Candy Crush Jelly Saga

4.5 (46.1K)
369.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0.0 or later
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User Reviews for Candy Crush Jelly Saga

4.51 out of 5
46.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Vi66danh
Great game!
This game has proved to me that it really doesn’t take great amounts of money to play, don’t have to be highly intelligent. Most of my are very difficult to advance on. Money I shouldn’t spend sometimes, as I get down to one or two items to collect, to get to the next level! I am playing this now due to that. Follow prompts are never tricky or lead you in dumb direction, like some I could name. Been playing over a year and have sooo much trouble with all my G5 games, that letting a lot go, get some back, and some never change, only during holiday events, which most don’t have time to play, or just can’t due to technical difficulties, which just seem to be ignored, in my case two months, foreign company, where the tech staff seem unable to fix, ent to scream: Hey G5, why don’t you look at this game and fix all the issues you have, that Candy Crush has! Good luck, going to delete some again, like all the Jewel games and a few others that are just too hard to play and achieve. Supposed to be fun and challenging, not just difficult and a tech staff in Sweden that can’t seem to give me a rest for my email address and stop sending me password resets For two months, continually sending me links I don’t need, continually having me daily, two to three times a day, now locked out my friends account who knows how long! Blessings to you all!
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5 years ago, liljacker
Great app!
This game is great there are no adds or really anything that you would really get frustrated with. This game is awesome! The only complaint that I have is that I would like it if it actually give you more gold bars when you win a level. Please get this game I would honestly love to see how good you end up doing on the leaderboard! If you ever download this game please rate to tell me what you think to tell me if you have the same opinion! You probably will not regret downloading this! Yeah. So I only have one complaint. That’s all. Please keep more games coming so I can tell you how I think about the new updates or whatever you make if it’s a new game. Thanks for making this game! You will hear from me again on other games like my Emma or something. Thank you! Bye!
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3 years ago, Joealcala123
Game is stuck in searching mode
I have been experiencing an issue with Candy Crush Jelly Saga, my game has been stuck in searching mode for the team race. It’s been saying “searching” for almost a week now. It just keeps scrolling and says that it’s searching nonstop for many days without stopping at all. I’ve tried to click on it, close the game and reopened it, restarted my phone, and I have even deleted the game so I could re-install it. I lost all of my tokens/gold bars and all of my boosters/power-ups when I deleted the game to re-install it. None of these things have worked I have also tried to contact tech support and checked the FAQs for my problem with the game but I haven’t even been able to find any answers and I can’t find out how to contact game/tech support. Is this a bug in the game or something from the last update, if there has been a recent update? Is it something that needs to be fixed with a newer update? I did notice that there are many other people who are experiencing the same thing as me so I don’t know if it’s just a fluke or if it’s really a bug in the system type of issue that will be fixed when a new update is available. Anyway, is there anything different (than everything I have already tried) that you recommend so we can see if it works? Thank you for your time, Danielle
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2 years ago, Lulucrusher
Love the game, hate the update with candy eating plants
I have been addicted to this game for years. It’s an easy way to be entertained and challenged. I LOVE the challenges where you can compete with other live players but sometimes it ticks me off bc I feel like it’s rigged. One game I play and I still have moves left and have spread a decent amount of jelly but the other player gets to 43 jellies spread and then it says I lose. The next game I spread 43 jellies this time while the other player still has 10 moves left and it lets them keep playing even if they don’t have hardly any jellies spread. It doesn’t seem like there’s any consistency with when it cuts you off and says you lose or win. Also, I HATE the new update with the plants that eat your candies! Remove that PLEASE! Especially when you put 2 on a level where you have to beat the blocks like 3-4 times to make them disappear… hard to do when the plants keep eating your candies so you can’t do anything to kill them bc you run out of moves.
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2 years ago, S'mala
Nope - I’m done with this fake cheating game.
I have played this and sometime enjoyed this game. Even fell for the things that happened that made no sense. And even spent money. Nope - it’s over. I’ve been playing a lot lately just watching things that happen and how fixed it is. Why is it that you do something to get a striped candy or a bomb and the special candy goes in a certain spot (the spot it should go because it’s where it was made) but, then when it’s really going to help you it all of a sudden puts it over two spaces and not where you made it. This stuff happens all the time. Even when you do things to get the color bomb and then it’s there but - nope, all of a sudden instead of giving what you earned, more candies(for some strange reason come down and change it) When there was absolutely NO REASON for any other candies to come down - other than to take away what you should have had. You guys sucker more people out of money with cheating. I may be in the minority but - I’m out. Find some other people who don’t mind watching real game play get screwed up by your cheating.
