4.7 (1.6M)
203.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Impala Studios
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Calculator₊

4.66 out of 5
1.6M Ratings
6 years ago, DJ Dumbi
Does not copy history result equation and result right
Update: I copy and paste my equation and result and it comes out a different number than I had calculated. Flaw in copy and paste on both choices. It has made me a little more frustrated in getting the result right. Weird functions and full screen ads. Luckily I have not purchased this app for no ads, I have removed the app and try again in the uncertain future. It was good till I had to wait a couple of more seconds for the X button to appear on the ads, fairly intrusive to calculate my tips from each individual cocktail waitress that has tipped me out. Nice clean layout but I think I'll stick with my Samsung S5 2nd phone calculator for the meantime. Everything about this calculator is what the hard working waiters and tip receiving workers need to balance their day to day earnings quickly and correctly without pen and paper. The calculator just works and doesn't crash during use. Just need it to replace Apple's dumb calculator that just calculates and not help with historical calculations or messups. Double Thumbs up!
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5 years ago, Eli Hoffman
Please just make a one time in-app purchase fee!
I absolutely love this app, since use it for school and it is just very simple to use while also being able to use more complex equations! My only problem is the fact that I have to pay a monthly fee just to use other calculator features that are on normal calculators is just ridiculous! I understand that you guys want to make money, but do you really, like really need to make people pay a monthly fee just to be able to calculate fractions! I would be absolutely fine if it was a one time fee, but why a monthly fee!? This is one of the top most downloaded calculator apps on the App Store if not the best one, not to mention the little adds at the bottom (not distracting at all) that you make money off of adds which shows you already make quite a bit of money off of more than half a million user, yet you have to go even farther to make me pay for a monthly fee for features in every ordinary high school level calculator! I would rather have to pay 5-7 dollars once for all of the other features instead of being fed off of for multiple years to come of using this app. I would rate this app 5 stars right off the bat if it got rid of the monthly charge and maybe even replaced it with a one time fee. Please address this concern, and thank you so much for your time.
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2 years ago, naraabou
Pretty cool app!
I definitely recommend this app to people who would wish to customize their calculator in a way to make it more ✨decorative✨ and plus, you can use it like a normal calculator. Just with ads on the bottom of your screen, but they are not full screen ads that appear out of nowhere so that’s good, well, for me at least. Just to remind the people reading this, if you looked at other reviews, they might have said you need to pay to do certain stuff, which, indeed, you have to, I just got this app a week ago, so I don’t know much. When your using this app, you have to pay to be able to use the currency and fraction feature, but if your not planning to pay anything, they’ll let you try it out 3 times and then you can’t use it anymore. Overall this app is pretty good! I just took away one star cause I kinda wish they could have added more tries to use the fraction and currency feature, or in some way sort of remind us that we even HAVE a limited amount of tries, when I first used this app, I had no idea we had tries when I used the currency feature, so when it said you had to pay I was so confused. IM GONNA SAY THIS AGAIN, overall, this app is pretty good!
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5 years ago, imtheshizzniyee
Ads are unbearable and they changed ad free subscription
I’ve been using this app for YEAAAARS.. it’s been so long I honestly can’t even remember how long it’s actually been. I use the calculator a fair amount of times but it’s not a super frequent occurrence and originally I wanted this calculator because the Apple calculator wouldn’t let me delete a typo without deleting the entire calculation and this also tracks calculation history. Anyway, I paid for the $2.99 ad free upgrade a few years ago and everything has been fine up until a few months ago I randomly had a $2.99 credit on my Apple account. At first I had no idea where it came from UNTIL I went to use the calculator and an annoying ad covered the entire screen. Apparently they changed things and instead of a one time $2.99 charge they want $1.49/mo to use the calculator ad free. The little ads at the bottom aren’t bad but the thing that makes it unbearable and the reason why I’m deleting the app after at the very least 5 years is the ads that popup while I’m in the middle if typing which ultimately lead to me clicking on the ad and opening up safari or app store. I don’t like the fact I’m forced to open unwanted ads to god knows what. I don’t want that on my phone. Such a shame. I might have failed math in high school but this calculator is not that important to me to have to deal click on ads because they pop up while I’m typing.
