Campfire Songs

3.7 (24)
10.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Campfire Songs

3.71 out of 5
24 Ratings
3 years ago, CampGeek2
Pretty good but need more songs!
I would love the ability to record songs with my troop, upload them and store them in this app, in a separate category. We could even choose to upload to the developer for submission. There are a ton more songs out there…keep adding to the app with midi on as many songs as possible!
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3 years ago, Mcfred333
Like and remember
I like this app brings back memories of be on staff at summer camp and has a camper needs a few new songs in this
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6 years ago, Bwcricket
Thrilled to discover this app!
What a great idea for an app! I will be sharing this with all of the Girl Scout leaders in our area. Impressed with the number of songs, ability to hear the tune on many, and it looks like the developers are open to improvement. Thanks for this app!
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5 years ago, notloki
CampSongs are great to planning
Campfire app is great tool for scouts to plan the campfire but I wish the had a Morning song. To wake people up get them moving. Even in the chow line.
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6 years ago, scl10
Needs an update.
Great app, but needs to be updated to latest iPhone X support.
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8 years ago, Ponani
Fair, has potential
This is a collection of the words, not the tunes, of a few of the old camp favorites. If that is all you want, it's OK. What would be useful are the tunes (how does it go) and then obviously a lot more songs then this bare bones collection.
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5 years ago, bpogioli
Some of the songs are a little inappropriate.
Some are okay. Just read through them before you introduce them to children.
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2 years ago, niniknini
Songs Do NOT Play
I downloaded this app so that I could teach these to the youth, except none of the songs play when you press the play button!
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6 years ago, Jem7707
Great to have!
Super useful for Scouts. Several songs say they are sung to the tune of “chant”. Does this mean they are simply chanted?
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4 years ago, Traveling Eye
Can't figure out how to hear the tune. Can anyone help me with that?
Crab someone explain how I can hear the tune please?
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12 years ago, Animi411
Great App
Very useful. If it were more complete I would share it with more people or even pay for it. Problem Is many songs are incomplete. It would be nice to have a place where you can add alternate versions or alternate versus. The midi files are extremely helpful. There should be a place where we could submit material. I was dissapointed to find the songs incomplete. Should be done wiki style. Also it would be helpful to have a personal favorite list to make it easier to find your most used songs.
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8 years ago, divingtech
Doesn't play the tunes.
Other than that it's a nice collection of songs.
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8 years ago, AndersenRex
Cub Master
Great resource for our Pack
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4 years ago, fanofan
Doesn’t play the tunes
Could’ve been great, but it doesn’t play the tunes.
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12 years ago, Monica thee Great
Great app
I have 1 cub scout, 1 daisy scout and 1 brownie. As a family, we had fun singing songs. It was nice to have the words when I havent sung these songs in years or ever. Also we sat around the fire pit as a family. I used the app when trying to think of songs to sing. The whole family enjoyed it and it was a good way to teach them songs and to bring scouts home.
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12 years ago, Indoor hunter
Awesome app
I really enjoy being able to pull up a song and actually know the words now, instead of pretending, you all have done it. Getting into scouting at 28 instead of 8 I didn't know any scout songs but I am learning them now. Only suggestion would be to try and find some OA songs, I've heard a few but don't know the names of them.
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12 years ago, achowalogen1975
Think these things
1. You need to have a section where the music used by multiple songs is printed once for people to get the melodies 2. You need a place where I can enter my own songs from other sources. Make sure it asks for me to give credit where I found it. Heck, I don't care if you take them sometime and add them if you want to sometime down the line. 3. You need to provide the chance to correct the errors in songs without rewriting he whole thing someplace.
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11 years ago, vpoland
This app sure came in handy at our District Pinewood Derby this past weekend. There were some technical problems with the track so we had down time to fill. I pulled up this app and found a song to teach the boys to fill it. Turned what could have been a bad experience into a fun memory for some Cub Scouts. Thank you again.
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12 years ago, Girl Scout Alum
Song app
Great app, Very helpful in reminding us of all the words to our favorite songs. I would love to see more added and perhaps a sample of the music tune, I do not know them all which makes it difficult. My only real complaint is that every time I try to go back to the song lists the app closes and I have to reopen and start again. Fairly annoying but overall a great app.
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12 years ago, BigDaddyChaz4
This is a cute app!
My only issue is that there seems to be more Girl Scout related songs than Boy Scout songs. As a song leader, I understand that there needs to be a good mix in order to reach your audience. While there is a good mix here, it seems to be geared more one way than the other.
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13 years ago, jab_
Great camping songbook!
Lots of songs included. Very easy to find the song you are looking for, in any light level. Songs are categorized (repeat after me, singalong, etc.) to make searching easy. It's ad supported, so you can't beat the price tag. Thanks! UPDATE: Now includes "Sung to the tune of"! Thanks!
