Caesars Slots: Casino Games

4.7 (127.2K)
309.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playtika LTD
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Caesars Slots: Casino Games

4.66 out of 5
127.2K Ratings
3 years ago, jbl1975
One of if not the best
I never take the time to do this, and never thought I would for a play store casino app, but my conscience would not leave it alone. Most if not all slots-centered, casino-like, apps in which you pay to play by buying their in-house money or chips, are pretty aggressive in their tactics to get you to make purchases, and in some, yes I’ve tried a few, you luck is kinda dictated by those purchases. Now I have to say that if there was one app, I feel has worked HARD to earn those in-apps is this one. This is, by far, not only the most fancy, entertaining, fun, story-driven, bonus-packed, and what seems to me, very fair and appreciative of the time you put into, whatever pandemic or convalescence the reason behind it. Now, the reason I discovered it and the one I’m most appreciative bout is how, they’ve kept someone, who is endearing to me, was at some point very much obsessed with real life casinos, and so on. Now she’s gotten over that and her health prevents her, in part, from going back to that life in which “fun” became “excess” and “addiction”, and this app I guess helps feed that hunger a bit, but in a harmless and hopefully, little by little, will help her make the transition to these types of casinos. So yeah my two cents, I’ll be making a purchase soon and every so often if only because they didn’t push me as hard or at all, and to say, in a way, thank you.
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4 years ago, $&@8765&@&
Major Problem !!
I first rated this game for 5 stars. It’s a great game and I definitely purchased my share of coin and extras to keep playing. As I played on, I found a major flaw ! Your bet amount would sometime change without your knowledge ! Let’s say, you set your bet amount at 5,000 coin and start to play and the next thing you know, your out of coin, in a few spins. Can’t figure out what happened till you look at your bet amount and it is now set at 30,000 or 50,000 coin without you changing anything !!! This happened more as I got further in the game. Would like you to address this problem !! Thank You and also Sorry ! Hello out there ! Playing this game again after looking for something else. The reason I’m back is, I could not find a better game. This is one of the better games out there. It’s addicting !! I can’t say that the problem I first had with this game is totally gone, but it has improved a lot. Still happened once or twice to me, but you need to pay attention to the game. Once again, definitely a 5 star game. Everyone have a good time playing and happy holidays to ALL !!!!!
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7 months ago, klkl/
Not giving you what you earn playing
The last week has been awful. Just now I went to get my coins from koala bear and again it says in an hour and a half and I know it was time for them to pay out this is happened many many times too many also coins are not being subtracted correctly and it’s never your favor. I put a lot of money in these games to play and I don’t know what they’re doing that they’re halfway through the spins and it seems like it’s does it just so you don’t win this happens a lot also I’m so tired of this. There are times when I’m wrong and most of the time I’m right I just got tired of complaining about it. Somebody needs to do something the timing is off , it’ll say you’ll get your coins in three hours and 10 minutes you go back in three hours and 10 minutes and it says it’s an hour and a half! I’m really mad about this tonight because I waited to get coins from the pet bear and also in my lobby. I got the lobby ones on time, but not that pet! This happens a lot and I just don’t complain all the time. It may seem like I know but you should see the times I don’t say anything. I needed one more free spin around to be able to vote for prizes on the legions game challenge. This was after I put in almost $100 tonight. This isn’t right I’m tired of the games buffering I Collett, and then you don’t win anything please please fix this I love playing Caesars games but I don’t like getting ripped off.
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6 years ago, Jff408
Great games BUT horrible payouts!
Truly my favorite slot games of all that I’ve tried but payouts are so poor that I literally have to wait until I collect enough coins to play for a short period of time. Can’t play long or you will never be able to accrue enough coins to compete in challenges. I just try to collect all coin offers and build up a little each day. At this rate it will take me a couple of months before I have enough coins to comfortably play and enjoy my fave games without losing most of my coins The Facebook and Email coins (22,500) offered are ridiculously small in comparison to other slot games and also compared to typical bets (300,00 to 450,000 coins for me). The daily, etc. challenges are very hard to complete without a huge bankroll of coins. Even the special challenges they offer, while entertaining, are extremely difficult so I almost feel cheated in that so few seem to actually complete and win the ultimate prize, judging by the complaints. Other slot games seem to be stepping up with more challenges and better games so we’ll see what happens but Caesar’s needs to increase the free coin offers and loosen the slots to be more competitive with others. PS: When I first started playing the slots payed relatively well. My guess is they somehow give better payouts to new customers, but it only lasts long enough for you to find the games you enjoy and then they tighten up and you lose, lose, lose. Too bad because they really do have great games.
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12 months ago, A girl just wantsto have fun
Best slot games, but for…
For about five years, I’ve been playing Caesars Slots. They are my “go to” destination and are the best app ever! BUT(and it is a big “but”) this app has become increasingly expensive. In order to win anything—which was not initially the case—one must pay for very expensive packages to have sufficient credits to play. I have spent hundreds of dollars monthly. For instance (my bad, I realize that) I have spent over $2000 in a few months playing Caesars slots. I would’ve been better off taking my money to Nevada, instead. Foe example, the other night I bought a couple of packages. My credits went up to an amazing 1.7 trillion. The mission that Caesars presented me with was to earn two mega wins in order to reach the goal and win a prize. My credit balance steadily went down from 1.7 trillion to 30 billion before I won a MEGA. My average bet was around 4 billion credits. Does that give you a picture of this fun casino? It’s easy to spend $100 per night in order to play. I’m reconsidering my addiction to Caesars. As nice as the PR people are, this game screws the player as much as any real slot machine in Nevada. Sorry, I’m just being very honest. People who have addictive tendencies should not, absolutely should not, start playing at Caesars. It’s almost too fun to resist.
