Calendars: Planner & Organizer

4.7 (104.1K)
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Readdle Technologies Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.5 or later
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User Reviews for Calendars: Planner & Organizer

4.72 out of 5
104.1K Ratings
2 years ago, starz3rik
Dear Readdle!
I love your apps! But, I am hoping you all can offer me some clarification between subscription Calendar VS. Paid Calendars 5. I paid $30 for Calendars 5. Loved it. But I noticed that Calendars 5 does not have some or the functions that subscription Calendar offers; such as TV Guide and the other special calendars. If I paid $30 for the Calendars 5 app, I feel like I should have access to the special calendars. So, I ended up also purchasing a one year subscription to reg Calendar just because I felt I was missing out on the special calendars. If you’re offering a paid Calendars 5 app that’s $30, shouldn’t that app have it all!? Now I’m not sure which calendar to utilize bc I have purchased both of your calendars. Side notes: Readdle Calendar apps are the best of the best. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this excessive review. Also, it would be awesome if you added the ability for users to be able to change the app style; diff colors perhaps. Anywho, I’ll keep giving Readdle my money bc I know I’m getting quality apps. What updates can we look forward to for the new year, Readdle, for Calender/Calendars 5?
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2 days ago, Deweydecimal13501
Why? The old calendar is same as the new
Making me pay yearly when I already paid for the calendar is just a money making scheme. Just like Fantastical. Why not just admit it instead of saying nothing. Those of us migrated from Calenders 5 gained nothing! This is a strictly money making thing for all of you. Updated: I have updated to the new version. It just seems clunkier to me than Calenders 5 amd seems to have list some the flow/features for Calendar 5. I still hate the wheels for repeating appointments- so awkward and old fashioned. There has to be a better away- seriously! Especially when I am importing a LOT of appointments the last thing I want is a date/time wheel for a years worth of appointments!! It should be automatic. I shouldn’t have to do each manually! The customer service people at Readle are responsive and I hope they can update some the features soon to make it worth the $20 they will be asking soon. I support their endeavors but they have to keep up. Look at what Fantastical did when they started charging - they still haven’t recovered their popularity but they allow the free version to have a good number of features and regular updates. I hope Readdle learns from them. Otherwise, Google and even the free version of Fantastical are looking good.
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6 years ago, JuliaEspinosa
I love this app so much that I fought with my company... let me download it on my work phone. Calendar preferences are uniquely personal; as a busy professional, I demand a lot from my time management software. I need to be able to see the days’ meetings in detail, but also simultaneously in week view. This is something I have long lamented about the woefully subpar iCal app: I have to click on individual days to see the events or sacrifice a more bird’s-eye view. It’s hard to fit both into one phone screen, but Calendars manages splendidly. The trick: vertical week-view lets you see the entire week + each day’s events at once. It’s a UI miracle! I’ve been using this app exclusively for years now, and it has withstood the test is time, as well as the transition from thinking I was busy in law school to actually being busy at a law firm. This app is free so you should try it and see if it meets your needs. Then, buy the pro subscription (for a measly few dollars) for full blown functionality. There are a million calendar apps out there, but none have made me send protracted emails to IT begging them to let me put it on my work phone. That’s how good it is.
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6 years ago, kate gee
Worth the upgrade cost
I am still not sure almost a decade later why Mac choose to separate out task reminders and the calendar on the desktop. Figuring out when to do the stuff you need to do - and to have it all in one place - seems like the logical efficient approach. Luckily Readle fills this gap really well. I have found the app extremely efficient, and impressively reliable - it updates my iOS calendar instantly- and imports reminders that I write by talking to Siri without a problem. I also integrated my trello calendars without issue etc. My favorite is how easy it is to set multiple reminders. And the logical way you can write a calendar event. Why Apple can’t get this right is just mind boggling. My biggest disappointment is that they don’t have a version of the app for my Mac (as far as I can tell.) It’s not a problem per se., only insofar as I’m spoiled now and really notice all the inefficiency in the old calendar. Ugh. Kudos Readdle, and please let me know if you do make a desktop version - I would happily pay another 15-20 dollars to escape the iOS one!!
