Canasta Junction

4.6 (6.8K)
139 MB
Age rating
Current version
Canasta Junction, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Canasta Junction

4.64 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Glassbygayle
Reverse technology
Help! I feel like I’ve gone back in time…the new version of CJ is awful. Print is too small, cards are too small. (You know these are mostly boomers playing this game. ) Game cards fly around too fast. The analog clock was better, it was easier to get a quick view of remaining time. At the conclusion of a hand you can’t see your partner or opponent’s left over cards so you can’t see if you would have made that wild card canasta or 7s canasta. The opening screen has no aesthetic value at all, but makes it feel like some guy did the layout in his basement without knowledge of current technology. Really, I don’t think anyone likes the new version better. I may stop playing because I find the changes annoying. First Murphy law; Don’t fix what is not broken!
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2 years ago, LBI_PGI
Game Freezing
I have been using the Cansta Junction Ap for at least 2 years. I pay yearly for it. About 6 weeks ago the ap stopped working. I was able to reach the developer who was able to restore it after about an hour of trying. It was put on my apple computer because we couldn’t get it on the iPad, which is how I usually play. We also couldn’t get it on my iphone. I paid a second subscription fee that was to be removed after two weeks if it was running well. It was. It came back to both my iPads and phone. Now, it has stopped working again! I’ve reached out to the developer twice, and left a message on the ap service site. Still NO CANASTA JUNCTION! This is not just my problem now, but the other players who have set aside time for our games. I’ve contacted Apple and everything is fine from their vantage point on my iPad. To pay twice for something that still is freezing up, makes no sense. If this is not fixed soon, I’ll let many more people know about this issue. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you resolve it??
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6 months ago, Vhcyaa
Not loving it
A few issues with this game. First, since it automatically pulls the threes, it takes away at least one splash hand. The straight. My biggest issue is the computer constantly gives the robot opponents unbelievable hands. It’s not uncommon for an early play of three aces by the competitor on the left, and then the one on the right is immediately able to take it to six cards. There are multiple other examples. I’ve had multiple hands without getting any wild cards. The robot opponent is provided the cards that takes it to a win. When trying to play with live opponents, there are multiple joining errors. No explanation other than an error occurred. Another issue is it’s tough to find live players that allow newer CJ players, due to low rank as a newbie. Overall it’s frustrating.
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2 years ago, Mackie22?
New version
I have been playing Canasta Junction for the last three years. I was forced to download the new version which is awful. If it isn’t broken why fix it? The cards are smaller and the new version forces you to play very fast and the game ends too quickly - there’s something wrong with this version. It ends before you’re able to do anything to extend the game. This new app will force me to go back to playing canasta in person with real cards. What a shame that they had to ruin a very enjoyable game that I used to look forward to!
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2 years ago, Esther T. Q.
New version
I loved the previous version as did all of my friends. This new version is absolutely terrible. The lack of fluidity , the extremely small font size and awkward layout of the game, the inability to look back 3 cards, the inability to see what the opponents hands were and my own partner’s hand was at the end of the game, and the ridiculously fast card movement at any computer speed used are just several of the issues that make this version awful. I am currently looking into other versions through the App Store but am hesitant to subscribe due to data sharing concerns. A real shame that you trashed the user friendly original version that we all signed up for , which, by the way , had plenty of frustrating issues as well, in favor of this current mess. Many many dissatisfied users. Although you claim that an update has fixed the bugs, I am unaware of how to access this..
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4 months ago, Merylaren
Really wish you would improve the solitaire function. First of all, it “cheats” in that one robot will pull the pack with lots of sevens and meld them without having a Canasta of sevens. It definitely knows if it’s robot partner has enough sevens to complete the canasta. On the other hand, my robot partner will pull a pack that is rich in sevens and aces, only to be penalized for more than 2 in the hand. Even in hands where we already have two Canastas and are winning! Just now, my robot partner laid down a wild card meld of 5 duces, even after I had already gone down using my wild cards. It was near the end of the hand so there was no way we would be able to complete the Wild card canasta. Plus, there were plenty of places to add those duces to the cards already on the table.
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2 years ago, Canasta upgrade letdown
New updated version
I was forced to upgrade even though I really enjoyed the older version. I am so disappointed in the new version. Here are the biggest problems with it: 1. You never get the chance to see your opponents cards or your partners cards at the end of the game. 2. When you make a canasta it turns into a small black or red rectangle, which is much less noticeable than the way it was before. 3. In the older version, the cards looked more like cards and not smaller rectangles. 4. There are still glitches in play. For instance, there was a wild card placed on a 5 card suit by a player. The players partner then placed a deuce on another 5 card suit instead of finishing the canasta. The team went down over 1000 points because of their 3’s instead of going up a few hundred points at the end of the game.