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5 months ago, carwinew
Done with this app
First logged in December 2020. Minimum required wagers were low and buyins were cheap. Required minimum wagers to play games kept increasing along with the amounts to play maximum bets in each game. I spent more and more funds but felt it was still cheaper than a real casino and I enjoyed the games. Payoffs were best only if the newly launched games were played. Occasionally I had issues that the customer service support team when contacted via email were quick to respond to with an email with a fix, until yesterday. I opened up the app and the game had all the way back to the beginning with none of my items that I had earned and only 61K of coins rather than the billions that I did have. Tried to reconnect hoping that I would end up on the correct home page. Only the new page showed up. Sent a screenshot to customer support showing that their privacy notice and terms of service texts were covering the blue bar that would allow me to reconnect thru Facebook as normal. No response back. Sent them a follow up support ticket telling them that the only option that I had left was to delete the app and hope that my old account would return. Still no response. Deleted the app and finally received an email response stating that if I wanted to delete the app “click here” to complete. No option given for contact. Assume that I am no longer a member of the group
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5 years ago, Joemacjohn
Games are getting boring
What’s the point of putting these challenges like the great ship chase if no bombs are given. I have already spent about two billion chips and not once have the bombs come out. And while you keep on saying that there are ups and downs I see a lot of people complaining about losing their coins in a matter of minutes don’t you think that this is a little fishy. Come on you are losing more and more people by the day because your payouts are small and you are making it more and more difficult for people to win and continue playing. I guess you really don’t care about what people say about your slots you will just continue to make it harder and harder for people to win and just continue to lose more and more people. Games are getting boring and are no longer paying. I also put a complaint in a couple a weeks ago on a bonus that was not paid and still have not received a response. I have been trying to finish the missions but with no success because the games are no longer paying. I used to play a lot but now I only collect the coins and play for about five minutes and run out and I go and play other slot games because these games are no longer fun and entertaining. It seems that you are becoming like huge and billionaire casino where they just want your money. I have been playing since 2012 and was enjoying the game until recently when it all when down to no more fun.
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4 years ago, LIPS!!!!
I've been playing Caesars Casino for several years now and I like the game overall. However, I give it a low rating because I'm not getting paid for all my winning spins. I've bought before but that did not help with hitting or winning. Has a lot of good games & tournaments alike. I guess it 3 stars!! ✨🇺🇸😎🇺🇸✨ I kept trying the app and there have been a lot of things changed based on some of the things that, we the players, were mentioned and needed improvements. Great work guys ‼️ I’m gonna lower my star rating for this app back to 3! It’s sad how I know it’s impossible to get some of the bonuses no matter if I play max bet every spin and start with 500 billion chips. I’m sorry but if you want to have something for a bonus game/incentive for spinning then it’s got to be reasonable for the players. Good Luck keeping the positive things about the game on the app and increasing your number of new players?🤷🏻‍♂️ Nov 10, 2019 🇺🇸⭐️ Newest update ~~ RMueller one star ⭐️ I worked hard for months to build up my chips to over 20 billion chips. It’s not fair to play this app all these years and paying money to play or stay (new) to rank is a joke. Once again I’m over 20 billion and now I’m at 1.56 million chips. Three days later. Sad I didn’t change anything but I did not get greedy. I know it’s a very big trap. I’m not sure if I have any desire to keep trying or call it quits. You’re another NOT FREE APP but you don’t force us to buy!
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3 years ago, MarshaAZ
My game crashed a few months ago so having some large amount of tokens to my account Caesar’s set me up with a new but far from perfect account. So I’ve been playing on a crippled account because I love this game Today is the last straw and I don’t know what to do. Been playing for filling the rooms of Nancy for the slots, last night I had almost 100 to my rooms, trying to fill them, yet this morning I only have 60. I want to know why and where did they go. Unless I get some answers pretty quick I’m going to have to leave this game. It’s not like I haven’t made purchases or whatever but I don’t like being taken advantage of over a game that I love to play but this isn’t fair. When the game crashed and I won a chest for extra time on spins, never got it. It’s not right, and if no one is going to help me, just let me know and I’ll move on. Also when they set me up on this crippled game it was under an assumed person in which I could not send gifts to friends nor ANYTHING I got to do before. Come on and be fair cause I have been missing alot
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5 years ago, Catawbadiva
Two thumbs up went to two thumbs down!
Really did like the game. But lately It seems you can’t get a break to play and win even on what you collect without spending money and yet you still can’t win. the price you pay for the amount of coins you get just to lose it all immediately stinks big time because You cant finish missions to move on cause the spin bet min is so high and the fact that you barely get enough wins if any to keep going stinks more. You can’t skip missions cause you gotta spend 5$ to do so or your forced to play them. Stupid! The biggest problem is the wheels are spinning either too slow or too fast and you can see when you are about to get something like free spins, a bonus or big money cause that’s when the wheel kinda hesitates or bounces to skip what it was gonna land on or if its not that a chest happens to pop up right when you are about to win. Very, very disappointed and getting sick of it that I’m about to stop playing completely. For what some people spend they shouldn’t be out of money in a day or two. It’s not fun anymore, it’s Ridiculous!
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4 years ago, alyssamccraw
Personalized Programming for ANY User!
