4.7 (21.6K)
35.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sergey Skosyrev
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Canasta.

4.73 out of 5
21.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Briadeena
Good App
I just started playing and Canasta isn’t the easiest to learn. This app moves fast and for beginners there is no help button but pop ups during the game but some of them don’t help. For example you have to have a Canasta to play last card, but it doesn’t tell you how many cards in a pile constitutes a Canasta because that can vary according to the rules. You can be directed to a set of rules on google, but it’s lengthy and complicated until you start playing. It’s taken me a while to figure out what’s wild and what the red 3’s are in the corner and what black 3’s mean. There is quit a bit to playing this game but it’s fun and fast once you figure out how to play. Don’t forget to go in settings and turn on the “Can I go out?” Message to your partner like I did. My parents played Canasta a lot with friends when they were first married and broke. They loved the game and I always wanted to learn.
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7 years ago, CmsDawn
Game went haywire.
I was having trouble with the game in that my partner computer seemed to be weird and was playing against me rather than with me so I unloaded the game and reloaded it and at first the partner computer was doing well. Then it changed. My opponents were getting 7 or more cards dealt to them in the initial deal so that they were playing complete sets of 2 or 3 numbers off of the initial deal and two games in a row my partner only laid down cards that the opponent team could use with 2 and 3 black threes in its hand. I can play with a dumb computer partner but when the computer partner is playing every card it shouldn't be I get really upset. If this is supposed to make me want to spend money on the upgraded version it's not working. Before I found that if I aborted the game and restarted that I could sometimes get a computer partner that wasn't so dumb but when the game keeps reverting to a partner that plays against me I just want to delete the app. Previous review pasted here I was really enjoying this game and was playing it all the time then the programming seemed to go haywire and my computer partner started acting will it was partners with the right opposing partner. It was throwing only cards that would play on the opposing team and the opposing partner on my left was only throwing cards that I needed. Went from a 95% win rate to 45% wins. Weird.
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4 years ago, Wetrooster18
Okay, not great!
This game just seems off. I’ve manually counted the cards in the opponents hand and the game doesn’t count correctly at all. 2-tens are 20 points, 2-nines are 20 points, 1-queen is 10 points, 1-jack is 10 points, 1-eight is 10 points, and 1- five is 5 points. That’s 75 points! Yet the score board counts it as -65 points. And when it’s the other way around, I get an extra -10 penalty. Your teammate is constantly throwing out cards that can be used to go out when it can be used for more points, I’ve played 50 games so far and won 100% of the time. It just seems a bit too easy to win without paying money to buy the medium and hard modes. Another point I have is when you are able to pick up out of the discard pile. It says you need 2 cards or more of the same rank. But same rank is considered by what points the cards are. 3-7 is 5 points, 8-K is 10 points and A is 20 points. Good. But when you have 2 Jacks and your partner has put down Jacks already and you have a King and a Queen, only 70% of the time can you pick up the card from the discard pile. Extremely frustrating when the discard pile has more than 10 cards in it too. This game can be so much better.
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3 years ago, 101010202029
Update request
I love this game and play at least one game every day. But since I responded to an update request - although it wasn’t really a ‘request’ as I couldn’t continue to play without responding! Now I’ve lost my 8 yr history status on this game! And the ‘update’ is not as user friendly! There were many ‘glitches’ with the original game which were very frustrating and many players commented on them already but it was fun to play - not so now and all my info is gone! Bummed! Also, I can no longer change how high a final score I would like to play to. And can’t request a more difficult level of play without ‘purchasing’ points!!! What’s up with that? Very disappointed in this so called update. May have to look into something else! Wish the ‘glitches’ could have been fixed in the original version as I could play longer or shorter games using more or less cards, loved having the options - unfortunately now we don’t unless we make a purchase of each one individually, disappointing!
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2 years ago, herosjourney73
Love this game but
Though I will keep enjoying this app, I have noticed the opposing or AI team is always allowed to pick up the discard pile with having melded previously with a certain suit (aside from wild cards and black threes of course), and even if they do not have said suit in their hands, but the human player team is never allowed the same if they do not have said suit in their hands (after melding that suit). That is, what the AI team is allowed to do is in keeping with traditional rules , but the human player team having to hold onto a few representative cards seems to provide am undue advantage to the opposing team. Anyone else notice the same dynamic or imbalance?
