Canon Camera Connect

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Canon Inc.
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3 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Canon Camera Connect

4.79 out of 5
47.9K Ratings
3 months ago, MezziMoss
Works Great for importing Photos Quickly!
I’ve had my Canon Rebel T6 for a couple year now and I’ve been using this app to import my photos directly to my iPhone. The app is easy to figure out and use! I love that I am able to import the photos to my iPhone and keep the quality of the photos, it’s also very useful to quickly delete any unwanted photos on your camera. I definitely recommend this app whether you’ve had your Canon Camera for awhile or are just starting out with your camera!
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6 months ago, Trisastranus
Fails to meet basic needs of professional photographers
I was hoping to use this app to turn an iPad into a dedicated high-res viewfinder to inspect shots immediately after shooting them, to verify focus, and check for any little details, which often go unnoticed on the small screen on the back of the camera. Unfortunately, this app fails to meet this need in a most frustrating and ridiculous way… Of course, the live view image is significantly reduced in size. This is expected. What surprises me is that after taking the shot, the app insists on displaying a low resolution version of the image and sticking it in this tiny window that cannot be expanded,. And when I click to download the full resolution image, it doesn’t display it! Instead, it offers to open it in another app, or download it to my iPhone Photos. And if I do that, it bounces me away from the Camera Connect app, and when I switch back to the Camera Connect app, it has disconnected from my camera! And so I must renegotiate the camera connection after viewing the full resolution image in another app. This is totally unworkable. This app assumes that I am some kind of social media influencer, not a professional photographer doing critical work. Very unfortunate. I’ll have to stick with desktop based solutions.
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12 months ago, disneyloverandmom
I see the same complaints 10 years ago
This app is a complete waste of time. I was so thrilled to upload my photos wirelessly on vaca as a backup. It is cumbersome to figure out, insisted on uploading to google photos and google wanted access to all of my photos. Figured out how to transfer to my iCloud instead (could not tell you how, but I did it). Takes forever, even on my home wifi that is Fast for everything else. The biggest problem is that it doesn't transfer sequentially, neither by date/time or by img #. There are skips, uploads 10 in a row, skips one, 2 more uploaded, skips 10. Then it numbers them with a (2) that puts it all out of order. This is the same complaint from a review from 10 years ago. Why, canon, why? Fix this thing, or don't offer it. I have 3000 photos from a long vacation with intermittent missing photos. I have spent a week trying to figure out which pix are missing. I'm giving up and buying an sd card reader. The positive reviews must be from canon employees. Cannot fully express my disappointment in this app. (Love my Eos R 10, but maybe I should have bought a nikon)
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4 months ago, Oneofgodsgifts
Always Disconnects
My opinion about the Canon App is negative. Whenever the Canon app is used and a call, message, or email is received, clicking on it and returning to the app leads to disconnection from the camera. Reconnection is required afterwards, which consumes a lot of time. I hope there can be a way for Cannon to fix this problem. There are plenty of other apps and Bluetooth Wi-Fi products that don't disconnect when a call or message comes through, allowing you to stay connected. They should find a way to reconnect without going through all the camera options manually. Nonetheless, I appreciate this app as a wildlife photographer because it allows me to take pictures without disturbing the subject by setting up the camera and stepping away. However, when a call or notification appears, I have to physically go back to the camera to reconnect. Canon, please devise a solution.
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3 months ago, dr john quest
Something else from Canon that stops working
Canon’s response: “Just buy a new canon camera, it should probably work then.” I’ve been trying to connect canon cameras to my phone since the EOS M, and always there’s a problem. It’s faster to drive home, transfer photos to your computer, then email them to your phone, than to wait for the app to connect to your phone, EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PAIRED IT AND THE CAMERA IS LISTED IN THE APP!! If, by chance, you do get this app to work, do not update the app, because it 100% will not connect to your camera again. Can we go back to EyeFi SD cards? Other camera companies go way out of their way to make this process really easy, but not canon. Help within the app is useless and online help just quotes FAQs and does address problem. Conclusion: If the app connects to your camera, don’t change anything. If it doesn’t, you’re out of luck.
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2 months ago, Party Nori
Worst App Ever
This app is terrible. It does not allow me to easily transfer the pictures from my camera to my phone (and it does not let me transfer my videos at all). I have transferred images from my camera several times, but its always an hours long process. I have at least 1000 pictures on my camera that will not transfer to my phone. I work extensively with technology every day, and this app is impossible to use, as it never works like its supposed to. Every time my phone is connected to my cameras wifi (it will show up that its connected to my cameras wifi in the app), the app acts as if its not connected. Please fix this. I have deleted the app and redownloaded it, I have tried different ways to connect my phone to my camera, and nothing seems to be a permanent solution to the app not working properly.