Caesars Slots is very malleable mobile application. It both translates and transports data packages for an effortless device-to-device handoff. It keeps the end user engaged as they can play wherever they find themselves (might only have access to mobile game only during certain times but can login to a desktop and pick up right where they left of). The customer support team at Playtika is fun to work with and very helpful in responding to emails promptly. They will sometimes even surprise you with free coins once certain milestones are reached. The gameplay is brilliant and the themes lack no detail. I understand the bombardment of advertisements that has to happen to an extent, but sometimes it interferes with gameplay and is very distracting - the flash ads in particular. Ads don’t mess up the “win” per say, it’s just that all the things they have flying across screen make tine game lag - especially on high bets when you’re constantly leveling up. This is a textbook freemium game and I absolutely love it!
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6 years ago, Degenerate Gamblen Man
I feel like I’m in a real casino
Never win, always standing there with palms up. But never coming with a payout. I grew up next to the casinos that this app represents. Never ever ever seen a payout. Never one time ever, I’ve never gotten a payout, my friends never have gotten a payout, their parents never gotten a payout. I have never ever ever seen a win over $1000 at one of these casinos, no one I know has ever been paid out, no one I’ve ever talked to has ever seen a payout. Over the years I’ve dumped a ton of money into these places and never once have I walked away a winner. I feel like I’m really there except now I can lose from the comfort of my own home. Hit 0 in less then 10 min today. If I had any money I would feel like a winner. Don’t get me wrong their buffet is good, vip services come ask me if I want something then disappear into the crowd, at least when I hit 0 on the video game I can still like eat and stuff. So yay I can lose from home and feel good. I actually love these places when I’m not getting followed around by some jerk security guard with nothing to do. Wait in all honesty I think I may have won one of their contests like 12 years ago because of some mail I got. Maybe that’s why I show up under 3 different accounts in their system when I go to get a card then get discouraged and play somewhere else.
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4 years ago, red beans and rice
Fooled me twice, not again
Tried to give this game another play because the slots can be fun. As others have said, not sure what happened but the slots aren’t fun. 20-25 spins with no win. Let me clarify, I logged in to get my bonuses. After collecting the daily, friends, spin (3 of a kind) and a whopping $40M on my machine I ended up with a total of $98M. 25 spins in betting $3M and 6 wins of $200k. Wohoo. Then the usual, zero wins to wind it down. It tries to let you win, you’ll get a solid 2 rows, the next has no matches and then the 4th and 5th match the first 2. No bonus round at all but a bunch of teases. As soon as your credits are gone....BAM, an ad to buy credits. Really, you want me to pay to lose that fast? Before I receive the response that the slots resemble real slots in W/L %, don’t. That would be an outright lie. Don’t wast your time unless you want an immediate 3 pop ups requesting you to buy credits as soon as you log in, you get to play for 30-40 spins and then more ads to purchase credits. The game the potential to be great and generate more revenue as I would purchase credits as long as I knew I was going to have fun. It’s not the losing that bothers me as much as how fast and the ridiculous amounts of spins with 8-10% wins (new 88-90% loss). Please don’t waste your time, if so just remember that I told you what would happen.
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5 years ago, realAtwe
I don’t get it sometimes
I don’t get it sometimes why Lady luck Miles on some of those some more and some of us less. Are maybe Lady Luck is just a figment of our imagination. Caesar give lots free play just can’t let you keep it very long. Putting it back is the reality. I have enjoyed this months promotion and games to the tunes of Billionaire multiple times and multiple times my hardest losses because issues with buttons and the raising of the bet with out warning or my knowledge. I have reposted any issues and been treated to very nice try it bank rolls. Only for it to have it happen again and it just happen again. 20 minutes ago I was a billionaire play a new game and having some luck, a bonus and cool 1/4 billion and behold got a bonus and a cooler 1/4 billion (betting 7 million) so set it for a little auto play to step out of the room for a minute only to turn to a set up not of the way I left. I returned to The bet 17.5 millions and my half of billion gone(Wipe you out in like 25 25 rolls) are you wrap it up I can only see where this role was going to end and so I just had the first hit 13 million was when I got down to 200 million , it took another 800,million points So I’m poor Again after 100s losing spins. I really only see numbers like that there and I don’t get it. Sincerely fill me in please
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4 years ago, update hell by tater
Fix the problem
I use to love playing the games but lately it has been very irritating. When your playing the reels are moving way too slow and when they put the open the shell thing you don’t have a choice to not play it you have to push open the shell cuz the game won’t come back on until you do. The reels move slow enough before the shell thing is on there it actually goes even slower and even if you get a mega win enough to trigger the thing to go faster with double or occasionally triple play, the reels go too slow to even level up with it on there. Plus with the shell part on there it don’t give you enough time to finish no matter if your on double or triple play and definitely can’t get it on regular play. I used to play a lot every day but now I get on there to get free coins and maybe try to play a game but if it starts irritating me I get off of it.
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1 month ago, Amonaboat
Caesars Select is the worst optimized app I’ve come across to date
The Caesar’s slots app is fine on its own, a bit money hungry, showing you two or three ads every time you login, but what are you gonna do. It’s a slot app. The real problem I have is with the Caesar’s select app. It is by far the worst optimized app I’ve come across in 2024, it is not my phone, it’s not my computer, everything else runs just fine, but the Cesar’s select app will slow down my computer enormously, and it’s a gaming computer that’s barely a year old. And the app itself has absolutely horrendous performance. I’m talking like one or two frames per minute here. Per minute. It will take a solid 10 or 15 minutes for me to do something that would take a couple of clicks on my phone. So enormously frustrating. The only reason why I do this is that it effectively doubles the free stuff that they give you every day, but honestly at what cost. It is such a waste of resources, it barely loads on my phone, I’m on an iPhone 11, everything on my phone works just fine, it’s literally just this app. I don’t know if they’re doing like a crypto mining scheme or something like that but there is something seriously wrong with this app. Please fix.
