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Cadence Bank
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User Reviews for Cadence Bank

4.75 out of 5
36.2K Ratings
9 months ago, Coach-Woody
Best Bank Bar None! Cadence is a Super Bowl Bank!
As a senior citizen, I was very concerned about the ability to have a bank who treated me as a person. Trust me when I say Cadence Bank treats you as a worthy customer and not simply a number. The ease of online banking is superb. This was a feature I needed since I cannot get to the bank for deposits, withdrawals, etc like I used to do as a young lad. Everything you need is right there on the Cadence app. You can easily transfer money from checking to savings, pay bills, see balances and much more. It is a one stop service. I’m proud to be a Cadence Bank customer. I feel like I’m wanted when I do go to my local branch. In fact, from the President of branch to tellers, they treat me as family. I have had a lot of bank accounts in my years and not a single bank came even close to Cadence! Thanks Cadence for caring about your customers and for your outstanding technology! James Woodell
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1 year ago, Roni lynn
Overall good features, but lacking
This app provides good, basic features for what you need to access your banking needs via an app. My one complaint though is that there isn’t a way to receive transactions alerts. I would like to be able to approve or reject transactions in real-time. And it would be nice to know if/when a merchant has tried to charge my debit card twice. Being able to see that immediately gives ME the power to cancel it rather than going through the hassle of calling customer service and/or the merchant. I also have an account with a credit union and I have the ability to do that, even though it’s via a separate app. I think every other bank gives you some kind of real-time access to all of your transactions. I hope this is an option the developers are considering adding in the future. I had someone try to charge my debit card and the fraud Dept caught it and I guess I was supposed to receive a “text message” when that occurs, but I didn’t. Even if I had received the text, how many more steps would I have had to go through to stop the charge?
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1 year ago, Oakland mom
Unreliable but could be great
This app is so handy when all the functions work. However, that is not the case most times. I would like to be able to deposit a check without having to “retake the picture” 10x just to have it say “deposit failed” or without crashing in the middle of a deposit. Transfers typically work, but expect the app to crash and you will need to perform the task several times. The one constant that IS reliable is that you can easily check your balance and see what transactions are pending which is what I regularly do and is why the app receives a (somewhat) generous 3 star rating from me. When the app is working - 5 stars!! Oh you can also view checks you’ve written and I do like that feature on the app as well. Update: 3/9/23: app still crashes a lot and only works when it wants to. Very inconvenient for a banking app. I’m still experiencing lagging when wanting to make a deposit. However when it actually does work, the deposit function is great and a huge time saver. I just know that I can’t rely on it to work.
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3 years ago, Jhoopster17
Good but needs some fixes
App is good for for common banking tasks (reviewing deposits/withdrawals, statements, check images, transfers, etc.) The bill pay function, which is common now to just about all banks is in line with expectation. Like the ability to use the fingerprint reader to login, however the struggles are constant verifications just to log in…even if using the fingerprint reader…if you have multiple accounts like personal or multiple businesses this can be totally annoying and leads to so many texts just to login. I appreciate extra security but my goodness can there be something a little less frequent? Another miss is the mobile deposit barely works because you (as others have said) have to make like 10 attempts to maybe get it to work. All the wasted time and you could drive to a branch. Anyway, here’s to hoping future updates resolve these issues.
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9 months ago, lestrine
Biometrics/Login a big problem lately/Fixed
EDIT: I need to update my review. After working with support team at Cadence Bank, found out the problem was my VPN hiding my location thus the bank app couldn’t tell it was me trying to log in. Had to delete vpn, and now app is working reliably again. Team said they knew about the problem and we’re working on it. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Normally I would give 5 stars, because the app has been very reliable. However, in the last month or so I have had many, many instances of not being able to login—-either through biometrics or directly with password. And of course, I don’t always have a computer around to use instead. So maddening!!! This has been a real problem for me, especially as I have to deposit checks. Please fix this!
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1 year ago, jdubs196
Extremely difficult to log in
Even before the merger, this iOS app has been virtually useless to me. Any time I attempt to log in, a buffering icon appears and may stay for minutes at a time until I’m notified there are “intermittent connection issues.” I just logged into the mobile banking website on a laptop, logged out, then attempted to log in through the app on the safe WiFi network as the laptop. Cannot get in. I take this as some proof this is a mobile app problem. I must have a computer with me or be at a physical bank/ATM to do any sort of banking activity. If a mobile app’s purpose is to provide functionality and account access on-the-go, then this app utterly fails at its mission. I’ve read several other reviews that complain about this, and as I said, it has been a problem for me for years, and I’m finally writing a review. More attention has to be given to fixing this issue if Cadence wants to compete with other banks.