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5 years ago, Energybum
I like the game, but computer partner needs to get smarter
I really enjoy this app. I find it relaxing for the most part. I grew up in a house full of people who played canasta. I now know very few people who know the game or want to take the time to learn it. My only complaint is that I wish the technology team would come up with some programming to make the computer partner smarter. For example, you need 7 cards for a canasta. A clean canasta without a single wild card is worth 500 points. A dirty canasta with 1 or more wild cards is worth only 100 points. If I have one book of six that has a wild card in it, and one book of six that has no wild cards in it, the computer should be smart enough to choose which one to make a canasta when it plays a wild card as the 7th card. So why wouldn’t the computer play it’s wild card on the book already containing wild cards rather than “dirtying” up a clean book that has no wild cards — which means a chance at 500 points just went out the window.
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2 years ago, Fourth grade incusion
Partner is very lax
Canasta is my favorite card game. I am getting extremely frustrated with my partner. She will very often play into our opponents hands, the piles they have played. In other words if our opponents are saving 4’s to make a Canasta, she will lay down a 4 on the discard pile. Also many, many times our opponent before her will discard that is a player on ours and my partner picks up from the pile, totally ignoring the card the opponent discarded. Wish there was an option to choose between different partners . Please try to fix the problem of the very lousy partner. TY I am happy that you show the number on the pile of cards so you know how many you need to make your Canasta. The old way made it difficult to figure out! Would you consider giving us different partners to choose from. I am tired of swearing at the partner I have. I really like canasta, play almost everyday but it is becoming much more frustrating. Can you fix this game so we can change partners. I can’t stand the one I am playing with now, she,he makes horrendous mistakes rthat cost us the gams
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7 years ago, Schutzengel06
Good but not great
I do enjoy this app, even if the players are slightly lacking. For example, when my partner uses a wild to add that 7th card to canasta then immediately adds an 8th card, being the actual needed card. Way to waste a wild that could've been used to canasta another pile.. Or picking up the deck for 5 points when we are about to go out, adding 20-30 extra points at least to their hand, thus losing us points. All the players seem to love giving the opponents cards that bring them to 6 and near a canasta. Or freezing the pile when everyone is about to go out. Could have used that for another canasta or to go out yourself. Sigh... fun game but frustrating at times. Stupidity makes for less of an enjoyable game. HOWEVER, this one is hell of a lot better than the canasta solo app. That one is a complete and utter mess that makes you want to chuck your device across the room.
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3 years ago, J.$ky
AI Partner is NUTS
This review is just going to be a complaint of the computer player that is your teammate. First, the logic behind their decision to canasta is flawed. We will have just begun to play, have six natural in a suite, and he will throw a wild card on it. There’s 200 points lost. Even more frustrating, is when the pile is locked, and they throw the card that could complete a natural canasta on the pile. My favorite is when they actually ask me if they can go out, if I say “not at this time”, they will go out anyways. Especially if there is a single card in the pile. Computer partner LOVES picking up that deck… unless the opposition has laid down a card that would actually complete a canasta. Then all the sudden, they just don’t want the extra cards. 🙄 Another cool thing the AI partner does is discard a wild card that could have been used to make a canasta before going out, and instead plays a 5 or 10 point card on a stack of 3. If I actually do end up paying for more difficulty, would my partners skill increase also? Because I can’t imagine having that sabotaging AI against more difficult computer opponents. You guys should introduce an online mode. Allow real canasta players to create teams. I’d love to play against and with people who make moves that make sense.
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4 years ago, 1234 Canasta
Love Canasta
I love canasta and have played it for 30-40 years. I still play it now, on this app, at least a few times a week. It’s a great app with only one fault: periodically your computer “partner” chooses an oddball strategy of ridding itself of every playable card in their hand, going out as soon as they can instead of racking up points to 500 to win. And no wild cards are held to complete canastas later. This is a loss of natural canastas and points. For instance, if they have three 7’s in their hand, they’ll put down three 7’s and a wild card. Then a few rounds later are unable to finish that canasta as a natural (all 7’s and worth 200 more points) because they used a wild card unnecessarily. This has changed my playing considerably and isn’t as much fun. However, even with that crazy algorithm, I still enjoy playing.
