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User Reviews for T-Mobile

4.78 out of 5
2.5M Ratings
11 months ago, taken name nick
General T-Mobile experience
Overall I am pleased with T-Mobile. The coverage is good. The app is useful. I can comprehensively poke thru the app and get all the details of my account. If you need anything, go to a corporate store. Do not go to a local outlet store for major issues. I ran into a large problem getting properly credited when we changed phones. One rep told me one thing, sent me to another outlet store where another rep told me something different!! Then we were overcharged and didn’t receive credit due us. I called a rep from the phone number on the app, I believe, she looked all thru our account history, seen the errors, made account corrections and credited us with a good credit. Bc of her diligence, we are still customers. In rural areas, reception is still decent. I have had a lot of questions, issues, etc. Most of the reps in the corporate store in town here are always helpful, knowledgeable, kind. Here and there they strongly suggest an extra package or deal. Lol. I give T-Mobile an 8 out of 10. I am a pest in terms of looking absolutely everything over very carefully. Not a pest in terms of rude or impatient personality. Lol!!! That’s my review.
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2 years ago, jessi727
Doesn’t support business accounts.
T-Mobile is by far the worst provider for business customers who prefer to perform their transactions online. The app does NOT support business accounts, nor is there a dedicated app for this type of account. Logging into the website from a mobile device is an absolute joke. Zero functionality. Any changes, device upgrades, purchases must be done in store or on the phone. In this day and age? Unacceptable. Literally every other provider is better in this regard. Similarly, if you think you can just hop on a desktop to upgrade, make a change to service, or any other basic function… think again. I had to go into a brick and mortar store today to do something as simple as purchasing a new phone on an existing T-Mobile business line. And in the midst of the transaction, the ENTIRE NETWORK went down, and every customer in the store left after it became clear the network wasn’t going to be restored any time soon. So after going to another location later in the day, I finally got the phone I needed. Nearly 3 HOURS of my day was wasted doing something that should’ve been able to be completed online in a few minutes. So yeah… get your crap together T-Mobile, and get with the times. Give business customers a dedicated app, or at the very least allow us to access our accounts through the existing app. Nobody has time for this nonsense.
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9 months ago, Bleu420
No title
Much as I really have a problem with T-Mobile and their service sometimes. As far as the agents, app , company as a whole. I will admit, there are very few reps/agents that really want to help their customers to the fullest. And you have those who just don’t and it’s just a job. It really is a job don’t get me wrong. But when you have no compassion for people that may have financial issues and some that’s not even their own. It could be a job that, make mistakes on people paycheck, mail being on hold, someone sick and out of work, some who don’t know their way around the computer or app and don’t know the tools. It could be so many things, if you don’t have compassion to just help people where they are you have nothing. I would hate to see someone suffer for no reason or no compassion. A lot of people need to go through something in order to see how some others feel and what they go through to understand. Everyone story is different . So thank you to all the reps, and the app that help people wherever they are and whatever they need you for. !! Thanks for letting me share.
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3 years ago, thalvfx
Very disappointed
Although I like T Mobile branding and their supposed ethos, and I think they are forward thinking with the eSIM app etc, I am an investor and am very disappointed with their customer support and treatment of me. They advertise “no robots, real people,” but so many times I have been left on a prerecorded loop, is that much better than a robot? This app here has never worked even once for me. I have to get on a desktop to do anything, because the mobile web app isn’t very functional either. The 24/7 chat support doesn’t live up to expectations, Verizon is infinitely better. Finally they advertise that you get a local “team of experts,” committed to serving your needs and that they will “even show you a photo.” Well, after some security concerns in Mt Holly, NC, T-Mobile I did request a photo to put faces to names and they refused. I am pretty sure my SIM card has been compromised by T-Mobile employees themselves. So disappointing because I do like their plan options and they have very good service. It could’ve been a good fit in the long run but they never allowed the relationship to flourish. I strongly advise against using eSIM for T-Mobile. Considering the fact they are owned by a foreign entity, not that I mind Telekom Deutsche having my data anymore than Google or Verizon, but they have different standards and laws and I don’t know to what extent they adhere to ours
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8 months ago, jzbrown
Low Effort from the Mega Billion Dollar Company
The app appears like it should be simple and straightforward but it isn't. Once your past the sleek home menu (which is basically just an ad) there are a plethora of sub menus, circular menus, mislabeled menus, reroutes, and dead ends. It reminds me of a maze or a first draft high school Wordpress project. “Benefits” tab is used as an opportunity to upsell and doesn’t show current benefits. Account history tab is just a list of bills. When I click on account activity it takes me back to account history. No payment history listed. I’m the primary account! But the worst part about the app is the reliability. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. It’s plagued with errors and with prompts to try again and again. Well *that* prompted me to update my review. I wouldn't rely solely on this app to make sure your bill is paid especially if you have a family plan or some other multi-party setup. This is extremely frustrating because _every time_ I've gone to a store to pay the bill I have wait 15 minutes or more for a transaction that takes 30 seconds. The stores are always understaffed and the employees are incentivized to prioritize large sales over loyal customers. And now T-Mobile has the audacity to charge an “in-store convenience fee”? NOTHING has been “convenient” about any of this.
