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User Reviews for myAT&T

4.04 out of 5
4M Ratings
8 months ago, ATTgone wild
Website log In procedure and call in service
Your website login procedure is terrible as you cannot sign in to get your AT&T information as all the effort lands you to DirectV when you call for service the robot that answers cannot understand the request unless it is a simple matter and you have very little alternative other than to go to the location the robot who doesn’t understand but sends you to their chosen site which is no help to another site where all is accomplished is to answer all there requests and again not geting help however you’re able to give your information for maybe six times and still no help!!!! You are too big of a company to develop a friendly help method of training the robot to handle simple inquiries and then offer you customers the option to explain the problem at hand to get required solution to the problem. In fact, often the time to work your way through the robot and the variety of equipped service reps sometimes the outcome becomes bigger problem than the one your trying to resolve, ending in frustration and complete disaster
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4 months ago, Tauries 533
3 star Disappointment
I’m being generous rating myAT&T app and AT&T customer service 3stars. Been a loyal customer for years, asking myself why… for one of the biggest communications company in the nation you’d think the website and app would work better. I have not had a good experience as of yet. Nothing ever works on the app and to top it off, I had a landline phone for my Homebase’s business installed, it worked great the first few months then started having static in the line and no dial tone. I called in and come the appointed day the repair guy should have been here they were a no show. I called back and rescheduled for another tech to come out. At this point it had been almost two months of nothing but static on my business phone. They finally arrive got it working he said and left. No it wasn’t working still nothing but static. I gave up and canceled it. I had no service for almost three months. This was roughly two years ago and they are still sending me a bill for the months it wasn’t working. Now I keep getting over days notifications and we NEVER go over , now it’s only working have the time. Can’t get ahold of AT&T to fix it and the app is useless. Disappointed and ready to call it quits. I work from my home so my internet connection is my lifeline for my business, without it o don’t have a home based business. That means I can’t pay my bills. Come on AT&T whats it gonna take??? DO BETTER!!!:(
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3 years ago, VonHagenstein
Can't download PDF copies of bills and beware of "upgrades"
You can't see all the little (and sometimes not so little) extra charges and fees they always find a way to sack you with when viewing your bill in the app itself. If you want to see those, you have to view the PDF of your "paper" bill. But anytime I attempt to do that it just sits there loading infinitely and it never loads. No, it's not my connectivity. This happens no matter whether I'm on WiFi or cellular, and regardless of whether I'm on home WiFi, work, etc. etc. Guess they really don't want you keeping tabs on those charges. Speaking of extra charges, I recently needed to replace a family member's older broken phone. Out of convenience, I did so through the apps "Upgrade" option since they were eligible. I reviewed all the charges and actually took the time to read all the fine print, because I'm OCD that way. When I was eventually billed, (I had to view the bill on a PC since the app wouldn't download it) there was a $30 "Upgrade fee". There was NO MENTION ANYWHERE that I would be charged such a fee for "upgrading" from a broken phone to a more recent model. I would have just bought the friggin phone. Contacted their customer support about and you can guess how that went. They wouldn't budge despite there being no reference anywhere that I would be charged such a fee. So beware of using that feature in the app.
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2 years ago, XTCHR2017
Here’s another negative review
I have to agree with all the negative reviews regarding hidden fees, misleading offers, having to fight with different departments that don’t communicate with each other to get the promotions that were promised, being told problems will be taken care of only to find out that’s a lie, charging for “features” you declined and dozens more frustrating features you get with AT&T and Direct TV. Things have only gotten worse since Direct TV has taken over the TV service and the promotion period is over. The price has more than doubled, the new promotion prices they’re advertising have absolutely no relation to what the charge will be for the service advertised. When you try to read the details the app kicks you out if you try to look at any page twice or go back and forth between offers. You can’t get back into that same section of the app once you’ve been kicked out for several minutes so it’s clear they don’t want you to examine the details. They just want you to say, “sure you can more than double my bill, I’ll just keep paying you even though your commercials say your offers are for new and current customers, even though you said you’d always have discounts on the tv bundles, even though you said a lot of things that turned out to be lies”. Guess what, your service isn’t good enough to expect that kind of loyalty. I’m checking every other TV option out there.
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3 years ago, rwcbowen
Very disappointed
Yesterday I went on the app to order my wife a phone to be picked up at our local store. I completed the online forms and gave my information and credit card, which was debited for the taxes. The app brought up a screen that stated that the phone should be ready for pickup in two hours. My daughter went to the store and found that the store had no record of an order, and that three hours after the order was placed, they had no information. The manager I spoke to, found no record of an order and said it might not have come through due to them being out of stock on certain colors of the iPhone 12. I wasted my time and my daughter’s as well and the only recourse we were given was to cancel the order and wait for it to clear, then try again or come back to the store tomorrow. Why doesn’t your system show if the item is in stock at the store? Why does your system not check this before it tells customers that the item will be ready at a given time? With a company as supposedly sophisticated technologically, you miss the boat with customer service. Also you website is horribly slow. Load times for your page is often in excess of 30 seconds in a location where I have 4 bars.
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2 years ago, Becks LN
Poor Service
No one can tell you what is what. I get a bill with a due date and then get another bill saying I’m late. I am not sure anyone knows how to run billing or customer service. Upon opening the business account representatives had no idea how to talk to someone that was new to the business community and wanted to shut down my cell phone service along with my husbands(which would be the business owner) all because his business was not registered with a company we had never heard of (that helps businesses get credit: as a new business owner, my husband was doing all business with a savings plan we had already saved for) and they couldn’t find his business on google! Told us we were frauds and they were going to cancel our numbers if we didn’t get what we needed done. We were lost and upset and went home without a cell phone! Praise God we didn’t have an emergency come about with two small children. This type of service is unacceptable. It’s rude and not professional. If they would have talked us through what we needed to do we would have been glad to do it and quick about it. But all they did was cut us off with no explanation at all. If I could use a different cell service I would. However ATT is the only service provider that picks up where we live. So to be honest, I only have ATT because I have to at my current location. ATT has poor customer service and a poor attitude when it comes to working with the public.
