Canopy - Parental Control App

3.3 (356)
32.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Netspark Inc.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Canopy - Parental Control App

3.31 out of 5
356 Ratings
2 weeks ago, Jimmer0824
Blocks content, but too much
I am an adult using Canopy to block content from myself as I combat addiction. It does a good job blocking adult content online, and for that reason it is satisfactory. However, it also gets in the way of normal internet usage. Connecting to public WiFi in which a pop-up sign-in is required often doesn’t work. All kinds of non-explicit images, videos, and websites are either censored or block for reasons that I cannot decipher. Allowing certain URL’s doesn’t always work. The Reddit app is only half-functional as the search function is completely broken, and I often cannot vote, comment, or sometimes even open a post (pressing anywhere on certain posts does literally nothing, while other posts are fine). Canopy does not block content on the actual Twitter and Instagram apps—they instead have a proprietary version of these apps which don’t work smoothly. Many streaming services won’t work while connected to Canopy on the computer, including both Netflix and Paramount+. If I did not have the power through the Parent app to turn off Canopy for myself when I need to do a normal life task on the internet, I would have gotten too frustrated to continue using it. But for children up to teenage years, this does indeed block what it’s supposed to.
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2 years ago, DaXPOs
Parental account works well—quite pleased.
A close friend approached me several months ago and told me he had sifted through various filtering softwares and decided Canopy was the best, and he asked me to manage his account as a parental account. It has worked well since then; I have no complaints, and neither has he. Due to some ongoing, unresolved technical errors with Covenant Eyes, another friend and I have decided to matriculate his account to Canopy, which we will be doing soon. I am no expert, but as a layman in the realms of software and app development, I am impressed. Aside from adding specific websites to the “allowed” list and other activities like that, I have not had a single problem or error since downloading the app. I still have not explored the extended features, but the base product works very well and more consistently than other softwares I’ve used. Unrelated to the software itself—I’ve gotten to know one of the lead staff for Canopy, and I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with quite the same combination of dedication to helping people quit porn forever and the forward-thinking drive to help them do it. I think Canopy is in very good hands going forward, and I will be along for the ride.
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3 months ago, L0v3rofgood
Lots of bugs
I wish I could give this program a higher rating because digital protection is important to our family. The functionality leaves a lot to be desired. First off, websites that have no right being blocked are blocked, which I would have no issues with (better safe than sorry) except for the fact that even when I approve it through the parent app, it still won’t grant access most of the time. Sometimes it will grant access, but it doesn’t notify you (even though it says it will), and you only find out if you close out of the website and try again. We are a homeschool family and use the laptops for a lot of schoolwork-related stuff, and when we can’t access a website we need with a simple click of a button (as it’s marketed), it’s very frustrating. Also, the VPN that Canopy uses seems to cause a lot of random issues on our iPads, to the point we had to uninstall the program. Once we uninstalled it from the iPads, they again worked as they should.
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1 year ago, mathew silver
No censorship issues, but major data and battery usage.
Am currently using the free trial provided, and as far as what they advertise, it's worked very well. There haven't been any glitches or bugs with the censorship itself so far, so it does what is shown. However, this app has drained my battery from 100% to 86% in only a few hours, just in the background. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and I only opened up my phone a few times throughout this time frame, only to check notifications, and it's immensely frustrating to continuously charge my phone, which I bought for the sole purpose of a longer battery life. It is also horrendous to try and send photos through iMessage, and it's made me use more data and WiFi than I have before, even when streaming and multitasking. This app is great for those who just want a protection software on devices that are used in the house, but for others who have a busy life and are constantly on the go, this is a gruesome experience. One last thing. Because this is considered a VPN, and installs VPN protection on your phone, it is absolutely impossible to use within the workplace or schools due to their VPN blockers, and I'm pretty sure other places have implemented these as well.
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1 year ago, Icarusjb
Protecting my kids online
We’ve had Canopy for at least a year now and I like many of its features which are unique to Canopy as an internet filter. In particular, it filters for sexting and also I love the down-time feature which shuts everything down at specific times whether for bedtime or school. I also like that you can set specifics for each app as there are some apps which may not need to be be filtered at all so you can set them to “unfiltered” or there are other apps or websites you may prefer to block altogether. You can also set particular websites to allowed and sometimes this is necessary for school things. I think there are areas for growth as with all of these internet filters but Canopy is trying improve and the apps kids are using as well as the ways they’re using them are constantly changing. I’m certain Canopy is only going to get better and I appreciate this product because it has given me a lot of peace of mine.