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6 years ago, Violet.04
Technically difficult
I have been a fan of the original Candy Crush as well as Candy Crush Soda for many years and consider myself an experienced player. I have been playing this Jelly game for a couple months now and it’s technically too difficult at times and it causes me to either stop playing, or leaving that particular level to try the next one because it’s simply impossible to succeed in it. I won’t get into the specifics here, but there are things that make the game too difficult, if not impossible to pass to the next level. I understand that it takes practice to get a stride going on some levels, but after playing it numerous times now, I have come to the conclusion that it’s just not possible to fix a level once you’ve done something that makes it impossible to turn it around and gain your stride again. I’m disappointed with this game. I keep going back to it because it’s actually really fun and a good challenge, but it takes things too far sometimes.
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4 years ago, imnotok_impetewentz_ipromise
Too many boosters
I’ve been playing traditional candy crush saga as well as soda & jelly sagas for years, and I never thought I would say this but: there are too many boosters in this game. The alien giving you so many special candies makes levels virtually impossible to lose, and it really takes the challenge and the fun out of the game. It used to be that some levels would take me days to beat, especially the ones where you're competing against a character to collect something. But now I find myself trying to lose on purpose (incredibly difficult) in order to get rid of the alien balloons and have more standard game play. The original candy crush saga is much better in this approach (the way you can earn special candies by completing missions or watching ads, then have them in your backpack to use at your discretion). Even having the option to enable/disable the alien mission would be a good fix. This is truly my only complaint about this game, but it’s a significant problem for me.
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3 years ago, Marchjmc
Frustration continues with Not receiving Fantastic Five awards claimed
Once again today i encountered problems after I opened my Candy Crus Saga app. I have continued to contact support about this and they do usually come through but the time I have to do so is getting old. Haven’t heard back yet on my latest saga issues installment. My personal saga goes like this: after checking the events tab, finding Claim on Fantastic Five so I do so, this time fie awards at the 7000 points. I them go to level I’m on, today was level 3313 and the rewards aren’t available. So I checked for app updates and had updated just yesterday. I closed and reopened game, still not the expected rewards. Then I logged out of my King account and back in, had closed and reopened app. Still nothing new. I also shut dow my iPad and reopened. No expected rewards but now no Fantastic Five appears in my events. What the heck? I’m retired so play several King games as time passing. I’ve also sucked into to buying various boosters along the way, much to my chagrin when I have problems with the game. Curious if others have encountered similar issues with Fantastic Five feature as support always responds with “ I have checked our system and I can confirm that on our side, we haven’t detected an issue. There are a couple of reasons this might be the case - for example, there might have been a delay in the delivery of the reward (due to some temporary connection issues). “
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1 year ago, Tequerochomu
Disappointing & Frustrating
Can’t believe I actually stepped away mid-game to leave this unfortunate review. Have previously enjoyed this game for years until recently- What has happened is the ads are out of control. There is a Royal Match Ad that is almost a minute long - then when you think it is over, it goes into a 6 seconds long countdown Ad within an Ad, THEN, after that, another 5 second countdown Ad within an Ad. Most Ads that run during my games are 30 seconds or more. If you need to watch 3 Ads to get to finish your particular game - cumulatively, that is a long stretch of time to ask players to endure. That is abusing your players’ time. I will abandon this game altogether because of it. I’m not sure how my particular account has been targeted for this type of Ad Play because a friend plays this same game on their device and the ads they see are typically in the 5 to 15 second range. It’s a shame. Is it because of the level? (Level 5200 range.) Or is it because that’s just the way it is? What a turn off. Unfortunate.
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4 years ago, FeatherRiverSong
Bonus plays should work in your favor.
I was just playing level 971 and down to one play and needing to collect my last puffier. There was one available with one candy covering. Right next it was a fish that I could activate. So I did that and the instead of crushing the candy I needed the fish crushed a totally useless fish. This is CATEGORICALLY UNFAIR PLAY. If it’s my turn and I can unlock a benefit in the game it should play for MY BENEFIT. I have played this game for years and spent lots of money doing so. I love them all but I cannot stand unfair play. it’s psychologically disturbing and shows some weird and sadistic attitude you have toward your players. You are representing some impossible world where even if you a can see a direct way of winning you ultimately have no power and control to execute that strategy because a digital opponent really controls the game and decides how your strategy is executed. I want to be challenged. I want the game to get harder as I go along but this is BS. PLEASE FIX THIS.
