CAP COM FCU Mobile Banking

4.9 (11.8K)
45.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Capital Communications Federal Credit Union
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for CAP COM FCU Mobile Banking

4.85 out of 5
11.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Cowboys on 1
Service since I was 21
I started with CAPCOM when I was 21. Love the bank. Hate that CAPCOM is merging with SEFCU. The App and everyone at my local Glenmont branch are absolutely amazing and I would hate to see them turn into the terrible SEFCU branch across the street. CAPCOM gave me my first loan when In 2006 when I was 21 with literally no credit. Have absolutely nothing but good things to say about the company. We used SEFCU mortgage services for our first house and I cannot even begin to explain the horrors that ensued with using them. I could probably write an essay with my terrible experiences, they do not care about the customer. When I walk into my local CAPCOM branch I feel like family.
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5 years ago, voorheesville
15 year member
I honestly have to say I have never had one issue or one problem with any of my accounts with capital communications federal credit union. I have probably only encountered one snotty teller in 15 years. Everyone is so polite and so helpful if for any reason you need you call Customer service has been great also. I also have an account with SEFCU because they have a location at my place of work they are not all friendly people I am assuming it’s most likely the way there being treated by management. I would never want to bank anywhere else other than Capitol communications Federal credit Union.
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3 years ago, Evilmaria667
CapCom is the BEST!!!
I got tired of banks taking all my money and the outrageous overcharge fees. These banks make MILLIONS In overdraft fees. CapCom takes everything out of my account immediately not days later like some banks. People don’t balance their checkbook anymore so we rely on online accounts to see what’s remaining. Some banks would hold back charges for 2-3 days when you think it’s been taken out. Anyways, I love CapCom and the mobile app is awesome. I can deposit a check and it’s in my account immediately and everyone at CapCom is super friendly and helpful.
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7 months ago, NYS supervisor1
Cap-Com. Braodview
Phone systems and branches are hard to deal with, they always pass the buck to someone else , the phones when you enter a extension it never is directed to the rite person, and with all the personal questions you have to answer your on the phone for more time needed to get the result you need. If your going to have branches like Cooperstown, put real people behind counter, not a hard to use machine . Trail north branches are all managed by real tellers, and officers in all there locations at or the same or better rates you have. It’s been a struggle for me with this credit union I do not like dealing with memorex. Seems like I have to drive 2 hours to get to a real location . Can’t your company expand like to Hamilton ny , or Earlville, Sherburne, Norwich there are a lot of state employees here to not only Albany area.
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4 years ago, jerbear24$
Online banking
I love the online app but I think you guys should try to come up with a system to where ever we make purchases at we can get a text to our cell phones to how much it was and are current balance just food for thought thanks for listening have a great day
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4 years ago, keep jobs in the USA
When making online bill payments the transaction disappears for a few days and gets lost and suddenly shows up later. The credit union can’t be bothered to fix this after numerous complaints. Otherwise the website is OK, WOULD HAVE GIVEN 5 star if they fixed this ridiculous issue. Someone at the credit union advised it is their bill pay vendor... so they need the vendor to fix or get a new vendor!!
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4 months ago, Jperez1971
Capcom is the original bank that I am dealing with. I like Capcom I don’t think Broadview is a good fit but who am I I’ll continue to work with Capcom and when they turned to Broadview, I will try to find another bank. Unfortunately I will be losing a great place to do business with
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2 years ago, mommyof4andwifey
Easy to use and navigate
I am a new member to CapCom and this banking app is so much more easier to use then my previous bank. Also this credit union is a much better place to bank! Customer service is amazing!!
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6 years ago, jessm_01
App is good, but credit card access isn’t
Although most of the app functionality is good, the fact that you can’t see any of your credit card charges on the app is not. You have to be at a computer to see credit card information, which is inconvenient for people on the go who want to be able to see charge details no matter where they are.
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5 years ago, Ziggyyyyyyyyyy24356655
On off
Just wish from app we could turn off credit card when lost or stolen and get notified when something getting bought over the limit I set and could say yes or no I did it
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7 years ago, WolfMantheBear
Best bank app out there!!!
This app is amazing. Does everything I need and the pathways make sense. If anyone reads this, one suggestion, optimize the "between institution transfer" function! You can't do it on a phone, or at least that I've figured out.
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2 years ago, coolandvswag
Issues with Mobile Check Deposit
Not sure why, but for some reason when I try to deposit my checks, the screen gets stuck and says “rotate device to continue deposit” and it’s really frustrating. Otherwise the app is fine
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5 years ago, LB618
I love CapCom
I have had an account with CapCom since I was an infant and now so do my children. They have been amazing from the beginning and continue to be a huge part in all the financial aspects of our families life. Thank you CapCom for being so great!!
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6 years ago, E Garb
Member for over 10 years
I’ve been a CapCom member for over 10 years. Their customer service and web app are great. Even though I moved out of NY state 8 years ago, I will stay with CapCom if they keep making banking this easy.
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6 years ago, cmccu
Love capcom!! And the app makes everything so much easier. I can transfer money between accounts and pay bills in LITERALLY under 10 seconds. I recommend capcom to everyone I have the chance to!
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6 years ago, SamWilliams97
Great app!
This is probably one of the most easiest apps to use and navigate. Also, I have had this app for about 5 years now and have never had a problem with freezing or anything.
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3 months ago, avilesbeatriz
Loving my bank
I have been with cap com since it was excelsior bank. It has only gotten better and better. The customer Service is like no other! Ur number one fan Bea
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4 years ago, Tinácity
Banking Services
I am very happy with on line and most of your banking capabilities!!! One feature I wonder about is why you can’t transfer in and out of my CapCom checking to my Key Bank checking ??? Thank you
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6 years ago, jacquelinedonlon
Good service
I love this bank! Very quick at noticing when transactions are not being made by me. Freeze the account and within the same day I have a new card issued. Great customer service!
