CamScanner - PDF Scanner App

4.9 (1.4M)
244.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
INTSIG Information Co., Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CamScanner - PDF Scanner App

4.85 out of 5
1.4M Ratings
2 years ago, RussBSr
Great App
This app is the best one I’ve tried (out of 5 others) & I wouldn’t use another one. I’ve had this app for about 7 years now and last year I decided to pay for the full version as I needed the ability to make several scans for insurance information when I was hospitalized and out of work for 3 months. I was able to send hundreds of scans into several PDF formatted files and send them to my employer as we were going through end of the year changes with new insurance and I also needed to send several medical files for FMLA reasons, so we’re talking hundreds of pages. I was not able to move around much & this app made it very easy to copy everything I needed and send them in separate PDF’s and label them accordingly. I’ve used this app every month since then and have basically gone almost completely paperless at work and home. I can also find every doc I’ve scanned a lot more easily than when filing in a cabinet & been able to resend items. I also use this to scan every receipt for both work and home (to balance checking account to even returning items or making warranty claims). Very pleased with this & prefer it over an industrial copy machine we have at work because I have the ability to search for them later with little effort. I’ve recommended this app to about 50 other people and those whom have told me about their experiences later also paid for the app and love it as well.
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4 years ago, Anonymous10572
Do not need to purchase a scanner anymore
This app rocks. It is a tad bit pushy on trying to get you to pay to unlock additional features, but overall the amount of capability it provides out if the box, free, is excellent. Before, I was taking pictures via phone camera app of all my documents and then painstakingly uploading to my computer, reducing image sizes, and grouping pictures into pdfs — and still the end result pdf file sizes were frustratingly large and the quality subpar. With this app, I can easily batch scan each document into its own collection, it automatically identifies the document portion within the image and crops to it, applies a filter that tremendously enhances readability, and then offers several export options at which point I choose to airdrop as pdf to my Mac pc. And the resulting pdf is a reasonable size. I’d highly recommend giving this app a try for your scanning needs, it’s free. The one downside is without paying you get a watermark at the bottom right of the doc, but personally that doesn’t bother me too much.
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3 years ago, Xite Studios
Great for school super easy to use
I am a high school student and our teacher wanted us to upload PDF files. She didn’t care how we did it but that’s how she wanted them, well you can do it in the notes app on an iPhone but that was super difficult to use also was a pain to be about to submit the pdf after since everything was on the phone. I tired a few other PDF apps on my phone but none seemed to work well at all or they needed you to pay to actually use it. Well eventually I tried this one which was the best by far. I didn’t even decide to keep going because this app is the best at making PDF files from photos or just the camera. That selling point for me was after I scanned my documents I was able to upload them directly to my assignment on canvas without leaving the app. I plan on buying the full version when I am able to so I don’t have to pay a subscription fee
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3 years ago, Mr.Byrn
I rarely leave a review... but this is worth talking about.
I think this is my first ever legitimate review on the App Store and I have to say. Whoever or whatever brought you to this app it is worth it. Let me list why- -As an educator and college student this app is invaluable. Homework that needs to be scanned or an assignment that needs to be uploaded this scanner makes the process simple and it looks better than the scanners at some schools. -The app can change the lighting on objects to make dim lighting room photographs of documents to make them actually legible. -The app has ways of converting images to text so it can be more readable to you or anyone else. -It saves all previous scans so if you lost track of the important document you can always go back to the app to find it. -You are able to send PDFs of the document you photographed thru the app so that you do not have to go through the hassle of going to your email and then attaching the document yourself. It’s a small detail, saving a few minutes that they did not have to add but it is such a huge quality of life thing. It does have ads but frankly for this kind of service I’m okay with them making a few cents in ad revenue for the service they provide. So whatever reason you are reading this review I can assure you the app is worth it if you are looking for a document scanning app.
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6 years ago, Laraspa
GREAT for school!
I absolutely LOVE using this app for school. I get a lot of handouts for projects that I have a tough time keeping track of and CamScanner helps me 1: organize my papers, 2: keep from losing them, and 3: access them super easily. I love that I am able to see my assignments on the go, as I cannot always bring my giant folder around with me. Even with the folder, it can be such a pain to try and find each individual assignment. CamScanner has helped so much with both of those problems. Now I am able to see my organized files anywhere if I have my phone on me. Even if I lose an assignment, I will have a scanned copy that I can look at, so I will never lose my important documents. 100% would recommend to other students. If you have problems with organizing files or wish you didn’t have to carry around so many papers, this is definitely the app for you. So easy to use, great user interface. Love it!