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8 months ago, airwaveWORST
Slow. Glitchy. Not working! I don’t know how many bots att paid for to spam the ratings to a 4-star! I would give zero star for this att app. I don’t understand how a big mobile company with all those resources can develop an software which ends up like this. As a software engineer myself. I can’t imagine how those well-paid, not capable, and lazy att engineers are working every day. There all infinite issues with the app and 90% of the use cases are not working properly. Login: login loading page takes forever. And I was logged off once in a while even though the keep my signed in option is selected everytime! Profile: Slow loading time just to fetch the profile data. How hard could that be? Modifying your profile is like tossing a dice. You’d never know if it’s changed successfully or not. Most likely next time you go back to the profile will surprisingly see your outdated information even if it said edited successfully last time! Shopping: it’s a disaster! Money was paid and order was said to be put. But no order details can be found in your account! No email confirmation nor updates! You have to spend an hour waiting in the line to chat with their customer service and just to know your order was cancelled for an unknown reason! Waste of time! Will switch to other carriers soon. Stay away from att! They are charging much more for mediocre signal/connection and worst quality of service.
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4 years ago, chiggerboo
Very disappointed with At&t
I have been on the phone with At&t since Thursday. First about the Bogo phones, can’t up with solution but not what I wanted and then about my AT&T app. No text log since aug 5 then it came bad today now can’t even open up app. What’s up with this place? It’s like no one knows what to do and having to do cases and give u a case number. I have been a customer for over 20 years and this such terrible business as soon as I possibly can will go elsewhere. Never been lied to about my service but have now and different story from everyone u talk to as to why this problem is going on. It is a Shame and Disgrace as much as u pay for the phones and service each month. My service a month is outrageous. I could make a car payment with what my bill is. I have 4 phones but REALLY. So I think they need to get employees that know how to treat people and not lie to them just to make their commission and someone who knows how to repair whatever is messed up. Cannot wait until my contract is up or I might just go get a loan to pay them off then go some where else. Not happy customer at all. Would rate 0 but not a choice. Praying for all who had problems. Good luck getting ur issue fixed. God Bless all
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1 year ago, Lots2lurn
BUG RIDDEN! SLOW on any device
I only gave 5 stars in hopes this review gets seen and read. 1 star would be generous. This app is an embarrassment. A company as large as AT&T with profits to match, it’s shameful to have such a poorly constructed and maintained app. It appears that they are more concerned with aesthetics (nothing special) than ease of navigation or speed and seamlessness. Or even functionality. It’s as though the app was a single room shack to start and as it grew, rather than building new they simply added room after room. POOR construction and even worse maintenance and quality control. Navigating is painful. It seems every link takes you to a “Loading…. Logo”. And “Opps, something went wrong” or “try again later” are ever present. ”The “NEW automated help” feature will not even load at all. Endless spinning dots. Developers, you do have testers, right? Or do you just drop an update and wait for bug fallout to fix problems? I just spent two hours in this app just to request unlock on 4 of our phones. It was so frustrating. I’ve been a loyal customer in perfect standing for decades. 5 family members with iPhones and iPads in my account. I see no reason to stay.
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2 weeks ago, Missstaceyh
ATT rewards loyalty with lies
My husband has had the family on his account for a while. I noticed our bill had increased one month with no warning so I reached out to ATT chat. I was thanked for being a loyal ATT customer and then told our plan was no longer offered so each line would be charged a service fee. What? Is this how companies thank loyal customers? My representative was apologetic but ready to fix my problem. He assured me he could find me a new plan that would give me more but cost less. Again, I was skeptical. I asked all the questions and doubted this “too good to be true” advice but was assured over and over that my new plan would save me almost $50 per month with a new hotspot line promotion. I do not need a new line or hot spot but in order to save money had to get this according to my knowledgeable representative. The device came, I never opened it and put it in my cabinet. Now I just got a bill that is even higher than last month because of my new line, that remind you, I did not need. I feel I’ve been scammed. I was told today that I can’t get rid of the line and device because it’s outside of the 14 day return window. Total lies and deception. I am an educated person. I am not stupid but feel totally mislead. I feel that ATT should have looked into this and made this right since their employee mislead the customer but the almighty dollar outweighs honesty. So much for loyalty ATT. Disappointed.
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5 years ago, smhansen4022
AT&T/FirstNet aren’t compatible?
So I’m a first responder and switched my line to FirstNet. I upgraded my phone and bought a series 4 Apple Watch a month ago. Difficulties arose when trying to connect the cellular to the watch and it was determined FirstNet was not compatible with the watch. Yesterday, I got my AT&T bill which shows an activation fee for the watch plus the monthly service for the watch which I don’t even get!!! Spent the last 2 hours with customer support to find out they can’t do anything at AT&T to solve this problem. Their suggestion, call FirstNet! I did and I was advised they now have watch plans for cellular at a cost of $25 dollars a month, not $10 like AT&T, the reason they say is the watch requires its own account. So now I would need an AT&T for my families phones and 2 FirstNet accounts, one for my phone and the other for my watch, just to use their services. None of which can be combined to pay. 3 separate payment transactions and at an additional cost. I can’t imagine I’m the only first responder who has their service and bought an Apple Watch. I’ve been with AT&T forever, and appreciate what their doing for first responders, but I’m not to happy with this and not being able to resolve my issue with AT&T!!!
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1 year ago, lied to long time customer
Awful service. Not true to word
We have been ATT customers from the beginning when they bought out alltel. Our entire marriage of 20 years. Up to this point we have had a good experience until about four months ago We have never experienced such awful service. We had to purchase new phones because the ones we had were no longer working properly. When we did we always tell the Reps do NOT mess with our unlimited plan. The rep said we still had unlimited for every thing and he was going to save us money. Our bill went from $230 a month to $500 the next month then to over $900The following !!!! That was with shutting down our hotspot less then two weeks in. and we could not even use our internet bc it wasn’t unlimited like every service person says. Now this month the bill is $600. This is absolutely awful. I would not recommend Att to anyone. We have done nothing but try to get back the contract we had for years. The one we didn’t want to loose. customer service even stated a Rep cannot change and take away service without the customers permission but they state they can not give us that contract again bc it is no longer available. But to cancel with ATT so we could look for a different provider that would hopefully tell the truth on what they are signing us up for and what our bill will be will cost us an additional $1500!!!! Don’t go with ATT!!!
