Call of Mini™ Zombies Free

4 (149)
120 MB
Age rating
Current version
Triniti Interactive Limited
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
4.3 or later
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User Reviews for Call of Mini™ Zombies Free

3.95 out of 5
149 Ratings
9 years ago, E doge
This game is awesome
This game is awesome
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4 years ago, MineCMelvin
My review of this game is how much nostalgia I feel when looking at this old masterpiece, how have times have changed, I played this back on iPod 4 long ago and now I just fill sad that I and us have left it. I ask of you guys to update this, don’t add anything just update it to where I can see my old progress and just compare to your new version to this older one. Whoever rates this a 1 star is just a critic wanting to be heard. Remember you guys are one of the oldest iOS game industry’s, and be proud of it.
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1 year ago, wild&wonderful
This game was so fun! It’s not realistic or anything but man this game was a blast to play and kept thinking of the game but could remember the name of it and when I finally found it again it was like a blast to the past. Super disappointed that I can’t download the game since it’s non compatible with the new iOS versions so would greatly appreciate it to be updated and I’m sure a lot of people would still play the game.
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6 years ago, Please no ban
Not best choice
I don't believe that this the best choice of a game to pass time I would of expected a animation and a instant kill to the enemy also clips and animations for the guns also more usable characters and guns also boss like enemies on the level 1 if your looking for child rating I say for kids who like to game at the age of 8-11 but if they are a smart one looking for stuff from games like Call of Duty you won't find it here it so to recap needs instant kill for chainsaw more guns and characters on this version
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10 years ago, Sandalyn05
Took money and unresponsive to emails
My son bought $4.99 worth of crystals and they did not show up in the game. We promptly emailed according customer service and explained. We never heard anything. We sent them another email to no avail. It has been over two weeks since purchasing them. So beware not to buy products in the game, because you may not receive them or get your money back!! Buyer beware!
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3 years ago, Stickycolin148
Wow best childhood
I loved this game I had it on my kindle fire and had every weapon maxed and was on day 1000 it’s was so fun sad to see I can’t play it due to iOS updates
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9 years ago, Wiiillllooooowwwwwww f.
Wow intense
It's a really good game and I read some of the other reviews and they say why doesn't the game have multiplayer? Awnser:cause you don't have the full version!⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️🔴-ps(neither do I 😐)
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1 year ago, The Dark Fox
This game was my childhood it was so great although I cannot play it anymore due to it not being compatible with iOS 16 so PLEASE update
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8 months ago, djdjhdjdisklzpqalsldm
i no longer can redownload this including everyone else unless they an device that has ios 8. sad you guys went bankrupt, hopefully you can some how rise back and update this so we wont be left in the dust.
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3 years ago, ProjectEXT
It’d be really cool to have an updated iOS version to replay this ancient masterpiece.
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4 years ago, Lovin it……..?!
Please update to current iOS
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5 years ago, guerves
I’ve played this game a million times best game and I hope they update it
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5 months ago, Dorianthebeast
I got everything for free
Well I got everything for free that is so cool
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9 years ago, It's.Angie
Look It's A Good Game But It Needs Multiplayer And I Wish You Could Pick Out Your Skin! There Needs To Be Mini Games Between Tons Of Player And See Who Can Kill More Zombies
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9 years ago, Left4Loner
Best App Ever
I love this app so much I'm obsessed with it I recommend it for anyone
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3 years ago, R.c.1220
Dis game is asomew but I which it was back pls game come back
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9 years ago, Owen2003727
Boss bug
I can't get in the boss fight. it keep saying unable to connect. I have good internet.
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10 years ago, John russbean
This is not a real game it's a fake to the person who spent money get the version that doesn't say free on the title picture and it will be free anyways and money will work.
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9 years ago, I'm hasty corse
Don't get this app
Fake app just get the free fully app😒
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5 years ago, Johnhacker
Where’s the new update? I miss playing this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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13 years ago, idonnied
Great Demo
This is a great demo, you must purchase the full version for savings, and getting upgrades! I'm on the fence about getting the full version. I think I'll wait till I hear if they will add multiplayer, or not. I like the controls, and gameplay! You can't beat one dollar! Keep the updates coming, and add multiplayer! The demo version us still good for wasting time!
