DuckDuckGo Private Browser

4.9 (1.8M)
95.9 MB
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Current version
DuckDuckGo, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for DuckDuckGo Private Browser

4.86 out of 5
1.8M Ratings
2 years ago, lydiafilz
Loving it
I like Duck Duck Go because I like my privacy. I really don’t like thinking about the creeps that may hack into my life. Anyone that tracks me on the internet can’t be good for me. I just can’t imagine why people would want to see what I’m doing. I’m just an ordinary person doing what most people do. I also hate to think that advertising might avoid me merely because their program doesn’t include people like me. Isn’t that like racism? I change a lot because I like variety, without the ad, I probably won’t know about the product and so I will not buy it or suggest it to someone that my all powerful brain decides is appropriate. I don’t want to be overwhelmed with ads, please change them for variety. If I search for something, I may be looking for an ad, but not too many. I think I’d rather have untargeted ads so I know what is available. Sometimes, I really don’t want any ads. If I have money, I don’t mind paying to turn them off. But don’t charge me and advertise, that’s probably taking advantage of me. Unless the charge is small, more to deter waste than for profit. Thanks Lydia
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3 years ago, jreichwein
Almost perfect
I love this app and am very thankful that its available. My only complaint is that I often get lost in a loop of new tabs when trying to access my open tabs. At the bottom right of the app there is a small square with the number of existing tabs. 1/2 the time when I touch the tab number box it opens a new tab. If it only happened once I would not even mention it but it happens 5-6 times in a row before I finally get a chance to delete all the new tabs I have opened. Inevitably I hit above the X when trying to close one of the inadvertant new tabs and the cycle starts over when I try to hit the tab number box again. I love the app so much I just deal with it but man it would be nice if this issue could be fixed Update: The developer contacted me to let me know that the discussed bug above is actually a sneaky shortcut and is supposed to work this way. Though I appreciate the developer responding to me I cannot change my feelings toward this functionality. It is only supposed to create a new tab when you hold it down. I have this happen with a single tap all the time. Sometimes 4-5 times in a row. It is a time waster and annoying for me but I do not mean to sound ungrateful, I love this app and I love Duck Duck Go for their privacy policy. Thanks for getting back to me
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2 years ago, Mnmmm;3345
I want to like it
I really do. I’ve been using it for several months now. Unfortunately I am just about at my wits end. Every single solitary page I ever load ever ever ever refreshes after 30 to 60 seconds. Maybe I could handle a refresh after one or two seconds but I will be halfway through logging into something or making a post and Bam it refreshes me and I have to start over. If I were just casually reading different websites maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal but I can’t tell you how many hundreds of forms I’ve had to fill out at least two and sometimes three or four times. Just load the stupid page! I have about learned that I have to wait a good while after every page I load to make sure that it’s not going to refresh me. I get that maybe you’re blocking cookies are trackers and maybe that’s why but it’s extremely annoying to have to start over whatever I’m doing EVERY SINGLE TIME. Also “feature” or not I really really really hate that “new tab” button. I accidentally hit it multiple times a day. I also don’t like not having a good history back button. Sometimes I lose a page and then I can never go back to where I was and I have to start my searches all over again.
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6 years ago, G-mail-man
Far too few people use the best browser available.
“Far too few” really means “not enough” to be sure. I rarely endorse apps and even more rare is an endorsement I make for a tech/IT/web product. I clearly and vehemently can make a case for every internet traveler to want -nay NEED to use this browser. Yes, I assume that everyone needs (and wants) to protect their privacy when on the web. I don’t think that’s a far-fetched assumption to make. I’ve used this browser quite a bit now and after previous frustrating attempts to enhance my privacy by using other, more popular browsers’ cumbersome privacy settings, can readily say that DuckDuckGo’s offering is the most intuitive, well laid out, and quick browser I’ve used in the over 25 years I’ve been an IT professional. The browser has an almost minimalist look and feel. That doesn’t mean that it is without varied features tried-and-true and some I wished I’d had long ago. I will be installing DuckDuckGo‘s browser on production machines at the office and clients as well. (After I verify any legality issues ($) therein of course) Thanks DuckDuckGo -jbl
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3 years ago, AertoneFX
A simply private and elegant mobile experience
This app is just everything a mobile browser could need, and it only gets better with each update! First things first, this app looks like it was made with the mobile user in mind. One glance at the interface, and with a simple tutorial of just the most basic buttons, anyone could use this browser with ease. Not too many buttons to overwhelm the user, but not too few configurations to displease the power user. My favorite part of this privacy browser has to be the powerful flame which will wipe clean all the tabs that you may have open, allowing for you to start all over again with a new session full of your greatest searches. The latest update, as of this review, has added the feature to modify the splash effect of the flame to be a cooler “burn” effect. The developers are doing a great job maintaining this app with many great additions in each new release. Definitely an app for people who want peace of mind and privacy ensured with every search. Kudos to the team at DuckDuckGo for such an amazing app!