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6 months ago, adksam
This industry is unregulated. I will be pushing for change with my senator. You should be able to walk into a store purchase your equipment in under an hour and know exactly what you’re going to pay for a bill when you walk out. This needs to be changed you need to be guaranteed what you have been told. I was told my bill would be $150 and when I actually got it it would be $225. I went in to get a watch in the phone I was there for over 4 1/2 hours, they shut down my iPad, so I had to take it to an Apple store and pay to get it restarted. I came from having a TracFone for 20 years with no issues no problems. And a lot less money. I signed up with AT&T. It took them over four months to get my account straight. They shut my phone off eight times during that period from. Switch flippers on their end. It cost me thousands of dollars in business and customers. All they had to say is we are sorry. I would like to walk back in your store and have all these electronic devices on your floor and tell you to stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. Save your money getting off market deal this company is a rip off. I am looking to see these guys if anybody’s interested in talking to me. Queensbury, New York office for AT&T needs to be put out of business. The people in that office or 100% deceitful and are unwilling to help you with your issues. They tell you to call 611.
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2 months ago, #1hog fan
Bad Service
I have been trying to get my bill lowered for at least 6 months. Each time I think it is lowered, BANG: bill comes out and it is the same. Then someone talked me into setting up a third line and that ed was going to lower it by $30. Guess what? Did not change. Last week I gave it one more try. Someone was going to close that line and lower it by $50. Hasn’t happened. I have been an AT&T costumer for years, but I am fixing to change. Their customer service stinks. Yesterday I went to a local AT&T store. It was literally a circus. She has been trying to get a cell booster install and running for 1 month. Let me tell you. We were there for two hours and still she doesn’t have it running yet. While we were there at least 5 people came in (2 employees) every customer had major problems and neither employee had no idea of how to fix them. They both had to call someplace else. Then they were put on hold and most left saying they would comeback. This is entirely inexcusable. A company as large as AT&T should have everybody that works for them, know how to make changes and problem solve. They should have at least a go to person that can fix a problem in less than hours. Oh. The guy at the store was going to call my friend with an answer to her problem. Guess what? No call yet. This is one reason I am going to quit them.
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1 year ago, ueafter
This app is circa 1962
For a global Telecom giant, you must have the worst developers on earth. You should be embarrassed. You force users from accessing info through your website, which in itself redirects you repeatedly before you are fully signed in, to the MyATT app. And this app basically gives you ZERO information if you are not an established customer or have moved your fiber internet service from one house to another. Since you apparently only have 4 people across the world in call centers that are available to actually communicate verbally with your customers, I would think you could fork over some of that cash to pay some full stack developers that could improve your user interface, at least on the front end, so your customers could give you even more money for the liquor and strippers that the C suite must squander all the profits on. Well, that’s assuming your customers actually get the service they’ve signed up for because mine, for example, has not been installed yet because an elusive department called Engineering says some type of work needs to be done first. If you fall into that black hole, then this Fred Flintstone app is really of no help. After 2 no show appointments, I think this middle aged woman with no STEM background could probably learn enough on Udemy quicker to be able fix whatever the “engineering issue” is and get my service installed and running!
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2 months ago, LexAlb2020
Big tech company Little tech app
I don’t even know where to start with this app. I’ve been managing my parents account for 15+ years and my own account now for 8 years. The app keeps changing supposedly for the better but it’s obvious that AT&T needs a new app developer it might look nice but it never does what you need or give you the info you need. The app crashes and glitches non stop, I get logged out basically every 30 seconds for security purposes, it logs you out when you are in a chat with customer support, the links that customer support send to you in the chat open in the att app which doesn’t work or support the links they are sharing, you can’t copy a message or a link from the chat, the list goes on. My account dashboard says my account is suspended although it is very much still active even if I have $0 balance it says my account has been suspended. They give you the option to split a payment in two but courtesy of the app saying my account is suspended all the time it tells me I can’t split my payments I can only pay in full to restore my service. The app is garbage and makes it very difficult for customers to do anything it’s frustrating and the inconvenience of it honestly makes me want to switch carriers soon as my phone installments are done. For what I’m paying for two lines that should be enough to put towards a new app 🙄
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2 years ago, cap free
Oh my God I hate this company
I’m not one to leave bad reviews I generally don’t complain about phone service, but AT&T is the worst company I have ever been with. I’ve had a phone since I was in kindergarten. I’ve been with sprint and T-Mobile. AT&T has been the worst. I was offered a $1,000 off my phone for a trade in if I switched over and a cheaper bill than what I already had. I figured it might not switch over right away but I have been paying 74%(I calculated) more than what I was paying before. Apparently because I ported over my number the deal didn’t transfer over and no one told me I had to get an AT&T number. I’ve called customer service I’d say about 20 times I’ve gone into the store 3 times because I’ve been sent back and forth between departments and numbers and no one has helped me. They opened a case for me and were supposed to call me with information 2 weeks ago and I found out today they closed my case and didn’t tell me. So yea AT&T is horrible my friend was screwed over by AT&T too they apparently canceled some stuff on her family plan too. I will never recommend AT&T to anyone and I would give 0 stars if I could. I’m genuinely surprised they have a 4.1 rating because they are so horrible. All of the customer service people were really nice and tried to be helpful though I just think it’s a scammy company that shouldn’t exist.
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2 years ago, LOLLIE 26
Off to a rocky start
Two days in the store trying to open an account and switch a line from another carrier... poor guy was vacuuming and expected to answer phones, deal with customers, listen and attend to an over the phone Rah Rah go get the customer... get your numbers up sales meeting..... while people are piling up in a line and a giant delivery came in as well as a salesman to the salesman is also waiting...... crazy ridiculous expensive expectations from higher ups.... sure hope that my phone is all set... now I cannot even log into their app as it doesn’t recognize me.....for a business account... at this point I’m seriously not impressed... their phone service has to be stellar... fingers crossed... hoping for better but expecting to be disappointed… Fast forward to a year plus later…. Granted I live on the Canadian border… but … service is super patchy… even relying on my WiFi isn’t all that. I don’t have too many choices as far as cell provider… I guess to them that this is supposed to justify paying top dollar monthly charges for subpar and downright frustrating service. Any giveaways never happen can’t get anywhere with anyone at customer service as they just set you into the hamster wheel, repeating your story to person after person …….Until you give up trying because if you don’t your gonna end up in the ER with cardiac issues….
