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User Reviews for Cameo - Personal celeb videos

4.86 out of 5
32.8K Ratings
4 years ago, TwainHarter
First Timer
I was crossing my fingers that Cameo would help “deliver” as this was my first time to use Cameo and my video request was part of a gift for a milestone birthday for my husband. 🤞🤞 Both Cameo and celebrity Charlie Berens did not disappoint! Thank you so much to both—you really made my husband’s day!!! Thank you, as well, Cameo for partnering with VidDay so I was able to include Mr. Berens’ video greeting as part of a larger compilation of birthday greetings from family and friends! Cameo’s instructions and FAQs were very helpful on what to expect through the whole process of requesting the celebrity video greeting and payment. The only thing I would ask to improve on is the email message sent to the video requestor/receiver announcing that his/her video is completed: it would really be helpful (especially for not-so-super techie people like me) for Cameo to include a link that directs the person to the celebrity reviews so the celebrity giving the shout out also gets a shout out. Thanks again so much!
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3 years ago, Carl Is A Grumpy Baby
Letting celebs take your money and run
So I purchased a couple DM messages and one video message. I literally spent a good hour scrolling trying to find the perfect cameo for my sisters birthday. You’re notified before purchasing that you’re not guaranteed a response. I went back to look at all these positive reviews of people saying this was legit. Well, I reached out to celebs with short response times and not many fans hoping it would help my chances of a response. Well, there’s been nothing. $100 down the drain for literally no responses. I think this app is a phenomenal idea. I love the concept and it really does make for a unique gift. But I think it’s wrong to allow celebs the option to just not respond and still get paid. I would be absolutely livid if I spent hundreds on a video message, and got nothing back. They should be held accountable. Turn off the DM and Video options if they are not fulfilling requests. I joined fan clubs where celebs haven’t posted in chat for a few weeks and yet they’re still given the option to accept requests. I know they have busy lives but don’t sign up to participate in an app if you’re not gonna actually commit to it. I suggest everyone read their terms of agreement. Lots of loop holes for them to legally dip out on a fan. I’m uninstalling this app. I hope things change because I’d absolutely pay for a shoutouts on here.
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3 years ago, Mmmmuzix
Artists failed- my money is trapped.
Buyer beware- if the artist you choose doesn’t complete the cameo your money is stored in the App Store, not refunded to your bank account!! There should really be an updated refund policy. My money is now being held hostage because 2 artists didn’t complete the cameos I purchased (totaling $250). This is an incredibly specialized service. It’s not like I can just purchase another one with the money trapped in the App Store- it’s an individual’s time/personality I was purchasing- and since they failed to complete the request I’m out of the $250 I had to spend on my loved ones for Christmas. I will absolutely be contacting the Attorney General should I not receive a refund directly to the bank account from which the money was removed from. It makes no sense that the money removed from my bank account can’t be returned to my bank account. I paid for an item- I didn’t receive the item- and now you’re storing my money somewhere else?!?! Refund the money back where you received it from- literally every business does this. Cameo- please fix this. And to the celebrities that are signing up and active on Cameo- please complete the paid for requests- us poor folks can’t afford a $250 hit. What was supposed to be an exciting and unique gift has turned into real sour experience.
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1 year ago, Frankie MD
Talent amazing, customer service meh
Love the whole concept for talent, fans and those of us looking for the perfect gift for the fans in our lives. My bf’s fav actor even did a retake for us because of a mistake on his part. That was SO nice of him. However, customer service is soooo slow. They opened 2 tickets for me, replied to an email I wrote, which they obviously didn’t read, and took over a week to settle the issue. It would have been fine except that I wanted the video for my bf’s bday and it was very late bc the app wouldn’t show the retake not because the talent didn’t upload it. Cameo should have a chat available to handle customer service complaints like this and/or hire more people if they can’t man their phone lines in a timely manner because it’s bad for business and their talent. Other than that I was happy with the end result. Made him laugh and put a little Christmas cheer in the pocket of his fav actor/character from his fav show. Thanks so much for creating Cameo. Will use it again. Merry Christmas!