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6 years ago, Sir👍
Very upset
Are used to think that this calendar program was the best one out there. I thought so highly of it that I purchased the full version. It worked great for a while. Then it started duplicating the events every time there was an update, or changing the dates in the future years for recurrent dates. It became quite cumbersome to keep going back and fixing everything every time there was an update. I contacted you about this and you tried to troubleshoot it saying that it wasn’t working right because of the calendar program that comes with the iPad. I did everything that you asked me trying to fix problem. But the problem still occurs. Tonight I thought I would uninstall it completely and then go and reinstall it and start all over again to try and see if that would fix the program. Even though it would be annoying and cumbersome to re-enter all of my dates and events, I thought to try that. Guess what? I can’t reinstall it without paying for it again. This has me even more annoyed. I paid for something that I now cannot access. And even though it didn’t work the way it should I still prefer it to any other calendar program out there. Guess I’m just out of luck. Very unhappy.
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2 years ago, Closet Pokémon fan
super helpful
I’ve had this calendar app for at least 5 years now. It’s easy to use, organized, and has all the functions you need in a digital calendar. Love the color coding and google calendar sync options. You can even create calendar categories and share specific calendars with the people. Perfect for trips with friends. Also allows you to choose what time zone you’re in while on trips so you know exactly what your reservation times are. During the trial, I was able to set events/tasks to recur every week/biweekly which was helpful. I still used the app after the trail ended because the copy and paste of events/tasks works for me too. The only thing that would make it better for me is for a longer length of history. It only stores up to 3 1/2 years I believe. I use the calendar a lot and would just wish I could keep all the events I inputted. Like how an actual physical calendar would allow you to see everything you’ve been through throughout the years.
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3 months ago, Techexpert007
Very good but needs some tweaking for IOS reminders syncing
The app combines calendars and IOS reminders into a single calendar that syncs across devices. The UI is very good. There are quite a few reviews here saying it doesn’t work well but that is probably because it may need some configuration to work. First make sure your IOS reminders are synced with iCloud, not just local. Verify if you create a reminders on 1 Apple device it also shows on your others. Then activate in Calendars the setting so it syncs with IOS Reminders (there is also an option for Google Tasks, but it can’t do both) which is off by default. Then make sure to set in Calendars an IOS Reminders folder that syncs to iCloud as a default for new tasks you create in Calendars. Do all the above and it will work well. Readdle could do more of this config at Initial app launch to avoid user frustration… Finally, Readdle creates good apps - their Spark email client is also excellent.
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3 years ago, Saffrel
Not meeting my needs
This might work very well for many, just not me. I’m not even sure why, I am not niche in my needs. I find where I used to do somethings with ease (reoccurring calendar items) now it has been locked away for paying members. I like to tap on the day I need an appointment to make the date. Instead, if I am not paying attention ( busily trying to record an appointment while being rushed out of the dentist office,) a March 20th appointment becomes a March 1st. Because it makes the user manually scroll through even when they click the exact day they want the appointment. I need more control to see MY dates on the calendar instead of the preset holidays and observances. As I write this, I can’t see my feb 14th zoom meeting because they have 2 different listings for Vday that takes up the place on the visible square. The ability to easily discern that there are more scheduled events in a given day is not there. The month view, the day had special global observances that I didn’t care about and (couldn’t delete), that ranks higher than seeing what I manually typed in. I am actively searching for a better app for my needs, and just based on personal experience, would not recommend this app.
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2 years ago, BlO0op
Used it for 8 Months DON’T PURCHASE
Let me be clear I’m 21 years old and this is the first time in my life I ever left a review for an app on the App Store that’s how trash this app is. If your looking for a calendar just stick with Google Calendars. This app is way too annoying. I’ve had to waste so much time resetting my reminders and schedules because this app acts way to intelligent then it needs to be. For example if I’m setting an event that is due in the near future and title it with the word “today”. It sets the event for the current day. If I’m setting a time or date in the title it does the same thing. These minute errors led me to miss some very important meeting and I will NOT be using this app again. Not to mention the bugs that come with this app. Setting an event in a “weekly view” or “monthly view” you’ll never be sure if the app registers it or when you close the app the event dies with it. Trust me when I say this the issues don’t seem to be that big of a deal but when you start using this app to plan out your day to day life it will add up and it will mess up. The babysitting that comes with this app is insane. If your looking to have an all in one events/task manager stick to NOTION using Thomas Franks method.
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11 months ago, M.$.R.
