Calculator with History +

4.7 (16.9K)
12.1 MB
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Current version
Beijing Free Calculator Technology Co., Ltd.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Calculator with History +

4.69 out of 5
16.9K Ratings
3 years ago, AdobeOneKenobi
Copy pasting a number results in zero always?
None of the functions, i.e., +, -, *, /, work when you use a number that you copy then past from? It always will result in zero when you hit the equal button, =. What’s going on? This is a basic function of a calculator in 2021 on a smart phone. 🙄🤷🏾‍♂️ Until this is fixed and I can’t in good faith give it a good rating. Unfortunate, because the history and back button are helpful. But I use the copy paste function a lot, and it should work, but it doesn’t. I can’t be the only one who has experienced this? EDIT: Discovered that after pasting, if you then hit the "+/-" button, giving the pasted number a minus, then hit the button again, giving it a positive again, then it will recognize the number as actually being there, as in being recognizable, and will function normally. That’s the only way to get pasting to work. Until this is fixed natively I still can’t give it a 5 star rating. But I have upped my rating from 1 to 3 stars. 👍🏿 Cheers. EDIT 2: The best calculator on iPhone. Period. Nuff said. Not to mention the best customer service, all the above issues were fixed after they reviewed a screenviideo sent to them, on request by them, after they must have read my review...awesome.
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2 months ago, do no get this game at all
As I’ve started to get into some more harder math questions, the need for more symbols like square roots is becoming hard to find in calculator apps. So I got this one and it became to my liking. Some stuff you have to pay for which I get; apps need to get money out of it. But these things you need to pay for is if you want a different font and color. One thing I also love is the there are NO ADDS❤️ I have been so tired of trying to look for games and calculator apps that have no adds and especially inappropriate ones, so I was so happy to find out it didn’t. Also I am not an MPC. This is a real customer.👍
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2 months ago, .Kinghanna.
Great free calculator. Funny Hidden glitch 😂
What else is there to say. A free calculator that’s a step up from the iOS version. Scientific advance features, History log, ability to calculate past a billion, no crashes, and little to no ads!!!! Once in a while you’ll get a banner on the top to rate this app or an ad to purchase the premium. Plus got bored and just kept pressing the trash can button and got a funny little glitch. Just keep pressing the button until you can’t anymore. A Calculator with a sense of humor ! Cmon on what else do you need?
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10 months ago, IOS User732
Calculator Keeps Phone Screen Open
I love this calculator and want to keep it. However, if I am doing a calculation and put my phone down, the calculator app stays on and open, even though I have set my iPhone to auto-lock after 30 seconds. I want my iPhone to auto lock, even if I still want to keep using my calculator, as I want to keep my battery usage down. I don’t know how to change this situation and have no other way of communicating with the app devs. Hopefully this will change. Otherwise, this is a great app and is better than the Apple calculator as I do not need to be in landscape mode to see executive functions. Please help me fix this issue!
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5 months ago, BPack87
Great but Buggy
I've had this app for a couple years now. I love all the features. Especially the history. When I'm adding several numbers it comes in handy to make sure there is no duplicate entry and things like that. About a couple months ago, the app started having a major lag. There is about a 3 second delay from the time I push a number from the time it actually registers. When I push equal, it sometimes take 5 seconds to give the answer. I bought the app recently thinking maybe it's just the free version. However, month later, still same issue. Too bad I'm going to have to find another app because I really did like this one.
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3 years ago, Multicultie
Best SIMPLE NO AD calculator for iPhone
I had been using the iPhone calculator app but it lacked the back button and history. So I began looking for a replacement. Other calculator apps are way too complicated for basic use and are meant for math students, or if they were simple they had annoying ads. This one is the only one that had everything I was looking for! I love the little sound the keys make too. It’s a nifty cute calculator that doesn’t have fancy gimmicks that get in the way. So happy with it!
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1 year ago, THALIA H.
To the developers,
The privacy policy says that developers don’t see any of your personal information , such as photos and videos and ID and your name, but I’m concerned about that though, because the calculator has and option to set a “gif” on the upper left side of the calculator and it also has access to your personal photos. I hope that this is legitimate because if developers get into your photos and videos and name, then that’s a very serious matter.
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2 years ago, Octopiezz
Great App No Ads
This calculator does a good job of showing you all calculations so you can check your work. I had been using another one with ads and it was so distracting. It’s easy to edit or clear long calculations. Best app I’ve found. Again no ads. I would always lose my train of thought with this other app and have to start over with ads for like the most random stuff. Can’t express how great of a find this is. Relieves my anxiety! And does a great job.
