CapStar Bank Pocket PassPort

1.8 (63)
99.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
CapStar Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CapStar Bank Pocket PassPort

1.84 out of 5
63 Ratings
5 years ago, TLeeHam95
So far behind other banks online app services
I hate this app so much. Before our old bank merged with capstar our mobile app was amazing! The minute you used your card, no matter if it was debit or credit, it showed up on the app and deducted it from your amount. You always had a live feed of what money you had. This new app can take days for a payment to show up and he deducted. Sometimes payments will show up and then disappear for a few days then show up again. My balance fluctuates all the time. I never know for sure what I have in the account. I’ve had to go back to using a checkbook to help figure out actual amounts and I’m pretty sure the whole point of a bank app is to replace that old custom. Half the time the app won’t even let you in. Says they are having issues or not availabe. It’s just a poorly designed app and they don’t seem to care.
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3 years ago, Grandmud
It just doesn’t need to be this “wonky”
This is a terrible app. I agree with the previous review. It doesn’t work half the time, it’s hard to get into sometimes and says I can have touch ID but won’t authenticate it. I really think this is a pretty sorry app.
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5 years ago, BethAlex3
Super helpful!
Love the ease and quick access of the CapStar Bank! I have fingerprint access but you can have facial recognition too. Can see my balances at a glance each morning. I love the notifications that tell me when my balance is below a certain level and every single time I use my debit card. Incredibly easy to transfer between accounts. You have to have already signed up for online banking but that is not hard either. Very user friendly!
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4 years ago, debbyfurst
Won’t let me use Touch ID
For the most part this app has been easy to use and I’m able to deposit checks pretty easily. However, when I got a new phone and the app re-downloaded, I am not unable to use the Touch ID feature. It says I am “not authorized.” No idea why it says that but this bug is a pain and is ruining my former positive experience with this app.
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4 years ago, dphillips21
TouchID Issues
The majority of the time I go to login, I get a message that Touch ID has been disabled. Then, when I login, it shows that it is actually enabled. Some sort of communication issue within the application needs to be fixed here.
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5 years ago, KAlexB2000
I rated it zero.
I hate this app because I’ve updated my password twice and I still can’t get in to this app. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled, reset my phone and still nothing. I don’t know about you but this bank is really annoying. And this bank has messed with my card on multiple occasions so thanks but no thanks.
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2 years ago, #ladyhulk
Get it together capstar!
This app has been frustrating to say the least. Login issues, not updating purchases in a timely manner, face recognition not working, card alerts not working properly. Hoping in the near future that Capstar gets it together!!
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5 years ago, Druznak
Notifications do not work
Have never gotten an update when spending even though I have selected Notifications On
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4 years ago, J-Mo5
Cross Your Fingers
It has always been hit or miss with this app. More miss than hit. Occasionally I can look at my accounts, but it’s rare that I have back to back success when I try to access this app. I usually get error messages. Contacting support only gets you an apology.
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3 years ago, Volunteer firefighter 858
Not satisfied
Had many issues, doesn’t update for days, no notifications, says the application needs a update when there is no update available
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2 years ago, Tooth126
It’s not a very slick app and now it’s crashing every time you try and add a new payee.
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4 years ago, acteague83
So many issues
It’s supposed to have facial recognition but most of the time it doesn’t work. I want to check my balance and it keeps giving me tutorials. Stop it. I’m about ready to switch banks
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3 years ago, clem2877
Worst banking app I’ve ever used
This app constantly crashes and has so many bugs and issues that I’m amazed I can ever get anything done. Ready to ditch the entire bank it’s so frustrating
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4 years ago, Kclayton401
This app is the worst bank app I’ve ever used. I can’t even have the account on multiple devices for some reason. Maybe y’all should update this thing.
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2 years ago, JuxtaGirl
Face Recognition Required
NO THANKS! ‘Face Recognition’ TURNED ON is the ONLY option enable to use this app. Good luck if there’s your account is a joint-account. Capstar must offer an option to use FR or not to use FR. Simply useless.