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3 years ago, cards well in hand
Ditto my player playing against me ...
I enjoy playing this game of canasta AND... Often it seems the “person” programmed to be my partner plays against me, is a liability, plays to the “opponents” hand, or just does not get the game! Refuse my no, when I tell “do not go out.” Two year later, this bug is not fixed!!!!!! When asking to go out and I say no, it very often will ignore me, leaving me with lots of points, a few wild cards, etc. it asks to go out often and seems obsessed in only going out.- when tied, with one canasta, just after I picked up the huge cards tossed deck, etc. Today the game just quit the game in mid hand of everyone having cards, a huge pile of cards to draw from and the “opponent” playing a card my team could pick up. I love the game of canasta, am grateful it exists——but these bugs are a huge deterrent. Please fix asap/ THIS GAME IS BROKEN; PLEASE FIX. “Programmed partner” asks to go out. I say no; sitting with an amazing hand. Program is set go out anyway, losing us valued wins..... Why aren’t these programmed bugs fixed by now? Now playing canasta for two; game goes roue- suddenly quits as if a win, with me holding cards and “other” player holding cards too. Game broken a few times? Are you fixing it????
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3 years ago, Nicht5
Screen layout is too cramped
I like the game and agree with the idiot partner comments, but my biggest complaint is the screen layout. Just today (there must have been another update last night) the screen is now even more cramped to the point where you can't really see the discard pile card denominations. The cards seem larger and my speed preferences have been reset. The scoring bars at the top should be side by side. As they are now, it is difficult or impossible to see the opponents cards when deciding which card to discard. It makes a difference if you discard a card that gives them a natural Canasta or a Canasta that has a wild card. I hope the idiot partners and cramped screen are not a ploy to get you to buy the full version. I won't. I wanted to include a picture to show the problems but don't think I can.
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3 years ago, Ozmee
Canasta pro
Can’t play since iOS iPad update. Can’t play on M1 either. Best canasta game. Love ability to choose two cards. One bug you have missed though, which can be annoying. I see no clue as to why it happens so can’t help you there. Many times at the last hand of the game, the game will suddenly end without letting me play my last cards. It doesn’t play them for me and when I’m holding the ability to meld on my last turn, this is very annoying. Also something that annoys me but don’t know if fixable, my partner focuses on making more matches than on playing the 7 th card, seemingly. And at the end of the game I can’t see what cards my partner was holding as it is overshadowed by the game stating it’s over, etc.
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3 years ago, cj4nier
I totally agree with "haywire"
This game plays nothing like it did 5 days ago before the update. My partner constantly plays cards to the advantage. All the players lay down cards that NO canasta player would ever lay down in a thousand games. Sometimes when a card is played that would naturally be picked up, it isn't. Maybe two cards in a row are done like that... and then I get the stack. This would never happen in a real game. This use to play like a real game. Not happy with the stupid changes. It's all a ploy to get me to BUY the upgrade... but why would I do that now that the game is not being played with any sense at all? Hate it.
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4 years ago, pianist@heart
Great game
Great game! Rules are almost the same as the game I played growing up. My biggest complaint is the layout of the board. Instead of having the score bars stacked on top of each other, making it so you can’t tell if the opponent’s 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, and maybe 10s are “canasta’d,” move the red and green bars next to each other so they go across the top of the screen. Also, when either pair gets a natural canasta, make the last card shown one of the red cards in the deck. As it is now, the score ticks at the top of each card tell you if it’s natural or mixed, and with the Aces, it’s impossible to tell if it’s a natural or mixed because Aces and 2s are all 20 points. It’s difficult to read sometimes with the current format. Other than that, fantastic game.
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3 years ago, Sheryl33813
Fun game computer players are idiots
The game is fun if you want to little something to do to kill time. The main problem with the game is the partner you play with and the people you play against. They’re all computers and they don’t have half a brain as to how they’re playing that game. If they had at least a smart partner for you that would make it better but none of them play according to the way a normal person would play the game. They throw cards when they shouldn’t they throw away wild cards which are ridiculous it’s just makes you want to throw your phone but for the most part it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes.
