Camera+: Pro Camera & Editor

Photo & Video
4.5 (10.2K)
237.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Camera+: Pro Camera & Editor

4.53 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Ready, Set, Jen!
I’m trying to put into words how awesome this app is! The technology that has been created here basically covers everything! I love taking pictures but I wanted something more than what my phone camera had to offer. My favorite part is that I can use the auto setting (great if you’re still learning or want to capture something quickly) or use custom settings. I have gorgeous mountain pictures that the technology of this app makes my clouds look like they’re 3D. I’m sure professional photographers know exactly how to do this, but I don’t have the knowledge or the camera. I sent a few pictures to my friend and she asked if I was using an “expensive camera”? This also comes with a super easy to use editor that enhances your already amazing photos! If you’re trying to decide if this is worth it, I would say yes!!! Use the “Magic ML” setting (on the top center of the screen tap and select), then double tap in the middle of your screen to go into “auto” and you’re ready to go!
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6 months ago, Rphildeb1964
Worth the added cost
This has been my go to camera app and photo editor since 2011 starting with the camera+ legacy app. I purchased the current version in 2018, and have used regularly. Recently, the developers have completely rebuilt the app based on the notes that accompany each update. Although disappointed they didn’t release the rebuilt version as a new app with in app subscriptions/purchases to enable functionality, as occurred with the change from original legacy app, I understand the need for a subscription to contribute development. Prices on average compared to some other photo editing apps out there, I think they are worth it for the ease of use I find with this app. Some communication from developers when they were going to start charging for functionality would have been nice, but it missteps happen and developers forget about the long time customers sometimes. These reasons are why I only rated 4 stars out of 5. I find the app easy to use, especially for editing photos and saving photos. There are many filters and frames included. The camera is straightforward and has presets for action, lowlight etc. you have the ability to set shutter speed or use preset shutter priority, enabling more of a DSLR feel. A link to a how to guide about how to use the features for new and existing users would be helpful, overall, it is a good app.
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2 years ago, Angry Bulls On Parade Bird
Where are my pictures
I was asked for an upgrade, like many softwares. There was no mention of my existing pictures being erased, they were, and absolutely no mention of monthly charges to use the functions on the phone. You want to charge for those items. Be clear so users of the app have ALL of the needed information. Why would the upgrade erase existing pictures on the app?!? I don’t know but it did. I have requested help retrieving the pictures but as this all just happened in the last couple of monites, while visiting Wrigley Field from Houston, I have not received a response. My guess is all the pictures I have taken in Chicago are lost forever. If I can retrieve them I will revise my F- review of the new app!!!!!! F- everyone!!!!!! Not for the function of the app because I no longer have access to take pictures in RAW or manually set the camera. Sure, there is a “free month” but I am sure there is a mountain of nonsense to cancel after the free month considering how the initial upgrade went. This nonsense should be illegal as far as I am concerned. Be open with what the upgrade entails, and don’t delete existing pictures. Let me be clear, until my pictures are recovered and given to me the app get an F-, only because I can’t think of a worse grade!!!!
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1 year ago, Oldmojo
When I don’t have my Nikon 850
This a far cry from my Nikon 850, but when I don’t have it, this is really very good. I’ve been using the pro version for a few yrs now and it really is loaded with nice features for what it is. I don’t know how the one person ‘lost’ all of his pictures when he upgraded but I would suggest reading the about features, the menu to see where they are. I’m betting they’re in the phone somewhere. If you have other pictures software like light box & such, if you don’t check your settings, they could possibly go there to use your own enhancing software and not realize it. You can’t delete a picture with a quick touch. It’ll ask if that’s what you want to do. A nice thing is if you crop a picture using thi app’s software or make any changes to the picture, at any time in the future you can ‘undo’ the changes to bring the picture back to the original. It’s been my go too for quite awhile and happy with it
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4 months ago, jennges
The only camera I use
I bought the iPhone 13 when it first came out and was looking for an app to edit photos with. I stumbled across Camera+ and it wasn’t long before I stopped using my iPhone’s camera and was exclusively using Camera+! Even for beginner photographers who just want to point and click, Camera+ has many options, from automatic to completely manual. You can take pictures of just about anything imaginable…if you’re patient enough☺️. I’ve taken beautifully crisp close-ups of bees on Sunflowers, all the way to clear shots of the Orion Constellation and the International Space Station as it flys by🛰️. There are lots of editing features as well. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s fun to play around and see what you end up with! Now for the one problem I’m having, unfortunately. Ever since the newest update, the app has occasionally been very slow to load (and I’ve missed some great shots☹️), has closed down right after I take a picture, etc. Anything you can do?
