Canasta - Online & offline

4.7 (8.9K)
60.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Canasta - Online & offline

4.71 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
3 years ago, qwesdhy1111
BIG Pet Peeve
I love this game. There are a few flaws, but the worst one for me is when I am playing 4 players(not live). My partner, inevitably, discards a card that we have melded. We have 4 jokers showing and she discards a joker. EVERY SINGLE TIME the next player picks it up!! Really? Why is it programmed like this? Very frustrating. OK…another big problem with this game is that my partner waits til the very,very end to play her cards..a.does she know she has a partner? Very, very poor programming. Does the programmer even know how to play canasta????
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2 years ago, nefitos
The moderators will always say suggested turn off table talk which I have turned off however it will not go off this is a highly volatile app and I believe that they’re using peoples accounts for illegal activities! I am reporting this to the FBI. I am in the process of taking care of things with Apple. We cannot trust these Russian companiesJust to show you how sick this app is the developer uses the name of a serial rapist in Russia !!! This app is hackers paradise it’s Crooked and will suspend you if they don’t like something you’ve said it has nothing to do with profanity it has to do with control just like Russia it’s communist! If you support Russia then go ahead and play with this app because it’s evil! However if you’re against Russia leave this app it needs to be banned from the Internet. I have gotten suspended for nothing in the past this time they suspended me pickles I told the hacking moderator I was gonna put a curse on her 😂😂 The truth of the matter is they did me a favor I will not reinstall this app I want nothing to do with such a negative vibrational energy this app is full of hackers and other criminals as you say look at the name that the developer picked it just shows you how disturbed and sick this app is.
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2 years ago, mmgtoo
Frustrating because of AI
This is the game for you if you enjoy playing with a partner that holds almost all their cards until the final hand. That means you are unable to play on their cards throughout the game so you might as well forget you have a partner and do whatever you can with what you have. I wish I had a nickel for every time I had wild cards to play and nothing to put them on and then the last had comes and my AI partner lays down a set of 5 or 6 cards that could have been canastas for our team. Holding all those cards until the last play has another downside. If someone goes out earlier… oh well. I’ve contacted support several times over the past year and they really don’t care. I do have another canasta app that I like but I would be 100% faithful to this one if they would fix it. Makes me believe that this app was formulated by someone who read the rules but never actually played the game.
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3 months ago, kspell13
Annoying quirks
So frustrating that the other team can often pick the pile without having two cards in their hand. Have seen this happen so many times. Especially frustrating when the use one wild card and one of the cards as their two for the pile. Have also. Seen it when they have a canasta for that card, and they pick the pile with that card. Happens often, and I’ve not been shown the two cards they have in their hand to do so. Also frustrated by how long my partner holds cards in his hands. Most people know that when you’re playing partners it’s important to get down and play off one another for max points and the possibility to go. Way too many times the other team has gone out and my partner has had a full hand. Despite the quirks, it’s one of the better canasta apps I’ve found. Fixing those quirks would make it a 5-star app!
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2 years ago, carolLhargett
To the developers reply. As i stated it is not my internet connection- as everthing else works fine and i play otner games. Major flaw in your game there and you dont listen. I deleted app. Besides being elementary looking. The app kept gliching and when u had a big pile of cards you didn’t have time to play your hand and the machine took over and when it did always made bad moves. Other times it would say it was the other person’s turn for a long time and then suddenly switch to you and then computer took over due to time out. I have great wifi and new phone and no problems with other appa. I dont know how many games i lost to or quit because of those issues. Maddening because you spend so long on a game. And people are clear winners and drag it out wont jiat qin and be done.
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1 year ago, MoonChild 007
I’ve been playing this app for at least 3 years. This game has an algorithm where you it’s fun, fair, and skill wins… then it goes on 2 month sprees loading one team with almost ALL of the wilds and red 3’s. It’s currently in this phase again, which is awful. Has been like this for a month now. For example: The last game that I just played, our team couldn’t even meld 90 on two rounds. Dealt single cards of each card as initial deal one round. Singles and a pair of 4’s to start the next round. Totally awful when its in this weekS long phase of bad cards and one sided wilds. 👎🏻👎🏻 When it’s working right, it’s a lot of fun. That’s just very rare so far in 2023. Close to deleting it.
