Cambridge Savings Bank

4.8 (2.5K)
41 MB
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Current version
Cambridge Savings Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cambridge Savings Bank

4.83 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
2 years ago, avagroupon
Trustworthy and Caring
CSB has been my bank over 50 years. In all that time I have found the staff very bright, knowledgeable, informative and caring about us as customers. They have guided us through many transactions. Our family have had ongoing good communication and help from them. I know live in Bedford, and was wondering how doing my banking would be in a new town. Shame on me for considering such thoughts. Each and every time I talk, call or visit, they are there for me and my best interest. Thank you CSB for the wonderful employees you employ. Margaret Berman
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3 years ago, Caz DB
A great app from a great local bank
It’s not the flashiest app, but it does everything you need and I’ve never had it crash or error. As far as banks go, you could do a lot worse than CSB. I haven’t lived in the Cambridge area in half a decade, but I’m stills a customer; this app is a large part of the reason why.
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3 years ago, jcreviews_
Barely better than no app
The camera function for depositing checks is pretty disappointing. They tell you the front and back of the check don’t match in size, even if both have been centered in the box, and though it appears you have the option to accept it anyway, you don’t - you are forced to keep retaking the pic. (And if you do make it exactly match the size of the box they give you, it cuts off the check!) (And a slight difference in size is what makes a cell phone photo of a check potentially suspicious?!) After five tries, I gave up this time. Not sure if I’ll switch banks because of this, now that I no longer live somewhere with a branch, but I know there are better apps out there!
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5 years ago, Chutney6438
So convenient and Environmentally friendly
Although everyone I’ve met at the bank has been super friendly and helpful, I just love depositing checks and paying bills from my phone!
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5 years ago, blazerdragon29
Back of Check for Mobile Deposit
This app works well for the most part, but taking a photo of the back of checks for mobile deposit can take a lot of time and be extremely frustrating. No matter how steady my hand is, or how I replicate the angle from the front of the check, the app makes me retake the photo at least 10 times.
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5 years ago, TopAppleApps
Taking a picture of the back of a check will take you over 10 minutes! It simply does not work properly. I am a photographer and you have no idea what I had to do to the lighting so that the picture of the check could be accepted. Image now elderly folks or simply people who do not possess photo techniques! Please review your framework and algorithm criteria in accepting pictures. Some will choose a different bank for that very reason only!
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4 years ago, Jimpran
They sure make it easy. What a wonderful bank
The app is extremely easy to use and the pictures are easy to. Three cheers for the Cambridge Savings Bank
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6 years ago, Hansela
So handy!
Love this app. I use this app all the time to check balances an deposit checks. It makes banking so easy!
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2 months ago, David02140
Check deposit works poorly in latest version
I’ve been successfully depositing checks for years, but with the latest version, it took me many tries to get each side of the check photographed to the app’s satisfaction and it was a very painful process. is there any way to revert to the previous version?
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4 years ago, Dopemasterswagyolo420
The app is pretty smooth but the rolling calendar is annoying. You have to have a monthly calendar beside you to know what day of the week your scheduling a payment. Go back to the monthly view!
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3 weeks ago, Thisguy Reviews
Why would you make your app worse?
The mobile check deposit module used to function. It was a terrible decision to make in non-functional. Why would anyone do that? Users have to mail their checks to the bank now. It’s so stupid.
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12 months ago, shnuzzie
Why I like CSB
I’ve been with CSB since moving to Arlington 30 years ago. The staff has always been personable and helpful. I’m grateful to have a local bank with all the services I’ve ever needed.
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4 years ago, Corvette1970
Really easy to use
Haven’t had a problem with the app yet. It’s great
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4 years ago, HhueL
Bill paying function
Adding a memo to note payment reason would be valuable
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5 years ago, Peter from Woburn
A great app great bank
This app does everything I need in an app and it’s very simple to use. As a bank CSB is awesome. I love everything about them.
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7 years ago, RBSMYTH
Love the App.