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3 years ago, PrincipledEnigma
Just a couple things to consider
Search engines notoriously have poor AI’s. And from my experience apparently some of them have no AI. Of course I guess that depends on your perspective. Nonetheless, from a user standpoint, if the search engine cannot understand common English punctuation usage nor discern that words inside quotes should be seen as phrases, “not separate words”; then there is room for improvement! The use of punctuation to define different parameters for a “search”, is in fact old school! It’s been around for a while. Unfortunately search engines for the Internet don’t seem to remember that. And many of us (your clients) have noticed. I can assure you, the first company that develops these capabilities, along with the security and privacy that DuckDuckGo offers (which I’m sure will continue to improve as the future unfolds), will find great success and popularity within the first week. So what if “a week” seems like a slow rise; especially if it leads to a loyal fan club that includes high numbers of subscribers. Also you get the privilege of getting a five star rating from me. 🛖 Get into your think tanks!
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5 years ago, Andrew1243
Overall Good
I like every thing that is provided, and I am glad that the app scans questionable websites to view and inform me of the privacy practices, this can prevent my history from being aggregated and save my device from potentially developing a malicious virus that could overtake my device. And it’s rather simple as well. But I have one complaint: I enjoy the fact that I can courageously venture into the deeper parts of the web to find information for essays, recreation etc., but I would prefer a feature that could be toggled in settings permitting the app to discourage and omit all inappropriate photographs, video, imagery, etc. In other words, I do not want pornographic images to seep into my searches with all the ambiguity in words these days. If you could design a feature to just that, it would be excellent. An even better idea, make the option to create a password as a requirement to turn off the filter, you know, just so that young children will not turn it off and encounter x-rated material. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.
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6 years ago, davidrherron
Good, could use more features
I want to start off by saying this browser is the best single browser I’ve found for the iPad. The bar at the top with buttons and the search bar doesn’t take up a lot of space, and the desktop mode always works well, unlike with Safari. The browser looks nice and is quick. There are two features I feel that are missing, one necessity and one nice to have. First - the reason this review doesn’t have 4 stars - I cant set DuckDuckGo as the default for opening hyperlinks on my iPad. When I click a link in my email and a box shows up it only gives me the choice of safari or chrome, and I don’t even have chrome installed. If and when DuckDuckGo can be set as a default for this, I will update this review to 4 stars gladly. Aside from that, the only feature I feel this browser is missing from pushing it to perfection is some easy gesture based system of switching tabs. The button in the bottom right hand corner is fine and logical, but some more touch friendly and quicker way to switch tabs would make this browser much better. That’s it. If it gets those two features it would be perfect and I would update this review to 5 stars.
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3 years ago, adarkknight13
Missing One Thing
Make no mistake about it, this is a five star app. If I could Add one feature, I would add the ability to save a page to the home screen like you can in safari. Even though Duck Duck Go can be set as the default browser, if you open a link saved to your home screen through Safari, the link will still open Safari rather than opening the default browser, whatever it is. Even so, the browser has the usual features like bookmarks and the ability to save to a reading list, but I have many links saved to my home screen and placed in a folder for one touch convenience. I hope this feature is added in the future. I will happily put up with the inability to use bookmarks from my home screen for browsing security. It is fascinating to look at the site security report for each site to see how often content creators are attempting to track us across the Internet and how many trackers there are in the sites we use.
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6 years ago, yodelingpuppet
Better than Google!
Ok, that’s subjective. There’s pros and cons to each search engine; the major drawback of Google, for me anyway, is that everything is tracked everywhere. They’re constantly collecting information about you and building a profile on you. I’m not paranoid about privacy or anything, but keep in mind, Google isn’t your product, you’re their product, and you’re sold to advertisers. I already use Facebook and Twitter so I’m still tracked, but cutting Google out of that equation gives me a bit of peace of mind. As consumers, we should not be okay with constantly being tracked... do your self a favor and replace Google with DuckDuckGo. The only feedback I have for the devs is to make the keyboard pop up as the app is opened. Why click inside the search bar to bring up the keyboard? The whole reason for opening the app is to start typing something, and therefore the keyboard should already be present. If you must insist on keeping it the way it is, at the least, you can place the search bar in the center so it then becomes a one-handed operation. That’s my only minor complaint.
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4 years ago, Freddy Lack
I love you for protecting my privacy
I must say the assurances I receive from Duck Duck have been proven to be correct. I know this as a matter of fact because Duck Duck advises me who attempted to view my web requests. Every web site I look for is above board. I am proud of what I look for but just knowing that Duck Duck is protecting Me, unlike Google, who happens to want to know everything I once looked for on there search engine. I only wish that Duck Duck allowed me to speak my request rather than having to type it. I have concluded that Duck Duck hasn’t any Control of who runs the Microphones on these smartphones, tablets, and your laptop or desktop. Therefore, They cannot protect My privacy. Every one is entitled to their views and opinions and no one needs to know what you are looking for. I, wholeheartedly, with confidence ask everyone to try Duck Duck. They will inform you who wants to know what you’re entitled to keep private. I respect their respect to their users. Thanks for reading my review but Duck Duck cannot help you until You use it. It will answer your request as any other search engine. That is to say Google,Safari, AOL, Bing, and others I cannot name at this moment. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to one and All. God Bless My World and All readers. Try Duck Duck. Nothing will change, what You seek will be readily available to You. An extremely happy person while seeking answers to my many requests. Fred
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3 years ago, Cappel 💜
It keeps crashing or something...
