Camera360-Selfie Editor

Photo & Video
4.7 (12.4K)
394.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
灏 徐
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Camera360-Selfie Editor

4.66 out of 5
12.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Natsuyaki123
great but one request!
i’ve been a VIP user for 3 years now. I enjoy using the app mainly for filters (and the arrangement feature that isn’t in any other mobile app i’ve seen). I especially love the filters that have elements— like the goldfish filters. But over the years, a lot of these filters have been removed, like the zodiac filter. For the price of subscription, please stop removing these filters when adding new ones! Or sometimes it seems they’re just removed without new ones being added. Also, please add the ability to add the face stickers and lenses that we can use on the camera to be able to be implemented to photos already on our camera roll. I believe this used to be a feature if I remember correctly. Btw people saying this is glorified Snapchat clearly don’t use this for editing— it’s much more than Snapchat 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyone using this for more than to take photos will see that very quickly.
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2 years ago, QueenLauraLee
Great App for Images
I love this app. So far I feel it is better than FaceTune or other photo apps! I do notice that sometimes when editing photos my app will freeze and shut off mid edit and it doesn’t save my image. So I have to start all over again. Otherwise it’s been successful.
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11 months ago, Diane Rosales
Something is wrong
Honestly I love this app because I can do a lot of filters everyday. I use this app since I was a kid and until now but something went wrong, When I click the makeup thing, it’s like it’s not working, I mean I can click it but it’s not going to where I want and the the places was change. For example when I click the makeup, I see all the lipstick, blush and others was in a different place, it doesn’t matter if the place was changed but also it doesn’t show other makeup so please fix it please and if you fix, I promise I’ll change the app ratings into full 5 stars if you just fix the problem🥺🥺🥺
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1 year ago, jjuuaannjj
Photos get blurry or has a glitchy effect
I LOVE this app like so much. I’ve been vip in this app for almost 3 years. It is my to go to editing app. When editing and saving the photos I have no problem with the photos getting blurry or ruined. But ever since the app was updated, my photos started to come out very blurry or has what it seems a glitch effect which is very dislikable. So everytime I do a little touch up using the edits, my photos will start getting blurry. I just wish this app will go back to the way it was before it was updated. Camera 360 please fix this bug with the new update. I really don’t want to delete this app.
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2 years ago, Astarr7
The app is great, until something goes wrong
It’s far too difficult to reach a support contact. I wanted to reach out because something is missing in camera360. Pressing the facial lift body confirming button now only gives you a “lengthening/shortening leg” option. This can’t be right considering the various tools that are normally there. But there’s no help or support link/button in the app that I can see. Only by coming here, selecting app support and being taken to Another site are you able to see a contact us… and then you have to make out the email address. That’s much too cumbersome. I hope my note will be seen here.
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1 year ago, Jcgbailey
Used to work great…can’t reach support
Right now camera just constantly takes pictures upon opening and there is no setting to fix it. Must be nice for some who don’t want to change the preselected features or angle or whatever. If I let it run while I try to get the right angle between the camera constantly snapping I then have to go delete manually the 50 pictures filling up my storage. It’s annoying. All I wanna do is fix that scrunched baby doll chin it keeps giving me but it keeps taking my d&@$ picture! Lol
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4 months ago, JediJae
Deletes my progress on pics if I don't save in time
At first I thought this problem was just my phone. But for some reason, way more often than tolerable, I will be in the middle of editing a pic, and then all of a sudden, the app will start me over via taking me back to the Home Screen of the app without saving my work. This happens all the's so annoying, especially if I was spending a lot of time editing a specific pic.
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12 months ago, shauni_bell
Lines in my pictures .
The app keeps on crashing and logging !!!! Please put an option to bring back the photo to wherever you left the progress to continue after it crashes . It’s crazy I have to do so much , only to lose the progress I made in the middle of it crashing each time I use the eraser!!!!!! Fix it please !!!!!!
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11 months ago, smekgees
Bring back the creative function
Why remove the creative option where we can crop out background and put a background with we want. Please put it back. I love the update though but please add that creative function back. Thank you
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2 years ago, OTRILm
Music won’t play in video mode
The app says you can play your own selection of music while you video. However, the music on my phone cuts off as soon as I open the app. The music option inside the app doesn’t have anything we like and it even cuts off as soon as you try to take a video. Support on the website is in another language and the English option doesn’t give you an English support page. We need to be able to use this function with in the next hour!
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2 years ago, pina loveer
Pretty good except….
I thought it was good but I don’t really like how you have to pay for “VIP” it’s like Snapchat but for a ring light some time I just use my regular camera app for it if you. don’t have “VIP” then it gives you like three stickers which I don’t like say if I’m try to do a cute holiday picture/video I use the same one every time cause I’m not paying like $9 so all I’m saying is don’t really get it unless you get “VIP”.