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1 month ago, Yesdnyl99
Don’t use the messenger within the app
I tried the messenger within the app to ask customer service for a comparison on my current military plan vs the newer military versions of Go5G. It took this rep almost an hour to give me everything I didn’t ask for. I asked for the price comparison, benefit differences, data comparison, and so on. One link to the T-Mobile site shows a way to compare them but you have to find it through pages of searches. Too hard to find. On the app, it only compares your current plan with one other plan but tells you to co tact customer service. I decided to try it. It seems the reps are unable to show full comparisons also on their side or don’t know how to. Somehow this rep also misunderstood every time I asked for a price comparison with data, entertainment and so on and decides to send a screenshot of qualifications that need to be met with 4K capabilities. What the? In the end I told them I’ll just keep my current plan because it’s taking too long to get the info. They need to either train these people more or change the app to provide PDFs that show comparisons because this screenshot business is a mess. Also, the app needs to be updated to allow us to fully compare plans with pricing.
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3 years ago, Stiles30350
Love it!
I was with AT&T for over 15 years. Had the bundle, cell phones, wifi, Direct Tv... for all three I paid over $500 a month. Called to see if they would upgrade our phones, which they offered for new business not existing. Long story short, they said no so I pulled all three services. Went to Verizon which was really good...but I paid through the nose. Daughter wanted to go to AT&T for rebates on new phones... switched to AT&T got new phones, but everything was wrong.. rebates were next to impossible to get. Got so angry because I swore I would never use them again. Their customer service is non existent. Waited until 90 days passed and switched to T-Mobile... praise the Lord! They are great! Used the bring your own phone and get $600 offer. Every time I call them an actual person answers the phone. At AT&T if you are lucky enough to get someone to answer, they just bounce you from person to person. Verizon is pretty much the same. I LOVE T-Mobile.
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7 months ago, ImeldaM
Excellent company but one change took away the 5th star
We’ve been customers of T-Mobile for a few years now. We’re on the plan for 55 plus. I liked the convenience and pricing after the competition kept raising fees. I also liked being able to use the international calling conveniences to and from the US. However, T-Mobile is changing their auto pay policy and system, which I thoroughly disagree with. When companies get hacked so frequently and their customers account numbers, including social security numbers, and more get stolen, with the potential for customers identity stolen, bank accounts raided, etc, demanding bank account numbers and or debit card number information for the auto pay discount is “waving a red flag in front of a bull”—offering personal information to hackers. I refuse to change from my credit card number information because it offers more security and protection. T-Mobile ( and parent Deutsche Telecom) should have conversations with credit card companies over fees —and go back to the credit cards and use a compromise amount of $10 vs the original $20, to make it better for both parties.
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2 years ago, mrose521
Worst app and website.
Their website and app have been horrible for years. Can’t do anything besides pay a bill. Try to add a new line through the app and website, NOPE. Try to change your plan through the app or website NOPE. Try to check your order status NOPE. Forces you to call customer care to do things you should be able to do on the app or website. They literally advertise that you can save money by doing things online. But guess what? You CAN’T. Now they charge for helping you stabling a new line over the phone because they say you can do it for free online. That would be great if their website or app worked. It is almost like a scam at this point. Not sure how a company that says they are so customer focused can have such a poorly executed website or app. Like who is even designing this stuff? Your graphics are so overloaded that they cause the app and website to freeze and crash. I am switching companies after 16 years of being with T-Mobile. It’s 2022 your website and app have always sucked and now I am being charged for my inability to use them, cool. All they want to do as a remedy is give me a bill credit. Not helpful. All the customer service reps I have spoken with say they know the app and website don’t work as they should but there’s nothing they can do about it.
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3 years ago, Gstv.inc
the most joke app on appstore
Sorry to say that but this app is a joke , tmobile make millions of dollars from people but they cant contract o good developer to fix all this mess , even to make a simple payment is a pain , i cant pay from website because the pages trow tons of erros , and a simple look on the address bar show many mess on their side to tri to fix, no way to pay on website , the app keep show we are improve bla bla bla and show a link to go on website that don's work , even the *233 now make you to waiting from a attendant to make a payment , where is the automatic attendant robot? that was simple and fast , like call the robot get in confirm payment digite a card or use that on on file and done , bring that back! I dont want to speak whit a representative every time i want to make a payment . App forget that you guys don't know how to make one , contract a good developer buzines for that. website ? same thing that thing doesn't work also we are tire of many changes on password , stoping make we change password every 6 month , we dont need that there is nothing so serious on that page , if someone gets that the only thing he can do is pay my account , only place we need a lock is on change numbers , a confirmation text message thats it!
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1 year ago, Loundy D.