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7 months ago, Catterbox
Disgraceful, insulting, abrupt revoking of features we all already paid for.
The dozens and dozens of outraged reviews say it all. Out of nowhere, with no warning, no explanation, and absolutely no regard for anyone but themselves, the self-absorbed developers behind this previously—but no longer, and never again—well-regarded app have forfeited, in one fell swoop, ALL of the goodwill they’ve built up over the years … and have revealed themsleves to be completely indifferent, or oblivious, or both, to the notion that there are actual human beings on the planet who are not THEM. Even ONE statement somewhere offering an explanation or reflection about why they did this, and/or that they might have SOME concern about how this might affect people—it would still sting, but would also at least indicate a nominal capacity to think of the app's users as worthy of even a little dignity and respect … a capacity which, it is now apparent, these profiteers do NOT possess. As it is—well, we all receive from the universe what we put forth into it; and instead of honesty, grace, and humanity, the developers have hereby foolishly welcomed contempt, discourtesy, and rapacity into their own lives by treating those who, regretfully, once trusted them with the same.
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10 months ago, Olnielwaukee
30 year Hollywood Grip
The Manual Options on this Camera are amazing. The versatility and ease of adjustments are the most well designed I’ve seen. This Camera has allowed me, after 14 years of trying, to capture the slight differences in shadowing, and contrast them in such a way, that the drawings of my wife’s boyfriend (An Animation Director for The Simpsons), are now finally apparent to all. This Moron, during his five year affair with my wife, had drawn all sorts of inappropriate cartoons on my personal items with what I believe was a very acidic , home made, Disappearing Ink. Thus etching the surface of the various items. I could see them when the light hit things just right but nobody believed me. NOW I FINALLY HAVE PROOF !! I’ve gained my credibility back, and may pursue a defamation, and mental anguish lawsuit against this idiot. I am eternally grateful for this and don’t believe it would have been possible without this Camera App. Thank you very, very much ! Sincerely, Kevin N., Hollywood Studio Grip !
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4 years ago, TechClock
Thank goodness for this app and developer
I “upgraded” to a new iPhone 11 max pro and despite the specifications on the camera being theoretically better than my previous XS Max, for the life of me I could not capture an aesthetically pleasing macro shot as I could with the XS Max. I take macro shots daily for my business all day long. This problem was having a huge impact on my work and workflow. I began searching for a camera app that might help and this one nailed it. Even without the myriad of controls you get with this app, simply going into macro mode, using the zoom slider, and visually focusing, you get a beautiful macro shot without the distortions and uneven detail and lighting I was getting with the native camera app. So even if you are not interested in detailed camera exposure controls for example, however useful they may be to you in the future, as a point and click replacement you get a winner with Camera+ 2.
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1 year ago, Joecjr404-74
Where have you been???
I am into various things such as art-writing music-physics programs and photography. I have and still use some very good editing software. I could not believe what I was seeing. I never could completely portray what I saw in my mind until now. The level of precision is astounding. I pushed back my excitement until I went through various pictures I was stuck on. Ones that I could not get to look like what i saw in my head. Needless to say their all completed. Listen if you discard an app like this over an technical problem and not the quality of work. You probably should stay with whatever native app your device came with. Technical issues are an easy fix and when they see this they will fix it. But talent not so much. I would persevere through Any bugs or glitches to hold on to that. Good day and thanks.
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4 years ago, Andyhutch1947
I’m no expert but...
I was in the video production business for 20+ years and I would always shoot photos during our field shooting to help me remember important sequences for the editor. A fast shooting camera was important to me but quality gradually became the top requirement. I use to carry a cumbersome Canon 20D but I was afraid I would damage it when I was moving around the set. Then Apple started including a good, not excellent, quality camera with their iPhones. I started with an iPhone 2 or 3 but now use an iPhone 6s+. It is better than good but not near the quality of the newer iPhones. But the iPhone 6s+ meets my needs. But the Camera App that came with the phone leaves a lot to be desired. A few years ago I found the Camera+ App and with its editing tools provides me with what I need as a basic photographer. I now have upgraded to the newer Camera+ 2 and for me, it is the camera app to go to.