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2 years ago, DarkMarkInTheSky
Thank You
Today I requested a cameo for the first time. I’d been wanting to request one from Martin Blencowe ever since I’d listened to his episode on the Normal Not Normal podcast, but I wasn’t sure what for. When I woke up this morning there was a message that he’d be with James Phelps today and would try to get some cameos out, and I took that as my sign to go for it. I decided to ask for advice or a pep talk in relation to my passion for acting and singing that I haven’t pursued as much as I feel I need to. Martin and James provided the sweetest version of “just do it!” imaginable, telling me I didn’t need their advice because I know what I want to do, and that as long as I continue to be myself I can do anything. I absolutely shed some tears of joy after watching their message. I may not know exactly how to get there, but I’m grateful to them for giving me the encouragement I’ve been needing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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4 years ago, CourtneyCollado
An easy way to make someone feel loved!
What I love about Cameo is how simple the process is. It’s affordable for any of the fringe “stars”, but there are plenty of those. Honestly there is something for everyone here. If you really need someone like Snoop Dog or Ice Cube, be ready to dig deep in your pockets (approx 600 to a thou) but if your receiver has a good sense of humor then you can get someone like the Not exactly Peter Griffith or your favorite star from one of the multitudes of reality shows. It’s quite impressive how many cameos there are to choose from! Then, simply order, write some personal things in the text and I would highly recommend adding the short video because it makes things more personal. In my video, I explained how much my daughter meant to me and how much the cameo would mean to her and we were NOT disappointed. Got the video in less than a week. Thanks Cameo, cool service
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4 years ago, EMSCan3412
The best!
I wasn’t sure about Cameo at first, but decided to try it with a celebrity who wasn’t charging much. It worked! After that experience, I went on and booked more. A few have expired, but so be it. They’re celebrities, they’re busy. Yes, Cameo does cost money (the celebrities get to choose their own amount) to get shout outs and send DM’s, but it is what it is. I really like this app and have been happy with 99% of the videos I’ve received. Some celebrities have a long response time, but I don’t think it’s that ridiculous either. Customer service has worked well for me in the past as well, as I’ve received responses relatively quickly (eg: I booked a Cameo and never got a confirmation email. I emailed customer service and it had turned out, there was a mistake in my email address. The Cameo had been completed and they sent it to me). Cameo does tell you that celebrities have 7 days to respond or else it will be cancelled, and DM’s might just be forever (but don’t take my word for that) since I got a response back from someone maybe two weeks later. The only thing I think would be nice is if the 250 characters could go up a little more. I’ve had to abbreviate and use less words when writing a Cameo request and one was a very special one and could’ve used more space.
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5 years ago, AhkAhkAhkAhkAhk1991
Great idea, poor execution
The app is SO SLOW! I’ll click on a celebrity profile and 45 seconds later it will open. Extremely slow loading videos or anything else. Also, what is up with the search feature?? It’s so difficult to find anyone you want- you have totally irrelevant people showing up in searches, and if I search “comedian” like 10 people will show up but then if I search “comedianS” 100 come up. Very poor design as far as searching for and finding the people you want. Also, instead of showing prices in dollars, it shows it in coins that you have to purchase, and you can never purchase the exact amount you need for that person, so it cons you into spending more money than the video costs and having left over “coins” so you’re encouraged to spend it, thus buying more coins. The coin thing makes it feel scammy and low-brow. That being said, the idea is great and makes for a really cool gift. Just fix the app and the weird coin system.
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4 years ago, Keithrube1
Makes people very happy!
All four of my kids have shown me different cameos over the last several months. I see the joy in their smiles and eyes as they send and receive CAMEOS. OF course I didn’t know most of the hottest” people today. As I took a further look I realized that i surely indeed know lots and lots of celebs, Athletes, Youtubers, animals and more. It’s my brother Marks Birthday and he will be 37. What to even get? It was then that I recalled how we all loved watching WWF (WWE now)! I decided to take a look and the FIRST professional that I found was none other than Mr. Technical Barry Horowitz! Oh how Mark was such a huge fan as was I. I found the cameo. The process is so simple. The recording of the video was taken place of within a day or two and it came out perfectly. I give this site 5 stars. What a great concept and gift we will cherish forever.
