Capital One Shopping Extension

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Wikibuy, LLC
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User Reviews for Capital One Shopping Extension

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1 year ago, bdurrah
Overall great budget tool
As a frequent shopper using safari on mac, I love having this tool attached to my browser to assist me with saving money where possible. I've been banking with capital one for a while now and this shopping tool is my second favorite feature of being a customer. Especially when it comes time to purchase gifts for loved ones, I'm able to save money while simultaneously earn credit card reward points over time.
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6 months ago, BULINSKI
Mixed Feelings
I've been using the Capital One Shopping Safari Extension for a while now, preferring it over Honey primarily due to its more intuitive user interface. The layout and ease of navigation are highlights, making it a breeze to find and apply deals. However, it's not all smooth sailing. One major downside is that it recognizes fewer shopping sites than Honey. This limitation often leaves me missing out on potential savings, which is a bit of a letdown considering the extension’s purpose. But my real deal-breaker has been its impact on my device's performance. The extension significantly drains power and escalates CPU usage. Despite its user-friendly design and decent deal-finding capabilities, the toll it takes on my device’s resources is too high. It got to the point where I had to weigh the benefits against the costs, and unfortunately, the costs won out. I've since disabled the extension because it isn't worth the strain on my device.
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3 years ago, Dlangel1
I've saved so much money!
I have saved so much money using this app! I can't tell you how much time this app has saved me. I used to search the common apps looking for coupon codes when making purchases (especially larger purchses), half of which never work. So frustrating! Other times, I simply wouldn't bother looking for coupon codes knowing that they simply don't work. This app does all the work for me and it's been awesome, even finding better coupon codes than I had on my own. Thank you, Capital One, for offering this product!
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2 years ago, eamitch118
Love it!
Like some of the others writing reviews, I frequently online shop but didn't know how comfortable I felt with a company having access to my browser... Not to mention I never write reviews, so the fact I'm taking time to write this should speak for itself in how highly I recommend it... The Capital One Shopping tool checks for discount codes and automatically checks to see if they apply to my purchase. Just now I got over $30 in discount codes plus 4% cash back on a purchase. Well worth the download.
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3 years ago, D@niB
Surprisingly Helpful!!
I do not normally like anything accessing my shopping habits or having access to my browser. After seeing the reminder pop up all the time in my email and my notifications... I decided that iIwould see what information was needed to set it up. Nothing major was really required so I allowed access! I was surprised when I saw how efficient and helpful it was on even a small random purchase. It tried 20 codes on one of my purchases and ended up saving me $18! I know I would have given up after about the fifth one! Very impressed!
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3 years ago, GoDurbin
appreciate the name change
Those in charage finally listened to the genius who kept asking, "why are we calling it Eno or Wikibuy? Why not just call it Capital One shopping? I mean, our customers already love and trust Capital One — let's just stick with that name." But they pushed back for a few years, "nah, it's too obvious. We need a more obsure name that makes people somewhat suspicious..." The name change worked on me. Once it was Capital One, I thought, "Ok, I'll give it a whirl." Saved me a few bucks on my first online purchase after enabling it, so I think that's pretty cool.
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1 year ago, ButterySpread
Simple, User Friendly Savings
I have been using this for only about two months and I have saved over $200 and (using their credit card) got over $30 cash back bonuses. This amount makes it sound like I shop til I drop, which is SO far from the truth. I've gotten huge savings in clothing, shoes, household items, cosmetics... The only time the extension did not work in my browser, I had to update it. Otherwise completely streamlined, passive process to use.
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3 years ago, NoWay5678
Not Worth Giving Up Private Info
I had downloaded this extension and was about to activate it when I saw the full disclosure of what this extension/app gives Capital One access to from my shopping onlline. EVERYTHING! Passwords, credit card information, phone numbers, anything you have to input to purchase online from ANY COMPANY when you are using Safari and this Safari extension. I would assume it does the same on other browsers if it is allowed by other browsers. Totally unacceptable business practices by Capital One, who has been known to be hacked before, so why ask us to give up all remnants of any privacy we might have left? Deleting immediately! Give this more thought before you install it.
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3 years ago, tomascco
I had just received my Venture card and assumed this was part of it. I also have a Capital One account so why not try? I just saved 30% off a pair of glasses just now, and I know it's been a couple of hundred dollars in savings over the past year. I've been a Capital One customer since they bought Hibernia Bank, and I've never had a single issue. They already know most of my account history, and getting an unsecured loan is a click away. So I have no problem trusting C1 to help me save money.
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1 year ago, Alex20606
Breaks google docs!