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10 years ago, The truth247
Worst game ever steals money
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8 months ago, WXWAsphalt YT DACK 55
This game is trash
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8 years ago, ZMien
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12 years ago, chata2503
Why we should have the full version for free
We should really have the full version cause more rating and people will have more fun when they have nothing to do and then every body would be downloading the games that you make witch is even better so then people would have a reason to buy the apps. Please make it free my lil bro has an I touch and got the game a long time ago and it was free then after all the updates it cost 0.99 I was looking forward to playing it and wish to play with my lil brother but now It cost money);
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12 years ago, Wormguts
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Seriously guys? You whine and mope because it won't save, have multiplayer, and it's repetitive? It's called a free trial for a reason! The makers aren't complete idiots and aren't going to give full game experience in a trial! Plus, multiplayer is on the PAYED version. This is to have a taste of this great game and to persuade you to buy the full one. Sure, they'll give you ALL the features in a free trail version. This isn't supposed to be a full fledged app either, so you whiners quit complaining!
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12 years ago, Dinosaurr:D
Seriously, stop complaining.
You guys have absolutely no right to complain. This is a demo/trial version of the full game. It only gives you day one because that is what a trial does. You don't get to save because it is a trial. This is supposed to help you consider buying the full app by letting you try it. If you don't want to pay $.99 for the app, well then that's just too bad isn't it.
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13 years ago, Toshino Kyoko
Stop complaining
This is the FREE version You get to play day 1 with no save progress because it is just a demo. It is not broken nor do they need to add more days or a saving system. An infinite amount of days and progress saving is available in the FULL version that costs only 99 cents. If you cant afford that then deal with the FREE version
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12 years ago, marim
Doesn't save, terrible graphics, bad controls, starts you on the same level repeatedly, takes too long to earn enough money to get anything good, and to win all you have to do is use your chainsaw (that you start out with) without releasing the trigger and you'll kill every zombie that gets anywhere near you. If you have it try it if you don't already have it don't waste your time on this piece of crap. But I kinda want u to get this app just so u can rate it 1 star. p.s. It tricks you into getting it by making the title of the game almost the same as Call of Duty: Zombies Free.
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13 years ago, Silver2396
I love the app but I noticed it also resembled the game ( left 4 dead 2 ) which is great but I would like if you could work on the game a little more soo It could be a little left for dead to go and if you could make the area where you run around bigger soo like you have to get from a spot to a different spot think ( left 4 dead 2 ) thnx
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13 years ago, ><--< JOE
Tight controls and crisp graphics
I love how tight and responsive the controls are in this game. I think the biggest reason the game works is that there is no separate fire button to push: if you aim, you're shooting. It simplifies things and makes it truly enjoyable. People, it's only can you whine about making it free? Get it and have some fun! I am!
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13 years ago, Jam198
There is something I love about this game. And that is how the free version is the same as the bought version. In the bought version all you do is get more stuff, but it doesn't hold you to only 4 minutes of gameplay or something like that. Overall, fun game great time killer.
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13 years ago, Kongrater98
Wow. This free version is pointless. First of all, it's just a tutorial and a endless repeat of day 1. Plus you can only have 2 guns. And the last thing is the very frustrating fact that it does not save in any sort of way. This free version is either badly made or a warning. Ah well... I'm getting the full version anyways... They added more maps... But if you think about it... Is there a save button?
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13 years ago, Shotgecko
Uuuh guys....
Everyone here realizes this is the free version correct? They made it so you can't save or make progression through levels for a reason. This is the demo, not the game. If u want all the features buy it, just like the people who have half a brain and understand business. :)
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13 years ago, Skeptical at first
Too short...