Favorite Calendar iPhone app
I have used and tried almost every calendar app available, both free and paid, and I find myself continually coming back to this specific one. It syncs with any and every personal email account and business app such as Apple, Google, and my favorite, Microsoft. Every Microsoft app and software which I find to have the best workflow, even on my primarily Apple devices. I also run Windows, Linux, and have a Samsung S23 Ultra, and I find the Readdle brand apps the most user friendly and streamlined, while also being highly customizable without having to understand computer science at a high level. In my humble opinion, go ahead and pay for the bundle and you won’t regret it. Having said that…. you can always check out the free version before dipping into your wallet. Either way, a great company and fantastic Calendar app from every aspect and to say I am picky and OCD about my computing is an understatement. 😂
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2 years ago, Bgifutdngcmhfi
Outshines All Other Calendars, Plus Amazing Customer Service
The calendars app simply outshines all other applications I have tried, and I have tried quite a few. The interface is very easy to use and includes options to set recurring events, change the color of the events, customize sounds and alerts, and see the calendar in a variety of different formats. They also offer a variety of widgets for the iPhone home screen which was important to me, along with support for the Apple Watch. During a recent update I had an issue with the application and reached out to customer service. Readdle promptly replied to me and corrected the issue within 24 hours. Their communications were thorough, and you can tell that they value their customers. The pro membership for this Calendar is absolutely worth the price. This is one subscription that I do not mind paying for because the application is that superb!
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5 years ago, zeekool
Excellent App! Just one question... (see bottom)
First I just want to say that this app his single-handedly changed my life. I have it always showing on the face of my Apple Watch, as well as have reminders on my phone and iPad. I have a lot of trouble keeping myself in a routine, and due to that it is very difficult to manage everything I need to do; I often find myself falling short. I use this app to schedule my days a week at a time, with everything from “Shower” to “Eat lunch” to “Meditate” to “Work” to appointments/etc. The User Interface is unparalleled - it is very easy to quickly read and comprehend the various items on my schedule, they are all color-coded and laid out beautifully in whichever view-setting or device I am using. Then there is the actual depth and the functionality of this app, both of which are in abundance. I can do (almost) anything I want in terms of managing my calendars/schedules/items, with a comprehensive “Repeat” algorithm - to just name one example - and an incredible level of integration into my devices’ software. NOW this brings me to my question: Is there any way to create multiple, separate calendars that do not interact with each other, and that I could switch between easily? (So for example view Calendar A only, use it 90% of the time, but then have a separate Calendar B that I can occasionally swap into view for a totally different set of blocks/events.)
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7 years ago, Pastalover12
This is a MUST HAVE app for me!
I actually have never written a review on itunes before, but I am writing it for the first time for this app because I've been LOVING this calendar app and been using it everyday. I have tried using other calendar apps before and this has been by far the best one out of all of them. I love that I can see everything for that month and all the events that I added so it's easier for me to see an overall picture of what I have that month. I love the color coding as well that they have. It's honestly one of the apps I use everyday and that I cannot live without. This has replaced my agenda now. I add everything that is going on in my life on this app and it does a very good job keeping accountable of everything I need to remember. Thank you! And I highly recommend it for students especially! I am a college student and it's been very helpful for me.
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6 years ago, AvidListener2345
Decent but needs improving
Pros: syncs with Google calendar, event creation easier, allows color coding and has different views for day, week, month. Easy to quickly jump ahead by day, week, or month. Cons: interface selecting dates and times is hilariously bad because it arranges dates and times in a table, so you have to scan around a table of 20 something times looking for 12pm vs 12am, as an example, and then you have to select 0, 15, 30, 45 on the bottom for the minutes. (seriously? Where is a simple scroll menu to select times and AM and PM that's on every single other ios app??) secondly, the tasks feature is annoying. The repeat function doesn't work. Also, it needs an option to keep a task visible until it's checked completed, without having to click through the menus and inboxes to get to a task list. You'd think that would be possible by using the repeat function, but it didn't work for me. Overall this isn't planning app on steroids I wished for, but it'll get the job done.
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4 years ago, BankerDF
Excellent Calendar & Task app!
I have tried so many different calendar/task apps, I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. Finally, I came across this one and realized I hadn’t tried it. I was surprised as I have Readdle’s other apps and they are all far superior to competing apps. This is so easy to learn, navigate and simply take charge of your day. I was one of those guys who used to carry a paper Franklin around; and admittedly thought I could never go paperless! After trying so many different apps, this one tops them all. There are so many features and the screen is easy to read from day to week to month. I don’t want to even think about the money I wasted trying all the other apps - so please save yourself money, time and grief by just getting this app. Also, I had a question from their support, and I received an answer within 48 hours. Thank you Calendars and Readdle!