I love the duck duck go app! It’s good with privacy and doesn’t track you like google etc. One problem though is that so I’ll download it for example and through the whole day it I can use it, but the next day I lock on it and the loading screen comes up for about 10 seconds and then it backs out of the app no matter how many times I try and it’s like as if it were kicking me off of the app and it’s really annoying. I even restarted my phone and it didn’t let me on so I had to re-install it and thankfully it worked but it then comes back, and I have to go through the whole app introducing itself again. Eventually I got so sick and tired of re-installing the app that I wanted to stop using it but I like how the app works and instead of it going back to the home-screen it saves what you had on last when you get on again, and that’s another thing that I like about it. Please duck duck go fix this I hate uninstalling and then re-installing it again. But in it’s a good app! 👍 I really recommend it!
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9 months ago, GGMA70
Faithful Customer
I have used DDG for 13+ years and just getting around to rating this superb search engine. I have tried several others but quickly turned back to DDG as the only reliable simple to use product that I trust. I’ve raved to family, friends and acquaintances about about switching to DDG for protection and increased security of their personal information. Ironically only an Apple supervisor level customer service representative is the only person I know is as faithful and appreciative of DDG as myself. That mystifies and gratifies me so now when I tout DDG every chance I get, I will tag in that little piece to press the point. I follow the struggles DDG the greatest protector of our privacy takes on against the greatest offender of our privacy, “G” - no need to spell it out we all know who that is. God bless DDG and all working with them! May you be rewarded and victorious in your recent legal battle in the courts on behalf of all DDG subscribers.
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2 years ago, hfjoggj(
iPhone 13 controls everything I do with this app.
If I try to upload an image into Google Images with this browser, my iPhone 13 intervenes and prevents me from doing so. A message window opens and stays “Would you like to leave DuckDuckGo to view this content?” To answer, I’m given 2 option buttons to tap, CANCEL and OPEN. If I tap open, it takes me to the App Store to download Google. If I tap CANCEL, the screen goes blank momentarily, then the same message window reappears, again Ana again, over and over. It is impossible to stop this from happening, and I cannot find any setting within the app to prevent it. I’ve given up. No matter what I do with this app, my iPhone 13 knows what I’m doing and at any time it can stop me from doing what I’m attempting to do. Oddly enough when using my older iPad I can upload images to Google Images and the iPad does not interfere. I’m stumped. I have no idea what the problem is with my iPhone 13 and the DuckDuckGo app, but it is very frustrating. Can anyone help?
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2 years ago, Josiah Glock
Privacy metrics are great!
I’ve been blind for a couple years. I’ve been writing and reporting bad political decisions cents 2015. I’ve been doing this on Facebook. Since I’m blind, I use things like voice to text. I was using the Facebook application on my Apple iPhone. My actual texts were being partially deleted while I was editing voice mistakes. I could be working on the first line and part of the third line with disappear, sometimes specific words for disappear making the sentence look or cost me to look ignorant or foolish. I start using DuckDuckGo and the problem My actual texts were being partially deleted while I was editing voice mistakes. I could be working on the first line and part of the third line with disappear, sometimes specific words for disappear making the sentence look or cost me to look ignorant or foolish. I deleted the Facebook app and start using DuckDuckGo and the problem completely disappeared.
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3 years ago, tia__ann
Great with One Weakness
I genuinely enjoy using DuckDuckGo. The default search engine is comparable to Google, and while I’m in a weird stage where I can’t afford a VPN it’s nice to have a browser that makes me feel at least somewhat protected while using the Internet and it is easy to use if you’re already familiar with Safari or other existing mobile browsing apps. It does have one downside however. There’s no pop-up blocking functionality at all, or at least not one that I’ve been able to easily find after a year of using the app, and it’s kind of disappointing because there’s not a way to add extensions and some apps have pop ups that I don’t know about and there’s nothing I can do to stop that. Since DuckDuckGo is so privacy focused it would be nice if the app had features to protect me from malicious pop-ups. If it does exist and I don’t know about it after combing the settings, they should definitely do something to make it more easily accessible by the user.
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6 years ago, Grammy member
The Full Internet .
Once upon a time, the internet was a place for free thoughts, no matter what they were. You could search the internet and get all results. You could make up your own mind and decide which of the results of your search were good or bad. You could think for yourself. Then this insidious company named google ,decided that you weren’t smart enough to decide which search results were what you wanted. So this evil company said,” We know better than everyone else and we will only return search results that they approve of or have been paid for.” All other information that’s out there is irrelevant and they can’t read others opinions unless we say that it’s ok. If you are a free thinker and don’t want to be told what you should think, read, know and want to see all and decide for yourself, Delete google as a search engine and use Duck Duck Go. Your search will return all of the internet, not just what an evil company wants you to read.
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5 years ago, Luis Fonzi
Privacy is a top priority
I don’t wright reviews but I really like this even thought I don’t really have anything to hide I think that if we don’t show these companies that we care about are privacy we will live in future/society we’re ads and tracks haunt us all and influence use. Which is why I really recommend this app it doesn’t track you, it block/prevents trackers from tracking you, doesn’t have a filter bubble that gives you customized results kinda like propaganda and discrimination and lastly it gives helpful tips to keep your privacy in check. If it weren’t for DuckDuckGo I would have never know that the share my location setting doesn’t work most of the time. You might be think how does DuckDuckGo make money the way do that is from affiliate links basically when you buy something online in DuckDuckGo some of that money goes DuckDuckGo I hole that this has convinced you to try out DuckDuckGo and thanks for reading this long.