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4 years ago, NMS222222222222222222222222
Totally rigged
The royal championship competition is totally rigged to get people’s money. I have been stupid and have paid money for bricks. Now, every time I am about to hit a streak and am about to win a prize, my opponent happens to get some kind of advantage like a candy ball right next to a stripped candy. This has happened multiple times to me on several different occasions. But, oddly enough I don’t ever seem to get the same advantages. Our boards will start exactly the same and we will make the same moves, but all of a sudden their entire board gets filled while I have no moves that will spread any jelly! At first I thought it was coincidence or me just being a bad player. But, it seems to be happening more often then not. I don’t think I am so bad that I will loss over 10 games in a row. I use to have 13 game winning streaks before I started buying gold bricks. When I do get an advantage, my opponent always seems to have access to it also. But their advantages are always out of my reach.
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3 years ago, RJTheMagnanimous
**Just updated the app and still the same connectivity problems! TRASH!** Months and months later... this game hasn’t changed much. STILL so many connectivity issues and blatant unfairness with the intent of being a greedy money grabber at the expense of your bread and butter... the real human game player. 5H!TTY BOT-LADEN GAME! I’ve waited over a month for King to fix the connectivity issue. Why has it taken this long? When I launch the app, I can’t go into the Royal Championship unless I wait a few minutes for the “Save Your Progress” button you change to “My Profile.” Once it changes, I can finally access the RC. But after several games of playing, the app claims there is an internet connection problem which kicks me out and causes me to lose lives and/or not count my latest win and doesn’t count toward my streak. The championships are also blatantly rigged! Every time I get to the last game before I’m about to level up, my opponent always has much easier handouts given to them (striped candies, color bombs, etc) while my side barely has any matches at all. But if I pay 40-60 bricks, I can almost always level up with no problem afterwards. All of the above is starting to get REALLY old, King! Your greed and disregard for years’ worth of loyal fans/players/money givers is really starting to wear incredibly thin. Fix your app and make it a more balanced game or start to watch more and more people change their ratings. Your move...
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2 years ago, DestanyDelp
Use to love this game
I have played this game since it came out. Have always enjoyed it. However the last month or so every single time I build up rewards by passing each level, I can do that maybe 5-7 times and then all of a sudden I’m kicked off and have to start over. Really frustrating! Not to mention if it doesn’t kick me off I’m having to use gold bars to continue a level bc for some reason my fish refuse to go where they should, also only happens when I’ve built multiple rewards. So starting to seem like more than a coincidence. Also cupcake Carl and the jelly queen should not be allowed to use the beginning rewards! It’s unfair for them to use the rewards which therefore they win and we lose the level and all rewards. It’s rigged. Pls fix this bc I really do enjoy this game but once the frustration sets in, it’s no longer fun and will be deleted.
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3 months ago, broken_wings
Been fun for years until…
I’ve played this game from the beginning and enjoyed it very much. Relaxing to play, but also challenging without being overly difficult. I progressed to the point where I ran out of levels to play. Now with the introduction of ads, they started designing all the new levels so that you’re forced to watch ads for extra moves. They only give 22 moves for every level. Some are almost impossible to beat without paying for gold, which is by design. I don’t want to play the same level hundreds of times before I can progress to the next level. And also when I watch an ad it freezes and I don’t get the reward. I reset the game and when I want to watch an ad to get more moves, it doesn’t give my the choice. The game just got really sour for me at that point. It’s definitely less fun than it used to be
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5 years ago, BbbbbeccaHein
Fun game, great app support!
The game itself is really entertaining and a great way to kill some time. I’m really impressed by the app support though! The game kept crashing when I was playing the same level and I ended up losing some lives. I emailed app support and they were really helpful with getting the game to stop crashing and they replaced the lives I lost with coins so I could buy more. I’ve had similar crashes with other games like this and received no replies to my emails for help so I was kinda expecting the same type of thing when I emailed candy crush. To my surprise, they responded the same day with the app help and the coins. Highly recommend downloading the game! Thanks again for your help!
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4 years ago, tinawinabobina
This really bugs me
I love the Royal Championship but a few things really bug me: 1. Sometimes when the game is looking for a challenger for me to play, the spinner times out and says it can’t find anyone. That’s fine except sometimes I get docked a ticket, even though I didn’t even play a game. Why should I lose a turn just because the system can’t find another player for me to compete against? 2. Many times when I have won a game, the game times out (the wifi wheel keeps spinning) and even though I’ve won the game, I don’t get credit for it and it appears as if I have lost. 3. Some players are really rude and laugh at you when they win. There should be an emoji added that allows you to show disapproval of that behavior. Or take away the emojis altogether because some players are real jerks. I never use the emojis, I never laugh at other players and I think they’re unnecessary.
