Cache Valley Bank

4.4 (238)
27.3 MB
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Current version
Cache Valley Bank
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cache Valley Bank

4.4 out of 5
238 Ratings
3 weeks ago, Akidd4life
Works well on iPhone 7
The app makes it easy to keep on top of my account when I’m on the go, at the stores, or out of state. It would be nice if the app allowed me to clear my debit/credit cards for when I am traveling and going out of state so I don’t have to call the bank to do this.
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2 years ago, JAYDEN THOMPSON707
Correct balance is never updated, beware of overdrafts
Never had an issue with the app until the last 3 months. The balance is never correct. This has caused me to overdraft, it’s super frustrating. I have never overdrafted before and it’s happened multiple times due to an incorrect balance being shown. I received no help from customer service. They told me I should be balancing my money on my own instead of relying on the app. I understand that, it’s just very frustrating to have this problem only in the last 3 months after using it for 3 years. Will be changing banks.
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9 months ago, Cadentclawson
Great friendly user
Very quick and easy access. I don’t have to worry about security either. I can transfer money between accounts easily and always know how much is in each one. I like being able to see also the withdrawals and deposits listens for each account and O can see the whole history of each one.
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2 months ago, Weedy57
So easy to work through this program.
I’ve tried other banks and have had some difficulty going through their web sight. I’m always relieved I could go bank to this web access, which is much easier.
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4 months ago, Gutshaker2
Cache Valley Bank
We have been with Cache Valley for many years. We were just a small business but they always treated us like we had a million bucks in the bank. Roy, Brenda, Brent, Debbie, Emmy, Dustin and the rest of their great employees treated us very well. Cannot say enough great things about them.
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4 months ago, Cccssmmiitthh
Works decent most of the time
The app works okay most of the time. Sometimes it doesn’t work. When a family member opened an account they couldn’t find the app for quite a while in the App Store. That was frustrating. The open really needs features like mobile deposit. It could be a little more user friendly too.
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3 months ago, #ahottiewithabody
CV Bank App
I love the bank, customer service, services in general, really everything about the bank itself. But honestly as far as a bank app goes it’s the worst I’ve ever used. It doesn’t show your bank accounts and credit cards in the app. There’s a separate website to view credit cards. It’s not user friendly at all. And Autobooks is terrible to do any invoicing through. 100% recommend the bank as long as your not planning on using the app very much.
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4 months ago, jswuthy
Some changes could be made
The app itself is fine. It’s just the setup that is annoying. I hate that the financial tools section pops up at the top after the app has opened. If I want help with finances I can find that in the options in the menu.
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2 years ago, CatKCVB
Easy, efficient & highly reliable app!
I have been a cache valley bank customer for about 25 years and am thrilled at how they stay at the cutting edge of banking technology while still always maintaining the small town community feel, care & support🌟
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3 years ago, RavenWolfe93
Cache Valley Bank Review
To whom it may concern; As a long time customer of Cache Valley Bank in Logan, Utah, I can say with certainty that their recent app updates are a vast improvement over previous versions. One improvement that goes with saying is the increased font size. I wear glasses for reading and in the past it was difficult to read information even with my glasses on. Since Cache t Bank updates their app, I have had very little if any difficulty reading my account information. Thanks Cache Valley Bank for updating your system/App. Sincerely; Don S.
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3 years ago, Norc Nesdam
I have found this app to be very user friendly and easily accessible and capable to maneuver through all of the functions quite efficiently and easily. Thanks to all of you for your efforts in making it doing it this way.
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4 months ago, guayo_216
Out of date
Looks and feels like a banking app from 10 years ago. Also there’s an insane amount of green banner pop ups that come up not only every time you open the app, but every time you click to a different page. It’s 2024, apps should just be better by now..
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8 months ago, British Roots
Cache Valley Bank
Easy to navigate . Fast changing from one screen to the next . Always accurate and updated to amounts in each account . Reliable data and information.
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2 years ago, Rootbourne
When it works
When it works it works great. Unfortunately it is plagued with issues. At one point I made a big transfer of money and that amount just vanished and wouldn’t show up in the app. My most recent issue is that both checking and saving accounts have vanished in the app making it completely unusable.
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2 years ago, Doc Hal
My bank
Even before Cache Valley purchased this bank I have use this service for all my personal and business banking. When my wife and I remodeled our home Cache Valley made all the financing possible. Cache Valley is easily a five-star bank!
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1 year ago, Jonpetty
Future Transactions and Mobile Deposit for Apple
I am happy to give a five star review once the app has the ability to allow future transactions so I can predict my balance 40 days in the future. Thanks in advance!