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7 months ago, Princeton Princess
Loved it, but can’t even pay for pro version
I love this app and it had all the features that now you have to pay for in the pro version. And I’ve tried three or four times to take you up on your offer for one time purchase and every time I get the message that I cannot do in app purchases. They are not allowed. You are offering a special offer on the camera plus pro app. The iOS operating system or somebody says in app purchases are not allowed. And I can’t find a website where I could purchase this app. So I am pretty ticked off about this. To try to solve this problem I was directed to some sort of help or chat center. But I could not even submit my message. I don’t even know if it was legitimate. It was sub website called happyplum bapps? What’s the point of this? This seems like a glitch that I’m the only person in the whole world has ran into it. Either I am unlucky or it’s happening to a lot of other people too. By the time, it’s figured out that one time offer will go away and be gone forever as usual. Just great. After I’ve been using your app for years. I hope someone actually answers this, but in the age of AI it’s impossible to know.
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8 months ago, An0n R3viewer
Support does not work
The app looks nice but I do not want to pay for a subscription at this time. I thought I’d try the trial today and now I am simply trying to cancel the trial before any fees kick in after I believe 7 days when I first downloaded the app. However, apparently the support contact page does not work / respond in the multiple browsers I tried and there is no info about the purchase options I could find on the app. There is no other way to contact the developer on their site nor anything on the app to cancel the upcoming subscription when trial ends. I contacted Apple and they cannot doing anything apparently about this either since it is not an Apple subscription, though hosted here. I rarely download apps or leave reviews but feel no other way to reach out other than leave this review in advance of any issues in cancelling, and then follow up with my credit card if I am billed. I will remove this review if I receive some kind of support before then but this has been a very frustrating experience.
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7 months ago, 7xander7
Won’t restore access
I have utilized this app for more than 5 years. Inherently, I love it. And would love to give it 5 stars. But I recently lost a phone and had to get a new one. Suddenly, I can’t restore my access to this app. I’ve been trying for days and at each attempt it says the app can’t be restored at this time and to try again later. The app developer has an option on their site to submit comment or support help. But the submit button doesn't work. So effectively I have no ability to restore access to an app I paid for and no ability to request help or assistance from the app developer. My suspicion… when I purchased this app it was only $2.99… now they charge either a monthly subscription of more than that or a flat $50… so it appears they are blocking the restoration of my account so I’ll repurchase it at a much higher rate… in any case… truly sad because I loved this app and it might even be worth the existing price… but not for a deceptive and shady practice like blocking people who rightfully paid before.
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6 months ago, TechOriented
Can’t restore
I paid for this app, but cannot restore. My iPhone 14 Pro Max screen cracked. With Apple care, I was able to get a new iPhone 14 pro max replacement. I backup my old iPhone to Mac, then restore the backup to the new replacement phone. Everything works. All other paid apps restore no problem. But this camera app restore fails every time. How funny! The app works on my cracked iPhone 14 Pro Max, but not the restored 14 pro max. I definitely paid lifetime. I believe I even paid multiple times because I remember a few years ago the restore didn’t work and I didn’t bother to complain so I purchased second time. Now it is the 2nd time restore doesn’t work. I am not going to pay third time. Whether a purchase can be restored should be handled by the App Store, not by the app. If user paid lifetime license or lifetime subscription, the App Store should know and grant access to app. Now it seems the restore is handled by the app developers. This is a big problem. Too many greedy , no integrity developers out there.
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6 months ago, jmy9595
Bait and switch
I purchased and downloaded this app in 2020, I’ve been using it ever since were editing my photos. It was something like five dollars then. It has many many more detailed features than I could ever use but for the quick touchups that I use my photo editing for it does the job very well. Now all of a sudden the app no longer allows me to edit my photos. It lets me do the basic editing, yes, but when it comes to mark the photo as done, or trying to save it, there is effectively a purchase button in front of my DONE button Essentially requiring me to subscribe to an app that I have already purchased. Meanwhile in the App Store, I see a camera plus Legacy app for $4.99. I assume that this is now effectively what I purchased in 2020 but even to download that it’s wanting to charge me the $4.99 again. I have now submitted three emails requesting clarification or assistance and have received no acknowledgment. Completely unacceptable.
