Capital One CreditWise

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Capital One
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Capital One CreditWise

4.84 out of 5
267.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Nickki Champ
Apply for a credit card with capital one!
It is legit a great way to build your credit quickly! The first day, my credit went up 89 points! I was amazed! It will help! Pay your bill early as you go! When you do that and have 3 bigger bills you’ve used the credit card for, your score rises, with ON time payments, especially, early payments! If you pay as you go, don’t over spend, don’t spend frivolously, you’ll be just fine! Use your job money for paying off your credit card, use your credit card for bills! Sure, use your credit card for other expenses! But, priorities over desires! Remember this! Never open a capital one email, unless you get a notice verbatim an email, because hackers will be able to get your information from your bank, your address, etc! Use wisdom when using your credit card for sure!
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6 years ago, Kandi Yams
Score isn't accurate
I actually like this app, I use it because it's connected to my Capital One credit card account but the score it shows isn't accurate. I just paid $2151 to pay off 1 credit card and $1000 to pay off another, I was going to purchase a car at the end of they year because I'm waiting on my credit score to go up. In January it said it was 564, I made 2 small payments of $500 and $300 to 2 cards and it jumped 50 points to 614. So I'm like oh once these last 2 payments are made it's gonna go up to 653 where I'm usually at and will be closer to 700 by December. Well I go into a dealership on Saturday February 24th and they told me if my credit score was 625 they'd give me a car with $0 down. My friend just bought her car a month before me and she told me her score was 652 and higher than what Credit Wise showed and she got a 2018 Honda CR-V with $0 down so I let them run mines. 30 minutes later the lady comes to me and say "which car do you want, go pick your car out cuz I got you with $0 down!" I rolled off the lot in a 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL and my credit score with TransUnion is 667 where it shows 614 here on Credit Wise and they go by the TransUnion score, it was 632 with Experian as well so either way I was leaving the lot with a new car. They don't go by Equifax anymore when looking for financing.
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3 years ago, chinadoll1234.
Ms. Alvarado regarding credit wise
Hello, to whom it may concern I have been a subscriber of credit wise for over 6years now. I love credit wise because it has helped me keep track of my credit in many ways. Some ways credit wise has helped for example is knowing what’s on my report, such as what positive accounts I have vs negative. In addition it also shows my score on a weekly basis which has been a great help and peace of mind knowing exactly where I stand with my credit. One this I love the most about credit wise is that they also help you understand ways to improve your credit by giving do’s and don’t when trying to build credit, as well as where you stand in the good or not so good credit by showing you the chart of what category your score falls under and an ideal example of where you should want to be with your credit.
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6 years ago, Asileven
Wonderful Credit Tool To Use
I had gone through some tougher periods in life and my credit score reflected it. This app has been such a helpful tool (especially with the simulator) to understand what makes my score go up, go down, etc. It’s also given me a peace of mind knowing what my score is exactly at any given day. I love getting notifications knowing when someone pulls my score to knowing when my score changed. The newest update, which explains step by step why it moved the way it did, makes it even easier to understand. It’s not rocket science, but it’s not something taught in a class before you graduate. I really have benefited from this app and it’s taken the “unknown” to a level of knowing - how I can help myself. Thank you!
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2 years ago, sdsxzs
Terrible app
I’m not sure about the glowing reviews on this. This will give you a good “idea” of your score, but the way it simulates credit is a joke. If you enter in credit simulations like “I want to pay off my credit card debt” you will see ZERO change in score, but it sure will show you what will happen to your score if you do anything negative. The reason I deleted this app is due to the fact that their reporting using VantageScore 3.0 is garbage. Do not trust that at all. And yes, I know VantageScore comes from all 3 bureaus, but you need to watch your credit profile more closely than just relying on this inaccurate trash. Secondly, when I was playing around with the credit simulator, I chose the “pay off your total credit card debt” option AND the “make on time payments for 2 years” one just to see what it would look like. It “simulated” that my score would improve 3 points. Absolute lie. That is not going to just increase you 3 points, it will be much higher. I’m sad to see CapitalOne have such a terrible app, but here we are.