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2 weeks ago, Maeve_44
Great app
We have had great success with this app for protecting our kids on their phones. I love that I can see and select which apps they are using, and that all apps are monitored, not only safari. You can choose levels of protection so the app can “mature” as kids grow and can have more freedom depending on their maturity. It also shows their location and can give alerts when they leave or arrive at a location, which we love for accountability with the freedom that comes with driving. Unlike other apps of this nature, you can also set it up so your child cannot remove it from their phone. We have had success removing it as a child grew up and left the nest. The only downside to me is that it doesn’t alert you if your child sees something inappropriate— it gives them a choice to delete it or alert the parents. However, I do feel that this builds their ability to self regulate in this area too.
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2 years ago, Aoneal5
Charged for 8 months without an account
Edit: Response to developer - I understand how to cancel a subscription, but per my review (if you read it) I was only able to cancel 2 out of the 8 months we were charged. Also never received an explanation as to why the account was cancelled in the first place while you were taking our money and we were not receiving the product we were paying for. Or even an apology for the complete hassle this has been for us. Your customer service leaves much to be desired. We had Canopy and paid with a debit card that was compromised. We had to update the payment method on the website and so we linked it to our iTunes account. We were charged for 8 months before we realized that Canopy had actually cancelled the account despite a new payment method being added. I was only able to request a refund for 2 of the 8 months that we were charged. Canopy itself says it’s not their problem because it was paid through iTunes (although I’m fairly certain they received the money). Terrible customer service and it really makes me question whether or not to continue with their service.
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4 months ago, BaseLicht
Good relative to what else is out there
I like this app and how it weeds out the undesirable content that you select. Precious companies I’ve tried require a long process to install the program using a computer etc and after all the set up would barely work properly. Canopy is an easy download and set up and is pretty spot on with the filtering. One set back I’ve been experiencing is the overall slow down of my phone. Basic websites like a restaurant website doesn’t load, or other harmless content I watch doesn’t load well. Overall I like that app and will continue to use but I hope things improve with how it allows the overall phone processing to function at the same speeds as before. Thank you for this app!
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2 months ago, Mako2890
Beware of this app!!
This is unequivocally the worst app I’ve ever seen in my life. I thought it would be good idea to have this whenever I had my niece and nephew around and when I tried to delete it, it completely blocked me out of the Internet and no matter how many times I’ve tried to remove it. It keeps re-downloading itself back to my MacBook. I’ve tried contacting Apple and they don’t even know how to remove it. I work from home and this is my only computer. I have lost so much money but not being able to have access. I emailed Canopy last night and spent so much time on the phone which was absolutely pointless and they still never got back to me. Are they going to pay me back for I’ve lost for not being able to run my business? Of course not!! I’ve called multiple times and left multiple emails and don’t worry. Our tech team is working on it as if. If you want to download an app that will destroy any of your devices while getting subpar customer service then be my guest.
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3 months ago, jswilso
Highly recommend
Navigating parenthood in the digital era can be daunting, but Canopy Parental Control App has proven to be a vital ally. This app gives you the control needed to keep your kids safe online, offering a customizable digital environment that’s both secure and enriching. What sets Canopy apart is its ability to let parents handpick the apps and content their kids can access. It’s not just about blocking the bad; it’s about opening doors to the good, making it easier to guide young minds towards valuable information and experiences. The downtime feature is a standout, allowing families to set specific times when devices are off-limits. This ensures that tech doesn’t interfere with homework, family meals, or sleep—crucial for a child’s overall well-being. But the real game-changer? The peace of mind Canopy brings. There’s comfort in knowing you have a hand in protecting your child from the internet’s darker corners while fostering their independence and learning. It’s a balancing act that Canopy handles with ease. I’d recommend Canopy to any parent striving for a healthy tech-life balance in their child’s life. It’s user-friendly, effective, and truly indispensable for modern parenting.
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2 months ago, Kyky_________
We love canopy!
I appreciate the peace of mind I get from knowing our computers and phones are being filtered. I like the amount of control I have on the parent app. I can see what apps or websites have been used on each device and for how long. I can set controls to disconnect from the internet during homework or overnight hours. I can also easily pause Canopy on individual devices, while I’m supervising, so access to typically blocked websites is available. For example, I have the stricter settings on so it blocks our library website (that apparently has adult content). When we need to order books, I just pause Canopy while I’m supervising, we order books, and then I turn it right back on. Easy!