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3 years ago, NoneOfYourBiznatch
Classic play but sometimes rushed by a clock
Classic online game play with partners except that the game sometimes automatically plays your hand for you. For example, if you pick up a large deck and am trying to lay down cards (make canasta a, go out, etc.) or if it even remotely thinks you’re “away”, it will pick a card and discard for you. I’m not a slow player by any definition but I also cannot find any explanation for the game clock anywhere so as to maybe avoid this issue. I’ve also asked other online players. 🤷‍♂️ I’ll definitely keep playing this game but now I’m worried whenever having to deal with lots of cards during my turn.
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2 years ago, Hehener9088
My family loves this opportunity to play one of our favorite games with each other even though we live in different states. There are a few things that are different, but we deal with it. We make a shared phone call so we can all talk together while playing. It was especially special during those first many lonely months of Covid, so thank you. We like playing you have to have 2 canastas to go out, one of which must be red. We also play you can take the pack at the end even if you have no draw pile left for your turn.
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8 months ago, CRWTX
Poor partner play
This is one of the best, free canasta games available. The ads don’t disrupt play. Play is fast. However, one’s partner does not play as part of a team, frequently only melding a given number after I’ve discarded it, or worse, discarding cards that would be better if melded, such as to take a meld of three cards to four. On several occasions, the game has ended with them holding cards that would have completed a canasta or with six cards in their hand with the other two in mine. The partner plays as if they are playing solo, which is just highly frustrating. I curse my partner in the game a lot.
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2 years ago, Player#¥
I love canastas
This app is the best on the market right now. The app itself holds up really good. The inappropriate people are usually band for a week or so for language or other offenses. I do wish we could invite people to play on the rated part, because I think the best players play there. There is a no rated part and you can invite people to play but it just wasn’t as good as the rated side.
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6 years ago, Kedsq3
fed up
i used to enjoy playing this game and it has potential to be a great game. i’m just fed up along with other people in the lack of respect from players on the game. people have to realize it’s a game and not some competition. myself and other players play for fun and to practice or whatever but when you have partners on the game that are telling you how you made a horrible move or use language that they shouldn’t be using on a game and putting partners down it doesn’t make the game fun for anyone at the table. everyone has different ways of playing and are at different levels. it’s getting to the point that if something can’t be done about the disrespect on the game i’m going to be deleting it cause i’m really getting tired of either being disrespected myself or watching other people disrespected. people have to realize that you can’t always win and sometimes you loose but putting people down on a game that’s supposed to be fun is childish and unacceptable. i know some people are going to agree with me and some people are going to be really angry and not agree with it but it’s on them.
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4 years ago, T. Bradley
Bad Admin Team
I just recently received a ban with no explanation. Hadn’t played the game in a few days, logged on to a notice that I was banned. Requested a reason and they responded “Rude in chat” which is false, because I don’t use chat. The only chatting I use is the pre typed “Good job, partner.” “Good luck” and “Good game” that are supplied in chat. I asked for the specific reason and they refused to provide one. I told them I would request a refund and report to Apple. They responded with a two word response “Go ahead”. People in the game are toxic. The chat is toxic, yet I get banned not even using it. I’m working on supplying screen shots from a different account of how they don’t police the chat and just ban people because people click it. I’d rate zero stars if I could.
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2 years ago, Zack A. M.
Love the game, one issue though
PLEASE adjust game to not allow players to pick up pile then put it back down. People will use this to see what cards are in the pile and if they don’t like it they’ll put it back, you can not do this in the actual game but can on the app, I know the “undo” button is for mistakes like putting a wild card on the wrong pile, which is a great feature, but players abuse this to have an advantage. If a player picks up the pile they should have to keep that pile. If this could be resolved it would make a lot of games much more fun. Thank you
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5 years ago, GranpaF
Fun game - but some unreasonable deals & AI play
I have played this game for a while, but I have recently gotten so frustrated that I have deleted it from my iPad. I have a couple of sources of frustration: 1. The AI players, both my partner & the opponents, regularly discard a card that would give their team 4 of a kind in an existing meld, which is the minimum required for a canasta. This is not ok when the partnership does not already have a canasta. At other times, they will discard a card that matches a meld that they just made, in the same turn. 2. The number of games where one team gets all 4 red threes is unusually high. In real play, that does happen, but it is very rare. This seems to imply that the shuffling of the double deck is not as random as in the real world. One area of the game that I like is the ability to choose whether or not 5e deck is always frozen. My family has always played with the deck always frozen, but some of the other canasta games available do not allow this to be selected.