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6 years ago, Snivram
Absolutely Wonderful IOS Browser (and search engine)
I have used DuckDuckGo as my default search engine in Safari on my Mac and my iPhone for a couple of years now. Don’t like Google knowing so much about me. It started out being OK but his steadily improved over the two years and now I can hardly tell the difference when I compare it to the Google search engine. Just started using the DuckDuckGo privacy browser on my iPhone a few days ago. It is excellent. Great browsing experience and great privacy. Touch one icon in the browser and your whole history instantly disappears. This requires going through menus in Settings in iOS Safari. And the built ad blocker is superb. Highly recommend the DuckDuckGo iOS privacy browser and the DuckDuckGo search engine for your Mac. I have tried other privacy browsers in the App Store and DuckDuckGo is the best. Couldn’t be happier. My only complaint. I wish DuckDuckGo made a privacy browser for the Mac.
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1 year ago, for free ad remover
Pls bring the old way of putting bookmark and favorite
I like this app a lot and have been using it for a long time. The app is good, convenient and much better then in-phone apps like safari or google. However this recent update on bookmark and favorite has destroyed their convenience. I think it’s better if it was like before where a person can press bookmark, favorite, or both if they want to pick either way or both. The new update where I can favorite a website and it bookmark while I can bookmark and it don’t favorite doesn’t seem to work and every time I had to delete favorite website I also had to go to bookmark to delete it too. It consumes too much time especially for someone like me who has a lot of bookmarks and favorite websites and visits them everyday multiple times so pls bring back the old way of bookmarking and favoriting websites. Thank You
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2 years ago, christian bliss
DuckDuckGo is the best browser I have seen since i have been using Google. I have been using google for 5 years and have been enjoying it UNTIL I saw what Google actually does in the background. I freaked out and was telling everybody about it. I was in the app store when i searched for "secure browser" and the first thing to pop up was "DuckDuckGo, secure browser". I clicked on it and saw the reviews and downloaded it right away, and it was so worth it! When i first opened the app, i went to my favorite website and DuckDuckGo showed me how unsecure it really was. DuckDuckGo has a simple and effective browser layout which is simple to navigate. I tried the fire icon and DuckDuckGo completley erased the browsing history and was amazing! I have completley deleted Google Chrome and this app is my main browser now. If you need a browser for anything, use DuckDuckGo, It wont let you down!
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3 years ago, alysenet
So Far So Great
I made DDG the default browser and search engine on my least I think I did. I get confused about the browser vs search tool concept but that's me, no fault of DDG. Also I get confused about what browser is open when I've owned a browser. Is there even a way to tell what browser we're in while in a browser....always confusing to me. Anyway....I digress... I'm particularly enjoying the DDG search tool widget I managed to add to my iphone's icons/buttons. Two of the three designs let us add icons/buttons to our fave web links. Helps speed up getting to links instead of needing to scroll through a menu. Would be ideal if there were a two-row DDG search tool widget for placing two rows of our favorite link icons into....but I'm being fussy. Also made DDG my default search tool on my PC. I don't think I found a DDG browser for computers....but I may be wrong...again, I'm confused.
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4 years ago, Acorns1234
Hate new minimized grid!
July 21, 2020 UPDATE: Thank you for putting back in the option for viewing tabs!! Much better on the eyes. Only thing I noticed now is that the tabs all look alike except maybe a small icon on the left. Before I could tell what the site was by the coloration or other distinguishing features. Now I have to go slower and stop and look. If you can make the left icon bigger/ more distinct or incorporate easy to see color banners (whatever) that can allow you to recognize the site it would be very helpful. Also with the new grid ‘box’ tabs I found it very easy to accidently delete a tab when scrolling. . I couldn’t see a way to reverse it. But I have to tell you - you were amazingly quick at addressing the issue. Bravo!!! Now if only AAA understood that I would reinstall their auto app...... =============================== OMG! When I minimized a page before I could easily scroll through the other pages to get to another tab as the tab heading was easy to see and narrow (top to bottom). NOW I see these big fat boxes that are side by side and I can’t just scroll down I always have to look left and right as well. It really bothers my eyes and slows me down. Ugh. It is MUCH more difficult now, not in any way easier. But this is an easy fix! Give people the option in settings to choose the layout!!! And for goodness sake please do it quickly! Thanks.
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2 years ago, Yesdnyl99
They’re downranking sites based on their feelings
Sadly, DDG has decided to downrank sites based on “disinformation” which we all know is define by companies that jump on board as anything they FEEL doesn’t match up to the lying news. They’ve lied to Americans for decades and yet, people don’t learn. Now, a once trusted site and company has decided to do the same. Whatever they decide is dis or misinformation, they don’t trust you and have to add their two cents in to control what you see. Propaganda much? They believe what they think is correct and you’re too dumb to see through lies and so they must control your searches to keep you in check with what they want you to see. In the trash goes this app as well as their search engine. Everyone should be wanting privacy but also to find and use companies that do not insert their politics nor feelings into everything. Maybe DDG will change their minds and stay neutral. Companies never learn their lesson though. DDG claims they’re not going political but then says they downgrade sites of lower quality? LOL That’s their excuse of removing whatever they choose is “disinformation”. This is a joke.