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4 years ago, Badboy3772
Do not get this app. It’s a scam
I purchased this app. They took 53 dollars for the year subscription and I didn’t receive it. I tried contacting the company several times no response. The app has a water mark on it and the only way to get rid of the water Mark was allegedly purchase the subscription. First of all they get you with its 2.99 a month, so you click on it only to discover they remove 53 dollars all at once. Ok fine, not what I thought I was signing up for but at least I’ll have the subscription paid for the year and use it. Nope. The subscription never activated and each time I use it it says I haven’t paid for the subscription. I click on the activate subscription and it takes you back to the menu to purchase it. I’ve contacted apple iTunes who has said oh it’s an issue the developer has to correct but if they don’t contact us. The developer refuses to return my emails or fix the problem. Now apple iTunes is pushing the issue off not wanting to remedy the situation. Apple iTunes I thought this company was represented through your app. Will never trust apple iTunes again and I would definitely make sure you don’t purchase this app.
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1 year ago, wildCliff
The Best Free Mobile App to Scan + More in the App Store
I have used for 3 or 4 years and i love ❤️ how userfriendly the App is to take a picture, of any document that you want to have saved for ease of accessing during an yemergencies or if you’re pressed for time. I recommend our friends and family download the free app. You can take a picture and crop it and name it and save it. I use the free version currently although before the pandemic, I was able to afford the premium version which screws the watermark plus a few other features that you can read about in the App Store, I do not leave many reviews although this is one of my go to apps to save any receipts from hotels and business expenses, I like to open the app it loads quickly on the iPhone and take a snapshot photograph of one or multiple pages. I recommend all friends and family use this app.
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3 years ago, greenpanda4
Great app!! Just one annoying part...
This app is really good and very very useful. One of the best free scanners. I use it all the time for school to scan assignments. Super easy to use too!! It even has different settings (single picture, batch, etc) and filters to touch up your document. Awesome all around!! There’s just one annoying thing. It’s not that big a deal but kinda tedious. Because I use CamScanner on my phone, I often need to send stuff to my computer and the easiest way to do this is through email. I only have the Gmail app on my phone because I think it’s easy to use, but CamScanner only allows email sharing through the default Mail app. This meant I had to download the Mail app again just to use CamScanner. Again, not that bad, just kinda tedious. It would be great if CamScanner could be connected to the Gmail app as well.
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4 years ago, Dclark773
Fix your app...
I’ve used the app successfully for over a year. Suddenly it’s decided my year paid subscription no longer exists. It wasn’t due to expire subscription until January 2021, I purchased another year worth of subscription last week hoping to resolve the issue and it did not help. So now I’ve paid $100 for an app that I cannot use services I’ve paid for. The website offers a very poor customer service ticket filer that doesn’t tell you anything or if they have even received or looked into your issue. No phone number. No support e-mail. No services I’ve paid for. I need this issue resolved ASAP. Hopefully leaving a review will get someone’s attention since the website offer no other way of contacting. I will keep posting reviews until I get a response.
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4 years ago, New Frustrated Subscriber
Works well but won’t activate my premium subscription!
This app worked well when I tested a few pages, and I so decided to sign up for a one month premium subscription for $4.99. Unfortunately, it never activated my account and I’m stuck with no credits. I tried Restore Activated Items countless times but it fails to connect to the iTunes Store. This would be a great app if this wasn’t so activation wasn’t so frustrating and buggy. Update: Developers contacted me within a few days and provided a solution, which didn’t work. However, after deleting and reinstalling the app, I was able to get my subscription to kick in. Now it works like it was supposed to. I use this for Arabic OCR mainly and it works more accurately than the other apps I’ve tried so far. I’ll keep the premium subscription for now and keep my expectations low, as I expect that this app may remain buggy in the future.
