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Verizon Wireless
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Verizon

4.64 out of 5
5M Ratings
10 months ago, Jessica Ann 1989
Great customer service
I have been a Verizon customer since 2021. Throughout the years, I have added multiple lines for my four children. We have two iPads, and at least 4 phone lines. I have came across some issues and Verizon had succeeded in helping me with almost all issues. The one thing that does bother me is that I am a single mom who is unable to work due to lack of child care/help. However, I am a student and would like to receive a student discount. Since I have more than two lines, they say I do not qualify for the discount. This is disappointing to me as I don’t believe this is fair due to the fact that I am considered a low income household. I am in hopes that Verizon would consider a discount as I am only 33 and doing whatever it takes to be able to financially support my children and eventually cover all costs of our plan- and maybe even add a couple Apple Watches etc. Besides that, Verizon has exceeded my expectations and I hope they consider the discount on behalf of mine and my daughters future and well being. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, theywontevenletmeleaveareview
Great CELL Service
I agree they are the best cellular service I have had compared to any of the others, but the customer service has consistently gone down hill and absolutely horrible experience on multiple occasions and they try to pawn off everything to automated services and this app, well the only thing that is worse than their customer service as of late IS THIS APP!!! Paid my bill late but had a promise to pay agreement in place, money was taken out of my account, they never received it and shut my phone off a WEEK before the agreed promise to pay date, find out it was a bank issue and this happened to a lot of people and the bank took full responsibility and made it right with me BUT verizon would not even allow me to speak to someone UNTIL I paid my bill that was to my knowledge at the time already paid, once I find out the issue I try to call them and discuss with them while I am at the bank, still wouldn’t allow me to speak to someone until I paid my bill, only gave me a recording stating I had a promise to pay agreement in place and that a representative would not be able to help me until my balance was paid in full and hung up with me. All of that would have still been Ok except they cut my phone off on 11/30 and my agreement was to pay by 12/6. Yes I know I should have paid on time, still doesn't excuse the horrible service or lack of service altogether.
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1 month ago, Ron in RVA
Trash App
The data widget is useless. Currently tells me I have 68% remaining. Just got a text saying I have 10% remaining, which makes no sense seeing how I’m on my home WiFi (also Verizon) and have been all day. Opened the app to see if the widget just needed to refresh (which I shouldn’t have to, that’s the whole point of a widget). It didn’t change - still says 68%. I had this issue in the past when I was being charged cellular data while on WiFi. Called customer service and they couldn’t care less and didn’t know what I was talking about. They just told me to turn off cellular data on my phone. I explained that I pay to have cellular when not on WiFi and that I should be able to keep it on without worry of being charged while on WiFi. They didn’t understand. Getting tired to dealing with this and being charged overage when never being off WiFi. One time my text/email alert said I was over my limit (when I couldn’t have been) so I called and they said they no idea what I was taking about. I wasn’t charged charged so they were correct. I tried explaining that something is wrong with their system and offered to send screenshots of the notifications I received. They didn’t understand what I was trying to say nor did they know what a widget was. Verizon customer service has always been trash but it has truly found a new bottom.
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2 years ago, hellcatsrt
First and foremost, this happen when I spoke to costumer service on the chat- this first representative said I was going to be charged $97 for compensation due to the fact that the employee in the shop did not explained any surcharge or any additional fees. It's been established and it already appeared on the Verizon app. Fast-forward 1 month later, I went to see the app and it charged me a $127 fee, now, I spoke to costumer service and representative Martin who's totally unprofesional, unempathetic, and totally doesn't know what he's doing - asked me to send him the previous convos we had from the previous representative I had talked to which there was already an established price and all he needed to do is to apply the credit of this "said $97" price. Lo and behold, I went as far as saying "you guys got a backlog for previous convos, why are you asking me to do your job?" He's stubborn, rude, and unempathetic and most importantly has 0 reading comprehension skills. Representative really needs more training as this tarnishes the brand of Verizon. I will change to another subscriber as my needs are not met and I felt like I have been widely compromised. I have wasted my time chatting to representative Martin that overall, it was an EXTREMELY PAINFUL, STRESSFUL, AND DREADFUL experience. I just hope other people will not go through what I went through. If only i can give -10/5 stars, I would.
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7 months ago, More Frustrated customer
Verizon loops
It has taken me a month to get my service with Verizon figured out and payment lowered to where it was prior to the over heated battery that required me to exchange my iphone for a new one. I spent over a dozen times trying to get on the website, changing passwords, speaking to a dozen chat representatives, and getting absolutely no where. It is sad to see a company change from service oriented to one that can’t even speak to their customer on a phone. The automated system sends you into multiple loops never providing the option to needed to solve the problem. My Verizon is also clumsy and requires its users to have different passwords, that require changing each time you try to log in. My last visit required me to change my password 5 times before getting into my account. Are all your employees so wrapped up in their commissions that they no longer care about the people they are serving? What are the benefits to keep them in chat session for hours, accomplishing little, just to keep them hanging in chat space. I hope you will consider changing your service to put your customers first again. It causes me stress just to hear the word Verizon. I can’t believe that your service costs twice the amount of other companies and my bill continues to increase. There is absolutely no benefits to be a verizon customers any longer.
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1 year ago, Chris.wav
Great customer service…one time!
Last week, i needed help with several things and chatted to a live agent. I ended up chatting with this great agent, think his name was Mark, for around 2 hours. He got everything I needed done, even order my new phone and processed trade in value. It was a great experience. Well a few days later, wondering where this phone is only to be told the order was canceled. Back to customer service trying to find out wth happened and replace the order . Same phone, same trade in, etc. Except the agent today doesn’t introduce themselves, is short with words, and doesnt seem to understand the very plain english things im asking for despite multiple patient and polite requests. In the end, this stupid app keeps signing me out of the account, never used to do that, was always logged in before actually. Have to log back in with password each and every time I slide away from the app now. Massive headache because this disconnects me from my confused agent. After the second time disconnecting and third time repeating myself, an hour later this agent got nothing done for me except burn my time. You would think some as ubiquitous as mobile phone service would be simple and easy by now. If robots really do replace human workers in the future here’s a good place to start. They’d have the advantage at Verizon.
