Cambridge Trust Mobile Banking

1.6 (45)
99.5 MB
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Current version
Cambridge Trust Company
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cambridge Trust Mobile Banking

1.64 out of 5
45 Ratings
10 months ago, CuttySark59
Don’t rely on the balance shown
CT are a friendly and helpful bank but their mobile app is not much use. We have been caught out thinking there was sufficient money in our CT account only to have the card declined due to insufficient funds. The balance shown on the app is not the same as the ledger balance - pending purchases are not deducted and other debits like autopays can be deducted but not shown while being processed. If you keep a big positive balance in your account, it doesn’t matter but if you want the balance to be accurate, forget this app.
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3 years ago, L'agine oujeaux
For the last year I’ve had to deal with the app forgetting my Touch ID settings. On the occasions I’m easily able to log in I find it SO ANNOYING and totally unacceptable that I have to go through a series of suggestions on how to use the app that I have to skip just to get to my accounts. They’re the same suggestions I’ve skipped a million times, yet they never go away. I hate it. I keep hoping when it updates those will go away, but they never do. Drives me nuts.
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2 years ago, jwilli01
Overall pretty mediocre
That’s right, mediocre.
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4 years ago, TriedItbut…
What are they thinking?
First of all this app does not recognize facial or finger ID. I have 2 phones and iPad versions, doesn’t work on any, despite being turned on all. Used to work, then stopped. Also for some reason 1Password is shut off from working from this app. Then if you want to deposit a check you have to go through 3 pages of instructions before you can deposit check. How many years now do I need to read the same instructions?
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4 years ago, TF1288
Doesn’t update in real time, so it’s useless
Before Cambridge bought Optima, I loved the Optima app because it updated in real time and showed me the subtractions for each transaction. This app does neither of those things. If I want to see what’s actually in my account, I have to log in through the website. I downloaded an app so I wouldn’t have to do that. This app is pointless. It also likes to forget that I use Touch ID to log in, so I have to constantly fix the settings.
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1 year ago, KTtex1
Glitchy, unreliable, frustrating
This app is poorly designed, constantly down, forgets your login all the time, does NOT offer real time pending balance so what you see is NOT a real balance. I have to go online EVERY TIME to check my balance. Frustrating to use. They need to find whoever does Service Credit Unions app and hire them because this app is useless for any real info.
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3 years ago, Jen2345543/
Broken App
This is the worst app ever. It is a major time drain and constantly locks out and then makes you wait 24 hours to reset and now forces you to change the password and reload the app for no reason anyone can explain. If you need a reliable bank app, Cambridge Trust is not your bank! And furthermore the bank should probably look for a new app developer!
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1 year ago, eye, eye, eye!
A year and a half ago I deleted this App. Recently I tried it again, after 2 years the App must have improved. NOT!! Customer service spoke patronizingly when I couldn’t get into the App. Cambridge Trust, in Concord, is a great bank with great personnel. Too bad the developers of this App are not up to those standards
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2 years ago, Audigit
Thinking of changing banks over this App!
Seriously. I banked at Wellesley Bank for over ten years and that banking app would be disappointing every so often. It improved to 4 stars in my opinion. Then CB bought them. Terrible app. (There’s a needham Bank down the street from me. Their app rates 4.9 with customers. )
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4 months ago, TruroRider
No Face ID
The app is useful but way behind the times when it comes to signing in. There’s an option for Touch ID but not for Face ID. What??!! Newest phones don’t even use Touch ID anymore.
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5 years ago, Harry Thebaud
Great app
Does all the things I need it to do, and i have never had a problem with it.
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4 years ago, Silent GIJane
It needs a Face ID option.
I had to revert back to using a passcode to log in because my new phone doesn’t use fingerprint IDs. All of my other bank apps have it.
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3 years ago, mibsphil
The app never recognizes my login/password, so I have to go to the website. Also doesn’t have most of the functions of the website, so it’s pretty useless.
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4 years ago, theniccolo
Worse everyday
This app is progressively getting worse. It no lager accepts Face ID. The visuals are awful and the information is inaccurate. Get yourselves together
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3 years ago, A~free~man
An app so bad you’ll want to switch banks.
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2 years ago, Beastmode_LOL
I literally can’t login
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6 years ago, Rjohn929
Device ID not found.
Works when first downloaded then after that every time I try try to open it I gat the error “device ID not found” until I remove and reinstall.
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8 years ago, Roygbivjr
Works well
Check deposit feature is the best. However there are several extra and unnecessary steps. No need to log in again just to deposit s check. No need to pass through two useless screen of drivel especially each check. If you really need to show those useless screens then only do it once.
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13 years ago, randomperson950
Finally you guys have an iPhone app. I just wish I could deposit checks from it. You guys are the best bank, you know who I am and always say hi when I walk in. Plus you guys open at 7:30 in my town which is great because work starts at 9.
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12 years ago, BankCustomerInBoston
Quick and easy
Simple and straightforward. Does what I need: check balances, make transfers between accounts, see if something cleared, etc. Really easy to use.
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7 years ago, Pimatrix314
Mobile deposits won't work on iOS 10
The camera won't work for mobile deposits on iOS 10. It's misaligned it looks like.
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1 year ago, Windlzx
不知道为什么还在使用这个烂水果手机和英王河对面私立学校储蓄所, 把我在波士顿的生活弄的一团糟。还有必要存在吗?是谁派你来玩我的吧?
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3 years ago, ConcernedCustomer123458339
Won't let me use it
Keeps giving me an error code and I can't use it
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