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1 year ago, Macdizzle14
Best calendar app I’ve used, but it doesn’t sync properly
I have tested over 20 calendars and this one is my favorite, hands down- for many reasons. The problem is that the task feature does not sync properly from device to device. Example: I spent roughly 6 hours yesterday updating all of my Task Lists, adding colors, using my chicken scratch notes to update the app - all on my iPad. When I woke up this morning and turned on the iPad, it looked great - just how I left it the night before. Then I turned on the app on my iPhone, and it was showing the previous version? This can’t be… So I update apps on both devices, power them both down completely and back up to assist with sync, and sure enough- not only did it not update anything on my phone, but the next time I opened the app on my iPad, all of the updates were lost and it was showing the previous version that my phone showed this morning. I have probably lost 40 hours of productivity due to this. Very frustrating!
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1 year ago, Ber V.
Best Calendar App
This is by far the best all-around calendar I’ve used and I’ve tried ALOT of different calendar apps. I’ve been using this for about 5 years now and I would be COMPLETELY lost without it. It’s simple to understand and add events to, it’s multiple viewing options make it really easy to display what you are trying to see, whether it’s a monthly overview or a detailed look at a single day. The customization is perfect and the ability to put some events on repeat so easy is a huge win! And I love that you can share these calendars so easily so the entire family can stay up-to-date on what’s going on. I love this app, I check it as often as I check my email and text messages, it’s so important to me. Thanks for making such a wonderful and useful app, I would be a mess without it!
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2 years ago, timxoc
The Best
I have tried a dozen calendar apps, and this is by far the winner. I don't like to leave reviews but after seeing some complain of glitches, I wanted to add my experience. I've been using this app since very early this year and have never had a glitch. The widgets are nicer than any other calendar app I've tried, which is a huge benefit to me. I have all of my events synced to GCal, and the process was easy and has never had any problems. The only problem I have ever found is that my work email, an Outlook / Exchange account, will only stay synced for a couple days. I have to keep deleting and re-logging in to that account. But I'm nearly certain that is an issue with Microsoft and not this app. Thank you to the developers and stay safe in Ukraine 💙💛
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3 years ago, AmyB8484
Very user friendly, well worth the upgrade
I used the Google Calendar app for years, and as soon as I tried this app, I immediately switched and upgraded. It saves me so many steps, and I don’t have to do any scrolling. I use Google Calendar for my job so all those taps and scrolls add up, and this app cuts the number of taps I have to do literally in half, sometimes more. I wish I’d found it a long time ago. It’s taking me a little while to get used to the smaller text. I wish that could be a little bigger (I use portrait mode), but then again, if it was, it may not be able to fit as much text on each day before it cuts off, so maybe it needs to be that way. But I still give it 5 stars. Wonderful app, highly recommend.
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4 years ago, snotmyname
Everything I need in one simple App
I've just started a new job and have been overwhelmed by the amount of tasks and projects that were assigned to me that are overlapping. I've been in and out of Excel just to plot properly but it still confuses me. Since I use my phone the most I was looking for an app that would show me my schedule all at once and this is the perfect app. I can see all of my tasks (customized colors conveniently available in free mode) for the month, label it to the right departments and add a small note for more info. Something so simple yet other schedule/planning apps fail to achieve or demand a payment to do. Once I get my first paycheck (if I am stable by then) I promise to purchase the app. For now let us work together until I can afford the full version!
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12 months ago, ScramblingToRemember
Definitely love this app but fix 1 thing!!
I’ve been using this app for more than a year now, both in regular and Pro. I love all the added features once you upgrade. However, yesterday, I ran into an issue when I went to “edit calendars” to edit what accounts show up on my phone and just clean up the look overall. I went to swipe to delete the “calendar titles” (e.g., Home, Work, Health) just to start fresh, which it let me do easily. Upon returning to my calendar, EVERYTHING had been wiped out! All my appointments, events, and reminders! After hours of trying to switch things back, it was clear I wouldn’t be able to reverse it. My recommendation: have it be more clear what deleting the calendar titles entails. Apple does this well when we want to restore an iPhone, for example. Multiple window pop ups appear detailing what our action will entail, and how much of our data will be deleted. When deleting calendar titles, a window pop up once or twice to detail the severity of our decision would be incredibly helpful. I hope you are able to apply this, so no one ends up with an empty calendar like me :-) Thanks!