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3 years ago, JK8821
Not happy!
I’m not happy. At all. I upgraded my phone the other day & was informed that for years I’ve been paying $10 a month for the hum option. I never asked for anything extra. I was told @ the Verizon store by the Loop on John Young & Osceola that if I switched from a Samsung back to an apple it was free & included. I told him that that seemed too good to be true to have this extra option & it be completely free. He reassured me like 3x that it was COMPLETELY free. That was a few years ago. I was lied to just so someone could make extra commission off of me?! Are you kidding?! Fast forward, someone crashed into my car & it was totaled. I forgot the hum inside it because I WAS TOLD IT WAS FREE & didn’t think it should matter. That was in March. So, even if I am getting screwed over for the past few years @ least I had the function. But I went without a car for 4 months. At the end of the day I should be reimbursed for the whole time SINCE I WAS LIED TO BY A VERIZON ASSOCIATE. At the very least I shouldn’t have to pay for those months. This is so ridiculous. It’s not 1984. How is it possible in the 2010’s that such a “reputable” company could have been so shady? Not happy. Zero happiness on my end. I wouldn’t have reinstated any kind of relationship w/ Verizon if I’d known this before I got my new phone. Shame on you, Verizon. Shame on you!!
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6 years ago, Zip21797
Registration was confusing
I downloaded the app and tried to register. It wanted my PIN, I guess you are supposed to get one when you get the phone or something. If I had one I didn’t have a clue what it was. So I clicked “Forgot my PIN”, the closest option to “I never had one”. It said to enter my mobile phone number and a temporary PIN would be sent to it. I never got it. Tried a few times then the app said there was a problem, try back later. Later was quite a bit later. Trying to register with app went nowhere so I tried by web, which was very similar. Finally I called the help number and waited for a long time. Got a very nice and helpful lady to walk me through the process. It took a while, explaining the long wait time. The big secret seemed to be, make up a PIN. Maybe that worked because she did something at her end, I think that must have the case since I had to tell her what it was. Anyway I finally got registered (make up a password and have it ready), and was able to pay my bill. I think the main problem is there is no clue where you should have gotten the PIN needed to register. Or that you end up making one up. This was probably the most confusing registration I ever did. Just a bit of added help in the app could have avoided the problem.
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3 years ago, JacqG135
Difficult App
My experience with Verizon is okay; but this directly correlates with their app which is extremely frustrating to navigate and use. Today I attempted to add a line and an iPhone. The app continued to insist I was upgrading my iPhone, and I had to go back and re-select the GB preference which it would also continuously upgrade on my behalf. Trying to get to this point was also infuriating due to the awkward switching between the app and the web browser which continuously asked me to verify my identity (4 times in a row before I quit) but wouldn’t take me to the relevant page from the browser in the app. 😤 Fine. Then I discover the billing changes I had made several weeks ago, has reverted as well. While trying to resolve this in the app, I clicked on one of the bottom tabs and the page begins cycling rapidly without loading anything until I closed the app. For reference, I ended up completing the additional line set up on my computer which was more beneficial because it actually provided further explanation for things like, additional contact, which we were trying to interpret. Y’all, this app needs fixin’.
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2 years ago, Naynay77
Verizon app is everything!
I don’t normally write reviews but I had to because I’m amazed how good this app is. I love it because I can manage EVERYTHING on it! On the Verizon app I’m able to check my data usage, temporarily change my payment date with a promise to pay later, change auto pay, shop and buy and upgrade new phones without calling or going to a store (this is huge for me), compare my bills, check for outages, change plan settings, change insurance and phone features, find out exactly what each cell line is being billed for and find ways to lower my bill, and now I get monthly rewards! And Verizon’s reception is way better than other carriers and you can definitely get an affordable plan. There are a few tricks to getting the promise to payment date on the date you want if you need more time wait til the day or two before it’s due it will stretch the possible payment date even further out. Dude I’m so happy, their customer service on chat and by phone is top notch too…definitely a customer for life and the app is perfect.
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2 years ago, slc00000
3 Months Later, Still no Refund
This is the only place I can complain about Verizon's customer service, because speaking with a live person is difficult and even if they are helpful, they may not be able to do anything! I purchased Bluetooth headphones through the app November 4, and after 2 weeks decided they weren't for me. I used the return label provided in the product box and handed it off to UPS. After not seeing a refund, I live chatted with a rep, who says it would show on the next bill. After it didn't, I chatted with another rep who assured me it would show in just 3 days. Surprise surprise, that never happened. I finally set up a call with a live person last week who is trying to help. The return label did not match the tracking number generated thru the return process and so they say they never received it. Nowhere in the process did they tell me to get a receipt from UPS, or not to use the label THEY provided. And 2 agents gave me bad info afterward! Now they say they won't refund me unless they can find the merchandise. How is that my fault?? Why should I pay for merchandise I don't have, when I followed the return process Verizon gave me?! BEWARE buyer! You're on your own with Verizon returns. Because they have the biggest network, they figure they can just screw their customers???
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4 years ago, icantbelieveverizon
Terrible communication
I’ve spoken to several people who could not help me I was transferred to so many people who could not help me. I tried the call back number several times and when Verizon called I’d answer and there would be no one on the line and hangs up. I walked into several Verizon stores and one was not open on business hours and another was a retailer so they could not help me with setting up auto pay or find out why my free Apple Music for 6 months was not allowing me to be eligible. It was also a pain just setting up auto pay your system kept telling me it wasn’t available. I am a new Verizon wireless customer and just purchased the iPhone 12 pro max. Also I was told I would have the $40 waived for the activation fee after so many inconveniences but that never happened. So far everything about this phone company has been extremely inconvenient and a headache. Will be switching over if this continues. I have no hope in Verizon which is so sad because I thought I switched over to a “better” phone company.