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7 months ago, kap1975
Deposit Issues
I have used this app several years and have had no problems with it. The only issues I’ve had in the past were with the deposit function not being able to read some handwriting on a check (I don’t blame it on the app, I could barely read the handwriting myself). However, with a recent update there has been an update to the check deposit function. While trying to deposit a check (printed, no handwriting), it took me at least 5 tries to go through. The app kept telling me that it was “unable to read the check”. The flash was on and the check was lined up within the lines every single time. Then, it would say, “the amount on the check does not match the amount entered”, when I entered the correct amount. I have NEVER had these problems before this update.
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4 years ago, Heartyhops
How many complaints do I have?!
So I already complained last week how I get constantly kicked out of the app because I “forgot” the password I just had to made that same day because I “forgot” the others one piling up in my notes for this circus of an app. So I can’t have a legit password to get in, and I also can’t even make transfers from my savings to checking and vice versa because I have NEVER SEEN THE SCREEN LOAD AT ALL! Anytime I access! I hate this. I’m going to a different bank. Bancorp, you are horrible pieces of trash. I can’t even call myself a Karen because you have literally ruined this app from when it was a recyclable cigarette in 2016 to a non renewable water bottle sodomizing a turtle shell in the later years. Your app is so absolutely terrible that I don’t even know If that bizarre, abhorrent description of it is even descriptive enough. Pinnacle is calling my name ;)
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4 years ago, Truffin2007
Bancorp South refuses to help
My app will not open on my phone. It just spins after typing in my login info. This has been going on for several months that has resulted in 3 calls to Bancorp South, and each time, I follow the same steps that never work. Logout, delete app, update ios, download on wifi, download with wifi off, etc... Every time, I am told that someone will call me back.... Zero calls back.. I’m beyond annoyed. It does work on my iPad, but I need it to work on my phone. At this point, it doesn’t matter. The closest location to my house is closing, and I have no mobile access. After 24 years with several accounts, it’s time to move on. Thanks Bancorp South. Hopefully, it’s just my phone and not the app. I loved the bank for a long time, but it looks like they are done with me😂.
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8 months ago, jaclectic
Innovative and welcoming
I had open a performance savings account at Cadence I am so far happy with it, they had treated me amazing at the branch they were friendly at the Marietta branch in Ga and they made me feel at home they also follow security procedures because that’s what you want at a bank caring and safety, now I opened a performance checking which I considered is one of the best checking accounts in the Financial market right now, and later on I will like to open a business account and probably a credit card.
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2 years ago, interest scammers
I’ve called twice and went into a branch once to get the interest paid on my checking account correctly for the month of November 2022. Each time the customer service rep stated that i met the requirements (12 debit card transactions) and it was paid incorrectly and they would correct it (pay 1.5%) Still hasn’t happened. I have about $30,000 in Your bank now. I am cutting timber and was going to add another $50,000. But consider this notice that I’m closing both savings and checking accounts and moving my money. I’m shopping for another bank now. Btw- I’ve had several months whereby transactions pend for 2-3 days and I don’t get the 1.5% interest. Is this intentional??? Seems so since I met requirements and still wasn’t paid interest correctly.
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4 years ago, oxford_girl11
I honestly don’t think I’ve ever reviewed an app but after the update in early June, I can’t stand this app. I use it daily for my business and personal accounts and it’s awful. It’s incredibly slow.. switching between accounts or between menu options takes forever. Honestly I’m waiting 30-60 seconds for a new page to load. Mobile deposit takes forever to pull up, doesn’t let you tap the camera for a picture of the check half the time, once you hit the “deposit” button it can take up to a full minute and a half to change screens and confirm your deposit. I absolutely hate it. Don’t roll out a new/updated app unless it’s actually ready for the public. I WISH I didn’t need this app for my business accounting.
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1 year ago, The merger is horrible
So many issues
Lately there have been several times that I have attempted to check account on line and the app is down. Today I’ve logged in waited for 10 minutes and still can’t view my account. What good is the app on your phone when you are constantly having to call Bancorp just to hear your account information because the app is down?.
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5 months ago, papag57v
It’s ok, but…,
The app works well on the IPhone, but the limitations on deposits is just another silly “bank” thing. You are unable to deposit a check for more than $2,500. Cadence closed their branch and ATM near me. So when need to deposit more than $2,500 I have to drive 20 miles to a bank branch in a nearby town. Second, the bill pay feature does not work with the IPad. I’ve called their online help about this multiple times and they give the same unhelpful information each time.
