Camden National Bank

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Camden National Bank
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for Camden National Bank

4.58 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
2 years ago, MAV-IN
I Love Camden National Bank
CNB offers everything I need. I have a substantial disability which keeps me at home most oft the time. Camden National Bank’s system allows me to everything I need at home on my computer. Also, if ever I have any difficulty, they are easy to get in contact with and quickly and successfully help me. I have never called or gone in person and met anyone who was not a truly helpful, professional and courteous person Because I live on a restricted income, I like CNB very much because they have banking options that I can afford. Quite a few banks totally ignore people like me and that made me feel humiliated. I used to be blessed with a wonderful job, but I’m still a good and responsible person. I feel that CNB recognises that and that is the main reason why I love this bank.
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5 years ago, TimberlandBill1
The app is OK but the bank isn’t
Camden does not currently support any progress or notification over with drawl except to notify you by mail several days after the fact. Their overdraft fee is charged by transaction and will of course go in their favor, not necessarily by the order of the transactions timeline. For example, you have 12 transactions in one day, they will show that the highest amount one got charged first so the account can over draw with more transactions in their favor. Even if you check your account during a normal business day, they do not guarantee what is in the account until they post the transactions at the end of the business day and only then can you actually be certain if you have over withdrawn when it’s too late to correct it! We were charged $280 in overdraft fees after an unauthorized purchase was made on the account, I explained the scenario to them that this vendor was not authorized to withdraw the amount, they returned half of the overdraft fees and still citied it as being my fault that I didn’t check the account when the transaction that was on off the rise it on a Sunday when the bank is not even open!
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6 years ago, matthew woodrow
Great Bank to be a customer of
I just want to thank you all at CNB. From every teller I’ve ever spoken with, to management and the call center as well. You all do an amazing job of catching the fraudulent charges that try to come through in my account. You all work overtime to keep my account safe. I work too hard to see some scam artist take away my earnings. I see that you all care as much about my account as I do. Which is rare. I have banked with many others in my life. Now, there is no need to look for another one. I tell all my friends and family about how good it is to be with CNB. My parents are now looking into banking with you all soon. So, thanks for all that is done on my behalf to keep things working the way they should. God bless you all. Peace
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5 months ago, Coyote Kind
CNB app
22 years ago I chose this bank because people were welcoming, genuine and competent. I could always reach a person easily to help me. Somehow CNB has maintained that quality while facilitating electronic banking. The CNB website just keeps getting better and I use it all the time. This app is well integrated and lets me do my banking wherever I am. I now have to invent reasons to go to my local branch so I can soak up the warmth and be reminded why this bank is still special.
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1 year ago, spacecrap
Decent app, slow processing.
I’ve been using this banking app for a while now and I noticed more and more lately that transactions seem to be taking a long time to appear on my statement. I’m not sure if this is the apps fault or the bank itself but when transactions aren’t showing up till 3-4 days after the fact it makes it really difficult to manage your money properly, which defeats the whole purpose of online banking. In the past these processing transactions have at least appeared immediately in red to show they are processing. Lately however the transactions seem to appear late and fully processed. I really wish this bank would try to fix this, I’ve never had this issue before and it makes it terribly confusing to monitor finances.
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6 years ago, Saraena
It’s ok, but not great
It’s not as streamlined as others I’ve used, but my biggest complaint is that it displays your FULL account number. A lot of bank apps will only display the last four digits so if your device is stolen no one can do anything with the information. I believe it would also be possible for someone to find a full name/address/phone number as well right from the app. It’s password protected, but doesn’t seem to log you out right away, most bank apps should log out as soon as you go back to the home screen or switch apps, but for some reason they opted to have this one keep you logged in for an unknown (albeit short) amount of time after you leave the app. It’s ok for online banking, but could protect your information better in my opinion.
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2 years ago, hebrixidn
Quits randomly
Trying to make mobile deposit s. It logs out randomly and often. Update: more stable than previously. Balances displayed aren’t accurate but this is more the inadequacies of your online banking “off the shelf suite” than wrong numbers. Balances always show as total for all accounts, for EACH account. Can be misleading. Update April 2022, Random quitting problem seems to have been solved but misleading account balances still an issue. Otherwise I like the app a lot! It works pretty well easy to navigate and can find what I’m looking for
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5 years ago, whycantiusemyownname?