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2 months ago, Drewfus999
Do NOT use
Genuinely one of the worse apps I’ve ever experienced. This app works as a control center for all of the “shield” apps. It is completely unresponsive. You will try to change pages or scroll, and the app literally won’t respond. I’ve never seen an app so poorly made before. Now on to the product itself. The shield apps can’t be removed. The only way to delete the shield app is through the shield app - but nothing happens when you try to remove it. Literally nothing. A loading icon will appear for a few seconds, and then the app is still there. You literally can’t delete it. My laptop is experiencing a similar fate - I go to uninstall, it tells me I have to get permission from the control center app, I grant permission, and then nothing. I don’t know if this is actually spyware or some form of scam, or if this is simply the result of some of the most inadequate developers that exist on this planet, but avoid Canopy like the plague.
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1 month ago, Geckogeek_YT
Overall Positive
We installed this almost a year ago. There were a few glitches at first. I contacted customer service and worked through them. Customer service was prompt with their response and advice. The app use is straightforward and fairly easy to navigate. I like that it will track what apps my son uses and for how long. There are some things it should allow but doesn’t but it’s not a deal breaker. My son tried to look up Dave’s Hot Chicken menu and it was blocked. I looked it up and texted it to him which solved the problem. I would rather the app block too much than not enough.
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1 year ago, Umadbro516773787
Great App
We use this app as a filter on our family iPad and my husband’s phone. I love that it blocks inappropriate pictures/content on websites without blocking an entire page. One of our primary issues was inappropriate ads leading to worse sites, so the filter helps with this without making the internet unusable. There are sometimes little bugs where it seems to slow down or mess with certain apps but it’s very easy for me to pause it for a few minutes for someone to use the app and then turn the protection back on. I only wish the filter worked in apps. Overall we’re very happy with this as our filter!
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1 year ago, skehbeueyvwfzu4836525
Does Not Deliver But They Will Bill You
Is this thing working? I truly have no idea. On the home page of the app it promises to show you screen time usage on which app, but if you click on it it says “unable to refresh.” I’ve written them twice about it because I’d like to see that info (or anything I’m paying for) and they just say “oh that’s still in development.” What? Why put it up there when you know it doesn’t work? The concept is great but seems shaky at best as far as keeping its promises. Update: I was paying for this app for 3 months before I realized it was “disconnected” on my kids’ phones. When I reached out to customer service they asked “Are you sure you didn’t get notified?” No. Absolutely no communication from them, but they bill me every month. Removing this, deleting our account, and looking for protection that works and competent customer service.
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11 months ago, Riv3rFlow
creates more problems than it solves
As a child who uses this, it is very annoying that I only get the option to request an unban when I go into the app. Also, the fact that it uses VPN to run it is stupid. Considering that a lot of apps don't allow VPN. So now, some apps that I am allowed to use, just straight up don't work. When I also checked my settings for why my phone was dying so much more quickly, canopy was using the most of it. I would be fine with using canopy if it just fixed these issues. (I also just did 5 stars so you would look because I know that company's don't care about issues :)
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2 years ago, nvroom
Protecting them
As a young parent who was raised without internet controls, I am now very aware of how the internet shaped me in many negative ways. I aGarbage is being thrown at you even if you don’t go looking for it. We have Canopy on all our devices, because toddlers have a knack for finding things they shouldn’t. It has given us huge peace of mind. The only negative we found is that some our devices that we use for sound machines are so old that Canopy is incompatible. I like that you can outright block apps or websites that can’t be monitored, but you are still able to access content through the monitored Web Browser.
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11 months ago, DB-Fam
VPN basically turned off my WiFi
The VPN used by Canopy kept interfering with my WiFi. Completely shutting it off. If the goal was to get the user to have zero access to anything on their phone…that was achieved. I found it more irritating than helpful. When it spontaneously worked, it did block harmful sites. They also mention being able to filter popular apps, but that is not true. They just create a shortcut to Facebook and Instagram to the web and filter the web, not the app. The dashboard was also very very simple, without much useful information. No notification if harmful websites were attempted. Removing the app and VPN was a NIGHTMARE. Since the VPN interferes with my wifi, and to remove the app, you needed to open the app, USING WIFI, it was quite the challenge to uninstall.
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4 months ago, 9012123456
It works!