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1 year ago, Upyourbutt5000
I have been playing the offline version of this game for quite some time. I’m not new to canasta…played for almost 50 years. I’ve watched the opponent and how it plays…and it’s cheating…if you can call an AI cheating. I’ve seen how it knows exactly what cards are in my hand. At first, I thought it was all in my head…but no. This gives the opponent the upper hand at all times. It also knows what cards are coming up in the draw pile and will steer you away by sending you cards you’ll need so you pick up the discard pile. I’ve tested my theory, and it’s spot on every time! It is not a fair game to any extent! You have to be able to con the AI con to win this game. Very one sided.
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3 years ago, i am ranunculus
Canasta game
This canasta game is only for beginners. It has many flaws. You cannot block with red threes and you should be able too. Your pRtner is not paying attention ad to how many cards are left in his partner’s hand meaning he holds on too long his cards in his hands so the partner doesn’t know what he has that is fatal really. Many times he is found holding cards that could have made melds in former rounds. Also he keeps his jokers far too long and in going out he is left holding them. So that is why this game is faulty.
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1 year ago, frhepick
Not random
There is a pattern to how the cards are dealt. Many people who win a little, lose continually afterward until they have to start over. The incidence of one team getting all four red 3s is a very common occurrence. In a random deal, that would be a very rare thing, but here it’s commonplace. Often one team doesn’t get a single wild card. Out of 12 cards that’s also an extremely rare occurrence, but here is quite frequent. When the cards are more evenly distributed it’s a good game but when they are lopsided in favor of one team it’s just annoying.
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3 years ago, mead lady
AI makes poor choices
I really enjoy canasta and have played for years with master players. When we found this app, we were excited to be able to play with family that we only see at Christmas. But when playing alone, the AI makes some questionable choices: 1. Melding far after they could have (I get holding off a bit, but the wait is extreme.) 2. Holding cards they could lay down. (If I have laid down 3 tens, why on earth would my partner hold on to the three they have?). All too often, this has robbed my team of hundreds of potential points. 3. The most confusing thing is when the AI puts a wild card ON A NATURAL CANASTA. This makes zero sense. Zero. These things are frustrating and one is just a plain bad algorithm. (Sullying a natural with a wild...) Hoping the next round of updates can solve some of these issues. Then I will happily give 5 stars!
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6 years ago, KSB67
The thrill is on’
A fun Canasta game with multiple players that allows for all the thrills of a game of four live people. I really enjoy this app — it is always available on my phone or tablet and allows me to puck up the hand right where I left off! Sometimes it might seem as if the other pair get a better advantage being a computer, but there are also times I get the great cards. Good way to hone your skills.
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1 year ago, Cute Old Fatman
Either too easy or too hard
When playing four, your partner, even when set at five stars, plays most of the time like a novice. So it is necessary to set your opponents at three stars to offset your partners many bad plays. Even then the game is very inconsistent. Either too easy or you lose because of your partner’s bad plays. About 1/3 of the time you have really challenging games. Still it’s the best free game out there.
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2 years ago, JohnboyDC
Developer will punish you for not playing everyday
This app is good but you will lose if you a lot if you don’t play the game consistently probably because of ads. Don’t be surprised if you have a high score and then all of sudden you logon after a few days of not playing and lose every game. The game is not based on skill but rather the frequency in which you play. It’s very subtle in the way the developers stack the odds against you but only players that play every day advance so if you are not planning to get addicted to the game and want to use for fun…choose different app. The developers are greedy.
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7 years ago, Samir to six
Great game. My computer partner does not play like a partner though. Picks up pile and keeps 20 cards in his hand. Most of which we have melded and some are in my hand. Then someone goes out. Stupid. I feel like I am playing alone. Why does the computer meld two cards and discard the third one. Dumb way to play ..someone fixed the game. Hallelujah. So happy to play it again after quitting in frustration. Thanks. 👋
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4 years ago, Trivia Challenge
Fun to play with friends
My friends and I enjoy playing together. There are 3 of us but we can add a robot. The hardest part is trying to figure out how to set it up. Don’t think we could have figured it out except one had a friend who had taught her. It would also be nice to have directions for the microphone as we can’t make it work. But overall I would suggest it, especially now that we can’t get together due to coronavirus
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4 years ago, Rava614
App works when it wants to and chat needs disabled completely as there are psycho’s who have issues and even make threats (which they can’t follow through) but instead of a relaxing evening from a day of hell as this game should be they try to make worse!! People don’t want to deal with other people’s psycho issues we just want to play a game! By the way I’m 100 point (highest rating in game) so I’m not a low rating player who is just angry I know what I’m saying!! Get rid of chat that is all crazies and politics!!