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1 year ago, Rog3412
Great calendar(S)
I am impressed with the Calendars app! It is, honestly, better than the default "Calendar" app that comes with my iPhone and Apple devices. The main reason for this is that it incorporates my calendar and reminders right within the same app. This is such a game-changer for me, as I used to have to switch between different apps to keep track of my schedule and to-dos. Now, I can easily see my upcoming events and tasks in one place, making my life much easier. The app is also very user-friendly and has a sleek design. I highly recommend giving it a try! All of that said, it would be six stars if it didn’t cost so much. But you get what you pay for.
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2 years ago, Williamjr974
Absolutely Trash
I am not one to right reviews for anything. However; if I can save even one person from going through the nightmare that I just did it is worth it. I loved the app, fantastic interoperability with all my scheduling apps, emails and personal calendars. This thing ran my life, tasks, bills, multiple work schedules, all my personal needs, birthdays ect. The features of repeating an event and customizing it were great. Until today, with zero explanation it deleted 95% of my life. All of it, just gone. Not just one specific event or app, EVERYTHING. I guess its my fault for trusting it and not having a back up. I just had to spend 2 whole days trying to get my schedule back on track, contact clients to reschedule meetings, trying to memorize everything I had so diligently put into this app over the last 6 months or so. You could not pay me enough money to ever trust one of this companies products again.
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4 months ago, NYKa11day
Literally the one app that keeps me on iPhone
I can’t live without this app. I have a fairly busy life and my calendar is critical to managing it. I feel the Apple calendar is far too simplistic for every day usage. The absolute killer feature of this product to me is the month view, especially because you can pinch to zoom in and see everything on that day. I have not found this feature on any other calendaring app. For me, when I’m planning my upcoming schedule, I like to look at everything at once. Other calendars hide events to save space or use dots (which tell you almost nothing). Best app on my phone and is irreplaceable for me. Don’t ever change!
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3 years ago, simplykeren
Worked Amazing until it screwed me over
I uploaded all of my tasks to this app and purchased the year option for Calendars as well as the FREAKING 30 DOLLAR CALENDARS5 in hopes that it was better than this one to no avail. I have spent a total of $50 and both apps have decided that they do not like my Outlook account anymore and are asking me to log back in (although all of y Outlook events are already available). Upon attempting to connect back to my Outlook, I am told that OUTLOOK ITSELF is running an outdated version of ITS OWN EXCHANGE APP (?!) and should be contacted to fix their compatibility with the app. I am now unable to synchronize my meticulously created and hourly tailored daily schedules to my proper Outlook calendar— thus rendering this app useless to me (although the interface is lovely) because it asks me to log into my Outlook account every two seconds and with even more desperation whenever I try to sync. Thanks SO much.
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7 years ago, Lidia Monroe
Quite good, with some flaws
Had to stop using it because it doesn’t have an Apple Watch app. That’s something that is critical for me, because I don't want to carry my phone around with me all the time. The positive: Entering appointments is very fast an intuitive. Good to have it just for that reason alone, even if you actually use another calendar. Tasks are great also, and worth it to use it to keep all your tasks organized. The negative: The daily page is just silly. What is the point of having the agenda on the left and in a way everything repeating on the right. It would make more sense to have tasks of the day on one side and appointments on another. That is one design decision I just don't get at all. Because I prefer to use a daily page more than the weekly, monthly, etc., I have to give the app just 3 stars.
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4 years ago, QuicksilverVV
Give Me Back My Date Picker
HECK NO. The whole reason I went out and found, and then paid money for, a third-party Calendar app instead of using iCalendar, is that I HATE that rolly date-and-time thing. It takes too long and is inaccurate, confusing, anti-intuitive, and annoying. I HATE it. Readdle’s Calendar used to have an option to use the easy, intuitive, efficient layout where I just click on a date and time. That has disappeared with this update. I used to love this calendar app, with its multiple features, add-ons, and features that made my life really easy and integrated with my other apps. But I will literally uninstall it if I have to roll to get my date.
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4 years ago, Discount_Dracula
Readdle never fails... create an amazing app time and time again! I have a standing policy - if it’s a Readdle app, get it! I have all sorts of apps for every category, but their apps always end up taking the number 1 spot. Btw, Spark email blows Outlook out of the water. My school district pushes Outlook, bc we have an MS 360 subscription. That’s what everyone uses. It isn’t required, thankfully, so I use Spark on my iPhone and iPad. I get ppl asking me how I did such and such bc it’s cool and want me to show them how. I tell them, number one - ditch Outlook. The only thing is, I’m not sure we can download it to our school-issued laptops. 🤔 I never thought about it, but I’m about to find out! Take care, everyone!