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7 years ago, Bobbyjj1
Helpful Free App for Credit Monitoring
CreditWise is a very helpful user-friendly app for monitoring your TransUnion report. It updates weekly and allows you to view any changes, if there are any. It does provide a TransUnion-generated Vantage 3 credit score, which is usually considerably higher than the FICO scores that lenders actually use, so try not to take it overly seriously. Also, the credit simulator—which I think is also powered by TransUnion—sometimes provides some really wacky information, so try not to take it too seriously either. According to the simulator, my credit score would greatly increase if I were to allow all my bills to become delinquent for a month, and if my property would be foreclosed upon. It also shows that I’d see score gains if I were to have my wages garnished. Let’s hope that’s not accurate!
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3 years ago, The1jazzybabe
Not even correct with their own card!
Capital one is not even correct with their own card on this app. My cards are paid off and credit wise still after 3 weeks and another reported month, they are still not correct. Not worth the effort to download. If this app got things correct it might have a chance at 3 or 4 stars. Update: app took 2 months to get it all correctly done. As I see my credit score increase the app tells me to consolidate my cards in to one card and use their service to apply for it. So it seems as if they only want to help you then to sabotage the help they have given you. Not to worry most of the credit apps are like this. I understand you need to make money, but please give better advice as to keep a person’s credit number higher not to lower it.
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5 years ago, GrannySmith18
Slow Credit Update
Three months ago I paid off all of my debt and I was really excited to see that reflected in my credit score. Within 2 weeks Turbo Tax was notifying me of changes to my score as each of my zero balances were reflected to the credit bureaus. Every single time, I would check my Credit Wise app hoping to see the update. But ever time I signed in, every weekly update was the same “no change.” Today makes a little over 3 months that debt has been paid (the length of time Capital One tells you it takes for something to report to the Credit Bureaus) and there is STILL no change to my credit wise score. If you’re expecting to accurately and effectively monitor your credit I do not recommend this app. I only use it for the score simulator at this point and it’s the only reason I didn’t give this app One Star.
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6 years ago, derrick d
Best card out there
So a year and a half ago I gave $99 and got a $200 secured card with a credit score of 519. I got got a credit line increase of $300 about 6 months later and now after a year and a half I am up to $1500 credit line and also got accepted for a $500 UNSECURED card with 0% apr for the first year and 2% rewards on every purchase and my credit went to 714!!! This is the number one best credit building card there is!!! But don’t be fooled by CREDIT ONE, they try to look like CAPITAL ONE! And I recommend that you NEVER get a card from credit one!!!! Capital One is official, just have a little patience. I am now in the process of closing on my first house, all because of capital one!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Sofy Shu
Misleading! CapitaOne doesn’t use these ratings for their assessment
Super upset about my recent experience. Based on CreditWise score I have had an ‘excellent’ score for some time now (with a headroom), so based on this, I applied for a Capital One credit card which requires ‘excellent score’. I was declined, due to insufficient score. It turns out, Capital One uses a different provider for their application screening and that provider somehow had a materially lower score for me, which put me just below the threshold of the ‘excellent’ qualification. Not only did I not get the credit card approved, this also negatively affects my rating. In combination with my other poor experience with Capital One (eg not being able to get a lost credit card reissued for a month now), I’m furious and am looking to switch the bank. I used to like Capital One a lot, but their service quality has been going down and is becoming unbearable.
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4 years ago, Lmontero66
Not updating
I’ve been sent e mails that my fico score is going up? But when I check by either going through the e mail link to my app or go through my app, there is no change. Also my credit card balance shows a 442 For all my credit cards but when you go into looking at all the cards I do have they are at zero balance as they should be all cards have been paid off since June 2020 I know it takes about a month to refresh your actual balance, but we are now in June ! If you could fix it, that would be great. Other than that I like app and I know bugs can sometimes occur
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1 year ago, Ganiece
Capital One-Credit Wise
I recently applied for a Capital One credit card and instead of totally dismissing me I was gifted Capital One Credit Wise. It’s full of useful tips including a financial simulation that shows you exactly how to increase your credit score. You can access your credit report and easily dispute incorrect personal information, current card balances and payments. Overall Capital One is keeping potential future customers close and providing tools necessary to ensure approval once financial goals have been achieved ! Really an ingenious way to establish a positive relationship with people that were initially denied credit that will reapply because of the Credit Wise free benefits.