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2 years ago, mvbhytvvvvv
Very poor service.
I am a new customer. I recently purchased a service plan for my Ipad pro. Shortly after my visit to Verizon, I attempted to set up my account with Verizon. I was unable to register with Verizon. I contacted the helpdesk. I spent more than two hours with a Verizon representative who was not able to correct or solve my problem. She said she would do some research and would contact me the next day at 8 AM. I was not contacted at all. I then called Verizon help desk again and spent another two hours trying to solve the problem. The problem again was not solved. I was advised by that representative that I would be contacted by Verizon so that I could get the problem resolved. I was not contacted at all. I was able to finally get my account set and working. I did this with my daughter who apparently is smarter than their representatives. She took the chip provided by Verizon out of the iPad Pro and put it into my Apple telephone. She was then able via the phone connection to set up the account. She then put the chip back into my iPad Pro and it is working properly and I can now log onto my Verizon account. This is my first dealings with Verizon. To say that I am disappointing would be a severe understatement. If this is the best they can do, I suppose I will have to do business with another provider.
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3 years ago, Liblady15
Digital Customer Support
Digital chat and support is fine for many routine matters but there needs to be a better way to handle complicated questions and complaints. I have a 55+ Unlimited plan and got a new iPhone mini and wanted to add 5G and was told it would cost $25, but because this drequired a plan change it cost more than $100. I needed someone to explain this to me and the digital system did not provide this. I should be able to say representative and get someone. Instead I had to go to a Verizon store where a very nice and helpful person explained what happened. I told her I planned to write a letter to corporate headquarters and she suggested I call customer support. After a long roundabout with your digital system that gave no response to my prompt of Computer complaint or 55+ Unlimited but just offered the plans I could change to which did not include 55+ Unlimited. Finally I was prompted to schedule a call. Why wasn’t that suggested to me sooner. So I spent 3 hours to go to the store and return and call digital until I finally got an outstanding employee on the phone who explained the escalation system and resolved the situation in 15 minutes. By the way as a senior on a fixed income I would be forced to switch to a discount source without your 55+ Unlimited. That plan is a real boon for seniors. You should bring it back.
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8 months ago, Shuckin_Fitfaced
Kinda works.. very slowly.
For the most part, this app works and does what I need it to do. However, sometimes pages don’t load and require another prompt to get “unstuck”. Sometimes the stuck pages require me to restart the app altogether. Also, this app is so sloooow. Every click takes several seconds to load no matter what. This makes the app dreadful to use and makes simple tasks take much longer than they should. I do know that this is not an internet or phone issue because all my other apps load just fine. For context: I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max with 250+ mbps internet. This app has always been slow. With each update that is released my biggest hope it that they improved the speed but it never improves. At this point it might just be a problem with framework and likely needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Which mean it’ll probably always be slow. Which is sad because Verizon is one of the biggest carriers out there. It’s a shame that they can’t make an app that works great on the devices they sell.
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5 years ago, reefcare
Great Value and Service!
Sorry, I don’t care what other carriers advertise or how they try to trash advertise against Verizon.... they have been a great carrier for me and our family! I initially went with them because of their signal quality and clarity during a call. And I recently made a trip through the WV Turnpike. I had a signal all the way through the valley, up and down Ghent Mountain and into Ohio. It didn’t use to be that way.... kudos on new towers and transmission beacons. Sprint could take notes on signal strength... I had them as my initial carrier from SC to FL and when I moved to NC. Dropped calls, signal and clarity in my work and neighborhood was marginal. I had enough and went to their office. Complaining about coverage areas and service. The day I left them, complaining about service the store manager tried helping me due to my complaints. Funny thing, he tried making a call because he said it was my phone... he tried calling the office while I stood there..... and he said, “ Hhmmm! No signal. And I was in their office!! I told you so!!!! Switched that day to Verizon and never looked back...
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4 years ago, AnnieBlanco
I’ve been with Verizon for over 21 years, this year might be my last
I’ve been with Verizon for over 21 years, when I was pregnant with my first son I got the big chunky cell just in case, I think they were PacTel then. Jump to this year, my cell phone broke so they sent me a new one, in the box there was no return label and no return envelope. When I went to the Verizon store they gave me a return envelope and a box So I returned it and it came back to my house because the employee put my address on the return label! I have called numerous times and people have told me they will take care of it & they promise since my account was billed over $500 for the phone that was returned. I never received received the credit & they won’t return my emails. I have called numerous times as well and I have been told it will be looked into and yet nobody has credited my account the $500. Even stranger,?my bills are usually auto paid and for some reason they took that off. Here’s the last straw, the last text I got it said I was in collections. Yes, this might be my last month with Verizon. I don’t have the time to babysit them. And I don’t like being told something will be taken care of personally by someone and it doesn’t happen. If rather pay everything I owe them & move elsewhere if I’m not a valued customer after 22 years.
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7 months ago, EllaEnchanted2010
Prepaid Customer
I have had Verizon prepaid for 8 years. I am save the most with them compared to all other companies. I have wonderful signal. I do travel for a living so there is areas I have found that do not have full signal but it’s also in the mountains or valleys in the middle of no where. It is pretty far and few places in between. I love the loyal discounts. I also love that I can order my prepaid phones through the app. I also have a data plan and I have zero complaints about it at all. It is linked to my tablet which is one of my life lines. The only thing that would be nice is certain billing address that are in a restricted zone for Verizon could still pay there bill. I am not sure how many restricted zones there is but I know of one in NC foothills area. This is so the local cell phone companies can work for the population. I’m not against the reason it’s restricted just the fact you can’t pay a bill with that address linked to your cards. Even if you are paying a friend bill or something along that line.