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6 years ago, mommadiane010
Cam Scanner best way to share printer quality documents
So often we have to sing and return documents - or send original copies for resumes, diplomas and other verification of employment documentation and... how do we do that ? Cam scanner allows transmission of any image as high quality doc in high quality images from your smart phone you can transmit in pdf format which is most preferred in formal business transaction You have the option of jpg is you prefer it The images are clear crisp no shadow or weird angles like taking a photo with you phone PLUS you have the ability to adjust the image and edit the clarity giving you clear crisp documents to send via your phone As someone who uses this regularly I highly recommend it and tell others to send me documents via CamScanner all the time Go for It Try it! You are going to Love it!
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3 years ago, Autumn Kim
Stole my money after I cancelled my subscription
I downloaded this apps free trail to try it in comparison to other scanner apps and I did not like the app at all. There are other apps out there that are easier to use at a much lower price- so I cancelled my subscription 1 day into my 3 day free trail. On the supposed third day of the free trial- after I already cancelled the subscription and deleted the app- I was charged $60 for 3 months. I did not want the subscription in the first place and had ensured that I cancelled before I would be charged. This app stole my money. I have attempted to reach out to the customer service email several times (I have also failed to find a phone number or a live chat). I have yet to hear from them after a week of trying to get in contact with someone to get my money returned to me. I have now had to get in contact with my bank to dispute the charge since it was unauthorized. I did not want it to get to that point but due to the negligence of those running the app/customer service I have had to.
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2 years ago, CeeToTheZee
Excellent tool, supportive devs.
I’ve been using this App for over 6 years. I’ve handed in hundreds of homework submissions over the years using this app. With each update, the UI became more minimalistic, and some buttons disappeared or were remapped. If you’re a long-time user like me, there may be a lot of frustrating confusion as to where some functions went after every update. This actually made me post a negative review as I couldn’t find so many functions I relied on for years many updates ago. Fortunately the dev team contacted me and explained where everything is. It seems a lot of editing functions became hidden behind the misleading “Sign” button. Try it! It does way more than just signing. Changing my review back to 5 star. Quality hasn’t changed so far, just layout and design.
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6 months ago, ScruffyLee
Very useful and restores faded and illegible documents
Very happy with CamScanner. I have been using since 2015. My 94 year old Aunt had just passed away at 2am. She purchased her mortuary and cemetery policy in 1960, it was fully paid for. The contract was on NCR paper, faded and illegible. I called the mortuary to have them come pick her up and was told they did not have any record of her contract because age of documents and mergers and many moves. They would not be coming over to the house. This was a well know and very large mortuary. I used my Cam Scanner app to scan the contract and other documents, which were made very clear, then emailed to them. Because of Cam Scanner, a very sad, stressful time of my life was made easier to get through. I highly recommend for personal and business.
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8 months ago, new updates are frustrating
Very Disappointed, PDF Saving and Sharing Too Difficult
This seemed like a great app and easy to use. However after scanning my document, I couldn’t save or upload it anywhere. Unclear instructions on how to set email up in order to email it to myself. Also I keep seeing their response to others that they “use the email app on your phone” as though that is an excuse. I don’t use the email app on my phone and have no desire to. I use the Gmail app. All other apps I use that have an email feature let me send emails using the Gmail app. It’s absolutely ridiculous this app doesn’t. I tried saving to an album and it saved all 11 pages as separate photos on my phone. I could have just taken pictures if that’s what I wanted. Finally, it seemed easy to upload the file to google drive, but the permissions were fishy. I don’t want to give this app permission to see all my Google drive files (edit and delete them) just to get the PDF into a saved place where I can actually use it. Completely frustrated.
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4 years ago, AstronxD
App is awesome but the way its operated is worse.
OCR uses processing from my phone, it can store images on my phone, it uses my camera for HD resolution, the folders are created on my device. Literally every single thing is done by my phone and yet why do I have to subscribe for premium as if I am not using your cloud/server for all these tasks? I hate the plan of subscribing every month, I’d rather pay if it was one time payment. I use this app rarely, once or twice a month and I wouldn’t want to pay every time for that. I don’t want all your stupid features such cloud storing, e-signature, pro pdf editor, greeting cards and all. I’m happy with just a scan, OCR, removed ads/watermarks and sometimes image to excel. I did check cam scanner+ app but its even worse, asking me to get premium every time I open the app, nor the app gets updated as frequently as this app for bug fixes. I desperately want this app but without subscribing. I’d rather pay 0.99$ per feature but no subscription please.