Incompetent and negligent
I don’t usually have issues with my account because I always just pay my bill but T-Mobile has dropped the ball after requesting a service. I called to transfer my line to another account and for the account to assume my bill, which was supposed to be have been completed on February 2, 2023 after a 4 hour long conversation with reps from Regular Account and the business side. On February 28, I received messages stating that my account is past due and I must make a payment to avoid interruption after I made a payment on Feb. 2nd. I was confused and flabbergasted. Basically, the Feb. 2 (4 hour call) that was supposed to have transferred my line, did not complete anything. They released the line but not the bill, which is not I clearly asked for. They do not have any record of what I wanted. They wanted me to complete the whole process again on March 3, 2023. T-Mobile is incompetent and negligent. You must keep records of what the clients wants and write a memorandum. I don’t know why the process was not completed as it was no fault on my end. For a company like T-mobile, they must do what they are paid to do. If the process is not completed, I will have to report it. Thank you
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2 years ago, Tombstone86
Tmobile kidnapped my cellphone
Continuarion: It’s been more than 20 days and Tmobile still not able to unlock my cellphone, after waiting for another 72 hours they keep telling me is unlocked and I just have to master reset it and put the new sim, I just did and didn’t work! Now I can’t use my own cellphone that’s already paid and wasn’t even bought at Tmobile! I purchased my iPhone at apple where all their phone are unlocked and T-Mobile locked it, Currently I’ve been stationed in Alaska where T-Mobile doesn’t provide service and when I tried to use another provider’s SIM card, it doesn’t work. In the past 50 hours I’ve spent about 6 hours on the phone with your customer support and they still haven’t solved the issue. Now I’ve been told I have to wait another 24 hours after the 48 hours I JUST WAITED to get my phone unlocked and the supervisor I was talking hanged up the phone! It is unacceptable that I cannot use my own property because you decided to block it without my permission, I didn’t bought this cellphone from you and on top of that it’s already paid, I’ve been a customer for more than 4 years but I’m going to cancel the other 3 lines I have with you if this is not solved in the next 24 hours like I was told
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4 years ago, avphd
The worst service and worst app
I had the misfortune to work in an area that only was serviced by T-Mobile and Verizon. Verizon is, or at the time, was very pricey and T-Mobile was more affordable. But since then, the prices have gone up. The app is deliberately difficult to comprehend. Obviously they took all the knowledge of manufacturing user friendly sites and purposefully sought the opposite at every turn. The app hasn’t improved in over 6 years. At all. Customer service, when you have hours to wait, are very polite. But they know nothing. I always ask, for what I have, and what I need (and I am patiently clear with them regarding my exact needs because they are so polite) am I getting the best price from T-Mobile. They are honest and always say they really don’t know. I’m no fan of any major cellular service. And don’t get me started on how idiotic T-Mobile Tuesdays are. I’m not a teenager so I dont have the time to save a few cents on something I never need in 48 hours or less. But I do need cellular service for an iPad Pro and maybe my Apple Watch. I’d kill digits since I need my phone nearby for the better watch apps anyway. But no one at T-Mobile knows. Anything. Again, kudos for polite staffers, but I was born already too mature for your useless app.
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8 months ago, Soozieee333711
this app is a joke
I hate using this app it’s so much and it’s easier to just use your computer. There’s a button that says “stay logged in” but either way you have to input your password every single time you open the app. There’s no point in that feature at all. Completely useless. When you actually get into the app you’re bombarded with a bunch of pop ups. WHY? I pay for my phone bill there should be NO POPS UPS IN THE APP. It’s extremely annoying especially if you just want to log on quickly to check your stuff then you’re forced to close a bunch of stuff before you can even look at your own personal info. The app is extremely slow too. It’ll take a couple minutes to upload my bill. A couple of minutes isn’t long, but when every other app out there is able to upload anything within a second then there’s an issue. The auto payments are glitched out too. I’ve had several times where I have to call T-Mobile or go in to a store and argue with them over their app messing up. I shouldn’t have to pay any late fees if the app is not working how it should. Tmobile makes so much money and it’s quite obvious they put zero effort and money into this horrible app.
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6 years ago, PaulC72
Works well
Updated-I have revised my review to five stars. Apparently all three of the numbers on my family account were linked together, which causes a problem with this new app. If you have a family plan make sure the numbers are unlinked and you will be able to see all of the numbers on your family plan in the app and manage them as you would expect. Original review: The updated t-mobile app Is visually appealing, but functionally worthless. The problems began when it misidentified which account I am using-I am the primary account holder but it recognized my phone as another phone on my family account, and refused to allow me to view or make changes to my account. The app update notes state that T-Mobile is listening, so if that is truly the case, please fix this app and make it more like the old app-which was actually very useful if a little dull in the style department. At this point in time the app is completely worthless and I might as well use the website.
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5 years ago, natereprogle
Near Perfect app and perfect service
I used to be with AT&T prepaid, but that meant that there was no phone payments, benefits, or anything. Wi-Fi calling didn’t even exist. It was about $45 a month, so I’m paying more right now for service, however that comes with Wi-Fi calling, unlimited data up to 50 (FIFTY) GBs unlike their 22 GB speed cap, hotspot, and more. And it’s $90 a month, which includes my iPhone XS payment since they had a trade in deal for my old 7. The service is just as good as AT&T was in my area, and in some places better, our area has T-Mobile’s new “5G” network (I know, it’s not 5G technically) while AT&T’s 5G-E network is not here yet, and phone call quality is light years ahead. I mean, I called my Fiancé (Who I also converted lol) and she picked up immediately, it didn’t even have time to ring. That’s amazing! The app is also amazing, but the only gripe I have is that sometimes the bill doesn’t like to load. But it always does after a refresh or two. I love T-Mobile!
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2 years ago, Adore pektou
More than a year ago, I wanted to add 2 more lines to my account and I gave them a call if they had any promotions going on. I and my friend who wanted to join with my account talked with them on speaker. She said that they had promotion that I could get 2 new iPhone SE just for 2$ each month for 2 years. My friend who sat next to me the whole time said okay let them add 2 more lines to my account. A month passed, they charged me for 16$ instead of 2$. my friend and me just let it go and pay 16$ each month for them. And recently the same friend wanted to cancel one line and just pay off that phone. I called to their customer service and asked them how much I had to pay off the phone. She said I only needed to pay 8$ for last month and the following month. But the following month which is this month I got charged 16$. T mobile is such a liar. Those money is nothing to me but I’m sure they do this to other customers too and I’m not just letting it go. I will share this everywhere and I will write the complaint to their company too. Lastly, I with other 6 lines from T mobile will switch to other carrier. And I will try to convince other people stay away from T mobile too.