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2 weeks ago, ShrryJ
Major glitches for $60? I don’t think so
Playing “Solitaire” against the computers to figure out game play is impossible. The hand seizes up both when draw deck is gone AND when I draw from discard to make my any meld. When you draw from the discard (and yes I had 3 cards), made it to my initial meld requirement the discard deck does not “jump” into my hand as described in FAQ. I’ve played 6 hands with same issues. Canceling immediately. Don’t waste your money. You can’t pick multiple cards to meld at once, each must be dragged individually. Awful! And, when I went to cancel my 1 month free subscription that was downloaded today, I had been billed for 1 year. I only played in solitaire which is supposedly free but I could not access game without the free trial. Have contacted the developer. Will update with there response.
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2 years ago, jps upset
Connection problems
It has been at least most of the summer that I have not been able to do much more than look at the first page of this app. I cannot play at all on my iPad and have also am up to date on my iPad operating system. I even called apple and cleared the whole iPad to try to reinstall this app. I have been in contact with the support team and they maintain that they are trying to fix it but I am still being charged my monthly fee. There is no way to open with a different user name as I am paying for the app thru Apple. I am hoping that their techs get this working property! It is extremely annoying and prevents me from playing online with my friends and family. Don’t buy this app until you see these comments reflecting a better experience.
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2 years ago, Scpd78275
Sorry I took the update
Update: solitare play is going smoothly with the update last week. Thank you for listening to your members. I play solitare. Now at the end of the round I can’t see what cards others have left. The design of the update makes it very difficult to see how many cards have been played on a specific number. Harder to see which numbers are closed. Wish I hadn’t updated. The fun is gone.
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2 months ago, chelibell
So many problems with the solitaire version!!
PLEASE FIX THE MELDING COUNT!!! I JUST HAD 4 games that I had a clean 3 card meld and 2 double cards with a wild card and joker EACH! I’ve been playing this game for over 2 months…. The app consistently counts the cards incorrectly AND gives the other AI players 80% of the Jokers & wild cards. AND IT DOESNT CHARGE PENALTIES TO OPPONENTS FOR PARTIAL ACES ON THE BOARD…. It also gives my opponents the special hands and I have had none. It CONSISTENTLY tells me I don’t have the right amount of cards for the initial meld I try to do— for example; just now I laid 3 Queens clean & 3 Aces with a joker and 2 wild cards and it told me I still needed 30 points. This happens ALL THE TIME!! AND, This was the first time I had a great hand🤯🤯. THIS COULD BE A GREAT GAME— please fix the issues, developers!!!!!
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2 years ago, Vlawoman
Current version
I would like to be able to see what number game I’m playing. It used to be referred to as the seed game. Sometimes I like to go back and we play a game but I cannot do that if I do not know the number of the current game. Also, at the end of a hand, I would like to see my partners as well as opponents cards that are left in their hand.I do want to add, that there are some pluses. It’s easier to place a card down because the card destination lights up. Other positives is that in solitaire, the other players can end a hand with a special. Also, the game now rotates who deals as well as who goes first.
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10 months ago, terrwein
This is the most frustrating Apple I’ve ever dealt with. You tell us to upgrade to 4.5 and don’t show us how to do it. I’ve gone through everything possible to try to upgrade this and cannot find the button to push. I’ve upgraded on the app but it doesn’t show that it’s a 4.5. It still says it’s a four so please help we have a game tonight and no one can download the new Siri thank you Terry W.
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2 years ago, Sweet Greta
Computer partner often fails to close a second canasta with a joker & throws in the joker showing a joker in the hand as the hand ends without a second canasta which should/could have been completed that hand for the win! A LIVE partner would’ve created a fuss for failing to do the obvious to win the hand! It seems the coder should’ve see these errors by now since it is pretty well done overall.
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2 years ago, Stevitg
Stay Away...No Stars
The worst Card App. Reprogram this App. The Computer does moves no one would ever make. Picking pack for Aces when I don’t get a turn. Having the game end with Jokers in their hand when we could make Jokers. The list is too long. The Developers are taking our $ and laughing. You will not learn how to play Canasta using this App. I’ve never written a review before. After months of frustration I felt I must. When you play with Friends be careful with your discard. The computer grabs it and puts it on your Board. Now you need 10 more Pts. This can happen again... you’ll need another 10 Pts to Open. My suggestion is to play Solitare. Stay away
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6 months ago, GetBusi
Enjoying the Audio chat
Glad the developers are bringing in new options to the App. The audio chat feature means when we play our game we don’t have to be on our cell phones to chat with our friends and when I play with new people you can get a clearer picture of who they are rather than just a screen name! That can be enlightening! Great way to make new friends.