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2 months ago, Bluegrassymeadow
I’m just happy that a browser like this exists. It lets you delete any data associate with it without deleting the app. You know when you upload a big file by using a third party browser, most browsers won’t the delete that file after finishing uploading. So the size of the browser balloons because the files add up. There’s no way to delete those files unless you literally uninstall the app. This is the first third party browser that lets you delete so easily. Safari lets you delete it too, but you had to go into settings. I wonder why most third party browsers won’t delete those finished upload files? The only way to clear it is to uninstall. Most of them delete the cache and password, etc. but not the upload files. Like you have to uninstall, which is annoying. Once again, I’m just glad this exists.
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6 months ago, pizza_dough
Very buggy on iPad; OK on iPhone
For iPad, the widgets are great and generally make this browser come out on top. The search + bookmarks widget is actually the only reason I still use this browser at this point, despite the bugs. There is a really annoying bug that causes all links to open in new tabs when clicked after you've used the browser for a while. I don't know the exact steps to reproduce, but this happens all the time: I'm browsing around sites, and eventually all links I click are opened in new tabs that are not focused on click–so it looks like nothing is happening, and I have to go switch tabs manually. The behavior stops for a while if I force quit & relaunch the app. This issue has persisted for a long time and is pretty debilitating from a usability standpoint. Another bug: the URL bar becomes unusable (unable to be focused) on iPad. You click the bar (i.e. with magic keyboard trackpad), and nothing happens. You have to open a new tab and focus it to use the URL bar. This bug has also persisted for a very long time. It's like nobody who develops this thing actually uses it on an iPad.
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3 years ago, PR90i
Could be my main browser, but…
This app is really nice and I feel very safe while using it. The setup is laid back and easy to use. Some features I find really enjoyable is when you visit a site it shows how many trackers were deterred and clearing tabs and data is super easy. If you are looking for something to make you feel safe and secure while browsing, this app is for you. The only thing I dislike is this app will ask you to make DuckDuckGo your main browser on iOS, but it will not let you download a PDF and various other files nor does it give the option to save anything to files or iCloud. If you want something to be your main browser but won’t be ok with it not downloading certain files, saving to a cloud, or remembering usernames, passwords and so on… This app is not for you. This app is good for those ducks who go, go, go while staying under the tracker’s radar, but not good for those ducks wanting to settle in, do their main functions while staying under the radar.
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11 months ago, HeavyiClouds
10+Yrs & Still No Basic “NIGHT or READER MODE”
….FOR THOSE OF US WITH VISION PROBLEMS. Why is it that nearly every other competing iOS browser offers the built-in WebKit night mode. You can simply copy it from Firefox iOS or even Brave, or a whole list of other browsers that have all shown that they truly care about their users, who suffer from any kind of visual impairment or disability. DDG I’ve been waiting for this basic feature/function as a day one user who installed you’re app the very first day that it was made available for the iPhone. Which is why I say that I’ve been waiting for over 10 years for you guys to please have some compassion and at least respond and explain yourself. Or maybe you have and you can simply point me to that information. Sorry, one last thing that I almost forgot; Apple’s iOS built in “smart invert“ does not function smoothly at all, and should not be what DuckDuckGo uses as an excuse to not add this very basic feature that nearly all other browsers already have. I’m not saying you have, but just in case.
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3 years ago, Freebe Gam3r
🤔 ???
Ok upon looking at many reviews on the best browser to use that was safe I downloaded 🦆🦆 Go, but lately I had something very not right going on When I tried to open facebook on the browser I got the message that I was not able to login due to logging in to fast 🤔 ?? Tried even going through bing through 🦆🦆 go and still couldn’t get in, but I tried a couple of other browsers that I have to use and had no problems logging in to my facebook account 🤔 ??? so that means it was the 🦆🦆 go browser that was the problem I just about deleted the app due the situation but I didn’t 🙄 so today I get the notice to update and so I did with no real care to use the app anymore Well I updated the app & now it’s working normally 🤔 ??? 1st thing that comes to mind when something like that happens is the app has been hacked and the hacker is messing around so then I just stop using whatever app it is and even delete them like I did with calendar 📆 So not sure what happened with the update, but I’ll put the app on parole for now and see if it stays working right or goes back to stopping me from accessing facebook again If it does then I’ll just copy my bookmarks then transfer them to a better browser then delete 🦆🦆 Go 🙄 weird how such a browser with good reviews is not making me feel safe using it So for now it’s rating is 3 🌟 that might change either way just going to see how it does from now on
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8 months ago, Kotah Rowan
I feel so much safer online! :]
I've only had the app for a few days, but it's been an absolute dream. I was skeptical when I first heard about it; who would trust a smaller search engine over the tried and true Google? It was something ingrained into my psyche, I guess— although the hassles about privacy were starting to worry me. But I am ecstatic that I made the switch; I'm finding proper answers to my searches online, with no ads at the top of results. I can clear my tabs and data with the press of an easily accessible button (Which is great for my safety at home! It's a long story...), and the blocking of trackers is incredible! I might just be easily impressed or something, but I love that DuckDuckGo notifies you that they've blocked trackers, and even tells you the names of what they blocked! Google doesn't even bat an eye when you get trackers! I also find it extremely credible to DDG's prioritization of privacy that I have yet to find something equivalent to a search history or incognito mode. A week ago, I would've felt nervous without those options, but I actually feel quite comfortable! Especially after having done a bit of research on the company and their business model. Thanks to the DDG team for making such a wonderful, smooth, and safe online experience. Keep up the good work! :]
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3 years ago, Eriptron
The best iOS browser for my needs.