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1 year ago, AmBhu
Great Service Archaic App
I recently switch to T-Mobile, and overall satisfied with Service, Plan, Benefits, but really surprised with how much money T-Mobile spend on Marketing, sometime wasting as they keep targeting me over and over even though I am T-Mobile customer, I strongly suggest T-Mobile management to deeply look into their marketing strategy and technology and digital customer experience. The app is so outdated, buggy, unfriendliest from customer experience stand point, they could probably switch some of the $$ from marketing to innovation and digital experience, i am giving 1 start just due to bad digital experience. Customer service is good, but log wait again due to digital experience is not great, they need to redo their app, make it all native, rethink the UI/UX, I would even suggest to go FinTech and build an app in parallel, and slowly build it up and demise this hybrid crappy app. Yes people want better network, connectivity & customer service but who wants to not able to self service or wait hours on phone to get connected to person. I urge T-Mobile to really think through their digital strategy, it crashes, freezes, lot of opportunities to fix things…
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4 years ago, pettttme
Service is friendly enough
But market leads the the way providing nothing really real in real time I get very poor signal we’re I live there upgrading for marketing,, odd that I down loaded a measuring signal reception to see what service provides the best signal in my area and t mobile was rated the best, I have disconnected service at times rarely get the internet on my phone , there signal booster works some what, guess will check into getting a outdoor antenna signal booster, but need to do more research or eventually maybe go to a different carrier, research the price, et. I use to have cricket service never had difficulty, but wanted more down load speed and the accessory app said t mobile was better so who or what can I believe, customer service is friendly but I got miss leading information which put me into a bind and still not resolved since of October of last year and it is ongoing I say where is my new signal booster as I was to get it in December, but as said I assume I could get a yagi outdoor signal booster probably be better then the t mobile signal booster how do I find out, then it reference to getting a free one or paying for one,,,WOW... so I got various miss leading information then how do I qualify the truth
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6 years ago, new to T -mobile
New to T-mobile
I went to my pay my bill on the app. It asked “the name as it appears “ good Then it asked for the” cc number “, I put it in. The app doesn’t allow for spaces in between sets of 4 numbers, however it requires it. Therefore, every time I entered my cc # it would ask me over and over for a “valid” cc. It is valid!!!! It is a Visa! I tried several times. I tried submitting it with the rest of the info in tact including the cc #, it just asked again for a valid cc #. I tried to message support, but after waiting 18 minutes to connect, I went to my desktop, signed in to T-mobile on that and was able to space my numbers on that. Please fix the APP. When it asks for the name, the keyboard does allow for spacing, however on the cc # info the keyboard does not. Therefore, I was unable to pay using the APP. Thanks. Hopefully, they can fix the problem with an update. My phone is only 2 weeks old and has the correct software. Thanks again
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5 years ago, Rozbody
Tmobile business is the business!!
WOW! I can’t believe I can actually be wowed by any company now days it feels as though everywhere I go customer service has died and people out there working in the world are just showing up to their jobs for the money without the customer in mind whatsoever until I had the chance to speak with T-Mobile business customer service skills and personal touch! I am sooooo excited to be a part of this network, not only do I get real-time amazing people that are caring & knowledgeable which is just a cherry on top! I also get amazing international service and rates!! That alone made me switch back into T-Mobile! I was soooo devestated for switching out of it for a better phone deal -so I thought- but T-Mobile stood way beyond and over all my expectations! I am extremely thankful for the support team, insurance team, customer service team and everyone at TMobile business!! I am proud to have my company RozBodyFit LLC do business with you!
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6 years ago, Roy Knight
Excellent customer service at T Mobile store
Cannot say enough about the excellent service provided to me by Ken and Joseph at the 4636 East Colonial store this past week in Orlando. They both were terrific examples of perfect representatives for T Mobile. They were friendly yet professional, patient but efficient, helpful but not pushy. Plus they both made me feel as if they cared about my business and then proved it by setting up my military discount, processing my phone rebate, setting up all 3 phones and even setting up the new Iphone when the Apple rep who sold it to me at the Apple store was unable to!! All with a smile! I have met with or spoke to numerous representatives of ATT, Cricket, Sprint, andMobile One during this process of selecting a new cell provider, and None would have prompted me to take this time to recognize their efforts. Please thank Joseph and Ken for me and take notice of these two valuable employees of T Mobile. Thanks guys. A very happy and satisfied customer. Roy Knight
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4 years ago, nicoladie
Improved version better than before
It has improved much better than the previous version that they actually rewrote the app instead of a patchy web-converted version. It also integrated well with iMessage for Chat instead of using the browser chat. It makes the user experience much better. The customer representatives are much better than most other companies in answering the questions with the right answer. They really treat the loyal customers well by offering deals for added features in the plan. It’s a good company to stay with. I think the web team should work on improving the self-help FAQ to provide a link to solve the problem in addition to the answer explain the question, it should provide a link for the next step to solve the problem, such as when the data rate has been exceeded, it would help to provide an option to the link to change plans to increase the data rate.
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6 years ago, philippine man
T-Mobile did not give up!!!!
I hav had problems with my phone for about a month and I am in the Philippines. I had a galaxy 6 edge which I used for about 3-4 years, the screen got crack so I submitted a insurance claim, while visiting family in Tennessee I decided it was not one for a new phone. I purchased a i phone8s. The day I was returning to the Philippines I was in such a hurry I forgot that phone. My friend shipped it to me but for some reason it would not make calls. I was on the phone with it’s T-Mobile for hours, they giving me moral support plus trying to help set phone back up, finally on Saturday night an iPhone expert walked me thru set up procedures. She needed to asked for additional so we parted ways, I had the idea swap the sim from the old insurance claim phone that still worked into the iphone. It worked the IPHONE was able to make calls. I called customer service immediately to share the good news and they were just as happy as I was!