Our house rules require all homework to be turned and a minimum of a C average to enjoy social media and other online access. When I get notifications from school of missing assignments their phone is shut down within 30 seconds. I can have the phone locked down and limited to text and calls only. If you kids don’t like the app you know it works. This is the app you are looking for if you want control of your child’s phone. They also can’t ’turn it off’ or ‘delete the app’ like many other parental apps. This is the real deal.
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3 years ago, häłłã
As a child i do not like this app! I have nothing to hide from my mom and i do not want to ruin my relationship with her. But this app has made our relationship more distant since there is no space between us. Me and my mom have always grown closely but this app proves she doesnt trust me. I am only 12 years old and im growning up knowing what is right and wrong. I am someone who suffers with bad anxiety and when i get upset i tell my friends what is happening im my life. this app makes it to where if i tell my close friends abt my personal life ik my mom is also knows about it, which is uncomfortable. My mom has been putting me through mental abuse and it has really effected me. Having no boundaries between your children can really mess up youre relationship! please think about this before getting the app !
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3 months ago, natetunnell
Best we’ve tried
Canopy’s clarity and ease of using the app is great. Lots of details and choices about what to filter. It also has a good style layout. It’s not as cumbersome as other filtering technology we’ve used, but it does still make some things difficult. Try as we might, we can’t get Ticketmaster to be allowed through even though I’ve approved it many times. Things like that. Approval time for specific websites sometimes doesn’t work or takes a long time (15ish minutes?). Another perk, if you email for support they’re very prompt at responding.
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9 months ago, tunafist2113
Canceling my subscription after this month
It takes forever to load and loads incorrectly sometimes. I can’t set the kids down time which I thought that’s what I pay for. The kids can uninstall the app but you wouldn’t know because the only notification it seems to give is their location. My son deleted it off his phone for 3 days before I realized it was gone. The VPN protects very little and is more a hassle than a contribution to kids safety. DO JOT RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE. Clearly it’s not worth the price I can do all the same stuff plus more on google’s family link and that’s free. Only perk is it gives you a map to see where your kids are but that’s not even an exact location it’s a general vicinity.
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4 months ago, .perfect.
Protects my kids
We have been using canopy for several years now, specifically to filter our family computer as our kids don’t have cell phones yet. It does a great job at preventing unwanted content from showing up. Sometimes benign websites are blocked, but the phone app makes it easy to temporarily halt the protection, and I’d rather have it err on the side of too protective than too passive. Porn is a stain on our society and nothing good comes from it. The more companies that help families keep it away from their homes the better.
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2 years ago, mommaGten
I’m a fan
I’ve used Covenant Eyes for years as a deterrent for my teen sons to have a lower chance of accessing pornography. I listened to a podcast interview with the creator of Canopy and was intrigued and frankly, attracted to this different form of digital protection. I installed Canopy on some devices and have been pleased. Canopy wouldn’t install on my old Mac laptop or my daughter’s iPod touch so I kept both memberships but since I’ve updated my laptop, I’ve decided to cancel Covenant Eyes because Canopy is a better fit for our current needs. We are all using it.
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4 months ago, DTasch
Pretty good protection
I am pretty happy with Canopy accountability software. This is truly a difficult segment, because no matter what program you use, the developers have to constantly work to update the software to work with the ongoing changes in iOS and develop perhaps. It does work well to filter and block content. Customer service is friendly and helpful, although the hours are from noon until 8 PM, central standard time. A little awkward. Overall, I would recommend this product, but expect a few witches, depending on which apps you daily Drive.
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2 years ago, SabrenaZ
Frustrating experience
Thankfully there is a free trial, where I learned this is a frustrating app to use. I installed the app on my son’s 2 devices (iPad and Mac computer). Easy to install. Ironically, also easy for my son to UNINSTALL from his iPad. He uninstalled it because as soon as canopy was added, his apps stopped working. He’d be playing something and the apps would randomly quit. It made his iPad unusable. On his computer, he couldn’t open a website that I had put on the always approved list. When I tried downloading an app to his computer, it wouldn’t download and also wouldn’t alert me that something was being downloaded. It shouldn’t be this difficult to monitor certain behavior. The idea of the app is good, execution is horrible.
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3 months ago, NASFocus
Great concept, functionality could be improved
I’m so thankful canopy exists. It’s great to know that the devices in our home can be safe for all users. I wish I could give 5 stars but I think the app could use some improvement on speed. It’s slow when I want to adjust a protection temporarily and it also slows down the devices it protects considerably- that’s the one downside. If it weren’t for those speed issues it’s a 10/10 and a must have for anyone wanting to protect those in their home from exposure to inappropriate content.