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2 years ago, Patyo23
Used to be great
Will be deleting and looking for a different app. Way too many ads. You don’t need so many ads. It’s ridiculous. Thank you for scaling back on the ads. I have used this app for years and really loved it. I love being able to keep track of all my inputs and being able to backspace and erase one or multiple entries. I like how the history is set up. This app has been just what I need daily for years. The ads on screen were annoying but fine to put up with for the use of the app. BUT now I get VERY ANNOYING FULL SCREEN ADS THAT POP UP AS SOON AS I OPEN THE APP AND WHEN IM IN THE MIDDLE OF WORKING!!!!!!! I frequently use the app when I’m out and about, now I have to wait for the ad to load and find the hidden x just to be able to use the app for a quick calculation. By that point I would have figured out the calculation by myself so what’s the point of the app? AND even more frustrating when I am in the middle of typing out calculations and inputting numbers while looking at my paperwork for the input numbers and go back to the app to input the information and an AD HAS POPPED UP SO I HAVE TO STOP WORKING AND HUNT DOWN THE X JUST TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE MY WORK!!!! I am VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH WHAT THIS APP HAS BECOME. I will be looking elsewhere after having been satisfied with this app for years.
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2 years ago, why do i need a nickname 669
Unreliable calculator
Do not make important calculations with this calculator unless you make them several times to verify. Just about every time I use it I have to do it twice. I’ll press a number or function and it will highlight grey acknowledging my press but will not register it. Example: I want to multiply 20.5 x 20.5. I’ll press 2 0 . 5 it will show the 20 the . will go grey because I pressed it but it will not input the . so when I hit 5, it just displays 205 meanwhile the . is still highlighted. So if you continue on without looking, your answers will be wrong. This has ALWAYS happened with this app on EVERY iPhone I have had no matter what version of iOS or the calculator I’m using. It’s not operator error. I’m going to take screenshots from now on if the developer wants to contact me. Seems they’re more interested in making money than having a product that works. I don’t understand why there isn’t a reliable calculator as part of the basic iPhone package. You would think spending $1,000+ plus on a handheld computer (iPhone) which is basically a super fancy calculator, I would be able to reliably add 2 numbers together for free. I can look at the top of my head from space in this phone for free, but I have to pay to have a calculator?…..
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2 years ago, ornth
Great app!
This app is really easy to use and customize. The customization part is simple: you can choose a theme and button shape. I chose the circle type; but you can also choose rounded squares/rectangles, or pointed squares/rectangles. In the settings, you can choose many other things as well; such as decimal places, if your decimal is a “.” or a “,” and many more. I know that most apps are overloaded with adds, but this one isn't. There are at most only about two at a time and they aren't very big, so there isn't really a need to pay for them to go away. Premium is $3.99 I think, which is pretty reasonable. You also have the option to say your equation and let it solve it without the problems of mistyping it. This app seems really great! The buttons are the perfect size, and you can also see your entire equation without having to write it down somewhere else to remember it. Awesome app!
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9 months ago, RosaliaB
Ads always interrupting - you’ve got to be kidding me
I’m not going to spend money on a monthly subscription for a calculator. Everyone needs to know you can put in an equation in a search engine and it will give you the answer just as easily. I’m retraining myself to do so because every time I even open this app I have to watch an ad. Sometimes it’s 30 seconds, but I only need the calculator for 10 seconds! It’s so frustrating! Have ads run across the bottom. Stop interrupting me to watch an advertisement. I might do one calculation, but leave your app open and then I go to do another and I have another 30 second ad I have to watch. Sometimes I’m typing and an add pops up! I don’t need your app that badly. I shouldn’t have to pay a monthly fee to not be annoyed and use the calculator with basic functions. That’s insane. It’s disgusting how so many companies want us slaves to monthly fees. I suggest everyone go look at what you’re paying for monthly. Put a reminder in your calendar to check every few months and decide if you need to be spending that. If you aren’t paying off your credit card every month then you shouldn’t have any monthly fees except maybe your cellphone rent and things you need to live.
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12 months ago, Qborg1
Too many ads and not enough calculation
This calculator has become riddled with ads for products I don’t,won’t and have a use for. The ads appear at start up and continued to plague me until I finally deleted the ap all together as it was more frustration than value. I can find websites to go to do calculations of currency which this won’t do. If it was a one time purchase that was secure without data mining I would be happy, but I see there are more calculators like this than not. I deleted it as it became a leach that annoyed me to no end, and I began to suspect it was gathering my data in the background and was therefore a security risk that I could do without. I can buy the old fashioned battery powered calculator online and use it without it being connected to any of my data. I would not recommend that anyone get or use this app as I have no idea how secure it is. I plan to delete this app on all of my Apple products. I also plan to contact Apple about this app so they can look into it more closely to see if it may be a security risk to users. If it had a one time purchase price and was a compact (memory wise) app I might consider keeping it, but in it’s current configuration as a ad host I would rather do without it.
