the world , and also shows languages spoken by the owner of the profile . It also shows the marital status of the candidates . I really like this buzzarab .
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6 years ago, Destiny😬
4 stars
The app is easy to use but I dont like that It wont let me change what is in my bio right away. I have been trying but it keeps getting disapproved but I am not writing any contact information or inappropriate things.
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2 years ago, mb212484
I love this app because I can customize who can talk to me based on religion and which country. I found the love of my life on this app. Thank you so much I never would have thought it would work!
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1 year ago, SummerSunSweetheart
Don’t bother. Their algorithms see you responding and shut you down!!!!!
As one of the few “real” women, real Muslims and serious marriage seekers on the app, who is both credit card and selfie verified, If I swipe and answer more than 3/4 profiles, the system backtracks and “disapproves” my profile, disabling my ability to respond to those I just wrote to or matched with. Then I have to wait hours to be “approved” again. Useless app. On its way out. Go to Facebook dating instead.
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7 months ago, gorge89
I don’t like too many adds. Just to see the picture we have to see the whole adds. Please take out the adds.
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3 years ago, N.MK7
Terrible dating experience
Very poor profiles of guys on this app. No control at all and some of them really cross the limits. I had about 200 on the block list after few days. I deleted my profile after 5 days as I could not got further. I wish if the app team would have stricter policy and do a verification of profiles at least..I don’t recommend for any female who is well educated and who is looking for a decent quality and high caliber.
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5 years ago, Dark knight pp
My message to admin of this application “You have to be professional”
I can understand that you won’t accept all the profiles, but you have to be professional and highlight the reason behind the rejection, you have to know that this is insulting people, I wouldn’t recommend to install this application which asked for slots of personal information and in the end take all the information and reject u!!!! Its really something questionable!!!! Take ca
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6 months ago, JPrice077538
I was excited to meet other Arabs and Muslims but the vast majority of people didn’t identify as either of those, which defeats the whole purpose. Even if everyone on their did have those identifies, there are still too few people on there. There were literally only 2 other profiles located in my entire state (U.S.).
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2 years ago, Imperial Noble
Good intentions
Every aspect of my experience was proper and serviceable, however in Islam we are able to divorce and some people make mistakes and so there are certain extenuating circumstances that should be considered. I believe that you should make it optional to change you marital status as to be fair to the mu’min. Thank you.
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1 year ago, José guardians pires
The worst dating app ever
This is the worst dating app I have ever used, there are some restrictions I can’t even understand why, no short messages, no pictures with sun classes, it takes so long to approve you add a new photo, it alway show you people who are thousands of miles way, keep send you notifications even if you chose to turn them off… and so on and so of… it is baaaaaaaad
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5 years ago, MESHMESH_PRO
Very well supported app. Very good admins. No scammers. I was told by friend they do not allow married people to create accounts. This is improper attitude, especially for those who want to be honest.
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2 years ago, Scott611
My opinion
I think this app is wonderful for people to meet each other. I feel that many Muslims have a dislike of any other religious believers so engrained in them that it blinds them to see the good in others. This is why I am rating this app a 2/5. Members must be Muslim for a Muslim to date them.
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6 years ago, Big Omda kabeer 122
Pretty alright
It seems to be alright but not every one is Arab as the name saying but they love Arab some home or the language I couldn’t really figure out the deal with that but other than that I like the website and some people are real honest about things others not.
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4 years ago, rybasopcghis
Stupid application not accept any pictures and have fee too for stupid service
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1 year ago, Moe112
Photo rejections, annoying ads
Rejected all 7 photos of mine. They were all normal. The ads are ridiculous. You can’t skip any ads. You have to exit the app and re-launch it again in order to use it. Most profiles don’t have photos I assume because of their photos policy
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2 years ago, mikhaelsk
Not LGBT Inclusive as Advertised
I have been hoping for a pro LGBT dating app for Muslims/Arabic people and thought this would be the one. However it is quite evident by its inclusion of only two gender choices that BuzzArab is not LGBT inclusive as advertised. Many in this community identify as transgender and having that identify recognized is necessary to showing such support as is falsely claimed.
