Camera 3D Pro

Photo & Video
3.9 (234)
13.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nicola Vacca
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Camera 3D Pro

3.88 out of 5
234 Ratings
10 months ago, TsaebehT
Absolutely love this App...
I’m a huge fan of Stereoscopic 3D, NVIDIA 3D Vision, Cross-eye View, etc... this App definitely delivers and easy to use single-lens/camera way to capture 3D photos of relatively still subjects. Simply rest the side of the phone on your left hand/index finger, press and hold the ‘button’ and slide the phone to the right across your hand/finger until it says release and then release the ‘button’ and it does the rest... I’m not exactly sure if it locks the exposure/focal point when it takes the first shot but it would be nice if it was added as an option, as well as an auto-release option to snap the second shot so you can focus on just keeping the phone steady and sliding it... either way though this is an excellent Stereoscopic 3D app that I feel was worth every penny and then some to unlock... :)
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7 years ago, Neprowaaaa
Without even touching the advanced mode this gives amazing 3-D pictures. There is a setting for zero parallax, as well as a simple slider for the 1/30 rule. I intend to study up on how to best implement these two professional additions to make the best possible shots… There approach to taking the two pictures is different than most apps like this which have you do the cha-cha. And to be honest, at first though it was extremely clever I found it clumsy to use based upon my own hand steadiness… Meaning that when I slid their slider I felt that I was not holding the phone as straight as if I were just standing there and shifting weight from one leg to another… I have come to find out that their automatic image stabilization after the shots are taken minimizes any issues due to my personal error this was amazing… In conclusion, before even scratching the surface this product is the best one out there in my opinion and the one that is continuing to be developed so as not to be kicked out of any further iOS development
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5 years ago, Jeff90046
I have used similar programs before but this is by far the best out there. It took me less than 45 seconds to decide to buy the full version. Ive been a big 3D enthusiast back to when I using a Stereo Kodak film camera. This is simple to use, very well-designed and you can take super high-quality pictures in different formats and your collection can be viewed in several ways. The AirCast to TV feature is great fun when there is a group of people and they all can watch your camera roll Cast to your TV and all that is needed is any pair of Red/Blue 3D glasses and everyone can enjoy the fun. I think along with the high-quality optics of the iPhone and a decent way of viewing them, even if it’s just a “cardboard” style viewer, you can take some breathtaking SBS 3-D! This is perfect in every way! it’s great for the beginner and great for somebody who wants to take some very serious looking 3D photographs.
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6 years ago, Sir. Fobos
UPDATE #2: Finally! Home-Brewed Stereo Pics!!!
UPDATE #2: Another reason to get this app: The excellent customer service! After posting my update below where the app no longer worked when I tried to export pictures, the Camera 3D customer service gave me a few tips to fix it and now the app works perfectly. Thank you Camera 3D! UPDATE: Camera 3D no longer exports images. It stalls after export to 3D Device > Full SbS > “Pictures Exported. Wait...” This is very frustrating because I now export my images to my HTC Vive and view them there. Please fix!!! Ever since getting a Google Cardboard, I just haven't found any app which could match my desires for creating homemade 3D pics. In fact, the AppStore is completely devoid of cameras which can be used to create VR content. But now I've found that gem! This app, once you master the 'slide' technique, captures the unique quality of the old time Viewmaster collections when used with a VR device like Cardboard. Resolution is still something to be desired, but it is the fault of current VR limitations and not the app. The app itself is very simple to use and you will be taking stereo images immediately after download. I highly recommend this app if you own a VR device and want to shoot 3D images on your own.
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4 years ago, BAR112
NEVER works for me
Per developer, I’ll contact him for help. Previous review: Must have tried about 20 times and each time I get the flashing HELP button. What am I doing wrong?
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3 years ago, Steve0510
True Stereoscopic Capture
While it is often difficult to pull the iPhone (camera) with one hand while keeping the shutter pressed, it becomes much easier with a little practice. While this app does a great job aligning the left and right images of the resulting stereo pair, it does provide very easy to use controls to further correct horizontal and vertical alignment between images, along with any rotational mistakes. As someone who has worked with stereo-photography dating back to the 1950s era slide film cameras, this app does enable capture of truly breathtaking 3D images - as long as the subject does not move during capture.
