Call Federal Mobile Banking

4.8 (1.6K)
198.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Call Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Call Federal Mobile Banking

4.77 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
6 years ago, 002lin
New app
I love my credit union but this new app hopefully has more security but does not work better than previous.. I have to call more about this app and they tell me to reinstall to get rid of message like I didn’t close app after using “like its timing out” like I left it open.. well after reinstalling that works for a while but not long so reinstalling is getting old.. plus loved the way previous app showed pending transactions it’s a hassle now.. hope this gets better or I’m just going back to calling you, coming in or checking things via phone which to mean defeats the whole purpose
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2 years ago, Indoorsport
The writers of this app and its accompanying card control have made it so secure that it has become impossible to use it. Wish they would quit tinkering with it and attempt to make it more user friendly. This may make me move my account to a more useable credit union.
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4 years ago, samr763vaoh
Easy to use
I switched banks specifically because I needed one with an online resource. Refinancing my loan with Call Federal was a great choice! The process took less than a week and I am already loving the online app.
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5 years ago, Stevesbidone
Connectivity glitch error?
Been working great for years up until recently, does anyone know about the connectivity glitch error message? All 5 bars and good WiFi signal and it won’t log in telling you that you have no internet connection. It used to work if you restarted your phone every time before opening the app and now it doesn’t work at all.
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5 years ago, namvetsf
Good App but flaky
I have used this App for several years. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes not so good. It gets flaky if you try to do anything remotely complicated such as using “Pop” money or money transfers. In addition, the security measures often prohibit access for no good reason. I am glad that it errs on the side of too many denials rather that too few which would be vulnerable to hackers. Still it is frustrating having to make repeated calls to support.
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3 years ago, Haukea
Love my credit union but not this app
Frustrated by the fact I spend 3 times as much time just trying to log in. Weekly, monthly calls to them when nothing is wrong other than my access. Being told it works better using a laptop doesn’t help when I am not normally at home when I am checking.
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2 years ago, 7kingshawty
Great Banking
Always on time. Just make sure you never overdraft because you will definitely be impacted by the mistake. Thanks CFCU….
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2 years ago, bob227456
Alerts don’t work
It’s nice that they integrated the card control functions into the banking app, but I can’t get the card usage alerts to work no matter what I do.
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3 years ago, Bill Cat.
Forced update
It infuriates me that I can no longer use this app, having iOS 12 phone. How am I to make mobile check deposits? And, the update states it was for “bug fixes”. Is CFCU springing for a new phone for me so I am able to do remote banking? 😡 Y’all really didn’t think this one through, did ya? My other financial apps still work.
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5 years ago, lilelsie
Using Phone App
I love the ease in how I’m able to pay bills, check on my accounts & transfer funds..
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9 months ago, Belcher420
Call federal app review
It at works fairly well. Responsive customer service with Call Federal is great their staff treat you with dignity and kindness.
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11 years ago, Call Lover
Love it!!
I love this new mobile banking app. It is so easy and convenient to use. And what is great is the contact center who is always available to help if you do have trouble. I think I made a Good Call downloading this app.
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4 years ago, perkalerkaturk
Needs New User Interface
Love the addition of Zelle. The app and online banking could really use a major overhaul for the user interface. This app’s current interface feels antiquated. Would love to see something that is easier to read and more modern-looking (like Argent’s app).
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3 years ago, MediumRar3
White Screen
Worked pretty well until iOS 14.4. Now all I get is a white screen when trying to load the app followed by a force close. Tried removing the app and reinstalling.
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7 years ago, Sean Vi Britannia
I'm angry
This app is terrible half the time it doesn't work and it can't authenticate your password even when it's the correct one and everything is more complicated then it needs to be. Completely unacceptable
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7 years ago, ConCol_3
I log in correctly, it asks for me to enter my email address, and then it takes me back to the login page. From there it's just an endless loop and I can't view my accounts. Needs to be improved.
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5 years ago, stephencibo
App itself is fine when it works
Constantly hit with you are not connected to a network when im trying to log in. Even though clearly online
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6 years ago, Angry Greek
Never works
I’m not sure why this app can’t seem to save any of my info before logon, fingerprint ID NEVER works anymore, now I can even log in. Used to work perfectly fine, now not at all. Frustrating.
