Cake Bites Maker

4.5 (2.8K)
97.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Crazy Kids Media
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cake Bites Maker

4.52 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Kawaii Chicken 9
Play now!!!!!
This is the BEST GAME EVER!!!! I play for hours everyday. My kids beg me to spend time with them, but this is far more important. Im now divorced and all my friends hate me. Im unemployed, since I was fired and can’t find the time to get a job because of this game. This game is the reason I wake up every morning and I could not be happier with it. Thank you for making this wonderful game that has consumed my entire life!!!! Going to play now!!!
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4 years ago, candense
This is the best game ever
This game at first was boring. Than I understood the game better and it is really fun. I think you will love this game. Sometimes I can’t stop playing this game. I try new cool designs ever day. You can even take pictures and put in gallery then you can see all the cool cakes you made.
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6 years ago, KNT Daddy
Its really really great! I dont want this game too shut down or be deleted but i would like that all the items were for free because im bored of using same flavors and stuff but i dont wanna waste money on it, but this game is really great! I love the creativity, to me it doesnt get boring! I like making cake styles like really cool ones but i cant make much of different flavors because lots of stuff arent free :( sad so i would like it to be free. Thanks! L.O.V.E the game
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3 years ago, cats are fin like 1234
I think it’s a ok game
I like adding on the sprinklers and the banana but the frosting I wish all of the frostings were unlocked and I wish I had the swirl cake but that’s ok I like putting in the ingredients like eggs milk and u get to choose what milk u put in which is cool and flour it’s a cool game but not a five star but still cool I rate it 3 stars just a ok game for me I just wish there was more different flavored cakes or having at least for me the swirl cake unlocked but it’s a ok app
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1 year ago, Jacqueline, Gracie Foley
It should be longe
I love this game, but it should be more longer and have more options to do with a cake like make cupcakes and things like that so we can be more funner, but I’m not saying it’s bad it’s just making cake should be longer and you should put the batter in and everything
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5 years ago, AwesomeGirl88888
Childhood Memories
This game brings back memories when I was in kindergarten. I always used to play it on my grandpas phone and it was fun. Now I am glad to play this came again. I missed it. I recommend this game for everyone because it is something that everyone can do
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4 years ago, Halmb123
really good game.
really good game but I wish you didn’t have to pay for cake molds and sprinkles and frosting and almost every thing but very good game though.
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2 years ago, Soma 1313
I can’t even play (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
So, i played the cake pop maker, and i loved it! So i found more of them and one of them was this one, at first it was okay, of course for me that was okay for me, but when it got to the frosting, it said that i dont have the frosting pack, i clicked okay, but then it froze and crashed back to my home screen, worst game ever, fight me (ง'̀-'́)ง
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2 years ago, llama Lily 🦙
Too be honest……
Not that fun. This games has a bunch of ads, you basically NEED to buy the whole pack to really play this game, and I get an add every 5 seconds! It’s kinda boring and not super fun. If there were more options without having to pay 9$ for stuff, I Maghreb give this 4 stars ⭐️
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11 months ago, rvale6
The first thing
The only thing yum about it was that I had a
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4 years ago, 👯‍♀️need
Good but needs more work
Ok so this is a good game but you have to spend money on packs and you Only get like five things to make the cake bites the most things are locked I like to be more creative but I can’t but other then that this game is the best
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6 years ago, SuperCrystalizedCharms
Cool game.
This is a cool game and to be honest, it fills lots of time. But, if you don’t spend money, there’s not a whole lot unlocked. I think it’s a great app for kids or if you have some time to kill. Wish there was more unlocked though.
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4 months ago, 💙💜👿👿😌😍😋🤨🤪😎
Great 👍
I love the app but I think there could be more cake you can make
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2 years ago, jack💋🐶gus💋🍑
Best game ever
There could not be another better game then this one it is the best
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4 years ago, Make More Items Free!!!
I played the game for a few hours and I started to notice that I have to use the same things and I got a little bored of using the same cutters, flavors, toppings, and more. If some things were not so limited I would enjoy the game. (This Is My Opinion)
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7 years ago, AwesomeSoccer24
Great, but...
This is a great app just wish they could make more options available Ex) toppings, flavors, Cutters, foods, candies, and plates! Why the in app purchases? Overall great app love it!
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4 years ago, DAH509
Cake bites
About cake making of making cakes and making them.
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4 years ago, pwrap our town in love
My fave
This game is AMAZING its the best cooking game. It’s better than all my other cooking games I have.
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6 years ago, Soccer Potato#7
Cweel cake bites
I love cake bites. It's a fun game to play.I personly like it because it lets you mix the batter and decorate your cake bite!
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3 years ago, harrypotterfan12345382
2 flavors?? You kidding me?
Omg your a greasy hog creators! Your trying to get people to buy you dumb freaking membership and for free you give us 2 flavors?? Your boring fix this huge dumb game or else no one will be interested anymore (bc it’s so boring) FIX IT PLEASSE
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6 years ago, DJ Driffwood
The best game ever
This is my favorite app I play it everyday all the time.