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2 years ago, Ellen0508
Cards being exposed
I have been using CanastaJunction for at least five years. I do not like the new version because when someone goes out you do not show the three other Canaster players cards. I find this annoying that I cannot see the points of the other players cards. If this is not fixed I will have no choice but to try a different Canaster app
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1 year ago, Mama Clay
Something seems broken.
Trying to learn to play using solitaire mode. However something seems broken about it. I have never been successful using a wild card. Keeps telling me I can’t that I need another card ex: 8, 8, J isn't allowable. Can not make the required points to open because if this. Isn’t that the point of a wild card? Yet I watch other player do it. Trying to learn why but no explanation. Also can’t grab the discard pile but other players can. I got so frustrated I deleted the app and learned to play on a different one that wasn’t broken.
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2 years ago, Miss Friedie
Thank you Canasta Junction
Throughout the past two years this game has helped preserve my sanity. I have been able to socialize and stay connected with my family and friends with this wonderful app. I am grateful for the entertainment and fun that CJ has afforded me during this difficult and trying time.
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2 years ago, yogimickey
Bait and Switch
My friends and I have been playing on this app for several years now and although previous versions had their glitches we have been overall very satisfied with the experience. However, with this new version I feel that I have have been duped into paying for something that is far inferior to the previous version which was free. My guess is your customer demographics trend toward senior citizens, so I would like to know who beta tested this update….a bunch of 12 year olds? The font is minuscule on my Ipad so I’m pretty sure no one can play on their phone now. The speed of play in the bot environment feels like an arcade game on speed… shoot at you like they are being fired from an automatic weapon! I unfortunately signed up for a year of this! Will be checking out other options for online canasta unless this improves… reverting back to the version I paid for….I would rather have the glitches than this mess.
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2 years ago, Lesliepin
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
It was my hope that when Canasta Junction started charging for live play we would see more professionalism. Instead every new software release brings new problems. I congratulate them on quickly solving the issues with 4.0 but unfortunately 4.1 brought a whole new problem. At the end of a game it seems that the only way to go on to another game is to start from scratch by creating a new game and all players signing on again. This was never the case in the past. When this was brought to the attention of the support staff their reply indicated they would consider this request for a NEW feature. It seems there is no user testing going on before a general software release. This company has a great product but they fall short of being "ready for prime time".
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1 year ago, awaz0612
Big mistakes in new version
I have the most recent version, in addition to what happened below 9 days ago, today my robot partner had enough sevens to create a canasta and didn’t put them down Recently in the solitaire version my robot partner, makes major errors, such as adding a wild to pile that doesn’t close it, when there is a pile available to close, the latest one resulted in minus points because there were none completed. Also, board had been established and the robot put down three wild cards on the wild card spot!
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2 years ago, jjjjgwwww
If they don’t change the app fast and move it on to a different one!
Why couldn’t they just fix what was wrong with the old app instead of completely changing it in a way that clearly nobody likes! Maybe you should get programmers and actually play the game! The cards are too small, you can’t see the results after a round, it plays too fast… I could go on and on but I’m sure you’ve gotten this feedback already because everybody I know is ready to leave for a different program… I.e. the real Canasta! I’m really glad I only have a monthly subscription and I’m not locked in!
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2 years ago, kis 1
The new version is awful
I loved this app I played it all the time, however I really dislike the new 4.0 version. It is difficult to see since the cards are small and so are the numbers for the scores. When playing with robots and the hand is over you do not see the opponent’s cards and you only see your partner’s if you won the hand. This makes it much more difficult to determine the robots strategy or count the 7s etc for special hands. Please bring back the old version with the glitches fixed.
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2 years ago, J85674
I hate new upgrade
The cards in deck are ok size. Then they go in hand and they are so small if you pick a deck they are hard to read. Many times you wind up throwing out wrong card. When you meld the cards are even smaller. The meld area is smaller. The colors are dull and no choice for cards. Most canasta players are seniors. Yes the 2 advantages are in live play the dealer rotates to each player and in solitaire the computer can steal the pile in the meld but overall it is a major fail. My group is talking about leaving and seeing other options.