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5 years ago, xxjaimegirlxx
Love it...but stopped working.
I hate to admit how much time I’ve played this game....but I have and it’s a lot. 1st time I downloaded the game I played daily...even spent actual money. I broke my phone & had not connected to FB to save progress. I got my new phone and started over. I would give 5 stars, but I am stuck....stuck at level 1315 (it embarrassing, I know). I was playing, beat level 1314 & when it looked like I was going to the next level, it just stopped. I can see the screen & the next level I should be on but it doesn’t do anything. I can’t select anything at all. Just shows the screen. I’ve closed the app, rebooted my phone & there it sits at level 1315. Unless by some miracle it starts working again or someone reaches out, this is the end of Candy Crush Saga for me. Probably better off. I can start to learn my kids names and save some money. Blessing in disguise, divine intervention, I don’t know. Life just won’t be the same.
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6 years ago, SanyTred52
Money Grabber
This game is interesting. But as far as I’m concerned, it is rigged so that we have to pay money and more money in order to win some levels. As soon as I run out of points next time, I’m deleting this game. For example, in some of the Liquorice Jack (or whatever his name is), early on before I knew how to really strategize, he got so many tries, while I got one! And his bubble people were already on the board while I had to build up orange points to even get a bubble dealie. How can some person win against a computer, especially when we have to discover the fine points of the strategy? I’ve gone over a level so many times without using bonuses in attempts to win without spending money, and I’ll keep doing it. I’m ASHAMED AND DISGUSTED with how much money I’ve given to the App Store. This is like gambling, and you never really win at that. The next time I am down to no points, I am deleting this game and all others like it!
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3 years ago, Chevy123479
I recently logged in with Apple not Facebook as I don’t use Facebook anymore. I unfortunately had to start over. I did and quickly regained and have now passed where I was with the previous log in (on Level 1083). The reason for the low score is I no longer receive can send lives. I could go back to the old log in but in some cases I have purchased lives so I don’t to lose want the money spent or the level I’m on. The people that were sending lives and that I have sent lives to aren’t people I know or generated myself so not sure why this stopped all of a sudden. I’m able to play in the arena and the opponent is pulled into a game which is not my choosing so why can’t the same be the case for sending lives? When I open the app I see a notification to send lives to a friend but no list of people appear. I also have notification that I have a message but there’s nothing there.
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6 years ago, sc00zyz.smsb
Effing Liars Just after your $$
Oh where to start? You're on a level you've been trying to beat for awhile. You're almost there, and come to the end and you need just a couple more moves--you're gonna get 9 gold bars from your pot to continue-- and up pops 'We're sorry, couldn't connect to the internet!', but you're showing bars and wifi and notifications are steadily coming in! LIARS! I DIDN'T EVEN NEED TO BUY bars; they were already in my account. Here's another example: ERRORS. BUGS. Which isn't cool when you're playing in a time-rated tournament and it's showing you've completed 4/3 (already enough) items: fluffers, whatever- to proceed to the last 2 levels of the tournament...but no. Let's error out. So you try rebooting. Double check the connections, but it's not YOUR DEVICE. BUGS!!! THEN THERE'S THIS: So you've earned ALL THESE STARS by scoring high, right? The stars you've earned are collected and put in a piggy bank for you...Which you have to BUY if you want them @$2.99. Yeah. No thank-you. Last but not least, today I had earned DOZENS of lollipops; striped, sprinkles, etc. which I earned playing on the rainbow road. So this afternoon I pop back in to play and *All But ONE* of those WINNING were gone! I'm DONE. Not wasting anymore time or $$ on any of KING games. Andiamo hasta la Vista -- ciao, I'm outta here bye I'll put my money on Poké least they give me what I've EARNED...for FREE.
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6 years ago, CH2919
Glitch on level 1334
In case you weren’t aware...dropped the monkling below the rope and he just sat there for the rest of that game. Didn’t allow me to move on in the game. My former Eval: I enjoy Jelly Crush as evidenced by the level I’ve achieved. The app updated overnight and while there were new “booster gifts” it was immediately obvious that the level I was on had been modified to be more difficult and it appears unachievable without using multiple boosters. If you’re going to introduce more challenging levels requiring boosters, those should be brand new levels. Just irritating which is not my goal in playing this game. UPDATE: It appears this level is back close to what it was prior to the last update. Whether it was just a fluke or a response to my review, I’m glad to be playing again. Thanks.