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5 years ago, Mz C 7
Don’t get into a bind with your bill
We all know things happen beyond your control, I have been with T mobile for Almost 5 years, I had a situation where my Mom died and she let her insurance lapse,so I took my bill money and bury my Mom, than on top of that someone hack my cking account and I had to shut down my bank account after 21 years of the same account, I called them and told them what happen and could I get a week to pay the bill in full was told they could give me 48 hours after the due date, I give them 400 a month for services and just recently has been going thru, never been late until the last 3 months and this the thanks I get for 5 years of services now was told they will be shutting off my service after 48 hours of the due date, so now I will be taking my business somewhere else, talking about kicking you when you already down, I bet no one will see this review, and I have never written a review but this one I had too, my heart is really heavy, thanks T mobile, never had my service cut off in my whole life, but always a first, just like my bank account situation
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5 years ago, Rhiana R.
Great New Phone Upgrade
Marty at the York Commons location was very nice, professional & helpful when I came to TMobile on 9/28 to upgrade my 7plus to a XS Max. I was walking in & he smiled and greeted me. I told him I was interested in upgrading to the XS Max because I really didn’t like how the new 11 Pro looked. He didn’t try to convince me to buy the 11 like some phone companies try to do when a newer version of a phone comes out.. I had a lot of questions and he answered all of them & even showed me the cool new features on the new phone that I was upgrading too. The store closed at 8 & I was there a little after 8 but he never complained about staying after to help me set up my new phone. Long story short, I left the store very happy with the customer service that was provided & even was given one of his business cards. I will definitely be back to this location. Also, the other 2 employees that were there that night were nice as well.
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1 year ago, Metageek2017
Decent app, but it does notification spam
I just got a notification from this app, with an offer for a discount phone. This is a violation of section 4.5.4 of the Apple Review Guidelines (quoted below). I have not opted in, and the app seems to provide no way to opt out. There is a "manage marketing preferences", but that only lets you opt out of email, SMS, and voice calls. (Also, it sent me to my browser, where I had to log in again. That doesn't count as part of the app's UI.) 4.5.4 Push Notifications must not be required for the app to function, and should not be used to send sensitive personal or confidential information. Push Notifications should not be used for promotions or direct marketing purposes unless customers have explicitly opted in to receive them via consent language displayed in your app’s UI, and you provide a method in your app for a user to opt out from receiving such messages. Abuse of these services may result in revocation of your privileges.
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1 year ago, miloracle
Several major flaws
Recently switched to T-mobile from Verizon because Verizon has lost its way in customer service. This is a review only of the app, not T-mobile. I am very satified with T-mobile service and cost. The app is underwhelming, especially for a large communication company. - i have several notifications from t-mobile that act as the splash screen when i open the app on ipad or phone. The notifications are now all stale. There is no way to remove them. Have been through this with support who acknowledges the inaiblity to delete or clear notifications. - The chat with support option in the upper right hand corner will connect you to a live expert, but gives you know idea how long the wait is. I have waited 15 minutes with no update or information when to expect to be connected. No call or text back option. - Ipad version does not work in landscape mode. No excuse for a company the size of t-mobile. These are not small glitches, but major shortcomings in the app.
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3 years ago, Dog Pound Dynasty
App useless, requires calling 611 to make changes to account
The T-Mobile app, and website are completely useless, there are no drop-down menus, or no progress bars, and you’re left clicking or touching things and you have no idea if you have to wait or is anything is loading. On top of that, their app, and website does not allow you to make any account changes, like removing any devices from your account, it only allows you to make purchases or ADD services, not take away services, which is EXTREMELY SHADY. So, my wife and I decided to go to one of the T-Mobile stores, and again, you’re not allowed to make any subtractions to your account, only purchases or additions. SHADY! T-Mobile employees, Are EXTREMELY helpful and sweet. But they have no power to do anything to help you. So, you MUST, I repeat, you MUST call T-Mobile directly to make any changes to your account, did I mention, SHADY?! T-Mobile USE TO BE a great company, but since this new CEO took over, they have some crappy rules. T-Mobile is SUPPOSED to be a TECHNOLOGY COMPANY. Yet, their technology and in this case customer service very much falls short. Goodbye T-Mobile.
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4 years ago, relwell
T-Mobile Is the BEST for International Travel
My wife and I travel internationally 2 to 4 times a year. Haven’t had a problem using text and data at no-charge. The texting mainly helps us keep in touch with each other while we’re traveling, but we also use it to keep in touch with friends and family while away. The data is limited and downloads are slow, but it works well enough for google maps other small downloads. We use wifi in the room to stream video, flight check-ins and heavier research on destinations. We also use Wifi Calling to phone home and other people in the US. We do all of this for no extra charges to our existing plan. In the past, we had Verizon and would have to pay an extra $10 per day for a travel pass for each line. It was a hassle to try coordinate the least amount of days for the charge and we still had a big bill when we got home.
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6 years ago, 2Dotty
Love T-Mobile, just one thing...
My experience with T-Mobile has been amazing. Everything I could ask for and more. It’s easy to change your plan, set up auto pay, pay early, get stuff with t mobile Tuesday’s, their plan has data and text in Japan for when I visit, and it’s easy to get in contact with a worker for any questions or concerns. The only gripe I have is 70% of the time the t mobile app doesn’t work for me. The app is where you can do most of the things listed above in the palm of your hand. I’ve tried uninstalling it, restarting my phone, and waiting just in case it was maintenance. But this problem has lasted for months for me. Even after upgrading to a new phone it happens. And sometimes when I do get in it kicks me out. I usually end up having to log in on my desktop computer at home. I don’t see myself ever switching to a new carrier after my experience at t-mobile, but I just wish the app was more smooth so everything would work seamlessly.