This app makes it easy and convenient to monitor my accounts. Just like CSB. It does it’s job and does it well. In short, I depend on it!
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6 years ago, CPAontheroad
Banking is so easy
Most favorite is the mobile deposits.
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1 year ago, davestag
Is there better?
I have a CSB businesses account Winter Hill bank personal account Bank of America business account Bank of America personal account And CSB personal account CSB personal beats them all Quick Easy Love it
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3 years ago, Melrose mom
App is fine
App is fine but when making a transfer a memo line should be an option. 15 words or less kind of thing
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3 years ago, th0518
App does everything I need.
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5 years ago, B.C Greek
I love it! It is soo easy to use. With my apple phone all I need is my thumb print.
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4 months ago, racachey
Great app; great bank
Re line says it all.
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6 years ago, Music is me now
I’ve been struggling with secondary authentication with this bank. Their website won’t send email or text you. Same with this app. It says it’s calling you but it never goes through
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5 years ago, Disowns ones
Nice app
Always works well and is crash free.
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5 years ago, patsfan94
Limited functionality
I can pay, but I can’t schedule multiple payments, and I can edit existing payment amounts or time of delivery. Love CSB, please upgrade this app! Thanks.
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4 years ago, janfan50
The best bank
Very customer friendlly in all the branches
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6 years ago, רָחֵל 武
The best bank
The app is awesome & the bank is awesome.
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11 years ago, Cynthia Boston
Such a time saver from a terrific bank
Cambridge Savings Bank has always been great! Professional and courteous with very good customer service. I've been a customer for decades. I love the fact that they are on the leading edge of digital banking now. The app is trouble free and seamless and the ability to remote capture and deposit checks (I just now made a deposit while standing in my kitchen drinking my coffee) with no fee is just the best! No reason not to get this app, this bank is terrific.
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8 years ago, Okelle
Great app, great bank.
I have been a customer for more than a decade. I've tried other banks but always come back to CSB for their personal service and reasonable rates. They were one of the first banks to have an app and to do check deposits. It's only gotten better over time. It lets me check balances, review transactions, make transfers, and --best of all--make mobile deposits. My only wish is that Bill Pay were more integrated into the app.
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8 years ago, cranky-nerd
Easy to use, works well
CSB’s mobile app has been ahead of the curve compared to others. They offered mobile check deposit before the big banks did, for example. This app is stable (doesn’t crash), is easy to use thanks to a clean well thought user interface, and does everything I need to do on the go. Love the check deposit feature. Great app.
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11 years ago, jeckman
getting better
I've been using this since they launched it. this version, on iOS 6, seems to be more reliable, in terms of capturing check images—I haven't needed to restart my phone before I try to deposit! next, optimizing the check deposit process could be a big help... less taps, auto-read of amount, and staying in either landscape or portrait mode. maybe opting out of the instructions after the first time through? thanks, CSB!
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10 years ago, CSBuser
Love this bank, the app is good
Firstly, Cambridge Savings Bank is the best bank you will find in the metro Boston area. Hands down. The app is good, but has tiny kinks every once in a while. However there is a customer service tab under the Help button on this app that connects you to the customer service dept. they will help you troubleshoot anything. Love the mobile deposit feature. You can do almost all your banking from this app! Recommended!
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9 years ago, MadameP
Works great
Like the app - everything about it works great except the camera for mobile deposit .... 85% of the time it tells me that the pictures of the front and back of the check aren't the same size. As long as you can read all the info, who cares? Other than that, this is a good app and easy to use.
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10 years ago, Beeepy
Makes Life Simpler
One of my favorite apps. Always works, easy to use, simple & clean interface. Depositing checks is much faster than doing it in person, though taking an acceptable picture of the check sometimes takes a couple of tries. Still, it's the basic interface that's a winner here.
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12 years ago, jasons
All the features of working with a big bank, all the benefits of banking locally
The CSB app gives me features that I'd expect from a multinational bank, yet it's still my local bank. Iron out a few of the bugs in mobile check deposit (I occasionally need to retake a picture after accepting the first shot) and add features like amount auto detection for mobile deposits and this will be near perfect.