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4 years ago, barbeejean
Call to call federal
Today I spoke with Rosa. I made call today to transfer funds to my escrow. She was very delightful and helpful. I enjoyed talking with her very much. Just thought I’d let you know. B j Williams
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7 years ago, FeatherHeadXIII
This credit union makes everything way more difficult than necessary.
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3 years ago, NyKid212
App is garbage. Cant add contacts for zelle, randomly crashes, doesn’t work like a banking app should.
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4 years ago, NailRicVirginia
Does not work most of the time
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5 years ago, CFCU is the worst
Never works, checks constantly come back Worthless
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2 years ago, dakrux2
Worst bank app that I ever used, That’s the reason I’m switching to Virginia Credit Union
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9 years ago, Turkeyb0y
Needs more
It is nice having mobile access to account, but it would be nice if there were a way to see pending transactions without having to go to full website. Also ability to see a balance without having to log all the way in would be handy. If I am out and need to see if a transaction has been started, it is far too convoluted the way it is now. If I need to sign in to full website to see what transactions are pending then the app is useless.
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8 years ago, Twinkle553
VERY nice upgrade for the UI,
I wish to see pending transactions, it's hard getting an estimate of how much is left on your credit card when it takes up to 5-7 days for this app to even show 1 of several charges charged to the account. I know real time is a stretch but can it at least be a loyal 24hr update, PLEASE! It's about time this app had a decent upgrade, hopefully the next won't be so far away. A lot better than the previous though.
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10 years ago, Callfcu fan
Good but some issues
I like it for the most part. It's exactly what I need when I'm on the go, that is...when it worked now I've changed my password 3 times and it still tells me my information can't be validated even after reinstalling it and I know all my security questions answers. Could some one please fix this.
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10 years ago, therealkelz
Simple and Easy
Superb Mobile Banking App that let's me check my balance and deposit checks easily. Competes with the likes of Wells Fargo and Bank of America app. Great overall.
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8 years ago, Whewcyc
Upgrade is still behind the times
Customers want access to all accounts via the mobile app. I shouldn't have to log out of the app and sign into the website to see my savings balance or to transfer money from savings to checking. It's a standard mobile banking feature.
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11 years ago, sschellster
Love My CFCU
Love, love love this App!! Pay my household bills on my phone. Real time access!! Hooray!! Great job CFCU
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8 years ago, Tiffy!27
Can't login
I have had this app on my phone. With each update I am still unable to login into my account. I have to access my account online each time just to transfer money or check the balance. Please fix this login issue. The app is useless if one cannot access their account.
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11 years ago, MAKing5
Love this app so far. I had a problem getting started and called the credit union. They were quick to respond and got me up and running.. Thanks Call Federal.. Great job...
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9 years ago, 73719!
A little behind
Technology wise this app is a little behind compared to other banks. Touch ID login would be nice, and credit transactions showing immediately would be awesome.
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11 years ago, BeaverdamKC
I love call federal but this app is not up to par. Most banking apps allow a user to deposit a check directly from their smartphone. Sadly this app does not. Unfortunately I'll need to maintain my relationship with my national bank until CFCU can provide an app comparable to the banking apps available.
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9 years ago, Arghh1
Won't let you log in like you can on the website....
You know those apps where you put in your password correctly and the app still doesn't accept it? That's this app. Trust me, it's not user error (I work in IS) Suntrust app is much better.
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10 years ago, Reneecat
Overall nice app
It's so easy to use. I love that bill pay is so easily accessible.
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10 years ago, DT7777
New version issues
I was having the same issues with confirming ID and called 2741200. They fixed me right up. Glad to have it back.
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10 years ago, SeeJGo
Was a great app until
Latest update breaks app. You can no longer login. App errors out trying to confirm identity.
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10 years ago, Just want coins 123456
The app never ever works! I can never login and there is always some error.... I have deactivated this app.
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11 years ago, minniemouse10109
Bad update
Updated app now i can even get in!
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11 years ago, Akcollins88
iOS 7
After downloading the iOS 7 update the app won't recognize my identity
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