Capital City Bank Mobile

4.6 (2.4K)
43.5 MB
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Current version
Capital City Bank
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Capital City Bank Mobile

4.62 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
2 years ago, tdugyfufuhovidtxkhc
Superior Banking app!
The Capital City Bank mobile app is excellent! I use it all the time. It has a high level of security and is very easy to use. If you have a question for a person then it is very easy to message them. They respond with alacrity. I have never used the chat feature, I haven’t needed it. I have not dealt, face to face, with a person in a while. Between the ATM and the wonderful app I haven’t needed to.
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7 years ago, VyatkaGirl
Good except for some glitches
I like the app but there are a few problems: • when transferring money between accounts, it does not show the current balance on the accounts... it has been showing the same balance for me for the past few months and I’ve made quite a few transactions and deposits • text alerts don’t work! I’ve signed up twice and it does not tell me anything, ever • when using mobile deposit, it took me a few times of trying to post the check to have it go through. It said there was no endorsement detected but my signature was there and very clear Other than that, transactions show up immediately and balances on accounts are accurate.
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10 months ago, den-link
Checking Accounts Evaluation
Not happy with the monthly service charge. I usually carry a balance of $1000+ per month in my checking account. Therefore the bank is earning money on my balance. There are times I start out with 7-8 K per month before paying bills too. I think checking accounts with higher balances shouldn’t have to pay a service fee or charge. My friends and myself have never experienced service chargers for checking accounts. Everything else is fine with my checking account.
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6 years ago, LuckyRBR
Alignment issues.
I find the picture frame which captures checks is not as efficient or good as the one for another bank I use. This frame seems to misalign checks when taking pictures. Why not incorporate an automatic system which will take the picture for you? This is a common feature on other mobile apps. The notification messages for deposits and withdrawals need greater transactional details. Right now one must log into the account to get details. This step defeats the purpose of this feature. Check out other financial service notifications which detail the transaction by telling the amount deposited or withdrawn. My other financial service provides details in notifications.
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10 months ago, KeithAppProgrammer
Gets Job Done Always Available
THEIR FEE POLICY IS $7.95 a month for what started as “absolutely free checking.” They lock your card, then penalize/fee me $7.95 for NOT doing 20 transactions. Easy to use, and rarely not available. Problem is, they don’t tell me when policies change and then they fail miserably to explain how the policy works. This app won’t give notifications in a commercially reasonable manner. My card is clocked and even deposits could be blocked. I must say WUT THE FUNK? and What data processing IDIOTS. Slow, Like to see more banking, credit, deposit box featured. Enjoy the access and saves gas to the bank for deposits. Like to see more features like ZELLE. Wake up Cappies.
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2 years ago, LeeMinorthreat
Best Banking App
I use this app on a daily basis. Easy and smooth transfer of money between accounts. Easy way to monitor transactions and excellent response from customer service and security team catching fraudulent charges. They have saved me multiple times within this year as soon as a suspicious charge has taken place. Extremely thankful for Capital City Banking and their mobile app platform.
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11 months ago, Jhf yah just
Sometimes hard to understand
The functionality of the app is good, I have not experienced any problems with it. But, I often struggle to figure out what my balance is and what some transactions mean. I also bank with Truist, I find the way that they organize information in their app to be easier to understand.
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1 year ago, Nobody mh87
“Pending” items may or may not actually be reflected in the total displayed. If you have 5 items pending, 3 or 4 might actually have been calculated into the availability. It takes forensic accounting every Monday for me to run down the ACTUAL amount in the account. If you are trying to run a business, this ain’t a worthwhile tool. It will just aggravate you. Not too mention that CCB gives you 2 attempts before you’re locked out of your app/access to account and capital city doesn’t have 24 hour service WITHOUT THE APP. It’s a lie…a farce. This company is terrible about advertising services they don’t actually provide
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2 years ago, cj21302
Corey Johnson Rosemarie Robertson
I am really getting tired of the app going down. And it is now happening about 3 times a week and I can’t tell how much money I have and if for some reason capital city bank takes money I can’t prove it. And also when the app goes down I can’t transfer money from any of our accounts if I need to. This is happening way to much lately. When I first got our accounts it didn’t happen but now within the last year it is happening about 2-3 times a week and is getting very aggravating to the point my wife and I want to switch to a different bank.
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7 years ago, MsReta
App works well except for mobile deposits
I use the app frequently. It works well for checking out account balances and transferring money between accounts. My only problem with the app is the Mobile Deposit function. I am able to deposit personal checks without an issue, but business style checks rarely go through. 9.5 out of ten times it says it can’t read the routing and account numbers on the bottom of the check. This is a HUGE inconvenience. My husband or I have to drive 30-45 minutes to deposit checks every other week.