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11 months ago, yuuuuuuckz
Goo goo Gaga has the same energy in every situation but the same thing that happened with me was in a similar position in a way to my first day at work I think it’s a lot harder for you and you can get it all out but it’s just so different to the way it works for other people’s bodies it’s not that it’s hard it’s like a little more than it can get it in your system it’s not that it doesn’t have the energy and you just like the feeling like it has the feeling like it doesn’t get out there but I feel the energy that I have a little less of that you can feel that it is like it’s not just a feeling of the things I don’t have but it just like that you feel the way it just makes it like you have it like that it’s not the things I mean like you don’t feel the feeling of feeling that you’re feeling that you’re not like you feel the feeling that it’s not just the way it feels
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i never thought I would enjoy using a calculator, but I do enjoy using this one!!! It’s background changing ability is awesome, and I find my self switching to cool new backgrounds while I’m using it. It’s also really easy to use, and I like how you can change the button shapes!!! Also if you need something more, you can just buy one of the add-ons and you can count money, you can do fractions, you can do scientific.... I love this app and I totally recommend it to people in need of a calculator!!! I don’t understand why there are so many bad reviews about this app. Also, the only adds in this are really small and smushed into the bottom of the screen, Not blocking anything or really doing anything bad. I play on my phone a decent amount, and adds can get extremely annoying wen they pop up and cover the hole screen and start playing a five minute add. this is definitely an improvement ilI LOVE THIS CALCULATOR.
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7 months ago, fishygill1
Great calculator, but advertising is too aggressive.
This has been one of the most useful calculator apps for me in recent years. Its compatibility with the iPad (including split screen), appealing user interface, and advanced calculation options made it a must-have for me. And I did use up my currency and fraction calculations (which I’m fine with, not too big of a deal). And I loved it—until I got fed up with the pop-up ads. I can deal with sidebar ads, they’re not too obstructive. But a pop-up ad upon opening the app prevented me from using the calculator, and brought down its usefulness quite a lot. Most of the time, I only spend about 30 seconds at a time with the calculator, making a quick calculation, and I’d open it multiple times. That means I’d get pop-up ads every time I use the calculator. Oftentimes I’d have to wait 15 seconds to be able to close the ad, and even then there would be another page that I’d have to wait another 15 seconds to leave. And sometimes the ad would be suggestive or inappropriate—overlookable for some, but in my case as a school student, a big deal. Such an ad could get me into trouble, and this led me to not use the calculator at all while in school. It became easier—and safer—to use other calculators or just pull out a physical one. Everything about the calculator itself is great. It’s the ads that make this app a three-star for me. And I’d rather not feel like my calculator is a mobile game.
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6 years ago, Travnseattle
It promises to be add free, not true.
I originally bought this app, 1.5 yrs ago. Yes, it’s free, but I upgraded to the PRO version. I used it quite often and loved it so much I bought every design, everything they had to offer for it. I even use it on my Apple Watch. Today, the ads now show up almost every 2-5 minutes. Despite the fact I bought I PRO version, the ad free option. The settings says I am ad free. But that is simply NOT true. I wouldn’t have a problem originally paying $10 USD for the pro version, because I was so pleased with this app. Now, I’m simply frustrated. I’ve actually switched back to using the calculator app that Apple provides. The app designers told me in emails that they would correct the ad issues. Far as I can tell, that’s a lie. The ap makes too much $$$ from advertisers to resolve the problem. It’s really disappointing.
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2 years ago, Jinjymd
Was great, now ad block keys. Find a different calculator.
This was a five star app before the update a few months ago. Now it has ads on the upper left hand corner that block the #7 & C (clear) buttons and some of the list of what is being calculated. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to X out the ad because it quickly pops back up. I tried to just deal with it and hoped updates would fix this problem. But, after many years of using this app and loving it, I’ve decided to delete it and find another calculator app. It’s such a foolish move by the developers. My son is a game designer, so I understand the need to monetize apps. But it should never be done in a way that takes away from the use of the app! That’s just counter intuitive and a losing proposition. I’m sorry to say I can no longer recommend this app, instead I recommend you try one of the many other calculator apps. And now I’m off to try a couple of other calculator apps that I’ve downloaded and delete my former favorite one. Very sad,
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4 years ago, xfghf123
Please add work
I LOVE THIS APP. There are no adds. I am horrible at math. And it takes me forever to do my math homework. So I love using it to cheat on my math homework. But my teacher might catch me that I’m cheating because he likes when students write the work on the paper. So please add where it shows the work done, so my teacher will think I actually did it. And please add where you can simplify fractions. And turn mixed numbers into improper fractions and back again. And don’t listen to the people who say their is too much adds. There are zero adds. I don’t get what there problem is. There just telling lies about the app so no one gets it. But I still don’t get it, almost everyone says they’re adds it the app. I’ve had this app for 6 years almost 7 and I’ve never seen one add. Sorry if review was long. Goodbye thank you for making this amazing app.
