Canvas Credit Union

4.8 (6.3K)
124.2 MB
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Canvas Credit Union
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Canvas Credit Union

4.81 out of 5
6.3K Ratings
11 months ago, YoKissMySass_
Update is trash
I don’t usually leave reviews but this update is trash. I hate how everything is so large to where there’s no privacy, and the Zelle link doesn’t work. You have to agree to terms & conditions but every time I hit ‘agree’ it just keeps refreshing to the top of the document. Pls fix these issues. We hate it here 😓
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2 months ago, MarsZKronic
App keeps crashing/logging me out
Everything has been really great with the app for a long time until recently. I opened it up and I was logged out. Couldn’t log back in with my face had to reset my password and get back into the app. Now, even after logging in with Face ID, Apple randomly log me out and send me back to the main login screen. it happened after I logged in to see transfers and as soon as I’m on the trans page, I just randomly logged out and I have to start all over again. it’s really annoying. Refresh the screen and see your updated balance. When I transfer money from my wife’s account to mine, in order to see the updated amounts. I have to exit out of the app completely reopen re-log in and then I can see it. It’s super annoying.
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3 months ago, retqwerbwj
Most frustrating experience
I got roped into dealing with this credit union because the dealer where I purchased my vehicle uses them exclusively. Everything is difficult with this financial institution because they seem to be stuck with 1993 technology. Linking my other accounts to make payments doesn’t work, their automated voice system is a joke, to name a couple. I had to set up a checking account and direct deposit with this “not a bank” just to make payments on my auto loan. To make additional payments I have to call in and they don’t give you a confirmation number to document the payment because they don’t have that functionality with their technology. What?! They are the most ghetto, behind the times, bare bones financial institution I have ever seen. I have dealt with many credit unions and never seen one so awful.
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11 months ago, Snowflakesmom
Worst update I’ve ever encountered.
This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had with an app update. Bill pay is totally screwed up. It took a week to access it at all. Now none of my scheduled payments are working. It commingled my business and personal, so if I give a bookkeeper access, she’ll see both my business and personal finances. The messenger part to get support is horrible. I can’t even open messages on my desktop. In my iPad, if I move the screen way right, I can view. But I can’t use my iPad keyboard to send a message. Also can’t use the voice to text feature native to iPad to write a message to support. It’s totally inaccessible for people with disabilities. And totally inaccessible via desktop too. I wonder if they did ANY user acceptance testing before rolling this out. Canvas really needs to fire their CTO. This is even worse than their last roll-out in 2018. I guess this is the incentive I needed to leave this bank. I’ve had a terrible experience with business banking, with getting any level of support, and with their online banking system for years. It’s just such a hassle to change banks. But this new launch is enough to get me to move.
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6 months ago, BrutalKhaos505
Return your Find Canvas Locations to the old model
I absolutely despise your new Find an ATM/branch system and think you should return the old search function. It was signicantly better because the ATMS listed actually are partnered with Canvas. Also the search function is awful and I can’t just look at a map of my nearest locations anymore. Then using cities gives you hyper specific locations and incorrect locations, several of your new locations charge $2.50 or more due to being out of network. I have to recall from memory the atms I frequented using the older system so I know I’m not spending more of my hard earned money on erroneous fees. Fix it and put it back
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11 months ago, Malati Meek Sona
Worst update ever.
Supposedly they are changing the app name. But so far this newest update before that change- is the worst. It changed the way my accounts were organized and the font is huge so a person several feet away can see me check my account. I don’t like how it doesn’t show me my funds the same way- it’s confusing. I loved the older version- all this work they did to change is has frozen account for me and friends with canvas. And I also have issues transferring money back and forth because this update! Please return to the old platform- it was clearer- straightforward and easy. I don’t want nor need the big font. And it was way easier to navigate and identify.
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11 months ago, Hdhdbajaudbfj
Very disappointed with the newest version of the online banking app. The way it was before was just fine. Now instead of showing your available funds it shows the opposite. It also TOOK forever for it to update and the message says it would give you the links. That was not the case. Thankfully I could track it down myself and knew what I was doing. It is over complicated now and why does it need to be such a huge font. Go back to the way it was before when it was more organized and not such an eye sore!! I have been a member for A LONG time and have never had complaints… until now…
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7 months ago, markymark720
Works great other than scheduling transfers
This generally works as a banking app should, but ever since Canvas updated their system (app & website), I've been unable to schedule transfers between accounts on a future date. This includes payments for my HELOC—I have to wait until the day I want it withdrawn and perform the transfer then since I can't schedule payments on a future date anymore. You can schedule recurring payments, but that's for a fixed amount of money, which doesn't work well with a variable APR like you get with a HELOC.