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1 year ago, Josefran2004
VERY GOOD , I think a little expensive for $9.99, after trying many calculators I came to the conclusion that this is one of the easy ones due to its environment, just one detail, the operations history is deleted without asking for verification (be very careful) If you make a mistake and touch the DELETE button, goodbye history. Thinking about buying if they will lower the price and arrange for me to ask for verification when you want to delete ALL THE HISTORY of the operations, I would change my review to 5 stars an EXCELENTE if this was fixed.
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3 years ago, Gcrkr
Great calculator with History feature!
My favorite part about this calculator app is that it has a history feature. It is difficult to find a decent calculator app that is has the history feature without sacrificing simplicity and still doesn’t have adds. I searched extensively and only found apps that either had adds, were cumbersome and overkill on features, or weren’t any better than the stock iOS calculator. Finally this app checked all the boxes!
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2 years ago, Must add features!
More personal preference settings
Add resize the buttons. Some fat fingers need more rooms between each button. iPhone original calculator has taller key pad areas. Have an option to resize to personal preference is the best. Also, need to have color option for result, not just only white. Some people always want result show in different colors eg. green, etc. The + or other buttons if can set to press and hold, then move around or switch to different positions, that would be great because some people get used to a position of that particular button they like.
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2 months ago, JesseNoEyes
Mostly great app
Enjoy the app and its features and use it regularly. A major issue I have is with the “log y” and “y radical” functions. I have tried every permutation and common button order to use these functions with custom bases, and never get anything but Error. My rating would be higher if I were able to perform these calculations. Additionally, typing “log10 e” erroneously gives the answer of “1”. You have to put “log10 (e)” in order to get the correct answer, which is not required of any other number to produce accurate results.
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7 months ago, Boaz80
Favorite Calculator I’ve Found
I’m a lover of calculators and have been disappointed with all of the iPad calculators I’ve tried over the past 10 years….until I downloaded this one. I really like the appearance of this calculator, it’s actually pleasing to look at. Has most of the functions I would hope for except for the ability to do more exponent calculations. The are limited to cubed.
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1 year ago, countrygirlcitygirl
Adjustable size icon
After downloading and deleting 5 other calculators from my iPad because my eyes didn't like the screens and they came with ads, I found this one and instantly liked it and the adjustable screen icon lets you adjust the size it to your needs, and NO annoying ads or ad blocker sales banners on the bottom of your screen. Thank you thank you thank you
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2 years ago, NateMo1980
Great Free Calculator
It has an ad or pop up once and a great while but it is overall one of the best free calculators out there. Its subscription plan is way over priced. No question. 7 or 8 bucks a month is just wow. I would easily give them 20$ or 25$ to own it and get updates. But 7 bucks a month for a calculator?! So $84 a year and if you keep on paying that, it becomes a whopping $254 in 3 years! Yeah…no thank you.
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2 years ago, V13ES
Exactly what I needed.
A slightly more complex calculator. The customizability features is a mega bonus, I needed to use indices and parentheses, the basic apple calculator didn't provide. As an alternative I could have used photomath but the app design is sleek and i'm not using an application meant for cheating. Cheers! (note: would love a feature where you could tap on previous calculations to highlight to copy and to replace the input bar)
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4 weeks ago, Reviews from Russell
Best Calculator
This calculator… oh my goodness. It really calculates. If you need to do things with numbers, this is the one you’re gonna want to use. And it has a really cool feature where you can name your calculator and give it a profile picture and it will display the name and the profile pic at the top of the screen. I call my calculator “Russell’s Numbering Machine” but you can call yours whatever name you choose.
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11 months ago, JennaAppReview
So much better than the awful calculator apple provides
The main reason I use this over the Apple calculator is the ability to go back and see my old calculations. This makes even basic calculating so much easier let alone all of the other functions it has. I’ve turned so many people onto this app it’s ridiculous.
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4 weeks ago, Josh Hermann
Love it but…
This app the original iPhone calculator app simple because it allows for you to build an equation and has a log for history. Just one thing that bothers me is that the delete history button is in a place that is too easy to press. I have accidentally deleted my history multiple times using the app and there is no undo button in an accidental scenario. It will get my 5 stars if that gets an update.
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1 year ago, Trysta1217
Simple yet fully featured calculator for iOS
Offers more features than the built in calculator. Certain features are locked behind a pay wall but it doesn’t serve annoying ads on the free version. I really like that you can access the more advanced scientific calculator features (exponents, sin/cos/tan, parentheses ) in portrait mode. Some apps make that only accessible in landscape.