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1 year ago, strutzy42
Great protection, responsive service
We installed this app on our family devices nearly a year ago and have been impressed by the thorough filtering it provides! The few times we have had issues (just with switching devices and getting the software transferred over to the new devices) customer support has been responsive and thorough to ensure we are taken care of. This app has been a gift to our family, and we often recommend it to those around us.
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1 month ago, JimmyGoombatz
Works well and great customer service
Have been using the app for over a year. At first I had some technical issues, but they were resolved quickly with the canopy team. My children complain of increased cell phone battery usage, but that is an easy trade off for me having 24/7 protection and the ability to see where they are at all times. I like that I can easily filter what they can and cannot get access to. Overall it gives me great peace of mind.
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3 months ago, jbcspoony
Best Filter
I tried out many different filters and was very disappointed with their effectiveness. When I tested Canopy, it performed wonderfully. I highly recommend this program to protect from unwanted content. I haven’t found anything else that performs nearly as well as this one. I would give it a full 5 stars but I would like to see the app improve. The app is a little slow in responsiveness but that is a small thing compared to the effectiveness of the program.
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1 year ago, blackrussiangirl
FamilyLink does Free what Canopy can’t for $100
I’m very disappointed with this app. It hasn’t functioned as advertised ever. I’ve contacted support and they offer only apologies and say they’re working on it. I can’t see what apps my son has used today. I can’t lock his phone at bed time, only turn off the WiFi. Family link does for free what this app can’t do for $100/year. I wish it worked on iPhones. I would’ve canceled the subscription if they were willing to prorate but that’s not an option. I’m going to try Bark when this expires. I don’t recommend this app. I just came back here to update. What apps have been used today - still doesn't work!
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1 year ago, rsninchicago
After using and paying for a year…
This service does NOT work as advertised. They have a great idea, now only if they could implement it better. All of the child protection services that I have used have issues blocking Instagram messages and phone calls. Had issues with shutting off internet (and cellular data) at a certain time everything night, sometimes it worked but most of the time my kid was still able to surf the next after the hours were supposed to be blocking the app. Hopefully they get some developers that know how to do this stuff, cuz this is the best solution for child protection - IF it worked as it says it does. Oh, the VPN connection they use also causes slow downs.
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3 years ago, krf2017
Not safe enough.
The idea behind the app is great and the way it works at filtering images is better than many other filtering systems, however I give my low rating because there is no way to customize what you want restricted. The app only blocks full nudity and technical pornography and while that is helpful it is not enough protection when there is still much sexually explicit material available through partial nudity and other sexual content that cannot be blocked. I would love to see an updated version with more options and I urge parents to not believe that full nudity is the only danger to the eyes of your children.
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9 months ago, KwakWhitney22
Appreciate this app
This app has been great for younger kids who are learning how to navigate the internet without random ads or images popping up that you normally couldn’t control as a parent. I appreciate how intentional you guys were at creating this for parents and how user friendly it is! We use it on all of our devices and even our older kids now have appreciated it so they know their devices are safe to use.
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1 year ago, dazeychic
every teen parents needs this.
this app caught and alerted me to my teen son taking inappropriate photos of himself. i don’t know what his plan was with the photos but thankfully because of canopy we put a stop to that behavior and a lesson was learned! i shudder to think what’s happening if you don’t have canopy on your teens phone. this is a real review from a real mom of a hormonal crazy teen boy and i pay for this app every month without hesitation! i don’t say that about ANY APP. :)
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2 years ago, Obaet76
Had Bark parent control app and was introduced to canopy and let me tell you this app is 100 times better and gives you more control and access to your kids phone accounts. Worth every penny in this subscription to keep your kids safe in this numbing digital age. Try it for a month and you’ll definitely want to pay for the subscription, also what’s 7 to 10 dollars compared to your kids safety.
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4 years ago, LearningandListening
Protection during increased computer use!
During this pandemic, everyone is on the computer more, which allows for greater risk and access to unwanted images. We need this product to protect our children from exposure to inappropriate content! Invest in your children by subscribing to Canopy and rest easier when your children are online. I gave it five stars because I think it is the best product of its kind, especially for boys! I have two sons and am thankful for this protection.
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2 weeks ago, LizardBoots
One of the best, with room for improvement
I really like that Canopy filters all traffic through a VPN. No filter is perfect, but Canopy does a very good job and I’d say it’s one of the best out there. Canopy could use some server upgrades as the response times of the app and websites are slow. When troubleshooting phone or laptop issues, make sure you first disable canopy to rule that out. (It’s burned me more than once.) Overall great concept and execution, but still room for improvement.