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6 years ago, Computer 4
Annoying “help” button prevents app usage
Every time I open the app, it insists on forcing me to watch the “help” tutorial video before it will save any photos I try to capture, but not until after I try to take a photo. Just because the technique takes some practice, and my hand is not the steadiest, doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m trying to do. An app has to be REALLY annoying for me to go out of my way to leave a negative review. App developer, if you read these, you’ll have a good app on your hands if you just made the video dismiss-able, or better yet, made the app remember whether or not it had harangued the user about how the app is used or not. I would also stray away from strobing buttons unless you’re going to have a seizure warning.
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1 month ago, Michael V. Flores
Photos great, export/import amazing
I love this app and have used it for years. What may go unnoticed however are the fantastic options available to get 3D photos from the app into the camera roll in bulk, and the wonderful option to even import separate left and right photos from the camera roll into the app in order to create/edit new stereograms! One really must explore the vast amount of possibilities that this app allows. Thanks Nicola, for the great work you’re doing.
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6 years ago, Kojance
3D camera wish fulfillment!
I've been waiting for something like this since my old 3D photo app is 32 bit and the way every feature built into this one works so seamlessly, and features I didn't even know I wanted implemented beautifully. I Will definitely be buying the full version as soon as I'm done with this review. I was just so surprised by how good this is, I just had to share. Negative reviews are by fools who think everything should be free. I'll gladly support a dev for a few bucks for something this great.
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4 years ago, SevenDog
Try it with Google Earth screen shots or a drone
Take a screen shot in Google Earth and then just pan slightly from left to right and take another screen shot. Then crop off the Google logo and other menu stuff from the edges of the shots and import them into the app and see it in real 3D. Cool! Or if you have a drone, take a still with the drone then just slew the drone over sideways a bit and take another still. This app then makes the imported shots into really nice 3D arial photos.
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2 years ago, wedge777
Amazingly easy!!
I’ve always been a fan of 3D images and wanted to take pictures like I saw in my View Master. I am a complete novice when it comes to this subject, but 15 seconds after I downloaded this app I was taking 3D pictures. I am so pleased with the way the photos come out that I won’t take normal pictures ever again! (I probably will actually) If you’re a fan of 3D images I highly recommend this app. It’s so cool!!
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6 years ago, Mark2sday
Best 3D camera app out there
I’ve tried several and this one is by far the best. It was a little confusing to figure out at first but now it’s so natural. Instead of dragging my finger, I keep my finger in the same place and slide the phone. Perfect 3D every time. Took this app with me to Italy and looking at the 3D pics I took of Michelangelo’s David is the next best thing to being there. Being able to relive my trip through these photos is priceless. Love that it supports google cardboard!
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8 months ago, SEP-AZ
Best stereoscopic 3D camera app!
I recently got into 3D photography and have tried nearly all apps available on the iOS App Store and Camera 3D is clearly the best! It is the easiest to use and produces the best results even if your hand is not steady. And the ability to produce several styles of 3D photos and view them within the app is a major plus! If you want to try 3D photography, stop your search and buy this app!
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4 years ago,
Some suggestions
Best app for 3D that I have found. I find the hand held technique difficult to control properly. I recommend using a stable sliding device to control the parallax issue. The editing tool can only correct so much. Also I find the tutorial very annoying any time I’ve made a mistake to show me again how to take a 3D photo. Is there any way to turn that tutorial off. I wouldn’t mind an exploration of the science of stereoscopic vision.
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6 years ago, Antman7227
Great app! Bring update to XS Max
I recently got a Loren light 3D viewer and it works great with the app and iPhone XS Max. Please please please add support for the news teen size. I purchased the pro immediately and would love the app to not cut off on the screen. I have a stereo slide bar and would also like the ability to tap one photo, release, slide, and tap for the other photo without having to hold the button down. Again thank you for a great app and support moving forward.