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1 year ago, FluteFaith
Calendar App
This app is honestly very useful. I am in school now, and you can schedule things by the hour so it helps a lot. I’ve been using it for the past few months and my calendar is filled entirely with school work, appointments, games, practices, etc. I’ve really loved this app. I only have one comment; I do not like that you have to upgrade for specific features. Yes, of course I understand you need to have in-app purchase to make money, but I don’t think the ability to repeat events by the day, week, or month should be a paid feature. If there’s something I have to do every day/week/month, it is very frustrating to put it in separately by the day/week/month. Otherwise, it is a very helpful app.
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7 years ago, Stephen R Gotteman
Better than Anything I Imagined
A WONDERFUL Calendar App! I recently purchased an iPhone7 and was shocked at how awful was Apple's default calendar with its dots. I then tried Microsoft's calendar app and was just as disappointed as I was with Apple's. I then discovered this app through a Google search and immediately felt it would satisfy my needs and installed it with no problems, and am 100% satisfied. I could not ask for anything more. It does everything I want. Based on this positive experience I then purchased the enhanced recurring events capability and am completely satisfied with everything. I can only say good things about Calendars. Keep up the good work.
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7 years ago, Chiq312
Love everything except
First, this is an amazing calendar app, I use it everyday, multiple times a day. It's a million times better than the default apple app. I trailed the free version and decided to buy the full features, I likes it so much! I love everything about this app except the location finder. I like to add locations/addresses to each appointment in the calendar. However, unless the address is already in my contacts, it's very hard to do in this app. I add the event in this calendar, then go to the apple default calendar to edit the appointment and search for the location (the only thing I use that app for). Once I add it in apple calendar, it appears on this calendar. Would give it 5 stars if the location finder feature was better!
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1 year ago, xumei
Would be great if it worked consistently
After Fantastical raised their prices, I happily moved to Readdle’s product. The views are good, and the natural language input is almost as good as Fantastical. But after I double booked a week of summer camp for my kid (two camps in a week), I realized that the calendar is not dependable. I double booked the week because one of the camps just doesn’t show up on the app. It shows up in the Apple calendar and in every other calendar app I have—just not in this one. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and guess what? The camp event still doesn’t show up. At all. The other events on that same iCloud calendar show up just fine—but that one camp event is just missing. So now I have to pay $100 in change fees to fix the double-booking. Fantastical’s price increase was less than $100–and I never doubted whether my calendar was working. Learned my lesson.
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7 years ago, Masterswagsvill
Great app, but I bought it and then lost all the features I paid for
Edit: it appears this app is different from Calendars 5, which is made by the same people and has the full set of features. I have downloaded that but must acknowledge that this free version is pretty good considering that it costs nothing. I bought this app years ago when it was a paid app, and it had a ton of great features. I much preferred it to the default iPhone calendar app. However, once the app became a freemium app, I lost all of the features I originally paid for and now am being promoted to buy things like recurring events which I consider a deal breaker. Can this be fixed, or have you guys screwed over those of us who supported you from the beginning?
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6 years ago, Horse n' a Dog
Encourages the use of keeping a calendar
Design with a layout for an alternate method to enter a schedule item's various details The ability to quickly enter all details of a schedule date entry due to choice selection menus makes creating appointments a breeze. I found the ol' roll-a-dail method to be a tad bit enough cumbersome that I choose not to use the calendar as frequently as I would prefer to have the calendar tool working for me. This calendar encourages me to the calendar tool as the best means on time steady track task and appointment listing set up to push me out the door to be on time for my next accomplishment. Gotta go now. My Calendar alert just went of for me to complete my next $ task.
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2 years ago, Eve is me
Ive used this app for SO LONG
I think I got this app like when i had an iphone 4 whenever it was, i was young and still trying to figure out calendars. Everyone used google calendar and 14 year old me tried i think every calendar in the app store (which at the time there were only like 7 lol). Finally i found this app and i kid you not it changed my life. It was exactly what i would have made. Was it perfect, no but every little thing that bothered me in the original version, the creator expanded and added and tweaked and now this app is an ever evolving dream. Thank you creators for all the hard work youve put into this art over the years :)
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7 years ago, Anubha Tyagi
Always my favorite app!