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6 years ago, didnt get all the facts
Don't listen to what they tell you in the store
I have had a few lines with Verizon for over 15 years. I few months ago I bought another two lines using the buy one, get one free plan promotion. My husband and I were at the store for quite a while with the agent discussing the promotion and what data plan to choose. We were given a price for what our bill would be once the promotion kicked in. They also told me that it might take a cycle or two for the credit to show up. After a couple of months I went back to the store. They weren't sure why the credit had not come off but just asked me to be patient. The same thing the next month. I gave up on the store and called Verizon directly, which obviously I should have done from the beginning!!! Now they tell me that the promotion was only good if you have the unlimited data plan. They were all too happy to switch me to the unlimited plan so they could give me the promotion and were somehow surprised that I didn't want to pay an extra $57 a month to get the $30 promotion. I work in a business that honors what our salespeople promote. Obviously Verizon does not care about their customers, long term or not. they also do not believe in training their employees because not one, not two, but three employees told me that I was eligible for the promotion.
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7 months ago, AxisGal
Fix your app’s password system
Not only does my password keep getting erased from my saved passwords, but when I try to reset it and tap the “verify / deny” [popup] message it sends to my phone (rather than an actual text message with a verification number), all I get is rerouted to a blank in-app page that says “Sorry, the content you're looking for is not available.” I try to get help but then I’m told that in order to troubleshoot, I have to log in. I can’t. Because your app and password reset system is broken. Who needs a PIN number or a text message method when y’all use this broken nonsense as the only means to verify?! My app is logged in but I can’t do anything else because it’s asking for a password it won’t save, erased when I manually saved it last time, and now won’t actually give me any way to reset it again despite being on the same signed in phone I purchased the service for several years ago and have never missed a payment on, and it acts like alternative text and email verification don’t exist. This has been an issue for well over a year now. I even updated the app in hopes that would solve it but it hasn’t.
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5 years ago, peachyedw
8 or 9 mth purchase of an IPHONE 8. I had a 6. The 6 was better than this 8. I always can tell
a nice change and better performance! Not true on the 8. I do not like it. Unusual for me. Also went to Verizon store twice about phone and not charging. First salesman. Novice but very polite. Gave me another one. In a couple of months, quit charging again. Went back to store and after talking to 2 people. My first salesman or WETCALTM told me he was being nice by giving me the charging cable. I asked for the manager and the gentleman told me he should B back to soon from lunch. He was there very soon. I talked to him for a few minutes about the chargers going out He was rude and told me I needed to talk to Apple about my issue, “We don’t handle that kind of thing here”. Will you kindly explain to me why I was not told up front that I had to deal with Apple about the chargers? I’m a big girl! Think I could have handled that. And I hate to complain. I’d rather compliment. How would an average “Joe” know what Verizon covers vs what IPHONE covers. I will never go by this store again! I don’t have to! Elizabeth Wiser
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4 years ago, Reghrdggh
Poor customer service-ON HOLD 2 HRS+
VERIZON IS AN AWFUL COMPANY. If you want any basic customer service, run to any other company. I have 4 Apple devices. Two of them are never used. Plus, I carry devices for my teenage children. I guess that I stay with Berizon out of habit and familiarity. Over the last couple of years I never contact them unless I have a device fail or to purchase a new device. I know that any service issues leave me with stress, a stiff neck, and a coronary. And, all of the Verizon staff are adept at keeping any responsibility on your end. When you finally get them, sometimes they can fair. But forget about getting them to answer when you need them. You cannot reach these guys on chat, phone, online chat, or email. I’m on hold for 2 hours now, my daughters new iPhone quit working. I carry the $50 per month insurance and am willing to pay or do whatever they ask me to do. But, of course, while I am on hold I decided to see if I could sign in and pay the upcoming bill. NO PROBLEM SIGNING IN TO PAY NEXT MONTH’S VERIZON payment, but they will not let me sign in for support. Dumb me, it’s taken me all of this time to realize that this is an intentional customer service design by Verizon. Because I have already paid for the insurance/repair they won’t let me sign in for support. VERIZON IS AN AWFUL COMPANY.
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5 years ago, SBDallasTX
Very unhappy
I plan to pay off phone and cancel service most likely. I have explained this MANY times for a year. When I was getting a divorce, I needed a phone in my own name, called Verizon, but did not pass the fraud test. Went to the store, received my phone, filled out everything *exactly* the way I told them over the phone. A WEEK later (shouldn’t it have been much sooner?) I received another phone in the mail. I called Verizon to see how to return. I was told I was not sent a phone, yet the box clearly came from Verizon. Called the store, same thing - I was never sent a phone. I put the phone in a lock box. I NEVER received a bill, the phone was never activated, and it was not on my monthly bill. I moved to Texas, and a YEAR later, I received a letter from a collection agency for the amount of THAT phone. I called Verizon and they told me that phone was in the name of “Shelline Bonham,” while the other is “Shellye Bonham.” WHAT?!? Why didn’t they tell me that a YEAR ago?!?! I received a text from Verizon saying it was time to upgrade my phone, but when I tried, I was denied because of THAT phone! I told them I have it, it’s brand new, I will bring it to the store, but the customer rep said Verizon denied it. I’m sick of it - all of the calls, doing the right thing from the beginning to be treated this way and want out.
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5 years ago, Happy and Safe
Old Faithful
I have been with Verizon/Verizon wireless for I think around 35 years give or take. If I were not happy with their services, I would not be a customer. My longevity proves I am very happy. I think there greatest asset is their customer service. That is a number one priority for me. I do not patronize any company with sorry customer service, no matter how much I would save. You get what you pay for at Verizon. Anytime I have had to call them on a problem it was usually solved during the first phone call or I got a return call soon after. I have NEVER had a problem that was ignored or where I had to call back because someone did not follow through. Funny story: My son owns his own business. He was going out of town with my granddaughters. He did not have Verizon because he thought he was saving money. He was trying to get a GPS signal because they got lost. When he couldn’t get one on his service, he ask my granddaughter if he could look at her phone. (On my Verizon account) Taada service! And they were on their way with no delay. He now has Verizon!