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5 years ago, Manubebe
Very Little People
It’s not a trendy up and going type of app... it’s lacking people/ options... I love the matching section never seen better... it’s just the matches are very few... very little amount of people to choose from.
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5 years ago, DesireDominiquia13
I love this app! Especially how I can search for people in any particular country. This is very helpful in my own journey for love. Thank you, Buzz Arab!!!
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4 years ago, anaesmedana
Some problem
Whenever I try to update, management refuses my updates. They wrongfully say I’m not allowed !!!!!
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2 months ago, WWAgrawal
Poor app
The platform is riddled with scammers and dead accounts. Whatever they use for verification is not working. More importantly, the advertising is extremely annoying. Too many ads and most of them are extremely long.
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11 months ago, FCLXVYV
A very confusing and inconvenient app
I’m confused of this App.. it was a Hustle even to upload my picture. I haven’t used any inappropriate language or anything wrong yet I found myself suddenly suspended .. a real waste of time I’m getting back to Salams , I don’t recommend it.
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4 years ago, amarsodeep
Fake app
This is one of the worst app ever. I think they were just thinking about making money and put no real thought into this what so ever. Every person here is from overseas even though they claim they are from where you are. Then they ask for money . Or they want all your person info .
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5 years ago, Otman Rebel
Good app but
Very nice dating app but please fix the last update it crashes a lot and the app goes out !!! Fix it please
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2 years ago, savantdota
Annoying ads that open up even when you don’t click.
There’s no premium version with no ads so you have to deal with constant pop ups and new screens opening up apps to download to websites. Terrible.
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6 years ago, muhaammed 317
BuzzArab it seems a serious dating site a lot of beautiful women .
I highly recommend it
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1 year ago, HASSAN college
BuzzArab is the great app,it’s making me happy and meeting new people and friends!!
I like that
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4 years ago, Nabih malas
Love you
Thanks. This is the best website I ever met. Thank you again and god bless you.
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2 years ago, sunseeler410
Most spamming app ever
Apple should remove this app from the store they use spamming ads that forces you to open up All my pictures were rejected even though they’re normal and the same pictures I use on other dating apps
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2 years ago, chickdrum
A lot fake people
Hi, I have noticed a lot fake and fraud people, please control them
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5 years ago, peace and happiness
Terrible Experience
Don’t wast your time. I have been looking for honest partner, but the most men’s profiles are fake. My advice is stay away from this site . They don’t want to marry. They just want to play games. If you want to play , this is a good place for you . Otherwise, look for somewhere else😠.
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5 years ago, bellakhairhadid
What a complete waste of an app filled with men who want a green card to america and filled with men who are unstable and cannot handle rejection. please monitor your members and their mental health status because they harass women who don’t respond to them. terrible all around. there’s a slim percentage of people aren’t actually terrible but most are!
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2 years ago, الموت القادم
Future here
It is the bast app to know a lot of people Thank you
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4 years ago, Sharkov911
Awesome app
One of the best, if not the best, free dating app, no limits! But needs a bit of improvements in messaging system.
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6 months ago, Tita Dexter
App Stopped Working
It was fine for a few days then all of a sudden the app just stopped working, I have even re download the app with no luck, it stays stuck on the load screen.
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6 years ago, ouday usa
Great site friendly helpful service good
Great site
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3 years ago, Mohamed 01002023
My opinion
All of girls of this application are fake No answer from all girls
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1 year ago, Sam Lafe
Annoying Ads
Very annoying ads keep popping all the time, use to be much better before, don’t download very annoying
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2 years ago, bluejay102895
Weird layout
Honestly, compared to the other apps out there, this one was just not it…. The layout was weird and there was just too much going on.
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