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2 years ago, 10joules
Love the app but can I have my face shape back
My face shape is round but this camera app automatically narrows my face where I do not recognize myself. How can I return the shape of my face while taking a camera selfie?
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2 years ago, You know my name !
Acne Auto Problem
Hello. I honestly love this app. I have had it for years. And I enjoy using it time to time. Recently, I have one problem which causes the app shut down automatically whenever I use acne feature auto mode. My app suddenly shuts down. I could use manual acne feature, but I edit lots of pictures at a time, so the auto acne would save lot of time. Please help. Thank you so much.
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2 years ago, Dezyre 69
Keeps crashing!!!
I’ve had this app for years and it was amazing until the last year or so. They did an update and all my favorite filters were all over the place. Couldn’t find a dang thing. Now today it just started crashing every time I try to edit a photo. I mean it literally shuts down and closes out completely. I restarted my phone first then deleted it and reinstalled it thinking that would help but NOTHING!!! I’m so sad cause this was a great app.
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1 year ago, EdwardKennethRamirez
Recent update ruined quality of pictures
I’ve used this app for years. I paid the monthly subscription and I always bragged about the app. As an iPhone user I loved that I could edit my pictures and it would never ruin the quality of the picture. Now when I edit the pic, it pixelates the picture. It looks like distorted lines going across the picture. Please, fix this asap. I loved this app. If it continues I’ll be cancelling the subscription.
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1 year ago, ghedhdw
Difficult to use
This used to be my favorite camera app simple to use now if I use advance adjustments the settings are not saving . Videos now have a time limit . There is some many ways to adjust settings to get the picture to look how you want it . It use to be as simple as pick a filter and take the picture now it is not
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7 months ago, jejcjciksnwheicjsbw
Full of long ads now, not what it use to be
This app use to be able to used and enjoyed without having to subscribe, but now you can’t do anything on here without having to watch a overly extended ad, even when the progress bar is complete they still make you wait. I know I’m deleting the app, when it’s no longer ad free just to save a photo then you know the app isn’t worth using anymore.
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1 year ago, WarmedDeer45802
Became unusable
I’ve been using this app for years, just renewed the subscription recently, but after the latest updates the app became unusable: after facial and shape editing all photos are distorted and come out with horizontal “zebra like” lines. I’ve reinstalled the app, contacted support twice with detailed emails and no response, and so far it has not been fixed. Will not be renewing, to bad already paid for this year, what a waste.
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1 year ago, Preshcole
UPDATE: 2 weeks later and STILL NO RESPONSE AND THE APP DOESNT WORK AT ALL! I used it ONE TIME AND IT COST ME ALMOST $30!!! The app launches and then it’s stuck on the screen, you can’t even go into any sort of recording mode, picture mode nothing!!! I wasted money! It worked the first time I used it except when I tried to retrieve videos it says enter your email iCloud is down we will email you in a few weeks! Now it won’t DO ANYTHING! This app doesn’t even deserve ONE STAR!
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1 year ago, BackWoodsGamer
I have had this app since 2011 and I really love it. Great improvements over the years. My only complaint is being bombarded with NEW FILTER advert when I first open the app.
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2 years ago, Good girl or bad girl?🤔🤔
Kinda pointless.
So after I took a photo. It IMMEDIATElY asked me if the app could have my location. Why would you need my location if you're just taking photos?! And are you going to stalk me? Just my question is WHY DO YOU WANT MY LOCATION??!! And also, this VIP thing is also pointless. You have to pay like $6.99 a month. The only thing the changes is you get more filters. Its pointless to get this. Its just a camera app with filters. Like snapchat. And also, I have a Korean friend. The Korean filter looks NOTHING like them. Yes, I know not all Koreans look the same, just it doesn't look natural. Honestly, none of the filters really look natural.
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9 months ago, Hehehwhaninja turtlre
what’s with the ad interruptions that don’t let you get back to the app?!
What’s with the sweep ads begging for download that interrupts usage of the app? Why is this happening? I had to remove the app and reinstall several times. I would consider purchasing if not for the clean sweep intrusion. It’s beyond frustrating!
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2 months ago, cinbeef
Very Good - Developers Please Note
One of the biggest selling features to improve will be the ability to record video with filters longer than one minute. This time period is reaching obsolescence in comparison to competitive offerings now.
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3 years ago, lucialuv
Camera issues
After updating to ios15, the side camera on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is inoperable for this app. All the icons top and bottom are in the photo and you have to edit. When using selfie stick the button doesn’t work on the selfie stick anymore. None of these issues were there before the update.
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4 months ago, amanecer61
Too expensive for the lack of options
In befunky I can pay about the same amount a year and I get the option of selecting where in the image I want a filter effect, exposure, saturation or color change and correction. Here whatever I do it’s on the entire image.
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1 year ago, hea.ahd
App glitch
I’ve been using this app for the longest and love it. But now that I’m using it on my new phone there’s a glitch where I’m unable to save the photo to my phone. Once I hit the save button the app freezes
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3 years ago, SCTE001
Love the app but....