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2 years ago, canasta grandma
Decent substitute for the real thing
It’s fun to play as a substitute for in-person games. Has a couple of flaws: ends a game when my next move would have closed a canasta. Sometimes a dummy player takes the deck on sevens or aces when it results in only having six. I have also noted my dummy partner was able to open after a game is over and we never opened and went minus everything.
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2 years ago, Majqueen53
Awful appearance
I agree with all the negative reviews. The appearance and color of the cards and board are awful. The robot went out on me immediately after I picked the deck loaded with aces and sevens although there were plenty of draw cards left where I could have discarded the excess 7s and aces . Instead I ended up with minus 3,000 points. I too received an email telling me how everything was fixed in an update. Wrong! Sorry I signed up and for for an entire year. Wish the programmers would really listen to everyone’s complaints instead of merely offering lip service.
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2 years ago, sbitt5
Bait and Switch
I originally started playing canasta junction in March. I became obsessed with canasta and loved playing on the app. I recently paid for a one year subscription. Just a few weeks later they came out with a new version. The first iteration was completely awful. They’ve now had two additional updates and it’s still terrible. I stopped playing and have canceled autopay. I found Real Canasta and love that app even more than the original canasta junction. I feel badly for the owners of canasta junction. They got played by programmers that have no idea what they’re doing.
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2 years ago, Senor_Spielbergo
This app freezes immediately. Unusable waste.
I say this as a former devout player who has tried to play on 2 iPads and an iPhone: it freezes midway through the entry of account details, and your subscription will not help you. No one will reply to your emails, and no one will reply to your web site inquiries. There is no support for this app, but they will take your money. The app is unplayable, and I have deleted, reinstalled, tried multiple devices on the latest iOS. Go elsewhere for your canasta needs and save your money.
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2 years ago, AAPHL
Paid for ongoing monthly subscription but feel cheated
I have really loved getting to learn this game during Covid and love to play with friends and family. Ever since I purchased the monthly subscription, I notice that I get disconnected several times during the game. I get bumped off and when I return the cards are all messed up. It is very frustrating to start and stop and then have to restart the game altogether. I want to keep playing but wondering if this glitch can somehow be fixed. Thank you for addressing this issue.
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3 months ago, NoEndGame
Best app for learning canasta
I subscribed to canasta junction recently. I used to play with other canasta apps, but the rules on those are usually for classic canasta, very confusing… learned about this app after taking a canasta cruise with the American League. Now I can play online with the people I met on the ship!
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2 years ago, 57lm
Dislike the changes
I am very unhappy with the changes you made to this app. It is difficult now to see the cards as you made everything so much smaller. What is the point of the countdown clock? Also you no longer show the hands of the other players when the hand is finished, this was helpful in understanding the scoring. It also goes much too fast. It is hard to follow. I have tried lowering the speed but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Please give us back the prior versions!
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2 years ago, MichaelD43
Back to prehistoric times
If I hadn’t been using Canasta Junction and someone told me that the current version was an upgrade I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. Unfortunately the ‘upgrade version’ is not a joke and not funny. The word that comes to mind is ‘disaster’. Somehow the organization that controls the app thought a complete redevelopment of the app was necessary. In the process, all of the good features were eliminated and all of the bugs and problems were added to. Someone was on something.
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2 years ago, Rroggy
I have tried numerous times to log into my account and the app freezes. Deleted, restarted, restarted iPad. Same with my iPhone. Tried on numerous networks and cell service only. Waste of time and money and support doesn’t respond. My app name is 8 letters and after typing a couple it will not accept an entry. Just freezes. How this app go through apple’s so called quality control is beyond me. I will also be reporting this directly to apple hoping they will remove until updated.
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2 years ago, Stopped recording
App needs fixing
This app very much needs to fix the quirks that keep dropping players. Also, since they are charging this app has even more problems than before. Although I pay monthly, I now can’t play on my iPad. I keep getting messages that I need to subscribe. Their customer service is not existent. I’m hoping to get my community of players to use the new canasta app that is offered by the group that has the reliable Mah Jongg app.
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2 years ago, sadaboutsongpop
Needed a little tweeking, this was NOT it
This is awful, the cards are small. There is so much space on the screen, but not much of it is used. Hard to tell which canastas are closed. Chat is awful. Can’t even hit return to send. Covers opponents cards. Problems with previous version was people getting booted and loading cards incorrectly. Computer not knowing how to play. This is worse, and the “fix” to the recent update did nothing. And please check your spelling……
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2 years ago, 52roz
Charging too much
I think the big increase in charging everyone playing this canasta junction , is way too much. I think you are taking advantage of people, and I think you may be losing people too. Please think about this. Thank you
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2 years ago, jettbrett
Love it but computer picks pack or lays 7’s or Aces near end of game when there’s not enough time to get rid of offensive cards. It also may lay jokers when opposing team has already done so, which it should not do because it can’t possibly make it
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2 years ago, bigmacher
What’s with solitaire mode?