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4 years ago, wendeee16
Review on Bill
I’m a very satisfied Verizon Wireless Customer and main reason I’ve decided to stay with them is their customer service is wonderful! I almost feel forced to have them. All the other companies either have merging companies joining them them, or advertising specials on all media platforms. Once their at that breaking point , you know they too are struggling. How often do you ever see Verizon Wireless advertising, you don’t . Mainly because they are set straight. The only problem I have is my bill seems to be getting higher and higher. As a loyal customer who has been with the company for all these years it would be nice not to be charged for line fees each month. Expecially when my whole family is with Verizon under one roof. Certain fees in my opinion should be waived once you’ve hit loyal status ( it sure would help now due to the Covid19 hit). Same goes for our local Cable Companies too!!! Overall it’s the wonderful signal and great customer service I’ve experienced.
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3 years ago, do you want this posted
Billing frustrations
A month and a half ago I spent 2 1/2 hrs on on and off the phone with Verizon trying to get “unbundled” from my son and daughter-in-law’s monthly bill as they moved out of state and left Verizon. I finally ended up with a VERY helpful agent who set us up with a senior discount and a military discount pending. I was so happy to see my last bill $25 less than my previous bill. Well, that only lasted for a month! I received my notice today that Verizon was going to take their automatic payment for the same amount that my bill was 3 months ago. Once again I spent over an hr on the phone with Verizon trying to get this bill straightened out. After finally talking with a supervisor my bill is supposedly back to what it was last month. Now the true test is how long will that last?! I’m still waiting for them to apply the military discount, which I was told 3 months ago that it would take a couple of months for it to be implemented; but today I was told by the supervisor that we would be lucky to have it by the end of the year. I’m sooo weary of all of Verizon’s gimmicks, and no real follow through. If this happens again it will be time to change carriers!! 😟
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6 months ago, N'dour
Device Mac Addresses Missing
Verizon has asked us to transition to this new app and away from the old MyFios app. One of the features that I used on the MyFios app, is being able to individually manage my devices via the name and their mac addresses. I have a few smart plugs that all show up as the same name, but I used to be able to click on them, see their MAC address and individually allow or deny internet access to that device. They have removed that feature from the old app and it’s not on the new app either. I can manage the internet access under Home Network Protection, but it no longer shows the MAC addresses, so if the devices have the same name, I don’t know which device I’m managing without taking them all offline, and renaming them individually. I would like the MAC address to show for all devices wherever you’re able to manage the devices. Not even sure why such a key feature was removed. If you’re going to migrate customers away from one app to a newer integrated app, the most basic feature should be to, at least and at a minimum, retain a baseline of all of the existing features of the old app. I’m just so disgusted. Hopefully the feature is still available via remote access to the router.
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3 years ago, Sheba38
iPhone 12 Pro Max and Verizon Customer Service
Today, October 26, 2021 at 12:59 PMI called Verizon Customer Service and after going thru the automative which took so time I was switch to Customer Service which I had to wait along time to get someone. When I finally got Customer Service Representative Ashley on the phone, she asked me what is the reason for my call, this is after verifying who I am and phone number. I told her I had two issues one was when I dial Xfinity’s I don’t get a ring like I used to, letting me know the call has gone through and second when it comes to Xfinity and Terminex I never seem to get their texts that they claim to send me for verification. Can she help me. I was asked when this occurred and my reply was before IOS 14 updated. it’s been occurring for a while. Can she help me? She mentioned something to me and placed on hold. I was on hold for a long time, before I got the dial tone on the other end and never a call back, which lets me know that she hang up on me, instead of helping me. This is so rude and unprofessional. How can I recommend anyone for Verizon if this is how they are treating their customer. Not to mentioned that my issue was never resolved. What are they hiring now a days. This is the reason for one star.
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1 year ago, Sea coaster
They simply don’t know what they’re doing
On Friday afternoon, I called and asked to have an iPad cellular service and one of the phone numbers disconnected from my account. The phone number was to be transferred to an 87-year-old man who lives alone in the woods. I spent two hours on the phone with someone named Jason, who thought he had it taken care of I made him promise not to change that other phone number over until he made sure he had it connected to the elderly gentleman who would otherwise be alone in the woods. Well, you know what happened as soon as the phone call was over that account was disconnected rather than transferred and the man in the woods had no service. So Saturday I can on the phone with someone who works at trying to straighten out that transfer and also tries to remove my iPad from cellular service. After two hours that seemed almost impossible. Period Sunday I’m out to dinner with some friends and the phone rings. And someone from Verizon asked me if I give my permission to transfer the account to the man in the woods.. It’s people simply do not know what they are doing. I have no idea if my iPad still have cellular service or not. Dealing with Verizon. It is not a simple transaction. It’s a nightmare weekend activity.
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6 years ago, Monnie1967
Cannot make sense of bill & cannot reach Verizon Help
I cannot get a live person on the phone to explain why our Verizon service is deteriorating and our bill is steadily going up for “add-on” services we do not use or want. The Verizon Smart Family plan has never worked correctly on this iPhone 7 Plus even though Verizon charges $9.99 per month. The 2 Gizmos on the account are no longer active nor in our possession. We do not want Verizon Navigation nor Verizon Roadside Assistance. And, the HUM is no longer on a vehicle in use. We are being highly overcharged. Data Service has slowed down dramatically. Is anyone else in this situation? Our bill is increasing every month and there is no rational reason. We are using 3 older Apple Smartphones and have 1 Apple iPad on our plan. It makes no sense to be making monthly payments nearing $300 for basic service and protection. We are loyal long-standing Verizon customers. I have been working to reach and now waiting for Verizon Account Assistance for nearly an hour - just to pay our bill!
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6 years ago, ne0crank
Verizon Wireless : King of the Jungle!