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11 months ago, Apienots
I finally figured it all out!
This camera does so much. On vacation and I finally took the time to learn more functions! I love the remote camera mode using your smartphone! It has to be with the same wi-fi area. That’s ok. The sending feature from camera to phone is wonderful. I need to know if it has the ability to do multiple picture uploads. A high quality video is gonna take way too long, & that’s the only bummer. If it had the way of airdrop then this would be gold! Overall, I love ❤️
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1 year ago, alamrocas
Ease of use
This app is simply very helpful especially for beginners/ amateurs. The importing is fast if you have adequate space on your device. You can preview and delete unwanted pictures from your camera before transferring to device. Unfortunately you can’t preview videos before transferring/ importing. A little difficult to switch networks if you already have one saved to your camera/ app. Overall, easy to use and handy.
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6 months ago, The judgemental freak
Problems with Connection
I feel like every time I go to connect my camera to my phone, it will be connected for about three seconds before it disconnects. Sometimes I won’t even be able to find the camera on the phone, it’s really frustrating. When it does connect though saving the photos can be a problem too, it would be nice to be able to do things outside of the app while they are being transferred. I haven’t been able to save 300+ photos cause I keep on getting mad cause the app wouldn’t stay connected. When the app does what it’s supposed it’s a good app, but they just need to work on ease of connection.
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8 months ago, Reginboston
So easy!
I set up the Bluetooth in 2 minutes and downloaded the pics in no time! I had previously been uploading to pc, transferring to google drive then painfully downloading to my phone. It took forever. Using the connect app was so quick and simple! Try it!
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1 month ago, taylrbrwr
Cannot Connect
First off, it's really annoying to not be able to do anything in the app until "registering" the camera. Second off, if I am connecting my camera to the app anyway and your app has the ability to get metadata about the device to categorize it, why am I manually selecting what product it is? Third, even after making me tell the app what product I am trying to connect, it still doesn't do the job! I turn WiFi off and back on, I enter the pairing mode on the camera, and I connect my phone to the hotspot. This is after a successful connection with my iPad, as well. Seems to me the app isn't reliable, and software usability isn't Canon's strong suite.
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9 months ago, CBD_001
I have been using this app since 2017, and I have always appreciated being able to put my images on a device straight out of camera. Connect has come a long way since then. I do have one question, and it’s in regards to video. Up until very recently I have been able to move videos to a device, and suddenly that stopped. I have the latest version, and cannot figure out why I can’t move these files. Any help would be appreciated.
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3 weeks ago, Songbear20147
Really, really hard to use
You need a PhD in dumbfuddling to use this app. Part of the problem is my Rebel T7’s bad interface and the other is the this seemingly disconnects from the phone every time you complete an upload from the camera’s memory card to this app. I had to get help from my techno-geek 15 year old son on how to get this set up the first time. Based on the reviews of the camera, I may be one of a very T7 owners having this issue, but given this is, other than removing the memory card and inserting into your computer’s card reader, the only way to get your pictures onto your phone or tablet, I am stuck with it.
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2 months ago, Zombielove123
Embarrassingly bad app
I was expecting very little when I saw how overwhelmingly negative most reviews are, but I was still shocked by how non-functional this app is. Live view shooting from the phone is so extremely laggy and constantly freezes (even with excellent wifi reception and keeping my phone and camera less than 2 feet apart) that it's basically useless and the camera will randomly disconnect from my phone for absolutely no reason. Canon must be paying for all these 5 star reviews for the rating to be this high, because basically every written review is tearing it to shreds.
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11 months ago, SoperrepoS
Recent Update Broke Direct Wi-Fi Connectivity
I’ve been using this app with my EOS R with out issue until today. Looks like a recent update broke the app’s ability to direct WiFi connect my iPad Pro to the EOS R - does’t matter if I select the camera’s wifi before or after launching the app. Found that I can connect using Bluetooth, then letting the app connect via Wi-Fi. Only issue is my RAW files appear color swapped(?) in the default photos app… files are fine once imported to Affinity Photo. Before the recent update I had no issue connecting directly via Wi-Fi, or importing raw files. Please fix Canon!