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2 years ago, Ellen Swallow
When I was a student I used to have a Huawei and I got this app I found it very helpful for everything, very organized I could have my documents sorted as I wanted, and the pdf versions were easy to find and share by WhatsApp, e-mail, messenger, and other apps, you can get done a pdf in seconds I used to submit homework in a couple of minutes. I have read many negative comments about this app, but in my personal opinion, it’s great and useful, easy to use and quick and that’s what we need in real life even when you want to change the file size It's very easy. I have an iPhone now and I am downloading it again because I rather the way this app organizes the information after your scan. I highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Oh sagacious
Simply Stellar! Perfect for folks on the go!
It’s a Stellar app that is really simple to use - hence my title. And It’s true. Im a salesperson in a constant sprint. The formula for success in sales is pretty straightforward: More time in front of prospects equals more lettuce in the old wallet. I only get paid to do three things really: Prospect, see people and close. If I’m “busy” resubmitting an app because its illegible, or digging through files to find an application, etc., then that’s less time engaged in key activities! And that’s less money in my pocket!... Cam scanner literally makes scanning, saving, editing, and organizing and after thought! What would have taken me 15-30 minutes before, is done now in less than 5! And it’s FREE! I couldn’t operate without it...and wouldn’t want to. M Thanks a million Cam Scanner!!
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6 years ago, Karararaa
This really is a great app, I originally downloaded it to use for school, but I ended up using it outside of class as well. It keeps me organized and reeaaaally comes in handy if you’re the person that’s always needing to email hard copy documents to others (especially on the go). I also use it to keep important documents organized and with me at all times (on my phone, as pdf files). I’m not very good tech-wise, and complicated apps end up getting deleted after one confusing use. This app is laid out nicely and is simple enough to figure out and actually use without feeling overwhelmed at all. Wasn’t expecting much from a free app, but has thoroughly exceeded my expectations and gone above and beyond anything else I have tried.
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2 months ago, Lhepp23
One of the worst apps
This app seemed to work ok at first, but after a while not matte what I do or what settings I change the camera is rotated and if I rotate my iPad it doesn’t correct. It’s so out of whack and nothing else on my device is funky like this, only this app. I wonder if it’s not made well for an iPad, but it worked okay at first. It’s kind of a pain to send the documents to yourself because even though I change the scanned items to PDFs it still says they are too large for my gmail, so I had to upload them to a separate platform and then email them to myself which is an extra step I shouldn’t have to do. Also the scan screen when using the iPad is mostly black and the scanned item is only about the size of a phone, which seems to confirm my suspicion that it’s made for phones and not iPad. I want to use my because it’s better overall. Overall, it’s just more of a pain than it’s worth, I hope to find a better app.
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5 months ago, ItalianRoastYummmm
Absolutely worth the price
One might think that, since I only scan about 20 pages per year, the price of this app wouldn’t be worth it. Although the cost is at the upper limit of what I’m willing to pay, I still think it is worth the cost of admission because I know I can make great scans with my phone camera. This app is feature-rich. A few of my favorite functions include the ability to stretch and straighten the wonky images that can result from photographing wrinkled pages or pages that are photographed on unlevel surfaces. The ability to remove shadows is probably the best feature in my opinion. I recommend CamScanner for anyone who wants to make great quality scans in even subpar conditions.
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6 years ago, Rich000012
Best portable scanner and doc manager
I love cam scanner for quick or more serious multi document scanning and storage. The fact that you can choose your document type ie, PDF or jpeg ect. for emailing on the spot, documents has been a godsend to me. I keep important documents that people need occasionally or regularly on hand. The days of faxing are over once you have this. Need a signed document for someone? Print your page you need to send signed, sign it, scan with cam scanner and right there in the program email it to anyone in your contact list easily. Works every time and then cam scanner backs up your documents to your choice of backup services or machines. No hassle, no fuss just works. Very dependable. Awesome is all I can say.
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3 years ago, H20Fecm3
What happened? Disappointing.