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6 years ago, shortputts
One of the best
I previously rated the paid version 3 stars because my opponent was a bonehead and made moves that continually caused us to get low scores and lose. Partner was immediately fixed but now the opponents are not the most challenging. This game has the best appearance and playing options of all the games out there. To the developer: I wish I had the option to pick my opponents skill, and my partners skill. I want a game that’s going to make me think. The only real request I have is to be able to play a 4 player game AND a 2 player game. Adding a hand and foot option would be nice and if you come out with that let me know. Thanks!
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3 years ago, monkeejunkee
My "partner" is driving me crazy!
New complaint - what have you all done to this game. Since the last update when t was changed to make money, you slowed it down. Changing the speed is no longer an option in the settings! I can’t stand how slow it moves now! At lest put that back! I love playing canasta and I love this version the best however I take issue with my partner. If I lay my cards down before my partner and there are some that have four or more natural cards, when it comes around to my partner's turn the bot "dirties" my naturals! It is one thing if my partner is going out I don't care. I just finished a game where I had six natural cards and my partner put a wild card on it!! And didn't go out!! I don't know about other players but this drives me absolutely nuts. Something has got to be done about that. Please!!!!
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2 years ago, Jmarielucy
Good App
I started playing Canasta 50 years ago and this is by far the best Canasta App I’ve played. Although, as the Meld Score requirement advances the game/app does not require variations of books or runs and books and runs. This App requires runs only. Therefore, it is very easy to count your computer opponent’s discards and know what to discard. One complaint, the app does not allow one to sandbag. It forces you to go out when you can. I’ve yet to lose a game. Thus, the negative comments about the game being rigged may be player skill and not the App. It is definitely beatable.
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3 years ago, Klrich
So fun. Please fix to follow rules of the game.
I love this game as a relaxing time passer. Does not need web connection. Quick and challenging. I found a few frustrating errors in the game. We play according to Hoyles rules. The latest one is that the opponent had all the 100 pt bonuses, but no melds. They do not get the 800 points. They go down that many. There are others, like when you have enough cards to complete a meld and it is your last cards, it does not let you play the wild card as one of your two cards needed, and gives a message about needing three cards. Not so. The only way to get out of that and end the game is to play more hands.
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5 years ago, halkid2
Very little Strategy Involved
I am using the free version of this game. So I cannot speak to the higher level of difficulty offered by the paid version. I originally bought it to learn better strategy but that’s not possible with this one. Basically you win nearly every game by a wide margin, mostly because it seems you’re the only one who understands the rules of the game. Your virtual partner makes stupid mistakes all the time. Like discarding a card instead of using it to complete a 7-card meld or canasta. Or asking to go out and then when you say NO, going out anyway, leaving you with a hand full of points. Also, your partner rarely opens. It’s almost always your responsibility. So, you can enjoy playing and winning, but you can’t learn anything and there are moments of great frustration.
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3 years ago, rxpc
Great suite of games
The graphics are clear and snappy and the game play is smooth. I like that the AI can be slowed down for when you’re learning so you can really see what’s going on. But what’s with the Hearts game? The computer players aren’t just unskilled, they are imbeciles. I shouldn’t be able to win every game with less than 5 points. I really like your interface so I want to play you Hearts game, but I’m bored after the second game. Can you fix it? All the other games seem to have better balance or the ability to adjust the play level. Thanks
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1 year ago, Untrumpable
Fun Canasta game
Very good game and good graphics. Only two things I wish were different. We should not be able to pick up a card to add to a completed canasta. Those should be considered safe discards and a player should not get the pile. The other change is that we should not be able to pick up the pile or card with a joker and just one of the card. Should always need a pair to pick a card up. I follow standard canasta rules and I never pick up the pile with the two mentioned mistakes listed, but that doesn’t stop computer from doing it. Please correct these two errors and it would be a great game.
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2 years ago, blacksheepval
Good, but has bugs
LOVE that it’s not all about the ads! Here’s the bugs: All ready to go out but when I try to play two 10s and a 2 (wild), it won’t let me. Great graphics and fun to play but it’s selective on when you can pick up a discard and when not. Sometimes when I have already played five Kings, I can pick up a discarded King. Another time it will tell me I have to have two cards of the same rank to pick up the King, even if I have a Queen and a Jack in my hand. Sometimes I can pick up a Jack when I have a Jack and a wild then the next round I can’t. Even if it was wrong all the time at least it would be consistent. It’s the randomness that is frustrating.