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9 months ago, Kaf001
The keep up when your balance rises and FORGETS when you pay it down
I complained about paying my credit card down to zero and it not reflecting for weeks after being paid down on the credit bureau. Of course they use the one month reporting cycle has the reason.. so I waited for the date they told me that it would be updated which was September 12… now September 12 arises and credit wise shows up-to-date as of September 12 and capital one still reports my balance high when it’s been paid down for almost a month… somehow this mistake never happens when your balance GOES UP… somehow their system works perfectly. When the balance goes up right on time right on schedule, your higher balance shows… without fail… PAY IT DOWN .. and they give you all types of rationale for it. They don’t seem to apply when your balance goes up….
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12 months ago, Annoyeduser00975
Would rate 0 if I could
Credit Wise is a dodgy service. First, the score they provide has never been in close proximity to my actual score from TransUnion. Second, because of their error, I have been locked out of my Capital One account for several days. I used to have accounts with Capital One and Credit Wise. I closed such accounts. A few years passed. I changed my name legally. I opened a new account with Capital One. I did not sign up for Credit Wise again, but it was an included feature on the Capital One app. Credit Wise had my old name on their file. This caused a mismatch in the system, ceasing all access to my Capital One account. I have had several phone calls with no resolution. Long story short, Credit Wise has always been inaccurate in ALL of the information they provide. They don’t even properly validate their clients names.
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6 years ago, Hoop228
Great Apps. Could be improved.
Would rate 5 stars compared to other credit monitoring apps. But the app could be improved. Great app for checking your credit score. Could do more to make it easier to understand what is affecting the score. Also would be nice if you could provide tips for people with low scores on what changes they need to make to their credit that would allow them to be accepted for financing a home or car with capital one or one of its lenders. Which as a result could lead to benefits for Capital One as well. Thanks for the app thought it has been great. Based on the app it has been easier to monitor my credit and make sure I am improving. I was accepted for a auto through Capital one and a lot of it I believe was the help provided by the app!! Thanks again 👍🏾
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3 years ago, Derpydewper
Forgot password does not work
Wife and I both installed this app, entered our social and gained access, its a good app when you’re able to use it. For some reason, either through upgrading the phone or the app our account seems to get locked and when attempting to use the “password forgot / reset” link, entering our last name + social + birthday, a message always appears that displays they cannot find the account. Only way to reset the password is by calling capital one which then redirects you to credit wise who then ask for your social to get a password reset. There has to be a better way. App still emails me vague updates that I am unable to see since i’m unable to log in. I’ve had this app now for over 3 years and have only really used the app for about a year of that the rest i’ve been locked out. Please fix this!
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6 years ago, Bittten
Best monitoring app on the market!
I have been nothing but satisfied with my capital one card so when I learned that they have an app to monitor your score FOR FREE! I decided to give it a shot. This app is my favorite of all the monitoring apps I have and they continue to add super useful features and their customer service is nothing short of impeccable! ahem(Better than American Express)ahem. Really the only thing that could make this excellent app perfect would be more frequent updates but other than that it's really a great app! Plus I really really like the simulator it helps me decide what to do with my credit. Keep up the great work and sincerely, thank you!
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3 years ago, Mike122159
Only one little problem
I know you cannot force the credit agencies to change things just wish it was able to elaborate when there’s a problem with the credit bureau they seem not to fix any problems basically just ignoring my request not seeing any results what I mean by that I file a complaint and I never hear anything back there’s a couple things in collections that are not mine I have Medicare and when the medical office billing they don’t put the right codes in the way that Medicare requires they try to force me to make the payment and it gets put on my credit report that process is not fair
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2 years ago, Mandaloriin
The EX Factor
Noticed my credit score was dropping every time I would check on my Capitol One creditwise app. Reason for it was an excessive amount of credit card usage even though my credit usage was low. After further investigation I found out my name was still on an account with my ex-wife from twelve years ago and she was running up charges on it. She said she didn’t realize my name was on it as well. Do I believe her…maybe but if not for creditwise it could have been a huge issue down the road. Thank You Capitol One for creditwise!!!