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4 months ago, Jelisam
One of the main reasons I use the app is to deposit checks. I find this bank the most difficult to deposit checks. Often I can deposit checks in other banks that I first try to deposit here but cannot so it’s very frustrating.
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4 months ago, Benzz32
Good functionality, gets most of what you need done.
Functional, and takes care of most of necessities. I’d like to see mobile check deposit added.
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4 months ago, Jimbobme
Easy to use
App is extremely easy to use. I also like that it requires the passcode when you exit and try to go back in
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1 year ago, jsm#1
Banking made easy and convenient!
Cache Valley bank has truly not forgotten who keeps them in business by continuously showing up and caring about their clients!
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2 years ago, Jperry00122
A life saver
Cache Valley has been a life saver. We’ll organized with powerful capabilities. I don’t have to go to the bank at all anymore. Just a few clicks on my desktop.
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2 years ago, SneakyD123
Needs mobile check deposit
Decent bank app, but even my previous credit union had mobile deposit
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1 year ago, Daaaaakkkkk
Great bank and app
Love the bank and the app is great too, just wish somewhere you could see your account and routing number
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4 years ago, giggles🐈‍⬛
Have to go through the bank to put other accounts on the app
It would be nice if they made it easier to put other accounts on the app myself as to having to call my bank each time I want account like my saving account added.
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3 months ago, Juicy1and 2
Patron friend bank
My long term experience of Cache Valley Bank is secure and helpful. Every in person transaction has been helpful and professional.
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2 years ago, JC35772147
Works great!
Wish it had the deposit check feature in the future.
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3 months ago, Alishaw5
Not great
Sometimes it works. Mostly glitches. The program itself has features Cache Valley doesn’t pay for - other banks have a similar platform but work way better. Pretty basic as far as apps goes. Better than nothing but just barely. :(
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4 months ago, A,🥖
Love it
Works perfectly and easy to navigate for everything I could need.
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2 years ago, Zoe327843
Good but not Great
It’s an alright app the features they have are pretty simple and functional for user ease but that being said the features are a little limited in comparison to some of the other banking apps that i have had.
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11 months ago, boston the boss22
Cache valley bank review
I’ve had some struggles with it but turns out it was just my screen time.
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3 years ago, shaveiceman
Great Customer Service
North Logan Branch All the staff is friendly & service is always Professional & efficient. Management always there to help. We’ll run operation!
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2 years ago, schweitzfam
So easy to use!
Love how easy the app is to use and I love the financial tools where I can view and track my spending.
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3 months ago, Shanny babes
User friendly
I love the easy access with a finger print or face recognition. Very easy to use.
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2 weeks ago, nrttacy
Has most features I want, but not super user friendly
I wish the mobile transfer was more visible on the main menu, set up more like the Wells Fargo app that I just switched from
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2 years ago, gayelyn
My personal account
I use the app to check my account everyday
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2 years ago, beefykin
Sufficient App for my banking needs!
The app is well-rounded and updates almost immediately. I enjoy the simple, sleek design. A great app with a great bank.
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3 years ago, Mellett
Cache Valley Bank
Online banking and your application have raised my money handling skills to a new level and kept me out of jail. Thanks
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2 months ago, Trishlmft
Easy to use
Simple and intuitive. This app works very well for my purposes
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4 months ago, hyper girl 2008
Best Banking App
I don’t think I have had an easier time with my banking. I love this app, and it’s so easy to use.
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9 months ago, Drig1by
Awesome banking app
Love the budget features and all the things you can do. Very happy with this app
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2 years ago, scybndimvew12875
Perfect for me….
Love your app. With me not living in your area it is very easy to do banking and easy understand. Thx.
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5 months ago, ChiroBrock
Great banking experience
Thanks for always looking to help us have a great experience.
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2 years ago, Mollylevi
Slow reaction
Sometimes the app does note open up and glitches. Sometimes frustrating.
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4 months ago, 1.29????
I think it’s great. I use it constantly and like all the features.
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11 months ago, oldklt
Easy to use
Once Al the rights are given to you it’s a very easy app to use
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2 years ago, Lgj500
Use it weekly great clean app
I use this app weekly and it’s clean and user friendly!
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2 years ago, Cool kid happy day
It’s okay
It would be nice to have a mobile deposit option with this bank
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3 years ago, dud 8437
Easy to use
Clean interface.
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3 years ago, Suesster
Easy to use
Secure, quick, easy to navigate
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1 month ago, The Ward Member
Does what I expect
The app does everything I expect it to do.
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