Nothing to write home about. I find Honey to be much more reliable. My main complaint is that it stopped my safari from loading google docs. I downloaded this extension then went about my day only to find my google docs no longer loaded documents on safari. I tired restarting, turning off and on, sending a complaint to google and nothing worked. I read online that sometimes extensions interfere with google docs, and COS was the only extension I downloaded in months. I deleted it and immediately my google docs started working again. I'm curious to see if this happened to anyone else
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1 year ago, webpuddin
Locked up Safari and nearly rest of iMac
When I tried to install it, Safari froze. Wouldn't accept clicks on tabs, etc. If I went to different applications - they worked but there was 15 or so second delays between clicking and corrresponding action. 
I've tried to sign up for this numerous times and always get some kind of problem. I have email & password from signing in before in my 1Password, but CapitalOneShopping doesn't register this. But I can sign in manually. 
Furthermore - Capital One and CapitalOneShopping are two different thiings. The web keeps trying to link me to one (or the other?) and with the above confusion, I have no idea what I'm connected to.
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4 years ago, CitiCustomer
The Spy that DID
OK, so this app is an extension of Capital One that is kinda spying on your purchases and web browsing - just like every other piece of technology we touch. The difference is that YOU are the beneficiary of this spyware. Discount codes that actually work to save you money - not a few pennies, but actual dollars. All you do is click a button, let it run. Sometimes, you get nothing. Most times, you save $10-15 dollars on a purchase. If you are an avid online shopper, you need this app.
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4 years ago, steweliz
Better than Honey!
I've tried other apps that are designed to save you money. Perhaps if you live in a city there are more opportunites for savings, but in my rural area I never found any...until Wikibuy. The coupons they suggest actually work, the app has also found me less expensive options from other sellers & the best part is that it applies cash back automatically. I was happy to find that this app works as it says. It's already saved us a quite a bit!
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2 years ago, wigglingstring
Buggy on OS X
I don't see a place to send feedback to the developers so I'm putting it in this review. It's a useful extension most of the time. The problem I've found several times is my laptop CPU is max'ing out not for some complicated mathematica computation but because of this extension. Not just for a minute or two but all night. This has happened several times in the past and I've add to launch activity monitor to kill the process. This needs to be fixed. There is no reason an 8Mb extension should burn multiple processors ever. I'll change my stars when the developer confirms the bugs are fixed.
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5 years ago, Webaaron
Excellent! (when it works)
That's why 4 instead of 5 stars. To be fair, you're looking for a freebie, so when it comes through, great, if not you can't really be that put out. (In case you're not aware, it requires signing up, they use the data, so you're giving up some privacy. That's not neessarily a problem, but you should know.)
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8 months ago, tghuguenin
Sometimes runs up CPU usage for unknown reason
I just noticed my MBP fans were running even though I didn't think I had any high-performance apps open. Pulled up my activity monitor and noticed that the capital one shopping extension was using a crazy high percentage of the CPU, and I didn't even have a shopping webpage open. As I loaded this to type up the review, it settled down, but I see no reason it should have done that. Pretty suspicious. I may keep it for a while yet, as I do find good deals with it, but I'll be keeping an eye on it.
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1 year ago, macspirit
Inobtrusive, fast, efficient, easy to use
The title really says it all. When it springs into action, it does so without creating a lot of confusing or annoying clutter, when you're about to consumate a transaction. And it quickly and efficiently cycles through all of the potential discounts, picks the best one and presents you with a comparison of with and without this best available discount applied to your potential purchase.
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5 years ago, SFL traffic fighter
Saving me Money!!
This popped up on my Capital One account one day so I installed it figuring I would give it a try. This app is really helpful. If there are any codes related to an on line retailer you are buying from it tries them all. Any that apply are automatically put into the purchase and your final price is minus whatever discounts codes apply. It has already saved me quite a bit of money on several things I buy from numerous retailers. I have no complaints.
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2 years ago, Cajuntec
Used to work well - Now it's glitchy
Recently, it stopped working. No matter which website I was buying from, it wouldn't work. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. It started working again. Yesterday, when I was trying to make another purchase, it wouldn't work again. What good is an app that I have to uninstall and reinstall every time I want to use it? It needs to be fixed. Don't know what the designers did recently, but they need to undo whatever they did that causes it to stop working.
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4 years ago, 1827326327167283
Capital one wikibuy
I can not get this off of my mac laptop according to the directions for safari. I click the uninstall button and it says it can’t because an extension is in use. I went and found the extension and delelted it and it still won’t uninstall. This is watching you all the time and it sees all . I don’t want it on my laptop! And, I have a capital one credit card. I got a 0% offer and used it. Of all the credit cards I have this is the only one that does not tell you on the back of your statement when the offer expires. They hope to catch you off guard and charge the full interest. Now I have to call apple to get his off of my computer. People, be aware!!!!
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2 years ago, ATXJay
Drains your battery FAST!