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7 months ago, Steve de los Guantes
Would love to give this formerly great app a 5 star review but…
This app I’ve been using for years since I PAYED FOR IT(!!!!!) was so great and I almost never used the regular camera on my phone. But apparently they, like so many companies recently, have decided to disregard the fact that, as I rightfully yelled before, I payed for it and have taken the greedy route to try to force a happy customer to choose between being gouged or giving up on them. Guess what I choose. Subscriptions could be applied to new customers but I already bought the original Camera + app and they came out with a new version do I payed for that too because fair enough it’s got a lot of features the original didn’t have but now instead of coming out with Camera +3 they just transferred my ownership of a great app to be a subscription model. It has thoroughly disgusted me to the point that I will go back to the now very good Iphone 15pro Max camera and leave this money pit to the suckers (no offense you didn’t know better) 👎
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6 years ago, Lostlobster
Same issues as previous app but now slower
Bought the new app hoping that if they released an entirely new app, at cost, maybe they finally fixed the one feature that makes the app interesting which is shooting & editing in RAW. Unfortunately this app suffers from the exact same issue the previous one did, that of blurry unusable photos (this is post-patch that claims it was fixed) if you choose RAW (on iphoneX). Did multiple tests and it’s definitely an app issue as both the HEIF image are blurry when you turn on RAW, soon as you disable you get sharp photos. From my testing it looks to be a processing issue, which brings up the new issue with this app, that of being frustratingly slow! Moving between elements of the app, switching shooting modes, all are so slow and clunky it makes the app a pain to use. Having paid for both versions now, My take is it is not worth the money to 1.not get reliable use of he advanced features and 2. Slow down your shooting experience over the native iphone camera app.
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2 years ago, photoshopdude
Dedicted- motivated- always on top
The devs of this app are Very dedicated to making the best use of the iPhone platform. They are motivated to squeezing every bit from the processor, to allow you to be the very best you can. We know as photographers, the images are only as good as the person behind the camera at hand. I can say the ease of use in this app is on point. The quality images it churns out from a tech perspective is the best I’ve seen and used. I can say without any reservations Camera+ should be the default camera app in your iPhone camera bag. *disclaimer, this is not a paid review nor do I have any connection whatsoever to the devs. I just really appreciate the time and effort to keep this app always on top and my go to photo app!
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2 years ago, inv225
Almost Perfect
Camera +2 is my all time favorite camera and photo editing app. With that having been said, I’ve taken away one star due to an editing issue. Here’s the skinny: My equipment: I’m using Camera +2, Version 1.6, with an iPhone 8, iOS 12.1.2. Editing issue: After editing photos taken with Camera +2, or any other camera app, the final edits frequently fail to save. The progress (wheel) indicator “spins” non-stop, but the photo does not save. Note: This never happened with the original Camera + app. I’ve reported this to the good folks who designed this otherwise beautiful app, and I’m awaiting a response. Once this issue is resolved, and I’m sure it will be, I will happily award this app the fifth star. Even with the aforementioned editing tool issue, I will continue to recommend this great all-in-one app.
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3 months ago, لاو۵بہیطو
I enjoy the features
Very fun to use and I love the storage space and the design of the app overall as a whole and the functionality of the app makes it easy to use and to navigate the app and navigate through the options and the features of each individual photo and the user interface is very easy to use and it has the potential to make a great app for all kinds of photos and videos that you can create with the apps unique design and functionality of your own unique editing styles and software that you want to customize and create for your own use or use in the process of creating a custom image or custom content that will allow for more user engagement and better quality of images and content that you can create. Thank you!
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6 months ago, PureRainX
Fast, fun, exceptional quality
There’s nothing wrong with the built-in camera app, but Camera+2 is the one I use most often. Since you can set it up to swipe from the left to open the app in 4 different modes, it’s nearly as convenient and much more satisfying to use. Although it’s more complex, the software is so well designed that everything is fast and easy. Take the time to learn how it works before you start using it. I love the way it can outline all the edges that are in focus (if checked) and the macro mode is outstanding on my iPhone 8. I really only bought this to give money to the developers because I used the previous version so much I felt grateful, but this is better in so many ways.
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3 years ago, Da Storyteller
Unlock the power of your phones camera
This is got to be one of the best camera apps out on the market hands-down. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this app. I would really like to see more features dedicated to RawFile format being that I use Photoshop quite a bit and this would be a major advantage. I can hardly wait till the next version of Camera+ comes out, This is to the developers of this app please please please add a bracketing feature to the next version of this app for HDR photography,It would be really great if you could automatically control photos up and down in either half stats or whole steps of the f stop. I am so looking forward to the next version of this app it’s just so awesome.
