Cal Coast Mobile

2.6 (107)
27.8 MB
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Current version
California Coast Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cal Coast Mobile

2.58 out of 5
107 Ratings
5 years ago, AKB
A few months ago on my IPad only it has stopped showing my transactions looking through others reviews seems like this has happened to a few people. Works fine on my iPhone so not sure what happened maybe needs an update. I use this everyday and every week to pay bills and transfer money would like to be able to use it on all my devices
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5 years ago, Godisthebest
Good app but I’m frustrated
I’ve been using this app for 1 year and I’m very please with ccu’s customer service and everything but 2 months ago the app stopped showing my transactions. I went to the bank to ask what I should do and they gave me a little transaction book, I appreciate the help but it’s not the same because it’s hard to write it down everytime I use it. And it doesn’t make it easy for me to see if my online subscriptions have gone through or not so I’m very frustrated at this point... hopefully it can be fixed because it seems like this has happened to other people too.
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1 year ago, Cowbelly
Multiple issues
The biggest issue is that when you deposit a check it doesn’t tell you until AFTER you’ve deposited the check how long they are going to hold it for. If I had any idea that they’d hold one of my checks for NINE days that was drawn from one of my own accounts I would have driven to the branch to deposit it in person. The issue I am having today is that I need to pay a vendor from my business account. The only option they provide to make payments is the PayItNow, which you can only use with their mobile app. Well guess what- when you tap on PayItNow, it takes you to a page that just says ‘internal error.’ So it looks like the only way to pay someone external from your bank account here is to write them a check and mail it. What is this, 1997? I wish I had stayed with my old credit union. I’ve had ten times more issues in the three months I’ve been with CCCU than I did in the ten years I was with the old CU.
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1 year ago, J. N. M. R.
Doesn’t have more than half the features that the website
Things you can’t do on the app that you can do on the website: see account number, routings number, any important information other than how much money you have. Not that it’s much better than the website, which logs you out every time you try to access anything other than the main page once you’ve logged in. What’s the point of a bank that offers loyalty points if the only way to access them is in person. Just about the only good thing about the app is that it’s fast. That’s literally it.
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2 years ago, Too Fresco
Problems Need Fixing
My debit card is constantly being removed from the app with no option to add a debit card. Why am I going into Card Control and bro told I have no card available or to activate one without the option to when I literally made a purchase on my card a few hours earlier. Now I have to wait until the office opens up in order to to do anything. This is also not the first time this has happened it is a constant issue which needs to be addressed.
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6 years ago, Efta
Lacks Access to Statement
A decent app. However, the ability to download and print the current Statement is needed. This feature would illuminate the requirement to sign in and access the web sight. The web sight has poor accessibility features for clients that have poor version. Have and the statement available in the mobile app would be a great feature
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2 years ago, 1295:!38,&
Lacking a Basic Feature
Why not have a way to view my routing and account numbers in the app? Every other bank does this. If I switched back over to Chase right now I could easily find my routing and account numbers in the app. Instead I have to go to the website anytime I want to link my bank account to anything via routing/acct number, and that’s assuming the website even loads, which half of the time it doesn’t. It’s made banking an incredibly frustrating experience for me.
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1 year ago, willyrockk
App is glitching
Why does this app keep closing itself? It won’t let me log in to the app anymore and it is very frustrating! Is there a newer Cal Coast app?
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2 years ago, omgprincestop
You can’t view your account number
One of the biggest issues with this is you can’t view your account number besides that no other problems works fine you can transfer money to other people using the pay it now feature.
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2 years ago, saless98
App No Longer Works
The app has not been working for me all day and refusing to load. When I went online on my computer, it also refused to load my online banking. It’s been a few hours and now when I try to log into the app, it suddenly says the app has moved and I need to download a different app. Not sure what is going on, but it’s very unhelpful when you depend upon this app to work for day-to-day things and suddenly it doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, TWo hate birds
Card control
Not sure why the debit card has been removed from the app. Before it was there and easy to block the card for unwanted transactions but now I’m unable to go in for a simple process and have to wait until hours of open when it might be to late. Please add the debit card back in the card control selection. Thank you, Michelle
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4 years ago, L.V...