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3 years ago, BobbySneeze
Efficient digital content personalized with celebrities
Great access to talent, plethora of personalities to deliver messages for any occasion, clear and concise form to guide talent… it took two seconds to post in the morning of my sisters bday, and before sundown had a video of celeb singing my sister happy birthday with a bigger family shoutout (10-15 seconds). Like what? Download digital asset, distribute to family. Easy peazy. Sister was crying laughing. Priceless. For the financial players, there’s some education. Better utilization of talent (mobile, on-demand), talent in control (good thing for brand), creation of personalized content more valuable and tech platform seamless and can be leveraged to capitalize on future growth. Bring more celebs on! It’s the most intimate product out there. Ramp time baby! US re-opening here we come
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4 years ago, PharoahHeart7
Just do it!
I don’t usually do App Store reviews bc I get mostly app every has. But if you are as compulsive with your money as I am and it’s hard to save and wondering what’s actually worth your money and time, this app is like a way to give yourself a huge gift or surprise someone with their own idol. I just love this app so much! Most of my idols are up on here. There is quite a range of people from show stars to TikTok queens, actors, musicians big and small. It’s worth every penny for the messages and cameo videos. While some of them are pricy it’s worth it believe me. You can send gifts to friends or you can treat yourself which is what I did bc you know self love 💕also bc yolo. It’s not every day you get a personalized video from someone you look up to.
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3 months ago, Gngrasso
Avoid this app and service
Terms of service provide for a credit or refund if the artist does not fulfill your video request. In my case I paid extra for 24 hour delivery and the artist could not meet the request so I asked for refund per terms of service. Cameo is refusing to refund. I paid with Apple Pay so there is limited recourse. Company does not follow terms of service so I will consider legal action next. Avoid. Update: customer service did respond promptly and promised to send a refund by check. Will update again if check is received. Update: I did receive a refund check in the mail pretty quickly. Updating to 3 stars because the concept is great but company needs better disclosure and procedures for refunds. They should not accept Apple Pay if unable to easily refund. Also need better disclosure that a “booking” means “‘maybe the artist will fulfill request if they have time.”
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4 years ago, OGMagnum
no tech support for account owners
At first I really enjoyed the app. and was just starting to build up my marketing and clientele. but then cameo failed and when I went to technical support for help there was none ... I would get what is probably automated responses and then asked me if I’m ready to get online I answer yes and I never hear back from anyone... this just happened over and over and over. over a week has gone by with no fix and no results and now I have two angry clients and I’ve lost income. The problem was a cameo would appear I did the cameo and uploaded it my client was charged and when I went back to check my Cameo it disappeared... I could not contact the person and yet their card has been charged. The second client I received the request and when I went to do it, it had also disappeared. no explanations no notes and no comments in my activity log. it really seems to me that cameo does not care about me, their client, nor about my clients. i’m going somewhere else!
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4 months ago, Lehmanlaw
In the end 5 stars
I think it’s important to always provide full details. I purchased a cameo and the initial video provided had a mistake in it. The mistake was fairly significant so I contacted Cameo support. They responded within the hour and I had a brand new video that was excellent within two days. Customer service said it could take as long as a week, but again, it only took two days and was great. I highly recommend Cameo, but also recommend that you advocate for yourself if for any reason you aren’t unhappy with the video received. Cameo appears to have excellent customer service and I hope everyone has the same experience that I did.
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4 years ago, Tina Dawn
I don’t know what’s worse, the technical issues or the customer service. I’m a performer and impersonator. I signed up as a singer to raise money for a local animal sanctuary. I also got several other performers to sign up and make cameo big commissions. I was able to complete several cameos, but just as I started to gain momentum with customers, the app started malfunctioning. Customers were DM’ing me asking for specific cameos, and I couldn’t reply to them. It just kept telling me “can not send.” Customer service didn’t listen to anything I said in my emails and just told me to do a reinstall of the app. upon the reinstall, the app told me I was “forbidden” from logging into my account. I waited four days (with out being able to let people who paid for cameos know that I’m unable to do them) just to be told by the customer service guy that he was deleting my account because they decided to not allow impersonators on the app anymore. What?! Terrible.