As many others have noted, this thing uses a whopping amount of CPU (it was at 100% for me at times even when not using Safari) and thus drains your battery very quickly. I'm on a 2022 MacBook Air with M2 chip that normally lasts 15 - 20 hours easily with web browsing and email use, and after installing this my battery was draining from 100% down to 20% in just a few hours. The other thing is that I didn't find it nearly as useful as the Honey plugin anyway (and Honey doesn't require full access to your Safari Internet data), so I uninstalled this garbage plugin after only a few days of use. Avoid!!!
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2 years ago, Francisco Di
I love this App and I didnt expect to love it!
I love this app and would definitely recommend it. It is so easy. Not only have I saved money (up to $100s in a single transaction on a piece of furniture), but it also has given me rewards, just for the same shopping online that I would have done already. It is easy and simple and the savings make it worth the very little effort you do have to put in.
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3 years ago, Neuro Guy
Actually Does What it Claims!
This Safari extension actually does what it claims to do. You can have it running in the background and when it detects potential codes or alternative vendors with lower prices, it lets you know! Or you can use it to search for products and it will direct you to the best deals. When checking out, it checks for codes. Non-intrusive. Easy to set up. And saves you money.
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5 months ago, Toddzan
CPU Monster
This app eats your battery with its super high CPU usage (I have been using it on my MacBook Air M1). Also, there is a paucity of savings help. Also also, its a bit of a trick to uninstall it. They say to delete the app from the applilcations folder, but when you try that, it says you can't and that you have to uninstall the extension; but when you try that it says to delete the app from the application folder and back and forth you go (for Safari). What you end up having to do is delete it from the app store in your purchased apps section.
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3 years ago, Heardred
Works well, with fatal problem
This extension is useful, and I have used it to find good discounts, but I had to remove it from my system because it *constantly* prompted me to close Safari to update the extension. Meaning, I would agree to restart Safari, only to be prompted again to update Capital One Shopping. Dozens of times a day wasn't unusual. I'm not sure why this happened, as I don't see any of the other reviews mention it, so it may be a rare bug. If you don't have the same problem, I'd recommend it, but I don't think it's worth the irritation.
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2 years ago, Tonacity
I have found amazing deals!
If you are anything like me, I love an amazing deal. So far between honey and Capital One shopping I have found amazing deals on many sites. I even got an amazing deal for my new computer and household appliances and furniture using this app! I highly recommend people to put it on their browser and watch the savings! Thanks capital one! Keep the deals coming!
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3 years ago, Mantaray664
Best ever
I was hesitant to use this, thought it would be a pain, or invasive, but it has been amazing. I can go through Capital One or if I order direct, I get discounts I did not know about. Once or twice so far there were none usable, but honestly, between the coupons/discounts and the cash back, I generally save 1/4-1/3 of the cost. Have to admit, kind of impressed and appreciative.
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2 years ago, HBSea
No longer works
I used to love this browser extenion. It helped me save a lot of money over the course of a couple years. Then, a few weeks ago, it just stopped working. No more coupon codes. Even when I click on the icon, nothing happens. It is utterly broken. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, updated my browsers and computer, turned the computer on and off again...seriously rebooted everything. This extension simply doesn't work anymore. So disappointed. This would have received five stars from me a month ago. Wish I knew what happened.
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3 years ago, Randy Dod
Quickly checks coupon codes
Instead of going to a coupon site and manually copying and pasting all the codes only to find out none of them work, this does it all for you. You'll either quickly find out none work, or end up with the best one. Yes, it doesn't stop with the first one that works, but diligently tries them all and then uses the best one.
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2 years ago, Andy Meinert
Safari Browser Extension Useless
I've had several instances where the safari browser extension simply does not give me my cash back rewards as it states. If I use the Capital One Shopping app, it gives me my rewards about 90% of the time. The browser extension probably works less than 10% of the time. If you really want your shopping rewards, skip the browser extension and use the shopping app to buy your stuff. Someone really needs to get the browser extension fixed. Yikes.
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3 years ago, Martinimodel
i cant believe how easy it is to save money
If you dont have this you need to get it ASAP. I do not buy anything anymore without this. I save so much money with jus a click of a button. You know how you go to google to type in "Coupon codes for ______" well this does it for you in seconds. Just get it and try it!
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4 years ago, DisgruntledInNewYork
Thomas Jefferson Quote
I get its spying on me but the benefit of savings (which are many, for all of 1 click of a button) are worth trading my privacy for. Thomas Jefferson said "those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither. He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security. He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." But he never said anything about monetizing on giving up certain privacies.
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3 years ago, Lil'Summer
I hate add-ons but this is a different story! It's so smart, identifies and tests all promo codes for you automatically, very user-friendly. Does not annoy your shopping experience (on contrary, it enhances it by generating the savings for you). Works so well that I have to come here to write a review. There you go, Capital One, my first review in 10 years of using Apple.