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2 years ago, Duke's True Love
Lacking horribly
For a technology company, this application runs very slowly, is exhausting to try and use for the simplest things done in seconds on other applications, and does not offer the same ease for the rest of the 48 states that has not regulated like California and Nevada. I own stock in a company and I hate to see it failing like this. It needs to be fast. Signing in and signing out needs to be easily visible. Changing the password needs to be easily visible. Requesting they not sell your information needs to take one click, not over 20 (take a deep dive and try to reset yours and you will see what I mean). I am in my account regularly to review my bill before auto pay. So why it took so long to try and simply keep them from selling my information and then reset my password… It should be very easy for someone who uses computers all day long. I can’t believe this is news to anyone at corporate. So please come and get your act together? Also, you are slowing my data even though I have a plan that should forbid it and I am also running off my home Internet 90% of the time. What’s that all about? I have been an AT&T cellular customer from the beginning of time… My first cell phone was in the late 80s. Through acquisitions and mergers, AT&T ended up as a supplier. Get it together or I will look for a better company for my $140 a month.
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3 years ago, BuckeyeBorn1219
Confusing and not accurate
This app is confusing and not accurate. Confusing in the way your monthly charges are broken down on the statement it provides. I have one package on this account and my statement is almost 5 pages long in charges and credits all of which I have no clue exactly what for. Everytime I look at my balance owed it is NEVER right! This month it said I owed over 500$! Granted I did miss Marches payment because I couldn't get through to an operator because THAT bill was incorrect too. March I owed 54$ but my bill said 94$. April I owed 189$. Add those two up and it's $243 not $500! Of course everytime you call At&t you are on the phone with them for a MINIMUM of 1.5 hours but I did and 2 hours later they ended up giving me the credits to make it right. Then when I go to pay on the app it says my balance due is $223 not $243... I'm not complaining in paying less but now I have to worry about my next bill being off because THEY CANT GET IT RIGHT! Oh and not to mention the app said I owed $223 right? But after I put my debit card info in and hit submit a window pops up and says that $223 payment does not meet my past due amount and I should reconsider the amount to pay off the balance. But once the payment posted to my account it said I had a zero balance.😩 I am so done with AT&T. Disconnecting everything and never doing business with them again.
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2 years ago, pejasar
Poor customer service
When I upgraded my iPhone the AT&T salesgirl asked me about my internet provider. She then offered me double the speed at half the price through AT&T internet. When the installer came out and finished, I tested it and it was about one-third the speed and a higher price. He relplies, “High speed is not available in your neighborhood.” I told him to remove the hardware and cancel this service. Two months later I got billed for internet service I did not have with late fees along with late fees for my phone service which has been set up for over ten years on autopay. After talking with AT&T reps in India and the moon I got connected some seven redirected calls to someone with authority to solve problems. Learned the installer did not cancel the service, and autopay was removed from account because AT&T internet, tv, and phone services are billed from separate planets and no one speaks the same language. This kind employee straightened everything out, got late fees and fees for service I never had, removed. I paid via credit card the missed payment. And she assured me autopay was restarted. So here two months later autopay is not operational and I am getting late fees again and threats AT&T will suspend service if they don’t get paid. Sorry to give AT&T one star when in terms of service they deserve zero!
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2 years ago, 10 year AT&T customer
Unable to change or see plans
The website/app use to be very user friendly and it seemed like the company actually cared about its current customers being able to change plans and be able to save money by moving to a different plan/promotion. Every time I login to the app and try to see different plans there is a error on the page as well as the website. AT&T is forcing its customers to call in which usually take 2-4 hours to actually get ahold of someone. Usually meaning people will just hang up and not want to deal with the crazy long waits and the transfer of calls to different representatives. Meaning you typically get stuck in your plan.. Also you are unable to cancel any service online. I have a extra line that I got for my brother to be included in my plan. He brought his own phone over so there was no money owed to AT&T for a next plan. My brother recently passed away from covid and I find that it’s very difficult for a line cancellation on the app or website. They force you to call in. AT&T use to be an amazing customer experience via the phone, website, or app. You can really tell that this company stopped caring about its customers a long time ago. Hopefully they will make adjustments to better streamline the app for all the account features rather than upgrades and sales.
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2 years ago, sms12926
Direct tv/att
NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!Direct tv is absolutely horrible! They never have a consistent bill price, and have HORRIBLE customer service! They do not communicate amongst each other when you call and they all give you the run around ! I highly recommend you record the phone calls to them so you can catch them in their lies. That is the only thing that worked for me.I cannot wait for this contract to be up. They add money to your bill for unexplained reasons. In 1 year of service of inconsistent bills, i have paid OVER 2 thousand dollars to watch 2 channels… really???I had my plan switched 5 days into my billing cycle (aug)to a lesser plan, the adjusted the price and i took care of the bill. The OCT bill came with a $25 dollar fee added to the bill, making my bill HIGHER than the original plan i changed from. Upon calling them to figure this out, the incompetent lady on the phone cancelled my direct tv all together and tried to attach a “one time fee”(for duration of the contract) WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!! needless to say, i called back to ask what the heck happened and the lady “restarts” my service…. With a NEW CONTRACT… i only had 8 months left on my 2yr contract! No ma’am, they are monetary thieves watch your bills CLOSELY if you choose to do business with them. The BBB has tons of reports on them, read up like i should have.
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1 year ago, ellasriches
I have been a customer for about 10 years; however, as soon as the other three people who are on my account can switch their service, I will be resolving this relationship. All AT&T seem to care about is building wealth at any cost. I am so tired of having to call just to continue with this poor service. After several calls to customer service indicated the address the phone I ordered was being shipped to the wrong address minutes after I placed the order. (Although I’ve bought two phones since moving and previously changed my address). Even after I was told it would be canceled, I am still getting notices that the “phone is on the way” to the wrong address. I mean, what kind of business is this. It seems you just don’t care or actually it’s a type of harassment. I was so excited thinking I was finally going to upgrade and then the disappointment. What I am curious about is how my information keep being changed. Also, I dissolved the DirecTv account years ago. I followed the instructions to take the boxes to UPS but that account is still showing with my phone account. I feel as though I am fighting to be a customer; as opposed to you fighting to keep me as a customer. I pray I don’t get billed for what I don’t receive. I am just tired of this service period!