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5 years ago, Kaytee7815
Still a bit buggy
Now that I know there is an app, I have a few things. The comment section doesn’t always work for me when I go to view comments that were left on the video. It closes and goes back to the main menu. (The website doesn’t even show comments at all nor can you find your booking history.) There are some talent where you can’t hear their audio on their main video; I’ve had to resort to going to the website to hear those videos. It would be nice to book through the app - which I heard people were able to before - and that would be very helpful for those who can’t gain access to a computer so quickly or for those who only have mobile devices. Overall the app could use these fixes in order for me to change my rating.
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4 years ago, ddd1177
Great concept. The app is terrible!
Cameo! I don’t get it! This is such a cool idea but your app is garbage! I’ve used it a few times (back to, its a cool idea) but it hasn’t been easy. For example, why can I see more people on your website than your app? Why do I search for people on the app that I KNOW are on the website, but they don’t show up on the app? Why aren’t celebs names in some kind of logical or alphabetical order? The app should be named CHAOS because that’s how the user feels. Also, you need to provide a text box with more characters to make requests. I get capping it at a limit, but I basically have to abbreviate every word to give the celeb context for the message. Not good for the user or fair to the celeb. And don’t get me started on the constant price fluctuations depending on app or web. Not cool... little consistency here would make this an incredible idea.
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3 years ago, smkymts
Robert Picardo
Just purchased Robert Picardo to send my wife a message and he was fantastic! Both of us rolled in laughter and watched it over and over and she had to share with all her friends placing me on a pedestal as the best husband ever. If you are a Star Trek Voyager fan of a fan of Robert, do not hesitate to signup. It was worth the time and cost to get this personal message and I want to thank both Robert for you time and talent and to all the people behind Cameo. This is the most original ideal for a gift I have even seen. My family could not believe it was real at first thinking it was a gimmick but then quickly realized that it was real because of all the personal info he referenced. OMG best decision I ever made!
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8 months ago, BSBgal#1
Last time I use this
I requested a refund because the person I wanted didn’t fulfill my request. Used to they would give you your money back now I’m $80 out of pocket and it’s just gone! Poof! And I desperately need that money but apparently y’all don’t do that anymore! Your going to lose a lot of people if you don’t give their money back cause you just lost me! I used to love getting cameo from my favorite celebrities. Not anymore if I’m gonna lose my money cause they don’t respond! I work hard for my money and if I need it back then I need it back! I have thing that $80 can be spent on other than just losing it! Help me out come on! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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3 years ago, jjjjjj29383838
Loved my video but can’t cancel account
So I tried cameo on a whim as a gift to my family member and I LOVED it, the process was seamless and my video was AMAZING! I was super happy on that front, but I’m a firm believer of once I’m done with an account/app, I try to have my information deleted, account removed, and happily delete the app unless I need it again another day. Unfortunately, I have been trying to have my info removed for over a month now, with no success which is kind of weird. Usually account removals are easy peasy on the IT front, but all I do is get a generic email saying “we received you’re request. We’re on it” but no one is actually “on it.” I have about 11 different “open requests” in my account all requesting to remove it with no response or way to get a response from a live person. A little suspicious to me
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4 years ago, Skylarq23
I just love Lisa vp! Best cameo
I literally cried when my husband surprised me with this. I love vp rules and vanderpump dogs. Her cameo was so sweet and genuine it totally made my Christmas morning. I got some great gifts but this is the most special. I am very sick and handicapped and it would mean the world to me if she’d be willing to give me some words of inspiration for my upcoming birthday. She is such a successful, genuine, sweet, and caring woman, the total opposite of my mother. I look up to her as a role model. I have 8 dogs and what she does with her foundation and charity due to her love of dogs is inspiring and warms my heart! Please Lisa come back for my birthday!! It also didn’t hurt that I got over 7,000 likes on my ig and Fb accounts combined. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
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1 year ago, MyEggsCoolOff
Total disappointment
Please be aware that just because a “celebrity” is on Cameo, it doesn’t NOT mean that you will get what you paid for. I’m not saying bad service, I’m saying no service at all. You don’t get your money back either, all you get is a credit. So, I am on my 4th attempt to get a birthday cameo for my daughter. I was so, so, so excited to surprise her with this. What a letdown. Now of course it tells you that you don’t get refunds, only credits. But who on earth would even imagine there was a chance you were just lighting your money on fire. Absolutely insane. I can’t believe your money is taken for nothing in return. There is no other “celebrity” that I can think of that my daughter would like. I don’t think you should be allowed on the app if you ignore requests. There should be some type of terms of service for the talent. Otherwise, it’s just garbage and a scam.