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5 years ago, Traceymarie83
The best out there
This is the best app I've came across that even remotely comes close to having nearly any and every feature you can think of pertaining to a photo app. It literally had everything. I wish there were more how to videos with more detailed instructions and explanations as to what each feature is. If you're an experiences photographer of course you know what all these terms mean but if you're like me anda beginner, it can be intimating at times trying to learn what everything is and how it works. That's the reason I gave it 4 stars only due to the small lack of explanations on things. True you do have how to videos, I just only request more details of the videos but thanks you for coming up with an app that has it all. The best part,it's AFFORDABLE!! For the tiny tiny cost of the can't go eornv.
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5 months ago, NooraSK
No longer useful ***UPDATE 1/18***
Like many others I have lost all the features I had paid for with this app. No notification, no options, just a sudden appearance of “pro” tags on all the features aside from what I can do with the native phone camera app. Unless I pay $50. I’ll go back to my DSLR for the few times I want to take macro photos. 1/18- I was not happy with the iOS camera app and could’t find an alternative, so I figured I would come back and just use the limited features. To my delight I see that all the Pro features have been restored. I have loved this app since I got it, so I’ll adjust to 5 stars because of the app itself. I’m still not thrilled with what happened, though.
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9 months ago, Mazie8
I still can’t believe that this app is free!
However, it makes me so happy that it is because I’m raising my children on my own. I love this app. It is so simple to use yet provides you with so many incredible features. I am a fraud examiner and it never fails when I switch the camera lens to macro, and I get a crystal clear shot of an officer of a lending company trying to hide signatures on documents… well, let’s just say it makes my entire week. Everyone in the room with me (except the guilty officers) want to download this app! All the cool settings are awesome and help me do my job. When I tell people “no, it is free” at first they don’t believe me! I absolutely love love love this app!!
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2 years ago, cutelilbubbles
Best iPhone camera I’ve discovered as of yet!
This is by far the BEST iPhone camera app I’ve discovered (so far!) — and I’ve tried a LOT of the ones available on the App Store. Usually, I hate to say this but most of those apps tend to not even be worth using over the default iPhone camera app! 😬 This app, however, is way better than the default and all the other camera apps I’ve tried, too! It even produces photos comparable to what I get with my $4k Canon 5d Mark IV!!! I’m not sure what *exactly* is the magic that this app has that others don’t, but what I do know is that it sure does have some kind of magic because almost EVERY single photo I take with this camera app comes out excellent! 🥺🥺🥺 I’m sooo glad I finally found a really great camera app for my iPhone that actually has the capability to product top-quality photos every time! I love it and I have no complaints at all thus far after using it for about a month. Thank you so much, devs, for creating such a wonderful, quality, reliable camera app for iOS! I really appreciate it!♥︎
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7 months ago, Rizma
Excellent Digital Camera App
For those of you who are thinking about getting a Digital Point & Shoot camera, I would say go for it but before you do, use this app for 6 months or more because what you learn through this app is absolutely amazing. The Camera +2 is where I learned and developed my editing skills. The last great picture I took was on Oct 7. I went to use it today and I can’t even access any of the Features because now they Require a Subscription. I had already paid for this app and one other in a bundle for $9.99. I tried to Restore my purchase but it wouldn’t let me. I am still waiting to hear back
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1 month ago, Grubby Grhymes
Camera+ Manual Controls
Having the ability to manually adjust focus, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, iso, white balance…. And zoom while shooting… not just jumps from 1x to 2x etc… a slider for the zoom… Having all of that is just amazing. I do wish that some things were more intuitive or that a little pop up reminder could help you. Finding out how to lock and unlock a setting… and a few other things… takes a second. Maybe there was a tutorial to start but I skipped it to jump right in. That said, all of the adjustment settings you want are there. It takes a short bit but when you can jump into this app and use it as quickly as you can the default camera app, you realize why it’s awesome. When you can’t get something in the foreground in focus or portrait mode wants you to step back to get that blurry background… you don’t have to do any of that when you can control all of the settings. Once I use the app a little more, I can add more thoughts and suggestions.