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2 years ago, jehdgdnjs
Restarting Levels and Rigged (2 Stars)
Restarting Our Levels I hate how you have to restart on level 1 is annoying how I was in level 2000 and put me back in 1 since I didn’t have face book!I tried everything it just lutes me back is level 1. I would rather play Candy Crush Saga. Rigged Challenge The Royal Championship challenge or whatever is really annoying I’m really close and I fail and fail. I tried all of my boosters everything I possibly could and I still couldn’t beat it. Improve your game: Add some more POSSIBLE challenges when you reach a current level. Like the death ones you added, but WAY harder. (1 Star Higher) Make sure to SAVE your levels if you accidentally deleted the app. It would be really Helpful. (1.5 Stars Higher) MOST RECOMMENDED: Maybe add some events like a Christmas one and add some Christmas items, Halloween, Anything! It would make it very cool. (2.7 stars higher) *┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈ Add some Mini Events like limited time events! (1.3 Star higher) Add a VIP game pass with some cool items like boosters, More mini games, Add anything you think of! (2 stars higher) Make some Starter packs for like 35$ or something medium backs Brilliant pack any price would be acceptable except over-priced the packs. (1 star higher) NOTIFICATION US WHEN THIS HAPPENS!
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6 years ago, Lyla Elise Daley
It Could Be Better
The gameplay is good in general, but, there is a couple of things I do not agree with. For one, I do not like the fact that when you run out of moves on a level, that you have to spend nine Golden bars the first time, then, they make you spend around 20-25 more the next. I also do not like that this game only gives you five lives, then, when you run out of lives, you have to purchase five more lives for nine more Golden bars, ask friends on Facebook, or wait. Another thing, I wish that on certain levels, they could give you more moves. Again, you have to spend nine Golden bars on only FIVE more moves. Sorry to say it, but that is insanely ridiculous. I just wish they did not ask for so much cash and Golden bars for very little things. But, other than these couple of issues, this game is O.K. 3/5 stars.
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Challenge other players is computerized and not real people playing against other players
Disappointed with 3 player event,Competition against another player. Turns out Many challenges I find I am playing the games computer. How do I know? If I am winning the player automatically quits to prevent me from earning full points. At times the computer will accidentally make a bad move and it’s automatically kicked out of the game. The avatar I am playingAgainst will be my own avatar /pic image. Most disappointment with this game is when I am earning and professing through the competition and about to win 7-8 in a row and I am winning that game the game will get stuck and the only way out is if I quit. Not only do I loose but I loose all points as well. One time when that happened I had oppositeOpponent taunt me by avatar laughing at me. So now I turned off any response bcuz that’s absolutely POOR Sport in this game.
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1 year ago, level 979
Candy crush jelly tech problematic
On the higher levels the screen goes blank when you are winning too quickly. Having to keep deleting and re installing the game is very suspect. I hope my personal info is safe. There is an serious glitch on the high levels. Have to keep deleting and reinstalling the game app. With all of its obvious rigged cheating, glitching and blackouts should not be one of its problems. I love the game but not the shenanigans that comes with playing the game on the high levels. Maybe bug fixes are needed. When are you going to fix the glitches? I keep having to delete and re install this game. Level 2619 froze because I’m winning to quick for the algorithms. CHEAT! Come on guys you can do better. The game is fun otherwise. Fix the tech issues please.
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3 years ago, hhoollyy
Too hard, even for experienced players
I love games of this category and have played other types of candy crush, but this one is obnoxiously difficult. And then some levels are obnoxiously easy. There’s no sweet spot in between really. I feel like the level of difficulty is an attempt to get players to spend money on extra stuff because it’s honestly impossible to pass some levels without the extra assistance of special candies, which are really really difficult to create yourself on some levels. So you’re left either buying stuff or playing the level a million times to get that one statistical anomoly where candies fall in just the right place for you to be able to get it right. Also, Cupcake Carl is a butthead. I don’t like the levels with him because he steals all the pufflers that I all but freed. It’s just annoying. It takes the relaxation out of the game.
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4 years ago, fans of games
I love it so much I am too addicted to it lol 🤩😂
Now me and puzzle games we are a meh but the only puzzle game I love is CANDY CRUSH I always loved ❤️ it so much and this is no let down this to me is a huge step up because it has a robot playing against you sometimes but I wish that stick hand was back and those puffalers why do they move? And the monkey thing why the can to collect it it is taking away moves but I have to say the new power ups are great!!!!! I have a idea of a power up so you get the power up and it is super rare and it will put that chocolate with sprinkles thing next to that thing that changes the color of the candy and it will clear all of the candy thx for reading
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6 years ago, ~Jules555~
App fails, you lose everything you earned and paid for
Don’t expect any response from contacting support. There was a “connectivity” issue with all King games. Supposedly it was fixed almost immediately. It was not. Several hours later they announced all games were back up. The 3 Candy Crush games were still unable to connect- the solution “Delete the app and reinstall it but be advised you’ll lose all boosters”. That’s not a solution! Many of those boosters were earned over the past 2 years but many were bought and paid for. I’m reporting all my purchases from the last 90 days as unfulfilled via Apple and Google bc I’ve yet to receive any reply from King when I requested an ingame credit for 2 purchases made within hours on one and minutes on the other of the apps crashing. Lesson learned! This is the third (and last) time there’s been issues like this. I won’t give King another penny!