I have been with VZW for years and have enjoyed the best network calls and data connections. I cannot wait for 5g, and possibly dropping my home ISP! However, the Verizon backend systems and applications are horrible and have made my life sometimes a living hell. Customer service is top-notch, they have resolved many problems, but they are not always able to override or correct the horrible system issues. For example, auto-pay has been working for months, but decided not to work today, even though I have plenty of money in my account and I was able to make a manual payment using the same payment method. Ugh!! The app has definitely gotten better over the years, but isn’t perfected yet. It is nice to view and manage my account, and all lines on the family account. My corporate discount does not show up when shopping for accessories, and there is no better selection in the app than in the Verizon store near my house. There are still functions that are advertised via email, link to the app, but then are redirected to the website. There was even an infinity loop where the website directed me back to the app.
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2 years ago, Sorry Kenny
The worst
By far the worst customer service I’ve experienced in years. It’s like they went back to the old ways. First off they almost make you text instead of talking to someone. Then when you finally get a human they really know nothing about how to do it. You can tell they are typing in everything you say and then repeating what they read on their computer. I truly believe they don’t actually know the answers themselves. It’s just frustrating because I have talking to customer service in the past and they can fix things during one call. I have called 3 different times since I got my phone 4 months ago and they still can’t unlock my account. To me it’s the simplest of tasks. I was told someone would reach out to me as the call took over an hour and shocker they did not call. Then today when they finally reset my account. Shocker it didn’t work. Literally a 44 minute call, I am on hold with a 35 minute call now as they have transferred me for the 6th or 7th time today. I just want to set up auto draft and pay my bill but can’t because I nor the “customer service” associates can get into my accounts let me log in. This would be laughable if it was taking up so much of my time. Terrible.
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4 years ago, jbull81
Bad sales vs actual
Sales manager was awesome and got me a really good deal. The person that I called to set it up erased the deal ended up charging more than what I thought and convinced me I would get the deal once i sent back my phones. None of that was true, or that was what I was told by someone else. To complicate things my iPad and iWatch which has a cell package for some reason no long connect to cellular service once they “cleared it up” and I can’t bring my self to call them and be on hold all day for the fourth time. I bet I’ve already spent 30 hrs talking with sales and customer service. Needless to say I have been a loyal Verizon user but the gimmicks and hoops they make you jump through have turned me off. Now they have Verizon up, but when you read the fine print basically they are giving you a crap deals. I’ll be shopping around when my contract ends to see how others compare with customer service. It’s to bad because everyone that I did talk to was great they just are forced to work in a system that is completely broken and disconnected between their sales and tech team. Leadership has failed these workers, and probably put the cash that people were screwed out into their pockets because like me eventually they gave up and just paid.
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1 year ago, fxdci2005
No connectivity except for the sales component
In trying to track down where my data went, I’ve had no success in getting into the profile pick. If I choose the any sales or upgrade pick almost an instant screen is displayed. I know it’s not my network if part of the app works, but other components fail, but I rebooted the router, rebooted the iPad, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still fails. This morning I could get the two factor authentication message or the amount of data text message to launch and eventually they stopped sending. Worked with tech support. They ran the usual script. My response was I’ve done that already you want me to try again. The one that upset me a bit was the question about running through a vpn. I said no. The tech made me go over to the tab and tell her what the screen said. Then the tech tried to remote in. 3 times 3 failures. I’d see the request, I’d allow the request then the request would time out. Finally, I just ended the call and worked through the issue myself. Suffice to say I went in through the other phone on the account and got what I needed. I’m now trying to use my login. No good
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6 years ago, Fastest, Direct, Route
Great customer service reversed to horrible customer service
My phone broke, called Verizon received great customer service from VZ Rep-1, she was efficient, courteous and helpful. When the new phone arrived in the mail I had trouble setting kit Up and called VZW back this time talked to VZW Rep-2. She started out very helpful but when she found out Rep-1 didn’t charge me anything for the replacement phone, her attitude instantly changed. She firmly let me know that Rep-1 would be reprimanded. After an hour on the phone with her, she was still unable to help me transfer my data to my phone then blamed my hotel’s network, we were both irritated, me for the obvious reason. I find Verizon’s reps are masters at selling me products and services that I find I don’t really need. The latest was unlimited data, after reporting my sons phone was used by someone else and the data drastically increased. I have been with Verizon for almost 20 years, and for the most part have no complaints, however now, it’s time to shop around for a more competitive provider.
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4 years ago, MM Guy 42
M M Guy
This is the most worthless app I have ever downloaded. I bought a new iphone7 to replace an iPhone 5s and paid for it with my credit card. I asked Verizon sales agent to text me the shipping info and for a copy of the invoice. He told me I had to download this app to get the information I wanted. Reluctantly, I did as he said. After getting it all set up with account number and password I attempted to retrieve the information I wanted. I was told that I hadn’t purchased anything and I had no account. I repeated this again the next day. This time I was told I had no account, that I had no purchases, and that my next bill would be $68. No account but a bill! I deleted the app and then tried to get the information on line using the Chat option. This also proved impossible. The Chat person kept telling me to download the app to get what I wanted. The only good thing about chat is he knew I had an account. I asked to talk to a real living person who spoke English the way I do but was told that was not possible due to the Corona virus. I finally gave up. I have been a Verizon customer since the early 90’s but it is not looking good that I will be around much longer. Customer Service is just a few mm above Dish and Direct tv at the bottom of the customer service chart.