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6 years ago, SleepySparks
Bought a VR headset for $5 and found this app and flipping love it!!! The 3D photos are so awesome and capture an interesting feel that regular pictures can’t. It takes a bit of practice to get good at shifting your phone to get a good shot but I’m starting to get it. Such a cool idea :) I wish they would develop a device with two cameras that could take the picture so you could get action shots. That’d be mondo cool and wouldn’t be hard or expensive to make. Very Nice!
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3 years ago, John Stone Pecker
This is so cool!
This is so cool! I wish I found this sooner. This is everything I’ve always thought about for the last 20 years. I remember going into an antique shop and looking at a stereo scopic viewer and photos. And I wondered why we weren’t doing that today. Now I found the perfect app to do just that. The only bad part about this app is that I will never look at flat photos the same again.
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2 years ago, I'veBeanRoasting
Fantastic stereoscopic photos!
I bought the pro version, and think it was well worth the price. This does a fantastic job of taking two photos as the correct distance apart. After taking a picture you can choose between stereoscopic photo, or the blue/red in mono or color, use the wiggle effect, or view it as a standard single photo. I’m thrilled to have found this app!
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5 years ago, Marketing Geek
3D everywhere
This app is terrific! I had no idea that I could turn my iPhone into a stereo camera — I still shoot with a Stereo Realist, and a Fuji W3, but nothing beats having this ready to go wherever I am. And the auto features are very clever. The biggest challenge I had was figuring out what “pull the camera” meant, and that took two minutes and looking at the video three times (OK, I’m slow, I guess.) Great job.
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5 years ago, dizgum
So far, so good
I’ve only had the app one day so my experience is limited. The app is very easy to use and I’m impressed by the results. Because of the time lapse between images, photos of something that could be moving seem to be a hit or miss. For best results you need to hold the phone very still. Thus far I’m happy with this app.
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1 year ago, Gevac
Easy way to take and view stereo pictures
I’m a long time fan of stereo pictures and this app makes it easy to take them and view them in various ways. There’s a few principles that you should follow to get the best results. 1. Frame the shot and center your subject in the crosshairs. 2. There can’t be any movement between the two exposures of objects in the pictures. 3. Keep the crosshairs on the centered subject in both shots. 4. Practice holding exposure button and sliding horizontally for the right and left pictures.
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6 years ago, s.l.cook
Amazing App
Best in class! I cannot recommend this app highly enough. I have achieved stunning 3D results for a year with this software, and now it is even more advanced. In addition, the developer is amazingly responsive. Replied to my message within hours and solved my problem that day. Thank You!
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7 years ago, Hastyr
3-D photos made easy. X, Y and Rotation alignment! It really makes my camping photos come alive. A must have if you're doing the big five in Utah! Edit: Now with Import! I can now bring in all my older photos and make them better. How cool is this App? I'm planning on gifting it to friends and Family, that's how great it is.
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4 years ago, Bigbob 74
Great App I Love It
For years I have wanted a stereo camera and now my iPhone is one and I love it. The stereo 3D photos I take are high quality and I paid the tiny amount to unlock the great accessories for the app and it is well worth the money. The person who invented this app is a genius!
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6 years ago, John87199
One of the best 3D app
Highly recommend ! Amazing 3-D effect,the long wait very useful update finally here. Now I be able create 3D Anaglyph quick and easy. Thanks so much keep up the app. I looking forward upcoming updates for 2018 new iPhone .
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5 years ago, Kaaless
Exactly what I was looking for
This app allows you to take 3D pictures using a variety of techniques but it absolutely shines making stereopticon pictures. The results are absolutely marvelous!
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3 years ago, Tpm985
Can’t be serious
How are they even allowed to put this as free? The cigarette companies ads are more honest than this. After the response, I feel no different. This is an absolute con. They get you downloading under the guise that it is a free app and you get into it and then they start with the “TO USE THS PAY THIS!” Or “FOR ACCESS TO THIS PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE 😄” God forbid you are ever just able to download the app and own it anymore. They actually expect their loyal minions out there giving them 4.5 star reviews to accept this and just willingly open their wallets. I am not changing my review for a second I cannot stand these pay to use apps that put themselvess in debt to the company with recurring payments.