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9 months ago, 00 1/2
Bots are good!
I never played Canasta until I started with this application. I typically play against one bot but from time to time I’ll also play doubles and that’s great fun as I’m playing 3 bots at a time, one as my partner and two opposing players. I like it that I can choose several things at the start of each game. For example, number of cards initially felt, how many cards with each subsequent deal, technical abilities of players and opponents, and how many points to win the game. Haven’t run into any glitches or freeze-ups in a year of play.
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3 years ago, ElfNash
Does not follow all normal rules
I like this game for relaxing. There are a few quirks in it though. According to the official rules, you can draw the discard pile for the initial meld, only if you hav a pair of the top card. Also, you can use only the use the top card in counting the initial meld. Both these rules are not enforced in this version. The only player that can ask before going out is the human player’s partner. Of course the computer players are programmed pretty dumb unless you pay for the upgraded version. This is normal for a lot of games. However, in this game, the computer players make some rather stupid plays. Can’t take the game too seriously.
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12 months ago, gidget18too
Playing against three
My computer partner has decided to join the other team. He discards cards that can make us a canasta. When he does take the pile he lays only a few cards down. When I take the pile he holds his cards and doesn’t help, I end up wasting my wild cards. It used to be an enjoyable game until he switched sides, I guess I was winning too much. After reading other reviews, everyone is complaining about their computer partner. They all seem to be pretty stupid.. Too bad, this could be a much better game..
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8 years ago, 1SunLover
It's a good game, but0
I'm new at playing Canasta but now that I have learned the game I have seen some patterns that take some fun out of the game for me. The player to the right of my hand always seems to have a fantastic hand playing almost all of the cards at the start. I seldom have any threes in my hand at the beginning of my hand so the player to my left almost always takes my discard and goes with it. Also, when my turn comes first, and must play 120, I rarely have that many points so have to pass. We almost always win but I don't mind losing fair and square.
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4 years ago, Goalwph
Yay Canasta!!
I’m just so glad there’s a decent game out there to play Canasta. Would definitely be more fun to play against actual people and maybe improve it slightly but over all it’s an excellent app! The only thing that’s a little petty to complain about but it’s when you pick up a pretty large pile of cards and it’s hard to click on what you need. So a zoom feature may help. But very petty. I love how this game is pretty accurate to the real thing, even better to not charge to upgrade the features, but I do appreciate barely any ads.
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2 years ago, weaving librarian
Great game but needs “how to play” instructions
I’m relatively new to playing canasta so it would have been really helpful to have a “how to play” help section that explained some of the moves and strategies. If this game has that information I couldn’t find it. I was confused and dismayed by my partner’s plays until I went to a competitor’s app and read their how to play section. Now that I understand the strategies better it is much more fun to play. People who have been playing for years will likely not have any trouble but other newbies like me need a bit more information.
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6 years ago, ell121abc
Fun game but it’s hard to tell if a canasta is clean
Game works well, although it’s easy to figure out the computer’s strategy. Two things I would fix if possible. 1: the scoreboard covers the top cards in the center, making it virtually impossible to tell if the opponent’s canasta has a wild. 2: the color of the 20 points for the #2 wild is the same as an Ace. This makes it also impossible to tell if a wild is in play under the aces. Both of these affect game play as you cannot tell if a canasta is clean or dirty. Also, it would be great if the colors for dirty and clean completed ones were different for the same reason.
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4 years ago, Kristen*
Great game and Helpful refresher
I played canasta YEARS ago with my Grandma. Started thinking about her and canasta today, so decided to download a game. I couldn’t remember how to play anymore, but this game is so helpful. I did a quick review of the rules and gave it a shot. The arrows are very helpful letting you know if you can pick from the discard pile or if you just need to draw from the pile. Also shows you how many points you need to meld and keeps count. Not sure I could play in person with real cards yet, but I am hooked and will get there.
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8 years ago, Soccer_Magnolia
Best game ever!