Very small demo beat it in 1 min it's only a small tutorial and then a small day 1 Only 2 weapons I bet the Full Version would be much better but I still have decide on buying it or not 2 For cool guns people and maps It would have been 5 But -2 For have to pay for people and full and -1 for too short I will buy full version if they make multiplayer thanks
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13 years ago, diggy1381
This is literally a "blink and you miss it" sized demo meaning it's very short. That said it does give a good look as to what the game is about and how it's played. So yeah it's a shooter and you are taking out zombies with plenty of weapons. What surprised me was that the game is in 3rd person! Also it's just close enough to dual-stick shooter controls that made the learning curve great! It's awesome to see Triniti try more outside of the 2-D game space as well! Fantastic looking game! Wait why was there an ad on the title screen of the demo? Really?!
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12 years ago, €¥%{+bei639
It's a really cool game but their is just one flaw every time you would press the center button and wanna play later you would have to start all over if tear was a continue button it's will make the game much better
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12 years ago, Zombie slayer12348
This game is so awesome its just that when you turn off your phone it will start you all over and it does not have a continue button and it will start over to but other than that it's awesome!
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12 years ago, CDB34RI0T3
This game is much more than I expected, the guns are great, movement and controls are excellent, the only thing that should change in the free version is more maps, other than that it is one of the best apps I've played.
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13 years ago, johnbaoyman
Glad its free!
Im likeing the free games so people can download and try before they actually spend money on something they may not like. If u dont like it simply delete. Great game, simple concept and simple controls. More weapons needed though!
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13 years ago, Daniel-T
Difficult Controls
The controls are not that easy. Keep left control as is and change the right to turn faster while firing. I strafe and like to run circles around the zombies, but the controls can keep up. Most of the time you are moving backwards and want to kill quick.
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13 years ago, Daddyman69
Do not give this company any money
Purchased in game extra coins for real money. On mini zombi. When I started over my guy to day 1 they did not give me what I purchased or left at least the guns and upgrades I used coins for. All other games if restarted or erased and reinstalled u can keep what you buy. Nit thease guys. So stay far away and do not spend any money on any AP they make. Nothing but scam artist. STAY AWAY from this company all together
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13 years ago, Block Zombie
Well I guess
I mean it fun... but it good 4 lite. Need to add full for free and need multiplayer online or local and need to be able for sidearms, guns in boxes, grenades, 2 character lines ( ima guy but... U no wat I mean) and etc. Very good. Better 4 99 (can't find the cent button) than COD:Z for $5.99
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12 years ago, Legened Man
Ok I am changing my rating cause I hate it when I get a lot of ammo for my gun and it doesn't save and one time I upgraded 2 for each section on my gun and chainsaw and it didn't save. Plus if you look at the "game preview" it shows a you get to fight a giant zombie - when you can't when you play-. So basically it lies to you just so u rate it 5 stars. Anyone out there wanting to play, DON'T EVEN DOWNLOAD it!!! Please trust me and don't download.
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13 years ago, Liltim
They should add online multiplayer and they should put profile on many death and kills and a profile editor like change color and put emblem n stuff :)
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13 years ago, Thy J-man king
Its completely fun. For me to say a single bad thing about it i would have to be a hippie. Cuz theres killing and they dont like it. There isnt anything bad about it. Just, where do people get machine guns in the middle of nowhere?!
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12 years ago, ryannosaurus...
Fun but controls stuck in iPhone locations on my iPad
Fun little game, but on my iPad3 with iOS 6.01 the controls are stuck in the middle of the screen... :( it seems like they are sized for iPhone, like the graphics are scaling up to full screen but the controls aren't. Shame.
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12 years ago, SweetMadness477
Great game!!! It needs more weapons and characters though. To the scrubs complaining about things being too expensive, learn how to play. Money is easy to make.
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12 years ago, Thelegend1427
AWESOME and no crashing
I got this (for free but u should have got this on christmas cuz it was free for FULL VERSION) I got it on Christmas but the different thing was that the zombies use Santa hats. Long story short it's awesome
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13 years ago, j_jim_j
Decent game but...
I'll be uninstalling and won't be buying the full version. Everything I've read about this game shows that the makers are more interested in nickel and diming it's customers. Why would I want to do this to myself. I get games to relax not get hassled. Congrats devs you've lost a potential customer by being jerks.
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