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5 years ago, null_error_404
WARNING!! Phishing App / ID Theft
App developer team is asking for Social Security numbers upon sign up when creating account. After giving all personal information and confirming identity the credit wise app closes out forcing you to login again. Problem is you aren’t allowed to login using the same credentials. After clicking on “Need Help” I am again forced to enter the same credentials. After entering you are then told that the information you entered does not match what they have on file. There is no option to send an email or text to correct anything. Your personal information is being held captive and you have no methods of securing or retrieving the status of this login. I strongly suggest if this happens to you to contact Capital One immediately. I am hoping to hear back from Capital One regarding this matter within 24 hours.
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1 year ago, The Midwest Touch
Highly recommend app!
Beautiful Avenue to explore and monitor. All your credit needs! With impeccable customer service relations, not only to help you find the problem,and explain it and help you understand to resolve the issues at hand or all my experiences in a financial crisis or any questions needed to be answered I am disabled and I highly recommend anyone who might need accommodations like myself and in any of my interactions credit wise goes up and beyond in customer relations, resolutions, and overall customer’ experience and satisfaction’s five stars.
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3 years ago, TAM1234554321
Fake and misleading scores
This product is so bad. It gives you scores several figures lower than your actual score leading you to believe that you are in bad shape and may not qualify for things you are eminently qualified for. It probably helps them justify poor rates that they offer. Always check your scores with other lenders especially your bank to be certain. My actual score is about 100 higher than what creditwise says it is. Yea you heard that right one hundred. I’m so annoyed because I could have applied for and gotten refinancing in 2019 if I wasn’t looking at this stupid credit wise information. I’m still going to get it today despite credit wise claiming that my score is 100 points lower than my bank says it is. But a lot of interest has been paid over the past years I could have saved. So irritated.
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1 year ago, Rere🥰33
No help with disputed
I use to be able to make a dispute right on the app. Now they have taken that away. There is no way for me to dispute it wants me to click a link that sends me to a whole other page that wants me to sign in with them to start the dispute. When you get in there the item you are trying to dispute is not even there! It only is showing you to dispute name addresses & phone numbers. It mentions other things but when you click next nothing else is there to dispute just the name addresses & phone numbers. That’s not what I was trying to dispute! Good thing I saw it because I did have to dispute numbers & addresses, but I really want to dispute the item I was trying to dispute. Apparently I’ll have to call TransUnion to do so because this app did NOT help with my dispute
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4 years ago, dd89074
If you don’t mind resending your personal information every time you sign in, this app is for you.
I have had Capital One for years and love them dearly because they honestly care about their customers. So when they offered this service “Credit Wise” I didn’t think twice about signing up with them. But Credit Wise is ridiculous to sign in to. Every time I get an “Alert” that I need to sign in to read details and EVERY TIME I have to send my personal information so I can “change my passcode” which I find ridiculous! I don’t have the time to do this every time, I will use another credit card app that actually works for me instead of creating problem. Shame that Capital One is connected to this app, they are so much better than this. I had to give one star because I couldn’t give them zero.
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7 years ago, Pettifogger from Boston
Really valuable app
Very shortly after I signed up for CreditWise I received a notification that I had changed my address and applied for a new card. I had done neither so I was very concerned. I was traveling at the time, but with the information about the transactions I was able to contact the bank that was issuing the card and tell them it was fraud. I also was able to contact TransUnion and put a fraud alert on my account with all three credit reporting agencies. I never expected that I would need CreditWise, but I am very happy that I signed up for it--all at no cost!
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8 months ago, Brendlel
Not a true picture
This doesn’t take into account I pay off both credit cards each month. I put everything on 2 different credit cards for my rewards. I earned about $1,000 a year and use it at Christmas time to help defray the cost of Christmas. Also, you rate me only good because I had 4 inquiries in the last 2 yrs. I understand the credit inquiry for buying a house but when I look for a car, every dealership wants to run my credit. Also, I don’t know if you include all of my income but I make almost as much on my tax free disability as I do with my retirement.