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1 year ago, Iguana Mamma
I love this app
I’ve had Camera + for years and have had the chance to learn every one of its features. I can find exactly what I want to do without having to think about it. I have seen photo apps come and go, but none of them incorporate all of the features that Camera+ has, all in one app. Just import your photo and use the desired features and done and done. You don’t have to go to any other app to do something else, so it saves time. I don’t even look at the ads for other photo apps. I don’t want to learn another one and they can’t beat this one. The best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you Camera +
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6 years ago, Darth Diggler
One of the original camera apps and still one of the best.
Camera+ has been leveraging the full potential of the iPhone camera since the very beginning of the App Store, and that’s still the case. They’re always quick to support new iOS features as well. This is one of the only third party camera apps I’ve used that supports Portrait Mode, and for years you’ve been able to adjust the depth effect before Apple officially supported it on new devices. If I have one complaint it’s that the photo editing tools really don’t cut it. Sure there are tons of options, but compare the results of adjusting highlights and shadows in this app to the results you get in something like Lightroom or Snapseed. For whatever reason the “Lab” editing tools just don’t produce as good results. That’s been my experience, anyway. I also find that the various presets are all a bit extreme. Nitpicks aside, quality is king and that’s what I count on Camera+ to deliver. Saving photos as RAW+TIFF takes a lot of space but the detail is worth it if you are serious about your photos.
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5 years ago, Edge 554
A Great 2nd Camera
I use this app when I have to shoot something that the iPhone SE’s built-in Camera app can’t do. For example, Camera+ 2 is designed to handle extreme close-ups (macro) or shoot only when things are stable. I use these two features together for great close-ups of flowers, insects, etc. I also like the long-exposure feature, although I wish I could change the exposure time to a greater degree. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by all the options on screen at one time, such as focus, ISO, etc., but I can overlook these issues in the hope that the developers will eventually allow users to simplify the interface. (Hint, hint.)
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9 months ago, Apple-squire
Not Original Developer, Won’t Open Without Internet Connection
At some point in the past six months this app changed hands and is no longer developed by the original developer. There was no notice about this provided to the users, it just quietly happened but you can see in the release notes when it changed as they used to include a support email address in the release notes. That’s frustrating on its own, but even after installing the latest version today, September 25, the app still won’t open without an Internet connection. I don’t know why it seems to require an Internet connection, but without one it just opens up a black screen and doesn’t do anything. I don’t know anything about the current developers but the unmentioned yet required Internet access troubled me and as much as I used to love this app, I’m installing it. Maybe I’ll reinstall it if the new developers fix the issue that prevents it from opening without an Internet connection, but it will require a clear explanation from them as to why that’s happening in addition to fixing it. The whole situation seems sketchy at best and nothing the new developers have done has given me any reason to put my faith into them and their app.
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6 years ago, Steplander
Wasted upgrade
I’ve been using Camera+ since it was first released. When I saw that a new version was available I was positive it had to be good. Bigger icon... same features with a slightly different looking GUI... but nothing new to my eye. What I use it mostly for is importing images to the light box and creating newly edited, updated versions of existing images. I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to get from selecting images to editing them. Very frustrating. Example; It seems the user can no longer select multiple images. So, I select one at a time and click the light box icon to port each image, one at a time, to the light box. But, here’s the frustrating bit; click “DONE” and it “Selects” a random image. Wait... doesn’t done mean “done”?? Shouldn’t “done” get me out if the selection process and back to the light box so I can edit? Nope. I have tried every button and, once in the selection screen... I can’t get out. Sometimes software developers go too far into making their programs “language free” to the point where their icons become an Easter-egg game off hint and peck. I deleted the app and am back to using the original version. So, my advice; not worth the upgrade price if you are an existing user.
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2 months ago, Tobythebest
Camera 2 more features, useful Hoo To’s
New IPhone 13 Pro Max! Even better options now for Canera 2! Very responsive help. Great Blogs with help. I had requested ability to “easily” print help and blogs so I can study at my pace. Nöel Rosenthal, who writes the blogs and heads design responded to request quickly and personally that they would look into it. Pretty darn good these days. No AI. As for Camera+2 your images will improve dramatically especially with the newer better camera lenses. I leave my FujiFilm X-2 home more often now as ease of sharing pics is so easy within app. And for print RAW is there so easily pop into your photo editor and you have a great image to print! Thanks Nöel for response and looking forward to print utility within app.