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4 years ago, ctoria
Great games; terrible payouts
I’ve enjoyed playing this game for years. My only complaint is your payout system. I know these are games of chance, but the rewards are terrible. Examples: Leveling up (1,647) The amount of points required to level up are clearly not uniform. You can control this. A 50 million bet per spin should increase your level up points by more than 2%. When you finally do level up, the coin reward and points are very disappointing. After playing for over 10 years, I’m still at Gold. You’re requiring more at each level, the rewards should be have greater rewards as well. When I first started playing, having 1 million coins was a goal for me. Now, 1 billion coins isn’t enough to level up even one time. As for winning payouts, it’s bad enough that 50 mill coin spins can pay nothing, but paying 50K is insulting. Winning 10-15 free spins with 0 coins being won tells me, winning is not strictly chance. You can control how much we win, the same way you control the levels of difficulty between games.
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1 week ago, UnhappyCustomer-777
I cannot recommend this game
UPDATE: I deleted the game a while ago. And lol at the developer’s response. My opinion still stands. This game his 👎 👎 I really wanted to like this game. And I did for the first day or two. They try to hook you by giving you a million coins and let you get a ton of wins and advance levels quickly. But that suddenly stops and you lose your coins rapidly. If they’re trying to get people to buy coins, this isn’t going to help. I would never spend money on coins just to lose them in a few minutes. It is awful how quickly you lose. I have seen comments from other players on the Facebook fan page that discuss the game not allowing wins and coins being lost fast, so it’s not just me losing my coins quickly. And it seems this is a recent issue because those other players have been playing for years and only started experiencing this issue over the last two weeks or so. Those players are ready to delete the game. I will give it a couple days, and if they fix the issue, I’ll consider to continue playing and changing my review. As of now, though, I would not recommend this game.
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6 years ago, Sonokid7
Always Win Machine
Since I would not spend money I was unable to complete the Always Win Machine. I only needed 2 more 5 star items - the Eiffel Tower and the book on Lake Mead for the last 3-4 weeks. I went from over 2,000,000,000 coins down to 55,000 coins trying to finish. Very frustrating as I would receive duplicate 5 star items. I even saved and used the star converter when 5 star chests were possible. It also was frustrating that as my coins decreased the minimum amount needed for chests kept increasing. Today they are 5,400,000 and 10,500,000. I would think as our coins decreased so would the minimum bids for a chest. Very disappointing. I also stopped getting chests as states when I leveled up. I also noticed that when I bet small amounts I win more often. The bigger the bet the lower the percentage of wins over the betting amount. I’m probably going to do 10 max spins, go bankrupt, and delete. Which is a shame as there were some fun games. As soon as you frustrated me with this one contest I am now leaving. Can’t support a product that isn’t fair. Seems like I’m not the only frustrated player. 6/11 - No response from manufacturer. Yesterday I did maximum spin bets until I lost all my coins. I just deleted the game. Ciao!
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2 years ago, Happydance123456
I like Caesars
I like the daily challenges and the games. I also like the side challenges. What I don’t like is when my pet resets after all the playing I did to earn the treats to feed it. I’ll get close, but run out of coins to finish the daily challenges. I realize the reason you do it is so people end up buying coins, but when you buy coins you pretty much stop winning altogether. Another thing I don’t like is getting the same things over and over again with the chests. Can’t you give something new that we need for the challenges, a little more often? When I had smaller challenges (when I first started playing), I could finish them. Now it’s impossible! I’ll even repeatedly get the same high star pieces that I don’t need over and over again, but never get the new stuff. Kinda ruined my playing experience after I spent billions of coins and never finished the side challenge’s. Caesars used to be my favorite casino game. I still play and enjoy it, but don’t like as much as I used to unfortunately.
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4 years ago, Madd Hatter86
Love/ Hate
I love this game! There’s tons of different slots to play and choose from with great bonuses but every time I’m doin really good and got my money built up my screen gets bumped by accident and triggers the ‘activate’ spot between the gray plus rectangle and the max bet rectangle and it spins the reels with almost my total amount of money as the total bet. It’s sooo frustrating! It’s happened numerous times since I started playing! Then i have to keeping collecting my bonus coin till I have enough to play again and try to slowly build my money back up just so it can do the same thing and take all my money in 1 spin and start over from nothing AGAIN!!!! I wish that this activate box wasn’t there at all! Nobody with any common sense is goin to bet everything they have in one spin cuz they’re not gonna win or have any money to play a different slot! I’m so irritated at how many times this has happened to me! I love this game but don’t want to keep playing and this keep happening! Is there something you can do to fix this problem I’m having?!
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6 years ago, sweet Pennie
What the hell going on this is the second time I had over 13 million in credits and most of them I had bought so you are actually stealing my money look up my records and see how many credits that I had bought.I don’t know what in the hell is going on last night I had 13 million credits and woke up this morning and I basically had no credits this has happened to me twice and both times I had bought most of the credits so you all are stealing my money.I was also in the high Sliver status and now I am in a bronze category if I don’t get my credits back .I will write every day to let people know that you all go in and wipe your credits away you wear you have no credits to play with .You have done this to me twice and I’m going to put up a fight this time you will not steal my credits this time I will not sit by and be quite this time . I’m going to let the world know you all are thieves.
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2 years ago, Stenester17
Fun, but costly.