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7 years ago, imkarie
I have used this app for nearly a year. There is the ad at the bottom, and I loved how I could watch ads and get new skins. It's been a wonderful app! Now, I am getting BIG ads that take away my calculator. Today, they came every 30 seconds or so. I cannot have that! I use this app every day to calculate how much medicine I need to inject. To have it constantly interrupted by huge ads is ridiculous! This is the only reason I gave you a one star rating. Otherwise it would have been a five. I am going to give you a day or two to respond, and if I don't hear back, I am afraid I will have to go with another calculator app or just go back to using the free and advertising free app on my old cellphone. (P.S. don't bother offering to let me pay to use your app, that just ain't gonna happen!) Karen in Kentucky
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6 years ago, Sue from p'ton
Really really big. Who cares?
I never use this calculator because I just want to add or subtract, multiply or divide. I just now read a couple of reviews and discovered that the complicated, far more complex capabilities disappear if the iPad is held in portrait view. So I, apparently am unique in only using calculators for simple arithmetic and hate all the extra crap, oops, complexity. Of course, I never use all the crap so I don't know how to use a calculator that appears to only be that. Golly gee wiz. If there were instructions, I wouldn't be hating this calculator so intensely! But that would spoil everything? Maybe I'll remember to put the iPad in portrait view instead of just using my iPhone. There have to be others who use calculators for arithmetic, so one sentence would spare us all from avoiding this one? Just a thought. When this app is updated, I will change my review. I got an email on May 19 telling me the developer had responded, and I see they responded on the 11th. I appreciate their awareness of the flaw.
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2 years ago, snEYEperJr
$282 Dollars more for a camera feature!?!
This is a great calculator app but yeah, I wish it was free. But then again, I do understand that the developers have to make money somehow so you pay to get rid of ads and get unlimited calculations. My only other complaint is that the unlimited calculations subscription costs 6 dollars a year so that is why I didn’t really have a problem paying for it, but to get the premium version it costs 6 dollars a week!?! And all you get is a camera feature that solves your math problems from a picture you take. $288 dollars a year for that compared to $6 a year Is absolutely ridiculous. There are other free apps that do that. But other than that, it’s a great app if you buy the cheap subscription.
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4 years ago, iosJiam
Great app, intrusive ads
The calculator app itself is great. I have an unfortunate issue where I've attempting to subscribe as to remove the full screen ads that are continually popping up in my work flow. There is no way to subscribe. Pressing the subscribe button does absolutely nothing. Have to rate this 2 stars for a couple of reasons. One is that the full screen ads that pop up on every few key strokes are absolutely absurd. Two is that I have contacted the developer for support with the subscription issue and haven't gotten one word back. Apparently they are too busy to support their app and could really care less to help potential subscribers, I assume they're making more than enough off the ads within the app. Too bad as this could had been an otherwise 5 star app. The lack of any support from the developer leaves me deleting this app as its worthless with the amount of ads it produces. Either fix this or feel free to dignify your customer base with a response.
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7 years ago, Warren6365478
Very nice for iPad
Love this app, I have been using it for a few years now and have been happy with it. In fact Iv been so happy with it I ended up buying it for like $5.00 with all features unlocked. I love how this app looks so identical to Apple calculator app on the iPhones while also adding more functionality. I don’t use this app much but when I do I am pleased with it. If there was anything I had to complain about it would be the launch speed. It’s not slow (takes about 3 seconds to load) but I have noticed my iPhone loads the stock Apple calculator app right away when I tap on the icon, it don’t even take a second to load. Anyways despite my very small complaint I would still be happy to give this app a 5 star rating, very reliable and easy to use. Thank you(:
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6 months ago, SilverSloth8
Short and simple. Great app, and it doesn’t force you to get a subscription to change the theme or background. Plus, it’s a normal calculator and it lets you translate currency. Great, you should download this. P.s tho, I got it 5 minutes ago, so if there are deeper problems, I prob did not see. Edit: If this is not obvious from other reviews, it has ads, which I just realized. However, they are not very long, so it is ok. Still sticking with my theme thing though. There are 0 themes, I repeat 0 themes, you have to pay for. I love that! I love designing stuff, so I’m in designing paradise, but the good part is it’s math! Yay! If you don’t mind 10 second ads whenever you open it, you should get this. I’m keeping it for now! Fingers crossed this works out!!!
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6 years ago, Deep_thoughts
Good, but could be better... 👌🏻
This app is a very nice calculator, beautiful backgrounds, and lots of useful math symbols. The thing that kinda makes it stressful, is the ads, I use this when I’m doing homework or solving probs, but the moving ads are distracting. I would appreciate if the ads weren’t to bright and eye catching, but yes that’s the point of ads. Overall it works pretty well though. It’s a free app, they need ads anyways, how else will they keep the company going? I’m just saying I one want full screen ads. I do recommend this above other calculator apps though! 👍 It’s not Terrible, but it could use a few things, and yes, from past reviews, the ads are pretty constant, but full-screen is rare for me. I still give it a 5 ⭐️ because it’s fast, not laggy, and reliable.