After taking a pic it changes it to some blurred pink/yellow/orange 🤮 how do I turn it off … it comes on most of my pics HATE IT … I’ve redownloaded still pops ups
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1 year ago, M3lzie
Not happy!
Last few updates have completely changed how pictures look. I can no longer touch up pictures without them looking blurry or have gritty texture almost as if the picture is becoming distorted! please change the app back.
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11 months ago, MrQuinn22
Where are the old filters
Please send back my favorite filter..
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2 years ago, LizzieB09
Longer video!
- snapped photo changes from what it looks like in the viewer - please make the video linger or don’t put a time limit at all - overall, still love it.
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1 year ago, MrsCourtneySim
Hi I notice image or photo edit do you allow video edit ?
Hi I notice image or photo edit do you allow video edit ?
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3 years ago, cucoToño
I love it
But I don’t like Thet way they change colors of pictures
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1 year ago, BellaJennyfur
Really disappointed to see more AI schlock features like the comic book effect. I really loved this camera app until now. Filters and editing tools are one thing — AI features steal from artists work. Shame on you for incorporating this thievery into your otherwise great product.
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2 years ago, pepeinhawaii
Can not open my camera data from app
First few times I could access my photos from app. Since I purchasedPREMIUM I can not access my photo Album. Even I can not open my camera from app. I deleted app and redownload few times. It Dosent solve problems. (Set up “arrow all photos” ) So basically I CAN NOT USE THIS APP AT ALL SINCE I PURCHASED.
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2 years ago, EDECK
I could give this app 5 star review but my only problem is the video, why do we have to hold it longer to take a video, can it be hands free so we can do stuff without holding the button??? Attention DEVELOPER?? What can you do about it?
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1 year ago, LTAJ339117
Boxes appear when using facial retouching
Ive been using the app for many years but recently when i use the facial retouching and body reshape , boxes appear on the edited part of the face which is annoying and im a VIP member , please fix this so i wont cancell my subscription
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2 years ago, docjazze
Since few days keeps crashing I uninstalled and installed again but same issue
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1 year ago, Eliezer nyun
Very bright !! Hurts my eyes
It’s very bright to edit photos in the door, or especially when you have eye problems. There’s no dark mode, most of the other apps offer dark mode or they came with it. It’ll be so much better with dark mode. I hope they add this option!!
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2 years ago, missvimifato
Facial lift & Body Shaping is now only for legs or how can I use it like it was
Trying to use the shaping thing like before but now looks is just only for legs
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3 years ago, exotic⚽️🏀👩🏽
This app
This app is annoying me with the fact that when i video i cant flip the video to the other side, please fix this; other then that this app is awesome.
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7 months ago, Nai929@
Album does not open
This is usually my favorite app and I have VIP services , but for some odd reason when I open the app and try to open a photo to edit , it does not work :( . Hope this can be fixed or I will have to cancel my subscription.
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11 months ago, chanminhmaster
Missing my favorite filter
I have been a subscriber for 3 years and the main reason I kept this app was for the “Storm” filter. This filter is no longer available and without any notice. There’s no option for a refund or to report this issue.
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1 year ago, MuffyDuffy
Please fix your app!
This app used to be great. Now it distorts your photos. Very strange lines appear like sliced boxes all over the photos. Completely unusable. Sent you email with an example of what i’m talking about but no reply. No app update to fix this bug so i will not be renewing my subscription.
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3 years ago, exogoon
It would be okay but...
I like the concept but the quality is really bad and laggy, im not sure why but the camera constantly lags and the quality is just not there. I feel like this app has potential to be better than SNOW but it isn't there yet:/
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1 year ago, Zhdvhd
Distorted photo when editing
This was a great app for photo editing. I’m actually a VIP member for years. But recently when I tried to edit photos, it becomes distorted. I’m giving this app another week to fix the problem. I will unsubscribe if this problem continues to occur.
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2 years ago, sin_nombre_22
Fix a problem
Can you guys fix the body shaping ? It seems to not be working ☹️
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2 years ago, MaskedVillain
Any editing degrades quality instantly
Any editing to any existing photo completely destroys the quality and resolution of said photo. No idea why devs decided this would be appropriate in a PHOTO app.
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1 year ago, azsxdcfvgb_1234
In the new update, with the smallest edit, the quality of the photo decreases drastically and it can no longer be used in your program as before. Please return the program to the previous version.
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2 years ago, capybarabara
I have had this app for years and I loved it. However, now it forces me to go premium. I try to use it and it says it’s using premium features when in reality I did not request to sample any features. Just want my app to work like when o bought it for 5.99
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1 year ago, refundme12
I’ve been a VIP user for years and with the update they got rid of a bunch of filters!! The one that makes pictures like cartoons or sketches is gone. They added a new one that you can only use 2times! And it’s not that great. Might need to find a new app. 👎🏻
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