I have had this app since it first came onto the app store with google and ios. Although I dont use it as much as I use to I am disappointed in the overload of features and becoming non user-friendly. Everything is not like it use to be. It just gets more confusing as time goes on. I also lost fax money because the faxes took all day to confirm they were received I had to reload thinking it never went through. I have referred lots of co-workers and people to this app over the years and it is very disappointing to hear this app gets more and more confusing not only to me but the people I referred. I realize you now have 100s of thousands of downloads, but adding features to appeal to everyone is unappealing to those who need it for user friendly personal and business interactions. What is happening and how do I get my fax money back?
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6 years ago, BPMiltner
Awesome App!
We have a cumbersome Expense Manager system at work and CamScanner has removed a lot of the receipt management pain associated with attaching receipts to our expense reports. No more taping receipts to a piece of paper and then scanning them. CamScanner is convenient and so easy to use! I especially like the Batch feature which allows you to take pictures of all your receipts and save them as one file which you can email to yourself as a PDF. As a manager that has to approve expense reports, only having to open one file that includes all of the receipt images instead of several files makes the approval process more efficient. I highly recommend this app to any field sales force.
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4 years ago, Really free
Subscription issues
I have been using this app for nearly a year. Last month, there was a pop up for me to purchase to remove the watermark. I thought possibly subscription had expired... No biggie.I go to repurchase. Well... My subscription doesn’t expire until 2/14. I only use the app once a month... Yesterday I went to use the app again... Still the same pop up to purchase and still the same results... I have already purchased it. My subscription does not expire until 2/14. I double checked to make sure the app is up to date with the latest version... It is according to App Store... However, it’s still the Christmas design from the last update with minor “bug fixes” in the description of the latest version. I am trying to find a resolution to this issue. Contacting customer service seems to be difficult and a run around also. This is annoying and it also seem fraudulent. I would not recommend getting this app.
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7 years ago, InternationalTraveler
Use for Everything, Everywhere!
I love this app! It doesn’t matter where I am, I walk around with a professional scanner in my pocket. I have used it to scan a worksheet in my classroom, email it to myself, and minutes later I can show it on my PowerPoint screen for all the see. I have used it to scan receipts and send them in for reimbursement to my insurance company or office. Right in the moment it’s done, checked off my list, and I won’t forget to do it later! I have stopped using my scanner/copy machine and started just using CamScanner, because it does just as good of a job, and it takes much less time! I fully recommend this app. You can use it anytime and everywhere!
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3 years ago, Mr E Transport
Great app and functional however
This is a great app and functional however customer service and upgrade is not easy I clicked on one of the specials and was unable to complete it I sent for Customer Service self never got it I tried for the full price and still could not get it to link to my account in the process of doing this I almost lost my documents so I don’t know I want to try it but I’d still be interested if there would be somebody to help me outAlso the free portion gets locked up with the pop ups asking you to upgrade and scares off people that have been referred I have referred several and they tell me they cannot see the free portion so they can experiment with it
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2 years ago, anonymous booksor
Send help
“How likely are you to recommend CamScanner to a colleague?” Not. My “colleagues” and I don’t talk about freaking CamScanner. What do you think I am, a printer? Now, that being said, I use CamScanner quite often, but I use it only out of necessity. It is a requirement for turning in school assignments. However, using this app is always an extreme inconvenience. When I first downloaded it, I was automatically on a free premium trial. I was not notified when the period would end, and ultimately the unreasonably astronomical price of this mediocre app was charged to me. I received a refund, but not without great inconvenience. Speaking of great inconvenience, I have clicked on several ads trying to type this out on the app after it asked me for a review. They are everywhere. Turning in a last second paper? Too late, you have to watch four ads before you’re allowed to take a picture. I would continue with my lament, but I was in the middle of trying to turn in an assignment when it asked me for this, and I figured since it’s not a time-sensitive assignment, I would give the penny-pinching developers of this hellish app a piece of my mind first. If you can help it, please do not download this. If you cannot, click it only when you need to, and click it once, because the second click will be an ad or a premium feature.
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4 years ago, E. M. Jones
fun! efficient! high-quality!
I’ve never written a review for any app, but figured it would be fun, because CamScanner is 100% one of my favorites. Really. Whoever designed this needs some recognition. I just got it for school, because my scanner wasn’t connecting to my computer (oh, the struggles of online school), and I needed to scan my homework. This is was SO easy to use, and it allows you to make your scan into a PDF and upload it straight to Google Drive! Agh! The efficiency is just...*chef’s kiss.* Definitely recommend. And it’s fun. I will be scanning up a storm, so if this app starts glitching too much, it’s probably because I’m sitting at home scanning all day. Kidding, of course.