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2 years ago, Jay.117
Customer Service
Good morning to all the readers I know as we read reviews in my experience I think they’re best written right there and then right after the situation I gave it to Verizon five stars based on customer service might not be on the phone or Wi-Fi or whatever things happen at certain times we can’t get good connection it’s not Verizon‘s fault but I want to say no matter what no matter win 24 hours a day I know for a fact every time I’ve called for the past few years Verizon has the best customer service and this goes out to everyone I’ve spoken to for the past few years they all have product knowledge they all have the training they need to satisfy what I needed so I hope this helps somebody a customer or even an employee if you’re the employee keep up the good work if you’re a customer hey we always can’t get the best customer service sometimes they’re new or lack of knowledge I just ask you to be patient and give them a chance thank you
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1 year ago, NJacuguy
Home Internet 5g terrible and Lies about free trial
Have had optimum for decades and was sick of their robbery (tens of thousands of dollars over 4+ decades including TV). Live in a not dense area so they’re the only cable option and we have Verizon for phones so tried this. Big mistake. Called 3+ times to ask questions not just technical but pricing and was told in no uncertain terms each time m that the cost for everything including the first month would fall under a 30 day money back guarantee. lo and behold the connection is terrible for a big house, even with extenders (tried google and d-link). Tried everything to configure. So before 30 days cancelled and was told we would be refunded all charges. Month then 2 passes by and bill still is lacking $50 and so call and was told that was the charge for a month. When I ask that the calls of me being told it wouldn’t be replayed, despite then always saying each call recorded, they say now that the monthly charge was never under the 30 day money back guarantee and can’t vouch for what was said before. Oh and btw I can never log in to their website either on iPhone, iPad and mac, just locks me out and tells me to call. Horrible, detestable company and app/website
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3 years ago, eddiex72
Verizon Support Long Lost
22 years with Verizon and the support has fallen of the planet. No matter whom I've conducted business with in the past, no matter the experience, Verizon Wireless, their service and support is the worst experience I've had dealing with any service provider I have had in my time on earth. If not for the work network area coverage, I would've left Verizon 4 years ago. The degraded state of support is astounding. Try tapping your way to an upgrade and see how long it takes for you to acquire a new device. The loops and confusion it causes makes you wonder if anyone is using their own system as an employee to acquire a device or service. God bless any of the elderly that have to decode their way through the labyrinth of choices or selections to finally come to a point where not only can you not accomplish your mission, but you'll never find another person to discuss the process with. The path to a new device is akin to an 8 bit adventure style vide game in the 80's that could never be complete if you haven't consciously decided to give one full consecutive year of your life to an ancient discovery of a game designers easter egg. Funny? Maybe, but more likely to eventually be the company's downfall.
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4 years ago, HubnLor
Cost, tried to add data usage and have had no success
We are paying for iPhone 7’s, 6th ones now between us we can not use for a few months and have not been able to get an address from anyone for hours on the phone for fed ex to ship the last 2 for the upgrade Apple gas given us at no cost. My husband has been written up at work twice over these bad model #’s first time in 30 years. Not good on your errors and we’re having to pay full price monthly like I said. We should not pay at all until we get the 10’s. Also I have tried getting the data plan increased due to being unlimited but yet we still have been slowed down on everything so there’s no unlimited at all. Grandson uses WiFi when at our house that’s what kids do. No luck with that either. Seems nobody wants to work with customers. Been to store and shut out the 3 rd trip 30 minutes away after getting 2nd phones and told his job wasn’t critical enough to see us. Had masks and gloves on as well. This was where we purchased the 1s iPhone 7. I want more data and a deduction on our bill for all of our troubles with hours on the phone. It’s all logged on your computers and recorded so a supervisor of billing should take a look at it for taking care of customers
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9 months ago, JessMomOF 4
Worst wireless company
After being a Verizon customer for 14 long years I have a few things I need to say. The Verizon I joined with is not the Verizon I left. I used to justify their outrages charges because I was getting really great service. I stopped receiving great service several months ago and constantly asked for their help. No one could figure out why I suddenly had no reception- 1 bar everywhere. It wasn’t just me, it was all of our lines. After speaking with friends I discovered they were having the same issues withVerizon as well. My last communication with them I let them know I was leaving for Another carrier because I never had service but was paying almost 400/month for 4 lines. The rep admitted “yeah we are aware there have been issues with our service, we are working on it” but yet offer 0 discount on their outrageous charges. The topping to the cake is I asked if my pictures would be lost after I left Verizon- because I use their cloud service. I was told I would have 30 days to pull them off. I had a ton of pictures of my deceased parents. As soon as I switched- within seconds I was kicked out of Verizon’s cloud and now my pictures are gone forever. Thanks for nothing Verizon!
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5 years ago, crf450x!
Easy as pie!
I have had Verizon going on 6 years now and have always been an extremely satisfied customer. The service doesn’t even compare to all other service providers. I can honestly attribute the service to saving my life! Or just making it possible to get in contact with someone in times of desperation. The service has almost always been there even when I’m in the most remote parts of Arizona. Also beyond the great service Verizon provides I also love the great communication they establish through text messages and emails. When I’m getting. Lose to my data limits iam always alerted. When the bill is coming I’m never in the dark. When my account was breached and charges were made that weren’t mine they were quickly addressed and removed. The easy to navigate app also allows you to simply check or change important account details. I plan to always have Verizon because I know with them I’ll be taken care of in more ways then any service out there can. Thank you Verizon!
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9 months ago, g00g01p1ex
Useless after hotspot data no longer shown in app
We use our limited hotspot data quite a bit and need to monitor our usage. The app continuously over the years would move where to find this valuable info (bad user experience number one). A few months ago, the hotspot usage was no longer showing timely hotspot usage data - it lagged 12 or more hours behind (bad user experience number two - I gave feedback to Verizon about this decline in their app and it’s impact on user experience). Then about a month ago the hotspot data usage was nowhere to be found in the app. I contacted Verizon support, they couldn’t locate hotspot data usage in the app either. Their advice was to go to web. I can go to the web to get the hotspot usage data, but I have to login EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to check. The web times you out, you can’t stay logged in. EXTREMELY bad user experience number three. This made this app absolutely worthless. Verizon Please get onboard with providing a good user experience in your app AND perform regression testing when making changes to your app to verify changes to the app don’t break anything critical to user experience- like being able to monitor finite data usage in real-time.