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3 years ago, TLAR5star
Requested a birthday video from Robbie Coltrane
We requested a 21st birthday video from Robbie for our son who is quite a film buff, Harry Potter fan, and aspiring actor. When Robbie wasn’t able to complete the first request I was disappointed, but fortunately was able to book him again right away and he completed it within a couple of days (and yes, the price went up but we really wanted something special). Robbie couldn’t have been more warm, kind, and genuine and made about a 2.5 minute video. I messaged him to thank him after watching it and he replied right away! Very impressed and so happy with it. It’s going to be such a great surprise.
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4 years ago, alliechaney15
Never received anything but was CHARGED.
I am a very reasonable person. During this pandemic, as a teacher, I have been saving for a birthday gift for my boyfriend. I recently booked a Cameo with Seth Curry for $200. I received no confirmation email, so I contacted Cameo. They told me that they have no record of my booking and to contact Apple. Apple said because the charge has already gone through and since the money has gone to Cameo, they would need to either credit me or refund me. Look, I would never ask for a refund if I received the product I paid for. But I’ve never been GIVEN any product or a credit to repurchase the product. Cameo has yet to make it right. Please, cameo, have compassion. Don’t steal from people. I want to support your company, but your company has charged me and given me nothing in return.. not even a store credit. I understand it might have been a glitch with the app, but please make it right.
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2 years ago, retssnl
Super cool, Love it!!
I absolutely love this app! I’ve purchased over 20 videos in the past two years. Get to talk to idols, ask questions, and fingers crossed they pronounce your name correctly! The ONLY reason I didn’t give a 5-Star rating is because I spent $100 on a video and the actress rejected it both times, stating it didn’t make sense when all it was were a bunch of questions from CHARMED. It’s annoying when my own birthday gift is rejected twice and the actress’ rating doesn’t change. If they reject a video, their Rating should change (as if I left a bad review) - instead of not getting my video, irritated at the actress and the show CHARMED, and she still gets to keep her positive rating…
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4 years ago, Sarigorn
I wanted to find some different way of celebrating my husband’s birthday during this pandemic. So I browsed online and found this website last minute, right before his birthday, to be precise it was 11:45pm, one day before the day! I was ashamed of asking and order with such last-minute notice. I know how busy people are and the different time zones! I thought he would not get this in time! But Mr. Yerolemou delivered just before my husband woke up! I got the chance to see my husband big smile! He actually loved the scenes with Miltos Yerolemou in GOT! Thank you so much I will for sure let others know about you! I hope you and your beloved ones are healthy and safe!
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12 months ago, BSpieke
Another Home Run
Eric, you never fail to impress me with the wonderful way you do your Cameos! Always so cheerful and personal, you bring a smile to my face every time. You answered my question thoroughly and gave me some insight into the things that make you happy. You are genuinely interested in the things we share with you and that’s one of the nicest things about you. You truly are an appreciator of humans! Perhaps on Patreon I’ll share with you the story of finding my brother. SSD really did play a part in it and for that, I’m grateful to you and your fellow cast mates. Thanks for being such a sweet and caring celebrity! 💙
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5 months ago, Shadagee
A challenging request!
I asked Gary Puckett to send a message of encouragement to my friend. She suffered a great tragedy and the impact has really laid her low. It can’t have been easy to come up with something appropriate for the situation, but Gary did it. He found the perfect words, just as though he knew her personally. He shared his own story, he sang to her and it came from his heart. We put our idols in such awkward positions because they feel so familiar to us when they really are not. So, in this insane, dangerous world, thank you for putting yourself out there, Gary. You made a difference in someone’s life today.
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3 years ago, Skipperflute
Love Cameo!!