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2 years ago, tiedha bramdey
The worst banking app possible & the phone number they give doesn’t help AT ALL. Please either get workers 24/7 or fix this app.
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2 years ago, outlaw sidebander 452
Worst app and bank
Worst bank ever me and wife can’t transfer funds and this bank won’t stand up to fraudulent transactions
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3 years ago, Brandie sky
Will not accept Face ID. Why does it keep asking me to do things I do not want? I love my bank but I hate this app.
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4 years ago, Luvd0gs
I HATE Capstar online banking
It’s terrible. I have nothing but trouble. I miss Athens Federal! Their online banking was great compared to this idiotic pain in the neck bank. My rating is zero!!!
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3 years ago, c from tn
Needs help
The Capstar app is very unreliable and very user unfriendly.
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8 months ago, Todoq
Suddenly not working
I have to get verification code texted to me every login.
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11 years ago, Drsfhuve
CapStar Bank
Very easy to use. Nice clean layout. I highly recommend.
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1 year ago, Sparkr~
App always has bugs. It’s down 50% of the time. Too many times it says my username and password are invalid but I know 100% that my login credentials are correct. Many times it also won’t except Face ID for login.
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2 years ago, Lazerzero
The absolute worst
This banking app has to be the absolute worst banking app I’ve ever had to use. Everything about it is so finicky and glitchy. Signing in is a pain in the butt. It makes me verify Face ID and then still makes me enter in my username and password as well as a text confirmation code. EVERY TIME. It gets old. There are a hundred other things wrong with this app but to be honest, I don’t feel like writing a novel. All I’m saying is, take note of what some successful banking apps are doing and at least make an effort to emulate their features and functionality. You don’t want your app to make people hate your bank.
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2 years ago, Jkeeton
Please fix this app
Ok so CapStar customers are the last people on the planet that still must keep a check register because their mobile app is nightmare. After months of complaints a lot of the bugs were worked out, then bam out of nowhere, tonight you cannot login to the app anymore. So I call tech, she says, “login manually on the app and keep trying it and eventually it will just work”! My password and username is correct btw because I can login in a browser. What kind of tech support is that? So I uninstalled the app, reinstalled the app, uninstalled the app and turned off my phone, and then reinstalled the app, to no avail. Nothing. So I call back, then some guy says, did you enable Face ID? Well not only did I enable it, since it comes enabled when you download the app, I turned it off and closed the app and reopened it, manually logged in, and reenabled Face ID. For the love of God, please quit assuming we are idiots. How could an app have such poor reviews and such a low rating, and tech support still blaming us? We were with our old bank for years, the app worked fine, and never had these issues, I seriously would hate to have to leave my bank because of the people at CapStar. I love my old bank, and the people still work there. They are the kindest and sweetest people, I don’t want to lose them because some corporate bank doesn’t want to spend the proper money on developing a proper mobile app. CapStar should have used my old bank’s app. You could literally call their tech guy personally, describe the issue, and he would have it fixed within a few hours. CapStar took over our bank over a year now, this has got to be fixed! Please! Don’t make me lose the people that work at my bank because the banking system has become so unreliable at no fault to them. They are some of the kindest and best people in our town. They thought they was helping our community with the merge, not looking so good, because they no longer have any real power and that is awful. We rely on our bank. So please do the actual work, and fix this app! Looks like it’s broken for good now!
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5 years ago, ADR1RU
Banking by TEXTS??
While I consider banking by txt msgs an archaic way to do so, at least it does work with Capstar! Meanwhile all this app ever tells me is: “The data network is busy or unavailable. Please try again or come back later.” Well things finally got a little better. After calling 877-258-5268 and speaking with customer service, I was informed there is no way to get into this app until you first go online (via desktop computer) and turn ON mobile banking. Even then it took multiple login attempts -and- security codes texted to me to ever gain access to my info.(i.e. two calls to my home telephone number, each asking for a security code, plus two other/different security codes text’d to my cellphone.) Anyway, I did finally manage to access my account using the app.
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