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2 years ago, WinScotty
Saves time and money
Makes coupon hunting a thing of the past. No more checking sites for coupons. And getting frustrated when the coupons are expired! And I've saved some pretty decent amounts of money on some purchases. Well worth installing.
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2 years ago, Wiggen
Runaway Power Hog
I've had enough; I disabled it. The October, 2022 update (1.0.29) still hasn't fixed its power usage problems; if anything, they're worse. Whenever I hear the fans whirring away, I go to the activity monitor and find Capital One Shopping is eating 97% of my CPU power and *never* when I am visiting shopping sites. So far, it hasn't saved me any money; usually its lowest prices are equal to or higher than what I am paying, although that might be attributed to pricing after taxes, while the online sites quote before tax pricing.
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2 years ago, JPooch89
A must have Safari Extension!!!
This is app is a must download extension for your Mac. It searches the website for all available coupon codes, so you are gaurenteed to get the best price! I wish it was available years ago, as I would have saved quite a bit!
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7 months ago, WoodyGA
Performance issues, breaks websites
I really wanted to use this to save a few bucks, but the extension causes severe performance issues in Safari, and breaks some websites. For example, when searching on Target's website, no search results are shown with the extension on. With it turned off, results are displayed as expected. In other cases, it bogs down Safari to the point that it's unusable. Disabling the extension returns things to normal.
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11 months ago, SoloBananagrams
Makes M1 MacBook Air Overheat
After I downloaded this app/extension my laptop started overheating terribly which I had never experienced before. I kept restarting my computer and checked for updates until I finally opened up Activity Monitor to see that this app was hogging up CPU resources causing the overheating. I uninstalled it immediately and my laptop started cooling down within seconds. I haven't had it overheat since. Not sure if it's an M1 issue or what but I'll stick to Rakuten instead.
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1 year ago, 51parts
Great Savings
I have saved hundreds of dollars using this app. By far the best selection of stores and services on any credit card I use. If you have a Capital One card and you're not using this app, you are just throwing away money.
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2 years ago, Jon 89 Orange
It does indeed save money!
The Capital One Shopping app has saved me some nice chunks of cash over the past several years. Its ability to quickly find and try coupon codes is a great time saver and money saver. I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, Pacomus
Really Works
I was skeptical as to whether or not this app would work as advertised. Bottom line - it does. I've had it for a couple of weeks and have saved almost $100 on online purchases. Highly recommend this app. It's easy to use and not obtrusive. Glad I got it.
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2 years ago, EGGardner
I've literally saved over $300 the first time of using this. I've had the option of using this for some time now, and haven't. I totally regret not adding it to my browser when I first could have.
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3 years ago, feralf90
Like Online Shopping Needed to be Easier
Seriously, since I cannot stay away from online shopping, mind as well use this AMAZING app. Super easy to use and never have to scout the internet for coupons and/or good deals. Very happy with it!
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4 years ago, Stacyjf
Has its as advantages & disadvantages
comparing this to Ebates...Ebates has more offering in regards to websites offering cash back. However what i like about this sight is you get you moneyy right away and you dont have to bank it like ebates. Wiki also has promo codes that work and dont work. It will put in the codes for you by one click of a button. I would reccommend!
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3 years ago, Rlt1992
Always Welcomed!
The best app of them all when it comes to consistency and accuracy of finding the right discount in the most stores. I REFUSE to checkout unless this app has swept the perimeter for discounts. Thanks to the engineering and customer service teams. We appreciate you!
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2 years ago, harbingal
Amazingly great
I finally decided to give thid App a go and boy am I delighted I did. It's like having a personal shopper finding me the best price on so many products! Kudos to the brilliant programmers who developed such an awesome and useful application. This saves me so much effort and money. Hats off to Capitazl One.
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3 years ago, gcnyc
Regularly Saves Me Money
This app is great at finding coupon codes. The coupons work pretty often, and I regularly notice that it saves me 10-20% on online purchases. I use it every time I shop online.
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3 years ago, IpodManiac1031
Wonderful, Free, and Saves Me Money!
I usually don't write reviews, but this app has literally saved me hundreds of dollars. If you don't mind the cookies tracking, this extension for your browser is amazing and well worth a bit of minor privacy invasion.
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5 years ago, sudoku_player
Do you really want to give access to private information.
I installed this extension and then looked at what information I was granting access to by this extension. The Extension tab in Safari Preferences tells the story. It seemed to me that this extension is getting accerss to private information that it did not need to perform its stated price-comparing function. Anyway, that story casued me to immediately remove this extension. You need to consider what information you are granting access to and whether that makes any sense to you.
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2 years ago, qwer uiop
unexpected savings
I was very skeptical but it's easy to use (basically I do nothing) and I've saved a reasonable amount of money! I normally wouldn't download something like this but once I saw how it saved me money, I'm so glad I did.
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