Looking for a bank that still cares
Is this review just for the website ? The website is great and very user friendly . Your customer service and the quality of your product could use some touch ups . I’ve had a few minor mishaps in my banking since my bank ( bank of Maine ) was consumed by Camden national bank . It seems like the Maine focus of this bank is all about making more money faster ,and at the expense of the customers .
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5 years ago, Dave, 603
Small bank with big bank advantage
I chose Camden bank for my small business, it ended up being a very convenient way to start off. They have all the big bank tools without pouring your hard earned money into a big bank whose base is miles away in another state. It’s been almost a year, and they have been an excellent fit for me. I would recommend them to friends and family.
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6 years ago, Sarah_B_98
Great features but app doesn't always work
Love the idea of the app and everything you can do with it. From transferring money, to paying a friend, or just checking your balance. However it's about a 70/30 percent chance if mine works or not. 70 being it does and 30 being it doesn't due to "connectivity error." Sometimes i'm standing in line to check out and need to make a transfer but the app isn't working or is too slow, forcing me to get out of line. I try to do it all ahead now because the app isn't reliable in a quick moment.
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7 months ago, HugMor1823
Old app was better
Everything still works but requires more scrolling to view your account balances as they now are not displayed on the same screen. “Quick transfer” is the same as “transfer” accept the “quick” option is not instant as the regular transfer is. Just a little more confusing and all only so the app appears more “bubbly”. It was more perfect before the update
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6 months ago, FG in Miami
Great Bank, Great App
I’ve been banking with Camden for well over 10 years and kept my account even after moving out of Maine because of their great customer service (and atm fee rebates! ) :) Their app is very user friendly and I’ve never had any problem accessing my account information or doing transactions using the app. Keep up the good work CNB!
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2 years ago, oklahoma resident
Unable to access
Whenever I really need to get into my account ti deposit funds or simply to check my balance, more often than not, the system tells me it is unavailable. It happens both during regular business hours and after hours. It is resulting in late payments on occasion because I was not able to make a mobile deposit. I have used my CNB account for many years, including for the last 4 years while living out of state, but if this continues, I will be closing the account. Sincerely, Susan E. Bryant
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2 years ago, Klolh
Time to upgrade the platform
A mobile banking app should be user-friendly. Having used other platforms, I find the camera integration to be very weak and often have to take multiple photos before it accepts. I also find that the app shuts down for no apparent reason. Honestly, hoping for an upgrade soon.
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2 years ago, phone apps need better QA
Works well, except for Bill Pay
Bill Pay interface could be mush easier to use. Viewing scheduled payments, managing scheduled payments, is not intuitive. Adding eBills doesn’t always work, even when it says eBills are available for the vendor. Also, the fact that Transferring money after 7pm does not happen until the following day is a pain. Can’t imagine why that’s the case, but it is an issue when my son is in need of dinner money.
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6 years ago, AesaSpades
Excellent app!
Are use this app all of the time. I find it to be the most convenient way to keep track of my account, and send payments to businesses and family. I have found it to be flawless in design and simple in interface. Overall, this app has been an excellent experience. (I have been using this app now for over a year and had no problems)
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6 years ago, Chintamanicreator
Good but crashes sometimes
The app itself is very user-friendly. I use it all the time. It has all the functions you need to make Mobile deposits, online bill payments and even automatic ACH payments. The problem that frequently occurs however, is sometimes it will keep freezing/crashing right after logging in. this hasn’t happened in about a months though, so they might have fixed the issue.
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2 years ago, LHoppie
Does what it’s suppose too
That app performs as expected, except there is some down time at nights when system are updating or whatever. One thing I don’t like is sometimes your purchases or deposits might not be in the right order which sometimes can be a little confusing. Overall though it usually is up and running, and performing how it’s supposed too.
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5 years ago, Emerald Mermaid
CNB app
I like the app very much but I do not like how it is not always up-to-date, things happen in the middle of the night and you need to know what you have for a balance at 10 o’clock I have one amount and at 11:35 I have a different amount with transactions that happened that day have not come out when earlier at 10 o’clock they had!! that part makes me crazy but other than that the ease-of-use and convenience is wonderful!