The solitaire update is crazy! What’s with the bots discarding aces in the beginning? And allowing the bots to get special hands? Super annoying! And the clock is so large where the rest of the fonts are super small. Please fix these things!
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1 month ago, Srateveryday
Lots of glitches
Frustrating to play because I’ve encountered numerous glitches over the last month. For example not letting me meld because it miscounts my cards ~ not recognizing a clean triple therefor not allowing me to complete a meld, etc. Other than the glitches this is a good app to learn and practice with. Unfortunately the glitches are quite frequent.
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2 months ago, Yeokat
Too Many 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s
I enjoy playing this game but as a Solitaire player against the computer I feel like the cards aren’t distributed evenly from the draw deck. Most of the time, I get a 4, 5, or 6, which isn’t realistic and makes playing not as much fun. I don’t feel the cards are random.
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2 weeks ago, sgh62
. New update disaster
I just updated and now it says i need to sign in. I have never had to sign in. I thought maybe i forgot my sign in and password but so far you have not sent me a password reset email. I thought maybe i need to register but that came up as an error. I have been usig this app for a few years and enjoy it. I spent money for it. I now cannot do a thing. Fix this!
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12 months ago, mokihyu
Absolutely awful
Waste of money and time. Difficulties constantly involving connection to the site, freezing during the game. Sometimes for hours you are unable to connect to any game. It’s always telling you your level is too high or too low for the game you want to join. No consistency in anything except the app developer making charges for a service that is not provide well. Apple should remove this app and not support it.
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2 years ago, UnhappyPhilly
Lack of transparency
I think the older version was far superior. Ideally, the game should show the actual scoring, but at the very least, the old version allowed you to see remaining cards in players' hands. This version shows nothing. So when the game is over there is no way to understand why the score is what it is. This could be significantly improved.
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2 weeks ago, D dog D
Don’t update
Every since I’ve updated I can’t get on to play. No way to talk to anyone to fix problem. Communicating by email. Keep telling me it’s fixed and it’s not. I have to figure out how to get my money back. This has been going on for 2 days. I’ve been playing on this app consistently since COVID. With no problems. Loved it So sorry I ever did this newest update. My friends who did not update are having no problems playing
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2 years ago, lolalove2222
Total rip off
If you play solitary , it’s fine but don’t play in the duplicate where you have to buy tokens ! The computer wins most of the time by cheating . Says the robots have won the hand even though it still has cards and when the robots pick up a dirty pack and gets caught with it , it doesn’t loose points but I certainly do ! Looks like this company has rigged it so that it can make a lot more money with the sale of tokens ! Lolalove
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2 years ago, EAGooch
Hangs, no support
I’ve tried for days to log in. I’ve tried to pay more to log in. I’ve un-installed and re-installed the app multiple times. Yes, my OS is up to date. Yes, my subscription is full paid. Yes, I have re-booted and cleared cache. Indeed, yes, my subscription is pain in full. Any attempt to log in hangs the app. I won’t bore you with everything I tried. I am happy to pay for the service. But once I pay for the service, I expect to receive the service.
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2 years ago, canasta chaos
Update very disappointing
The game is too fast and the speed cannot be adjusted. The sliding selector for speed doesn’t change at all. The game ends abruptly and does not give you the chance to pick the last card in the deck. When the game ends the partner’s and opponents hands are no longer visible. The update has resulted in a less than satisfying playing experience and I would no longer wish to play live games on the app.
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2 years ago, canasta junction is not good
How can they charge for this?
How did this get through beta testing. You either get frozen game, rules that don’t standardize except for made-up by owners. Fixes just bring more fixes which then bring more broken aspects of the game. How has no one been able to stabilize the server/programming issues. No one should be paying for this until they fix it so that paying games can be actually completed.
Show more
2 years ago, SandiSir
Still frozen, no tech support or recovery
This app doesn’t deserve even one star, but I couldn’t submit zero stars. There are many people who’ve been frozen out after paying the new yearly fee. The company’s replies are worthless, as is the email we are advised to contact. I’ve sent dozens of emails, including all kinds of information they requested, only to receive the same initial response that they’re working on it. Awful!
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