Apple, I can’t believe it! I wrote a review and saved it. I then accidentally touched the star rating and discovered that that erased my review!!!! Seriously? Duckduckgo’s search file result handling is the best and most intelligent of all iOS browsers I’ve found. I tried Firehand, Kobe, Aloha (which is exactly what I did with it), Safari, etc. So many browsers copy Safari and the frustrating and inferior split screen design. The one thing I’d like to see changed is viewing the output of a file search for images when you select View File. That you would be to be able to swipe laterally and still to be able to navigate through the image search output without having to exit View File to do that. PS - I almost forgot. Thank you for displaying the image files resolution so you don’t waste your time opening low resolution images! 👍
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3 years ago, Wades Firefly
Thanks for your years of dedication!
RE:Updated Second Review. I love DuckDuckGo & have been with you guys from day one. I just wanted to stop in to say thank you again for many years of safe web browsing on mine & my family's Apple mobile & computer home devices. As a loyal user of DuckDuckGo, my dedication to this browser naturally trickled down to my adult tech professional children, my grandchildren & many friends. That says a lot about your integrity & continued foresight in maintaining the upmost safe web browsing practices. Simply put, no one does it better. The best to all of you at DuckDuckGo going forward in, Sincerely, CSJ Old Review: I love you guys and have for as long as I can remember (13 years). I keep spreading the word to family members, friends and beyond. Now they have also been spreading the word about DuckDuckGo. It’s been a joy to see you evolve and continue to dedicate yourselves by elevating the user experience to a such more enjoyable secure level. How do I thank thee? Finally, to see your team get the due respect amongst the dinosaurs of browsers, is truly satisfying. With the increased choices & options by adding you to all my Apple devices is so pleasing to myself and others. Just shows you that a company like Apple trusts you to be on there devices says something. Congratulations! CJ
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4 years ago, SearchforSanity
Want some Privacy?
So, a few years back I spotted this on a family members laptop. Being curious I asked what was up with the duck. I was then informed that it doesn’t track us, and my intrigue was peaked. Once I downloaded it I noticed something absolutely remarkable: Google not only tracks us, which we all know, but it also specifically hides certain results. I won’t get into the nitty gritty of it, but know that if you want accurate information and true privacy and security: DuckDuckGo is the best way to go for search engines. One of my favorite features is the fact I can burn everything when I’m done, which I do regardless of what I search for. Tired of those ads that you get based on your searches? Want some Privacy? Download DuckDuckGo and save yourself the headache of worrying about it. For added security, check out Proton mail, which follows the same ideology but for you email.
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1 year ago, Emilee
Too clunky and features feel incomplete in description
I wanna love this, I’ve used it for years but it’s just too clunky. I don’t like having to struggle to effectively open links in new tabs when half the time it doesn’t respond properly. Additionally, there’s no point in “fireproofing” websites because the tabs you want to keep from them disappear when fireproofed away. Maybe it’s me misunderstanding but it says you’ll stay signed in and the data won’t be erased but how can I keep the tabs straight if there’s no history or access for tabs from fireproofed websites. I shouldn’t have to use bookmarks or favorites to get some semblance of a history. There should be fireproofed windows then…I get this is for privacy and privacy in this setting means no history but that’s dumb. What if I was price watching a product and used fireproofing to ensure that exact tab was still active? I just think your descriptions of features needs to be improved.
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6 years ago, kjldsklds
Just Duck It! Good riddance Google you won’t be missed!
I’m so happy to get Google and Facebook out of my life once and for good. It’s like quitting smoking. You feel so much better after doing so. DDG is a breath of fresh air. I fully stand by companies that are for the people in helping the fight to restore our privacy and rights. Which is getting to be a bigger concern as technology is moving forward. We all live in the Information Age and we need to protect it. Hope to see more companies stepping up like DDG is. With all that said, I would like to see optimizations made to take full support of the bigger screen on the iPhone XS Max. I’ve told all my friends and family about DDG and they all love it. The interface is extremely clean, sleek and sexyyyyy! It even has dark mode that you can choose under themes and you can pretty much customize the overall look and feel of it also! Love that feature.
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3 years ago, Betsy Boo1019
More Online Choice
I’d heard about DuckDuckGo a few times, but not being very tech savvy, I didn’t know how or even why I should try it. After an unsuccessful search on a popular search engine already set on my phone, I looked up the DuckDuckGo app. and downloaded it to my phone. There is a tutorial that prompts you the first time you use it. I entered the topic I was trying to research. Oh my gosh, first there were three other companies trying to spy on my activities. Be informed people, it doesn’t matter how innocent your search is, people are watching where you go online. Then I was totally pleased with the new websites that were popping up suddenly. Choice. It’s about choice and receiving more information of different views. I’m a college graduate with 38 years of experience in my field. I know how to wade through documents and make an informed opinion. I’m loving this app.
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3 years ago, Pineapplease
It’s great
I’ve recently switched from google to DuckDuckGo and I’ve gotta say it’s improved so much since I first used it several years ago. The reason it has 4 stars instead of 5 is that it could use a lot of features present in other search engines like google. Features at the top of my list as most desired are: —Translate pages (make it available EVERYWHERE please!) —Ability to customize fonts (I don’t have the best vision so being able to customize the fonts on all sites across the web would be immensely helpful.) —Be able to swipe up to get rid of the search bar (I know you can just scroll down to get rid of it however sometimes I don’t have enough space to and giving us the option to swipe up would be great.) —Make changing the theme permanent ( I don’t know if everyone has this problem but my device has the dark/light theme switch each day and night and it changes for DuckDuckGo as well. However, I don’t want a dark theme when browsing so I disable it but it always seems to be back every time and I don’t know how to permanently get rid of it. —When closing tabs, make it less glitchy (whenever I quickly swipe a tab closed it glitches a little before leaving so I hope that can be smoothed out a bit.) I’ll be sure to change my review to 5 stars once these are addressed, thanks!