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7 years ago, CM in Midway, UT
This app is a pos for one reason
Ridiculous pop-up ads for games I would never know...because I'm busy trying to make calculations. It's a tough job, though when a snorting buffalo singing the praises of some life-destroying gambling app pops up. Why, Apple, did you ruin this incredible app with the worst kind of ads? Full-screen and totally distracting. These ads have audio, and give no warning, so this app is now impossible to use in settings where quiet is required, like classrooms, libraries, and offices (places folks tend to use calculators). What is this? 2003? Switching to another app even though I really loved this one. All the other reviews that mention the totally distracting, inappropriate pop-ups are met with the same copy-pasted response from the developer, which is full of typos and totally avoiding accountability. I've concluded that the ads are so bad, the only explanation is that the developer is deliberately sabotaging their own app for some reason. Well, your efforts are effective. Deleted the app.
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2 years ago, Crow jewels
It’s Nice
I like this calculator. I’ve had it for years, the only problem is recently it’s too many ads. I understand an ad before or after use. Also banners on the page, but being afraid that I’m going to type a number then before I push the decimal or after typing = it’s going to break out into an ad I don’t like that. Usually when you use a calculator you need a fast calculation and it’s a horrible time to be interrupted by ads. I think algorithms should maybe show ads in between problems when someone is doing multiple problems with solutions at a time, then you know their sitting using the app for a while but not after a few clicks of numbers. Ads before and after are fine but the interruptions have become too frequent and for the first time in years I’m considering other calculators.
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7 months ago, Coffee4Matt
Great Calculator
The ads can be annoying. But worth it for my needs. Look, if I’m doing serious calculating which doesn’t quite warrant creating a standalone excel spreadsheet, I use my good old HP 12C calculator - not this one. But for just a few quick calc’s I want to do when I’m on my iPad and not near my desk, this App works great! Usually for computing dividend yields while browsing fixed income securities online, but other times too. Functionality is great, and the big keys are cool too. And at free, the price is right! Not sure why I can’t install the same free (& ad-free) calculator on my iPad that’s native to my iPhone & came preinstalled there, but until I can figure out how, this is the next best free calculator I’ve found for my iPad. 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Mallorie Young Fay
The best app ever
I love this app so much it helps me a lot when I’m counting money and when I’m doing multiplication and division and decimal problems it also helps a lot with like counting number so if you have like a little toddler get them this thing so they can practice and just yeah it’s like an amazing map I love it it’s like you need to get it it’s like the best thing ever I just get it just get it just get it just get it and it’s like the best oh my God I’m just so loving the app right now it’s the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me and I just I’m loving it and I just think that it’s really cool because you can like always give it big answers like 9558×5869 and it will tell you and it’s like just the best get it now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Turtle188
Great Program
I've been using this program for several years and I really like it. It is the best, by far, of all the calculator programs I've tried. The whole set up is clear, it's straight forward, not cluttered with stuff on the desktop. All the options are neatly arranged at the bottom. The font is large and clean and easy to read. The biggest plus for me is having the history to look back on. That alone has saved me countless hours trying to keep track of former calculations for comparison. Like everyone else, the ads are annoying especially the ones with all kinds of action going on at the bottom of the screen but seeing how the program is free--I can live with that.
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6 years ago, givemebackmynormalcalculator
This app stinks!
I just want my calculator back. No crappy adds. No garbage. I don't know how I got this dumb thing. Please. Make it go away. Most annoying app ever!! I DONT WANT A ONE TIME PURCHASE!!! I want the freakin free calculator that came with my iPad!!! Your app stinks!!! I will NEVER pay for the garbage you provide. I never wrote bad reviews. I just won’t repurchase from a company. This app is so infuriating not only did I write a review but I’m amending my review after your response. Your company does not deserve a dime of my money. This is the worst app. Made to generate money and scam people into paying for something that should be free. Awful. Awful. Awful. Awful. Awful!!!!! Again. I update my response. I’ve never had such a useless app. SOOO many ads that it renders the program non-functional. I don’t want this app but it has taken over my regular calculator. I don’t want to buy y your app. That’s what you don’t get in all your responses. Based on what I’ve seen it’s garbage. If the intent was to offer a free version is a calculator to entice me to buy your app you have failed. Reading the rest of the reviews I’m not the only one. One question, why would I BUY some merging that should come FREE with my device. It seems like you made a useless app and now have to figure out a way to make money and have to bombard me with ads on the free version so I am forced to buy. Not going to happen. Complaining to Apple as well.