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3 years ago, joeseph altmire
There is nothing to say when the internet has been down since Wednesday Sep 16, 2020 and ATT customer service does not work on the weekend. There is no regard for their customers. We have been promised to restore our service to no avail. Promises made every promise was broken. ATT is being managed by incompetence from the bottom to the very to top of the organization including the CEO and the Board of Directors. Recently your first line representative managed to reset my router/gateway which prevented my printer from connecting to the internet. After consulting with several people it was clear my printer could not connect to my router but could connect to my neighbors router. I gave up and bought a new printer for $230. Then I talked to your Level 2 Support team and the person fixed the problem. It unnecessarily cost me $230. ATT’s first line support is pathetically incompetent. Sad but true. It is not the ATT I know 50 years ago. After being a loyal customer for over 50 years, that is including before the mandatory breakup, I am now looking for someone to provide all of the services ATT currently serves me. ATT has left me and it is evident in the way they have treated me. There are a few good and competent people in ATT but not enough when it is managed by people that should be fired. Good management starts at the top. Goodby to incompetence.
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1 year ago, Doublestaryes
AT&T fiber rewards
It’s a mystery where you can find your reward you have to be a cyber detective to find out when your reward is coming, mines coming on June 5 it’s now August 17 still don’t know where it is, what’s the problem I’m a new customer why do you wanna act this way you will be $250 in rewards for signing up for AT&T fiber, anytime I speak to somebody I get transferred around, last person I spoke to was in the Philippines and they didn’t want me to make a comment about them so they hung up, come on how can you run a business with this Poor customer service , yesterday I was on chatAfter filling out all the information and trying to send a message it said it was not operational come on sorry Business practices, if you say you’re going to give us these rewards get them out stop jerking people around why would anybody want to stay your apps don’t work nobody answers the phone you get transferred around it’s ridiculous still no answer, hello is anybody home nobody solve these problems billion dollar company can’t get their app working correctly ridiculous!
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2 years ago, Mafrog16
Glad I’m not alone!
After reading many of the reviews posted I think I’m safe in assuming AT&T does not employ personal to monitor, reply, answer or acknowledge reviews made here by App Store customers. I would think Apple iPhone users account for a major portion of their customer base. Shame on you AT&T! Personally I don’t download an app without reading quite a few reviews first, beginning with the most recent. Unfortunately I have to agree with my fellow reviewers in saying the service is completely unreliable & has gone down in quality, yet the price has gone up. The App itself is terribly confusing to navigate, extremely slow loading & difficult to use for basic functionality. I’ve been checking regularly hoping for an update to fix some of the issues or at the least acknowledge them. Today I find an update from 4 wks prior, but sadly none of the major bugs or problems appear to be resolved. The AT&T Thanks App, which was a nice consolation with giveaways, freebies & discounts is no longer available in the App Store. It says not available in your country (USA). Yet the contest rules clearly state that the main requirement for entry is being a U.S. citizen. Come on AT&T do your job , pay attention to your customers & step up your service to match the steep prices being charged!!
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3 years ago, loyal customer for too long
Horrible replacement if your phone has issues
Very disappointed . I had insurance on my phone I’ve been paying for for 17 years with At&t. I had trouble with my phone it shut off and I had zero screen . They told me it wasn’t under warranty , I find out from a different rep that it was a mistake it should have been replaced by warranty with zero deductible . So the phone they sent to replace my phone that was dead , was pixelating and disconnecting all calls I was making . People said I would muffled . So I called again , the apologized and said they will send another phone from warranty and I’ll send both useless phones back . Well the 3rd came from warranty and it was programmed in Russian after the initial “ hello “ set up . I couldn’t get it to go to English . I reset it in Russian , I did everything to make that one work . Now I’m fed up with this . Why did I pay insurance for 17 years so they could send me two worse phone than my issue with my own phone ? I demand a refund . I will be returning both garbage phones they sent . Hope this review is a warning , go elsewhere !!!
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10 months ago, Wilma St
Billing errors
I moved to ATT to get away from the poorest customer service in the US - Optimum. To go with ATT I was offered several discounts to bring my Bill down to about $58 a month. Every bill since then it has been!$98 plus change. Every month I have had to call and question the bill First the teacher discount. I provided my badge at the store when I signed up. The first bill it wasn’t there I went to the store and received a refund for the second bill. Same with the automatic payment discount. This third or fourth payment I called and they had no record of my teacher or autopay discount. I had to submit a paystub and fill out a form . It shows on the site as approved, but I have not yet received an email that I have been approved for that. The autopay discount and teacher discount have not been removed from the current bill which should now be in the $59 range. Yet they are taking an automatic payment in 10 days for the almost $90 bill that has already been disputed and supposedly resolved. This is the second month this has occurred. I would never have signed a contract for a $90 phone bill. So is this a contract that is invalid because I signed under false statements from the company? If it is I am going to T-Mobile.
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1 year ago, Melanie////
Internet customer service from AT&T
Nothing short of horrible. Say they are coming out and don’t. Got disconnected twice while holding for technical support. Told to call back tomorrow after a 30 minute hold. I said that was unacceptable and I would be changing internet providers and she said I hope you were satisfied with our service today and she could have cared less. Adios AT&T, your customer service did you in. It’s so important too when your selling a commodity that someone else has! If the competition even transfers my call better I’ll be more satisfied. Sadly AT &T used to be a good phone company. Oh, the best part yesterday was when they wanted to up sell me on the phone, etc. I said not until you fix my problem, there are no extended wait times on the phone or I’m not disconnected, only then will we can talk. Honestly listen to your customers, don’t attempt to up sell them when they are having issues, it’s not the time. Maybe once you fix their problems would be a better time. We’ll soon to be ex customers!