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7 years ago, murphy5111
Ok but inaccurate
Credit score seems right but new accounts and other changes sometimes take months or never show up. For example, I have a new account that took several months to show up and they had to run my credit. Almost a year after the account showed up, the inquiry never did. It was a credit card so the inquiry definitely happened. Also had one late payment once in my life and it was the credit card company’s fault. Credit wise showed that I had 96% of payments on time three years after that account was closed. Didn’t make sense out of the thousands of payments. My concern is that if someone opens an account in my name, this app won’t pick it up. 12/13 update. App says I’ve used $0 credit for the last few months. Still very inaccurate.
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3 years ago, Sherry gator
Terrific app to keep track of my credit !
I have really learned a lot while I’ve been on this app for over a year it has brought my credit score up tremendously it will even keep track if your Social Security number why Yankee is found on the dark web which it has not reflected my credit score at all and I think God for that my credit score was white in the 500s when I started and now it’s almost 700 I’m so proud of myself for paying off my credit cards and every month on the balance
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5 years ago, toniaraper
We are praying that my parents estate will be finalized in the next month so we can get caught up on all our accounts. It’s been a very frustrating ordeal and emotionally draining. I can’t stand being behind on payments it eats away at me everyday. So with prayers and some luck we can get our car loan on tract and pay off credit cards from having 5 bypasses a few years ago. We should be starting to enjoy our lives rather than worry about day to day survival at our age. We are trying the best we can to stay above water it’s a terrible feeling and hopefully it will be resolved in the near future..
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5 years ago, D3TIRMIND
Major Flaws
Their simulator has nothing about what effect it would have to remove all negative information from your credit report. And let’s face it if you’re trying to improve your score that would make the greatest impact. And to say making all your payments on time for 2 years has no impact or saying that getting an increase in your credit limit when your credit use is below 10% will lower your score is flatly false. You can not see what impact if any it would have to have 0 inquiries on your report. Their simulator (which is the only reason I downloaded this app) basically tells you there is no way to improve your score. I’m only in the high 500’s but in 2 years I guarantee I will be over 800 even if this simulator says it’s impossible
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6 years ago, Aurbvtfjsoxmfh
Is no one worried?! Requires ALL of your personal information!
Has anyone else but me stopped to think about the fact that this app requires all of your personal details..? Has anyone verified that this app is, in fact, owned and run by Capital One Bank? Is there a guarantee that they will not share or sell your information? Does anyone else wonder why they’re offering this service for free - even to people who aren’t their bank customers?? It’s brilliant on the part of the app owners! Offer to check your credit for free, and track activity using your SSN, so you feel safe using the app...what’s to stop them using your information for their own data collection and exploitation?! Don’t EVER give out your social security number and personal details to people you don’t know and trust!
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5 months ago, RowdyRita
Not Accurate
I received my updated score from CreditWise today. I wanted to see how it compared to my score from the top 3 credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax & Experian). I was shocked to see that my actual score averaged 58 POINTS BELOW what credit wise reported to me! I am just sick believing that I was doing a great job establishing & building my credit just to find out how FALSE the information really was. If you really want to know your TRUE credit report information & score, I recommend going directly to the source (the credit bureaus). You can receive ACCURATE & UP TO DATE information from each one as well as credit monitoring that you can trust. I’m deleting this app. Trust & believe I will make my experience with CreditWise be known.
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5 years ago, Althlone
Updating Balances Timely
I am trying to build my credit score. But it seems that if I spend money off of my credit card, it adversely affects my score. However, when I make payments to said credit card, the payment is not reflected timely. And being that this app looks at your score every 7 days to determine your score, you should update the credit card balance every seven days! My score goes up and down so much in one month, I cannot stabilize my score to achieve my goals.
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6 years ago, Jams12345
Amazing Free Service!!
I was referred to this app by a Capital One rep, while reporting identity theft (person applied for a credit account through them with my info.). They were amazingly helpful, especially since I wasn’t an actual customer. They walked me through every step of what I needed to do and helped me place a fraud alert with all three bureaus. I feel they went above and beyond what was expected for me! Next time I’m in the market for a credit card, I will definitely go through Capital One. Top notch service!!