Thank you guys for the latest release of this app; it’s great to see that the development team looks into the reviews of the customers and correct the performance issues and all glitches! It’s great to see that the missing events in the calendar are back with his latest update finally! I was missing using this app because it was so frustrating to have events suddenly vanish out from the calendars at random, but now all my events in all of the calendars are synced perfectly within the readdle calendars app! I am loving using this App - and am enjoying all the featured paid version! Totally worth every penny! Thanks for making calendars great again! 🙏🏻
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6 years ago, dlj57
Don’t understand the charges...
Overall, the calendar is not bad, but I don’t understand how it is different from the $6.99 version? They seem identical to me. Also, I use the interesting calendar feature because I like keeping up with the Tribe, and I got charged $6.99 and it’s supposed to only be like $2.99 or $3.99...what’s up with that? So I thought maybe there was some upgrade I was unaware of, but no...same old calendar. And I’d also like it if there was color coding for different types of reminders...the colors do change when you enter events/notes, but they don’t seem to signify anything other than functioning as a border. I have to say, it could be better.
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3 years ago, TN Spurs fan
Update: Nearly perfect! Requests...
Update: still my favorite calendar app hands down. But there’s a problem with sync. I have to open another calendar on my iphone to initiate sync. Please fix this! (My earlier review:)Fabulous app. Week view is my favorite: nobody else gets so much info in a small space that’s yet easy to read! Brilliant. A request: the dark mode is implemented so differently—it changes all the colors and becomes bizarre: if you guys like this implementation, can you offer a standard dark mode look that doesn’t fritz with my chosen colors but just places them in a dark background like most dark modes? Thank you!
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3 years ago, DTD41z
Great calendar
I rarely take the time to review apps. As a previous generation developer I generally think quality is a part of the job description. The free version of this is IMO is at least five stars. First it seamlessly integrates with the IOS calendar. Next all the alarm glitches seem to be gone. What prompted this was I just added 2 appts putting both on the wrong day. Tribal to fix, maybe taking 3 seconds. The presentation of data was and still is IMO the best. If I had a need I would go premium assuming cost to value. I’m a fix income guy now. I think the free version is good marketing. If I need an app I first see if these guys do one. Super job guys.
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4 days ago, Doctor Flex
Dropped support for Calendars 5
I get that a one time purchase doesn’t bring in cash to continue to fund further development, but having been a long time supporter (purchased all their premium apps) the developer should give us long time supporters (those that made the company what it is today) the option to pay a one time upgrade fee to retain lifetime membership to premium features. Any time a developer switches from a single pay to subscription model I dump them (ie carrot weather). Good thing Google calendar has upped its game. All my calendars were synced through Google anyways, so I don’t have to do anything to make the switch. No paywall. Sad to see this happen one app at a time, one developer at a time. But it’s only 20 bucks. Yeah, multiplied by how many apps that want a subscription fee? That 20 bucks or whatever it is adds up real dang quick.
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4 years ago, Alexisdd92
Perfect for recruiters
I love this app. I use it to keep track of all of my phone and on-site interviews with candidates. I like to keep my work and personal calendar separate. So my iPhone calendar is my personal one and this app is my work one. I have a lot to keep track of esp since I recruit so many people in a short amount of time. It reminds me when I have an appointment and keeps me on track throughout the day - and like I said I can keep it separate from my personal calendar. It still shows up on my calendar, but as a different color. I can also color coordinate my different meetings with this app so that at a first glance, I know what type of meeting it is. I love it!
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4 months ago, Mattmyersmusic
Only calendar app I use
I’ve been using calendars since the beginning, and I love it. I love the UI, colors, event creation options, and overall feel of the app. I’ve even tried switching to other apps just to see if I would like them better, and I just can’t do it lol. That being said, there are some things that could be improved. - The app is still glitchy at times. - Allow for pinch zooming in or “expanding” the amount of space each even takes up on the screen. For those who time block 15 minute increments, the day and week view can get so crowded because the events are forced into 12 hour block of time instead of being able to zoom into a smaller 5 or 6 hour block of time. - When opening the physical address entered into the calendar event in my maps app, it searches for the name of the business or location instead of the address. I basically have to look up the address first, then save the address to the calendar event instead of the business name.