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1 year ago, A4Cabrio
So Incredibly Slow
I really don’t understand why others have rated this app so highly. I suspect that many reviewers are confusing rating their T-Mobile service with rating the performance of this app. The cell phone service definitely is very good. I would say that it is as good or better than what I had with Verizon, but for significantly less cost. But we’re supposed to be talking about this app and that, I have to say, is horrible. Most of the time it is glacially slow when it comes to loading any item from the menu. I know that the problem isn’t my new iPhone. I’m pretty sure it can crush any numbers this app has to throw at it. I know it’s not my data rate because that has been great whether in cellular or Wi-Fi data. I suppose it could be that all of my T-Mobile account data is being handled on a backbone of networked Commodore 64’s, but that seems pretty unlikely. So I guess that leaves us with an app that was developed on the cheapest of budgets. Whatever the cause, Commodore or self destructive stinginess, this is a horrible slow app that in no way deserves the high ratings given to it by others.
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2 years ago, Dabossheiz
Register Error
I’ve been with T-Mobile for a couple of months & I must say even though the customer service is pretty okay the developing of the T-Mobile app is disappointing. One reason being is that, after creating a ID loggin & exiting out of the app, you attempt to log back in from the welcome screen “Hi, John Doe” I check mark save password and enter password, you get a error of “you have not yet registered for T-Mobile ID” even after the fact of me being able to gain access through the website into my account!!! Now if I click on the “Not Me”? At the bottom of the app, it redirects to the Welcome page where you enter your credentials and from there you can gain access to your account! It’s a huge pain given you always have to reenter your information! Even inside of the app you navigate to your profile and to settings & then to “Touch ID”, it doesn’t allow me to cycle it on! There’s some huge flaws in the T-Mobile app, like seriously more money needs to be poured into redeveloping this app especially for a company who’s expanding its network!!! Everything needs to flow through & through
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6 years ago, The Berminatorr
Best Phone Company!
I’ve been with T-Mobile for years now and I’ve never been happier with their service! My monthly bill is low and I get UNLIMITED everything. Only thing I would recommend is not buying phone protectors or phone cases from their stores. They are great but they are expensive and they add it to your monthly bill until it’s paid off. But I’m not mad at them for it, it’s a way for them to make more money, and if you don’t have the money to spend on $100 phone case it’s good that you can pay it in monthly installments. Just me personally I’d like to buy my phone case and pay it off all at once, so that my monthly bill is as low as possible. But I will not shed any negativity about T-Mobile because I do honestly love their service. The app is so easy to use and if you’re ever in a tight spot you can always make payment arrangements on your bill! I would recommend T-Mobile to all my friends and family!
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6 years ago, My2GodsGifts
I just recently got service through T•Mobile and I couldn’t be more happier and pleased with the choice I have made. Their customer service is amazing and not once have I had a problem since I’ve made the switch. Their service and reception have been outstanding and just amazing. Not only am I paying way less than I had been when I was with AT&T but I have better service with way more options than I did before I made my switch but also their App is just unbelievably awesome. I love how I can manage my account within the App instead of contacting CSR and if I ever whined up needing to contact them I can do so within the App or better yet have them call me back as well. I couldn’t have made a better choice I just wish I would had made it a lot sooner lol but I’m very pleased and satisfied and I couldn’t be any happier about it. Thanks for such amazing service ya’ll have and for an outstanding CSR department ya’ll maintain.
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6 years ago, Ms. Pink05
Very disappointed
I had an account with T-Mobil for 2 days. I cancelled my account because I found a cheaper deal somewhere else. Upon canceling I was told my account was taken off of auto pay by the rep over the phone. When I went to pay my other bills in mid July I found that t-mobile taken out $288 from my account. When I called customer service they were hard to understand and told me they could not help me and I would have to go into the store. The workers in the store were very nice and tried to help me take care of the situation. I was told it be put back into my account but after waiting 3 days it still was not returned. I then got late fees from my bank and bills. I called again to find out they mailed it to a address that I specifically told them was not a mailing address. I even gave them my bank account number and routing number to not confuse them with a mailing address. I am still waiting for my refund and am very disappointed in how T-Mobil operates. Because of them I now have late fees to pay a and still no refund. I would not recommend this mobile carrier to anyone due to poor over the phone customer service. Jessica S.
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6 years ago, Debbie Davidson
A purchase issue...
We bought two iPhone 8s in Feb 2018 on a BOGO. There was an unfortunate issue with our local store representative during the purchase and we were not give accurate information. After several visits over the next few months to the store, another representative provided us transparency and identified the issue with the original purchase. I spoke with a T-Mobile customer service rep on the 800 phone number and he was most helpful sending me the documents needed to proceed. A few hours later the new store manager called me promised a quick resolution so that we would be satisfied. Through the efforts of a responsive local store rep, the national customer service rep and the new store manager...in less than 24 hrs later our issue was resolved and the financial credit due was applied to our account. We love T-Mobile but love it even more once the correct people found a prompt end to our issue.