This canasta game is amazing!!!! It is so addicting and so fun!! Canasta is already my favorite card game, so playing it online too, also helps me get some enjoyment out of it, and new skills. I have created new ways of playing, and even stayed up for 3 hours straight playing this game! The graphics are unreal, it is super realistic, and it's super speedy so you never have to wait! It gives great game options and a cute congrats screen when you win! The game goes by fast, and you will 100% have fun! Download today!
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3 years ago, Very Mary 22
I like the game but.....
I like this version of the game better than others, but I feel like someone is cheating. (I don’t play online). The player following me consistently picks up the pile with only one card, sometimes 2. The other team frequently gets many more red 3 cards and in one game in each of 3 rounds they got 4. When the cards are dealt I almost never receive a black 3 and rarely get wild cards - usually in the beginning round when we only need 50 points to lay down. On the other hand I do get a lot of pairs and we beat the snot out of them every time - except for when they get 4 red 3’s, 3 times in a game.
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6 years ago, Mort Meek
Schutzengel06 is correct
The app is very good but my partner is an idiot. It could have been truly great but the play from partner often makes you want to scream. Lots of very bad play that wouldn’t happen in real life. If you are not going to allow partner to A) play better B) be programmable to play either more offensively or defensively in style or C stop acting like a total nitwit with the lay down of wild cards...then at least give us a button that allows us to holler an obscenity at the partner or hit the partner upside the head with a hammer
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1 year ago, Memtb
Good App
I downloaded 2 canasta games, I kept this one and deleted the other. In this app, my partner at least plays on the cards down. On the other app, it was like I was playing by my self as my partner would hardly ever lay down unless it was close to going out. I admit, this app isn’t perfect but it’s the closest I’ve found so far. I grew up playing canasta at every family gatherings and it bring happy, happy memories. It isn’t a hard game to learn and if you like this app, take the time and teach your kids.
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1 year ago, Bobby Allison
Best Canasta Game
I’ve been playing this Canasta Game for quite a long time. Best I’ve played. I drop games quickly when I suspect stacked decks. This one game seems to be legit. No hassle with Ads. I will drop a game that pops ads, and the loops them so you can’t easily get out of the ad and get back to your game. This game is worth a few bucks out of you pocket, I truly cannot remember if I paid for this particular game or not. Well done, great Canasta challenge to play.
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3 years ago, JingiLu
Poor Partners
The partners sometime act like they areTraining play the game. They just sometimes don’t seem to know what’s going on. It’s not that way all the time I guess it depends on the partner. I’d like the game that you used to have where when I played I always one that was a good option I’d like that because I enjoy winning, But every now and then they can sneak a sly one in there who knew what they were doing and I would lose! I enjoyed that. Anyway, I guess this game is OK, but not as good as the other one. I enjoy it though. It’s my first time playing canasta. Thank you for the entertainment amidst this looney tooney world we live in!🤪
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4 years ago, azcactus gal
Frustrating at times
There appear to be flaws in the programming. I agree with the negative comments already posted. In addition even when the opponents have enough points to meld they don’t. Also many times my partner seems to be playing against me rather than with me. I am young the free version and am reluctant to buy the other version fearful that the same issues will be there. If they could fix the programming flaws it would be more fun to play.
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3 years ago, screaming.
I’ve been playing this game, and the developer obviously doesn’t know anything about canasta. I feel many times like I’m playing against 3 players. My partner does NOT help me but instead helps the opponent. If my opponents have many canastas in progress and I block , my computer partner doesn’t discard cards that are blocked — instead gives them new cards. It is so frustrating. Therefore I am giving it a star. I’d give less if it was an option. I’ve noticed that when we many times finish a game, my partner has leftover in his hands cards that could been played to complete my team canastas. Therefore leaving them incomplete. Frustrating. I’m deleting.
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6 years ago, Lovekadan
Best addicting game ever!
My wife got me hooked . I hadn’t played since grade school but it’s like riding a bike... you don’t forget. 50 yrs later it is so much fun. I can’t find people who want to teach me and play bridge but there is always someone to play canasta. This app has challenge and skill and excitement. May have to buy the full game for more options. Only draw back ( but not enough to drop any stars) is it’s not teaching me to count/add myself. That will come with more playing. Everyone should get this and play
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4 years ago, Poochapee
Great game!