This is a super fun game, but the higher the levels I reach, the worse the game plays for me. When I get a bonus it’s always the lowest amount possible. I buy the pet wash bonus and the free spins are less and less frequent. Recently I purchased a couple coin packages, I got really lucky and got up to 3 trillion coins and with bets no higher than 5 billion lost everything in a matter of a couple of hours because not a single game would give me a bonus to keep playing. I have deleted and reinstalled this game 3 times, each time saying “never again”, well, it looks like it’s time to delete again. It’s a lot of fun in the beginning, when the packages don’t cost that much and the bonuses seems to be more often (still always got the lowest amounts though), but the higher you get, the more often you have to buy coins to play. My advice is to save your money and go to a real casino, at least they will smile at you while they bleed your bank account dry.
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4 years ago, Dallas Stars Cat
Bugs galore and Greedy Owners
I’ve played this game for a few years now. I’m fine with the slots they have and they get new things often. However because they try to add games within the games it creates HUGE problems. They have pop up requests for in app purchases more often than any other game I have ever played and I have played several and tried even more. I don’t like signing in now as you’re greeted with a series of no less than five pop ups and that’s before you even play a game. They have one at the moment called Prize Dragon 2 that pops up every 30 seconds asking you to buy food to feed the dragon! I have not and will not ever feed into this side game as it’s nothing but a cash cow for them and gives you nothing for the money. They have gone beyond begging for money. They darn near demand it or you cannot play the real slots. I’m fed up. I brought it to their attention and nothing has happened. If they cannot fix a problem in a game which I was told they know it’s a problem, then they should remove it until they can fix it. Enough Caesars. Show us you care about us and stop these excess requests for our money.
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3 years ago, angelinaknipp
This game is raked it’s set up not to give players a better chance of wining the only ones that win is the people who made this game greed at its best cheating is your name not Caesars slots the people that play this game are the ones that made you rich who ever is in charge of this game should be more lean on us players and give us a better chances of winning we don’t win really money but you are so hungry to steal money from us players that you would sell your soul to make more money shame on all of you who is in charge of this game or any other games . I am very disappointed the best thing is to return to basics and be more kind to us players don’t just keep on putting us on the spots to buy more coins give us a chance to win more .very unfortunately that you have all become a cold hard people and no empathy for us players . Thank you , Angelina you owe me at least 5 trillion coins
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5 years ago, T Nice Painting
Might Delete at level 1300 I get 2 spins on the free coins...that’s a Joke.
PLAYTIKA will slowly Sink it’s teeth in...Once you get high in the levels it’s all Down Hill From there...Especially if You Buy Coins. I get 1 Spin free in coins ever 3 hours eligible for there chance pick games. Which means it takes days of collecting to play 15 minutes many other company’s apps are much less Greedy. Yes they offer a 1 coin game only once you lost it all no changing the bet and the second you get above 10,000 coins your forced to take 1spin and spin it away again... Only one worst HoF I’m Level 1300 Plus Spending a Good Bit of cash Nooooo.....More I Spent the less Fun it is ...think they would make it fun for cash supporters it’s the opposite...if you find a game you can win the game will update and it’s will see what I mean the app will not update but it will make you update the one slot game you use to win at..Most of the time ...gave it fair chance Don’t Waist Your Money. What a Shame had a Great time until I supported the game...
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6 years ago, Aunthowie
Level up- no reward - AGAIN!
We are supposed to be rewarded with a part for our slot machine we are building and once again I have just leveled up with no reward... this keeps happening!! And Just last week after having over 1,000 spare parts and converting them, what a joke... I don’t know how you expect to keep us playing and enjoying the games and the extra projects and challenges when we are set up just to lose every time!! Now I have to bet almost 18 million coins to even try for a chest game piece and getting a chest to open with a game piece inside takes 100 spins... I loved Caesars Slots and have recommended to lots of friends... I used to say go big or go home ... now I’m going home and not as excited any longer about my favorite slot experience... loosen them up again and peak my interest and enthusiasm Caesars!!! I miss the fun we had!!
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5 years ago, Signaturetrack
What a rip off
My advice is to not buy any coins - why you ask? Play with the free coins that they allow you to have every few hours - you will have fun, you will win pretty consistently and your win percentages will be much better than if you purchased your coins. It has been my experience that when you do buy coins you almost automatically start losing without a win in site. To go 15 16 times in a row where you absolutely win nothing is ridiculous- but it did not start that way until I purchased coins to play with. Prior to that I would collect the free bonus coins and play with those winning pretty consistently and really enjoying the game and the people. THEN - make a purchase and watch as the win percentages go right out the window. This did not just happen once or twice it has happened consistently over the last year. I enjoyed the games so I didn’t mind too terribly much but I have had enough. They have lost my business over their greed.
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6 years ago, Rigatoniandlola
So much fun
I love this app. So many different slots to play and you do get to the bound rounds in many and quite often. Lately it’s been hard as I have actually spent money on some coins and literally can’t win one spin in a hundred, I counted. I do bet max once in awhile but largely don’t so I can try to conserve my money. I know it feels more like the real slots where you can lose it all in a matter of minutes but I assumed there would be a little more of a chance seeing as how it’s an app. I don’t want to continue to spend money to have it thrown away when there’s no real life return regardless. If I can spend $50 on coins, I would assume this game wouldn’t take it all without even giving ANYTHING back. Need to reward those as I feel since been playing a long time and a high level, if I don’t bet insanely large, then I win NOTHINGGGGGG. I’d rather go back to level 1 and win, versus be in the 800’s and win nothing like it is happening lately. I HAD 5,000,000,000 coins gone in a day. Ridiculous.