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9 months ago, --mandie98
Doesn’t work anymore after the recent update
This app worked SUPER well and fast……until they did an update this year. Now it won’t work at all. Occasionally, it will connect but after like half an hour of going back and forth. Once you finally get it to connect to your camera, it won’t connect anymore unless you delete ALL your previous settings and spend another who knows how long trying to get it to connect again. After whatever update they did, it’s completely useless. Terrible. Canon, you need to fix this!!!!!!!!
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2 months ago, Jerfariag
Not continuously updating GPS Coordinates
Ongoing issue with GPS Continuously updating with each new location/photoshoot. This is incredibly frustrating as I need to manually adjust the location of photos by copying the coordinates from the map application and pasting them into the photo/photos location. It seems to only mark the coordinates for the first time the app is activated with gps on. I hope the app can be updated to correct this major frustration.
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3 weeks ago, asffccg
Can’t connect
I have used this app for several years my camera has always been connected to this app now all of a sudden it will not let me connect my camera at all I have a rebel EOS Rebel T7 For some reason now it doesn’t recognize my camera or anything when I try to connect it it does not work. I have tried removing the app and reinstalling it with no success. I am a professional photographer and it’s frustrating not to be able to download pictures so I can edit and give to the person who I took pictures for.
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8 months ago, Raym1716
Worst App I’ve ever used
This app does nothing it says it will do. Had a Canon t8i and struggled but managed to make it work, occasionally. Upgraded to a Canon 90D and it simply won’t connect. Tried every night for 6 nights and it accidentally connected a couple of times, but basically it simply doesn’t work. Disgusted Canon customer!!!! My next camera will be a Nikon because of this app, and the fact, after reading all of the negative reviews Canon hasn’t bothered to fix it, telling me they could care less about me as a customer. Done with Canon!!!!!
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12 months ago, TustinMarie
Won’t connect IPhone 13 IOS 16.5
I’m not sure if this is on Apple or Canon, but my IPhone 13 with IOS 16.5 WILL NOT connect using this app and it’s very frustrating. I have tried everything under the sun to get it to connect and nothing has worked. My husbands Motorola phone and my Old iPhone will connect so it’s not the camera. I’m wondering if the new IOS update is causing issues because it is switching back from cellular to wifi depending on what connection is better. I’ve also disabled that feature and still nothing works.
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1 year ago, Yoshi=^_^=
Learning the ropes
Dabbling my toes into photography and while the app only transfers to phone in jpg format (that I know of, not raw for editing) it is an easy way to get pics directly for texting preprocessed. Slight annoyance at having to reconnect when transferring photos as if ur using other phone apps it will stop mid transfer. Once u get the initial app set up to connect it should get the job done.
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2 weeks ago, The Newsome House
Great when the camera cooperates
This works wonderful when the iPhone and Camera are cooperating with each other. I wish the WiFi signal from the camera could just be picked out from this program inside of me going to the iPhone’s system program to connect. My camera is the 80D. If I get another camera I hope they would have Bluetooth, that would be so much easier.
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5 months ago, Disappointed & grossed out
Constantly disconnects, remote shooting
Most frustrating thing ever. I can see that the app can do a lot, but it won’t let me adjust settings completely, I cannot put it on continuous shooting and it constantly disconnects and super frustrating to try and use this for such things as self portraits. I don’t know when else I would even want it. Very disappointing. I’m only standing 15 feet away from the camera. And I am still in Wi-Fi range for my house too. Whatever.
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1 month ago, Harmopiavu
Worked but now doesn’t
It worked really well for my IPhone XR to my Canon EOS 1300D. It was just super slow to take photos from my phone through the camera. Now I have a IPhone 15 Pro and the app won’t connect to the camera and I’ve done everything I’m supposed to. I tried googling options, etc and nothing is helping it connect again. Super frustrating since I don’t have a converter or computer.
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5 months ago, Icsebache
Needs a full screen video function
Even on an iPhone Pro Max the video display is very small. To be used as an effective field monitor this app needs a way to maximize the video to fill the while screen, I don’t need the record button and camera/video toggle to display while recording it is just a lot of wasted space.
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9 months ago, Dave's Triple
I use mainly for geotagging
I use this app mainly for geotagging. It connects with my R8 and RP quickly to transfer gps location, unlike fujifilm’s app and Fujifilm cameras. My main problem with this app is that it dies after a day or two, so I have to remember to relaunch it. I believe there was an ability to keep this open in the background with previous versions, but the feature went away at some point.