I have both received special Cameo messages and sent them, and I absolutely love the concept! Sometimes the prices are high but the messages are well worth it. Make sure you request your desired Cameo early because it can take a while to receive them and sometimes the person you request chooses not to do it at all. But that’s just the way it goes and I totally understand that. Just give yourself time to come up with another gift in case your requested Cameo doesn’t come through. Some are short and some are long, so there are no guarantees. But I have been very lucky so far!
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2 years ago, Hunebare
Love the app. Not the cells
I get it celebs are busy people too. I just wish Cameo would put some type of requirement for the celebs that have an account that they have to do so many live requests per week, month or whatever. I just joined a celebs vip back in May and I haven’t been able to book one request with him yet. And I’ve seen some that haven’t done any in over a year!! What’s the point in connecting with your fans if your not even gonna make the effort. People are paying for this monthly service and waiting for you to show up and you can’t even make an effort. If it were a requirement. We would see how many of them would actually still use their cameo accounts.
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1 year ago, MaskedWagon
Randy Rainbow Rocks
Cameo is a great idea to get someone (or yourself) as a gift. The app is very easy to use and their customer service is speedy and helpful. My only issue is if the talent gets busy, your request will expire. They have the ability to pause their availability but sometimes they don’t or maybe they get inundated with requests. The only thing I really don’t like is you are limited to 250 characters to explain your request. That is not enough and they should permit at least 300. I had to send my request to Randy Rainbow 3 times but when I finally received it, it was the best and made me so happy. Definitely recommend.
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3 years ago, Scruzzer
An All Around Great Idea
Cameo gives us a great way to surprise our friends and lets us support the entertainment and sports industries. I love this idea. It’s extremely easy to use. You send your recipient’s name and write a brief message to the celebrity. You can also record a 20 second video for the celebrity to watch. I love that it has a 20 second timer on the camera interface. The video goes directly to you . You get to deliver it as you see fit. I posted a video on my friend’s wall and she died laughing. It was a big hit with friends. I ordered a music pep talk for my friend and I can’t wait to see it. I might cry.
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4 years ago, Blackhawk Mech.
Proven wrong
I was initially skeptical about Cameo, thinking that it was some sort of scam for celebrities to milk the masses. However I was thankfully wrong about that. As I shot a request to Peter Weber from the Bachelor, to surprise my wife with a birthday video. His video greatly surpassed my expectations!! It was incredible the consideration he took to be genuine about my message request for my wife. I am truly grateful for it and I would highly recommend to my friends and family to give it a shot to reach out to their idols on Cameo. The reactions you can give to loved ones are priceless. 😊 Thank you Peter Weber and Cameo for making this happen.
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3 years ago, Mott Scartin
This is insane
Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd, I grew up watching him in concert videos, my dad used to mock the way he played guitar (in a good way, of course), and not only was it a gift to my dad for Father’s Day, it was a gift to me! He sent an almost 3-minute long video! I couldn’t stop watching it! This experience was totally unreal, totally worth it, and I would recommend this to anyone. Just hope that you get a guy/Gal that takes the time to send a heartfelt message, some (like Jordan Belfort) last 15-30 seconds and has little to no thought into it. Aside from that, it’s a surreal experience and I know it made my dad’s entire year :)
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2 years ago, Di whi
Inspiring talk from Funkanometry to my grandsons!!!!!! It was🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jacksun and Carlow from Funkanometry are outstanding young men. They have pursued their dreams through hard work. They are an amazing duo dance team . They have killed it on Tic Toc and for that matter every other social media format in existence. They are real and down to earth. Talented dancers with a special musicality. Listening to them do a dance breakdown is fantastic the subtle nuisances of a pause or an animation. On AGT they had their audition the beginning of June. Can’t wait to see their next adventure. What a wonderful role models these young men are for children of today!!!
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3 years ago, briwei
A surprisingly great time
Cameo allows you to get personal video messages with a wide range of celebrities. And you can see samples of the messages they have sent before you choose. It sounds silly, but trust me, it isn’t! I’m not obsessed with celebrity, but a birthday message from a favorite actor or a pep talk from a meaningful voice actor at the right time for someone you care about can make all the difference. My daughter thought I had lost my mind when I started giving these as gifts. Then she got a personal pep talk from Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender. And he connected with her so well that she cried.