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4 years ago, Cori😻
LOVE THIS GAME!!! , but one problem
I really like this game! When I need a break from doing my chores this is just they game I will play! But as a 13 year old I feel some of the levels are just to hard. When I got to level 63 it became very hard. I would give this 5 stars , but I feel like the levels 63 and up are really hard. Like I said I am 13 years old so people older than me may not find this game to be as hard as think it is. So if you are reading this comment please do not take my word for it and not download the game. I actually encourage people download this game. I really appreciate this game because it also reduces my stress level. I hope people can download this game so there stress level will go down as well!😁
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4 years ago, help melissa
Why did all my candies go away
I love this game but for some reason the a App got deleted from my phone so u downloaded it again and log in and for some reason all my gold bars and all my candies wernt there but I was on my same level. I don’t see how if I saved my progress and was able to log in why all my stuff was gone I mean everything all my tickets just everything. It was like starting over but on my level I left off at. Plus the game said it had updated so u believe during the update I guys took all my stuff away which is so annoying. Other then that I’ve never had a problem with any of these games. It would be nice for it to be fixed.
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3 years ago, Julie62262
Lost booster and gold bars last 2 weeks
I lost all my gold bar and booster last week, I contacted them and they did give some back to me. Not as much as I purchased, but I was okay and kept playing. I use the same device and have not done anything that should take anything away that I paid money for. Well I played the game a little this morning and came back a few hours later and they did some kind of update and I lost everything again. I’m am not able to contact or email them this time, so I had to do this poor review. I hope they do reach out to me, I will give 24 hours, if they do not respond I will delete the game. I play the game after work just to kick back and relax. It is fun but not trustworthy with their customers.
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6 years ago, christina isabella
Best of candy crush......crush the candy!
I love this game because it is challenging and it is not to hard or to easy and I never loved a game better than this well i did on the game clumsy ninja you can throw him do anything you want but there are some challenges in the game...yes I recommend the game but when I started playing this candy crush I was like I LOVE THIS GAME LOL....I have like two other candy crushes =3 yes I like all of them but I play this one the most....:levels:86 16 and 10....anyways thanks guys for getting me into this game love all of you so much and thanks if you read this review ....I am named after the queen which I am a queen lol not to brag or anything just to put it out there!
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2 years ago, kyanma_hehe
Both of my parents have been playing candy crush for a long time, which is mainly where I learned how to play. My dad quit, but my mom still plays on in the original game, while I occasionally play Soda and this new Jelly game. I’ve actually started playing since it first came out (the jelly game) but only recently started getting into it. I really like the graphic, the kinds of levels, and the overall vibe of the game. It’s probably because I’ve watched my mom play since I was a kid, but the levels are easy, but still difficult enough to make it fun. I love hoarding boosters 😂 Very fun!
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2 years ago, disappointed player 3901
Fix the problem
I have been playing versions of candy crush for a long time, many years. I recently became a big fan of the competitions in candy crush jelly. However it has gone to far with the glitches. I was literally just playing, collected the “jelly” needed to win, this round was 44, and rather than giving me the win and rewards, it went into no internet available. Less than 1 minute I went back to go play, all of the sudden no internet problems and it’s asking me to pay to keep my progress instead of paying the rewards for winning the match. I did take screenshots of this as proof and have emailed the company. I am sure I am not the only one experiencing these issues and believe candy crush, king developer has a responsibility to uphold the rules of their game and pay the rewards. Please fix these problems!
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6 years ago, SRS428
Almost a 5
Candy Crush is a blast! I love playing, though I find I take it in spurts and sometimes need to take a break and come back to it in order to fully enjoy it. It's even better now that there are side maps and challenges "off the beaten path". I do wish that it would let you play a full 5 games on a side path and the still have a full 5 games to play on the regular map the way that Farm Heroes does, it I think it may be the only King game that does that. Overall I waste far too many hours playing - which I suppose in itself says great things about it! But I wouldn't recommend playing on a day when you have important things you should be's far too much fun!