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4 years ago, Christa1212
App is atrocious
Cannot even place a simple order on the app without having to call the main number. Listening for 22 mins of loud speaking person and garbled music I end up reaching a whisperer Lisa in India who overspeaks everything said. Redialed again and waited on hold another 16 mins to get Ariel who gave me the wrong data plan choices and obligated me to call yet again someone else. Super fun to wait on hold another 20 mins and listen to someone gush apologies but still be clueless about the basics of looking up an order. Demanded I provide the order number and wanted me to check my email while on the phone because she didn’t want to waste time looking it up herself!! Because I didn’t place the order on line I was unable to get the free shipping. That was not helpful. App itself is garbage. It repeatedly links to ancient data or completely incorrect data. Looked on app for my order placed today. Clicked for more details and it brought me to an old order from May 14- 3 months ago. Woman said she’d open a ticket and I just laughed. Deleted the app permanently and now will gladly go to ANY other vendor because TMobile doesn’t need my business.
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1 year ago, Picky son of a gun
New phone. New carrier
I recently went to the T-Mobile store in Hermitage PA I have been a Verizon customer for many years and was treated better in T-Mobile than I ever was with Verizon. The employee named Callen was able to help me switch over to T-Mobile which can be a task on is it on its own. But he also was able to help help another customer while still tending to my needs. i’m assuming he was a manager but I never asked. Because I never used T-Mobile before I was pretty nervous about the whole change but treated like I was. I felt very comfortable to go through with it. So in closing congratulations to T-Mobile for having employees that seem as though they really care about the customer. I felt like I was dealing with someone who was part owner of the company. I’d like to say this is the first review I’ve ever written that’s because it’s the first review that I don’t need it written.
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9 months ago, mjsd5
Security nightmare
I couldn’t login for over a year now and just gave up because no one at T-Mobile could figure it out since I have zero problems logging in on my computer. Today I decided to try to manually enter my password instead of using my Password Manager and it kept freezing at the 21st character. On my computer the parameters for T-Mobile passwords are 8-50 characters. After the 5th try with the app completely freezing I went online and changed my password to 20 characters and then tried to login with the iOS app and it finally worked. I can’t believe how bad this company is at security and that’s only the first problem. The second problem is they ask us to upgrade to a 2FA app like Authy or Google Authenticator but then there’s no way to turn off SMS texts for verification. The whole point of using a 2FA password through an app is because SMS password verification is one of the easiest ways to hack an account allowing for simple sim-swaps. The fact that they don’t know or know and don’t care means they don’t care about their customer’s security. It’s crazy.
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4 years ago, MarineCorpsMP
Incredible Service!!! Recommend to Everyone!
We have been with T-Mobile for a few years now and have nothing but absolutely amazing things to say. Actually, come to think of it, we’ve never even had something bad to say... ever! We have traveled across the U.S. and there are very few places (for example, rural Wyoming) that we had minimal or no service. The customer service reps are always super respectful and accommodating! T-Mobile truly goes above and beyond for their customers. Transparency with prices is key and T-Mobile hits the nail on the head! And it doesn’t hurt that just for being a customer, (no additional fees), Netflix is FREE and there’s an awesome T-Mobile Tuesday’s app that gives away freebies and offers discounts for various places (like FREE Dunkin Donuts coffee, to discounted movie tickets, FREE whoppers, FREE weekly tacos from Taco Bell and more)! We always make sure to recommend T-Mobile to all of our friends and family!!
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2 years ago, BowlerCluke
Invaluable for rural customers
I wish all carriers would do this! Getting to test a network before switching is the right thing for carriers to do. I highly recommend this before switching. Unfortunately for me, this app revealed GLARING differences between T-Mobile’s published coverages and actual coverage in the rural area of north central Massachusetts where I live. Their map shows good 5G coverage, which is not even close to reality. The map shows my home has 5G. Nope. 4Mbps LTE. Very little 5G on rural routes around Winchendon, Gardner, Rindge NH, Ashby, Baldwinville with multiple dead zones… coverage doesn’t improve until you get 45 minutes south or east… despite the official coverage map being almost solid pink. There is absolutely no way I could switch to T-mobile under these conditions… quite honestly, I’m not even sure how they can legally claim coverages are this far from accurate… seems like false advertising. But hey… this is exactly why ALL carriers should provide apps like this. Kudos to T-Mobile for that, anyway.
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6 years ago, Papa alex 7
Customer service
I came to T-Mobile 2 years ago after being with Verizon for 20 years! When I signed up a rep in the Manteca ca branch helped me and she was great!! Her name was Marisa!! She was fabulous. She got me up and running and answered every question and every concern I had!! Well 2 years later I went back into the store to see if adding my girl friend to my account made any sense and wouldn’t you know it Marisa was still there!! She remembered me and treated me as if I were a valued customer and I inquired about several things/concerns and Marisa had all of the answers as she made me feel very comfortable about making my decision! So she helped me with the transfer of my girl friends phone with her number at att&t over to t-mobile! I don’t know if I am in the right forum for management to recognize her? But if I am I would highly recommend Marisa for some sort of employee recognition award!! Thank u Marisa!! You are great!!!
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1 month ago, Brody L Howerton
This company in general isn’t very good at helping customers on support. They use people from countries that barely speak English and they don’t know how to help you. I was billed an extra $30 for “prorated charges” is what they call it. But basically if you use up your data on the t-mobile internet box, then select a new plan with more data. They charge you $30, you don’t get access to that data, and then you go without internet for the rest of the month, then you get billed for the plan you selected, and when it runs out, you don’t have internet. And it’s based on where you are located and how many people are using the towers, so you never get the fastest speeds or even speeds close to what’s advertised. Don’t get this internet service, it’s a scam, you are better off getting Starlink, or just getting a legit service provider. At least when you pay for internet from other service providers you will consistently have internet for the whole month. I would return this box but I think they’re gonna charge me $200 for it. Even though I plan on returning it.