I just love playing Canasta! I had no previous experience but the game has helped me learn through game rules that are easy to understand as well as good old experience. I don’t always agree with my partner’s choices but I don’t always see the obvious either. The game moves quickly but allows me time to consider each move. It is fun and a great way to learn the game. It costs nothing and that’s a bonus too!! Just good, clean fun. Great game!!!
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3 years ago, Joyful Juicy
Need a better partner
I enjoy playing this; usually play several games a day, but I wish some of the stupid plays could be fixed. If we have six of a kind down, my partner should not put a wild card on for a canasta and then add one of the like cards, thus costing a pure, and even worse, my partner should not discard that card! Can’t something please be done to correct these misplays! It’s such a great game, but no improvements are ever made. As I played today, my partner failed to pick up a card to make a pure canasta, then discarded a card that could have been another pure canasta; costing us 1000 points. Seriously!
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2 months ago, McAnsh
One of the better card game applications I have played
Having played Canasta both virtually and in reality this game really does try to test my skills! I have been a card player since I was 8 years old. Rummy way my first game and I learned it from my favorite Aunt. She was my inspiration and was the person who marked my life and taught me kindness and caring. I am now 70 and my dear Aunt would now be 124. Time stops for no man! But the game must go on.
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5 years ago, Alicove
Enjoyable but could be better
I like this game but the rules are not at all like the Canasta that I play with my friends. I get annoyed when my partner picks up a card that we already have closed in a Canasta or adds duces to an already closed Canasta. I get very annoyed when my partner asks to go out and ignores my "NO". The look of the game has seemed to have changed recently. When I select 3 cards to begin a Canasta, the cards used to change from red to green. Now they seem to be grey and not change to another color. I hope these annoyances can be fixed because I still do enjoy playing.
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3 years ago, sf8#
Terrible Updates
Your partner plays against you & makes most of the canastas for the opposing team. They won’t discard black 3’s or go out when they can. They hold onto cards that would make a canasta or they discard it so you’re struggling to go out. Whatever updates were recently made really ruined this version. If you like playing 3 against 1 & a partner who sabotages your plays, this is the one for you!
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5 years ago, florida gator mom
Developer hasn’t fixed previous issues
In looking at several of the reviews I agree with them and then checking date of feedback, it’s been over a year and issues remain the same. Computer partner plays stupid. Lays down wild cards first then adds naturals making canasta worth 300 not 500. He discards cards that should be played to make a natural, and he has several cards in hand. These are just a few of issues which have already been reported If you can’t fix these issues I’m certainly not going to pay for advanced versions. At this time I’m too frustrated with partner to continue to play this game. It’s too bad as your setup and layout are excellent.
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3 years ago, M3NC
So inconsistent
I really have love/hate feelings about this game. Sometimes my “partner” plays well and in ways that make sense, other times not at all. There are times it seems my “partner” goes out of the way to lose hands. Many times they throw off aces, or don’t take tricks they could and it ends up costing us the hand or the game. It’s extremely frustrating. My husband and son had to delete the app when it got to the point they couldn’t stand the stupid and inconsistent playing. I’m almost at that point. It’s like sometimes you’re playing with a great player and other times with someone who has no clue how to play the game.
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5 months ago, Valiant Vetter
Surprisingly good!
Most free app deluge you with ads and interruptions - this one doesn’t - at least not yet. The graphics are great, animation smooth, game play simple. I’d give it 5 stars - except I think it has the rules wrong: it lets you pick up the pile and use cards other than the top one to make the required score up lay down a first meld. It also seems the computer player in the solo game is pretty lame - even set to highest difficulty. Other than that - great game!
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4 years ago, Quincy’s Mom
Fun, but some unrealistic plays
First off, I agree with others that the computer players make some really bad plays that would never happen with live players. In my recent game, they buried cards that completed TWO of my natural canastas...and they had many other cards in their hand. I also notice that the stats are not accurate. HOWEVER, having said that, it’s still a fun game with a classy UI, no ads, and no irritating pop-ups. It wouldn’t take much for the developer to make it 5 stars...
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