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11 months ago, JpLubow
Canvas is trash. BEWARE!
Canvas recently updated their mobile platform and it’s garbage, as is their customer service. I tried to deposit checks via the mobile app on my iPad, but the app crashed when trying to access the camera to take a photo of a check. I went to the Canvas branch in-person to deposit and inform Canvas of the issue; they suggested that I contact Apple Support to run a diagnostic as the issue lay with my device. They were wrong. Apple Support confirmed that my device is fine, the problem is with the Canvas mobile app. Then, after a two-hour wait with Canvas support (via phone and online chat), I was informed by a Canvas representative that “sorry, the mobile app only works on phones and they should have told me that at the branch.” This is beyond problematic not to mention unprofessional so I will be closing all my accounts with Canvas Credit Union. SUPREME FAIL by Canvas, in every way.
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9 months ago, Reesemaree
Love the update!
I love the design of the new update! I love that you all show incoming deposits up to 2 before they are available and that Zelle is now implicated on the portal as well. The older version was always very easy to use but definitely a little dated compared to the other online banking apps I use (BOA & NFCU) so I love this sleek new design!
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3 weeks ago, Jack.&/&:9;&:84
Modern, simple, easy to use
This app is a great improvement over the previous one. It's easy to use, looks nice, is quick, etc. There are still some features that are kind of incomplete or buggy, but they are actively improving these with frequent updates.
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8 months ago, ChrisS8122
Big improvement
Being able to see all accounts under one login is a big improvement.
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2 days ago, Mr_Yak
Last update 6/13
The app does not function since the last update and there’s no clear way to report a problem with the app. The chatbot on the website is absolutely unhelpful and there’s no feedback email for support, that I could find. Been a long time customer even through the rebranding from PSCU with good experience in general.
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5 months ago, AO5280
Hate it!
I liked the old version that gave me the option the transfer money internally/externally between accounts through the app, you could electronically deposit checks, and Zelle was an option. However, with this new version all of those options are gone and all that is displayed are my accounts but no advanced features. I’ve tried logging in through the bank site and same result I’m seriously contemplating closing my account due to inconvenience.
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6 months ago, Lordsaldana009
Very Helpful
Been with canvas for years and this app has helped me so much with my finances and keeping track of everything I spend… really hope more people will see how great Canvas is.
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6 months ago, Shared Calendar w/CoParent
Finally, All accounts are visible
I love that I can see all of my accounts, but I do wish they could be grouped together by account number and/or that the color options to distinguish them were more varied to make it clear what is what.
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11 months ago, 1liah
Review of new app
Don’t like the new version at all! Had my business and personal accounts separate on the old version, now the new app doesn’t even give me a business account option. Time to look for a new financial institution I guess.
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11 months ago, wowthisiscrazy
Worst banking app ever
For some reason, my reviews aren’t getting posted. So I’ll just continue to leave one star reviews. This new update stripped members of all features. The only thing I can do is view my balances. That’s it. No mobile deposit, transfers, etc. Time to find a new credit Union that actually takes the time to create useable apps for their members. Things have just been going downhill since Canvas took over PSCU.
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10 months ago, bananaslc
Much better than old app
So much cleaner than the previous app. I can view all my accounts in one place without having different logins.
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11 months ago, Gavin For Prez.
Great Update!
Canvas continues to strive to deliver the best for their members! Had a few hiccups signing in at first but now that I’m in—this is a HUGE enhancement from the previous digital interface and functionality!
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7 months ago, SarajoBrewbrew
Refreshing and easy to use
I really like the new app, I can see all my accounts under one login and it allows me to instantly link external accounts.
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10 months ago, Joel402
iPad portrait only??
I hope someone from Canvas is watching these comments. The new app doesn't allow me to use it in landscape mode...really? I did the whole rotate screen setting, closed app, restarted, yep, doesn't work in landscape.
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6 months ago, Kindness in life
A participant at Canvas
I go to the Canvas in Highlands Ranch on University and Highlands Ranch Parkway, Colorado. The staff is always incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly. They often go out of their way to solve even the simplest of problem. Thank you, Canvas.
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7 months ago, John jn Co
Clean and straight forward, but need to add Zelle for business accounts
I like how it’s Sumter and straight forward. Would like to see a hype text link to call them.
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11 months ago, LeeLee (Leilani)
Shows sensitive information
The new update doesn’t show available balance. Once you go into the about to see the available balance your routing and account number are visible. No longer safe to check in public. It was way better with the accounts listed to show both balance and available balance.