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3 years ago, katie3253
Holy Wow! Love love love
I searched high and low for this calendar app (seriously it took me days to find it 😩) I am very picky on my calendars. It’s my planner and my whole life at a glance. It has to show me the appointments in month as well as week and day view, ✅, Integrate my iPhone and Google calendars, ✅, Allow color coding, ✅, give me many, many reminders (I’m a tad forgetful), ✅ (I even paid the one time fee to upgrade for the extra reminders and features, well worth it), and last of all it has to be visually appealing, ✅ This app checks all the boxes I needed it to, and I realized I needed to write this so that other picky people can find it more easily
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2 years ago, Sandmanzach
My Primary App
I can’t describe how much I love this app. Ever since Apple got rid of their time dial on their Calendar, I’ve been using this instead. I am only using the Free version, and it’s not bad. The UI is better than Apple. It allows me to actually see the whole calendar and see what I have planned. It’s so simple to add events. I have never been able to get a calendar to alert me about this but this one does. It’s easy to setup. There aren’t any annoying pop up ads which is great, you will just be missing out on a few calendar features. If you don’t have this, you need to have this app. Such a wonderful app.
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5 years ago, Rotnosferatu
Do not download this app. It exposes your email to viral spammers.
This app links to your email in order to create and use initially. I created several events; birthday reminders, bill reminders, etc. No other app has ever linked to my gmail except this app and they started inputting sexual spam on my calendar by what is labeled an unauthorized organizer. I unlinked my email and surprisingly it still works. I went into my email settings to find that no other app is linked besides this one. I don’t appreciate the sexual appointments added to my calendar. They all lead to an unknown website. I have screen shots saved on these unknown persons with numbers for names. How do I know it’s from this app? No other account or app was shown to be linked to my email. Also, if it was your average business, they’d just email or text me spam instead of creating links on my calendar as an event to click on.
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5 months ago, DGBescu
Very good but one feature away from perfect
The app is very well designed and it works with all my calendar accounts I use. It would be perfect if it had support for time zones in the viewing/editing of calendar events. This is very useful when creating events for future locations where you know the local time for the event but you don’t know the time zone offsets. It would be super useful when you travel to set the local flight times (take off and landing aka start and end, in different time zones). Also it’s not as easy as computing a UTC offset in one’s mind since daylight savings time can affect that during different times of the year in different countries.
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4 years ago, Sydnib90
This app changed my life
I suffer from major depressive disorder, so staying motivated can be a struggle for me sometimes. This app in particular has changed my life though. I gladly paid the little bit extra to be able to create repetitive events/tasks and it’s really helped me out with daily cleaning, work, school, etc. I’ve come up with a color system that helps me track what I’ve completed and it’s rewarding to see what I’ve done throughout the day. There are so many ways to customize your calendar and I would never switch to a paper planner again. If I could give this app 10 stars, I would. I’m very grateful to have found it.
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4 years ago, Jpa11
Best Calendar App
I use this multiple times/day. It syncs together with any of my other calendars from Apple to google to any others including options to sync with state and religious calendars & holidays as well as moon phases. Best calendar for viewing an entire month with events written out instead of just showing dots to represent events. Invaluable for what I do to keep myself organized. Only complaint I have found is when in the week view it doesn’t default to the current week. It opens at the last viewed week. It seems that it would be more useful to open to the current week.
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7 years ago, tinnevl
My number one go to app
I rarely write reviews but I had to for this one! I've been using this app for about 2 years now and I absolutely live by it. It is the most convenient way to stay organized. I especially LOVE their month overview and the fact that you can read entries in the month view. This is the only calendar app I've ever found that allows me to do that. It makes it extremely convenient to manage my time at a glance. When I'm on the phone and need to schedule a meeting, I just pop open the app, can see within seconds when I'm free and can add the meeting info. This is the one app I recommend the most to friends!
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4 years ago, Golight Girl
At least let me see what using tasks tab is like
I’m finding major issues with native tasks apps being developed into black holes of frustrating needles stacks of selection to get to my list or having to deal with clunky interfaces when all i want is a decent tasks list that’s not date dependent. I ended up here after much searching and reading reviews. While i don’t expect to get everything for free, i know the effort put in, at least let me look at a small sampling/ limited use of the tasks tab. Only a price page comes up. I can’t see the tasks layout at all. Foolish on their part. I will only buy apps i can sample. I have bought way too many that the preview isn’t helpful upon realizing the limited use after purchase. Back to my search.
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