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4 years ago, Lemur07
Wish I could give it 0 stars
1. ...and this is just AT&T n general... they give you this stupid email address as login. Unless you are 10 or 80 years old you already have an email address and will never remember this stupid thing. Yes I know you can create a login using an alternate address and that brings me to point number 2 2. I’ve been trying to log in for the last 10 minutes. I tried the password I thought I used, it took forever, didn’t fail, just came back to the login screen. I tried again, it did not ask me for the password this time, but I assume retried the one used earlier. Since that one (and I’m only assuming that, as I have no way of really knowing) failed, it just keeps retrying a bad password and I cagey s password entry field. I tried Forgot my password option and that got me nowhere. 3. This one is AT&T in general, my bill keeps going up without notice. Every time I cancel something to lower my bill, they increase increase the price of something else. 4. One might say... “call them”... have you ever called them? Their left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Their offshore teams lie all the time. They agree to anything you say and are very polite but have no clue what they are doing so they just make things up. Dare I say I have dealt with government organizations that function better than AT&T
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5 years ago, LizaBorden
Yikes, y’all nerds need Yelp or something
People, please, we all know AT&T is, like, the proverbial poster child of customer service SUCKAGE, but this here situation is about THE APP. One can look up practically anything one desires or needs to without having to log into the old interwebs or use the Google machine. You can put your already late bill off for another three weeks(and promise to pay by “Web/Other,” say what!), or you can find that phone number from that missed call with no voicemail from that dude that you forgot to save into your contacts(or, for that matter, call back), like, two weeks ago(so it ain’t in your call log anymore) in your detailed usage history, all by logging in with your thumbprint and typing exactly zero words. And I don’t know about these glitches, notifications, and account issue alerts(or whatevers), but...maybe something IS wrong with your account, Negative Nancy. The Genius Bar is an Apple thing, not an AT&T thing, and even that isn’t populated with a multitude of available “geniuses,” so...what do you think the friggin AT&T customer “service” 24 hour phone center is populated with? Hmmm??
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3 months ago, Misledred
poor wifi / internet. issues daily
I’ve been a customer for many years. Last 2-3 years have been daily issues with losing my wifi / internet signal. Every 2 months I have to call and go through the troubleshooting tests i’ve already done on my own . Service calls fix thing’s temporarily but never really fix the true issue Each call I get told they think another item is the culprit . My morning routine is to unplug my router and dsl cable.. count to 20 then plug them back in. If that doesn’t fix things I “ forget “ the wifi , then rejoin putting in the password. If that doesn’t work., I try to go to my hotspot and that may open a little access for me to view my accounts , emails.. etc Frustrating part is that i’m paying for 24/7 wifi but don’t have it. My alarm, HVAC, air cleaners, and ROKU all need wifi .. so it’s interrupting for the whole day. To view anything I have to wait to get to work to use their wifi. Currently it’s been since 5/22 .. today is 6/11 that my router has a red service light .. two service calls and nothing has been fixed . Two excuses of “ an outage in your area” and “ we are working on it “ I’m beyond frustrated , I need a resolution or an alternative solution .. soon Mary Beth Maroney
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2 years ago, WhiteSmoke69
I’m impressed
I don’t usually write a review but I gotta say… AT&T have gone the extra mile this time to ensure that their app is super streamlined. I’m happy with their quality and I’m happy with my phone. I can change plans anytime I want or order “phone stuff” quick and easy and have it added (in monthly installments) to my bill. All without feeling the need to call and talk to someone. As a matter of fact calling and talking to them is not streamlined and they still have problems there… One person passing you off to another dept. only that department doesn’t answer and you get sent to the automated system again and lose the original person you were speaking with all together causing you to have to tell the problem all over again to someone new over and over again… but… at least the app and service is good I don’t think I’ll need to call them again before my 3 year plan is up so…. It’s a non-issue for me at this time. Love the app, love the colors of it and like I said very well laid out and streamlined. Y’all have a nice day.
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3 years ago, Afmail504
Horrible and Deceitful Customer Service
I went into an AT&T store West Chester, Ohio and received what I THOUGHT was good customer service. But now as time has passed I see that I was deceived when I was asked to start a business account. Everything that was supposed to happened did not happen. My monthly bill was supposed to be lowered and all of the phones would automatically be transferred under the business account. I went back to the store to inquire if these things and I was told it should take effect within the week. It’s been two months and now my bill is higher and all of the phones are not under the business account. My account was in auto payment prior to this, but I didn’t realize that it was taken off auto payment when I made the change to the business account. I asked these guys (three in-store sales reps) repeatedly if my bill would be lowered. They failed to tell me that they were taking off my insurance for all of my phones (4 phones). I really believe they were being deceitful! I came in and asked about another phone number that was on my account, they said that was an accident and that the phone would fall off. I still see this phone on my account. I am desperate to see this issue taken care of in my favor. I’ve been with AT&T too long to be treated like this!!!
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5 years ago, Kyote 1
Very Poor Service and You Lie !
I took my plan out 2 years ago and you tell me it’s outdated. I have little or no service for my phone or data. I have been a true loyal customer since 1990 but no more as I will start looking at the different plans of different carriers Tuesday. I have asked you to call me back after I called in 2 different times on your supposed recorded line after getting past your automated computer figure, to record the lies your agents told me when I called. One told me the first time I called I had 11 data and two weeks later on the second call after my app hadn’t updated the person told me I had almost 11 so use my phone as the app I have hasn’t updated yet ! Poor service and you lie twice in a row ! Then I get a text that tells me you will slow me down and I had no roll over data. The poor tricks you play on customers just to make more money. I can’t even get you to call me back to prove what they said. All I get is surveys to tell how good your doing and no phone call. Is AT&T that impersonal ? I think you do not have a recorded line or you would check it to prove they lied to me just to get me off the phone and shows your poor almost non existent service ! You are losing customers right and left and you don’t seem to care. No wonder your business is doing so poorly. Brad Whitlow
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2 years ago, hunaverse
Poor rating
I believe AT&T is one of the worst companies, I am passed around trying to lower my phone bill. Agents tell me that my bill will be lowered when the make changes. $190 to $145, I paid off one of my pay as you go arrangements. My bill because I was not able to pay through autopay went from $264 a month to $346. I paid and try to get answers on why my bill is so high. I signed up for autopay again and paid off phone payments early. I was told that my phone bill would go from $268 to $225 a month. I had to order a new debit card and because autopay didn’t go through, I was slapped with another late fee of $27. I am trying hard to lower my phone bill, so I can keep going with AT&T but no matter how hard I try to lower it. You keep my bill where it is at of $264, everyone I talk to says they’re going to make changes on my bill and it’s still the same!!!! Would you be happy with this??? They said it will take 2 months for these changes to take affect, while its been 2 months and my phone bill is still at $264. The agents say they are there to help, but nothing changes and I am paying for something I don’t want!!! Would you be frustrated? They said they would give me a $10 credit on my next phone bill and that never happened either.