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6 years ago, McConkey 420
Frustrating App
I’ve never had such trouble w/ online banking. All my other online banking accounts have never given me trouble. So incredibly frustrating using your app when i type in the right password and it won’t accept it and locks me out of my account. Today for some random reason it actually worked. Makes me not want to do business w/ your bank though. Also i should be able to pay my Camden national credit card through the app. Shouldn’t have to go to the main website to log in to that account. I don’t have to do that w/ my bank of america or chase accounts.
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2 weeks ago, Franksam18
Camden national Bank
I really like the new way we can just do a quick transfer from one account to another. This is so much more efficient than it was the other way although the other way worked this seems to be a little faster thank you very much.
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3 months ago, Ghost,.!’
Business and personal application
If you have more than one account, it’s annoying to login and out to every account, especially if you have a business account and a personal account Just solve this problem by allowing you user to have more than one account on his login Or make a new business app also not very easy and I’m not sure if it’s possible to have 2 different login for joint account
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6 years ago, keggsreardon
Great App!
I love this app! It’s so easy to use. I really rely on it every day. I get daily balance updates, notifications if my balance goes below a certain amount, and I can contact a representative easily if I need to. I have also set up automatic bill payments using this app to pay my mortgage and other monthly bills. I have had very few issues with this app :))
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6 years ago, ecotracker
App review
I love being able to have my payments transferred from my customers account straight into my account. It’s easy and has always been fast. And I know it’s convenient for my customers! I give it 4 stars rather than five simply because I feel there is always room for improvement somewhere in anything that we do.
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3 years ago, amelody42
Love this app
I love this app. It gives me access to all my accounts as well as the ability to deposit checks anywhere anytime. I can transfer money or just check my balances day or night from my phone or watch. I recommend this app to everyone who uses Camden national!
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3 years ago, Maine Resident 207
Meets all of my banking needs
This app is functional and easy to use. I love being able to deposit my checks through the app and the bill pay feature is better than other banking apps I’ve used. This is the most comprehensive banking app I’ve seen.
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2 years ago, Majaro2
Helps to have.
If I'm out and about, it's nice to know how much money is available BEFORE you start shopping. I also like the function of being able to transfer money straight to other people—without the hassle of going to an ATM or writing them a check. It’s also great that it has the “pay a friend” feature. Very useful!
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2 years ago, Linda W. H.
Bank of America had a feature that I liked before Camden. There was an R on the side so once you entered a check or deposit you could mark it. That way you didn’t have to figure out where you left off the next time you added the new checks and deposits to the register. I’d like to have that feature. Thank you!
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3 years ago, jwoodward213
Love the CNB app!
This app is very easy to use and it seems to be on point anytime I check my balances..I use it to remotely deposit checks all the time and it’s such a breeze.. This app has completely eliminated my need for trekking to the bank and that is probably my favorite feature..
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6 years ago, BLTfresh
Yessss 👏🏼Camden National 👏🏼 Yesssss!
Good app, let’s me do what I need to do... and if I can’t get something working, customer service team’s always got my back. Love CNB for its people and free ATM’s! 💸 App criticism: occasionally slow pending transactions, sometimes laggy, and also would like to know night cut off times for transferring money before I transfer. Also, would be super cool if you “pinged” low account balances before issuing a service charge.
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12 months ago, rfeltus
Not great
The app is hardly ever correct when it comes to the amount of $$ we have in our account. Especially on weekends, where there seems to be maintenance on the app most weekends and your exact balances aren’t available so you’re stuck doing the math. Purchases hardly ever come out in order. The app is mostly useless outside of hoping your balance is correct and being able to transfer funds from account A to account B.
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3 years ago, mwtyr2654
Sooo behind
Where is the Quick Look, why do I have to log in every….darn….time??? Where is a widget?? And why, when I send a bank check for bill pay do I have to wait for the ninny I’m sending it to to cash the thing before I see it reflected in my balance?! I hate that. Just do what Capital One does, subtract the amount right away and if the check isn’t cashed within 90 days, return it to my account! Takes the stress right off me, that’s what I want to see.
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3 years ago, ikewake
Not user friendly.
App is constantly being “updated” and the warnings that are given do not suffice with the loss of a service while said “update” is happening. I’ve been forced into some seriously jeopardizing situations because of this and the response I’m met with is contradictory to what the reality of the situation is. Not being able to access money at numerous points in any given week or month begs the question of why tantalize customers with the concept of a good service with poor follow through?