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11 years ago, Ron Cetto
Great App!
I'm an old time guitar player and stumbled on this app by accident. It's really a time saver in looking up lyrics and some have music to boot. If I had one suggestion, it would be to include the chords above the lyrics. Other then that keep up the great work and keep bringing on more songs. Guitar Player Ron
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13 years ago, Cudischas
Great song book!
This is an excellent app! Now when the occasional question comes up of "how does that song go?" it will be easy to find out. Plus, there are a lot of songs that I haven't heard since I was a kid! Brings back some good camp memories!
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13 years ago, Stacybethi
Great campfire songs app!
I really like this app! You could use it at the campfire and not even need a flashlight to read the songs. Also environmentally conscious since you dont have to print song pages. Good for a song anywhere. Thx!
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11 years ago, PolkaPete
Never having grown up as a singing Scout, it would be really helpful to have more tunes. But, that being said, the app is very helpful and great for quick lookups when I should have planned a little better at those Cub Scout events!
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11 years ago, BadWolf2.0
Maybe add a search by lyrics section where you could just type in the lyrics, and also I can't find a some favorites that would be very useful like 40 years on an iceberg
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12 years ago, Tbraun00
This gives a new name to pocket song book! The only thing that I wish is the melody because some of these tunes I don't know.
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11 years ago, TacoSinger
Great app
I really like this one! Has a great list of songs. Too bad more of them don't have music. But at least thrones that do are easy to sing along with. :)
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12 years ago, AEBla
Too little music
I found this app disappointing mainly because very few of the songs actually have music to play along. Most of the songs only print the lyrics. Good if you just need a reminder of the words to songs you already know, but not good if you want to learn new songs.
Show more
11 years ago, Kimbreli
Hard to read
Great selection of songs. I am looking forward to using this with both my cubs and Girl Scouts. However, black background with white print is very hard on the eyes. It gives me a headache. Please change this!
Show more
11 years ago, skrap3003
Campers delight
Tons of songs great for camp! Gives you the actions and everything, you can even print them out!
Show more
13 years ago, Sawed-off Jack
Great idea !!
Nice to have along when not enough sheets for everyone, and good for a last minute song need !!
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11 years ago, Stanmanchu
Brings back memories...
Great collection of classic campfire songs. Really brings back memories of my youth in scouts and now I can share em with my son in his scouting ventures. Thx for the memories!
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12 years ago, muecker
Great free app
The only thing it is missing is an audio clip with the tune as I don't know a lot of the tunes. Otherwise it is a nice selection of songs.
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12 years ago, Americankatz
Campfire Songs
I think this app is good, but it would be nice if the songs had the music that goes with them. Only a few songs had the music with them. Brings back a lot of memories by the campfires as a kid.
Show more
11 years ago, FloridaMom1981
Good variety
Good variety of songs. Well organized. Music to go with about a third to help you learn the tune.
Show more
11 years ago, sd9e
Very handy!
Looking forward to using it over and over on campouts! It'll sure be nice to add to the repertoire of songs.
Show more
13 years ago, SM-HSM
Lyrics only
As a relatively new leader, I don't know a lot of songs & such. I was hoping for an app with the tunes as well. (Or at least "to the tune of".) Otherwise, this is full of songs - a great resource provided you know the tune.
Show more
10 years ago, Zp14263790
Great please update with better graphics and more songs with tunes
Show more
11 years ago, Ann Marie del Rosario
Love these!
I love that these cover all kinds of scouting. I wish there were music for each one!
Show more
12 years ago, Wesley1014
I would really like more music. You can find the words everywhere it's just hard finding the tune.
Show more
11 years ago, Bill Perrault
Campfire songs
Cool app. Just wish it had singing and not just the words.
Show more
11 years ago, Cserg
Great app!
Great for when I need a song quick!
Show more
11 years ago, Royajsdad
Very Good !
So many songs I forgot , and can now share them with my boys ! Thanks
Show more
10 years ago, Gogo pillows
Awesome songs
So great even for boy and Girl Scouts. I learned some of these songs at science camp too. So awesome make more
Show more
12 years ago, Trampoline and Tumbling Mom
Really helpful
Just got this app while camping, works great!!!
Show more
12 years ago, No longer accurate
I love this app, I have shared it with many troops recently. Great for new leaders that haven't been scouts in 20+ years.
Show more
11 years ago, Daisy leader
This is a wonderful app! Not just for scouts, but for anyone who does music with kids. Thanks so much for the awesome resource!!!
Show more
12 years ago, Girl Scoutcookies
Come in handy
Show more
11 years ago, DaveCPa
Great app
Can't wait to share with my scouts!
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