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1 year ago, Evil HHH
It’s get best one that I’ve found
I really like this one, you can use the free version but because it’s not in your face about buying it. This is the way it should be… I will be buying it for the one time cost because I really enjoy the features. Also the calculator keyboard is helpful when your buying/paying bills online without switching to the app.
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1 year ago, Awil78
Best calculator app ever!
It’s been my go to app for years now or so it seems, I don’t remember a time without it since I found it. I was paying for the subscription and it was worth it simply because the free version was everything I needed and I wanted to support them. Unfortunately I’m having trouble unlocking the one time payment. I’d love some assistance. iPhone 14 pro max.
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4 years ago, kmxyuvrjo
Calculator +
There are only three things that I wish this calculator would do: 1 - pressing “=“ multiple times would repeat the function. 2 - being able to place a cursor to edit the equation without having to delete everything you entered before you noticed the error. 3 - show the result of your equation as you enter it without having to press “=“ Otherwise it is fantastic! I love the “history” and the ability to edit as you go.
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7 months ago, Grits GT
I am loving the features.
I wanted an additional calculator on my iPhone. I have only been using it for a short time. I have not yet explored all of what the program has to offer. It keeps track of previous entries and can recall them quickly. I am optimistic to learn all of the features and capabilities. I am loving all it has to offer.
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6 months ago, ledzachary
The best calculator for iPadOS
I purchased this calculator because it was the best one for iPadOS in my opinion. I also like how it keeps a history of your calculations, something that the calculator on IOS made by Apple does not do. It works in landscape mode and is just a simple calculator. It has other features which I have not tried but I assume work well too. A+.
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4 years ago, poka faz
Great calculator!!!
I work in administration and I need to make sure I add every number as each one is to pay someone. I am able to be sure I added everyone without doubting myself at a faster pace. I don’t have to doible check with this calculator as it shows what I am adding. Great job on creating this. I don’t need to search for any other calculator.
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3 years ago, Hobo Wilson
Good to average calculator
I’ve been using this calculator for a year or so- a recent update got rid of the trash bin/clear option. Updating this app replaced the trash bin/clear option Button with a VIP button-which opens up a new tab to purchase their monthly/ yearly subscription. I highly recommend to bring back the trash bin option.
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3 years ago, Jov788
Better than apple calculator
Idk how Apple engineers can think a calculator where you can’t see your math is ok. I’m a bit of a math dweeb and I can’t stand that calculator. This one shows your math and your history and has more functions. Gives me piece of mind I’m punching in the right numbers and +-x whatever the case may be I can always check my math. Great calculator and it’s free no adds either
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4 years ago, Melissa_M_1975
Awesome App
Works perfectly I use it in place of the default iPhone calculator application. I like it because you can change the colors as well as the sound which is helpful to a visually impaired person thank you for creating this app also the fact that you can view history as well as delete it is very helpful. Would highly recommend.
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1 month ago, Nordaktimus
So much better than the stock app
I needed a much better calculator than the one Apple provided for my work. This one is perfect! Easy to read, love the history and one feature I didn’t even know it had that I love is the fact the screen doesn’t turn off while using the app!
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6 months ago, Pasta chicken
I’m very happy I found this calc.
I’ve tried a few calculators, but kept getting let down. Or there’d be a surprise ad asking to upgrade. I needed exactly that what this version has. Something with a history option , also more scientific options for other opportunities. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Nickwhaaaaat
This thing is awesome
I’ve been a Samsung Note guy for a long time. Switched to Iphone 13 pro, and the calculator was getting on my nerves. Couldn’t find nothing that resembles the Note calculator that has all in one (including conversion). While this one doesn’t have the conversion option, it’s one of the best iPhone calculators hands down. I love it
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2 years ago, JasonC254
Pretty great upgrade
Never did understand why Apple’s native calculator didn’t have this functionality. Seems like it would be incredibly simple to add. I’m pleased with the app so far though. Was pleasantly surprised to find out that the app stores the memory even if you close it out and go back into it.
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7 months ago, Jillill
Holds History! Simple 🩷
Have had for years, use every day at work. I can show customers the brake down as I work. It has a simple design and keeps history in place for as long as you like, even opening and closing the app, until you press the trash can to clear it.
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12 months ago, fyido
Best one yet
This calculator does all the basic calculations I need to have done, and it is so great to look up and see the history if I’m interrupted in the process. The best one I’ve tried so far. I’d give it a ten plus ! Like the sweet little tone it makes when I touch a number. Not annoying, as some I’ve tried.