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6 years ago, Rut Roh 13
Camden Bank
I have been a member of this bank way back when, if I can remember, it was Gardener Savings Bank, It was something like 25 years ago. They have some of the nicest people there who really try to help me through life and my problems. I could go on and on. But you get the idea. I wouldn’t Bank anywhere else.
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5 years ago, griesenj
Convenient and professional
I have been a customer of Camden National Bank for about 14 years and have appreciated the responsive, professional and accurate association. I am not the most proficient person with apps, but regularly use on line banking to deposit checks and manage my account. Thank you!
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5 years ago, infinity music
Touch ID unresponsive
I like how convenient this app still is, but it used to have Touch ID, which it no longer seems to have in my case. I tap the “Touch ID” button but nothing happens. I press my finger to the home button and nothing happens. I have to enter my password manually every time now, even tho “remember me” is supposedly turned on. Not the end of the world, but I don’t understand why these features suddenly stopped working.
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7 months ago, Tsjuri
even though I no longer live in Maine, I am definitely holding on to my Camden account. In my experience, it's the only bank that truly has a personal feel. I'm not a rich person, and yet everyone at Camden makes me feel like I am and that I matter. So, Awesome!
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7 months ago, hdmoran
Information right at your fingertips
With identity theft and fraud all too common today, it’s great to have my banking activity available for me at real time. The app is easy to navigate and has a lot of tools to help you be financially savvy and make smart decisions with your money.
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2 years ago, chandlerky
This app makes banking so incredibly convenient and they have assistance if you need help. I’ve never had an issues. I have been banking with Camden national and using their online app for almost 10 years and I am never disappointed!
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1 year ago, Highland House
Camden National Bank cell phone app
Transactions show up right away, and the Bill Payer service is wonderful. They can cut new debit and credit cards at the individual branches, in about 20 minutes, on average. Transactions show up within a minute!
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4 years ago, chip8764211
App is fine. But something is wrong with your log in
I work with 4 different banks and this is the only one I’ve ever been locked out of for forgetting my password. And it happens weekly. Once or twice would be my fault. This is not. And now I’m on hold with your rep. Even after he finds my information it takes him 8 minutes and counting to just reset my password. Please fix it. You are a fine bank otherwise and this is not a hard fix.
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3 years ago, gtriderr
Great app for doing online banking
Very easy to use. Works so well that I have not been to the actual bank in a long time. From check deposits and money transfers to just checking balances and account history.
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6 years ago, Quizzerd
Great access
The CNB mobile app for iPad is excellent. Response time is brisk. Graphics are very clean and navigation is easy. I haven’t needed to log on to the web page for years. Online check deposit is extremely simple. Bill paying options are easy to set up and use.
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7 months ago, RedHariboBear
Clear and easy to understand
The new UI is very clear, and I like that I can choose which accounts I see. Navigation is easy with most everything I need accessible at the base of the screen. Overall, this is a very nice banking app.
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3 years ago, AugustBlueEyes
So easy and convenient!!
I love the ability to check my balance anywhere/ anytime along with being able to transfer funds between accounts and make mobile checking. It’s awesome!
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3 years ago, tgc55
I use this app every day to check transactions. So easy to transfer between accounts and deposit checks electronically. Customer Service answers questions promptly. Have never had an issue with this app!
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5 years ago, sum dingus
Mostly good, but still has some irritating bugs
Sometimes I have problems with mobile check deposit. They want you to write “for mobile deposit only” on the back of the check before you snap a picture of it. That complicated things when the app doesn’t work properly.
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1 week ago, bsinbh
Happy with the app.
Previously I was going thru Safari to do my banking and it was really frustrating. Having been told by customer service that my frustration would be eliminated using the app. I decided to give it a try. Believe me it is so much better. I’m so. Glad that I switched.
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6 years ago, djtreviews
Mostly positive
Decent app for the size of the company. Feels kind of slow and laggy at times, but has a nice overall use interface. The only complaint I have is that sometimes later at night 11PM or later the app has trouble showing accurate account information or loading at all.
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2 years ago, SLP313
Bill paying poorly designed.
I have used a number of banks over the year. This is the most poorly designed bill paying I have encountered. There is no option to write a note which is important if a company uses unconventional billing practices or if you are writing checks to the city for multiple services. Also, searching for checks written is tedious. I truly dislike this app.
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