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3 years ago, Bbjic
AT&T- cell phones and Direct TV
AT&T is the worst company. Such a large company but definitely NOT a customer oriented company. Finally after being a customer since their telephones were attached to the wall I have left their service. Before cancelling my service I was on a purchase phone plan with four cell phone lines. My bill continued to go up and up. When calling customer service I could never accomplish anything. Their customer service is outsourced and each time the call ended in my complete frustration. I finally paid off the phones and moved my four lines to their competitor and am very satisfied with the new company. However, I have kept Directv even after being bought out by AT&T. Now this service continues to go up and up forcing me to pay more for much less channels. They also have issues with connecting my bills then unconnecting them after eliminating the cell service. I can no longer pay my bill online as it states they no longer recognize my Directv acct number and their system will not allow me to add it. Calling customer service for Directv patches you right over to AT&T’s customer outsourced service. Nothing but headaches and frustration with both companies. Sadly, my next step is cancelling my Directv service for another provider.
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6 months ago, dnyres
Will not allow me to pay my bill
I don’t know if DIRECTV/AT&T are just trying to find ways to nickel and dime their customers to death or what the issue is. You would imagine that a “major company” such as this would allow you the opportunity to make online payments super simple, right? WRONG! Every time I try to pay my bill, I have to go through this lengthy, horrible and painful phone process. Because their online bill pay does NOT exist on their website nor on this app. I keep getting an error message saying that I do not have a TV service with them. That’s funny, then what have I been watching on all of this DIRECTV equipment in my house for the last 20 years? Instead, I have to resort to calling in to make my payment which comes with a “convenience fee”. Convenient for who? Most certainly not the customer! I suspect that it’s their way to squeeze a few extra bucks to compensate for the rapid decline in customers. It’s time to cut the cord. Plenty of other services out there that are half the cost and have simplified online payment options. DIRECTV/AT&T really think they’re something special. I guess that’s why all of their customers are leaving? I have no clue who the CEO is, but he’s an idiot for allowing the company to be ran like this!
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4 years ago, JKHZSE
It takes countless hours on the phone and never is anything resolved. The right hand doesn’t have a clue what the left hand is doing. Every issue takes multiple calls and zero resolution. After multiple attempts to follow the instructions or transfer for help whatever it is never works. Today it was how to get the app to have both our Uverse and cell bill both on the app. Lots of run around, no clue, transfers, then I was told I have to combine our can’t be done. Omg. So the entire nation calls or goes to a retail location to pay their bill? Or you have to be on autopay. It’s ridiculous. I just hung up, seriously in today’s technology I can’t pay my bill online anywhere? Yet another hour of my life wasted by AT&T. The guy calls back and says it actually can be done, and we spend another 30 on the phone to no avail, because he can’t figure out how to look up our account number for uverse. He gives us the instructions again and guess what...still not working. Every discount and offer is never honored, yelled at by your employees, our internet speed is awful, but I hate calling so much do deal with your people I just won’t. So here I am in the most high tech era known to man and still have to pay my bill via phone. Awesome.
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4 years ago, Arun reddy
Everything is terrible with AT&T
I’m astonished to see how and why there were positive reviews about app or even the company. The service is bad - calls just drop for no reason, calls sometimes just don’t show up but end up in voicemails. There is hardly 1 bar at my workplace when I can see the AT&T corporate office from my window (even people working there may not have proper service) The support is terrible - call their support about anything, you will speak to 5 CSRs in an hour and the 6th one will ask you the reason for your call. So, obviously you being frustrated give up and they consider that the case is resolved. I had to argue several times and just give up when I wanted to combine my wireless and Uverse so I can get a discount they promised. These two departments operate completely separate (pretending as if they are from two different planets) and kept transferring me between the CSRs for 3 hours straight. Finally their app is the most terrible thing I have on my iPhone. I wish I could share screenshots or screen recordings of the app not responding at all. I keep forgetting the app is a waste and still fall for it, open to pay bill and realize my mistake and end up using PC to pay bill anyway. I’m switching the network, disconnecting home internet as well and soon and my problems are over.
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1 year ago, disputeATT
Canceled ATT in March 2022
Please stop billing me. I had gone to ATT store to get my ATT SIM card for my new Apple phone. Apple store could not do it. I had just canceled my iPhone ATT acct for my iPhone. My tv home phone, etc had been on Spectrum for years. Manager at ATT talked me into going with ATT stream tv. I had no idea what he was pushing me into until the ATT installers came out to install in my house. They discovered my home could not be installed properly underground. I also discovered at my age it was too difficult to work. I canceled ATT and returned to Spectrum that day. Also took a box of ATT accessories manager at ATT gave me which I immediately took to UPS to mail back to ATT. The box was unopened by me. UPS had stacks of these boxes to return to ATT and told me they sent back to ATT when they had a certain number of these boxes. I thought everything was canceled until I started getting large bills which were automatically paid out of my checking until I thought ATT understood to stop billing me. But apparently have not I have disputed these charges.