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3 years ago, Upsondownes
Bill Pay Not Available on iPad since Update
I cannot access Bill Pay on my iPad since the latest update. It says cookies are blocked on my browser but they are not. I have done everything I can to get rid of that infuriating message with no success. And seeing as how there is no way to report this problem with the developer (the report a problem link just takes you to the regular bancorpsouth website) I am forced to leave a negative review and hope someone who can help cares enough about their customers to read these reviews. Bill Pay works just fine on my iPhone with all the same settings, just not on my iPad. Please help!
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3 years ago, ellienovels
I use to like it
This was my first bank, the statements take weeks when you want to report an issue and by then it no longer matters. It CONSTANTLY messes up, won’t let you log in and constantly updates and wants you to update your password. I updated my password 3 times in a year. It’s frustrating, and bothersome. Nobody wants to constantly update their password to their bank account, I know it’s for it’s safety but you have older people that won’t understand why it does that and won’t remember their password because they constantly switch things up. As soon as I have time and find a bank I like, I’m switching banks.
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4 years ago, hancock2014
Such a huge upgrade!
I’ve been with Bancorpsouth for quite awhile now, so I’ve had to endure the pain of the old app for a very long time. This new update is miles ahead of the old one. It still has some issues, as I’m sure all the bugs haven’t been worked out yet, but I’ll take this over the old app ANY day. Just the Face ID alone made the upgrade worth it, because I used to have to manually type in my password every single time.
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1 year ago, Kandikane76
Going slow.
This app has more issues since the merger. Today for example it not only isn’t recognizing Face ID it also keeps telling me, that when I put in my user ID and passcode nothing can be done at this time and to check back later. I know these may seem like minor issues. But when you like check your account daily it becomes more than minor.
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2 months ago, QBonline user
Not jiving with Quickbooks Online
Ever since you changed something in the last couple of months, QuickBooks online and Cadence are not auto communicating like they used to. The last time this happened it was a BancorpSouth issue after a system change. I am going to assume that that is what is going on again. Took a couple of months to get straightened out. I can’t be the only one having this issue. Every time I open QuickBooks online, I have to login to reconnect again to pull in transactions.
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3 years ago, mrgnark
Bill pay quits after weekend “naimtenance”
After using bill pay on my iPad for years, all of a sudden it’s not available. And, the banner that appears says it’s my fault for incorrect browser settings. I complied with instructions and of course it still won’t work. I’m putting my browser settings back where they were so I can use all other apps without cross-site tracking, etc. All my other apps seem to have figured it out. I’m sure the Cadence bank takeover is part of the issue. This doesn’t bode well for the future of this already clunky app.
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4 years ago, Ah147305
Won’t Connect
I can’t get the app to connect. It keeps saying intermittent communication error and to try back later. Have been trying it for over 3 days. Even uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Still doesn’t work. Contacted help desk and they say there is no problem. However I disagree. Guess I will just have to login over the web which is highly inconvenient. Please fix
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1 year ago, buronuhh
Slow & Glitchy
My biometric is always turning off, login takes about 5 minutes for it to load and some days it just doesn’t let me even get past the login. When I test my signal with my other bank apps login is lightning fast and 0 glitches so I know it’s not my signal. Bank app is 1 of many things I’m starting to not like and appreciate about Cadence bank.
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4 years ago, Gigi$$
Ridiculously SLOW!
Whether you are on WiFi or not, the app takes a VERY LONG time to open & rarely pulls up the accounts. I’ve waited over five minutes multiple times and still nothing. I got the app when the upgraded their system and have NOT been impressed at all! It takes entirely too long to log in (even when using Face ID). If you’re lucky enough to see an overview of your accounts and want to view transactions on one of them, it takes a ridiculously long time. At least 90% of the time I give up waiting (5 minutes or longer) and just log in through the web browser. It’s not worth the hassle and time to use.
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4 months ago, JSBDMS
I have been with Cadence/Bancorp South for 24 years. Recently I have had nothing but problems with them. First, I have been in able to link my children’s saving accounts to my account. Second they closed my local branch. Thirdly, they’ve put a hold on a check I deposited. The teller told me it was from a foreign bank! I guess the banks from the Mississippi Delta area are considered foreign! Fourth, the interest rate on my savings account varies more than the weather. Finally, my checking account interest rate is rarely the 5% like promised even though I meeting the requirements. In all Cadence is not a good bank and treats it customers poorly.