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1 year ago, 99equations
Don’t trust DDG Use TOR with Onion Browser
From a friend~ Learn Boolean search terms and use them Your searches are censored You are being directed to sites that don’t contain pertinent information or they are commercial purpose sites. Your history is being recorded What you are allowed to view are commercials in disguise The internet is no longer free and MOST importantly absolutely everything can and is being passively recorded. That history everything you buy sell look at read about, every address phone # ticket bank account any license you’ve had marriage children parents life heath job title mortgage credit card every where you are and have been holding that smart phone or in your vehicle is being tracked. All perfectly legal and your consent isn’t needed despite what you’ve read. We have no rights of privacy.
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4 years ago, supernovanexus
Missing one thing...
I like it. I’m concerned about privacy, and DDG seems to be great. I use different browser for different purposes, and DDG is my general use one. I just wish it had a setting like Safari where you can turn on the option to automatically request desktop sites all the time, which is the only reason I’m looking to try a different browser for my general use purposes. Update: Compared to Google, the search results kinda stink; price to pay to an extent leaving Google’s model of making us their product for financial gain, but DDG still returns good results, just doesn’t hold a candle to Google’s search abilities. Never using another Google device ever again if I don’t have to. Safe search settings continuously reset. Could use settings to close all tabs when closing the app without clearing anything else. Love the quick fire at the bottom and the ability to choose tiled tabs or compact list of tabs.
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10 months ago, TraderTrae
Great App if set-up correctly.
Great App as long as you make sure there are no files in the background giving it directions. Default settings must be altered to ensure privacy or as least making it hard enough to access for the criminals not to try to obtain your info. As with any app check it against the app privacy report. If you have any apps connecting to over 30 domains or domains that list several of your apps you need to block the rouge domains. If you care about your data don’t leave any credentials or login data in the browser. Use a secure password manager with 2FA. I am assuming if you were looking for a private browser alternative like this that you care about what’s being collected. I give the app 4 stars due to the issue with website data being added in the background without a good explanation or direction on securing your info.
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2 years ago, jbradley2234
For those who want privacy above all else
I will be honest. I tried DuckDuckGo search many times and always seemed to go back to google. Then recently I start doing research into data privacy (or lack there of) and realized just what is happening behind the scenes when you visit websites. So I made the decision to try DuckDuckGo again, this time with privacy as the focus. Come to find out that’s all I needed. This company is dedicated to changing the way your data is managed and I’m loving it. Skip ahead to downloading this app and the transition from Firefox was a breeze. This browser catches so much I didn’t even know existed on the sites I regularly visit. It’s simple and easy to use and I’m sure it’s only going to get better with time. Take back your privacy and give it a chance. You won’t regret it.
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2 years ago, A Beautiful Disaster
Duck Duck Go....Every Search = 💯
I find Duck Duck Go my #1 go to, for all of my Searches on the Internet! I get better results than any of the others! It’s better than Chrome, and the others out on the market. I Love that Duck Duck Go is Interactive. It’s also Fun, and when I say Fun, besides my Searches, I get jokes, less advertising ~ (Thank you for that) like who wants adverts, popping up when you’re only interested in what you’re Searching for, Correct? Well for myself, that’s high on my Priority list! I’ve at times, given Chrome 2nd & 3rd Chances, but I’ve always been let down! Therefore Duck Duck Go, is what I’ll always use. Even the updates are Real Updates, always something useful and exciting! I’m giving it the most stars allowed, because the Developers deserve only the Best, since they provide me with the BEST! 💞
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4 years ago, A Real Timelord
Great So Far
Summary: DuckDuckGo has an excellent search algorithm from what I can tell. It is fast, efficient, friendly and helpful. It doesn’t track my searches for someone else for study or profit. Detailed Explanation: I started using DuckDuckGo earlier this year (2020). I highly recommend it for the following reasons. 1) While I have not tested all of the privacy features, based upon the original recommendation given to me to use DuckDuckGo, I like not being tracked for someone else’s Data Analytics exercise, especially for free to them. 2) It’s performed my desired searches well: standard, suggested, alternative completions are given, which have helped me occasionally refine my search string or phrase. The hits are mostly “dead on,” giving me the wanted content; yes, some alternatives may not be what I am desiring. However, that is the contextual nature of knowledge often, and the problem of searching in general: refinement & convergence ability. Extra Info./Suggestions: iPhone & iPad tested — On my iOS enabled devices’ main options bar, I swapped out the Safari icon with DuckDuckGo—that’s how much I like it! I put Safari on the home screen, if I ever need it. My Mac also has DuckDuckGo installed on it as the default search engine, which is where I first installed DuckDuckGo after using it on a PC at work.
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6 years ago, Julie's Dad
DuckDuckOuch, told ya to duck!