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1 year ago, Okeeeeedokeeeee
Capital City Bank Mobile App
This app is fabulous! I can see balances in real time from virtually anywhere. The mobile deposit feature works great, so I no longer have to visit the bank and wait in line to make a deposit. Moving money between accounts is almost instantaneous. LOVE IT!!! P.S. this review requires a nickname ,and all my attempts are already taken
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4 years ago, pebbs_pepsi
It’s a bank app
It will tell you any thing a bank teller at a physical bank will. There’s also a feature I personally love using; online chat. It lets you talk to an actual CCB representative and show them pictures you might have about your account with out getting on the phone or going to the bank!! The chat is honestly so helpful and has helped keep me sane on multiple occasions 😂
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1 year ago, ronandlinda
Love this banking app except for the change in bill pay. Loved it when I could type in amounts for all bills then hit pay once and they’d all be scheduled. Now you have to hit pay individually then return to the beginning of the pay bills screen and scroll through each time. A little awkward but I love the app.
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5 years ago, TommyT1325
5 out of 5
Real life review here for the doubters. This app is everything you’d need to keep up with transactions and any questions. We have real life bankers that you can chat with pretty often. I wish they will make it 24hour bank chat. Also if you need your routing, or account number it’s in there as well save a lot of trips to the bank with this app: it’s Clutch 🤟🏾
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5 years ago, Nitrapj
Text alerts Need improvement
The text alerts are not helpful at all. There in no information contained in the so I have to log into my account. Why would you have them if you are just the following: Capital City Bank This is your requested account alert notification. Additional details are available online. This is for every alert. Please add actual information into these like my other banks do.
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3 years ago, SandiN3112017
The only thing I would like changed is the display of what time a transaction took place. Like sometimes the certain store may be a normal place, however to have the time displayed that it happened would be very helpful as to wether I or my husband what’s actually there at that time.
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3 months ago, AwetisticApe
Capital City Bank
I love it. It’s super convenient way to get bills paid with the Zelle transfer through other bankers or all you have to do is find if they have a Zelle super easy better than Venmo all that other stuff and the people that work there just friendly as can be
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5 years ago, It..2011
Room for improvement
The app is good and has many functions like transfers, viewing balance, among others , however there is room for improvements. By adding features like check deposit with the app the app would be better, but having the option to freeze your card while you look for it before having to report it lost would just set this app over the top. Capital City Bank there’s room for growth.
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2 years ago, Ritakc49
I use transfers and check deposits weekly. 👍 we also pay bills monthly. One is a direct transfer, to another bank, and it’s fast. We have 2 accounts. CCBMobile also allow customers to transfer to other banks (for a fee) and to use Zelle free! We use the CCB APP every day!!
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6 years ago, MYAPPLE69
More than five years
I have banked with capital city for more than five years. I’ve always had exceptional service. The tellers are always amazingly nice. This app has help me several times. The customer service representatives that answer the chat are always super polite and very knowledgeable. I enjoy using this app very much.
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1 year ago, ca8179
Still Crashing When Depositing Checks on IPhone
I am absolutely sick of the app crashing or logging out when I try to deposit a check. This should not happen as often as it does. Please fix the glitches. I live 45 minutes away from the nearest bank and should not have to drive that far just because your app doesn’t work properly. It logs out every single time I try to deposit a check, and it may or may not have captured the deposit.
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3 days ago, Celina Rae
Customer Service Excellence
I have been to many banks in the past 20 years however for 17 of thm I have stayed with the Branford branch of CCBG. There is no plce else on Earth that I get treated as personal and as important to them as the mayor or the millionaire! I love this bank! They will definitely go above and beyond
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10 months ago, Hotch60
Capital City
I love the online feature, ease of use, and the format is very close to my other bank, so double plus for me. CC has always been quickly & professionally available to questions & concerns. Great online access, 10 stars !
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2 years ago, terry d63
Love The App
The CCB App is simple to use and very helpful whenever I’ve had a issue. Recently I had a issue with my debit card and it was pass their phone hours. But I was able to go on my app and Chat with a live agent and they took care of my issue. I was very impressed
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7 months ago, Soncerai
Thank you for your diligence!
I have been helped tremendously by this app. Thanks so much for offering it. I appreciate the ease,!the safety features, and the accountability. When hacked, the Fraud folks were amazing. I wouldn’t have know there was a problem without this app.
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6 years ago, RachelRN88
Great mobile banking app
This app is awesome and saves me a lot of trips to the bank. I rarely have problems with it and have been using it for years. I like how you can transfer money between accounts and use the mobile deposit feature. I recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Bill 9
Great app
I like the app it give great access to accounts and deposits. I only have one negative. When the Bank does updates it has on more than one occasion in some way cleared my password which requires calling and resetting.
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11 months ago, J's game
Great bank and website
The website is easy to utilize and fast with information. Easy to transfer money, pay bills or just check account balances. Been a bank client since 1984.
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2 years ago, promommy
Peggy Trim
I am very happy with Capital City banks app. I am also very pleased with being a customer of the bank. The employees are wonderful. I feel like we are family. We have been with them for a long long time. Thanks Capital City Bank. God key you all safe.