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5 years ago, bonjohnson
AT&T LIES LIES LIES there is NO communication between staff
I have been with the company since 2011 now this is the most aggravating insulting non professional business. Every representative I speak with says they are putting my information in the account for the next representative, but when I switch over NOBODY knows dimly....I am 65 I believe a persons word is bond....NOT WITH AT&T they will put a foreigner on the phone that’s supposed to be a supervisor but they are just as unprofessional as the first rep....on top of this aggravation they takes the liberty to CHANGE your accounts I’m ready to speak to an attorney because if I keep my word why can’t they....I have high blood pressure (4) different pills as well as diabetes’s (2) different types of insulin.....every call and every conversation my vision blurrs as well asa fierce headache I told one supervisor Mrs. Lee who by the way did NOT want to be at work that day got me so upset I told her I had to hang up because I felt my blood pressure rising she called back later to inform me MONEY I paid had been lost so they “closed out my account” which meant no phone, no internet, or satellite....WHO does THAT....if there was another service to offer all three ( which I’ve had since 2011) I would switch so fast At&t would be a memory and I would pass along the poor service.....Bonnie Johnson....a LOYAL customer
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Network Service and Customer Service
This has been the worst customer service experience of my life with this company. I’ve been a customer since ‘99 or 2000 (the Singular days) and have had many problems with them over the years, but for the most part they were able to remedy any situation. This time around has been a different story and disgraceful. It’s now, April 5th, 2022, and I haven’t been able to call out or receive calls for 10 days. I tried email, app chat, Instagram, going to a store, and using a land line to talk to customer service. And nobody has helped or offered any solutions other than to use my insurance for another phone. I’ve asked for a new phone to be sent out multiple times but apparently NOBODY in this Mickey Mouse company has the authority to help me. This is my suggestion to anyone thinking about using ATT.....DONT DO IT. Use literally ANY OTHER CARRIER. I figured by paying more with ATT that if something like this arose, they would take care of me timely and with concern. The EXACT opposite. They could care less. Use ANY other carrier. ATT is a rip off and THEY DONT HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT. I’m sure the other carries are similar, but at least you can save $50 a month. TRUST ME ON THIS, DONT USE ATT!! Sincerely, Former Customer of 20+ years
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4 years ago, razer254
Frustrated Customer
I would rate it higher if I were able to use it at home. I had ATT show me coverage maps before starting service and committed to a 2 year contract. Then they had a tower in such disrepair I’m having no service most of the time unless I’m in a bigger city. I have to say it’s been the worse service I’ve ever had, and they don’t give a crap if you really have coverage. I have been having it out with them for months and months to the point I’m paying everything off just to change service because they won’t do anything to help. They ran a technical solution test on September 11, 2019 it’s November 2, 2019 without anything back. I have requested discounts or credits for all the times without services like most companies would do yet I just get a sorry and I’ll summit a work order. Then for like 45 minutes they just try to do everything but submit the work request. They will take my 235 a month without any problems yet I will get my coverage only by going down the road. I guess if your map says its has coverage it must be true. You try telling that to everyone that comes to my house that can’t get a signal either. I don’t even know why I bothered typing this long message because no one will really care, but hopefully it says someone the headaches of getting Att.
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9 months ago, Sunshine-NC
Big Disappointment!
I am a Senior Citizen on a fixed income. When getting my new phone, there was a program that you can turn in your old phone and you get up to $800. Off the new phone. Well, I did just that and I was told my old phone got the highest amount, so all I had to pay was the tax and I got the iPhone 13. Paperwork I got said $0 no financing. I have been trying to get this issue cleared up because they are charging me $50. a month for financing. They get nothing right when you call they say they really aren’t charging me. So once again I look at my account from last month and this month and it states on there the $50. Charge. My other problem is Your service stinks. I’m in PA and they say the tower is to far away so on a regular basis I have only 2 bars. I have to have wifi in order to use my phone. So why am I paying such a high bill and no service. Even Verizon changed and now a line is $35. and I will add my cousins have Verizon and in my apartment they get full bars when I don’t. YOU ARE A BIG RIPOFF! As soon as possible I will get rid of this service. Being a Senior I could be getting a FREE service but I have to pay off my phone. IM STUCK IN THIS CONTRACT TILL PHONES ARE PAID OFF.😡
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10 months ago, IJS79
I wish you go out of business
You guys are the worst ever!!!!! I will continue to give negative reviews even after I discontinue my service with AT&T. Have been with AT&T for over 20 years and in the last year services have declined. You lie to trap customers and then give the worst service. Every department do what they want to do. Do you guys even have qUality calls?. I’ve set up payment arrangements for my wireless service through the app and reconfirm with customer service only to be told I did it with the wrong department and it’s nothing I can do to restore services after is been disconnected. I have two internet accounts and requested a move transfer only for you guys to disconnect the wrong address and because of your mistake I had to be out of work for a week and a half. I was told of one plan to see hidden fees and extra fees y’all make up along the way. You’re outsourcing and these reps you hire get away and say anything!!! You guys need to be bought out. Your greed is showing and your reputation is going down. Can’t blame no one but myself because I’d listened to the lies of getting a plan for $135 a month only to see I’m paying over $186 a month. I can go on for days about this worthless company. Hope your company crashes soon.
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4 years ago, I Love Words With Friends!
AT&T vs Sprint
A paying customer for over 16yrs with sprint and before with Nextel for 8yrs when sprint bought them out. We paid on time and constantly had phone service issues. As of the last three years we had so many issues and out bill kept going up. We had three lines unlimited $99ea and chargers that somehow our bill was over or about $400ea month. They supposedly fixed it and we found out they changed us from buying our phones to leasing them. We called in and told them about our friends that had AT&T with more lines than us with unlimited lines and they offered a $10 each month but I would have to call in for that discount each time. That was the straw... we have since changed over and our bill is consistent, we own our phones, and the service is stellar amazing compared to the service we had with sprint. We are not herded ok like cattle when we enter AT&T and the customer service has been amazing! Our bill went town tremendously and we are getting amazing reception on our phones. Thank you AT&T, Young Family
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4 years ago, Edge 93
Poor Reception in my area
I’m really considering changing carriers due to the poor reception in my area Goodyear Arizona. I’ve called multiple times with these issues and I get the same answers like you are in the process of repairing a tower which I was told when I moved to Indiana two years later relocated back to Arizona and I got the same answer. I enjoyed AT&T because of the price but with the poor service I may have to consider going to Verizon for better service. I don’t know what you guys can say or tell me that will give me confidence that my reception in this area can be improved. Near the area in my job I’ve dropped calls frequently it’s like a black hole in his in an area where I have business. I been a loyal customer with AT&T but as soon as I paid for it off I will strongly consider leaving AT&T. I guess from time to time going from one area to another is due to the carriers ability to maintain good signals and good service that will make a customer want to stay with them so I have to say good luck and hope to hear from you, But if not you were here for me.
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3 years ago, Michele Hackney Hodge
Issues since October 2019
My most recent experience with Hannah via chat and Kendall via phone was awesome If the issue is taken care of and the other 25 previous people and countless hours I wish I could say the same. It’s been constant issues being my account was in disaster mode. I have spent multiple hours on the phone and at one point one call was almost 5 hours which is insane to say the least. As if being put out of my home wasn’t bad enough the issues with being billed for services not used and so forth is just uncalled for. Your constant price increase as well is just beyond normal however I hope this issue is resolved. Being a customer service manager myself the last two representatives were awesome and I pray my issue is resolved and your equipment will be returned tomorrow. Thanks to Hannah and Kendall both, for their professionalism and customer service. We always hear the bad and never any good so other than this being on going problem their help was actually awesome to say the least. They should be recognized and I hope they have handled my problem moving forward. This will determine if we use you guys at our new home.
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