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2 years ago, rayanne graff
cannot access account, no help to be found
my husband and i each signed up for creditwise through our cap one accounts, late last year. we used the service with no issues until two months ago when we both started receiving “oops, we’ve hit a snag. your account is locked (CW-548-…)” messages. i’ve spent two hours on the phone talking to at least 10 different people, passed back and forth between creditwise and cap one, and the end result is “we’re not sure why, but you just don’t have access to your account. maybe try again another time.” we have no problems logging in to cap one, just the creditwise section of web/mobile cap one and creditwise standalone app. i am posting this review in the hopes that someone from their product or engineering teams will see it and be able to do real troubleshooting — it seems like a weird technical glitch but no one at customer service is able to push this through to the right people. i’m left with the feeling that cap one doesn’t take this product very seriously.
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5 years ago, Rainwatergrace
Ratings and reviews
I’m sure this app support will highlight more in time , but I didn’t have to give much of my life story. NO I did not give out personnel info like my SS #. How dumb would that be. .? I don’t think I can make it to the next day or tomorrow if I did that. See I’ve been hacked by phone and online too. I’m so worried to answer the phone sometimes anymore. I do screen my calls and if I don’t see to knowing the number, I don’t answer. Some people don’t know what to do. Well if you get a feeling in your gut and it tells you this feels not probably isn’t. If you do not recognize a phone number on your not even answer it. These are cell phones that you see a number on. Or picture or phones that have screens. Be wise and safe! Credit wise I’m sure so far has done me ok....
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6 years ago, creditwise=unethics
Liars, scam artists, credit wise oh my
Do not get this app. They alert you to fictitious delinquent accounts on your transunion (which credit wise is powered by) credit report. What’s more, when you try to get answers to these non-existent, delinquent accounts, you become the baton in a relay race between credit wise, transunion, and ultimately Capitol one. I equated my experience with this unethical app to a relay race because once you call them to simply get info on why they are reporting delinquent accounts on your report, each one of the 3 organizations I mentioned, passes you on to one of the other 2 groups. And only is it after 3 hours playing phone tag, do you realize that they are not going to provide you with erroneous info on your own credit report!!!
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2 years ago, Algorithm not Human!
Posting incorrect information!
This App doesn’t come close to representing the actual information about my history. The information about our mortgage was erroneously entered and it recorded an increase in the mortgage instead of a decrease, and the actual current amount that is the balance is thousands less than what was reported. What a waste of time. To think that our credit score is in the hands of the incompetent and there is no recourse for a correction. When they make a mistake your credit score suffers. When we do everything correctly, our credit score suffers. Why does a computer program algorithm have control of our lives. It makes no sense!
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7 years ago, acemox
Helped build my credit
Showing what I owed at $6,000 in dept. I started paying the small things off, where mail had been sent to the wrong address and forgot about owing a company to being able to walk out as of now 1100 in DEPT and a credit score around the 700 mark. Two years but all most there. Also, their credit card gave me a hand up at 300 points paying on time only with it and my score went to the 400's. I would recommend the bank to anyone.
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2 years ago, Andranikrobert0379
Capital One
Capital One credit card is one of the best in the credit market . I am using the card for my everyday purchases . The App is helping me very much to see my transactions and Castumer service amazing if you need any kind of help. I love it . But you have to be responsible pay your bill on time don’t be late you will have good relationships with Capital One . If you don all this that increase you credit limits too. 👍👍👍👍👍👍
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2 years ago, Revperme3
Hertz rental was a disaster
Hertz charged an extensive overcharge after agreeing to a fixed weekly charge. The first care had a slow leek. Ca was exchanged. The tires on the second car were very wide with low profile tires. In two subsequent weekends we received a foot of snow. The tires were terrible. It netted in sixty plus incidents of getting stuck in the snow.. More then 12 times the Police had to push me out. Forced to stay in a hotel two separate nights. The Police threatened to throw me in jail if I did not get a room. Trying to abbreviate the very frustrating horrible experience I was put through. Hertz greatly overcharged . Want the rest of my monies returned.
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3 years ago, jusbntame
Think about it...