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10 months ago, MAB-P
Fun but..,,
My partner holds cards until the end of the game when I could have added cards from my hand. Partner also puts a wild card to close a book that might be pure if it got back to me. Partner will discard a card the is the same as the ones put down. Very frustrating.
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11 months ago, terisab56
Computer Game CAN see your hand!
There’s no way the computer cannot see your hand when playing one on one against it. There are too many times it makes plays that would be completely illogical if it wasn’t privy to what your hand looks like. So I wouldn’t say playing against the computer is fair ground. I’ve never played against an actual person in this particular game but based on other experiences I can safely say this game is rigged when playing against the computer.
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4 years ago, dragoness0722
Other players need tweaking though is ok game
Canasta is a good game. Strategy is needed. The strategy of the ‘other players’ is to hold your cards to the end so your partner doesn’t know anything, to discard the card that would give you a natural, and discard what you have melded routinely. I haven’t found a really good canasta game on line. This one is ...adequate...kinda. And did you ever notice that canasta game rules change depending on who created the game? LOL and frustrating.
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7 years ago, Justin "juiceman"
Simple, fast, fun
Great game for people who just like playing Canasta and aren't concerned with time wasting fancy effects. There are also a lot of ways to customize the gameplay so that it is as fast paced add you can handle, unlike most other developers versions of this game! Been playing this one on multiple phones for years now!
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4 years ago, Aslo White
Not bad, but one flaw
This is not a bad canasta game. The one major flaw is that your melds are arrayed on your opponent’s side of the table, and theirs is in front of you, which is odd, illogical, and distracting. I got used to it after a while, but I don’t understand why the layout is arranged this way. In a real game, each player’s cards would be in front of them. Change this and the game would be just about perfect.
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5 years ago, Aruba57
Could be better
When trying to kill time, I like to play 2 handed. The bot always gets 4 or 5 canastas while I struggle to get 1. I like to see a statistic on number of natural and mixed canastas made. The bot also takes the discard pile way more often than I can. I tried playing online with others but the others were way too serious and got rather mean if they didn't like your play. I don't need that stress when just trying to relax!
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3 years ago, babrahamx
Best Canasta App Out There
I've been playing canasta for years, but never is it more fun than using this app. I love how quick it is, how it's sorts my cards, and how much fun it is to play against the computer. I've never tried online play but all of this developers games have been solid
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3 years ago, higjyjhf
Best for online play with family!
This game was easy enough for my 80 year old mom to play with me online. We love it! We talk on the phone while we play together. I wish there was a three person version though. This is for two or four players.
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5 years ago, Bubascoody 6
Canasta - Online & offline is
Many years ago canasta my favorite. I found I had forgotten some important rules when I tried to play again. This app teaches rules in an entertaining and still thorough way. I love playing the game. I spend more time on this than any other online game. I recommend you give it a try.
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4 years ago, Lalalala000
I have enjoyed the game, but just discovered that when the deck runs out, the next player does not have the opportunity to take the pile. In my 70 years of play, I’ve never encountered that rule. For anyone who hasn’t encountered this, I thought you might like to know. It lost the big pot and the game for me. I still enjoy the game and make allowances for the quirks mentioned in other reviews.
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10 months ago, Montanabuck
Great times Great game
Reminds me of young teenage years playing this game everyday. For a whole summer. Love learning it all over again. Still can’t figure out how to draw the top discard. But still enjoying,and will figure it out. Been close to 40 —- years so you do the math.
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6 years ago, EPCGTO
Really great game and version of Canasta
I really like his app, it needs a couple of small fixes but I am sure they will evolve this. 1. Sending a message to someone after starting an online game is hard. If I change apps the waiting area in a room is lost. I try to text fiends after I create a room but you can’t. 2. Seems to use my battery up quickly.
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1 year ago, BsuBarker
Too many soft souls on the game. They get bent out of shape and ban you when they are in the wrong. Support doesn’t care. Game flaws as well. Used to be fun. I cannot respond to developer comment of me being rude, but that is by far not me, nor would I be rude. Rather the developed emailed me for my first ban in a decade (again, if I was rude, I would have had a ban earlier) and said “ Hello You are banned for losing on purpose. Best Regards Development Team” With that, my partner was throwing the game the whole time and I was trying to survive. At the time, we were 1400 to opponent 4900 and there was zero chance of us winning, so I didn’t lose on purpose…the loss was there. Again it goes back to the developer not viewing the entire game and giving into a softie upset.