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6 years ago, WHolbrooks79
What happened??!!
This was my favorite scanner app. As far as why was concerned there was no other scanner apps. With all the features this one had, the quality of the pic enhancement, and the control it offered was great. On top of that you could save the pics to your album, send the enhanced pic multiple ways. I guess good things don’t last especially in the app world. There is no directing texting feature but, once upon a time, you could save the enhanced pic to your album, then text it. No big deal. Simple, easy, fast. Well, in CamScanner’s infinite wisdom they have removed the capability. So, I figured it was a premium feature and purchased it. Still nothing. I wasn’t really angry about this whole thing until I emailed them several times and still have received no feedback. I wouldn’t have even bothered writing this review but I don’t want other people wasting their hard earned money like I did. Thanks for nothing, CamScanner!!!
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6 years ago, onyxlux
Very useful
Since my daughter’s teacher recommended this app, I have been using it ever since to take photos of my kids’ homework. There is a single and batch option, great for uploading one or multiple pages of a documents. If you need to add more to a batch already done, no need to worry, just tap the “add” button and insert pages as you wish! You can also re-arrange the pages after scanning, or delete some unwanted ones. It’s very handy and user-friendly. Oh, of course, the quality of the scanned pages is awesome! There’s different filter options for you to choose from according to your needs and preference. Image is sharp and ver clear. What more can I say? I am a big fan of this app!
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6 years ago, Tiffany20410
I love this app!
I have used this app for a few years now and figured it’s about time I write a review. I absolutely love this app! I am in sales and am constantly on the go so to be able to snap a picture and convert it to a PDF makes me so much more productive! The fact that this app allows you to crop and retouches the image so that it actually appears as if it was scanned is a huge plus. It is so professional and does not look at all like a picture taken with a cell phone. This is definitely one of my favorite apps and a must have. I not only use it for work but for personal business as well. Helped my divorce go super smooth when I could get docs to my lawyer within minutes 😜 Super efficient!
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1 year ago, Ramakama
In June 2022, I downloaded the app to see if this is what I needed. In order to check the app I chose ‘1 week free trial’. I’m pretty tech savvy and looked for that check box that mentioned ‘auto renewal’ and didn’t not see it and tested the app. After realizing it’s not what I need I removed the app from my phone. Now a year later I got an email from Apple saying my subscription is about the expire. Upon further examination I’ve learned that last year I was charged for a full year subscription. When calling Apple they confirmed my subscription will not renew, however, they refused to refund me the fee because it’s too old. I’ve told them I never used it once (just to test in that free trial) but this fact didn’t matter to their refund policy rules. My feedback is not for the quality of app, just be careful of the ‘free’ trial option. Please make sure the auto renewal option is super visible.
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6 years ago, kjet one
Top notch scanner
I love this app. It’s totally professional and works the way a commercial product should. The scans are clear, the interface is intelligent and easy to use, and I can name documents and save them easily. CamScanner makes it easy to organize my files. It works quickly and without quirks. No need to learn “tricks“ to make it do what I want. I can scan a document, name it, save it to Google Drive, and email it easily. I use it in the field in my vehicle, at customer locations, wherever I am. If all my apps worked like CamScanner I would never have anything to complain about on my smart phone! If you need to scan, organize and send documents, this product is an excellent choice!