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4 years ago, EddieStarr
Merge with Play Studios
Please merge with Play Studios so you can learn how to have comps ,, if I could play on Caesars and get REAL LIFE comps like myvegas My spend in this game would go up significantly... this app is slow I don’t like all the additions I don’t need a dragon or all the extra stuff that pops up, and why did you change the roulette wheel bonus? I was okay with buying a 7$ try but now it’s 17$ cmon guys ..... funny thing about me , I won’t spend more than 10$ for anything BUT I will buy things that are less MULTUPLE times and over time it equals way more than the $17 you guys need to fix your price points But the worst part is that I am above level 3K and I have never seen a reward or perk or comp or even tier credits and when I started playing years ago I was told rewards were on the way. At the very least give us room upgrades I’m not going to spend a penny more until I can get something real & tangible for being a long time player.
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4 years ago, Oliver1oliver1oliver1
Too Many Spins Between Wins
Unfortunately after two years of daily play I’m giving up. Taking away the opportunity to watch ads and earn some extra money has really hurt my game play. Additionally, I cant seem to win ever anymore. Like at all. Too bad bc the game itself is a blast. It seems that any time there is a “side game” such as the Columbus Ships, Etc, my money goes a lot quicker. I rarely never come close to max betting and sometimes go through hundreds of spins before winning anything substantial. Yes this is a game of chance but there is a point where statistics come in to play. To go HUNDREDS of spins without a bonus doesn’t seem fair. And three hours between collecting your money is a long time. I’ve been a daily player for almost a year now and I’m broke. And because I am at a higher level (1440) my minimum bet is also higher and as a result I get maybe 4 spins every three hours. I’m completely broke. I will not make any real purchases since I’d probably only get two minutes of play from my purchase. Time to look for a new slot game where I can actually accumulate money.
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6 years ago, NOT THE ORIGINAL MIX!!!
Currently disappointed! Play with CAUTION!
I was around level 282 but then my phone screen broke and had to get a replacement phone. The app was saved in iCloud but when I re-downloaded all of my progress was lost and so were my coins. Very disappointing but I restarted playing, and now I was currently playing WILD GUSHER because I am trying to reach an Explorer mission but instead of awarding me my wins per spins it is deducting it from my total current coin amount. I was betting only 1000 and came almost close to 6,000,000 and would be winning 40-70,000 on some spins but now I’m at about 3,000,000 since it is deducting my spin wins instead of awarding them. It was frustrating so I closed the app and now the minimum bet I can make is $7000. I have since stopped playing. This is such a turn off since I now have several friends that play too because I told them about the app. They are scared this will happen to them too and so they just don’t play anymore. I would advise to play with CAUTION and to NOT SPEND REAL MONEY on the app because if this is happening to me it can certainly happen to you.
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5 years ago, PJones247
I’m addicted
LOVE playing all the different slots on here but I literally have to wait around to play because payouts are far and few between if you’re not betting the right amount on the game you’re playing. I’ve never spent money in app but I’m ashamed to say that I’m so addicted to this app I’ve spent hundreds$$$$!!!!! That I don’t have just to keep playing. I’ve even played in my sleep making huge purchases that I’d never had made if fully awake. Basically don’t play unless you like waiting around for coins or got money for in app purchases, which they’re constantly taunting you with every single time you get on and during playing. Ina-dated with adds to make purchases. They make you feel like if you don’t buy them you’ll not be able to finish various tasks you’re always enticed with finishing. Very very addictive app!
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3 years ago, Fearny4reel
Not like it use to be
Been playing since 2014 and use to think that it was best but now I now that they are cheaters they charged money in my act and I’ve never purchased in my whole time playing why buy some how they got my charge card and went crazy I’ve addressed this problem and for first time no response back I’m disappointed I have specifics about other things I’ve noticed like the amount being played changes to the max amount so you have to buy coins or wait to collect enough to play more than a second and now with this new update it’s more than ever taking all the coins and they won’t refund them back which is a crock but whatever no gun to my head forcing me to play so i play a lot less eventually I will uninstall I’m looking for replacement because even though the practices are less than honest I can’t seem to give it up can’t figure that one out to save my life makes you kind of wonder we’ll I’m done I could go on but why Caesar’s what happened your billions of dollars wasn’t enough
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6 years ago, Mikey Mo the MC
Don’t buy tokens
This game will rip you off of any money you spend on it. Heres why: they purposely make you loose. Especially if you spend money. The people who spend the money are the ones they prey on. If you purchase any tokens, the game expects you to bid higher so that you loose your tokens faster. So if you bid higher, you end up spending more money on tokens because they make you loose all of them faster. Its a easy trap to fall into. If you look at the money you spent you might as well spend that on a real slot machine so that you at least have a chance at some form of ROI. I fid a small social experiment with this game because I love slots but hate to lose my money. Before I spent any money on this game I was red hot winning all the time. Which made me think “ I wonder how much I will win if I bought tokens and bid higher?” As soon as I spent a any money on the game it got much harder to win. In conclusion, play the free version of this game and dont spend any money on it so that you dont get ripped off and fall into the trap.
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4 years ago, Theona999
Opening game is Difficult
Hi. I enjoy Caesar's slots very much. However, the Myriad of superfluous cartoon ‘adventures’ that are constantly jumping up take away (for me) from the fun. I am in a limited internet area. Out of all my games, this one takes so long to open that I often have to pass on playing. My ‘always win’ does open most of the time, but ‘legacy bonus’ almost never does. Legacy bonus is my #1 motivation for (trying) to check in each and every day. Every time I ‘update’ (usually only because the ‘update’ thing is so annoying) the ‘new’ version seems to have MORE glitches than the old one. Maybe put more energy into slot play and a bit less on distracting cartoon adventures. OR put in an option to eliminate them and their distracting antics. Just saying. Thanx for listening.