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10 months ago, Cindysone
Love this new App
I really love that I can see a snapshot of my accounts and link my other accounts and see them all and transact on all of them from one app! It’s the BEST!
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11 months ago, Bdhfjakaudbcnsk
New app is terrible
Why did the app have to change? I am now unable to move money across my accounts through the app or online banking. The app kept saying to go a move money option which I didn’t have. This just really put me in a bind and wasted my time. The old app was easy and great! Sure hope they can fix this or I’ll have to find a new bank.
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8 months ago, anthon3neee
Much improved
I can finally see all my accounts in one location!
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5 months ago, Maxbarajas
Stress free banking
This bank really gives out a good vibe , and being a local credit union, they can work with you on a more flexible way managing your money.
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11 months ago, Juuls13
New updated mobile app
Very disappointed as well. Slow to get the site to open. Doesn’t have an option on MY app to transfer funds. I agree with the other commenter they should’ve just left the site alone. I’m transferring all my money back to my original bank.
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8 months ago, Doug 321
Very convenient
Love being able to see all of my accounts with one login.
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11 months ago, Remove this App
Great update!
Love the account aggregation, I only need one sign on and I can see all my Canvas accounts and accounts at other institutions. Great new look! Love it.
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11 months ago, Jerseyladyrider
The Banking before was well done this new system doesn’t work well
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5 months ago, LTVINMAN
I hate the “simplified” AI descriptions on my transactions. For example, my husband’s payroll deposit says ‘City and County of Honolulu’ instead of Denver. So many are not correct and it takes an eternity to change them. Please reconsider this feature. It’s horrible.
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10 months ago, Vinci😻
Downloaded app after search for iPad app
Doesn’t work on iPad. Try to deposit a check, it crashes. Read some other comments, despite customer service saying it WILL work on an iPad, the 2nd level support states it will NOT work on an iPad. Pretty said that they are taking functionality away…
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11 months ago, CO.Native888
Absolutely LOVE the new online banking! So many cool new features. Linking my other accounts was easy and is now even more convenient! THANK YOU CANVAS!!!
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8 months ago, Robdoggie1984
I miss the old app
This app is terrible. I have to go in and out repeatedly to see what is pending. The balance will be different so I know something is pending for both deposit and purchases. Lame.
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9 months ago, Anis Kit
Not even worth having
The canvas consistently completely logs you out even with Face ID or fingerprint. The app does not update available balance until days after payments etc are made so that you are spending more than you have. It’s not even easy to use either.
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10 months ago, ReverbScherzo
It’s been weeks now since the update broke our ability to deposit checks via the mobile app, and there is no information about it anywhere, no one to ask, and no fix. I’m working on moving my accounts to another institution altogether now. Thanks, Canvas, and BYE
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11 months ago, Angbrzlianpang
Can no longer connect to plaid
Canvas has been going downhill for years now. They are making to many changes to their apps and it is not well thought out. You can no longer connect your bank to 3rd party apps such as plaid. You guys messed everything up for me.
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5 months ago, MamaladyJ
Thank you
We have had the best service with Canvas, great vetting in finding the right personalities for your clients. Great job!
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9 months ago, BillyGilbertAllDay
Love the app!
Super clean look and better features. Thank you for the upgrade !
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8 months ago, colorado5594
Love the new app
The New app is amazing love all the new features! So excited to finally have a new app
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5 months ago, mcgyjcssjkhv
They’ll cause problems then send you to collections over it
Don’t ever call them asking for help fixing an issue they helped create unless you feel like being dehumanized, belittled and laughed at by the rudest “customer service” people you’ve ever had the misfortune of interacting with. Gross
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11 months ago, Sandi Calhoun
Horrible App
Huge fonts and terribly organized. It no longer has Zelle as a feature making banking more complicated. I have been a long time customer of Canvas and very disappointed in this new version of the app. It was not designed with the user in mind.
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7 months ago, EKinCO2023
Look is great and so easy to use. Thanks for taking care of your members Canvas.
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5 months ago, DenverDeV
Decent banking app
The app has features and abilities that are good for me. I like the snapshot feature, so I can take a quick peek at balances.
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11 months ago, Viva4evr
Update Bogus
Since the app update, I have not been able to login. It says create new password, and for me to input my information to verify it is me, and it is not able to recognize ME & MY Information⚠️ So I do not have access to my accounts from home.
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6 months ago, PowerMan5001
Three days to cancel a check deposit is ridiculous.
Three days to cancel a deposit because of a bad picture is ridiculous. That is something you should know right away
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10 months ago, jjeflyer
Overdraft Acct
Can’t see the interest that was added when making a payment. I have to manually calculate it.
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