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9 years ago, andrea0150
Great App!
The Cambridge Savings Bank App is absolutely great. I love the design and the convenience. I used to get bumped out when trying to deposit a check in the app but that hasn't happened in many, many months. I am more than happy with all of the banking I can do right at my fingertips!
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10 years ago, PatsFan6X
Sick of the errors
Overall I love this app for its convenience but it is very difficult for me to deposit a check. I have to try over 50 times before it goes through. Every time I take a picture of the back of the check it says its not the same size when it clearly is. I think there is some sort of bug in the depositing. It gets very frustrating. Please try to fix it!
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12 years ago, Why a nickname
The only drawback is managing several accounts. The last 4 digits of the accounts are only visible in some of the screens. After logging in, I have to guess which one to click based on my memory of how much the balance is. Otherwise, I LOVE the quickness of logging in - huge upgrade to the multi-level authentication process on the web site.
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12 years ago, Hamo Field
This is a great overall app. Ye addition of being able to deposit a check from my phone will keep me as a customer forever. The only reason I ever thought of switching banks is because I ha to go out of my way to deposit checks but that is no longer an issue! Love it.
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10 years ago, Buddha315
Great design and surpringly good functionality
I did not expect too much from a smallish local bank. Its user interface is clean and easy to navigate. The app was an early adopter of the mobile deposit feature, long before most big banks including B of A. Highly recommended.
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10 years ago, Erix360
Works Great!
Does everything I could need it to! This app makes it very easy to deposit checks. I can also look up locations on the fly if necessary and check bank hours. Another reason why this is my favorite bank yet!
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12 years ago, metronomic
Easy, stable, convenient
I've been happy with their app so far and was delighted to try the new mobile check deposit feature today, a great option for customers like me who've moved out of state.
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10 years ago, NicholasM!
Functional app with modern interface
Works well. Features mobile deposit and allows customers to transfer between CSB accounts. The ability to initiate a phone call to CSB customer service is helpful.
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10 years ago, Ttoom
Great when it works.
I use this app for both bill pay and mobile deposit. I have encountered a bug where the check does not crop properly, and it can take many tries to get the image right. That said, it does save the time otherwise spent driving to the bank.
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9 years ago, Clash8888885444
Good at what it does
I will always prefer an app that works well, even if it has a limited range of features. This app functions smoothly and is great for looking at your balance and recent transactions, as well as mobile deposits for checks. It loads quickly. No complaints.
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12 years ago, ccb621
Check Deposit Feature is Buggy
The feature itself is pretty slow to get through, even on an iPhone 4S. After taking a picture of the check, however, the app will sometimes clear the account and amount fields and just hang, not allowing me to take the back picture. I still have to visit the ATM to deposit checks.
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12 years ago, Geof day
Show lots of room for improvement
This system, while terrific in application it is very very very poor in execution I've had to try 20 possibly 30 times to get this to work today and finally got to work so I guess to say it does work but it needs a lot of improvements--so that it works better. I would be happy to be available to try to figure out how this product can be possibly improved, to troubleshoot the carious failure modes , etc. thank you very much. Geoffrey Day
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10 years ago, Dan5435
Love the check deposit!
Great app for mobile banking. Check deposit is a big time saver. Only complaint is I would like to see more information in the account transaction section. Specifically a running balance column next to the transaction column would be helpful.
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10 years ago, Christopher Guignon
Good but errors reading back of check
Glad this app exists, but the virtual deposit consistently rejects the photo of the back of the check you are trying to deposit. Used to work better, now it's near impossible to complete the deposit process.
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11 years ago, Harvey F
Love the bank, not so much the app
Very limited functionality. You can't see outstanding e-bills, and the bill pay info isn't up to date with recent payments. Useful for paying bills if you already know how much you owe, or if you're willing to flip back and forth between email alerts and the app. Sorry, CSB, love ya but this needs work.
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