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4 years ago, MagenO
This app was great until the e-deposit feature quit working within the last few weeks. If this does not get fixed soon I and my entire family will move our accounts because it is a critical feature. Called customer support and they just said “yeah it doesn’t work consistently.” It actually consistently doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, RedWolf72401
New P2P payment better
Switching to Zelle to allow users to send funds (or request funds) is a great upgrade. You can pay people on the spot without having to run to the ATM. Having your credit card info available with your checking account makes financial management simple. Bill-pay is easy to set up and is a great replacement for writing checks & buying stamps.
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4 years ago, blhcllfb
Hate it! Please go back to the old system! It was easy to navigate, easier to read account transactions, and I was able to print info. Unable to print anything with this version. Screen shows no option for printing. And now I can’t even send the review! Asking for a nickname and I’ve tried five already and it’s telling me they are all taken! Totally ridiculous! I should just be able to send!
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2 years ago, 316 HHB&T
Bill pay on iPad
Bill paid still will not work on I pad. I spend over an hour on phone with IT.. Person was very nice but unable to help and promised to callback but still has not happened. However everything will be the same after the merger— NOT Now you want a nickname—unhappy, very unhappy, bad merger, joker are all taken. 😜augusta
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2 years ago, mbs54321
Decent app, but facial recognition feature has a bug
The app works fairly well, with one very annoying bug if you use facial recognition to login. When you logout, it takes you back to the login screen and automatically launches facial recognition to log you right back in again. I end up turning the phone away from my face so it doesn’t log me in when I’m trying to log out.
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3 years ago, Lexus4me
Best Bank! I love my Bancorp on South 16th Avenue in Laurel, MS!!! Always made to feel welcome and greeted with smiles filled by a friendly, Hello, (my name), how can we help you today?!!!! I can not say that about some Bancorp’s in Hattiesburg-unfriendly and act like they to good to help you and truly I feel like a bother to them. If it weren’t for the good service and staff at Laurel And I had to use Hattiesburg Branch by Big Lots-I’d move my accounts!!
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3 weeks ago, BluePaintrer
Great service
I truly have absolutely nothing to say about a single person that has had to deal with me. Each and every teller has been quick to get the task at hand done yet remaining courteous with a smile on their faces which they do not have to do. Even though they have all been very kind.
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4 years ago, 20 + year customer
No better
I thought the online experience with this bank would change when the new app was rolled out. Although the new app is easier to navigate and looks awesome, there is still the constant system errors and system down for maintenance problems that have always plagued your online system. So thanks for the flashy new app but it’s not enough.
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3 years ago, Heather6699
This app is not reliable. It spontaneously stopped accepting my touchID, and half the time I go into the bill pay or the transfer sections, it doesn’t load at all and just gives me a blank screen with no way to actually pay my bills in the app until the issue resolves. And there is no rhyme or reason as to when or how long the problem will last. Some days, it won’t load at all and I have try again on a later date. Very inconvenient.
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1 year ago, Derail.19
The app is terrible. I can’t deposit checks without having to take the pictures of the front of the check at least 6 times. Then, I have to take 6 more of the back. Once that is done, I sit there for 5 minutes hoping not doesn’t say deposit failed. Most of the time, I never get the deposit failed message because the app usually crashes. I’m lucky if I get that far because every time I try to log in it says it can’t process the request at that time. This app is a joke and needs a major overhaul.
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2 years ago, noluckwithanickname
Wont Work
Called the online Support numerous times, went into a branch and explained the app won’t work, assured would get a call back. Called in to help desk again doing all the exact troubleshooting steps over the last few weeks. Zero support so changed to a new bank sadly. If I couldn’t get help on such a small issue, only leads me to believe Id receive the same level of service on a larger issue. They did however sure want to take interest in trying to fix the issue as I was requesting to close my accounts.
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4 years ago, James68911013
Improved App
The recent upgrade has resulted in a much improved app. The best feature in my opinion is being able to manage your credit card in the same place as all your other accounts. Also love that it now has the capability for the Touch ID log in, makes things much easier.
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7 months ago, STMRadio
Forces vertical orientation now
Used to rotate on login screen, now makes me turn my tablet to log in. Since it’s on a stand, that’s a little needless extra work. Also no longer fetches my password from the iPad but makes me type it in by hand every time. Fingerprint access no longer works. There is probably a fix for this but I don’t know what it is.