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6 months ago, Sweetkszs20
No longer working for me
This app used to connect seamlessly with both my iPhone and iPad. Now, I have a new iPhone and iPad and this app isn’t working properly. I do not see where there is an updated app, it is the same as before. When I choose to transfer images from the camera to my iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPad, the screen comes up on my phone and pad without images so I cannot choose the photos that I’m trying to transfer. I’ve looked on Canon’s site to try and troubleshoot to no avail. Please help!
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9 months ago, Dakotarosegrace
Easy to use and makes my life easier too!
I love being able to transfer countless dog photos straight from my camera to my phone! I can view all of my taken photos and thanks to remote shooting I can take photos with me in them for a change
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10 months ago, Aiyanajamila
Useless Now
The app is completely useless after the update. It gets stuck on the wifi connection page and despite my phone connecting to the cameras wifi, nothing happens in the app. I deleted my registered camera to try to solve the issue, and now I can’t register my camera again because it remains stuck on that page. Tried fixing this for over an hour then came to see everyone else is having the same problem. So frustrating.
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8 months ago, csx345
Worked Well and then Stopped Working
I’ve had this app on my phone since 2019 and it worked every time. Recently, it decided to stop working. The app would not connect to the camera. Seems like Canon said “screw you, we’re going to stop supporting wifi capabilities, spend more money and buy a new camera.” It’s really annoying as my camera isn’t even 10 years old. Thanks canon. Appreciate the quality service.
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12 months ago, Lost 61
Easy to work with and very helpful
I really like my Canon camera, and using the app. It is easy to connect and a breeze to upload, edit and share photos. I can control the camera for delayed and auto shoot, and other functions. Love it!!!
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11 months ago, kllklklklkklkklkkll
don’t recommend
The app literally does not work. I have tried multiple times and when it finally is ready to connect it does nothing. The Wi-Fi is correct but it just sits there and does nothing. Like I don’t understand the good reviews because my camera won’t even connect to the app let alone download anything. I had the app before but deleted it because it wasn’t working thought I would try again but I guess that was just a mistake. Don’t believe the good reviews.
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2 weeks ago, mrkozina
Refuses to connect to camera
I have a Canon Rebel SL2. Both the camera and my iPhone 13 Pro Max (iOS 17) connect to the camera’s wifi, but my camera then crashes with an “Error 17.” This issue has been occurring since January 2023, and I have been unable to transfer any of my pictures as I do not own a laptop to input the SD card. Completely disappointed as the only reason I purchased this camera was for the direct camera to iPhone photo transfer. Will be returning the camera to Costco as a result.
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2 months ago, @awthentik
Surprised to see a 4.8 rating
I always come back to check on the reviews of this app. Has decent features but the connectivity is never good. Complaints - remote shooting can be a nuisance - canon log doesn’t show LUT on device when remote shooting - if I walk more than 5 ft from my camera, it disconnects and gets jittery during live shooting. Transferring photos to the phone has got better over the years, along with the way you setup the connection between the device. I have it 3 stars. Generously, as this thing rarely stays connected and loves to lose connection of the cameras Wi-Fi. Wish they could just have a solid connection through Bluetooth and call it a day.
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4 months ago, KEv2086
Good but some improvements would help
I like the app as long as I am only using one device to connect with. I typically just use my iPad. However, it is a major challenge to connect to a second device. If I don’t have my iPad and try to connect with my iPhone, it will not connect unless I delete all of the iPad settings. It should be simpler to connect multiple devices.
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1 year ago, no one143
Doesn’t work for old cameras 👎
Not long ago I bought a canon power shot a620 camera and I was really excited to be able to import my canon camera photos and videos onto my phone with this app but then I realized that it didn’t have the option for my camera. I have tried many other apps and researched how to do it and the only option is gives me is to do with a cable to a computer in which I don’t have currently. So I’m pretty disappointed about this app and my camera.
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1 year ago, wickedhfe
Put the shutter button back on the right!
I shoot real estate all day every day with an iPad mini on a strap, in landscape orientation - have been for years- and suddenly the shutter button is no longer where my thumb naturally lands on the right of the screen. Not to mention with it at the bottom, there is now just empty wasted space and if you show the camera controls, the preview image is even smaller. Please fix asap or at least add an option to use the old interface.