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3 years ago, SouthernBomb
This Royal Championship is rigged
The maker of this game is so greedy. Don’t think you’re playing real people in the RC. It’s Bots and they always win. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of money buying more gold bars to keep my progress only then to lose it to a bot. We have the same board make same plays and the bit magically gets coloring candies & coloring bombs🤔 The game will ALWAYS beat you. I’ve played some actual humans, I think? Unless they allow me to win every now and then which is probably the case. Then the connection is pathetic. I’ll for once have a good game going and The connection will fail and of course it takes one of my lives and I lose my streak. It’s not coincidence y’all! UPDATE- Since posting this review I swear the RC is worse. I can’t even bet a 3 win streak win and I’ve been playing this for years. It’s time for me to delete all KING games
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4 years ago, Sami7285
Frustrated... but I LOVE this game!!
CREATORS PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I really really love this game BUT the new player VS. player tournaments are great but when you or the other player get so many points ahead of the other it automatically ends the round!!! It gives you no chance of redemption. This is VERY VERY frustrating!! I mean I had 37 points and she had 41 points and there was still 6 moves a piece for each of us. I spend a great deal of money on this game but it’s making me really not want to play it anymore because why pay the money for tickets or other things I’d have way through the round it bumps you out and says SORRY you didn’t spread enough jelly!!! Sorry if I’m sounding rude but it’s very annoying!!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!
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5 years ago, jmede14372
Too difficult and crashes constantly
I have been playing all of the Candy Crush games for a long time now. I got rid of the first one because the levels became so hard that you couldn’t pass them without spending money and boosters, I deleted Soda for the same reason and am having the same issue with Jelly. The Friends game is just too stupid to even consider. When you play Jelly and load up on boosters to beat a board, the game constantly crashes. It is so frustrating. I have written to support multiple times - I should be able to use the boosters that I paid for without losing them because the game crashes. Support simply tells me to check my system - my other games don’t crash! For the amount of money King is making, they need to put more effort into it’s reliability. Overall, I’ve become disenchanted with the CC games and am done.
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1 year ago, meYO3
The game proves easy to advance quickly so I prefer to challenge other players one on one and I find that when I do this I’m often cheated out of my tickets and you only get 5 to begin with. The match will just starting and before you can make a single move they close it out claiming bad internet connection and not only do you lose your ticket but you also lose any special power you may have selected to use that round and you have to win those special powers by winning so many matches or buy them so when I use my tickets and powers I expect to play the game or at least have them replaced and this happens 3.5 times out of 5 otherwise this would be one of my favorite games but I find it the most frustrating.
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4 years ago, Alexa Ng
Royal Championship soreloser is me.
In a few months ago, I used to get lucky about getting the highest points more than my opponents and then getting my own rewards. All of a suddenly, I got lost my tickets so many times when they have beaten me up virtually because I am too poor without my Royal Championship tickets or my golds or my iTune girftcards. Generally, the tickets refill one hour times five as the limited time. I am not interested in one hour. Unless, can you please update the limited time into 30 minutes only (half an hour per less) for me, not for them because they are way too obvious to know what I’m thinking.
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6 years ago, uluwehiokaaina
Whose bright idea was the latest update?
This is the only game I play often, so I’m acutely aware of any new changes. A while back they started including the “Help Allen get airborne” reminder at the start of EVERY game, which is really irritating (because, come on, don’t you know that if I’m playing, I’m already TRYING to pass the level???), but this latest update about a week ago has me even more upset. There used to be special side games where I could earn power ups for passing each level, but since the new update, if I’ve completed these levels previously, I cannot do them again. Now I have NO means of earning power ups! And whose bright idea was it to allow us to earn gold bars, but then have to pay to actually obtain those gold bars? NOT COOL GAME DEVELOPERS! Give us back the opportunities that you took away, and maybe more people will keep playing.
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4 years ago, Angry Donna
Sometimes Too Challenging
I have been playing all King games and for the most part enjoy them, however, it is impossible to get 3 stars on some games because you either meet the challenge but don’t get the right amount of points or you get the points but miss the challenge. Shouldn’t have to be so difficult. I have been playing one board (monkling) for over a year trying to get the third star. Being frustrated and basically mocked by a game doesn’t make it fun or enjoyable. Lighten up a little on the more challenging games so us OCD people can get our 3 stars & move on to the next game.