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3 years ago, Levistef
Great app
This app is so useful for my home work, let’s say I have a math assignment due in an hour and it’s 25 questions. If your like me you have a hard time focusing on the things you need to do, I can do my math in less than 1 hour with this. Math is really hard for me, ever harder now that this COVID thing is going around and I have been or had COVID many many times and i can’t understand anything because I haven’t gotten it explained to me yet this app will help me with all my answers. If you have a strict math teacher you’ll understand this next part. When the math teacher asks you what the answer is and you don’t know it he or she yells. Sorry that was off topic but anyways I use this app to help me study to.
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5 years ago, puppy yums
Stupid app
Hey kmdfnbgs was the your time to be there home oa is your birthday so I have you at work for the penny to the next two months so we are just getting back from a meeting in a little time with my parents to get something going for the next few months so if I can make it you can would you be a good fit for the next two time and I have can pick up y’all a at up and then pick you up at the house t to be a half hour to be able on time for you going to be home 🏡 I love 💕 you love 💕 your time is going on the way home 🏡 next two days are we still at work so if you’re up to the time you need something I love 💕 is a great 👍🏻 home 🏠 next two days you will you are so sweet I am going to pick I can be
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3 years ago, tyrude
I have used this app for a couple of years and was quite satisfied. The app then started a new process with pop-up full screen ads that appear at anytime. At startup or in the middle of a calculation, it doesn’t seem to matter. You have to hunt down the X or the CLOSE button as they may appear in any corner. I just opened the app to do a calculation and in the middle of me pushing buttons a full page ad appeared. I looked all over for an X or a CLOSE button but there was none. After about 20 seconds an X slowly appeared in the upper left hand corner. I was so frustrated I actually couldn’t remember what I was calculating. This full page ad process that the developers have invoked into their app is a death knell for their app in my view. Go back to the old way before the full page pop-ups or you’ll likely will lose many frustrated users. I, for one, am done with this app. I went from a fan to a very frustrated ex-user.
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4 weeks ago, thetunecatt
Couldn't switch between calculators
So I just tried for 2 weeks to switch between the calculator types. I tried absolutely everything. I tried swiping, pressing the button, swiping up/down/left/right on the button, with no luck. I am a premium subscriber so I didn't want to have to delete the app. I just happened to accidentally tap to the right of the button and it switched calculators. I mean what in the world?? So I needed to tap in white space next to a button to cycle through the calculators? What kind of UI/UX chaos is that? I am a very tech savvy person who has designed user interfaces for apps in the past and I had no idea what in the world to do. Maybe just use a dropdown menu instead and quit with trying to be too fancy. I love this calculator, but wow, what a frustrating experience!
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3 years ago, dugv
Omg so useful but no thanks
Ok I used this app all the time but they added a in app purchase and I’m so mad if you are unaware of what an in app purchase is it’s when you have to pay for stuff in the game and it’s so annoying I don’t wanna pay for stuff in the middle of a test like I’m just trying to use my calculator and it won’t let me do that because it keeps asking me to pay money for random stuff it’s let’s you use the calculator for free but that’s not what I’m talking about I’m talking about other stuff like add-on’s and crap but I’m in fifth grade and I’m lazy so for a test a calculator is my best friend I don’t understand school who don’t let people have there phones out but whatever I think the old school plastic calculator are better than these dumb supposedly awesome calculators I don’t get it I read the reviews and thought these people are probably lying but there not don’t get this app get a different calculator app
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5 years ago, RegethToo
Must wait for ad to time out before you can use.
I have used this app for years. Now I have to wait for an ad to time out before I can use the calculator. Very irritating. Will be deleting app now. Since writing this review the developer has responded. I thank you. It is nice to know our reviews are not going by ignored by your company. With that said, I do feel the point of my review was missed. The response, in short, was that the ads are necessary to pay for the development of a better product. I understand that and do not have an issue with free apps having ads. This very app has had ads during the years I have used it. What I do have an issue with is not being able to do a simple quick calculation without having to wait on the ad. It was not like that before, so I have deleted the app because the newer way of adding the ads to the app have made the app unusable.