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9 months ago, bennersw
Memory cards can get hacked over WiFi connection
Unfortunately, my card is no longer readable! I used this app today and worked fine earlier. I got home, and the card is now inaccessible. No, it is not write protected, I checked that out. I think my memory card got hacked over the Bluetooth connection. I would advise not to use this if you don’t want to loose your images. I might not be able to get them back. Strongly advise not using this to download images to your phone.
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1 month ago, Antedddd
It’s great!!
Only thing is if you’re importing photos or doing anything else like live viewing the Wi-Fi is quite slow. I know it’s on your camera and it’s not very good Wi-Fi. That’s the only downside but it’s not the apps fault. other than that the app is.
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6 months ago, MrEdster
Can No Longer Connect
I have the Canon PowerShot SX620HS. I used to be able to connect my iPhone with no problems in the past. I’ve had to re-register the camera because of the updates and now I can t even get past the registration process because it will not recognize my phone even when they are connected to my WiFi. So the app has become absolutely useless. I can’t really use the app anymore. The updates really screwed everything up! Please fix ASAP!
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5 months ago, Perrydigm
Worked well until last update
My eos6 camera cannot connect with my home Wi-Fi and the app refuses to connect directly to the WiFi signal my camera puts out. The app keeps trying to give me directions to get the camera to do what it is incapable of doing and refuses to detect the camera Wi-Fi. Infuriating!!!
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8 months ago, AyameofAzuma
NO LONGER WORKS! Useless app!!
Completely useless app now that it no longer works at all!! I used this app for years. But since I got a new phone last year, i can’t register my camera on the app. It simply does nothing after the connect to wifi screen! It says I’m connected to the camera’s access point, but there’s nothing to press to continue to register it. WORTHLESS. I guess I’ll be switching permanently from Canon to Nikon since their app still works just fine.
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8 months ago, BCFossett
It’s alright
This app is alright however I have 2 issues with it Sometimes even though the camera is right next to my phone and it has connected to the app it will randomly drop connection and I have to restart the whole process My second issue is the nfc functionality, dispute watching a multitude of videos and trying everything I can the nfc function will not work properly. I’m on an iPhone 11 with a rebel t6 so everything should work out however no picture will send or nothing will connect. If anyone knows what I might be doing wrong let me know!
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10 months ago, RodgerX2
Must Enable Location Information
Their privacy policy states: “We gather your location data, including real-time geographic location, where you have expressly authorized us in accordance with your privacy settings of your installed apps” The problem is I can’t use the app without allowing them to use my location data. I wouldn’t recommend sharing this kind of data with almost all organizations and Canon is no exception. Please respect my desire not to be tracked.
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12 months ago, tbondlee
Transferring photos to iPhone
Whenever I need technical assistance and it generally involves downloading photos onto my iPhone, I’m able to connect with a technician fairly quickly. All of them are very polite and patient with me. Much appreciate the assistance.
Show more
11 months ago, kimchi2567
Major upgrade!
I’ve been using this app for years and have always found it very useful. It just recently got a major UI upgrade and it looks amazing! A lot easier to navigate around now!
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2 weeks ago, Danii>>
Problem connecting.
I have a problem connecting my camera every single time I use this app. I follow the steps shown in app every time and it never seems to work. Then my husband had to mess with it and look stuff up in order to get it to work. I wish there was another app that I could use that was simple.
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5 months ago, maclucille
Wi-Fi connection drops constantly
I have only managed to get the Wi-Fi connection to my smartphone work a few times. Ended up buying a cable to connect to my laptop which was what I had hoped to avoid with a Wi-Fi connection option. I expect better from a company like Canon. This seems like a basic technology at this point and this shouldn’t be so hard. This app is garbage in my opinion.
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12 months ago, dpenzien07
I’m beginning to believe that the comments saying the app is "easy to use" and "helpful" are from Canon employees. I’ve had this app, along with my Eos Rebel, for years now and it's ALWAYS been miserable to use, in fact it's gotten worse with each update! It's nearly impossible to get the camera to connect to my phone to transfer pictures. I’m deleting this waste of space and buying a memory card adapter. Thanks for the memories, Canon. 👎
Show more
5 days ago, Miguel O’Haras wife
Not worth it
It takes so long to connect the camera to the phone because it always crashes out saying “incorrect wifi security settings” when both devices ARE CONNECTED to the SAME WIFI. And when I am able to connect the phone to the camera and I’m selecting the pictures, it just randomly disconnects for no reason. Then I have to go through the whole process again and it’s really annoying SO PLEASE FIX IT!
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