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5 years ago, LAMAR DAD
Fix the negative number that show up as debits
You changed the numbers so when I negative number does not show up as a negative number you have to go back and change each one of them so if you could fix that negative number problem the app might be fine but it’s really aggravating like this because I copied the deductions and then total it up but I have to go change it back to negative numbers because the new addition has a line out there not a negative number
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8 months ago, LBHENSLEY
The App is reliable, convenient & easy!
I love the app. It’s instant banking at my fingertips and at my convenience. I am always knowledgeable about my activity and can pay bills and move money with ease. Did I say I love it? Thank you Capital City Bank!!
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5 years ago, mynicknamewontwork
Deposit glitches
I love the convenience of the app but the mobile deposit is constantly glitching on me so I’m having to drive to the bank to make my deposits. I’ve told the people at the bank and they’ve called it in, I’ve restarted my phone, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app but it just keeps on doing it and for quite sometime. I wish this could be fixed.
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2 years ago, SanMac332
Mobile Deposit
This is the best thing that has happened. Not having to drive to the bank each time to make a deposit is amazing. Every time I make a deposit I am thankful for whoever developed this!!!!SanMac332
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5 years ago, xscdgcvh
I love having mobile deposit
For the now occasional stray checks, depositing them with my iPhone is so convenient and saves me gas and time. Thank you for keeping up with technological conveniences like this, which are much handier than even drive-through windows with televised bankers.
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4 years ago, eastfamily
I have issues every once in awhile not being able to login or the app just doesn’t work I have used this bank for a few years now I love it compared to other banks just with the app would work and on a different note the local ATMs are always out of order with is very frustrating when I am in a hurry or just don’t want to get out
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6 years ago, Dee Thistle
Online banking
With the iPhone I can use my finger print to login. Paying bills is extremely easy with bill pay, I like the calendar view part where you can see upcoming payments. Been with Capital City for over 20 years, people know your name ....
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12 months ago, Don't ask, don't tell
I love the app. Opens quickly on my phone. Allows me to quickly transfer funds between accounts. Was a lifesaver for getting funds to my son while he’s in college. Very convenient!
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3 years ago, Lily-may
Great App: Easy for Parents and Our College Student!
We love this app and love being able to move money easily from our account to our college-student son’s account. CC reps are always helpful, but with the app, I can do more without having to bother them!! Love it!
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4 years ago, Little Old Lady Who
Good and getting better
I’ve been happy with the app since I started using it about 5 years ago. It was ok when it started, but has improved steadily ever since. The staff is friendly and helpful if there is a problem.
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11 months ago, Dorm Super
Reviewing my statement
I love being able to check my bank statement whenever I want to. It gives me the assurance that if something does come thru that I haven’t authorized I will catch it quickly
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7 years ago, Crysstar
I always have to double check that my deposit when through. Even though it says successfully submitted and accepted, I’ve had it reject it twice afterwards. (I have the screenshots to prove it) that in return delays the deposit, throwing everything off. I appreciate the convenience of having a mobile deposit option, just wish I could trust it to actually deposit when it says it will.
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10 months ago, leeah henderson
Leeah henderson REALLY unsatisfied !
The transition failed 3 times and when i was trying to move only $100 so I gave up next morning $300 dollars was moved over and i didnt need that moved over and they took $30 from me in transaction feed when i only need them to take $10 in transactions from me now my bills are messed up and im short on gas money. I am thinking about changing bank because unnecessary fees and fails always happen!
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12 months ago, RobbieGail
The CCB app is sooo user friendly ! Thank You CCB for making it where even an older person like myself that’s not too tech friendly can understand and maneuver around the website with certain ease. Sincerely, Robbie Gail Porter
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10 months ago, CharlesT99
Top shelf banking app. As a certified general contractor having a quality bank with a user friendly app is vital. We use the app daily and it is by far my favorite. Not only is the app 5 stars, the people working at CCBG are also 5 stars.
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3 years ago, djviiv
CCB app
Overall, I really like the design and functionality of the app. It allows me to do everything I need to from my mobile device. The only downside to the app is that it is sometimes slow and lags. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars.
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5 years ago, QofTU
easy and helpful
I appreciate this user friendly app. I wish the chat function was easier but I think it bumps you to website mode for that rather than mobile display so I think that accounts for the issues with that function. Overall I love it!
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1 year ago, FLgirlAngie
Easy & Functional
Compared to other apps I have used for banking, Capital City is so easy, secure, and it is seamless to move between accounts and keep track of what is happening with my money.
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2 years ago, OliviaFinn
Great to have!
Great to have! Super easy to work with and let’s you have easy access to checking your accounts’ amount and transfer easily through it then.
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5 years ago, Beachman14
Great app
This app works great on my iPhone 7. The graphics are good, it's very reliable, and it's easy to navigate. I use it all the time to check my account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and deposit checks. Definitely worth 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Oregon trailer keeharler
Pretty Darn Good
I’ve been using this app about 5 years now and it is very good. Maintenance is done regularly. And there are hardly any foul ups. Only complaint I have is that nothing is processed on the weekends. Most transactions debit card or otherwise will not show on the app from after 5pm on Friday till about 8 am Monday morning.
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