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3 years ago, Allie4218
Very cool
I was surprised how affordable it is to get a message from someone. The more you search the more you will find people who would be suitable to give messages to just about anyone you know. The only thing is they only allow you to send the request with 250 characters, I understand they shouldn’t have to read a bunch of paragraphs for the message but maybe a little more room for description. I didn’t feel it was enough space to say what I wanted or didn’t want. The wrestling legend I hired was super fast to respond and I was happy with the whole transaction
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4 years ago, emma_100
Tried two 3 times, no response
The first time I got a cameo, I spent $20 on it. The person never sent me the cameo. I sent my request again (because cameo doesn’t refund you it just goes back to your account and you can use it on other cameos) still no answer. I dm’d the person (which costs money to do) still no answer. Then I tried cameo on another person who said the wait time for a response is one hour. I sent a request and it says he saw it but 20 hours later, no response. I use more money to dm him to ask him if he didn’t like what I wrote and if I should submit something else, it’s been a few hours, no response. I think that they shouldn’t be able to deny your response because it’s really not fair to me. I am spending money on this app and I’m not even getting responses from anyone. Not a fan!
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4 years ago, Whiskey D
Deeply flawed
The app and service provides zero support. I ordered a Cameo about a week ago. Never received confirmation email or anything of the sort (as I had in all previous Cameo purchases). Afraid I was missing the event that I purchased for,I attempted to contact Cameo to see where we were w it. There is no way to contact them- nothing in the app anyway. I next asked a refund from Apple so I could re-order (again, timing was key). Apple said a refund was issued. It wasn’t- I checked my account to which it was linked repeatedly. I then guessed it took a couple days to get refund, so I re-ordered from Cameo. (Again, zero guidance or recourse available). My re-submitted request went perfectly- came back in less than a day. Great. Then, three full days after the receipt and completion of my second request, Cameo emails me saying my first request is being processed. No! I hopped online to see about cancelling/contacting them. Nothing. I now have two of the same message from my Cameo request to the tune of $320. Why would I want that? Why is there no capacity to ask questions on their service or lack thereof? They are garbage- they give customers no ability to contact them w issues.
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3 years ago, E.Z_Boogie
I couldn’t get past the login or sign in.
I don’t mean to be rude about this, but I put in my email, and it said I was wrong. I redid it two times and nothing worked. It was so frustrating!! I know my password inward and outward, so I’m not quite sure how I got it wrong. I saw another person’s review, and it seemed to work fine for them, yet when I did it, it didn’t work! Anyways, before this, I did the sign in. I got to the birthday part where it says to put in my birthday, and it was very insulting when it didn’t let me in! It said, “you are too old for this app. Go and spend time with your family while you still can.” I can’t believe that!! It’s so insulting and rude, and frankly, I don’t recommend this app to anyone, unless it was just me doing something wrong, but that didn’t make it okay to insult me like that! It rea
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1 year ago, glitterkhaos
fantastic platform however..
i've used cameo for 2 years, primarily to talk to one actress who has become a good friend because of our ability to safely/effectively communicate via this app. i do wish the DMs/reactions had more length, particularly if free messaging is enabled; the character/20 second limit is highly restrictive, especially for non-repeat customers who may only have one shot to chat with their idol. i enjoy supporting mine via cameo videos, but free messaging at least should have a more reasonable character/video length to facilitate effective communication at the talent's behest, in my opinion.
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3 years ago, uuuuuuuuhmmmm
Richard Schiff
It’s amazing that with technology and some personal touches you can have anyone reach out and send you a message. This year has been tough and through technology has it been made less of a struggle to get through. I cried like a baby at my video and appreciated the message on more levels than one can imagine. It wasn’t just a my favorite character from The West Wing (and spirit animal) saying happy Xmas. It was the sentiment behind the video. It was sweet, personal and lovely and it was from one decent human being to another (who also happens to be a celebrity). Thank you.
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3 years ago, unruffledduck
Unique Gifts and Opportunities!