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5 years ago, Williamr879
This has become a money grab
First issue, when you log in you will get bombarded with pop ups (6-8 usually) to get you to buy stuff. You have to acknowledge to continue. If you go back to the home page form a slot game you get the pop ups again. Second issue, this is a massive money grab now. You get like 13 million every 2-3 hours. But during challenges and events you have things that you do that require you to get 7 BILLION in mega wins with a minimum bet of 270 million. That means even if you get a billion coins you can spin a few times and it’s over. There is no way to participate in these events anymore. It all started when I got to a higher level and I actually, mistakenly, spent money to buy coins. After that everything changed. You have to spend billions (literally billions) to partificpate in their seasonal events. This is impossible when you have 20 million left. It use to be get a big win or a mega win and no catches or add ons. That all changed soon as I reached a higher level. Guess this company wants to punish you for leveling up. Even their skip cards changed, they use to cost .99 and you got multiple. Now it is 6.99 for one. Again it all changed when I leveled up and bought coins. This is a free app, sure there should be in game purchases but it is not like a person can win real money. It should be fun to pay not a chore or impossible to participate in events. Such a shame because this use to be so fun, I suggest using a different slot app.
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4 years ago, Elcrumpiton1
You changed
I use to love playing this game but lately your game has dropped to the bottom of my list of casino games. You have wonderful mini games to play and win xtra coins but it’s impossible to win. Daily mission you lose millions trying to win a small amount, food truck lovely game but you can’t finish the trucks because you don’t put major pieces in game unless you buy coin packages or bet more than you have to it seems like you have transformed the game into a get rich scheme. I know you are out to make money but by being so aggressive on doing so you have taken the joy out of playing. The last day I played Caesar casino I lost over 200 million coins and spun the wheel over a thousand times and I got only one bonus game no free spins or scatters it was like you just turned everything off so that you will automatically lose. I love playing Caesar casino but if it continues in this path I’m going to have to delete it. Try not being so greedy let your fans enjoy your fantastic game a little more and I pray that you are blessed.
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5 years ago, Puggins318
Gail R
After spending over 10,000 grand in the playtika gaming system, I can honestly say I’m more than disappointed. I really don’t understand who takes these complaints and why nothing ever changes! I’ll give a perfect example of my biggest complaint. Losing, losing and more losing for months. Then after griping constantly I got about a week or more of a great run. 270 billion. Then I’m assuming the app decided it was time for me to lose. Took all the coins in one session. I didn’t win them in a single session and don’t expect to lose them that fast. Everytime I would raise my bet to max......NOTHING! This just pisses me off due to the fact this app constantly advertises max bet rushes. Is this a ploy to make players lose so they’ll purchase more coins? Rarely works for me. No chance at all to win those coins back I lost. Your support is not all that. They could care less when customers are upset n struggling. Ones silence speaks volumes. I really don’t care to play anymore because it’s always the same. I know now that nothing changes.
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6 years ago, mtunaman
It’s a casino on your phone.
I’m getting a kick out of reading these other reviews. It’s a casino. What do you expect? They have no obligation to give you ANYTHING back. If you don’t like it. Walk away. Would you complain at a regular casino that you didn’t win? No. Just like a regular casino, the games are programmed to pay out a certain amount over a certain amount of time. You just have to pick the right one. That’s the luck. If it’s not paying you out, stop playing that game, move on. Be an adult, make big boy decisions. With all that being said. I love this app! The sounds and the celebrations when you get big/mega wins are just like being in a regular casino. To be nitpicky, I will say that wish the promotional prizes where easier to win or at least feel like they were legitimate.
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3 years ago, Gators650
Horrible Payouts
I’ve been reading quite a few reviews on here and sooooooo much agree with what everyone is saying! I’ve got at least 10 slot apps on my iPad and have found that this one is the MOST WORSE with payouts, getting daily coins and challenges are so far and hard to reach. I have a few select games I like playing but have to wait months before doing so. I log in daily and about every 3 hours to get coins but they are definitely not anything to brag about and then wait for several months so I will have enough to play my 1 or 2 favorite slots for a very short time. I’m going to keep this app for a while longer to see if any changes are made. If not, I’m going to post on FB and tell friends to not bother with downloading your app. PLEASE update your app to give more coins quicker throughout the day. Winning payouts is another issue but the reviews mention that as well so I’m not going there. Just hope you understand and make the changes. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Ashleylong30
Misleading article
I was pleased to see an article of a woman who won using this game and free coins. I love it but I’m not seeing any of these games at the real casinos and not sure how to use my free tokens for wining real big. The article is misleading because it tells the story of the lady and how she won but not stating that you have to have real money and not using the free tokens to play at the real casinos. If it was true people would be winning big all over without using there real money. A trick to download a casino app that you win absolutely nothing but fake coins. Worst of all it’s prompting me to pay using my credit or debit card this is a ripoff not right or fair. But I love the game itself not buying anything off of this game. Take that article off google please hence forth real people like me are hurting and I. Need of financial support due to this plan demic. I give it a two star for being misleading and not getting any real money off this game.