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2 years ago, Blackeenrahdigga
The Best CU
CAPCOM has been such a great financial institution! They have always been very attentive to the needs of the community for which it serves and such a wonderful partner in my financial needs! Thank you CAPCOM for all that you do for us!
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1 year ago, Ahaggart
Doesn’t Work On iPhone 14
The mobile check deposit feature does not work at all for the new iPhone 14 for any model. It’s been more than two months now and they still haven’t fixed it. CapCom has gone drastically downhill since the SEFCU merger; what was previously an ideal bank to deal with has become a nightmare like all the others, and this is just one example.
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6 years ago, torresskevin
Cap com app i
Cap Coms app is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The only thing is that they only give me the option to rate the app with a 1 to 5 rating which in fact I would rate the app at a 10
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3 years ago, deeeeoh23
Good app
Good app, but becomes a pain if you have multiple bank accounts. If they integrated something similar to how google allows multiple Gmail accounts it could be a 5 star app no doubt
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12 months ago, Brickcitypimp
I’ve been banking with cap on for about 5 or more years… and it been the best banking institution that I’ve had experience with … thanks for your service!!🔥
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6 years ago, XxLovelyTxX
Need to update for iPhone 10 users
I would give this app five stars but I didn’t because it’s so annoying putting in my long password. This app needs the Face ID update. Love the app
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1 year ago, Hogan65
No mobile check deposit
I normally love this app but I recently moved out of state and was confident I could keep the same bank since I love them so much….but now the mobile check deposit doesn’t work and I have no way of getting my money into my account without driving all the way back home. Very disappointed with the update.
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3 years ago, crankybutthead
Works well
Great for depositing checks and transferring money between accounts. Can be frustrating on the infrequent occasions when I want to look up information like account numbers and such. But that may just be me?
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7 years ago, Marjala
Love it
User friendly and intuitive thanks! They keep improving it. I wish more than one account could have fingerprint access.
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6 years ago, Golden Cay
Solid App
This is a very good app, especially considering the fact that it is a banking app. I would just like to see an app that allows me the ability to do and to answer questions that I could if I were inside a branch.
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9 months ago, Kylie Thomas
Awesome app but
You guys should make updates to your budget planner feature and make it more interactive, complete with a calculator and easier way to put in your paycheck and plan for it
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4 years ago, Tina1977lovesgames
App Needs Updating
I wish you could see all your accounts with one login. I have a few checking accounts and have to log into each separately. I see the Business Account app has this functionality, why not the personal banking?
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3 months ago, Silvercoyote79
I love this bank
This help has always been nice and helpful thank you for being my bank of choice
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3 years ago, Jesusfollower9
User friendly
I love the app easy to transfer and pay bills. Easy to check my balance to see what checks cleared too.
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6 years ago, Lyzuh09102012
Love this app! So much easier than calling every time I need to know my balance, especially when the bank is closed. New Touch ID is an awesome feature!
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4 years ago, Pauls1988z
No way to sub divide checking account
The app is fast but I still find myself wanting the feature that SEFCU offers on their checking. A way of sub dividing one checking account, so I can save for different goals without creating multiple accounts.
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6 years ago, Ken from Clifton Park
Smooth app and function
Great app and an amazing bank, the flow is smooth and you can see funds from the notifications area if you want. Love it
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4 years ago, CD - Avid Buzzfeed reader
New layout for transaction history is sloppy
Everything is bold, the only difference between pending transactions is italics and the date is difficult to read, tiny and underneath everything. It was much better before, organized by date and colors made it easier to read. I have bad eyesight and prescription lenses, this is hard for me to use...
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4 years ago, bestcarter
Great bank app
This is a very good bank and bank app I have a savings account and I like how it tell you the transactions. Very satisfied
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1 year ago, Sypian
Mobile deposit is broken
App keeps asking me to rotate my phone which I do and nothing happens. Tried both with the portrait lock on and off and still will not work
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6 years ago, VitoGeraci
Money takes to long to transfer
I am waiting for money and it still hasn’t come I don’t know if it’s you or venmo
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1 year ago, Stevo!!
Check deposit is broken
I can’t deposit a check. App keeps asking to “rotate your device to continue your deposit.” When you rotate nothing happens, and the app is basically hung. You have to force close the app and reopen to get back into it. I have two phones and it’s happening on both.
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1 year ago, Mess111111
Mobile Check Deposit is Broken
For iOS 16 at least
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2 years ago, pretty pats
Just wanted to say thanks to Don for very good customer service I really appreciate you .
Thanks again. From Patricia Powell
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5 years ago, Tammy_H_12340
Great App
This app does everything I need and more. It makes it super simple to handle my financial needs, checks balance, make deposits and transfers.
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7 years ago, Kylemac197277
Great app
Great app only thing is is that they don't show your credit card purchase history
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2 years ago, ghaar77
Highly recommend
Nothing but positive experience with this app
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4 years ago, Poppiisme
I get frustrated with the notation on my pc your input doesn’t match our records. When is the lobby going to open tp the patrons.??
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4 years ago, Rick112882
Cap Com App
Everything is right there for you 1 of the easiest app I’ve used highly recommend..
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6 months ago, >:')
Goodness what did I ever go to do you know what I mean I don’t wanna see what the you do with it and then I don’t wanna try
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3 years ago, MoniqueLoves316
Love them
I been with Cap Com for over 5 years now and the Staff are every helpful and Loving
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