You thought you could just surf all you want and nobody would know. You sneak off to sites in the 4 corners of the globe, just where you should not be seen publicly! You were caught sleuthing where your girl/boyfriend told you not to go! Just had to go there, didn’t you? Now turn around and say, “Thank you, GOOGLE!” You have been betrayed! Now you have all those pop ups and unwanted emails. Serves ya right. Should have gone with DUCKDUCKGO from the beginning. No blood trail for anyone to follow! DDG says you surf without a leash, then there is no leash. Your privacy is especially important to you and equally important to DDG in helping you keep it that way. They help ensure your privacy remains private. Yes, a bit getting used to at first, but when you realize GOOGLE had you on a leash, you’ll happily turn to DDG. DDG is my go to for all things personal and private.
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4 years ago, Wastedmymoneyonjunk
Did a little comparison testing!
I put in a few different political questions and searches on both Google and Duck Duck Go, Articles and videos galore showed up on Duck Duck Go where Google pretty much decided the world really doesn’t need to know all about true Election statistics apparently unless it’s coming from their “trusted sites”. In other words, unless it comes from their politically biased news sites and pollsters. Do your own research! And use this app! I’ve changed my Safari to Duck Duck Go also unless I’m curious about whether Google shows the same unbiased info. The answer is almost always NO, they show complete opposite leaning to the left info. Stop giving these radical companies like “Google” “Twitter” and “Facebook” your downloads and essentially making them richer while they censor the voices of all countries of the world, not just the United States!
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3 years ago, kaf1227
Browser keeps going to blank!
I’m really struggling to work with this browser. Fast, yes, when it loads the desired page(s). But I’d say 1/2 of the time I’ve been on it the page loads to blank. Or, even worse, I’m in the middle of an extended search, moving thru various pages and all of a sudden I end up with that darn blank page AND if I go back ALL of my previous pages are now blank as well. ‘Sometimes’ if I close the browser and go back the page reloads, refresh does not do the trick. But, who wants to put up with this? It’s the most infuriating situation when this occurs and it’s happened to me now on way too many occasions. I looked thru the page on how to “send feedback” but did not see DuckDuckGo Mobil listed within those items. I’m beyond frustrated with this browser😩
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2 years ago, bbd9983
I have been extremely happy with DDG, but now I just found out that they have started down ranking sites solely because they deem them “misinformation”. I am perfectly capable of reading an article and deciding for myself if they are lying to me not, and I do not my browser to do that for me. Just show me the results that most closely match the words in my search and keep your opinion on if something is misinformation or not out of the equation. They were also accused of discriminatory hiring practices, but from what I can see they never responded to say if that was misinformation or not. So, you guys want to decide what is or isn’t “misinformation” on the internet, but then someone accuses you of discrimination and you won’t even respond? Why didn’t you come out and say the accusation was misinformation? Makes me think it could be true if you aren’t denying it happened. I’m going to try Brave Privacy Browser, I haven’t heard anything bad about them yet. How many users will you need to lose before you stop censoring information?
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4 years ago, Mickey330
Yes, I like the privacy aspects of Duck Duck Go - it’s the main reason why I use the app (and have it as my primary search function on all my other devices/Internet). What I want to talk about is the app/widget on iOS devices. The app is wonderful. I like that I can reorder tabs (after seeing them as little cards vs. teeny tiny status bars. I like that with one touch of one button, everything is gone, the browser is clear. So satisfying, watching that “flame” rise to the top. Overall, using the app is a wonderful experience. But my absolute favorite thing/response is when I tap on the widget I’ve put on the Home Screen of my iPhone. You see, usually, 99.9% of the time, I open an internet browser app to conduct a search. This widget opens the app with the cursor already in the search bar and the keyboard all ready to go! No having to tap anywhere to get the keyboard. Oh, and it’s already opened to a new tab, I’m not overwriting a tab I’ve already used. For me, this time saving convenience is like frosting on the cake. So thanks for this app & widget, Duck Duck Go developers. I really appreciate the whole thing - privacy to convenience. Overall, the privacy aspect is awesome and really, that’s the bottom line. It’s that good. I recommend this to anyone who will listen.
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5 years ago, EHHAYES
Why this is the best search engine ..a tribute to freedom.
Our forefathers certainly had high hopes and aspirations in crafting our constitution and bill of rights etcetera. Once upon a time a guy I know (ahem) opened his computer to find that these two search engines changed all the filters...permanently. Welcome to the machine as the iconic band Pink Floyd put it. The accounts had always been forever mined for information so they could “bring relevant opportunities to me ...their beloved citizen”. My junk mail box swelled over the years while my inbox dwarfed in comparison. Turns out their oversight of my accounts led to all sorts of turmoil in my life..and it was all my fault? I had all the two factor identification everything and more. Their account agreement where they state it’s okay to share our information with their partners. Well the one of the partners was very careless.
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4 months ago, Rachelle814
Whats up with the search bar
My most recent update of this app has been annoying. I don’t usually close any old windows til maybe the end of the day so i’d just reuse the old window and type in the search bar over the old web address which I’m pretty sure most people do. Typically upon clicking the search bar, it will automatically highlight the current and then It will delete the old address once i start typing. Now since my recent update, when I go to do that, something happens where what I’m typing suddenly ends up at the end of the old web address instead of removing it first but the thing is I haven’t exactly caught when it happens because I have to look at the keyboard while typing and only notice once i press enter and it just ends up in the same page. And I would do it twice in a row before it starts to function normally again ?!
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