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6 years ago, Loyal Caesar fan 2009
Loyalty bonus
Please give us a loyalty bonus. Many of us have been playing for years. This is my favorite slot and I have been playing it daily since I discovered it in 2009. But lately I have been frustrated. I keep getting a message that my device might not be supported but only with this app. Also Santa’s journey was great except for when it was down and I had the quad xp at a time when I only had a few coins so some people leveled up 20 times while I didn’t level up even once I think. The missions in Santa were tough. Ready to forget about any journeys in the future. I am going to contact support about an issue with collecting coins from our groups links. I was able to collect coins from your fan page but it took me a lot of clicks on my mobile device
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6 months ago, Tanbanan77
Payouts are as bad as the real casino! If this is the case I should play at a real casino! I’m not going to spend money of coins in the either on a daily! This is set to 20/customer 80/ casino May even be 15 or 10 percent customer 90/ casino!! This is free slots! I mentioned this to customer support and they sent me a slimey 26,000 coins and I lost 8 billion in half an hour. No slot game would hit. When one is cold they are all cold. These people bank on addiction and this is a free game lol buying coins here and there I get it! I’m not to sure how anyone plays the high rollers area on a free slot app without spending massive cash. I’m not doing this! Y’all lost a customer! Others should investigate other slot apps. There are a few where you can win and lose pretty equally. 40/ customer 60/casino And neverrrrrr can you lose a billion of coins in a half an hour on any of the other 20 slot apps over tried. My coin money is now being spent on a more fair free slot game! This is foolish because you can’t even win real stuff, they bank on a customer addiction and take advantage. Sorry for bad review but I think others should be aware that they will always want money for spins! Hitting big isn’t something that can happen often. Real slot machines are like that and I can now play those online! And it won’t be fire this company cause the greed in this game one tells me how the greed for real casino is.
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5 years ago, downtownkevinbrown
Hay everybody!!! I’ve played hundreds of games to occupy my idol time. I ran into this one 2 years ago. I’ve literally been hooked since Day One!! It took me months to figure out exactly what was going on inside this game. There’s so many different factions going on that make you be on top of your game every spin. At 2 years in I have 19 different games going on inside the main game of just spinning to win like a slot machine. This game requires NERVE!! It requires STRATEGY. It requires DISCIPLINE!! I HAVE NEVER HAD MORE FUN WITH ANY OTHER SITE THAN THIS ONE!! You will occasionally need to put down small amounts of your own cash to be really successful but the REWARD IS OFF THE CHARTS!!! Drop what you’re playing and get involved in the Hardest most Difficult Game you’ve ever played!! The REWARDS WILL TAKE YOU TO PLACES IN YOUR MIND THAT NO OTHER GAME CAN!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
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4 years ago, Portlyportlander
My favorite machine disappeared!
I have been playing this app for many years and feel like recent changes are really making me want to give up. My favorite machine is the set of Christmas in Pink - Pink Panther slots. It’s very disappointing because it has a feature where you build up to a big bonus at the end, and since it’s gone, I built up for nothing. The same thing happened in the past with the Monster machine that disappeared. Also, there seem to be lots of bugs lately that make it annoying. My sound goes in and out and makes screechy noises. Most of all, I can’t seem to win! I don’t understand how they think making the machines never win will make players want to continue. It’s all very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Lucky7librarian
Pros and cons
I utilize this app more than any others I have of its kind. It’s very engaging, exciting and fun to play. Though I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED that the end time of promotions are not sent to emails with reminders or constantly displayed on the home page of the app so that gamers will not lose money by not being able to use special items purchased for a promotion! For the last promotion, I was at the last kingdom where 2 Gryphix and a cash prize was to be awarded and when I finished my challenge I was not able to redeem the reward for it because I guess the time had expired and I had no indication of it! I even had a Skip Card that I had purchased left!!! I was really working toward that reward with time and money spent to get to the end and have it not pay off.
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6 years ago, Gaming 1234567
Constant games crashes on IPhone
Games Crashes my IPhone a lot, After reading about same issues multiple people are reporting , decided to delete the app completely before it breaks my phone as others have stated. To use the app, the phone has to have hard restart before each game play-each use; not to mention the multiple game crashes during the contests. It’s pretty annoying to have the game crash and have to restart the phone constantly. Gave a two star rating as I’ve had the same play experience as most people say they’ve had. Slots were fine at first- after about 30 days of play, slots tighten up and can’t earn enough free coins to play at any betting amount for any significant amount of time. After reading about how if you buy coins there is no helpful customer service , and the increased number of crashing phones after purchase, And multiple other issues, Deleted the application permanently.
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4 years ago, JChunko
Take that mental break that smoothes out a busy workday morning or livens up a long day of tiring routines... Caesars Slots is a true cornucopia of dazzling fantasy slots cleverly welded together by an ever evolving array of mini games, challenging puzzles and delightful diversions that makes this FREE simulated slot app such a unique playground for anyone and everyone who enjoys a few hours spent in a high tech slot machine arcade... but this one is truly something to behold... it’s a fully integrated eye-candy paradise of dozens and dozens of the most entertaining story-themed slot adventures that keeps bringing you back to a never boring wonderland of pure fun. Caesars is to be commended for envisioning and delivering the award winning grand vision that led to this incredible app. You will not get tired of this one... so, download and enjoy. Thank you Caesars.
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6 years ago, Mrsb1886
Changing my rating
Current: having a lot of issues where I’ve placed a bet of 7,500,00 and had 40,000,000+ as soon as I hit spin get a window pop up giving me a “deal” because I’m out of coins and as soon as spin ends I’m down to 2,038,000 or so, so a major glitch especially with the amount of time and real money I’ve added to the game. I have had this happen A LOT lately with no rhyme or reason. Emailed support and they gave me a gift of coins as a 1x courtesy and told me I just needed to be more careful that I must have hit max bet yet there is no game in there that has a max bet that high at my current level. Feeling extremely frustrated! Original: Game can glitch occasionally as well as randomly freeze. Other than that the game is a lot of fun to play, very addictive though. They also include lots and lots of free ways to get coins and include various different giveaways and challenges.
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