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6 years ago, wlevitt
I-pad calculator
I find the I-pad calculator so handy, because having the I-pad with me almost every where I go and every day. So the calculator along with so many other useful programs makes my life easy. One of the greatest things I love about the I-pad calculator is the full screen size. And one more point I like is, when I shut my I pad off and later I turn it back on, the screen still has the last total figures when I last used calculator even days after I last used it. Wow, I never had that feature on any of the many types of calculators I used in the past. Now that might not impress most folks but some times you may turn the calculator off by mistake or even time out. WGL
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4 years ago, Bklyn_Jones
This is a great calculator. I love that it shows the numbers on screen as you are calculating so you can see if you made a mistake. The widget is awesome. I just wish you would swap places with the “open app” and the “equals” button. I’m used to the equals button at the bottom and it annoys me when I accidentally open the app. I like to use it from the widget. Also just noticed you could customize colors. Can you make the widget customizable too? Also charging a monthly fee for a calculator is ridiculous. Who tf rents a calculator? Charge a one time flat fee for the advanced features. That’s fair. Making people pay a bill for a calculator is greedy and ridiculous. If it wasn’t for that, this would be a 5 star app. Please just charge a flat fee and stop being ridiculous. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Tristan_IRL
Once was a fan, not anymore
I downloaded this app a long time ago; since then I’ve had several iPhones, and always kept this calculator front and center. I don’t do much serious math, but the interface was nice and it suit my purpose; never felt like I needed to upgrade to the better version as I was content with basic PEMDAS. Now, for around a year or more, it has become unusable… I pop in to do some quick addition and am immediately blocked by pop up adds so thick I can’t remove them for 30 seconds or more at a time. Add time on a free app is one thing, but enormously irritating pop ups dominating your entire screen when all you’re looking for is super basic calculation is absurd. Deleting and never coming back and y’all should do the same; there’s got to be a thousand less obnoxious offers out there. Very disappointing to see in what was a nice app for so many years.
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7 months ago, Creatividual
Annoying Pop Up Ads
I used to really like the app but now these annoying full screen ads pop up in the middle of my calculations and they stay up for a while before you can find the “x” to close out of them. I’ve clicked on some of them by accident trying to get back to the calculator and it’s frustrating. I understand the app has to make a profit- it just interrupts my user experience, train of thought and what I’m calculating. It’s a huge turnoff so I’m looking for another app that doesn’t have these annoying pop ups. I know they have paid options to remove the ads altogether but they don’t offer a one time purchase fee. They are subscription based and I don’t use the calculator enough to justify a monthly subscription for a calculator app.
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2 years ago, Aikonick
Should be preloaded on ipads
The calculator calculates. I would not say I enjoy using this calculator any more or any less than calculators I have used in the past. I should also let the reader know I am not using this calculator for anything more than just the basics. It does what it is supposed too do. I would have given it a 5 star rating, except I had to download it from the app store and it keeps prompting me to purchase it. THIS SHOULD COME PRELOADED ON AN iPAD! It comes on the phone, it comes on the laptop, and it comes on the desktop. Why doesn’t it come on the Tablet? Some brilliant engineer decided we don’t need to preload it on the iPad because ... it takes up to much memory, all the other devices already have it, what could possibly be the reasoning behind this decision? Sorry for ranting.
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6 years ago, Nicknames never work
Keep coming back for more money - updated
The developer responded to my review within a few hours and the fix they suggested worked. Therefore, I am updating my review. As previously stated, I’ve been using this calculator for several years. It is easy to use and keeps a visible tape. I recommend the full version for the ad free experience. I started with the free version several years ago, then paid to get an ad free calculator. Suddenly, huge, intrusive ads are appearing again. When I click to close them, a message pops up that they want more money for an ad free experience. Not interested in continually paying to keep those ads away. Will have to look for another calculator.
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2 years ago, BigBlackDodge05
Future Upgrade Options
I love having a calculator in my pocket, iPad & watch….literally at my fingertips!!! It’s so efficient in the ways it helps save time. But I believe there are options that can be configured, to use many other algorithms & quantum mechanics to help everyday people who never once fire up their calculator app, become open to a true whole meaningful abundance of assistance. Carpentry, Plumping, HVAC, Roofing, Home Ventilation, septic systems, drainage, retention pond volume and run off. Simple things like area, volume, geometry, gardening, light remodeling, building a swing to hang on the front or back porch, or just out in the yard on an a frame construction that doubles as a clothesline, or zip line for tykes.
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1 year ago, Balzerg
Ads are taking this app down
I agree with all the recent reviews. I’ve used this app for years and on multiple devices. Now there are video ads that play when you open the app and when all you want to do is make a quick calculation the time spent versus the time waiting for the ad is ridiculous. I have deleted the app. I will look for another that is not so focused on getting money. The issue is the video ads plain and simple. I thought the ads over the key buttons or that popped up were bad enough. The videos are not great because I often need a calculator while doing things that cannot be interrupted in that way. There were functions of this calculator that I needed in the past that I don’t now. It was just nice to be able to see past calculations if I was doing a larger problem.
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1 year ago, AugustEhster
Highly recommend
I personally, heavily recommend this calculator. It has a good functionality, doesn’t crash on use, and has four different modes you can use. It’s simple, and despite the ads works very well. I don’t mind the ads as long as the calculator works well and you don’t heed the subscription to actually use the calculator. It’s functionality is not impaired by the ads, and it’s quite easy to use. Much better than any apple calculator. As I previously mentioned, I heavily recommend this. Thank you for reading through my review, I hope this insight was helpful.