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3 years ago, blovesm
Has not worked in over a year or so
Around April of last year, I could not get the app to take my log in info. I tried all the tricks, reported it to the bank and everything. After weeks of going back and forth I was finally told that it won’t work on iOS anymore. Really? What a let down. Today, I went to the website and tapped on “download for iOS” and it still doesn’t work. What happens is, I enter my log in info and it starts the little Star spinning thing and then never logs in. It’s ridiculous.
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2 years ago, trail bkazer
Great service
I have been waiting to apply for anything due to several factors. Steven the branch manager was on it and made several things happen. I first was approved for a loan for my side by side and was then approved for a substantial line of credit on a bank issued Master card. Rates are nothing compared to the Mickey Mouse high interest credit cards that I have and am now able to pay off at a much lower rate. I have also opened a savings and looking forward to investing in a CD in the near future. Thanks Steven for you help and concern for your customers. I am blessed to be a part of the banking family.
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4 years ago, SparksSilver
Much Better
The app interface looks much more modern and easier on the eyes. The new feature allowing to see your credit card account (if you have one) was much needed. The combination of all your accounts into 1 total balance is a lot better.
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3 years ago, BritneySophisticated
Avoid BancorpSouth banking
This app is absolutely horrible! Constant symstem maintenance which results in the banking app being down. Pending transactions take much longer than when I first established an account. BancorpSouth is declining as a whole, the infoline hold time is RIDICULOUS! I have help up to 30 minutes after they declined my card for fraudulent activity (which happens more than one would think). It’s horrible! The entire company has gone down over the years. Save time, find a different bank!
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8 months ago, Cnoyoming
Happy customer
I am always happy when I leave any Cadence Bank I use. I can be in any state while traveling and no matter what service I need I am always helped by a friendly professional person. I never feel intimidated or rushed I will always recommend Cadence Bank.
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4 years ago, Trump1745
Before the update my transfers were immediate now it say it won’t register until the following day. So sick of banks taking advantage of their customer. This use to be a good bank that made customer satisfaction a priority. I’ve spoken with several people that will be changing banks soon. Sad.
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4 years ago, Trevevvv
So far so good!
Really loving this update so far. Biometric scanner so I don’t have to type in my password every time. I can actually view my statements without having to get on a computer. The design is flawless. I absolutely love it. This was definitely worth the wait.
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7 months ago, Hyypno
Never lose your information
It will make absolutely irritated If you get used to using the face recognition to log in and then out of nowhere asks you to use the password and ID. Getting your password or ID back is so difficult it’s ridiculous. And don’t call the customer service for help because it’s a waste…… I never know what my balance is really because one second it will show ex.) $300 then $200 without any new charges…..
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6 months ago, Thisgirllikes2save$$$$
Keeps showing error
I was loving this app but lately it keeps showing an error sign when logging in and I have logged in correctly. I went to the bank and they said to redownload so I did and it worked once! I am back to square one and have redownloaded several times since. This is ridiculous! Please if you are checking reviews try to remedy this.
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3 years ago, TrivaTrevkin
I’d give it 4/5 stars…if it worked
The app doesn’t work. Simple as that. I’ve tried deleting it, reinstalling, updating my phone, restarting my phone, calling customer support—it won’t let me log in. Every attempt is met with “an error occurred, please call customer service.” Customer support doesn’t know what’s up. Not sure I can stay with this bank, given that their physical location is a ways away from home and I can’t use the mobile deposit function.
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11 months ago, Melcan54
Don’t bother
Customer service is severely lacking. Very slow to act when my account was hacked twice in one month. Online banking services sometimes takes 3 days to deposit a check. There are no balance alerts. Frequently when I take a pic of a check for online deposit it is refused as “check does not match deposit amount “ which it clearly does. These have been typed checks, not handwritten. Moving my checking and savings asap.
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4 months ago, Dodkmdncjcnd. Yeaaaaah!
Fixing what’s not broken
Why are they forever trying to fix something that’s not broken? It seems the improvements that are made are just the opposite. The most recent mobile deposit change has been awful in my opinion. Way too many steps to get through to finally hitting deposit. Now the latest update …it’s very hard to differentiate your deposits versus your debits. You now have to look very closely to see a tiny plus sign🤓 ugh!
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5 months ago, Miluifaer
Doesn’t work at all
This app was never the best but I could muddle through to get most of my banking tasks done. But for the last few months it won’t even let me try to log in. When opening the app it gives me an error about not supporting jailbroken or rooted phones. Ok. Mine is not. But the alert will not go away so I can’t even get to the login screen. This is beyond frustrating. I have tried deleting and re downloading many times and still nothing.
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