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3 years ago, Swiftkjustice
Doesn’t save to my camera roll
I loved the first version on Camera. I received it for free from Starbucks years ago. Now that I’m going to be starting a blog I wanted to try the Camera+2 so I could enhance my photos even better. I think it is easy to use just like the original version the problem I’m having is when I’m done editing it doesn’t load. I can’t figure out why. I would really like a refund because it just doesn’t work for me but I don’t know how to go about trying to get one. The problems I’m having with loading may be due to the fact that I’m using a iPhone SE. If I could actually load the pictures I edit I would give it 5 stars. The pictures are extremely easy to edit and the final product looks very good I just can’t get it save.
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7 months ago, Vhytfvcdsweqqqqrybji
Disappointed and disgusted.
Had the lite version and then BOUGHT this app years ago and had been enjoying it up until recently. I exclusivley used this as my photo app because I loved all the features and updates but now once my photos are out of this app I'm never using it again. I can understand charging for filter packs, etc but this has gotten out of hand locking literally everything down until you pay a subscription or pay an extremely large one time fee. Again, I already "bought" this app and shouldn't have to keep paying for it whenever they feel like it. Kind of surprised they aren't charging you to open the app or per photo taken but I'm sure that's in the pipeline for a future update. Sad to see another app/company board the subscription band wagon. Great way to lose customers.
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3 years ago, Schenk DVM
Excellent macro images for cheap
I have no prior photography experience and work as a veterinary ophthalmology resident. I take lots of clinical images of very small lesions and don’t have the salary to afford an expensive SLR with a macro lens. Most images are high enough quality to be included in research publications. The benefit of this app is being able to take high quality macro images, make manual adjustments of magnification/shutter speed/light intensity/light sensitivity/etc., and being able to immediately transfer images to my smartphone library for easy access. All this is accomplished for a dirt cheap price on a device I already use on a daily basis.
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7 months ago, Master Supreme
How The Mighty Fall
I'm rewriting my review after the latest moneygrab update. What was once the must have camera app has now become a complete mockery and utter disgrace. As so many companies before it, the developer of this app has fallen prey to their own greed and hubris, locking off features that I previously paid for, and now charging a monthly fee to use those same features. As someone who has been using this app for nearly a decade, this is a complete slap in the face to legacy customers. Needless to say, I have un-installed this app and will not be returning to it again unless my previous purchase is restored and this anti-consumer business model is reversed. I encourage you all to do the same, as continuing to support companies that hold their customers in such little regard will only result in YOU getting screwed in the long run.
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6 months ago, SlaughterDog
Suddenly requires subscription; reported it as a scam or fraud
I will request a refund of my original purchase price since everything I paid for is no longer available, unless they can offer an older version or free lifetime subscription. I have reported it as a fraud or scam (link to do so was in my purchase receipt email). This used to be an amazing app since I first purchased it years ago for a more-than-fair price. The original developers passed it off to another party, apparently, and it is now a subscription model, including a “limited time offer” lifetime subscription for $50. Such a disappointment when I missed a night of shooting, opening it for the first time since this change, and trying to figure out what happened. There was no notice or explanation for the change.
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2 years ago, Irkedmiffedpeeved
Long time customer first-time review
I have been a long time user of Camera+ and +2 and think that they are great tools. Unfortunately, Camera+22 is frustrating and clunky. Don't misunderstand me, I can create the effects that I want, but where it used be quick and easy to use, it is now annoying, frustrating, and slow. For example, when I deselect a filter I am bounced back to beginning of all the filters and have to scroll back to where I was. Removing the scroll bar that allowed me to select the filter group that I wanted is a further annoyance. These are severe enough for me to look for a different editing program. As is, I cannot recommend your product.
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2 years ago, Interactive Civilian
Best camera/photography app on iPhone, hands down!
I’ve been using Camera+ over its many versions for ages, and it is by far the best camera app for photographers who want control over the camera itself and direct in-app control of processing as well. The latest update hugely improved the interface in the processing part of the app, with sliders that make it much easier to precisely control color and exposure balancing as well as various effects. If you are a photographer who likes to control your camera and your photo-editing, this is the camera app for you!
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5 months ago, SJiPhone Fan
Update on January 3 “new” version
January 5. Deleted the app and reinstalled. Hit the “restore” button in app and continue to get the error message that it could not be restored at this time. If you are operating in good faith you need to fix this problem. Hard not to feel this a big scam. About a month ago they told someone they had to work on a “bug” to restore features to previous customers. Several updates later, including January 3, and the restore button still responds with “failed” message. Why not at least be honest and just say you’ve made the decision to totally harm a whole segment of loyal customers. Same problem. Restore doesn’t work and can’t save picture without buying a new subscription. Thought this was supposedly getting addressed! Sketchy for sure.