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11 months ago, esther cerrillo
Fun but to much ads
Is so much fun but....... to much ads get it but there's to much ads
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1 year ago, hsjakkdkdk
This is my favorite cake
This is my favorite cake
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2 years ago, Unianimals 124
Well…KIDDING!! I love it!
I love it so much!Even though most of the things are locked.I love it!
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3 years ago, ameliacat27
It’s ok but still ll cost money
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4 years ago, mackenzie finer
thank you for inviting this game
I love the game
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5 years ago, I don't usually write these, but ...
Great game
I love this game and there is no ads this game is very fun
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4 years ago, 2@-(:!!.&/$82938474)'lwjdgfndm
love it
this was my childhood game and i’m so excited to see that it’s still in the app store i love this game so much♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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4 years ago, lopddddddd
I love making cake they are so good
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1 year ago, Kylie grady 🥹1268
Kylie love
Hi people
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6 months ago, Sacred Rac
Yummy cake
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3 years ago, Jumana84
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1 month ago, aweesuh
the game is very buggy.
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3 years ago, lsbdhdh
I LOVE THOS Make more!!!!!💸💸💸💸
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11 years ago, Joja the cute one
Can you please make the things free I really love this game and my dream is to have that game free I think you will get more downloads of you make everything free and thanks for this game or you can make us earn coins and buy flavors etc.... And I like the graphics so much thank you I rate this game 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Hannah Beugler
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4 years ago, huglu 562798605
Meh 😒😒😒
Meh 😕 not the best Not the worst
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3 years ago, paw. patrols.
Maira cake 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐️⭐️
My cake was a beautiful
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11 years ago, Goddess of Grace
Not bad
It's not bad, but it could be better. I personally think that it would be better if we could earn "coins" or something to get the extra packages instead of wasting all our $$ on them. Adding more choices wouldn't kill them either. But if you like wasting $$ for no reason on things that hardly give any more choices, this is the game 4 you. Otherwise, it's pretty cute.
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9 years ago, 😍🎌
I love this game! 😘 There is nothing I hate about it. This game is fun, and great. 😉 I'm sure everyone will love this! It can get hard and easy. I am sure you all will love this. This has some of the best things ever, even with limited items! Have fun with this game! 😀 🎌
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8 years ago, Super Marshmellow!
A bit expensive...
When you get this game, you start out with a couple flavors, like chocolate and vanilla, and a couple frosting, and pretty much a couple EVERYTHING. After a while, it gets boring UNLESS you buy everything for like 15 dollars or something. I mean, dont you think 15 dollars for the full thing is a bit expensive? Very cool game but WAY to expensive.
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9 years ago, Mgirl🌌👍17
Radiant game
This game is addictive and fun to play. I've made so many cakes that look delicious but I must say that since it's free I'm limited to what I can use so maybe in the next update please could you add a little more for the people who have the free game
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10 years ago, Guppie Love
I LOVE THIS GAME AND I THINK THAT IT IS AWSOME 😜 BUT... There is a glitch when you try to "eat" the things that you saved. When you "bite" the side of whatever is there it shows that you are "eating" the plate and underneath it the plate is in a different place. 😗
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10 years ago, AwsmAng
My daughter and I LOVED this game... That is until the Os8 update, now it glitches, crashes, and the items on the screen are out of proportion. We are so disappointed!!
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12 years ago, Pizzaprerson
Cake bites game
Cake Bites is a fun game but u have to buy all of the good decorations and batters, frosting, ect. The game always crashes when decorating! Really need to fix the bugs. I would only suggest this game to a person that is really bored and will not throw your phone or iPod at the wall when it crashes a million times!!!!!!! :(
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11 years ago, Aliki-mu :3
I like but don't get???
I love this game and play it all the time but I dont get it... How do u unlock the other items I tried playing it more putting more pics on the gallery and and- If I have to pay for it I just.. Don't understand y
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11 years ago, Zoe the baker
Gr8, just wish the other options were free
I LOVE the game b/c I want to be a chef when I grow up. My only complaint would be that the super cool flavors of cake, frosting, cool colors, shapes, ... We're free not $14. For anyone who loves to bake or just needs a cool app, I would recommend this of u r willing to pay $14
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11 years ago, Jollyjulie2477
Awesome game! There's one problem is that they only let you do chocolate and vanilla. But if you don't want to send money and like anything with what you have I recommend this game for you. I love ths game. So fuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!!!!!
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10 years ago, crazy sweet 4
I love your game! However, there is a tiny suggestion i would like for your update. MAKE EVERY THING FREE! Since its a free app. Also get rid of popping up ads because that is annoying. Other than that everything's awesome.
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11 years ago, pamj6692
Good game.
I like the game a lot..... But only two kinds of cake??-(vanilla-normal-chocolate-normal)-I would reeeeeeally like it waaaaaay better if it had more cake types. I mean really?!?! And more icing and more fruits and more everything! I would LOVE this game WAY MORE...if there was more decor!!- n stuff that I said.
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