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5 days ago, JLokeJ
Perfect with a few improvements
This app gets a lot of things right, but I wish there were more restrictions, such as scanning texts for cyberbullying or setting communication limits. With device users becoming younger and younger, I wish there weren’t trade-offs with choosing between parental control apps. The UI in the app is so, so. I wish that each device was listed under the child instead of just having an infinite number of tabs. It’s also very laggy.
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3 months ago, jkronwald
Good filtering app
The install and set up process is fairly easy and doesn’t take too much time. I prefer Canopy over other parental control apps because I wasn’t looking for a bloated app to restrict all types of apps/usage (I use Apple’s built in Screen Time to do most of that) but I wanted something simply to help restrict inappropriate images (as much as possible) from web browsing and this does the job well.
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2 months ago, Kanary813
Canopy has been a great filter
We’ve really appreciated having canopy as our family filter. Mostly, it does exactly as we need it to. We have had some things blocked that we needed access to. We can’t specify on a few of them that we desire the kids to have access, so I have to pause protection while they’re using. I guess if my only complaint is overprotection then it is doing its job. 😁
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3 months ago, Mama-Osa
Very satisfied with Canopy
We have tried several different filtering programs for our children, but we had difficulties and problems with each one. We decided to try Canopy after reading good reviews, and after a year of use, we are very satisfied with the ease of use, the excellent filtering, and the peace of mind that gives us to know that our children are more safe with regard to online activities.
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3 months ago, Veegish
Best App So Far!
I’ve tried most of the major parental control and safety apps and Canopy is the best. I’ve been able to customize settings by device and child so that my protection level for each child matched my expectations. It’s easy to pause to edit various controls. I recommend it to anyone looking to keep their kids safe without creating a “police state” feeling within the family.
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4 months ago, Jimmy V in Texas
Customer Service came through
This is an update to my earlier critique of the app. I am pretty impressed that Mickey emailed me and had a customer service person call to walk me through the issue I was having. While on the phone, he adjusted the setting to allow my daughter to post her videos while still maintaining the protective services I want. Started a little bumpy but the response was impressive.
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3 years ago, JSDeckard
Every parent needs this for their children.
Even if your kids don’t have phones, it just takes a few seconds for them to be on yours and accidentally stumble onto something harmful. If they do have a device, they are l playing with fire unless they have canopy installed. Please, please, please consider using this incredible software to protect your loved ones from horrific images that can be traumatic and debilitating.
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2 years ago, andymgray
Gained Confidence
With 5 kids, we were always having to keep devices password protected and would worry about them using the devices secretly. Now, with Canopy we have taken off all the passwords knowing that we can be confident in their protection. The customizable nature of the program is also very appreciated. We will continue to use Canopy for many years to come.
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2 years ago, XXXBarbieDollXXXBlondeXXX
This app provides a false sense of security, but don't be fooled as I ultimately was. This app failed me. My kid figured out a way to disable the VPN on this stupid app weeks ago, which really upsets me considering that I had invested nearly $100 into paying for subscription fees each month at that point with the false sense of security that the app was actually doing what it promises to do. What a HUGE letdown. Cancelled my subscription and wish I could get a refund, as the app didn't do what I was told it would do. Waste of time and money. Researching a bit more this time around before making the mistake of selecting another unreliable parental control app.
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2 years ago, Laroo312
Buggy, slow, unresponsive interface at times
The vpn connection is slow, at times makes the iOS devices near unusable. The parent app is slow, clicking on alerts results in getting kicked out of alert interface. Both my 12 and 14 year old figure out in 5 mins how to render it ineffective. I wont post how but it is trivial. One of the biggest upsets is not being able to see what is blocked when, and not having access to any logs regarding search activity or website access. May be great for small children but user experience is not good for teens or parents. Disappointed
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3 months ago, Dsnyder80
Great App!
I am a huge fan of the Canopy app. Keeping my kids safe from the dangers of the Internet is a huge priority for me. They can only view things that are appropriate or things that are approved. The only downside is that it does slow down their computers, and some things take longer to load, but in the long run, I will work with so my children are safe.
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3 months ago, Proverbs 30:1
Used for years!
We have had no major issues with the app. There is the occasional need to change a setting or something minor, but once an issues is resolved it does not occur again. Any mild inconveniences are worth the protection that the app offers, which is very unique is the field. It has served our family very well!
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