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8 months ago, T-Mobile All The Way….
I highly recommend T-Mobile….
I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for approximately two years. T-Mobile is the only provider that offers free Netflix, Paramount Plus, Apple T.V., AAA membership, and allows you to purchase new telecommunications hardware by monthly billing instead of paying 100% upfront. T-Mobile is the only carrier who won the 5G race and did so exceptionally. Whether it be within a T-Mobile in-store and/or customer service over the phone, the professionalism is always outstanding. T-Mobile has always been so trustworthy which I cannot say about other carriers. I will remain a faithful customer with T-Mobile, always. I personally would like to thank T-Mobile for everything they’ve done for me. I highly recommend T-mobile for anyone & everyone’s cellular needs & wants. Always great quality at a fair & just price. Thank You so much!
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3 years ago, Heyjude521
Sprint to Tmobile
Disappointment. I went to the T Mobile store to get a new SIM card to move my account from Sprint to T Mobile. I spent a long time at the store with a young man named Andrew. He thought of everything did all the steps for me saw I had insurance coverage through Sprint so he had move move the coverage from the Sprint system to TMobile. The problem is this APP. tells me I am a Sprint customer and keeps switching me to Sprint. So I can not use this App even tho I am their customer. I hate hate hate calling customer service on the phone they disconnect me and do not call me back after I waited35 minutes etc. the stories go on. My issue is when I had Sprint they were no issues. I made no customer service calls. But since Sprint was acquired by TMobile. Lots of customer service calls. Unable to get calls to go through. Dropped calls. People can not hear me. They say I sound like I am talk on a tin can with a piece of string. I do not know how that is possible I am sitting the the same chair in my house not moving. No prior issues. But , since I am on TMobile 5G my service is no longer the service I bragged about. 😪😪
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6 years ago, Mace bronco
T Mobile ROCK!!
I was a 16 year customer of Verizon, and not always happy. I live in the middle of the city. I could rarely get a signal in my own home office in the basement, and sitting in my own living room was a one bar at best proposition. I asked them often about this problem and got no results. Having been thoroughly been indoctrinated to the “We have the best network” mantra, I begrudgingly fulfilled my role as a V-minion. Paying large sums of money for less than expected results, was sticking in my craw. I had a 6 gig data plan and payed handsomely a few times when I exceeded my allowance. When I asked about changing plans I was offered adding more gigs for more money. Putting me at nearly $200/ mo. So I did some research and found T Mobile was tied for 2nd place for best network. I decided to look into their packages. They had one just for me, (the Tech savvy old guy) so I signed up. Hoping for the best. So far, I have upgraded to unlimited everything, got 2 for one deal on new phones for my wife and I, been treated with respect as a customer, and best of all I have 3 solid bars in my living room and 2-3 bars signal IN MY BASEMENT!! Oh the delight in my soul is euphoric. All this, for less than half the price of what I was paying before. Imagine that! So thanks T Mobile, you restored my faith in humanity and gave me a phone service I can use at my home. You ROCK!!
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5 years ago, ReaderGeek
App is Excellent - Misleading or Fraudulent International Add-Ons
This app provides excellent information and control over service features, as well as a well designed live chat. Their chat group is real support, capable of making changes on your account. Well done. Coverage and speed is excellent and keeps improving. T-Mobile formerly provided excellent international data at fair prices. However they’ve started to enforce hidden limits that make roaming difficult, and they sell upgrades that don’t deliver what’s promised or reasonable. For example, I recently paid $50 for a 15GB international data pass. I used about 6GB of it. When I returned home, I was threatened with service termination because my international usage exceeded my domestic usage. I use mainly WiFi in the US so have very low domestic usage. It seems fraudulent to sell 15GB of data, rigged so that if you actually use that data, your service can be terminated. Other than that, it’s a great company. ;)
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2 years ago, Imthelead
Got lied to
This isn’t about the app. I was told I could add a line for free for as long as I was a TMobile customer. I added the line and my bill went up $30 dollars. I brought this to their attention and they fixed it then it kept happening every month. They fixed it as I complained but finally this month they said they could no longer fix it because I wasn’t eligible for the free line in the first place. I told them that the representative assured me time and time again it was free, they said I should of known better because of the documents for the promotion they sent me showed I didn’t meet the requirements for it. I’m just saying in the eyes of T-Mobile I don’t know why I qualify for and what I don’t. When I ask the customer service representative if they are sure and they reassure time and time again that it will be free, it should be free. So after 3 months of arguing I had to cancel the line or pay for it. Again this was all my fault, that’s what they told me over and over. No responsibility taken for the lies the representative told me. Will be looking to switch soon.
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5 years ago, dalcavage26
Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced
I am currently in the process of switching from Sprint to T-Mobile I received an email that my account with t-mobile has been activated but when I tried to type in my email it would not let me log in. I ordered my new phone a couple days ago and should get it in the mail sometime this week I called their customer service line to try to have them help me figure out if my account is activated and what my log in is but they kept asking me the same question (if I have the phone or phone number associated to the account) and I kept repeating myself over and over until I just got so fed up I hung up and basically just said forget it. Then I go on their website to see if I can talk to someone through their online chat option and he was giving me problems and made it seem like he wasn’t even reading what I typed and I had to keep repeating myself over and over again until I finally just gave up again. I thought Sprints customer service is bad T-Mobile is NOT any better T-Mobile is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life
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