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6 months ago, thunderstheman
You update the app & take away what I paid for...NEAT
You update the app, take away all of the premium features I paid for and then tell me I have to subscribe to get what I've paid for already. This should've been corrected by now and I should have my full access to all app features restored by now. I hope it's coincidental that when I go to support on your website, it crashes and no message gets through & when I go to support in the app to contact you directly the app crashes every time. Before the update I'd rate the app a 5 and even bought the app for 3 others. Now I give it a 0 and there's 3 others who have what I paid for and can't use either making me look like a chump. I'll happily update my review once your company takes care of what it knows needs done.
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1 year ago, jimsterjam
The best photo editing app, By Far•!
Honestly I will use no other Photo app on my iPhone! No other app be needed! Period! This photo app alone will Keep me using iPhones being that this be a Mac only app especially… + the fact I have not come across a better app ‘n this to rectify all my photo cellular image needs and by far, by miles & miles… No kidding! Every image I capture I edit & only with camera+2…. Has outstanding editing tools 4 color correction or even just a simple crop it helps bring out what u have captured but to its best imaging quality …! It is the ONLY APP I USE•!
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5 years ago, PhtoChic
Like it love it! 4.75 stars
Like this more than Camera+ for several reasons, main one being not as many errors as I use to get... love that you can edit photos without having to import them - as I use to save in both photos and the camera+ app, now I have 17 GB of photos that I think are saved in my photos but afraid to delete them for fear I’ll delete some I don’t have. Not sure how to access the photos other than trying to export, which takes forever or I get an error and/or just keeping a backup of the photos!! So glad I don’t have to worry about it with this news one!!!
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4 years ago, Doogie67
Far and away the best in its $ range
For those that figure “I don’t need to buy another camera app since my phone/pad/watch already has a phone”, you have not used this app. Ostensibly both apps are using the same MP lens (front and rear) but that’s where the similarities end. You will get cleaner pics in low light, crisper colors and B&W indoor and outdoor shots and the real advantage with this app are the edit features (on Camera 2plus) that you’d be paying 10x the price otherwise. For those that healthy skeptics looking for the best for less- stop and go with this. Tellem Doogie sent ya.
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7 months ago, bgbir
App policy is making honey trap for old users be-aware.
l have been using this app since 2021. This app offers all the major features like macro mode, slow shutter, manual mode etc but when new update came yesterday all these features gone away to pro mode which require more money which l can’t afford . Why are you give first all the features and when people like this app charge more ? l think its not good for those who does not afford extra money like me. Give me my old app or my money back . You create a honey trap . Where l complained l don’t know but l find very soon to complained .
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1 month ago, DougTX
Good camera app with some issues
The actual camera portion of the app works great but there are a couple of concerns/issues. First big issue, the app wont open without a data connection, what is going on there ? Why does this app require the ability to phone home? Second there is a major background running issue. This app will absolutely kill my battery with background activity if I don’t force close it. These issues haven’t always existed but the data connection requirement seems to have happened in the last 6 months and the battery killer background process in the last release.
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7 months ago, JH70706
Minimal free capability, no trial
I was expecting that advanced features might require an in-app purchase, but apparently ANY manual adjustment when taking a photo requires purchase. I guess that’s why they don’t tell you in the description what’s included for free and what’s not. And no trial at all. You assume the risk for trying and not liking what you’ve purchased. Check out their website behind that “App Support” link. There is nothing there except some basic “about us” and the necessary privacy and terms pages. And a little contact form. Zero “app support” on the site. Zero info about the app itself. I recommend checking out the “You Might Also Like” section for an alternative. Disappointed.
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6 months ago, Pauly489
I wish
I would have loved to give this a 5 star but the app authors.. or App Store…. Or both screwed me out of it. I had already paid for the full time app but hadn’t used it in a few months. Went back to it when I needed it and the app said I was unrecognized .. I tried to restore purchase but all I got was An error which read “cannot restore your products at this time”. Pretty lame. I expect there were app changes causing price changes which kicked me off. I think makers should think of grandfathering in previous owners if they are gonna do that.
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