So, I was checking out the app after a notification and I realized something.... You do realize that based on your own app that an individual, with really great credit (top tier), cannot get an excellent rating from you until they are at the age of 43? You only assign “excellent” in that category to people who have had an account open for 25+ years.... So, when an 18 year old applies for credit and get approved they are unable to get that rating, regardless of credit history, unable age 43. You are setting people up for failure. If I know a person who has a credit card or account for 25+ years with the same company then they are getting messed over by not changing to companies that offer better competitive rates. Most companies seem to not to care about current customers once they are acquired. This very much includes Capital One Bank. (Based on my own experience of how one can be treated by Capital One Bank) If anyone is curious, I’m not bitter, I’m score is 823.
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5 years ago, Niskayuna500$$
Stay away
I made a payment in addition to my monthly payment to bring my balance down. Prior to making the payment I called Capital One customer service to see when I needed to make it before the balance was reported to the credit bureau.. I made the payment and though it did not show up customer service today did confirm that the payment was made and paid by my bank 4 days ago.. The reason this came up is today I received notices from the credit bureaus that my score dropped 25 points. I called to ask Capital One to correct the information with the credit bureaus since it was capital ones error and the woman told me no! I’m 70 years old I don’t keep a lot of credit cards... I have never been late and I wanted to purchase my last auto this month because prices are lowest in January. So I’m being penalized by Capital One for something THEY OR THEIR SYSTEM did NOT something I did. The rudeness of the Capital One woman was beyond belief or understanding... Stay away from these people this app and anything related to capital one
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4 months ago, Emquinto95
Highly recommended
The app is pretty easy to use and to understand. It notifies me of important changes. As a con, I’d say it doesn’t really gives too much explanation on the credit score simulator, like, when I simulate something in only one category I won’t see any change, but if I go and make that same change in the overall simulator, I see a change in the score. But other than that, the app’s great for those who are working on building a healthy credit score
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6 years ago, bigfloppyd713
Life saver
Okay so my credit was horrible, to start with I didn’t even know what my credit score was it has been so long since I checked it. Credit wise is amazing the depth of information available, and the online help explaining any questions. My credit is much better now due to the credit cards credit wise suggested I get to build my credit back again. Love credit wise I recommend credit wise to anyone and everyone!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, 7h3_G3n713M4n
Quicker in comparison..
CapitalOne’s CreditWise is very comprehensive without the quick credit updates. It involves multiple features from credit foresight to credit worthiness, as well as, the ability to track and view all of your investments within or outside CapitalOne. Great stuff, but CapitalOne, C’mon Mannnnn lower the interest rates for the lower and middle class -Uncle “Uhh, the Uhh, the thing ya know? The thing that lets us pay back better..?” Country = Screwed
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2 years ago, Backw00d G
Pay status shows no information
Everything else on this app is fine except for the payment history section. it doesn’t show you your payment history you tap it it only shows you dates on which payments were made but it doesn’t show you how much you paid. if you guys are going to show payment history show how much you have paid otherwise that’s a stupid pointless useless addition to your app
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3 years ago, desirus
Card activation
I am very sorry to say that I am not pleased with this process of my first credit card. For one keep in directed to credit wise from Capital One to activate my credit card there is no option whatsoever on site. And it’s offering me options for improving my credit which would be capital one credit cards? What is going on wouldn’t it be common knowledge through your platform and company thatI’ve already been approved and received my card
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7 years ago, WiscoDiscoLady
Good but Rating off
I love the app for strategizing how to increase my credit since I am young and it's hard to have good credit when a huge factor is how short of time you've had credit. My issue is that I recently had my resort report ran for financing a house and it was actually 30+ points lower than what the app has me estimated at. Really a downer when you are looking at interest rates and you don't make the bracket you thought you were in. Otherwise it's great and I'll continue to utilize it.
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5 years ago, Dnahager
It’s ok at best
I am currently buying a home, paid my Capital One balance way down so to show minimal balances to the lender. I’ve been tracking my credit with this app just to give me a feel for what my credit rating might be. The app reflected a drop in my rating because of the bank inquiry but didn’t reflect at all my reduced balance on my linked Capital One credit card. Not that accurate a app, just remember, it ISN’T a FICO rating, and it is a generalized guess as to what your credit rating might be using the vantage score system. It isn’t accurate per se
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