Cameo gives unique gifts and opportunities to connect with favorite actors, thank you for making this! / REQUESTS to Programmers: Please merge favorited bookmarked tab with the people we follow, once I follow someone I’m not able to find them in any list again to go back to them for requests, of course big problem. Also, categories and tags for shows aren’t always searchable and it doesn’t make sense why for instance I search the TV show Battlestar Galactica and Tricia Helfer, a main actor for the series, among many others you have on Cameo don’t show up. Thank you for hearing my feedback.
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3 years ago, Rookie lawyer
Some Issues
Overall, great idea and amazing to be able to connect with stars you love. Two issues I have: Cameo doesn’t give you nearly enough space to message the star and tell them what you are going for. This makes it very difficult and I’ve noticed some stars end up making bad videos as a result. Also, the charges on the app are higher than if you log into the website. I’m assuming that’s because they are passing Apple’s charges on to you. Basically, my biggest gripe is that you have to be able to explain what you need from the star better. Cameo fails miserably at that. Other than that, great idea.
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1 year ago, Molly O.
The Perfect Gift
Cameo is definitely the way to win over anybody with a one of a kind experience. There are A listers to friendly new faces from TV or movies to anime and cartoon voice actors, the list goes on. There are so many folks on here it is just crazy. You can splurge on a big ticket name, but tons of people are under $100. Some even donate their fee to charity. Turn around time is practical and it’s so personal ... you’ll definitely win the “best gift contest”. Will definitely use this app/service again and again.
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4 years ago, Rubes73
Slow, buggy, and search is awful
The concept of cameo is great. The problem is that the app needs a lot of work. The search capabilities are very poor. There should be several filtering options by price, shows, movies, music, decade...etc. The app is also slow and sometimes my past purchases don’t show up at all. For my last purchase, I bought a cameo through the app on a Sunday but never received a confirmation. I saw a charge on my credit card for the cameo that hit Sunday. Then, 5 days later I got a congratulations email that my cameo had been submitted to the talent for the first time. It hung in some queue for 5 days. The confirmation I got also had the wrong phone number. It was a phone number I didn’t provide and hasn’t ever seen. As I said, the app needs a LOT of work. It’s very buggy.
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4 years ago, Conor Dubois
This App is GREAT
I know, I know. It seems silly to pay someone to say something to you. However, these people are busy as well and you have to make your money somehow, right? I got a Cameo for my wife from Todrick Hall and the look in her eyes when he said her name was worth every penny. Sometimes, it takes a personalized message from someone you idolize to put a smile on your face if you’re going through a tough time. Or maybe it’s just for the heck of it, either way, this app makes people happy. Celebrities take time out of their day to make people happy. It’s great.
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4 years ago, akski
Great gift idea
Even if you can’t feel it from watching things made for other people, it is so amazing to be able to have your icons interact in a personal way. I was skeptical that it would be worth it until I received the one I ordered for my sister. It was above and beyond my expectations, even tho I had watched several. I would totally use this service again for anyone and everyone I know. Personalization is powerful! I highly recommend a cameo! It totally surprised my sister on her birthday and made her feel ultra special. This app is awesome :D
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3 years ago, Msluvkat
Very cool
Very cool way to send someone a message! I wish there was a video length requirement. It seems once you receive it, that’s all you get (short or long). Also, it would be cool to have certain appearance requirements from the celebs. Like put a little more effort. I have seen some where the celeb is in hair rollers or doing their make-up. They should acknowledge that the person receiving it will treasure that video forever and will probably share it. Make a lasting impression to the people that are your real fans paying top dollar for a few minutes of your time.
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4 years ago, Alexis-/:;()
Got what I paid for
Cameo is a great idea. My experience was seemless. But I’m sure it depends who you request. I made my bday message request 3 days in advance and Terra Jolie (the celeb I chose) delivered the morning of, and my sister loved it. And Terras message wasn’t too generic, she incorporated my ‘notes’,. So thanks Terra! The app was easy to use too, they place a hold for the amount of the service on your cc and once the person completes the request your card is charged. It’s emailed to you or you can access through the app itself. And you can download, share or copy the link to share. As many times as you like (it seems so far).
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