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6 years ago, ArtsyGenius
I get that you need sponsors. STOP WITH THE ADS.
This app is great. The calculation is fast and accurate, and you can choose from many different themes. The one problem I have been seeing is the the ads. I don’t want to throw shade, but there are way too many ads. I looked at the app today and saw that the app developers have installed ad free themes! I’ve been using the ad free themes and I am very happy with them. I have one question for the developer though; Can you please make more ad free themes, and may you do your best to prevent frequent ad pop ups? We can all agree that this has been a bumpy road.😕 (edited) I take it back. Well.....not all of it....but some. The ad free themes appear to be ad free but they have a small add at the bottom. You may be thinking “well it’s just a tiny little ad!”. Well it’s not because if you promised someone an app with no ads, they would expect no ads. That’s like telling someone that your giving them clean water then adding a drop of food coloring to the water. Other than that, the calculator part is awesome. P.S. Note for the developer: I really need you to fix this bug, even if it takes ten updates.
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2 years ago, Brilliant Sam
Designed great, works well. The ads are just too intrusive though.
I love the polished feel of the app. The themes and customization options are beautiful. However, the ads aren’t just a banner at the bottom, but full screen pop ups upon opening the app. When I just want to pull out the calculator app, I need the calculation fast, and it’s just so frustrating how they have to shove a few ads down your throat before giving you the answer. If there was a permanent option to unlock all features and remove ads for like $10, I will gladly pay for it. But charging a subscription for a calculator is unacceptable in the long term.
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9 months ago, illiteratefool
Advertisements Unsafe?
I understand why someone puts ads up, as a form of getting payment to keep the application running… but there’s such an unnecessary amount of ads, and some of which shouldn’t even be a thing. I encountered a ad as soon as I opened, to sign up for free trial. Okay, that’s fine, it’s monetization, which is normal. When I do my equation for a square root, another ad pops up. Ok that’s also fine, when I get off the app and go back onto it, another ad shows up, and this time it’s telling me my memory and storage is too much, and it can be considered unsafe. You have the option to click continue or neglect. I chose neglect so I could leave the screen, since it didn’t let me “X” out of it. When a popup appear, I immediately swipe the tab out, and will be deleting this application after this, asap.
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2 years ago, The Phantom Game Critic
Inappropriate Ads
Hello, dear devs of this calculator! I just wanted to say before I critique, that amazing calculator. It’s easy and simple to use. I haven’t bought the full version, so I can’t speak for those troubles but… The ads are inappropriate, there is sometimes Marijuana ads (WHICH means you don’t regulate and just allow all ads) and even dating website ads (like Tinder, etc) with risqué pictures. My son had this app and asked me what one of the Marijuana ads was because the package on the ad looked like a candy package. I had to explain to my SIX YEAR OLD SON that it wasn’t candy and to never press on that ad. He’s six, did he understand? No! Other than the ads, it’s perfectly fine. No problems on my end with the calculator itself. If you fix the ad problem, I would love to change this review to a 5 star one! Thank you! ~ Phantom Game Critic
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4 months ago, RosegoldROSE
Themes and great features!
I use the free version of calculator and it’s great! All of the themes are free and they have ones for any day of the year. Literally. There are three themes of the day each day and they’re all great! The free calculators (basic, scientific, currency conversion, and one I can’t remember right now) are all I need as a middle school student and I use them for my math homework. Would recommend highly. Only thing though is that the paid version is very expensive for few added features (it’s a subscription). If it were cheaper, I would probably get it but it’s just not worth it…
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6 years ago, smokeandhazel
Useable unless you use trig functions
I used this calculator for minor calculations while doing homework or in class, and it was actually pretty decent, until I started noticing my calculations were wrong (even when identical to others’). I double checked and as it turns out, the trig functions produce the wrong answers. I haven’t tested much else, and so far it seems like everything else comes out accurately enough, but unfortunately unusable for certain applications and for me, it’s not worth having more than one app for the same purpose. It seems like a fairly basic functionality that many other calculator apps get right. Ultimately, it works fine for basic arithmetic, but there are many more apps that perform the same functions better for anything outside of that.
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5 years ago, Frog-NATR
A monthly fee, are you kidding me!
Your app is one the top searches for a calculator, so my impression would be that this app would be worth getting, it’s not. Even though a simple act of calculating of numbers would be something that would be included in a high price device, sadly it’s not. I am most fortunate that in my higher education classes require not using a calculator because this App is a joke. I picked up this app to have the convenience of a simple calculator but with the ads and NOW limited number of calculation pay wall!!! Seriously, I can go to a dollar store and pick up a calculator that’s more reliable and better in every way then your virtual calculator that I cannot use. I will stick to paper and pencil or counting my fingers and toes before I pay you a single penny for an app that should already be in my device thank you, no thank you, goodbye.
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