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5 years ago, JNC23x
App is good but buggy
The MyVerizon app is mostly good and does a reasonable job of allowing functionality similar to the main website. However it had two extremely annoying bugs. 1/. It always says that I have a new message that one of my lines is ready for an upgrade (even after clearing it out more times than I have phones). This just makes me ignore messages since it makes the red dot always on with no new info thus defeating the very purpose of the dot which is that there is a new message - yet there isn’t!! That is usually called a lie. It can be a mistake for a while but to leave the mistake unfixed for so long starts to turn it into something else. 2./ The (left of iPhone home screen) widget has recently started to get disconnected from the app. It says to open the app to reconnect but that does not happen. When I log into the account on the app then the widget temporarily updates but promptly disconnects again as soon as the app is closed. This may be an iOS 13.1 driven bug but I would have expected Verizon developers to have fixed this by now since the beta for iOS 13.1 has been out for so long.
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3 years ago, Ajane3
App doesn’t work half the time
I don’t understand how they have such great reviews on the app. I have been a customer close to 2 decades. I don’t have many problems with service. The only complaint I have about he company is that they nickel and dime you and won’t fix it. My husband travels for work and gets tiny international text charges anytime he flies to Alaska. He never receives texts or calls international nor does he make them. Verizon can never figure out or prove legitimacy of the charges, yet they are never reversed. Twice we have been told they will block international on his phone, but that hasn’t helped, we still get the charges. But this review should be for the app, which is not good. When I get emails to tell me to check the app for a bill or rewards, it never links. I have contacted customer service from time to time about the app not even opening. I know the troubleshooting and I do it every time it doesn’t open. Still won’t open. It is so frustrating. I usually wait a week and try again and if it still won’t open, I call again. You can’t even access the rewards program if the app doesn’t open! I have an iPad 12 that I use for the app.
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5 years ago, Mamanakokalaka
We have been with Verizon for years however recently we purchased two new iPhone X from Costco with the trade in promotion. After months of calling and speaking with at least 10 customers representatives and each time being told the credits would be applies on the next billing cycle only one phone was credited. The last Verizon representative stated that the other phone on the trade in promotion did not qualify. The representative went on to say that we had been told by other Verizon representatives that the phone did not qualify. When I told her that was not the case she talked over me and would not let me explain. Finally I was able to ask her why the second phone did not qualify and she could not give an answer. I asked to speak to a manager and she said one would call me in the morning. No one ever called. I don’t trust Verizon any more and will be switching carriers very soon. The customer service is going down hill. Something is wrong with Verizon I suggest others steer clear of this company.
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3 years ago, Doc Lynn FL
Over priced Terrible service Promised three months refund never got anything over 79
For almost a year, keep in mind we were under a two-year contract Verizon we were calling at least every couple of days at one point because the service was dropping you couldn’t hear the person on the other end of the phone so Verizon had all our phones checked out and said the phones were fine, and then they sent out what they said would be an adapter to boost the signal that didn’t work so again after a couple of months they then told us that they were checking the lines and because things were turning to 5G that obviously Verizon was not going to be a service for us even though we’ve had them now for seven years, but just in a different area. We were promised three months worth of bill credits at $219 a month by the way for two phones and one iPad, we received a bill credit of $79 and that was it. When our contract expires in November we will be switching to mint mobile, if you’re going to haveCrappy service you might as well pay $15 instead of almost $220 a month. Bye-bye Verizon.
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6 years ago, gabzherz
False Advertisement
I recently switched to Verizon. I was told by a assistant manager that my monthly bill would be $102 a month with taxes and fees included. That I could get $5 off if I enroll in auto pay. And that I would get a text message when my bill was due. I was also was not made aware of the activation fee on my first bill. After speaking with customer service, I was informed due to my current plan I am unable to receive credit for the auto pay. I was also shocked that my first payment was $140. The customer representative was nice enough to take 50% off of the activation fee. I also was hit with a late payment fee due to not receiving the text that was suppose to inform me of my bill. I thought everything was taken care, until going to pay my bill. Next bill will be $120. The reason I switched was because my payment would be below my personal budget toward a phone. I wanted to switch because it was becoming a safety hazard not having service in place I desperately needed it. Single mom living alone with my kids and driving to school in the middle of no where by myself. You guys are the best for service but handle business horribly. I’m already trying to find a way out of this hell hole I blindly got myself in.
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4 years ago, flummoxed ex
Scam Artists
I was lied to by a salesman and told that there was a promotion on the phone I was buying and I would get a free tablet. He insisted that I take it even though I didn’t want it. He even showed me on the bill that they removed the $300 charge that it would normally cost. On my next bill the $300 charge was there along with a new line charge. I called Verizon and they couldn’t help me because the Verizon store is independent from corporate Verizon. I went into the store and told them the story and asked to return the tablet and get rid of the line. They said I was over the 2 week return policy but they would but in a request with Verizon corporate. Nothing happened so I had to go back again and again and finally they but in the request. The request went to Verizon and they approved it after questioning me at length on the phone. I had to go back to the store to complete the return and then call Verizon corporate to make sure the line was off my bill. After all of that I have a $400 telephone bill! So after 20 years of being a Verizon customer I am done. Do not trust this company! Read the fine print if you do business with them! This company is out to take you for every cent they can get!!!!! They are crooks and scam artists!!!
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2 years ago, CRS951
Verizon Wireless is horrible
We got the phone for my son so when he stays with his dad in a different state we can get in touch with him. The phone itself is fine and has no issues. The issues lies when we tried to switch service providers. We switched providers only because where we are moving to Verizon has very little service. Now his, my wife’s and my phones were all paid off at the same time. My wife’s and my phone had no issue when switching. My son, which has to stay in a different state, can not use his phone because there was a 60 day lock of his service provider (only his phone). After being on the phone with Verizon customer service and being hung up on by a customer service agent after asking to speak with a supervisor nothing got done. They said there is nothing they can do for his phone and we have to wait until the 60 day time frame is up. So now he can not use the phone that was purchased for him (100% paid for) to call his friends or family until Verizon decides to unlock it. Again the phone is good and would recommend it but Verizon and their customer service department is absolutely horrible. Definitely stay away from Verizon
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