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9 months ago, PsyRoOsH
Help me to use your perfect app
Honestly speaking, your app is the best out there and it is a big help for e student for me who doesn’t have a proper laptop the only problem for me is that i live in I ran I experience blocking slow internet connection and also embargo which does not allow me to pay for premium mode now I really need to use the apps helm to turn my pdf doc to word format in order to edit them What do you recommend I could do?! I really neeed your app performance and i am willing to even pag for it but i don't have the opportunity because of the region I live in. Can’t you just male an offer and lend me premium account?! What if I say pleaaaase🙄🙄🙏🏻🙏🏻
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6 years ago, Zyn127
Love this App! Zynthia
I carry a fax machine, and a document scanner that allowed me to buy a home with only 3 face to meetings, one of which was my closing! My job will only accept faxes with clients info not emails, this app has saved me from traveling to a venue to fax reports and time sheets when the digital by phone system wasn't working; after working all night! This has been amazing! Love it! Also don't have to keep track of papers. Everything sent is time stamped, I can drop it in a file on my phone and there it stays. I've backed up and stored to free up memory and no bulky paper to keep track of. I send or fax a copy, then sometimes email to myself to readily access. Highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Nicholas Sleeis
Best On-The-Go Application
I have witnessed many amazing programs during my teenage years and years dedicated to M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). This application offers a very simple, yet very diverse GUI (Graphical User Interface) that makes it the perfect mobile PDF application for the normal person. Whilst I typically choose to use a very, very expensive PDF-based program, I am essentially required to do such as a result of my career. I highly recommend this application to all whom do not require an expensive program with a broad range of options. Because there’s so very few whom require PDF resources on a typical basis, CamScanner is your best and most efficient option.
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6 years ago, Nicky"s Nana
The Ultimate in CYA Protection
I use my CamScanner app a LOT. I can’t tell you how many times it has come to my rescue. I routinely scan receipts for large ticket items (purchase receipt required for in-warranty repairs to laptop), or items which need to be registered (think screen protector with lifetime warranty). The document is always available on the app, but then I use CamScanner to also email a copy of the scanned item to myself. I’ve actually had MVA accept an item from my CamScanner app for one of those crucial documents you must produce to get your driver’s license! VERY easy to use. Never any glitches, hiccups or down time. Definitely recommend very highly!!
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6 years ago, Ksimbap
Amazing App
I really love this app. It works wonderfully. I use it all the time. It works just as well as any traditional scanner. It is much more convenient to use this app vs. using my printer/ scanner/ copier. I love that it doesn't cost me any money to use, it makes very high quality images, and I can make the scan into a PDF. I also use this if I need to fax anything. I will first take a picture with CamScanner, and the I can import it into another app I use to send faxes. I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs to send documents anywhere, via email, text, or fax. I also recommend it anyone who use their phone or tablet in place of a laptop for work. It is such a handy app to have.
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11 months ago, Salvation Rafael
Wondering if this great and useful app has a permanent subscription
This is without a shadow of a doubt a great, useful and necessary application that truck drivers, accounting and office people should have. I was under the impression that CamScanner had a permanent subscription, one that you can purchase once, but maybe I’m mistaken. If you could bring back that feature, I would most definitely buy it. Thanks for the awesome job put into this app. Keep surprising us in the near future with more useful features. Like I said, I just want to buy the premium version of this app one time, instead of paying for a gold tier every month.
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6 years ago, Nyclady
Great app but needs some improvements
This is a great app and all, but I only got two complaints that I hope can be fixed. 1) For starters, the only formats available to download are both JPG and PDF (basically the JPG converted as a PDF). Since JPG is lossy, there should be a way to export in PNG as opposed to JPG. 2) When you turn on 'Torch' while taking a picture of the paper you want to scan, the flashlight on your phone stays on till you are done fixing up the scan and get back to the main screen. The torch should ONLY be on when taking a picture through the camera, and not after. Other than these two complaints, I do not see a problem with this app, in fact, I like it for scanning my drawings from paper to digital. :)
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5 years ago, SammiKitKat
First time user - very satisfied
I never write reviews on apps but I thought this one deserved one. I was in a rush to scan some important documents and I downloaded a few different scanner apps. This was my favorite one. Easy to use, simple layout and I really appreciated the editer. I was able to save the scans to my pdfs with no problem. I love how they numbered the scans so I didn't save multiple copies. They have a watermark on the "free version" but upon purchase you can remove it. There was also no limit on how many scans you can do which I really really loved. Would highly recommend and I look forward to using this scanner in the future as well! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, fifa21icett
Don’t waste your money to buy premium
I have been using the app for several years and paid for premium for two years. But recently I just found at premium level, they started to add water marks to pdf, and now it requires you to pay more to get gold level to remove pdf watermark. I paid 50 dollar a year simply to get a no watermark feature, but the app sneakily changed the feature offered to premium account! If you can live with the watermark on pdf or fine with saving it as a jpg, it is still a pretty useful and user friendly app. But I’m really disappointed at this kind of behaviour of treating customers. I read there are other people who also encountered issue with premium accounts and wrote a review, and I don’t see a satisfactory response from the company there, so please consider that before you pay for subscription.