Please add the option to view your account number
Really disappointed by the fact that this app does not give you an option to view your account number for direct deposit/ electronic transactions. I know many other bank apps do have that option, I do hope it can change very soon.
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6 years ago, onesungirl
FIX FACE ID!! Face ID stopped working!—What happened!
I’ve been using this app for a few years with no problem. Even the move from TouchID to Face recognition was seamless. However, over the last two weeks, Face recognition no longer works, so I have to enter my password each time. This issue creates significant inconvenience and feels less secure. What is going on?!?
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4 years ago, Damarcus0926$
Poor quality
The app doesn’t let you transfer money to friends you help refer to California coast that’s annoying and everytime I log in it’s slow and they froze my account while my money still being sent to it and I’m not able to touch it and I have to literally drive out my way to a branch to even get help then they do it again they are wasting my time
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4 years ago, SoCal92126
Unexpected downtimes
Unexpected downtimes when I need to use the app. And before Developer responds to contact Member Service Center - they are not level II Tech Support, so why waste the time. I have had an account with Cal Coast CU since they were SD Teacher’s Credit Union (mid 90s) and like credit unions but big bank apps are supported by dedicated Tech Support which is desirable as we use apps most often now. Cal Coast CU needs better app and better support.
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3 years ago, svrnclv
Works as intended
Works like any other financial app I have, except when I click on payitnow in the iOS app. It just says internal error.
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3 years ago, gKariina
I loved using the app until they conducted the new upgrade I have not been able to log in, I can only log in from my safari. I have already contacted customer service and all I was told was sorry technical issues with the new upgrade.
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4 years ago, Annadarria
This app is crap!
This app crashes all the time! I’m on an iPhone and I can’t check my balance because the screen goes white and I can’t type in my password. I’m constantly uninstalling and re-installing it to type in my password so I can check my balance. Don’t recommend but what other choice do we members have!?
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5 years ago, Mendozzaa
I’ve been using this app for two years now and it suddenly stopped showing any of my transactions. It’s been weeks like this and still nothing. It seems like this app has been notorious for messing up based on other reviews so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
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2 years ago, SD Mac
Great until it wasn’t.
I e used this app since 2011, and it’s one of my most used apps. All of a sudden it stopped working, it immediately shuts done when my password is entered. I can’t uninstall the app, I’m just stuck with it hanging out in the background doing nothing.
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3 years ago, c3 reviewz
Forced update = no access
I tried to open the application to pay some bills, and it forced an update. I do the update and now I can no longer log into the application. I delete the app and re-download and hopes that would solve the issue. It did not.
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12 months ago, Quezon eu
Very basic
I can’t access my account number through this app. This app has very basic futures. I recommend looking at the Navy Federal Credit Union app and use that as a starting point for a good banking app.
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5 years ago, Horse chomped
Gets the job done
I love using it, it gets the job done. Not hard to use at all.
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3 years ago, MrMalarckey
If I can give zero stars I would. Made a cashiers check mobile deposit from Wells Fargo. They held it for 9 business days. I went in to a “branch” to show the check and close the account they said I had to wait the whole 9. Bunk! Don’t recommend it
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2 weeks ago, Seussi Lightchaser Bright
I AM FED UP. I have ALLLLLLLLLLL OF MY INFO and i have to fight with this STUPID SYSTEM. It wants a “one-time pin”.. EXCEPT IT WON’T FLIPPING SEND ME ONE. I try and i try, and it says “if this is not being sent” or whatever… and that’s it. THEIR STUPID APP cuts the rest off!!!!!! SO I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO IF YOU’RE NOT SENDING ME THE PIN. YOU ARE A BANK. PLEASE HIRE DEVELOPERS THAT DIDN’T GRADUATE WITH A C-. I CANNOT ACCESS MY @&$&&!?! BANK ACCOUNT. HELLOOOOOO.
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3 years ago, filo so
Why the Ads?
Works okay, but i don’t understand why there’s ads from what seem like third parties.
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6 years ago, Duke0841
Needs account nicknames
Pretty good app, need to be able to nickname your accounts though. Would be a game changer.