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1 year ago, Cboyray1
Great Calculator
This math machine is great and not hard to figure out! I’m able to close the app and go back into the app and continue where I left off! I don’t over use this app, I’m sure if I did it would pick up where I left off! My hat is off to the person that built this app keep up the good work!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
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10 months ago, Buseckkm
The best calculator for iPhone
I NEEDED a calculator with history and back delete button and iPhones stock calculator has neither. This is the best free calculator with these extra options. They very minimally will ask if you’d like to upgrade, a click swipe and it’s gone, no waiting to close the ad. I really appreciate this calculator.
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3 years ago, Cal_Al 2021
Great app! Love the history however
This calculator app is amazing I love the history feature. However, if you accidentally hit the trash bin button all your history and work is gone. No way to recover them. There should be a way to retrieve your history back or ask “are you sure you want to delete your history” in the unfortunate case you inadvertently press the trash bin. I lost all my work and had to start all over again. Fix this please. Other than that it’s 5 stars. I’ll update my review following a solution
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1 week ago, S FL Mom
Way better than Apple
I really like this calculator because it shows everything as you are adding a lot of numbers. On Apple if I have a lot to total up, & I get distracted I can’t see where I left off. This keeps it all in front of me & makes my job easier!
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4 months ago, GrizzleFizzle
Worth it
Worth every penny, especially if you do lots of math problems for work or school that require you to look at previous equations. It’s very handy and in my line of work it is excellent in calculating percentages off of total prices showing in real time what the savings are to my clients.
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1 year ago, coco crab fan
Great Calculator but
This a great calculator, way better than the base one on your iPhone, I bought the premium package for 9 dollars and its worth it. The one thing that is missing is for the Unit Converter the Temperature calculator doesn't have a negative symbol so you can’t calculate negatives unless you copy and paste from a different part. If that was fixed this review would be a 5 star.
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2 months ago, Disappointed-tgb
Would be perfect with an inverse button
I just looked at several calculator replacements and this it's among the best but I still can't find an ad free calculator with history and a simple 1/x button. Please add this feature, perhaps a setting that swaps it for the % button (which I haven't used in many decades) and make my life happier for all time. Thank you.
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2 years ago, jazzy81818
Thanks for a real calculator
For a business owner that crunches many numbers at once this calculator took the place of the calculator that is standard with iPhone. All #’s & calculations are saved and visible on same screen…… need i say more. Well also the corrections arrow also allows you to just back step too.
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2 years ago, Al Greez
I replaced my standard iPhone calculator
I am a bookkeeper/accountant and this calculator is very helpful for me to use in the office. I very much appreciate seeing the history and being able to double check all of my work without having to enter things multiple times.
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11 months ago, JusTCore_B
Calculator+ Issues
I had bought Calculator+ for my iPhone because of the work that I’m involved in, and I was not happy with the results. When adding individual denominations (due to my job), I needed to know what the total amounts are as I’m calculating each specific denomination…I have to always press the equal button in order to see the grand total. It would help if the totals are shown (like in other calculators), as I’m adding up the individual denominations.
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1 year ago, bowlendown
Great breakdown
I don’t like the move to subscriptions but understand why. They seem to provide a nice balance between the free and subscription for higher use functions that cost. If I see ads I will uninstall. Wish there was a buy and own feature but I got burned by other apps that did that and moved to subscription model.
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2 years ago, Theapplovrr
Great & Recommended
This is one of very few calculators that actually free and would not interrupt you while doing your work. My only complain about it is that it does not take a good advantage of the new ipados size freedom. The smallest allowable size is too large and would not go smaller. Calculators are some of of the few apps that it would be great to have as a very small supporting window. Please fix the size issue.
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4 years ago, drda73
Simple yet beautiful!
I was looking for simple calculator and got more than asked! Beautiful design, the back delete button is absolutely necessary and it’s here, what a saver for wrong input! The visual history is great to have and saves time when doing many calculations, simply is there! Thank you for creating this beautiful, perfect and yet SIMPLE calculator!
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2 years ago, k_rooty
Thanks a million!
We operate a trucking business and finally to have a calculator that saves history but also adjust its a major game changer!! Without a subscription to pay for the app!! Amazing Thank you everyone that created this and made this user friendly happy holidays🤝👍👍
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3 years ago, sol_brother
Particularly like the history feature
I thought I had lost all my figures when I missed hitting the plus sign before typing the next number, but they were all still there in the screen which you get to using the icon with nine dots in it (also shows you the scientific functions).
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