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6 years ago, Rusty Rail Reprobate
Excellent timesaver for blueprints
I use this app for all documents but most of all for blueprints of all sizes. Using the quality camera in my iPhone and a flat work space I am able to scan old Railroad prints that need to be updated, change them to a format that can be edited ( I use PDF Editing software to edit mine), clean and brighten up and save. Now all that is left is to print them out myself from my home printer or send them digitally to a blueprint printer at work. I have had employees scan documents at the scene of accidents so I have multiple options of what type of file to save or send the documents in. I love this app and I use it all the time.
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9 months ago, R.Stephens
Email does not work
I had to email some time sensitive information to my accountant only to find out several days later they never received it even though the app told me that the email have been sent. I tried to resend it several times to myself to test the app and I never got a confirmation- nothing worked. I tried contacting customer support to see if they could look into it a little further as to whether or not, my app was not working properly. Something need to be updated or if it’s a feature no longer available to me but they don’t make it easy for you to contact them and when I looked them up online, the contact page doesn’t go anywhere it says contact us but any link you click on does not work. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Teaching21325754
Document scanning on the go
CamScanner has been my go to app for scanning on the go for at least 3 years now. I am able to use it from my iPhone or iPad. I am able to scan single or batch jobs. More importantly, I am able to continue adding documents later to the same file without a lot of extra hoops. The auto focus and document sizer gets it right sometime but it really doesn’t take much time to fix a document in the event it scans it the wrong way. I do not have to fix it immediately either. If the document size scanned wrong CamScanner still picked up the entire document. I can go in and fix it at my leisure.
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2 years ago, D-mush
Subscription issues have me on edge
The switch to apple store based subscriptions wasn’t smooth. I was told that the part of the subscription that was paid already would be refunded or some sort of credit would be given based on how much time was left on the subscription, but here we are several months later and still no credit or update on what happened to that. The MacOS application is no better and functionality is very limited. There was even a point where I had two different versions of the iOS app on my phone that had two different subscription types for the same account, and didn’t understand why that was or which one was I should use.
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2 years ago, SolarTonyV
iOS mobile app. Premium had 4 lines same price with no description explaining what was included. It was not sufficient so I upgraded to Gold. It to had same 4$ no descriptions what was included. I tried to cancel Premium wouldn’t allow, after upgrade to Gold. I unhappy tried to cancel not allowed. Only add to the end of the years end. Has many problems no return reply after my contacting, Just now: it would not extract the text and what it did: was not spelled as on original. An add popped up to buy newest CamScanner APP, I clicked to see what it included and was charged not just shown the options. Oddly on top of charges it shows same end date as other two apps not a full year
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3 years ago, Alex28282
Used to be my favorite - but glitched out in key moment
I preferred this app for scanning my tests (as my classes have been online), and I liked the editing/tuning interface and capabilities of this app. But the last time I used it (maybe because it was the first time I’d used In in a month or two), while in the middle of scanning my test it asked me for rating my experience, and I tried to get out of that and then it asked for feedback, and then it froze and crashed. Maybe don’t ask me repeatedly for feedback while I’m in the middle of a scan. And then crash. Crashed twice in a row, once the night before when I tried to do a test run of the scanning and emailing process, but then my phone died so I just went to bed and assumed it would work next time I opened it. So here’s the feedback y’all wanted.
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1 year ago, Chim-Slance
No easy way to unsubscribe
This app does a good job for a camera-based scanner. If you do a lot of document scans and can justify the purchase and subscription, then this might just be one of your core apps. However, the deal-breaker is no easy way to cancel the subscription. I was really surprised that Apple allows this app to exist in their store without a simple option to cancel. A quick search through websites that instruct how to cancel are dead ends. The developer’s site shows all the bells and whistles, but doesn’t inform about unsubscribing. If I had the option to cancel and resubscribe, then I might feel differently; however, no option to unsubscribe just turned this app into a no-go. I don’t care how good it is, if I can’t get rid of it when I don’t want it any more, then I don’t want it at all. Buyer beware.
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