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5 years ago, Little Nof
This is technologically genius
This is the only app that does this. There should be hundreds. Apple should add this camera to the camera app. No matter what you do, don’t patent this. The world must know about this break through.
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5 years ago, Ken - 6o
Easy to use - great results
I have used many apps to do this, my former favorite was discontinued so I found this one and have had good results. Was surprised it did not have more ratings.
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4 years ago, Justbought
Outstanding 3D images
I am a big 3D enthusiast, have been for years. Own four 3D cameras including two camcorders. This app does an excellent job of producing 3D images. Easy to use and it is fun.
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6 years ago, Madcomputerscientist-US
Best anaglyph app in the App Store
This is by far the best anaglyph application in the App Store — in part because of the advanced feature set, but also because the developer is super responsive to feedback.
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2 years ago, Danielos2
Don’t waste your money
Does NOT work, save your money, you do all the complicated work then export it to your photos or in message and it is still just a photo, it is not simply point, click and you have a 3-D photo as they advertise. I have yet to have it make a 3-D photo, very unhappy with this app, don’t waste your money
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6 years ago, Razorbill4973
Simple to use with great results.
There is complete control of the 3D photos. All adjustments clear and easy to use and my pics look great. So dramatic.
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7 years ago, Alexrandall5
Easy. Excellent
I've been fiddling with stereo vision since the 1970's. This app is excellent. Click and slide. Use with cardboard or cross eyes or learn how to look at stereo pictures. Amazing to see depth.
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5 years ago, Ben Niemczyk
Ok but not great.
EXCELLENT improvements over the previous version. Now able to do detailed lining-up of frames to choose the best focus. Now it’s a great app.
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6 years ago, TimsTechShop
Awesome app
After trying a lot of others this app was a welcome change. Makes it easy to create VR photos that look great!!
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9 months ago, mobettq
Great app
I have been using this app for a few years and absolutely love it.
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4 years ago, madcopygirl
The app is decent...
I think I’m the one that doesn’t have the skills or talent. It looks easy enough but, well, you’ll see it’s somewhat challenging h to get that 3D wiggle just right!
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1 year ago, C. Niece
Very good and easy to use. Hope to find a video version of this app!
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3 years ago, bastecklein
Great app
Once I learned to use it, it’s great. Getting good 3D images every time. Bought premium.
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6 years ago, iJamesS
I really enjoy taking 3D and this does the job!
The different options for displaying are great. I can free view my whole album! I wish there was a way to favorite pictures and batch select and export all selected with the same settings. Also I need to wipe my phone and restore. How can I make sure my photos don't disappear? Can they sync with Dropbox?
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6 years ago, dmctom
Revised Review
I didn’t see to the “restore purchase” option on the site. Worked. Sorry for the crappy review. Love the 3D.
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3 years ago, wm79855
Apparently I have to buy this app to actually use it? Can’t really evaluate a “locked” app. Kind of a disappointment not mentioning this in the description
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5 years ago, imythyou
Handy tool!
A little bit of a learning curve, but once you’ve got it it’s easy. 🙂
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3 years ago, Valmigo
Camera 3D
Wonderful app to capture 3D photos. Easy to use and great with virtual reality head gear!
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5 years ago, Grumpy&Dopey
130 year old
This app is great! I can even use my 130 year old stereoscope to view 3D images On my iPhone! How cool is that?
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4 years ago, RT1ST
3D Awesome
Stereo viewing made easy! Explore different methods of viewing your favorite subjects in three dimensions! Love it!
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3 years ago, first_person
Best app for 3d stereoscopic photos
Im using the app to take 3d photos for viewing in my oculus quest 2. Works great.
Show more
6 years ago, Spazticus_Prime
All that works are the ads
Taking photos crashes it, and the help button opens a black screen. Maybe there will be a working build at some point, or maybe it will get abandoned like the vastly superior “3D Camera” app.
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4 years ago, Dougy21
Good job
I take 3D photos frequently. This is the best app I’ve used.
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