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3 years ago, mdubus
Super Frustrating
Why is it that if I win five games in a row then lose one game you take away all my progress but previously you would only take away one if you lose one I don’t think it’s right that you’re taking away all the progress. I earned each win separately i should be able to lose each separately. Seems that yall just want us to pay 30 gold bars to keep the progress that i earned. Super greedy on yalls part. We should be able to earn unlimited tickets not just 1 ticket at a time. You give us unlimited lives but not tickets, why? I play the championship every day & i spend $ on lives but its getting old having you take all my progress especially when the game disconnects & i lose everything, super aggravating. Put the game back the way it was 3 weeks ago & i will change my rating...
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4 years ago, FLColt
Royal Championship Broke...Again...
Since I updated to the app to the most recent version, the Royal Championship won’t load - keeps giving the “No Internet Access” error message. Unfortunately, there is consistent development issues with this part of the app; in the middle of a game it will suddenly disconnect me or the other person or, as is the case today, won’t connect at all. My wifi is strong and even when I turn it off to only use cell data, same issue. Additionally, online support shows many others are experiencing the same exact issue today. So frustrating that each update breaks some piece of the Royal Championship functionality (the rest of the game still works fine each time).
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6 years ago, ussaustin70
I’m on level 385, a hard level involving collecting monklings, and after i get a monkling under the line, it doesn’t send me back up to the top so I can get another one. It’s not that I have another one waiting up there that just got caught up along the way, it just stays stuck at the bottom of the playing area and still lets me move but doesn’t let me progress. As if this game wasn’t infuriating enough, and to be honest I can’t even explain why I still play it considering what it does to my mental state, this nonsense is really the icing on a cake of complete anger and frustration. I probably could have beat this level 3 times over if this wasn’t a recurring issue, and been content with my normal level of game induced mental instability, but no. This level really had to do me dirty like that
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4 years ago, Joakley75
Used to be a 5
I’m giving this game a 1 star review when I used to give it a 5. I love that there are no ads and that I can choose to buy boosters or not to. What makes it a 1 star is that for some reason they’ve changed the format. I used to open the game and play. Now, I open the game and I’m faced with a mandated challenge to play against another person. I don’t mind playing another person, if I feel like doing so. What I don’t like is that there’s no way to say, “No thank you.” When they first started this “live action”, at least you could tap the x and go about playing the regular game. For some reason they’ve now taken that option away. Now my only option is to close the game and play something different. Let me know when you’ve either gotten rid of the live play or given us back the ability to choose.
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6 years ago, S4 NotLike
Again-Can Options Be Available
Again - Can you provide an option to “skip a level” when the level is playing against a computerized opponent such as the Queen, Cupcake, etc.? I finally got my grandson to come back playing this game with me until we reached level 350. The Queen always shows up right before reaching a treasure chest. However, we missed reaching the treasure chest in the designated time, and we still had to play against the Queen. I believe you lost my grandson as a future patron. He loves the other candy crush games. I like playing this game, but many times I’ve stop playing in the middle of the level because it was futile to continue playing. Also, I’ve read other patron reviews with the same frustrations playing against computerized opponents.
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4 years ago, Lissajohnson🙂
Candy Crush Jelly Saga Is the best !!!
I love candy crush jelly saga ! It’s a good challenge and lots of fun , it really makes the time go by fast and something to do when your bored or have nothing else left to do . I especially love where you can play other people or when you have to crack the frosting to find the cute little pufflers and how they move around but you can see where they move too . I originally have the original candy crush and the candy crush soda saga which is fun as well . I love how the different levels are literally jelly , I just love this game!! ❤️ I can’t wait for another saga!!
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4 years ago, italiab1
Disappointed glitch
I am so disappointed in the royal championship of this game. It’s actually my favorite thing about the game! I love this game and am pretty obsessed and I love doing royal championship but literally every time I try to play it will say I need WiFi or disconnect me! It’s at the point where I’ll win the round or be mid game and it will be slow then disconnect me saying I don’t have internet meanwhile I’m on WiFi. This is the only game I’ve actually spent money on just to get more lives to play just to basically be wasting my money when it exits me out of a round and takes a ticket! Other people I know have been experiencing this same issue. It’s a glitch in the game that really needs to be fixed because it’s just ruining it and makes me want to delete this app.
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2 years ago, Shannen73
Love the game but app crashes
First off, I love this game and it very addictive. But… I’m extremely frustrated because the app has crashed on me a few times now and I lost all my boosters and all extra items that I worked hard to get. Customer service is NO HELP! They pretty much told me to bad I should use my boosters and not hold on to them and they won’t replace anything. It’s my devices fault which is bull. I see in their privacy terms they have access to all game play and much much more. I am backed up to Facebook so I don’t loose anything per them. All I can say is their customer service is terrible and rude. Customer service needs to be professional and accommodate game players when your app crashes! It’s your fault not ours.
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