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1 month ago, Major707
Not sure whoever wrote the program understands Canasta. If he/she were my partner I wouldn’t play with them again. Holds all their cards, contributes nothing until they are ready to go out…..meanwhile I am forced to discard in the blind. Eventually I am discarding to opponents melds because I have been forced to play by myself. When I go out my partner has 4-5 of a suit and 2-3 wildcards he/she has been holding. Frustrating and no longer any fun. I do not recommend as it is not an example of good play.
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2 years ago, AsNoc
Question for developer
I think this game looks great and my mom and I would like to play together. But she plays on iPad and I play on iPhone. For some reason it always freezes on her trying to play on iPad. Is this game not super compatible with iPads? Or is it not capable to have one user using iPhone and the other using an iPad?
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1 year ago, sick of crap game
Admin is ridiculous
Got 24 hour ban for asking someone who the blank you talking to when they made a comment that was out of line. Read the entire context of a conversation before a ban. Deleted the game and every other canasta game I replaced it with is better.
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5 years ago, MamaLouisa227
The Only Canasta App to Download
I downloaded every single Canasta app available, including paid apps. They are all terrible, except for this one. This is the best there is for your phone. Not as good as the Canasta God, Pogo 🙌 but who sits at a computer to play anymore? Don’t bother with the others THIS IS IT. YES people are rude. YES people are sore losers. YES the go-to insult around here is IDIOT YES there are also nice people who just love to play like me. I’m on the app constantly. So if you love Canasta as much as all of us idiots do, download it. It’s fun...most of the time 🤷🏻‍♀️ To the developers: it would be awesome if you could add a way to play no wilds in opening meld. Then you’d surpass Pogo 😀
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4 years ago, Nclauri
Fun but some issues need fixed
I have been playing this game for awhile. I wish they would fix the following: Partner will hold onto 6-7 if the same card and not lay it down. The other team has gone out and my partner has a red canasta. Makes no sense. Or why they hold 6 of the same cards in their hand. If they would meld it I could play on it.
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3 years ago, J.Skellington67
One of my favorites!
I used to play this game at my grandma’s with the whole family every Saturday growing up! This really brings back good memories for me! If you plan on creating more games, I’d love to see you do rummy (especially Liverpool). Your interface is one of the cleanest I’ve seen!
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7 years ago, Sleeping in Michigan
Grouchy Partners
The app itself is well developed, but playing online with others leads to being bullied. If you don’t play how your partner wants you to play, you get made fun of and name called. Reporting it apparently doesn’t help if the name calling isn’t being deemed bad enough by developers. I like to play online to grow my personal rating, but I’m tired of getting harassed by other players so I’m done with this app. An online culture that allows mistreating each other is not what I want to be a part of.
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7 days ago, Sraboy
Awesome Game
Been playing this for years, along with the other card games they make. I love that it only has banners for ads and is free of noticeable bugs but I wish it was being improved and upgraded with more options, cleaner graphics, and maybe a tutorial option.
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1 year ago, Jmarielucy
Fun Game/Easy to Start
Some poor Reviews here I do not believe are fair. I’ve play a couple of time now and I find it fine for my skill level. Those that are complaining should tweak their profile for the tables, practice more and read the rules.
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4 years ago, Grammado15
Love the game. Have downloaded two others like this one. Just having trouble downloading my friends. Thank Janice DI have now got my friend only problem is we do have to tend to children, husbands and work and it is a shame games are lost if you leave. That doesn’t happen in Other games like Word etc. you”ll get a 5 star when you do that.
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1 year ago, GOOBERcakes
RIGGED! RIGGED! RIGGED computer card game!
dont waste ur time with this stupid app! this app is rigged to the max! the winners and loser are already decided before the game even starts. many, many games one team will get most of the wilds while the other team will only get maybe 1 or 2 of them. then lots of games all wilds will be played out on the table before even half the draw pile is gone. that happens way too often. u will will a few games just to turn around to lose twice as many!
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1 year ago, cdr789
So frustrating
I haven’t played online in ages because the crowd wasn’t always pleasant. Some people were great and others just lousy. But I do play just a computer generated game. Please fix the algorithm though- who sits on a red/natural canasta and doesn’t play it?! Just a computer. There computer partners just don’t play the way a human would- in many ways. Would be better if some of that could be improved.
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4 years ago, Thisaintmyfirstrodeogirl
Fed up with name calling
I love the game of Canasta, but I’m fed up with people calling each other names. I get called an idiot quite frequently while trying to play a relaxing game of Canasta. I suggest that you take control of the chat and make it so people can only click on the comments that you already have listed, and maybe add a few more. People get absolutely ridiculous over losing a fraction of a star, when they are losing a game; otherwise it is a fun game.
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