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5 years ago, lildebm
Not working
Transaction are not showing on accounts. This has been going on for two weeks now. I keep looking for an update but none so far. Please fix this app
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4 years ago, T D D 1
App isn’t user friendly
You are not able to put in for an external transfer from another bank to pay a loan credit card and set the amount of transfer. Also set for automatic payments
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2 years ago, Randomsox
This app is the worst
There’s zero options to transfer money from an outside financial institution to Cal Coast. I wish I’d never gotten my auto loan from them because of how frustrating their online banking system is.
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3 years ago, BetoSenpai
Thing is broken, it tells me I have a certain amount and it switches up every other day
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8 years ago, Firedan11
While the app works fine in its present form, I would like to see some updates to it to improve its content. Adding Touch ID to the login would be nice to speed up the login. Another, would be viewing the check, like on the desk top version. And, finally, view the running balance when viewing transactions. Time for an update to this app.!!!
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2 years ago, Moo58
It won’t even let me sign in to the app using the same credentials are used to sign in online. I mainly use the app to deposit checks so for me the app is worthless since I can’t even sign in.
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6 months ago, n.n.b.,
Updated App
Went to use app today and was told to go to App Store and download updated app. No update to download and cannot access my account.
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5 years ago, 10495729274
On multiple occasions it doesn’t display many transactions, so it doesn’t accurate show what’s in your account. On top of this they do NOT hesitate to hit you with $30 fees for overdrawing
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2 months ago, Phoenix Tii 9220
Wish it had Zelle
I wish it had Zelle. I would use it as my primary account if it had Zelle.
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3 years ago, Pxcheko
Easy to use
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3 years ago, Chandiego
Not working on iphone 12/iOS 14
Can’t log in on new phone. Says a pin will be sent to my email but it is never received.
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4 years ago, Bama1955
Mobile deposit of checks
It never works :(
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2 years ago, AX951
Worst bank out there
Worst bank I have every used
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10 months ago, Lexxx11
Terrible app
Please spend more money and time updating your app
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1 year ago, Stonerkid95
Needs a major update
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4 years ago, Frankz.
Won’t let Me log in
the app won’t let me log into my cal coast account
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5 years ago, Dannie [Moo]
Frozen Trash
It freezes upon entering credentials! I do not have the time to wait for this trash app to respond!!!
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6 years ago, Chelle_
Invalid Certificate
Half the time I can’t even access this app.
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1 year ago, BMI13
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work
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7 years ago, Rkngranny
Easy account monitoring of your live interactive bank statements.
I have used online banking since its inception. It has worked without problems and is a breeze to use. I can transfer monies between accounts, easily move money from savings to checking and back. And, the result is instantaneous. It been a real lifesaver for sending money to my daughter in emergencies using the Send Money feature. She receives it within minutes into her own account thru PayPal. The Bill Pay system works very well whether scheduling one-time or repeated payments and whether using my computer or iPhone, and it sends notifications when they're made. This system can send electronic direct deposit or actual paper checks. It's super easy to view deposits and withdrawals from my various accounts, including credit card charges, so monitoring and tracking my transactions is a piece of cake. And with your debit card tied to alternate accounts you have "overdraft" protection. At home or on the road, it's you're viewing a live interactive bank statement. I highly recommend Cal Coast Online. And I've been a member for over 35 years!!!
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12 years ago, marthab
CCCU best CU in SD
Great to finally have the app, it is great! CalCoast is the best I love my branch they are all awesome you feel at home when you walk in. They make it a point to know you by name it almost makes you feel like singing... "sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came..." :) (Cheers for those wondering) you got to try CCCU
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12 years ago, TC in CV
Almost Flawless!!
Everything about this app is smooth and to the point. My only wish is the ability to view images of checks I've written like on the desktop website. I would have given this five stars if it included check images.
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11 years ago, Winston Smith IV
If you have multiple accounts it is a pain, there are user options which seem to disappear anyway and it logs you out if you leave the app for any reason. I haven't found a way to stay logged it. In that since its not much better than their terrible website. All you seem to be able to so is transfer money and check your balance. And login every five minutes.
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